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Diff for /src/include/wchar.h between version and

version, 2001/10/08 20:13:47 version, 2002/01/14 21:37:09
Line 69 
Line 69 
 #include <machine/ansi.h>  #include <machine/ansi.h>
 #include <sys/null.h>  #include <sys/null.h>
   #include <stdio.h> /* for FILE* */
 #ifdef  _BSD_WCHAR_T_  #ifdef  _BSD_WCHAR_T_
 typedef _BSD_WCHAR_T_   wchar_t;  typedef _BSD_WCHAR_T_   wchar_t;
 #undef  _BSD_WCHAR_T_  #undef  _BSD_WCHAR_T_
Line 93  typedef _BSD_SIZE_T_ size_t;
Line 95  typedef _BSD_SIZE_T_ size_t;
 #define WEOF    ((wint_t)-1)  #define WEOF    ((wint_t)-1)
 #endif  #endif
   #define getwc(f) fgetwc(f)
   #define getwchar() getwc(stdin)
   #define putwc(wc, f) fputwc((wc), (f))
   #define putwchar(wc) putwc((wc), stdout)
 size_t  mbrlen __P((const char * __restrict, size_t, mbstate_t * __restrict));  size_t  mbrlen __P((const char * __restrict, size_t, mbstate_t * __restrict));
 size_t  mbrtowc __P((wchar_t * __restrict, const char * __restrict, size_t,  size_t  mbrtowc __P((wchar_t * __restrict, const char * __restrict, size_t,
Line 134  unsigned long int wcstoul __P((const wch
Line 141  unsigned long int wcstoul __P((const wch
                 int base));                  int base));
 long int wcstol __P((const wchar_t * __restrict, wchar_t ** __restrict, int base));  long int wcstol __P((const wchar_t * __restrict, wchar_t ** __restrict, int base));
 double wcstod __P((const wchar_t * __restrict, wchar_t ** __restrict));  double wcstod __P((const wchar_t * __restrict, wchar_t ** __restrict));
   wint_t ungetwc __P((wint_t, FILE *));
   wint_t fgetwc __P((FILE *));
   wint_t getwc __P((FILE *));
   wint_t getwchar __P((void));
   wint_t fputwc __P((wint_t, FILE *));
   wint_t putwc __P((wint_t, FILE *));
   wint_t putwchar __P((wint_t));
   int fwide __P((FILE *, int));
 #endif /* !_WCHAR_H_ */  #endif /* !_WCHAR_H_ */

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