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Revision 1.224, Fri Jul 25 08:30:47 2014 UTC (7 weeks, 5 days ago) by dholland
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: tls-maxphys-base, tls-earlyentropy-base, netbsd-7-base, netbsd-7, HEAD
Changes since 1.223: +8 -5 lines

Add userlevel manifestations of posix_fallocate and fdiscard, in
unistd.h and libc, and add a man page.

Allow wiggle room in the man page for implementations of fallocate
that either (a) don't fully unwind on failure, leaving new blocks
allocated without changing the file size, or (b) create only in-memory
transient reservations that disappear when crashing or rebooting.

Also, add crossreference to fdiscard from ftruncate(2), and remove the
old BUGS entry from there that called for a generalized version that
allows discarding ranges of a file: that's what fdiscard is.

#	$NetBSD: Makefile.inc,v 1.224 2014/07/25 08:30:47 dholland Exp $
#	@(#)Makefile.inc	8.3 (Berkeley) 10/24/94

# sys sources
.PATH: ${ARCHDIR}/sys ${.CURDIR}/sys

# modules with non-default implementations on at least one architecture:
SRCS+=	__clone.S __vfork14.S brk.S exect.S fork.S pipe.S \
	getcontext.S \
	ptrace.S sbrk.S shmat.S \
	syscall.S __syscall.S __clone.S cerror.S

# other sources shared with the kernel, used in syscalls
SRCS+=	cpuset.c

_LSRC+=	Lint___clone.c Lint___vfork14.c Lint_brk.c Lint_clone.c \
	Lint_getcontext.c Lint_exect.c Lint_pipe.c Lint_ptrace.c \
	Lint_sbrk.c Lint___sigaction14.c Lint_syscall.c Lint___syscall.c \
	LintSysNormal.c LintSysNoerr.c LintSysPseudoNoerr.c

.if ${MKLINT} != "no"
DPSRCS+=	${_LSRC:MLintSys*.c}

# glue to offer userland wrappers for some syscalls
SRCS+=	posix_fadvise.c posix_madvise.c sched.c sigqueue.c sigtimedwait.c \
	sigwait.c sigwaitinfo.c statvfs.c swapon.c semctl.c 

# glue to provide compatibility between GCC 1.X and 2.X and for compat
# with old syscall interfaces.
GLUE+= ftruncate.c lseek.c mmap.c pread.c preadv.c pwrite.c \
	pwritev.c truncate.c ntp_adjtime.c mknodat.c

GLUE50+= adjtime.c clock_settime.c settimeofday.c

# 'glue' files might .c or .S depending on the architecture
.for glue in ${GLUE}
. if exists(${glue:.c=.S})
# Build the ASM glue file
. else
.  if exists(__${glue:.c=.S})
SRCS+=__${glue:.c=.S} ${glue}
.  else
# Build the C glue file
SRCS+= ${glue}
# and an asm entry for __<syscall>
ASM_GLUE+= tmp_${glue:.c=.S}
.  endif
. endif

# 'glue' files might .c or .S depending on the architecture
.for glue in ${GLUE50}
. if exists(${glue:.c=.S})
# Build the ASM glue file
. else
.  if exists(__${glue:.c=}50.S)
SRCS+=__${glue:.c=}50.S ${glue}
.  else
# Build the C glue file
SRCS+= ${glue}
# and an asm entry for __<syscall>
ASM_GLUE+= tmp___${glue:.c=}50.S
.  endif
. endif

