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Diff for /src/lib/libc/Makefile between version 1.39 and 1.40

version 1.39, 1995/04/12 00:56:12 version 1.40, 1995/04/25 00:00:58
Line 42  CLEANFILES+=tags
Line 42  CLEANFILES+=tags
 .include "${.CURDIR}/stdio/Makefile.inc"  .include "${.CURDIR}/stdio/Makefile.inc"
 .include "${.CURDIR}/stdlib/Makefile.inc"  .include "${.CURDIR}/stdlib/Makefile.inc"
 .include "${.CURDIR}/string/Makefile.inc"  .include "${.CURDIR}/string/Makefile.inc"
   .include "${.CURDIR}/termios/Makefile.inc"
 .include "${.CURDIR}/time/Makefile.inc"  .include "${.CURDIR}/time/Makefile.inc"
 .include "${.CURDIR}/sys/Makefile.inc"  .include "${.CURDIR}/sys/Makefile.inc"
 .include "${.CURDIR}/yp/Makefile.inc"  .include "${.CURDIR}/yp/Makefile.inc"

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