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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] bog.h  1.4   4 years  dholland   Double the threshold for crashing out with "too many words".
[TXT] timer.c  1.10   15 years  jmc   KNF and WARNS=3
[TXT] help.c  1.7   9 years  plunky   NULL does not need a cast
[TXT] mach.c  1.21   9 years  plunky   NULL does not need a cast
[TXT] boggle.6  1.9   14 years  jmcneill   PR# 4305: [dM] boggle uses very incomplete wordlist.
[TXT] Makefile  1.10   10 years  he   When using -lcurses, you also need -lterminfo. This fixes the build for sun2, an...
[TXT] helpfile   26 years  jtc   boggle(6), from 44lite
[TXT] word.c  1.9   14 years  rtr   fclose() open FILE * even though we are returning to fail anyway. silences cover...
[TXT] prtable.c  1.10   7 years  christos   fix unused variable warnings
[TXT] extern.h  1.11   11 years  dholland   sprinkle static and prune some dead code
[TXT] bog.c  1.29   6 years  dholland   use size_t instead of int for a length

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