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Revision (vendor branch), Sat Mar 11 16:06:35 2017 UTC (5 years, 8 months ago) by christos
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Changes since +19 -5 lines

2017-02-13 (3.17.0)

Approximately 25% better performance from the R-Tree extension.
Uses compiler built-ins (ex: __builtin_bswap32() or _byteswap_ulong()) for byteswapping when available.
Uses the sqlite3_blob key/value access object instead of SQL for pulling content out of R-Tree nodes
Other miscellaneous enhancements such as loop unrolling.
Add the SQLITE_DEFAULT_LOOKASIDE compile-time option.
Increase the default lookaside size from 512,125 to 1200,100 as this provides better performance while only adding 56KB of extra memory per connection. Memory-sensitive applications can restore the old default at compile-time, start-time, or run-time.
Use compiler built-ins __builtin_sub_overflow(), __builtin_add_overflow(), and __builtin_mul_overflow() when available. (All compiler built-ins can be omitted with the SQLITE_DISABLE_INTRINSIC compile-time option.)
Added the SQLITE_ENABLE_NULL_TRIM compile-time option, which can result in significantly smaller database files for some applications, at the risk of being incompatible with older versions of SQLite.
Change SQLITE_DEFAULT_PCACHE_INITSZ from 100 to 20, for improved performance.
Added the SQLITE_UINT64_TYPE compile-time option as an analog to SQLITE_INT64_TYPE.
Perform some UPDATE operations in a single pass instead of in two passes.
Enhance the session extension to support WITHOUT ROWID tables.
Fixed performance problems and potential stack overflows when creating views from multi-row VALUES clauses with hundreds of thousands of rows.
Added the sha1.c extension.
In the command-line shell, enhance the ".mode" command so that it restores the default column and row separators for modes "line", "list", "column", and "tcl".
Enhance the SQLITE_DIRECT_OVERFLOW_READ option so that it works in WAL mode as long as the pages being read are not in the WAL file.
Enhance the LEMON parser generator so that it can store the parser object as a stack variable rather than allocating space from the heap and make use of that enhancement in the amalgamation.
Other performance improvements. Uses about 6.5% fewer CPU cycles.
Bug Fixes:

Throw an error if the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN references tables to the right of the ON clause. This is the same behavior as PostgreSQL. Formerly, SQLite silently converted the LEFT JOIN into an INNER JOIN. Fix for ticket 25e335f802dd.
Use the correct affinity for columns of automatic indexes. Ticket 7ffd1ca1d2ad4ec.
Ensure that the sqlite3_blob_reopen() interface can correctly handle short rows. Fix for ticket e6e962d6b0f06f46e.

SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-02-13 16:02:40 ada05cfa86ad7f5645450ac7a2a21c9aa6e57d2c"
SHA1 for sqlite3.c: cc7d708bb073c44102a59ed63ce6142da1f174d1
2017-01-06 (3.16.2)

Fix the REPLACE statement for WITHOUT ROWID tables that lack secondary indexes so that it works correctly with triggers and foreign keys. This was a new bug caused by performance optimizations added in version 3.16.0. Ticket 30027b613b4
Fix the sqlite3_value_text() interface so that it correctly translates content generated by zeroblob() into a string of all 0x00 characters. This is a long-standing issue discovered after the 3.16.1 release by OSS-Fuzz
Fix the bytecode generator to deal with a subquery in the FROM clause that is itself a UNION ALL where one side of the UNION ALL is a view that contains an ORDER BY. This is a long-standing issue that was discovered after the release of 3.16.1. See ticket 190c2507.
Adjust the sqlite3_column_count() API so it more often returns the same values for PRAGMA statements as it did in prior releases, to minimize disruption to applications that might be using that interface in unexpected ways.

SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-01-06 16:32:41 a65a62893ca8319e89e48b8a38cf8a59c69a8209"
SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 2bebdc3f24911c0d12b6d6c0123c3f84d6946b08
2017-01-03 (3.16.1)

Fix a bug concerning the use of row values within triggers (see ticket 8c9458e7) that was in version 3.15.0 but was not reported until moments after the 3.16.0 release was published.

SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-01-03 18:27:03 979f04392853b8053817a3eea2fc679947b437fd"
SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 354f6223490b30fd5320b4066b1535e4ce33988d
2017-01-02 (3.16.0)

Uses 9% fewer CPU cycles. (See the CPU performance measurement report for details on how this performance increase was computed.)
Added experimental support for PRAGMA functions.
Added the SQLITE_DBCONFIG_NO_CKPT_ON_CLOSE option to sqlite3_db_config().
Enhance the date and time functions so that the 'unixepoch' modifier works for the full span of supported dates.
Changed the default configuration of the lookaside memory allocator from 500 slots of 128 bytes each into 125 slots of 512 bytes each.
Enhanced "WHERE x NOT NULL" partial indexes so that they are usable if the "x" column appears in a LIKE or GLOB operator.
Enhanced sqlite3_interrupt() so that it interrupts checkpoint operations that are in process.
Enhanced the LIKE and GLOB matching algorithm to be faster for cases when the pattern contains multiple wildcards.
Added the SQLITE_FCNTL_WIN32_GET_HANDLE file control opcode.
Added ".mode quote" to the command-line shell.
Added ".lint fkey-indexes" to the command-line shell.
Added the .imposter dot-command to the command-line shell.
Added the remember(V,PTR) SQL function as a loadable extension.
Rename the SQLITE_OMIT_BUILTIN_TEST compile-time option to SQLITE_UNTESTABLE to better reflect the implications of using it.
Bug Fixes:

Fix a long-standing bug in the query planner that caused incorrect results on a LEFT JOIN where the left-hand table is a subquery and the join constraint is a bare column name coming from the left-hand subquery. Ticket 2df0107b.
Correctly handle the integer literal -0x8000000000000000 in the query planner.

SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2017-01-02 11:57:58 04ac0b75b1716541b2b97704f4809cb7ef19cccf"
SHA1 for sqlite3.c: e2920fb885569d14197c9b7958e6f1db573ee669
2016-11-28 (3.15.2)

Multiple bug fixes to the row value logic that was introduced in version 3.15.0.
Fix a NULL pointer dereference in ATTACH/DETACH following a maliciously constructed syntax error. Ticket 2f1b168ab4d4844.
Fix a crash that can occur following an out-of-memory condition in the built-in instr() function.
In the JSON extension, fix the JSON validator so that it correctly rejects invalid backslash escapes within strings.

SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-11-28 19:13:37 bbd85d235f7037c6a033a9690534391ffeacecc8"
SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 06d77b42a3e70609f8d4bbb97caf53652f1082cb
2016-11-04 (3.15.1)

Added SQLITE_FCNTL_WIN32_GET_HANDLE file control opcode.
Fix the VACUUM command so that it spills excess content to disk rather than holding everything in memory, and possible causing an out-of-memory error for larger database files. This fixes an issue introduced by version 3.15.0.
Fix a case (present since 3.8.0 - 2013-08-26) where OR-connected terms in the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN might cause incorrect results. Ticket 34a579141b2c5ac.
Fix a case where the use of row values in the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN might cause incorrect results. Ticket fef4bb4bd9185ec8f.

SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-11-04 12:08:49 1136863c76576110e710dd5d69ab6bf347c65e36"
SHA1 for sqlite3.c: e7c26a7be3e431dd06898f8d262c4ef240c07366
2016-10-14 (3.15.0)

Added support for row values.
Allow deterministic SQL functions in the WHERE clause of a partial index.
Added the "modeof=filename" URI parameter on the unix VFS
Added the ability to VACUUM an ATTACH-ed database.
Enhancements to the command-line shell:
Add the ".testcase" and ".check" dot-commands.
Added the --new option to the ".open" dot-command, causing any prior content in the database to be purged prior to opening.
Enhance the fts5vocab virtual table to handle "ORDER BY term" efficiently.
Miscellaneous micro-optimizations reduce CPU usage by more than 7% on common workloads. Most optimization in this release has been on the front-end (sqlite3_prepare_v2()).
Bug Fixes:

The multiply operator now correctly detects 64-bit integer overflow and promotes to floating point in all corner-cases. Fix for ticket 1ec41379c9c1e400.
Correct handling of columns with redundant unique indexes when those columns are used on the LHS of an IN operator. Fix for ticket 0eab1ac759.
Skip NULL entries on range queries in indexes on expressions. Fix for ticket 4baa46491212947.
Ensure that the AUTOINCREMENT counters in the sqlite_sequence table are initialized doing "Xfer Optimization" on "INSERT ... SELECT" statements. Fix for ticket 7b3328086a5c116c.
Make sure the ORDER BY LIMIT optimization (from check-in 559733b09e) works with IN operators on INTEGER PRIMARY KEYs. Fix for ticket 96c1454c

SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-10-14 10:20:30 707875582fcba352b4906a595ad89198d84711d8"
SHA1 for sqlite3.c: fba106f8f6493c66eeed08a2dfff0907de54ae76
2016-09-12 (3.14.2)

