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[TXT] Makefile  1.105   17 years  lukem   minor makefile delint
[TXT] a.out.h  1.16   21 years  perry   merge lite-2
[TXT] ar.h  1.4   25 years  cgd   new RCS ID format.
[TXT] assert.h  1.12   18 years  kleink   Employ __static_cast(); suggested by Dave Sainty in PR lib/11766.
[TXT] bitstring.h  1.6   21 years  perry   merge lite-2
[TXT] bm.h  1.3   25 years  cgd   new RCS ID format.
[TXT] cpio.h  1.2   22 years  jtc   branches: 1.2.46; Fix files using old TNF copyright notice
[TXT] ctype.h  1.21   18 years  thorpej   If _CTYPE_PRIVATE, need to include <machine/limits.h> for CHAR_BIT.
[TXT] db.h  1.18   17 years  itojun   do not define types like int32_t or u_int32_t locally.
[TXT] dirent.h  1.17   19 years  mrg   make scandir(3)'s 3rd argument take a function that takes a *const* struct diren...
[TXT] disktab.h  1.7   20 years  abs   Add '-f disktab' option to disklabel, via lib/6623 from Greg A. Woods <woods@mos...
[TXT] dlfcn.h  1.13   19 years  simonb   branches: 1.13.6; Remove 'extern' from function declarations.
[TXT] err.h  1.12   21 years  mycroft   __Namespace__ __protection__.
[TXT] errno.h  1.4   18 years  christos   protect against multiple declarations.
[TXT] fmtmsg.h  1.1   20 years  kleink   Add an XSH5 fmtmsg() implementation.
[TXT] fnmatch.h  1.9   17 years  provos   implement FNM_LEADING_DIR; matches Linux and other *BSDs; approved thorpej
[TXT] fstab.h  1.9   20 years  mrg   add a new fstab type "dp" for the user-specified dump device. change swapctl -A ...
[TXT] fts.h  1.10   17 years  thorpej   Make fts_pathlen and fts_nitems unsigned.
[TXT] getopt.h  1.4   19 years  ad   Pull in <sys/cdefs.h>, since we're using __BEGIN_DECLS/__END_DECLS.
[TXT] glob.h  1.15   18 years  kleink   Partially back out previous: don't apply restrict qualifier to pointer to functi...
[TXT] grp.h  1.16   17 years  lukem   public prototypes should use __P(); fix entries for pwcache_{user,group}db()
[TXT] hesiod.h  1.3   20 years  lukem   merge in stuff from hesiod3.0.2 distribution
[TXT] ieeefp.h  1.5   19 years  simonb   branches: 1.5.10; Remove 'extern' from function declarations.
[TXT] ifaddrs.h  1.4   19 years  simonb   Remove 'extern' from function declarations.
[TXT] inttypes.h  1.1   18 years  kleink   branches: 1.1.2; * Move definitions of exact-width integer types from <machine/...
[TXT] iso646.h  1.1   24 years  jtc   branches: 1.1.82; 1.1.88; For Normative Addendum 1. We have this cr*p because ...
[TXT] kvm.h  1.10   19 years  kleink   branches: 1.10.2; Do previous slightly different: /usr/share/misc/style no long...
[TXT] langinfo.h  1.5   18 years  tshiozak   add "CODESET" symbol. (but not working yet)
[TXT] libgen.h  1.1   22 years  kleink   Add <libgen.h> header, from XPG4.2.
[TXT] limits.h  1.17   17 years  kleink   Update for 1003.1-2001 base and XSI changes.
[TXT] link.h  1.12   20 years  thorpej   branches: 1.12.44; Move the link.h files for the different shlib formats via re...
[TXT] link_aout.h  1.19   19 years  wiz   Fix two typos
[TXT] link_elf.h  1.5   20 years  thorpej   Move the link.h files for the different shlib formats via repository copy, and r...
[TXT] locale.h  1.12   18 years  kleink   C99: add new parameters int_p_cs_precedes, int_n_cs_precedes, int_p_sep_by_space...
[TXT] login_cap.h  1.5   19 years  ad   Remove dup (WRT util.h) decl of secure_path().
[TXT] malloc.h  1.3   25 years  cgd   branches: 1.3.124; new RCS ID format.
[TXT] math.h  1.24   17 years  simonb   Clean up some rampant code duplication wrt ieee number handling: - Add alignmen...
[TXT] md2.h  1.1   18 years  atatat   branches: 1.1.2; Oops. Forgot md2.h header file.
[TXT] memory.h  1.4   21 years  perry   merge lite-2
[TXT] mpool.h  1.9   19 years  ad   Pull in <sys/cdefs.h>, since we're using __BEGIN_DECLS/__END_DECLS.
[TXT] ndbm.h  1.8   19 years  ad   Pull in <sys/cdefs.h>, since we're using __BEGIN_DECLS/__END_DECLS.
