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[TXT] utils.h  1.8   7 weeks  christos   Add glue to disable locale code in order to be smaller.
[TXT] regerror.c  1.25   6 weeks  christos   Arrange for tools build
[TXT] regexec.c  1.26   6 weeks  christos   Arrange for tools build
[TXT] regfree.c  1.19   6 weeks  christos   Arrange for tools build
[TXT] COPYRIGHT  1.5   17 years  agc   Move UCB-licensed code from 4-clause to 3-clause licence. Patches provided by J...
[TXT] re_format.7  1.14   7 weeks  wiz   Restore NetBSD RCS Ids.
[TXT] regex.3  1.32   5 weeks  christos   Underscore is a word character (thanks uwe@)
[TXT] WHATSNEW  1.6   26 years  cgd   add unintrusive Ids
[TXT] engine.c  1.29   7 weeks  christos   fix NLS compilation
[TXT] regsub.c  1.3   5 years  aymeric   protect __RCSID the same way other reg*.c files do, so that we can use this file...
[TXT] regcomp.c  1.46   5 weeks  christos   recognize the "C" language backslash escapes like gnu does (except b which is al...
[TXT] regex2.h  1.15   7 weeks  christos   reduce casts
[TXT]  1.9   5 years  christos   rename to regnsub, regsub is a very popular name.
[TXT] cname.h  1.8   7 weeks  christos   sync with FreeBSD: - NLS support - GNU extensions - bug fixes

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