Improved support for using the STDCALL calling convention in winsqlite3.dll.
Fix the sqlite3_trace_v2() interface so that it is disabled if either the callback or the mask arguments are zero, in accordance with the documentation.
Fix commenting errors and improve the comments generated on EXPLAIN listings when the -DSQLITE_ENABLE_EXPLAIN_COMMENTS compile-time option is used.
Fix the ".read" command in the command-line shell so that it understands that its input is not interactive.
Correct affinity computations for a SELECT on the RHS of an IN operator. Fix for ticket 199df4168c.
The ORDER BY LIMIT optimization is not valid unless the inner-most IN operator loop is actually used by the query plan. Fix for ticket 0c4df46116e90f92.
Fix an internal code generator problem that was causing some DELETE operations to no-op. Ticket ef360601

SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-09-12 18:50:49 29dbef4b8585f753861a36d6dd102ca634197bd6"
SHA1 for sqlite3.c: bcc4a1989db45e7f223191f2d0f66c1c28946383
2016-08-11 (3.14.1)

A performance enhancement to the page-cache "truncate" operation reduces COMMIT time by dozens of milliseconds on systems with a large page cache.
Fix to the --rbu option of sqldiff.

SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-08-11 18:53:32 a12d8059770df4bca59e321c266410344242bf7b"
SHA1 for sqlite3.c: d545b24892278272ce4e40e0567d69c8babf12ea
2016-08-08 (3.14)

Celebrating the SQLite "# release" with a home-baked pie.
Added support for WITHOUT ROWID virtual tables.
Improved the query planner so that the OR optimization can be used on virtual tables even if one or more of the disjuncts use the LIKE, GLOB, REGEXP, MATCH operators.
Added the CSV virtual table for reading RFC 4180 formatted comma-separated value files.
Added the carray() table-valued function extension.
Enabled persistent loadable extensions using the new SQLITE_OK_LOAD_PERMANENTLY return code from the extension entry point.
Added the SQLITE_DBSTATUS_CACHE_USED_SHARED option to sqlite3_db_status().
Add the vfsstat.c loadable extension - a VFS shim that measures I/O together with an eponymous virtual table that provides access to the measurements.
Improved algorithm for running queries with both an ORDER BY and a LIMIT where only the inner-most loop naturally generates rows in the correct order.
Enhancements to Lemon parser generator, so that it generates a faster parser.
The PRAGMA compile_options command now attempts to show the version number of the compiler that generated the library.
Enhance PRAGMA table_info so that it provides information about eponymous virtual tables.
Added the "win32-none" VFS, analogous to the "unix-none" VFS, that works like the default "win32" VFS except that it ignores all file locks.
The query planner uses a full scan of a partial index instead of a full scan of the main table, in cases where that makes sense.
Allow table-valued functions to appear on the right-hand side of an IN operator.
Created the dbhash.exe command-line utility.
Added two new C-language interfaces: sqlite3_expanded_sql() and sqlite3_trace_v2(). These new interfaces subsume the functions of sqlite3_trace() and sqlite3_profile() which are now deprecated.
Added the json_quote() SQL function to the json1 extension.
Disable the authorizer callback while reparsing the schema.
Added the SQLITE_ENABLE_UNKNOWN_SQL_FUNCTION compile-time option and turned that option on by default when building the command-line shell.
Bug Fixes:

Fix the ALTER TABLE command so that it does not corrupt descending indexes when adding a column to a legacy file format database. Ticket f68bf68513a1c15f
Fix a NULL-pointer dereference/crash that could occurs when a transitive WHERE clause references a non-existent collating sequence. Ticket e8d439c77685eca6.
Improved the cost estimation for an index scan which includes a WHERE clause that can be partially or fully evaluated using columns in the index and without having to do a table lookup. This fixes a performance regression that occurred for some obscure queries following the ORDER BY LIMIT optimization introduced in version 3.12.0.

SQLITE_SOURCE_ID: "2016-08-08 13:40:27 d5e98057028abcf7217d0d2b2e29bbbcdf09d6de"
SHA1 for sqlite3.c: 234a3275d03a287434ace3ccdf1afb208e6b0e92

** 2006 June 7
** The author disclaims copyright to this source code.  In place of
** a legal notice, here is a blessing:
**    May you do good and not evil.
**    May you find forgiveness for yourself and forgive others.
**    May you share freely, never taking more than you give.
** This header file defines the SQLite interface for use by
** shared libraries that want to be imported as extensions into
** an SQLite instance.  Shared libraries that intend to be loaded
** as extensions by SQLite should #include this file instead of 
** sqlite3.h.
#ifndef SQLITE3EXT_H
#define SQLITE3EXT_H
#include "sqlite3.h"

