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Diff for /src/lib/libc/compat/locale/compat_setlocale32.c between version 1.1 and 1.2

version 1.1, 2010/06/07 13:52:30 version 1.2, 2013/03/06 11:29:01
Line 42  __warn_references(__setlocale_mb_len_max
Line 42  __warn_references(__setlocale_mb_len_max
     "warning: reference to compatibility __setlocale_mb_len_max_32();"      "warning: reference to compatibility __setlocale_mb_len_max_32();"
     "include <locale.h> for correct reference")      "include <locale.h> for correct reference")
    * MB_LEN_MAX used to be a MD macro.  it was 32 for most ports but 6 for hppa.
    * hppa uses arch/hppa/locale/compat_setlocale32.c instead of this file.
   #if defined(__hppa__)
   #error using wrong variant of compat_setlocale32.c
   #endif /* defined(__hppa__) */
 char *  char *
 __setlocale_mb_len_max_32(int category, const char *locale)  __setlocale_mb_len_max_32(int category, const char *locale)
 {  {

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