# modules with default implementations on all architectures:
ASM=	access.S acct.S \
	bind.S \
	chdir.S chflags.S chmod.S chown.S chroot.S clock_nanosleep.S \
		__clock_getres50.S __clock_gettime50.S \
	dup.S dup2.S dup3.S \
	extattrctl.S \
		extattr_delete_fd.S extattr_delete_file.S \
		extattr_delete_link.S extattr_get_fd.S extattr_get_file.S \
		extattr_get_link.S extattr_list_fd.S extattr_list_file.S \
		extattr_list_link.S extattr_set_fd.S extattr_set_file.S \
		extattr_set_link.S \
	setxattr.S getxattr.S listxattr.S removexattr.S \
		lsetxattr.S lgetxattr.S llistxattr.S lremovexattr.S \
		fsetxattr.S fgetxattr.S flistxattr.S fremovexattr.S \
	faccessat.S fchdir.S fchflags.S fchmod.S fchmodat.S fchown.S \
		fchownat.S fchroot.S fexecve.S __fhopen40.S __fhstat50.S \
		__fhstatvfs140.S fktrace.S flock.S fpathconf.S __fstat50.S \
		fstatvfs1.S fstatat.S  __futimes50.S futimens.S \
	__getcwd.S __getdents30.S __getfh30.S getvfsstat.S getgroups.S\
		__getitimer50.S __getlogin.S getpeername.S getpgid.S getpgrp.S \
		getpriority.S getrlimit.S __getrusage50.S getsid.S \
		getsockname.S getsockopt.S __gettimeofday50.S \
	ioctl.S \
	kqueue.S kqueue1.S ktrace.S \
		_ksem_close.S _ksem_destroy.S _ksem_getvalue.S _ksem_init.S \
		_ksem_post.S _ksem_timedwait.S _ksem_trywait.S _ksem_unlink.S \
		_ksem_wait.S _ksem_open.S \
	lchflags.S lchmod.S lchown.S lfs_bmapv.S lfs_markv.S lfs_segclean.S \
		__lfs_segwait50.S link.S linkat.S listen.S __lstat50.S \
		__lutimes50.S _lwp_create.S _lwp_exit.S _lwp_kill.S \
		___lwp_park60.S _lwp_self.S _lwp_wait.S _lwp_unpark.S \
		_lwp_unpark_all.S _lwp_suspend.S _lwp_continue.S \
		_lwp_wakeup.S _lwp_detach.S _lwp_setprivate.S \
		_lwp_setname.S _lwp_getname.S _lwp_ctl.S \
	madvise.S mincore.S minherit.S mkdir.S mkdirat.S mkfifo.S mkfifoat.S \
		__mknod50.S mlock.S mlockall.S modctl.S __mount50.S \
		mprotect.S __msgctl50.S msgget.S munlock.S munlockall.S \
		munmap.S \
	nfssvc.S __ntp_gettime50.S \
	openat.S \
	paccept.S pathconf.S pipe2.S pmc_get_info.S pmc_control.S \
		__posix_chown.S __posix_fchown.S __posix_lchown.S \
		__posix_rename.S profil.S \
	__quotactl.S \
	rasctl.S readlinkat.S reboot.S recvfrom.S recvmmsg.S recvmsg.S rename.S \
		renameat.S revoke.S rmdir.S \
	semconfig.S semget.S semop.S \
		sendmmsg.S sendmsg.S sendto.S setegid.S seteuid.S \
		setgid.S setgroups.S __setitimer50.S __setlogin.S setpgid.S \
		setpriority.S \
		setregid.S setreuid.S setrlimit.S setsid.S setsockopt.S \
		setuid.S __shmctl50.S shmdt.S shmget.S shutdown.S \
		sigqueueinfo.S \
		__sigaltstack14.S __sigpending14.S __sigaction_sigtramp.S \
		____sigtimedwait50.S __socket30.S socketpair.S __stat50.S \
		statvfs1.S swapctl.S symlink.S symlinkat.S __sysctl.S \
	timer_create.S timer_delete.S __timer_gettime50.S timer_getoverrun.S \
		____semctl50.S __timer_settime50.S \
	umask.S undelete.S unlink.S unlinkat.S unmount.S __utimes50.S \
		utimensat.S utrace.S uuidgen.S vadvise.S

# sa compat syscalls
SAASM+=	sa_register.S sa_stacks.S sa_enable.S sa_setconcurrency.S sa_yield.S \

# modules with potentially non default implementations
ASM_MD=	_lwp_getprivate.S mremap.S 

.for f in ${ASM_MD}
. if !exists(${f})
   ASM+=	tmp_${f}
. else
   SRCS+=	${f}
. endif