** The following structure holds pointers to all of the SQLite API
** routines.
** WARNING:  In order to maintain backwards compatibility, add new
** interfaces to the end of this structure only.  If you insert new
** interfaces in the middle of this structure, then older different
** versions of SQLite will not be able to load each other's shared
** libraries!
struct sqlite3_api_routines {
  void * (*aggregate_context)(sqlite3_context*,int nBytes);
  int  (*aggregate_count)(sqlite3_context*);
  int  (*bind_blob)(sqlite3_stmt*,int,const void*,int n,void(*)(void*));
  int  (*bind_double)(sqlite3_stmt*,int,double);
  int  (*bind_int)(sqlite3_stmt*,int,int);
  int  (*bind_int64)(sqlite3_stmt*,int,sqlite_int64);
  int  (*bind_null)(sqlite3_stmt*,int);
  int  (*bind_parameter_count)(sqlite3_stmt*);
  int  (*bind_parameter_index)(sqlite3_stmt*,const char*zName);
  const char * (*bind_parameter_name)(sqlite3_stmt*,int);
  int  (*bind_text)(sqlite3_stmt*,int,const char*,int n,void(*)(void*));
  int  (*bind_text16)(sqlite3_stmt*,int,const void*,int,void(*)(void*));
  int  (*bind_value)(sqlite3_stmt*,int,const sqlite3_value*);
  int  (*busy_handler)(sqlite3*,int(*)(void*,int),void*);
  int  (*busy_timeout)(sqlite3*,int ms);
  int  (*changes)(sqlite3*);
  int  (*close)(sqlite3*);
  int  (*collation_needed)(sqlite3*,void*,void(*)(void*,sqlite3*,
                           int eTextRep,const char*));
  int  (*collation_needed16)(sqlite3*,void*,void(*)(void*,sqlite3*,
                             int eTextRep,const void*));
  const void * (*column_blob)(sqlite3_stmt*,int iCol);
  int  (*column_bytes)(sqlite3_stmt*,int iCol);
  int  (*column_bytes16)(sqlite3_stmt*,int iCol);
  int  (*column_count)(sqlite3_stmt*pStmt);
  const char * (*column_database_name)(sqlite3_stmt*,int);
  const void * (*column_database_name16)(sqlite3_stmt*,int);
  const char * (*column_decltype)(sqlite3_stmt*,int i);
  const void * (*column_decltype16)(sqlite3_stmt*,int);
  double  (*column_double)(sqlite3_stmt*,int iCol);
  int  (*column_int)(sqlite3_stmt*,int iCol);
  sqlite_int64  (*column_int64)(sqlite3_stmt*,int iCol);
  const char * (*column_name)(sqlite3_stmt*,int);
  const void * (*column_name16)(sqlite3_stmt*,int);
  const char * (*column_origin_name)(sqlite3_stmt*,int);
  const void * (*column_origin_name16)(sqlite3_stmt*,int);
  const char * (*column_table_name)(sqlite3_stmt*,int);
  const void * (*column_table_name16)(sqlite3_stmt*,int);
  const unsigned char * (*column_text)(sqlite3_stmt*,int iCol);
  const void * (*column_text16)(sqlite3_stmt*,int iCol);
  int  (*column_type)(sqlite3_stmt*,int iCol);
  sqlite3_value* (*column_value)(sqlite3_stmt*,int iCol);
  void * (*commit_hook)(sqlite3*,int(*)(void*),void*);
  int  (*complete)(const char*sql);
  int  (*complete16)(const void*sql);
  int  (*create_collation)(sqlite3*,const char*,int,void*,
                           int(*)(void*,int,const void*,int,const void*));
  int  (*create_collation16)(sqlite3*,const void*,int,void*,
                             int(*)(void*,int,const void*,int,const void*));
  int  (*create_function)(sqlite3*,const char*,int,int,void*,
                          void (*xFunc)(sqlite3_context*,int,sqlite3_value**),
                          void (*xStep)(sqlite3_context*,int,sqlite3_value**),
                          void (*xFinal)(sqlite3_context*));
  int  (*create_function16)(sqlite3*,const void*,int,int,void*,
                            void (*xFunc)(sqlite3_context*,int,sqlite3_value**),
                            void (*xStep)(sqlite3_context*,int,sqlite3_value**),
                            void (*xFinal)(sqlite3_context*));
  int (*create_module)(sqlite3*,const char*,const sqlite3_module*,void*);
  int  (*data_count)(sqlite3_stmt*pStmt);
  sqlite3 * (*db_handle)(sqlite3_stmt*);
  int (*declare_vtab)(sqlite3*,const char*);
  int  (*enable_shared_cache)(int);
  int  (*errcode)(sqlite3*db);
  const char * (*errmsg)(sqlite3*);
  const void * (*errmsg16)(sqlite3*);
  int  (*exec)(sqlite3*,const char*,sqlite3_callback,void*,char**);
  int  (*expired)(sqlite3_stmt*);
  int  (*finalize)(sqlite3_stmt*pStmt);
  void  (*free)(void*);
  void  (*free_table)(char**result);
  int  (*get_autocommit)(sqlite3*);
