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[DIR] DB/        
[DIR] arch/        
[DIR] atomic/        
[DIR] cdb/        
[DIR] citrus/        
[DIR] compat/        
[DIR] compat-13/        
[DIR] compat-43/        
[DIR] compiler_rt/        
[DIR] db/        
[DIR] dl/        
[DIR] dlfcn/        
[DIR] gdtoa/        
[DIR] gen/        
[DIR] gmon/        
[DIR] hash/        
[DIR] hp300/        
[DIR] i386/        
[DIR] iconv/        
[DIR] include/        
[DIR] inet/        
[DIR] isc/        
[DIR] locale/        
[DIR] md/        
[DIR] misc/        
[DIR] nameser/        
[DIR] net/        
[DIR] nls/        
[DIR] pc532/        
[DIR] posix1e/        
[DIR] powerpc64/        
[DIR] quad/        
[DIR] regex/        
[DIR] resolv/        
[DIR] rpc/        
[DIR] softfloat/        
[DIR] sparc/        
[DIR] ssp/        
[DIR] stdio/        
[DIR] stdlib/        
[DIR] stdthreads/        
[DIR] string/        
[DIR] support/        
[DIR] sys/        
[DIR] termios/        
[DIR] thread-stub/        
[DIR] time/        
[DIR] tls/        
[DIR] uuid/        
[DIR] yp/        
[TXT] Makefile  1.169   7 years  christos   branches: 1.169.14; Only create and install the tags file for the normal libc (...
[TXT]  1.18   7 years  joerg   branches: 1.18.8; 1.18.12; Don't unconditionally pass MLIBDIR via CPPFLAGS. Dr...
[TXT] README  1.5   7 years  riastradh   branches: 1.5.2; Elaborate documentation of libc symbol rules. - Say `provide'...
[TXT]  1.2   8 years  matt   MKCOMPAT fixes for when compat MACHINE_CPU != normal MACHINE_CPU
[TXT] shlib_version  1.266   6 years  dholland   branches: 1.266.2; note that on libc bump obsolete signal functions should be s...
[TXT] (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.1   10 years  agc   branches: 1.1.2; file was initially added on branch agc-symver.
[TXT] (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.2   18 years  thorpej   Use TOOL_GENASSYM. Part of PR toolchain/30350

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