WEAKASM= accept.S __aio_suspend50.S close.S connect.S execve.S \
	fcntl.S fdatasync.S fdiscard.S fsync.S \
	fsync_range.S __kevent50.S \
	kill.S mq_receive.S mq_send.S __mq_timedreceive50.S __mq_timedsend50.S \
	msgrcv.S msgsnd.S __msync13.S  __nanosleep50.S open.S poll.S \
	__pollts50.S posix_fallocate.S __pselect50.S read.S readlink.S \
	readv.S _sched_setparam.S _sched_getparam.S _sched_setaffinity.S \
	_sched_getaffinity.S sched_yield.S \
	__select50.S setcontext.S __sigprocmask14.S __sigsuspend14.S sysarch.S \
	__wait450.S write.S writev.S

NOERR=	getegid.S geteuid.S getgid.S getpid.S getppid.S getuid.S \
	issetugid.S posix_spawn.S sync.S __posix_fadvise50.S



ASMDEPS=	${.CURDIR}/sys/Makefile.inc ${ARCHDIR}/SYS.h \

_LINTASM=	${ASM:Nsa_*.S} ${WEAKASM:Nsa_*.S}

	printf '#include "SYS.h"\nRSYSCALL(${.PREFIX:S/tmp_//})\n' >${.TARGET}

	printf '#include "SYS.h"\nPSEUDO(${.PREFIX:S/tmp_/__/},${.PREFIX:S/tmp_//})\n' >${.TARGET}

	printf '#include "SYS.h"\nWSYSCALL(${.PREFIX},_sys_${.PREFIX})\nWEAK_ALIAS(_${.PREFIX},_sys_${.PREFIX})\n' >${.TARGET}

	printf '#include "SYS.h"\n_SYSCALL(${.PREFIX:S/tmp_//},${.PREFIX:S/tmp_//:S/sa_/compat_60_sa_/})\n' >${.TARGET}

	printf '#include "SYS.h"\nRSYSCALL_NOERROR(${.PREFIX})\n' >${.TARGET}

	printf '#include "SYS.h"\nPSEUDO_NOERROR(${.PREFIX},${.PREFIX:S/_//})\n' >${.TARGET}
	# add an _Exit alias to _exit
	printf 'STRONG_ALIAS(${.PREFIX:S/e/E/},${.PREFIX})\n' >>${.TARGET}

LintSysNormal.c: ${LIBCDIR}/sys/makelintstub \
    ${DESTDIR}/usr/include/sys/syscall.h ${_LINTASM}
	CPP=${CPP:Q} ${HOST_SH} ${LIBCDIR}/sys/makelintstub -o ${.TARGET} \
	    -s ${DESTDIR}/usr/include/sys/syscall.h ${_LINTASM:S/tmp_//}

LintSysNoerr.c: ${LIBCDIR}/sys/makelintstub \
	CPP=${CPP:Q} ${HOST_SH} ${LIBCDIR}/sys/makelintstub -o ${.TARGET} -n \
	    -s ${DESTDIR}/usr/include/sys/syscall.h ${NOERR}

LintSysPseudoNoerr.c: ${LIBCDIR}/sys/makelintstub \
	CPP=${CPP:Q} ${HOST_SH} ${LIBCDIR}/sys/makelintstub -o ${.TARGET} -p \
	    -s ${DESTDIR}/usr/include/sys/syscall.h ${PSEUDONOERR}