  void * (*get_auxdata)(sqlite3_context*,int);
  int  (*get_table)(sqlite3*,const char*,char***,int*,int*,char**);
  int  (*global_recover)(void);
  void  (*interruptx)(sqlite3*);
  sqlite_int64  (*last_insert_rowid)(sqlite3*);
  const char * (*libversion)(void);
  int  (*libversion_number)(void);
  void *(*malloc)(int);
  char * (*mprintf)(const char*,...);
  int  (*open)(const char*,sqlite3**);
  int  (*open16)(const void*,sqlite3**);
  int  (*prepare)(sqlite3*,const char*,int,sqlite3_stmt**,const char**);
  int  (*prepare16)(sqlite3*,const void*,int,sqlite3_stmt**,const void**);
  void * (*profile)(sqlite3*,void(*)(void*,const char*,sqlite_uint64),void*);
  void  (*progress_handler)(sqlite3*,int,int(*)(void*),void*);
  void *(*realloc)(void*,int);
  int  (*reset)(sqlite3_stmt*pStmt);
  void  (*result_blob)(sqlite3_context*,const void*,int,void(*)(void*));
  void  (*result_double)(sqlite3_context*,double);
  void  (*result_error)(sqlite3_context*,const char*,int);
  void  (*result_error16)(sqlite3_context*,const void*,int);
  void  (*result_int)(sqlite3_context*,int);
  void  (*result_int64)(sqlite3_context*,sqlite_int64);
  void  (*result_null)(sqlite3_context*);
  void  (*result_text)(sqlite3_context*,const char*,int,void(*)(void*));
  void  (*result_text16)(sqlite3_context*,const void*,int,void(*)(void*));
  void  (*result_text16be)(sqlite3_context*,const void*,int,void(*)(void*));
  void  (*result_text16le)(sqlite3_context*,const void*,int,void(*)(void*));
  void  (*result_value)(sqlite3_context*,sqlite3_value*);
  void * (*rollback_hook)(sqlite3*,void(*)(void*),void*);
  int  (*set_authorizer)(sqlite3*,int(*)(void*,int,const char*,const char*,
                         const char*,const char*),void*);
  void  (*set_auxdata)(sqlite3_context*,int,void*,void (*)(void*));
  char * (*snprintf)(int,char*,const char*,...);
  int  (*step)(sqlite3_stmt*);
  int  (*table_column_metadata)(sqlite3*,const char*,const char*,const char*,
                                char const**,char const**,int*,int*,int*);
  void  (*thread_cleanup)(void);
  int  (*total_changes)(sqlite3*);
  void * (*trace)(sqlite3*,void(*xTrace)(void*,const char*),void*);
  int  (*transfer_bindings)(sqlite3_stmt*,sqlite3_stmt*);
  void * (*update_hook)(sqlite3*,void(*)(void*,int ,char const*,char const*,
  void * (*user_data)(sqlite3_context*);
  const void * (*value_blob)(sqlite3_value*);
  int  (*value_bytes)(sqlite3_value*);
  int  (*value_bytes16)(sqlite3_value*);
  double  (*value_double)(sqlite3_value*);
  int  (*value_int)(sqlite3_value*);
  sqlite_int64  (*value_int64)(sqlite3_value*);
  int  (*value_numeric_type)(sqlite3_value*);
  const unsigned char * (*value_text)(sqlite3_value*);
  const void * (*value_text16)(sqlite3_value*);
  const void * (*value_text16be)(sqlite3_value*);
  const void * (*value_text16le)(sqlite3_value*);
  int  (*value_type)(sqlite3_value*);
  char *(*vmprintf)(const char*,va_list);
  /* Added ??? */
  int (*overload_function)(sqlite3*, const char *zFuncName, int nArg);
  /* Added by 3.3.13 */
  int (*prepare_v2)(sqlite3*,const char*,int,sqlite3_stmt**,const char**);
  int (*prepare16_v2)(sqlite3*,const void*,int,sqlite3_stmt**,const void**);
  int (*clear_bindings)(sqlite3_stmt*);
  /* Added by 3.4.1 */
  int (*create_module_v2)(sqlite3*,const char*,const sqlite3_module*,void*,
                          void (*xDestroy)(void *));
  /* Added by 3.5.0 */
  int (*bind_zeroblob)(sqlite3_stmt*,int,int);
  int (*blob_bytes)(sqlite3_blob*);
  int (*blob_close)(sqlite3_blob*);
  int (*blob_open)(sqlite3*,const char*,const char*,const char*,sqlite3_int64,
  int (*blob_read)(sqlite3_blob*,void*,int,int);
  int (*blob_write)(sqlite3_blob*,const void*,int,int);
  int (*create_collation_v2)(sqlite3*,const char*,int,void*,
                             int(*)(void*,int,const void*,int,const void*),
  int (*file_control)(sqlite3*,const char*,int,void*);
  sqlite3_int64 (*memory_highwater)(int);
  sqlite3_int64 (*memory_used)(void);
  sqlite3_mutex *(*mutex_alloc)(int);
  void (*mutex_enter)(sqlite3_mutex*);
  void (*mutex_free)(sqlite3_mutex*);
  void (*mutex_leave)(sqlite3_mutex*);
  int (*mutex_try)(sqlite3_mutex*);
  int (*open_v2)(const char*,sqlite3**,int,const char*);
  int (*release_memory)(int);
