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Current directory: [] / src / lib / i18n_module

Current tag: tls-maxphys

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
[BACK] Parent Directory        
[DIR] BIG5/        
[DIR] DECHanyu/        
[DIR] EUC/        
[DIR] EUCTW/        
[DIR] GBK2K/        
[DIR] HZ/        
[DIR] ISO2022/        
[DIR] JOHAB/        
[DIR] MSKanji/        
[DIR] UES/        
[DIR] UTF1632/        
[DIR] UTF7/        
[DIR] UTF8/        
[DIR] VIQR/        
[DIR] ZW/        
[DIR] iconv_none/        
[DIR] iconv_std/        
[DIR] mapper_646/        
[DIR] mapper_none/        
[DIR] mapper_parallel/        
[DIR] mapper_serial/        
[DIR] mapper_std/        
[DIR] mapper_zone/        
[TXT]  1.14   8 years  joerg   Revert last, it breaks the tricks xsrc uses.
[TXT] Makefile  1.8   14 years  tnozaki   add new encoding support to iconv(3): - RISCOS-LATIN1 - DEC-MCS - DEC-HANYU(l...
[TXT] shlib_version  1.6   12 years  christos   bump shared libraries.

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