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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
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[TXT] main.c  1.33   23 months  mrg   - avoid multipling a boolean value, use &&.
[TXT] backgammon.6  1.13   8 years  roy   Add capfile(5) to describe the termcap format. Adjust various man pages and othe...
[TXT] move.c  1.13   8 years  dholland   Add strategic assertion, now passes -Wstrict-overflow.
[TXT] Makefile  1.9   23 years  lukem   KNF & WARNSify, and only compile common_source once/* (compiles 25% faster)
[TXT] version.c  1.7   15 years  jmc   KNF and WARNS=3 fixes
[TXT] backlocal.h  1.5   8 years  dholland   Pass the move info around instead of using it as a global.
[TXT] text.c  1.9   10 years  mrg   rename text() to wrtext(), aligning it with most other output routines, and avoi...
[TXT] extra.c  1.7   11 years  dholland   sprinkle static

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