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[TXT] es.msg  1.8   13 years  jmmv   branches: 1.8.10; Improvements and fixes from J. Vicente Carrasco sent by priva...
[TXT] catopen.c  1.24   13 years  martin   branches: 1.24.4; Avoid munmap(-1, ...) - doesn't make much sense.
[TXT] C.msg  1.14   14 years  cbiere   branches: 1.14.84; Changed error message of ENOPROTOOPT to "Protocol option not...
[TXT] sv.msg  1.4   15 years  christos   Fix spelling (Jon Olsson)
[TXT] nl.msg  1.4   15 years  peter   Translate new messages.
[TXT] cs.msg  1.10   15 years  salo   Translate new messages.
[TXT] sk.msg  1.4   15 years  salo   Translate new messages.
[TXT] de.msg  1.14   15 years  martin   Translate new messages
[TXT] ca.msg  1.5   15 years  jmmv   Translate three new messages.
[TXT] catgets.c  1.17   15 years  christos   branches: 1.17.18; WARNS=4
[TXT] catclose.c  1.12   16 years  lukem   branches: 1.12.18; Add missing __RCSID()
[TXT] fr.msg  1.6   16 years  bouyer   Translate messages 86 -> 93. Thanks to Marc Baudoin for review.
[TXT] catclose.3  1.12   18 years  salo>
[TXT] catgets.3  1.16   18 years  salo>
[TXT] catopen.3  1.14   18 years  salo>
[TXT] pl.msg  1.1   20 years  zuntum   branches: 1.1.2; Add pl.msg file to nls/ directory and list it in the Makefile ...
[TXT] Pig.msg  1.5   21 years  kleink   Add an EILSEQ code (C99, first appeared in C90/AMD1), and update message catalog...
[TXT] fi.msg  1.2   21 years  jdolecek   Add SIGPWR entry (from Pooka)
[TXT] no.msg  1.1   24 years  is   Added Norwegian libc error messages/signal names, donated by Stig Venaas <venaas...
[TXT]  1.8   25 years  jtc   branches: 1.8.2; 1.8.60; 1.8.62; New message catalog implementation that uses...

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