MAN+=	accept.2 access.2 acct.2 adjtime.2 bind.2 brk.2 chdir.2 \
	chflags.2 chmod.2 chown.2 chroot.2 clock_settime.2 clone.2 close.2 \
	connect.2 dup.2 execve.2 _exit.2 extattr_get_file.2 \
	fcntl.2 fdatasync.2 fdiscard.2 fhopen.2 \
	flock.2 fork.2 fsync.2 getcontext.2 getdents.2 \
	getfh.2 getvfsstat.2 getgid.2 getgroups.2 \
	getitimer.2 getlogin.2 getpeername.2 getpgrp.2 getpid.2 \
	getpriority.2 getrlimit.2 getrusage.2 getsid.2 getsockname.2 \
	getsockopt.2 gettimeofday.2 getuid.2 intro.2 ioctl.2 issetugid.2 \
	kill.2 kqueue.2 ktrace.2 \
	lfs_bmapv.2 lfs_markv.2 lfs_segclean.2 lfs_segwait.2 \
	link.2 listen.2 lseek.2 \
	_lwp_create.2 _lwp_ctl.2 _lwp_detach.2 _lwp_exit.2 \
	_lwp_self.2 _lwp_setname.2 \
	_lwp_suspend.2 _lwp_wakeup.2 _lwp_wait.2 _lwp_kill.2 \
	_lwp_getname.2 _lwp_getprivate.2 \
	_lwp_park.2 _lwp_unpark.2 _lwp_unpark_all.2 \
	mkdir.2 mkfifo.2 mknod.2 \
	madvise.2 mincore.2 minherit.2 mlock.2 mlockall.2 mmap.2 modctl.2 \
	mount.2 \
	mprotect.2 mremap.2 msgctl.2 msgget.2 msgrcv.2 msgsnd.2 msync.2 \
	munmap.2 nanosleep.2 nfssvc.2 ntp_adjtime.2 open.2 pathconf.2 pipe.2 \
	pmc_control.2 poll.2 posix_fadvise.2 \
	profil.2 ptrace.2 __quotactl.2 \
	rasctl.2 read.2 readlink.2 \
	reboot.2 recv.2 rename.2 revoke.2 rmdir.2 \
	select.2 semctl.2 \
	semget.2 semop.2 send.2 setgroups.2 setpgid.2 setregid.2 \
	setreuid.2 setsid.2 setuid.2 shmat.2 shmctl.2 shmget.2 \
	shutdown.2 sigaction.2 sigaltstack.2 sigpending.2 \
	sigprocmask.2 sigqueue.2 sigstack.2 sigsuspend.2 sigtimedwait.2 \
	socket.2 \
	socketpair.2 stat.2 statvfs.2 swapctl.2 swapon.3 symlink.2 \
	sync.2 sysarch.2 syscall.2 timer_create.2 timer_delete.2 \
	timer_settime.2 truncate.2 umask.2 undelete.2 \
	unlink.2 utimes.2 utrace.2 uuidgen.2 vfork.2 wait.2 write.2