  void (*result_error_nomem)(sqlite3_context*);
  void (*result_error_toobig)(sqlite3_context*);
  int (*sleep)(int);
  void (*soft_heap_limit)(int);
  sqlite3_vfs *(*vfs_find)(const char*);
  int (*vfs_register)(sqlite3_vfs*,int);
  int (*vfs_unregister)(sqlite3_vfs*);
  int (*xthreadsafe)(void);
  void (*result_zeroblob)(sqlite3_context*,int);
  void (*result_error_code)(sqlite3_context*,int);
  int (*test_control)(int, ...);
  void (*randomness)(int,void*);
  sqlite3 *(*context_db_handle)(sqlite3_context*);
  int (*extended_result_codes)(sqlite3*,int);
  int (*limit)(sqlite3*,int,int);
  sqlite3_stmt *(*next_stmt)(sqlite3*,sqlite3_stmt*);
  const char *(*sql)(sqlite3_stmt*);
  int (*status)(int,int*,int*,int);
  int (*backup_finish)(sqlite3_backup*);
  sqlite3_backup *(*backup_init)(sqlite3*,const char*,sqlite3*,const char*);
  int (*backup_pagecount)(sqlite3_backup*);
  int (*backup_remaining)(sqlite3_backup*);
  int (*backup_step)(sqlite3_backup*,int);
  const char *(*compileoption_get)(int);
  int (*compileoption_used)(const char*);
  int (*create_function_v2)(sqlite3*,const char*,int,int,void*,
                            void (*xFunc)(sqlite3_context*,int,sqlite3_value**),
                            void (*xStep)(sqlite3_context*,int,sqlite3_value**),
                            void (*xFinal)(sqlite3_context*),
  int (*db_config)(sqlite3*,int,...);
  sqlite3_mutex *(*db_mutex)(sqlite3*);
  int (*db_status)(sqlite3*,int,int*,int*,int);
  int (*extended_errcode)(sqlite3*);
  void (*log)(int,const char*,...);
  sqlite3_int64 (*soft_heap_limit64)(sqlite3_int64);
  const char *(*sourceid)(void);
  int (*stmt_status)(sqlite3_stmt*,int,int);
  int (*strnicmp)(const char*,const char*,int);
  int (*unlock_notify)(sqlite3*,void(*)(void**,int),void*);
  int (*wal_autocheckpoint)(sqlite3*,int);
  int (*wal_checkpoint)(sqlite3*,const char*);
  void *(*wal_hook)(sqlite3*,int(*)(void*,sqlite3*,const char*,int),void*);
  int (*blob_reopen)(sqlite3_blob*,sqlite3_int64);
  int (*vtab_config)(sqlite3*,int op,...);
  int (*vtab_on_conflict)(sqlite3*);
  /* Version 3.7.16 and later */
  int (*close_v2)(sqlite3*);
  const char *(*db_filename)(sqlite3*,const char*);
  int (*db_readonly)(sqlite3*,const char*);
  int (*db_release_memory)(sqlite3*);
  const char *(*errstr)(int);
  int (*stmt_busy)(sqlite3_stmt*);
  int (*stmt_readonly)(sqlite3_stmt*);
  int (*stricmp)(const char*,const char*);
  int (*uri_boolean)(const char*,const char*,int);
  sqlite3_int64 (*uri_int64)(const char*,const char*,sqlite3_int64);
  const char *(*uri_parameter)(const char*,const char*);
  char *(*vsnprintf)(int,char*,const char*,va_list);
  int (*wal_checkpoint_v2)(sqlite3*,const char*,int,int*,int*);
  /* Version 3.8.7 and later */
  int (*auto_extension)(void(*)(void));
  int (*bind_blob64)(sqlite3_stmt*,int,const void*,sqlite3_uint64,
  int (*bind_text64)(sqlite3_stmt*,int,const char*,sqlite3_uint64,
                      void(*)(void*),unsigned char);
  int (*cancel_auto_extension)(void(*)(void));
  int (*load_extension)(sqlite3*,const char*,const char*,char**);
  void *(*malloc64)(sqlite3_uint64);
  sqlite3_uint64 (*msize)(void*);
  void *(*realloc64)(void*,sqlite3_uint64);
  void (*reset_auto_extension)(void);
  void (*result_blob64)(sqlite3_context*,const void*,sqlite3_uint64,
  void (*result_text64)(sqlite3_context*,const char*,sqlite3_uint64,
                         void(*)(void*), unsigned char);
  int (*strglob)(const char*,const char*);
  /* Version 3.8.11 and later */
  sqlite3_value *(*value_dup)(const sqlite3_value*);
  void (*value_free)(sqlite3_value*);
  int (*result_zeroblob64)(sqlite3_context*,sqlite3_uint64);
  int (*bind_zeroblob64)(sqlite3_stmt*, int, sqlite3_uint64);
  /* Version 3.9.0 and later */
  unsigned int (*value_subtype)(sqlite3_value*);
  void (*result_subtype)(sqlite3_context*,unsigned int);
  /* Version 3.10.0 and later */
  int (*status64)(int,sqlite3_int64*,sqlite3_int64*,int);
  int (*strlike)(const char*,const char*,unsigned int);
  int (*db_cacheflush)(sqlite3*);
  /* Version 3.12.0 and later */
  int (*system_errno)(sqlite3*);
  /* Version 3.14.0 and later */
  int (*trace_v2)(sqlite3*,unsigned,int(*)(unsigned,void*,void*,void*),void*);
  char *(*expanded_sql)(sqlite3_stmt*);

