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Annotation of src/games/phantasia/README, Revision 1.2

1.2     ! cgd         1: $NetBSD$
        !             2:
1.1       jtc         3: June 25, 1986
                      6: This is a much modified version of Phantasia.  It is intended to fix
                      7: all reported bug fixes, enhance the game, and speed up the game.
                      9: I have to thank Chris Robertson for many ideas which have made the game
                     10: faster, and more user-friendly.  Most of her changes/additions are
                     11: incorporated in this latest versions, although perhaps not in the exact
                     12: manner of her design.  I left out a few items which were not in keeping
                     13: with the spirit of the game.  (For example, I didn't like the extra lives
                     14: and the pausing of the game.  I think it's too easy even WITHOUT that stuff.)
                     16: CHANGES:
                     18:     - Wormholes have been deleted (I never liked them anyway).
                     19:     - The source code has been greatly enhanced for speed, size, readability,
                     20:       and maintainability.
                     21:       fight.c should no longer cause optimizers to run out of space.
                     22:     - A few loopholes have been tightened to make the game more enjoyable.
                     23:       (Except for those who are in the habit of exercising those loopholes.)
                     24:     - Chris' map is enclosed.
                     25:     - The "charac" file is not compatible with older versions of Phantasia
                     26:       (3.3.1 and 3.3.1+).  A 'convert' program is provided to convert your
                     27:       old file to the new format.  See Makefile for details.
                     28:     - Movements can be made with HJKL for WSNE, respectively.
                     29:     - Players may examine others while playing ('x') option.
                     30:     - Monsters are now stored in a binary data base, to speed calling
                     31:       monsters, and to ease formatting of monster listings.
                     32:     - Taxes are collected on all gold and gems.
                     33:     - Dead players can be resurrected by the 'wizard'.
                     34:     - 'setup' is smarter, although not as smart as it should be.
                     35:     - Players can change their names and passwords
                     37: PORTABILTY:
                     39:     I have tried to make this as non-machine/system specific as possible.
                     41:     All identifiers are unique to 7 characters or less, dual case.
                     43:     The code WILL NOT fit on a 16-bit machine without separate I/D.
                     45:     Stdio MUST support fopen() with mode "r+".  I think this is true
                     46:     for all Version 7 and later.
                     48:     'curses' library functions are required.
                     50:     All problems/solutions with portability should be reported to me,
                     51:     and fixes will be included in subsequent versions of this software.
                     54: Please send me any bugs, (of which I am sure there are many), you may find,
                     55: but PLEASE be specific.  I cannot correct a bug which is described as:
                     57:     "When I choose a character type, it blows up."
                     59:     (What blows up?  What exactly was printed at the terminal?
                     60:     Which character type was chosen?  Etc. . . ?)
                     62: Also, please tell me which version of UN*X you are running, and upon
                     63: which type of hardware.
                     65: I will also do my best to help anyone with problems just trying to
                     66: get the game running.  Again, I need to know which version of UN*X
                     67: and what type of CPU.  Also, a copy of the output from 'make'
                     68: would be extremely useful.
                     70: Any and all ideas/suggestions/additions are more than welcome.  If
                     71: you feel strongly enough about it, write the change and send it to me,
                     72: and I will do my best to incorporate it in the next version of Phantasia.
                     73: Otherwise, I will give serious thought to adding it myself.
                     75: Follow the directions in the Makefile CAREFULLY to set up the game.
                     76: Read the comments at the beginning of 'main.c', if you haven't already.
                     78: Enjoy.
                     80: Ted Estes
                     81: AT&T Information Systems
                     82: Skokie, IL  60077
                     84: ...!ihnp4!ttrdc!ttrda!estes

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