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Diff for /src/lib/Makefile between version 1.244 and 1.245

version 1.244, 2016/06/05 01:20:58 version 1.245, 2016/06/05 01:23:58
Line 172  SUBDIR+= ../external/gpl3/${EXTERNAL_GCC
Line 172  SUBDIR+= ../external/gpl3/${EXTERNAL_GCC
 #==================== 2nd library dependency barrier ====================  #==================== 2nd library dependency barrier ====================
 SUBDIR+=        .WAIT  SUBDIR+=        .WAIT
 SUBDIR+= ../external/gpl3/${EXTERNAL_GCC_SUBDIR}/lib/libasan  .for sanitizer in asan ubsan
 SUBDIR+= ../external/gpl3/${EXTERNAL_GCC_SUBDIR}/lib/libubsan  .if exists(../external/gpl3/${EXTERNAL_GCC_SUBDIR}/lib/lib${sanitizer})
   SUBDIR+= ../external/gpl3/${EXTERNAL_GCC_SUBDIR}/lib/lib${sanitizer}
 SUBDIR+=        ../external/bsd/libarchive/lib  # depends on libxz  SUBDIR+=        ../external/bsd/libarchive/lib  # depends on libxz

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