** This is the function signature used for all extension entry points.  It
** is also defined in the file "loadext.c".
typedef int (*sqlite3_loadext_entry)(
  sqlite3 *db,                       /* Handle to the database. */
  char **pzErrMsg,                   /* Used to set error string on failure. */
  const sqlite3_api_routines *pThunk /* Extension API function pointers. */

** The following macros redefine the API routines so that they are
** redirected through the global sqlite3_api structure.
** This header file is also used by the loadext.c source file
** (part of the main SQLite library - not an extension) so that
** it can get access to the sqlite3_api_routines structure
** definition.  But the main library does not want to redefine
** the API.  So the redefinition macros are only valid if the
** SQLITE_CORE macros is undefined.
#define sqlite3_aggregate_context      sqlite3_api->aggregate_context
#define sqlite3_aggregate_count        sqlite3_api->aggregate_count
#define sqlite3_bind_blob              sqlite3_api->bind_blob
#define sqlite3_bind_double            sqlite3_api->bind_double
#define sqlite3_bind_int               sqlite3_api->bind_int
#define sqlite3_bind_int64             sqlite3_api->bind_int64
#define sqlite3_bind_null              sqlite3_api->bind_null
#define sqlite3_bind_parameter_count   sqlite3_api->bind_parameter_count
#define sqlite3_bind_parameter_index   sqlite3_api->bind_parameter_index
#define sqlite3_bind_parameter_name    sqlite3_api->bind_parameter_name
#define sqlite3_bind_text              sqlite3_api->bind_text
#define sqlite3_bind_text16            sqlite3_api->bind_text16
#define sqlite3_bind_value             sqlite3_api->bind_value
#define sqlite3_busy_handler           sqlite3_api->busy_handler
#define sqlite3_busy_timeout           sqlite3_api->busy_timeout
#define sqlite3_changes                sqlite3_api->changes
#define sqlite3_close                  sqlite3_api->close
#define sqlite3_collation_needed       sqlite3_api->collation_needed
#define sqlite3_collation_needed16     sqlite3_api->collation_needed16
#define sqlite3_column_blob            sqlite3_api->column_blob
#define sqlite3_column_bytes           sqlite3_api->column_bytes
#define sqlite3_column_bytes16         sqlite3_api->column_bytes16
#define sqlite3_column_count           sqlite3_api->column_count
#define sqlite3_column_database_name   sqlite3_api->column_database_name
#define sqlite3_column_database_name16 sqlite3_api->column_database_name16
#define sqlite3_column_decltype        sqlite3_api->column_decltype
#define sqlite3_column_decltype16      sqlite3_api->column_decltype16
#define sqlite3_column_double          sqlite3_api->column_double
#define sqlite3_column_int             sqlite3_api->column_int
#define sqlite3_column_int64           sqlite3_api->column_int64
#define sqlite3_column_name            sqlite3_api->column_name
#define sqlite3_column_name16          sqlite3_api->column_name16
#define sqlite3_column_origin_name     sqlite3_api->column_origin_name
#define sqlite3_column_origin_name16   sqlite3_api->column_origin_name16
#define sqlite3_column_table_name      sqlite3_api->column_table_name
#define sqlite3_column_table_name16    sqlite3_api->column_table_name16
#define sqlite3_column_text            sqlite3_api->column_text
#define sqlite3_column_text16          sqlite3_api->column_text16
#define sqlite3_column_type            sqlite3_api->column_type
#define sqlite3_column_value           sqlite3_api->column_value
#define sqlite3_commit_hook            sqlite3_api->commit_hook
#define sqlite3_complete               sqlite3_api->complete
#define sqlite3_complete16             sqlite3_api->complete16
