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Revision 1.4, Mon Jan 28 23:19:50 2013 UTC (7 years, 2 months ago) by matt
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.3: +19 -1 lines

Add missing long double prototypes.

/* $NetBSD: complex.h,v 1.4 2013/01/28 23:19:50 matt Exp $ */

 * Written by Matthias Drochner.
 * Public domain.

#ifndef	_COMPLEX_H
#define	_COMPLEX_H

#define complex _Complex
#define _Complex_I 1.0fi
#define I _Complex_I

#include <sys/cdefs.h>


/* 7.3.5 Trigonometric functions */
/* The cacos functions */
double complex cacos(double complex);
float complex cacosf(float complex);
long double complex cacosl(long double complex);

/* The casin functions */
double complex casin(double complex);
float complex casinf(float complex);
long double complex casinl(long double complex);

/* The catan functions */
double complex catan(double complex);
float complex catanf(float complex);
long double complex catanl(long double complex);

/* The ccos functions */
double complex ccos(double complex);
float complex ccosf(float complex);
long double complex ccosl(long double complex);

/* The csin functions */
double complex csin(double complex);
float complex csinf(float complex);
long double complex csinl(long double complex);

/* The ctan functions */
double complex ctan(double complex);
float complex ctanf(float complex);
long double complex ctanl(long double complex);

/* 7.3.6 Hyperbolic functions */
/* The cacosh functions */
double complex cacosh(double complex);
float complex cacoshf(float complex);
long double complex cacoshl(long double complex);

/* The casinh functions */
double complex casinh(double complex);
float complex casinhf(float complex);
long double complex casinhl(long double complex);

/* The catanh functions */
double complex catanh(double complex);
float complex catanhf(float complex);
long double complex catanhl(long double complex);

/* The ccosh functions */
double complex ccosh(double complex);
float complex ccoshf(float complex);
long double complex ccoshl(long double complex);

/* The csinh functions */
double complex csinh(double complex);
float complex csinhf(float complex);
long double complex csinhl(long double complex);

/* The ctanh functions */
double complex ctanh(double complex);
float complex ctanhf(float complex);
long double complex ctanhl(long double complex);

/* 7.3.7 Exponential and logarithmic functions */
/* The cexp functions */
double complex cexp(double complex);
float complex cexpf(float complex);
long double complex cexpl(long double complex);

/* The clog functions */
double complex clog(double complex);
float complex clogf(float complex);
long double complex clogl(long double complex);

/* 7.3.8 Power and absolute-value functions */
/* The cabs functions */
#ifndef __LIBM0_SOURCE__
/* avoid conflict with historical cabs(struct complex) */
double cabs(double complex) __RENAME(__c99_cabs);
float cabsf(float complex) __RENAME(__c99_cabsf);
long double cabsl(long double complex) __RENAME(__c99_cabsl);

/* The cpow functions */
double complex cpow(double complex, double complex);
float complex cpowf(float complex, float complex);
long double complex cpowl(long double complex, long double complex);

/* The csqrt functions */
double complex csqrt(double complex);
float complex csqrtf(float complex);
long double complex csqrtl(long double complex);

/* 7.3.9 Manipulation functions */
/* The carg functions */ 
double carg(double complex);
float cargf(float complex);
long double cargl(long double complex);

/* The cimag functions */
double cimag(double complex);
float cimagf(float complex);
long double cimagl(long double complex);

/* The conj functions */
double complex conj(double complex);
float complex conjf(float complex);
long double complex conjl(long double complex);

/* The cproj functions */
double complex cproj(double complex);
float complex cprojf(float complex);
long double complex cprojl(long double complex);

/* The creal functions */
double creal(double complex);
float crealf(float complex);
long double creall(long double complex);


#endif	/* ! _COMPLEX_H */