[TXT] netconfig.h  1.1   19 years  fvdl   branches: 1.1.4; New headers for the new RPC code (based on TI-RPC from Sun).
[TXT] netdb.h  1.27   17 years  itojun   remove unused/unsupported AI_xx. notified by PR 18072
[TXT] netgroup.h  1.6   20 years  lukem   remove _ng_sl_*() prototypes; the functions have been dead for nearly 2 years
[TXT] nl_types.h  1.10   17 years  wiz   Give the struct typedef'd to *nl_catd a name to avoid an error with gcc 2.95.3 (...
[TXT] nlist.h  1.10   20 years  pk   Add the N_SET* symbol types.
[TXT] nsswitch.h  1.11   18 years  christos   remove declaration of _nsyylineno from here.
[TXT] paths.h  1.20   16 years  augustss   Add _PATH_SYSMON.
[TXT] pwd.h  1.26   17 years  itojun   support bcrypt password. can be chosen by "blowfish" keyword in passwd.conf. fr...
[TXT] ranlib.h  1.5   21 years  perry   merge lite-2
[TXT] re_comp.h  1.2   22 years  jtc   Fix files using old TNF copyright notice
[TXT] regex.h  1.9   20 years  drochner   Uhm - we can't expose __LIBC12_SOURCE__ to the public - it causes side effects i...
[TXT] regexp.h  1.5   21 years  tv   __RENAME() the libcompat regexp routines so they will not be used by programs th...
[TXT] resolv.h  1.19   19 years  itojun   branches: 1.19.2; implement EDNS0 support, as EDNS0 support will be made mandat...
[TXT] rmt.h  1.4   22 years  thorpej   Update for new function renaming nechanism.
[TXT] sched.h  1.1   18 years  thorpej   branches: 1.1.2; A <sched.h> file, which provides the clone(2) prototypes, in o...
[TXT] search.h  1.14   18 years  christos   deal with bsearch duplicate declaration.
[TXT] setjmp.h  1.18   19 years  jdolecek   make the #ifdef __LIBC12_SOURCE__ consistent with usage in <signal.h> and <sys/s...
[TXT] sgtty.h  1.6   21 years  perry   add/cleanup multiple inclusion protection.
[TXT] signal.h  1.21   18 years  christos   branches: 1.21.2; protect against multiple declarations. This also fixes a prob...
[TXT] stab.h  1.5   21 years  perry   merge lite-2
[TXT] stddef.h  1.9   19 years  tshiozak   u_long -> unsigned long in "offsetof" macro. Using u_long causes <stddef.h> to u...
[TXT] stdio.h  1.47   16 years  atatat   Spelling police. "__resitrct" was not spelled cirectly enough.
[TXT] stdlib.h  1.57   16 years  lukem   add strsuftoll(3) and strsuftollx(3) - parse a string for a number with an optio...
[TXT] string.h  1.23   18 years  kleink   Sprinkle some restrict qualifiers.
[TXT] stringlist.h  1.4   17 years  christos   Assign to TNF.
[TXT] strings.h  1.8   19 years  kleink   Move <null.h> to <sys/null.h> for the purpose of avoiding conflicts due to std C...
[TXT] struct.h  1.4   21 years  perry   merge lite-2
[TXT] sysexits.h  1.5   21 years  perry   merge lite-2
[TXT] tar.h  1.3   21 years  perry   Switch to using lite-2's tar.h instead of ours. The contents are identical, but ...
[TXT] time.h  1.29   17 years  bjh21   Version times() so that programs compiled before the recent change to make sysco...
[TXT] ttyent.h  1.11   20 years  tsarna   Add a "class" entry to ttyent. Closes PR#4638.
[TXT] tzfile.h  1.6   21 years  kleink   Merge in recent changes from the private version of this header distributed with...
[TXT] ulimit.h  1.1   20 years  kleink   Add an XSH5 ulimit()/<ulimit.h> implementation.
[TXT] unistd.h  1.88   18 years  wiz   Remove variable name from prototype. Reported by John Heasley on current-users o...
[TXT] util.h  1.29   16 years  scw   Add getlabelsector() and getlabeloffset() as wrappers around the KERN_LABELSECTO...
[TXT] utime.h  1.6   21 years  kleink   Per POSIX and X/Open, don't include <sys/types.h> but make only time_t available...
[TXT] utmp.h  1.9   17 years  christos   Add __P(()); noticed by wiz.
[TXT] utmpx.h  1.9   17 years  christos   Add __P(()); noticed by wiz.
[TXT] vis.h  1.13   16 years  lukem   this needs <sys/types.h>
[TXT] wchar.h  1.12   17 years  yamt   fix prototype of fputwc, putwc and putwchar.
[TXT] wctype.h  1.4   18 years  itojun   avoid exposure of libc internal symbols into public header (wctype.h).

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