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Revision 1.5, Sat Oct 18 20:03:08 1997 UTC (22 years, 11 months ago) by christos
Branch: MAIN
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Branch point for: matt-armv6
Changes since 1.4: +23 -21 lines

Tons of changes; re-indent, use termios, fix warnings, add prototypes...
Games is almost clean; only hack is left...

/*	$NetBSD: config.c,v 1.5 1997/10/18 20:03:08 christos Exp $	 */

 * config.c --	This defines the installation dependent variables.
 *              Some strings are modified later.  ANSI C would
 *              allow compile time string concatenation, we must
 *              do runtime concatenation, in main.
 *		Larn is copyrighted 1986 by Noah Morgan.
#include <sys/cdefs.h>
#ifndef lint
__RCSID("$NetBSD: config.c,v 1.5 1997/10/18 20:03:08 christos Exp $");
#endif /* not lint */

#include "header.h"
#include "pathnames.h"

 * All these strings will be appended to in main() to be complete filenames

/* the game save filename */
char  savefilename[1024];

/* the logging file */
char  logfile[] = _PATH_LOG;

/* the help text file */
char  helpfile[] = _PATH_HELP;

/* the score file */
char  scorefile[] = _PATH_SCORE;

/* the maze data file */
char  larnlevels[] = _PATH_LEVELS;

/* the .larnopts filename */
char  optsfile[1024] = "/.larnopts";

/* the player id datafile name */
char  playerids[] = _PATH_PLAYERIDS;

char  diagfile[] = "Diagfile";		/* the diagnostic filename */
char  ckpfile[] = "Larn12.0.ckp";	/* the checkpoint filename */
char *password = "pvnert(x)";		/* the wizards password <=32 */
char  psname[PSNAMESIZE] = "larn";	/* the process name */

#define	WIZID	1
int   wisid = 0;	/* the user id of the only person who can be wizard */