MLINKS+=_exit.2 _Exit.2
MLINKS+=brk.2 sbrk.2
MLINKS+=clone.2 __clone.2
MLINKS+=dup.2 dup2.2
MLINKS+=dup.2 dup3.2
MLINKS+=chdir.2 fchdir.2
MLINKS+=chflags.2 fchflags.2 chflags.2 lchflags.2
MLINKS+=chmod.2 fchmod.2 chmod.2 lchmod.2
MLINKS+=chown.2 fchown.2 chown.2 lchown.2
MLINKS+=chroot.2 fchroot.2
MLINKS+=clock_settime.2 clock_gettime.2
MLINKS+=clock_settime.2 clock_getres.2
MLINKS+=extattr_get_file.2 extattr_set_file.2 \
	extattr_get_file.2 extattr_delete_file.2 \
	extattr_get_file.2 extattr_list_file.2 \
	extattr_get_file.2 extattr_get_fd.2 \
	extattr_get_file.2 extattr_set_fd.2 \
	extattr_get_file.2 extattr_delete_fd.2 \
	extattr_get_file.2 extattr_list_fd.2 \
	extattr_get_file.2 extattr_get_link.2 \
	extattr_get_file.2 extattr_set_link.2 \
	extattr_get_file.2 extattr_delete_link.2 \
	extattr_get_file.2 extattr_list_link.2
MLINKS+=access.2 faccessat.2
MLINKS+=chmod.2 fchmodat.2
MLINKS+=chown.2 fchownat.2
MLINKS+=fdiscard.2 posix_fallocate.2 
MLINKS+=fhopen.2 fhstat.2 fhopen.2 fhstatvfs.2 fhopen.2 fhstatvfs1.2
MLINKS+=stat.2 fstatat.2
MLINKS+=fsync.2 fsync_range.2
MLINKS+=getcontext.2 setcontext.2
MLINKS+=getgid.2 getegid.2
MLINKS+=getitimer.2 setitimer.2
MLINKS+=getlogin.2 setlogin.2
MLINKS+=getlogin.2 getlogin_r.2
MLINKS+=getpgrp.2 getpgid.2
MLINKS+=getpid.2 getppid.2
MLINKS+=getpriority.2 setpriority.2
MLINKS+=getrlimit.2 setrlimit.2
MLINKS+=getsockopt.2 setsockopt.2
MLINKS+=gettimeofday.2 settimeofday.2
MLINKS+=getuid.2 geteuid.2
MLINKS+=intro.2 errno.2
MLINKS+=kqueue.2 kevent.2
MLINKS+=ktrace.2 fktrace.2
MLINKS+=lseek.2 seek.2
MLINKS+=link.2 linkat.2
MLINKS+=_lwp_suspend.2 _lwp_continue.2
MLINKS+=_lwp_getprivate.2 _lwp_setprivate.2
MLINKS+=madvise.2 posix_madvise.2
MLINKS+=mlock.2 munlock.2
MLINKS+=mlockall.2 munlockall.2
MLINKS+=mkdir.2 mkdirat.2
MLINKS+=mkfifo.2 mkfifoat.2
MLINKS+=mknod.2 mknodat.2
MLINKS+=mount.2 unmount.2
MLINKS+=open.2 openat.2
MLINKS+=ntp_adjtime.2 ntp_gettime.2
MLINKS+=pathconf.2 fpathconf.2
MLINKS+=pmc_control.2 pmc_get_info.2
MLINKS+=poll.2 pollts.2
MLINKS+=read.2 readv.2 read.2 pread.2 read.2 preadv.2
MLINKS+=readlink.2 readlinkat.2
MLINKS+=recv.2 recvfrom.2 recv.2 recvmsg.2 recv.2 recvmmsg.2
MLINKS+=rename.2 renameat.2
MLINKS+=select.2 pselect.2
MLINKS+=send.2 sendmsg.2 send.2 sendto.2 send.2 sendmmsg.2
MLINKS+=setpgid.2 setpgrp.2
MLINKS+=setuid.2 setegid.2 setuid.2 seteuid.2 setuid.2 setgid.2
MLINKS+=shmat.2 shmdt.2
MLINKS+=symlink.2 symlinkat.2
MLINKS+=timer_settime.2 timer_gettime.2 timer_settime.2 timer_getoverrun.2
MLINKS+=sigqueue.2 sigqueueinfo.2
MLINKS+=sigtimedwait.2 sigwaitinfo.2
MLINKS+=sigtimedwait.2 sigwait.2
MLINKS+=stat.2 fstat.2 stat.2 lstat.2
MLINKS+=statvfs.2 fstatvfs.2
MLINKS+=statvfs.2 statvfs1.2
MLINKS+=statvfs.2 fstatvfs1.2
MLINKS+=syscall.2 __syscall.2
MLINKS+=truncate.2 ftruncate.2
MLINKS+=unlink.2 unlinkat.2
MLINKS+=utimes.2 futimes.2 utimes.2 lutimes.2
MLINKS+=utimes.2 utimens.2 utimes.2 futimens.2 utimes.2 lutimens.2
MLINKS+=utimes.2 utimensat.2
MLINKS+=wait.2 wait3.2 wait.2 wait4.2 wait.2 waitpid.2
MLINKS+=write.2 writev.2 write.2 pwrite.2 write.2 pwritev.2
MLINKS+=pipe.2 pipe2.2
MLINKS+=accept.2 paccept.2
MLINKS+=nanosleep.2 clock_nanosleep.2