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Annotation of src/gnu/README, Revision 1.6

1.6     ! christos    1: $NetBSD: README,v 1.5 2003/12/04 23:32:37 keihan Exp $
1.1       gwr         2:
1.2       gwr         3: Organization of Sources:
1.1       gwr         4:
1.2       gwr         5: This directory hierarchy is using a new organization that
                      6: separates the GNU sources from the BSD-style infrastructure
                      7: used to build the GNU sources.  The GNU sources are kept in
                      8: the standard GNU source tree layout under:
1.1       gwr         9:
1.2       gwr        10:        dist/*
1.1       gwr        11:
                     12: The build infrastructure uses the normal BSD way under:
                     14:        usr.bin/*
1.2       gwr        16: The makefiles in the above hierarchy will "reach over" into
                     17: the GNU sources (src/gnu/dist) for everything they need.
                     20: Maintenance Strategy:
                     22: The sources under src/gnu/dist are generally a combination of
                     23: some published distribution plus changes that we submit to the
                     24: maintainers and that are not yet published by them.  There are
                     25: a few files that are never expected to be submitted to the FSF,
                     26: (i.e. BSD-style makefiles and such) and those generally should
                     27: stay in src/gnu/lib or src/gnu/usr.bin (the BSD build areas).
                     29: Make sure all changes made to the GNU sources are submitted to
                     30: the appropriate maintainer, but only after coordinating with the
                     31: NetBSD maintainers by sending your proposed submission to the
1.5       keihan     32: <tech-toolchain@NetBSD.org> mailing list.  Only send the changes
1.2       gwr        33: to the third-party maintainers after consensus has been reached.

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