#define sqlite3_create_collation       sqlite3_api->create_collation
#define sqlite3_create_collation16     sqlite3_api->create_collation16
#define sqlite3_create_function        sqlite3_api->create_function
#define sqlite3_create_function16      sqlite3_api->create_function16
#define sqlite3_create_module          sqlite3_api->create_module
#define sqlite3_create_module_v2       sqlite3_api->create_module_v2
#define sqlite3_data_count             sqlite3_api->data_count
#define sqlite3_db_handle              sqlite3_api->db_handle
#define sqlite3_declare_vtab           sqlite3_api->declare_vtab
#define sqlite3_enable_shared_cache    sqlite3_api->enable_shared_cache
#define sqlite3_errcode                sqlite3_api->errcode
#define sqlite3_errmsg                 sqlite3_api->errmsg
#define sqlite3_errmsg16               sqlite3_api->errmsg16
#define sqlite3_exec                   sqlite3_api->exec
#define sqlite3_expired                sqlite3_api->expired
#define sqlite3_finalize               sqlite3_api->finalize
#define sqlite3_free                   sqlite3_api->free
#define sqlite3_free_table             sqlite3_api->free_table
#define sqlite3_get_autocommit         sqlite3_api->get_autocommit
#define sqlite3_get_auxdata            sqlite3_api->get_auxdata
#define sqlite3_get_table              sqlite3_api->get_table
#define sqlite3_global_recover         sqlite3_api->global_recover
#define sqlite3_interrupt              sqlite3_api->interruptx
#define sqlite3_last_insert_rowid      sqlite3_api->last_insert_rowid
#define sqlite3_libversion             sqlite3_api->libversion
#define sqlite3_libversion_number      sqlite3_api->libversion_number
#define sqlite3_malloc                 sqlite3_api->malloc
#define sqlite3_mprintf                sqlite3_api->mprintf
#define sqlite3_open                   sqlite3_api->open
#define sqlite3_open16                 sqlite3_api->open16
#define sqlite3_prepare                sqlite3_api->prepare
#define sqlite3_prepare16              sqlite3_api->prepare16
#define sqlite3_prepare_v2             sqlite3_api->prepare_v2
#define sqlite3_prepare16_v2           sqlite3_api->prepare16_v2
#define sqlite3_profile                sqlite3_api->profile
#define sqlite3_progress_handler       sqlite3_api->progress_handler
#define sqlite3_realloc                sqlite3_api->realloc
#define sqlite3_reset                  sqlite3_api->reset
#define sqlite3_result_blob            sqlite3_api->result_blob
#define sqlite3_result_double          sqlite3_api->result_double
#define sqlite3_result_error           sqlite3_api->result_error
#define sqlite3_result_error16         sqlite3_api->result_error16
#define sqlite3_result_int             sqlite3_api->result_int
#define sqlite3_result_int64           sqlite3_api->result_int64
#define sqlite3_result_null            sqlite3_api->result_null
#define sqlite3_result_text            sqlite3_api->result_text
#define sqlite3_result_text16          sqlite3_api->result_text16
#define sqlite3_result_text16be        sqlite3_api->result_text16be
#define sqlite3_result_text16le        sqlite3_api->result_text16le
#define sqlite3_result_value           sqlite3_api->result_value
#define sqlite3_rollback_hook          sqlite3_api->rollback_hook
#define sqlite3_set_authorizer         sqlite3_api->set_authorizer
#define sqlite3_set_auxdata            sqlite3_api->set_auxdata
#define sqlite3_snprintf               sqlite3_api->snprintf
#define sqlite3_step                   sqlite3_api->step
#define sqlite3_table_column_metadata  sqlite3_api->table_column_metadata
#define sqlite3_thread_cleanup         sqlite3_api->thread_cleanup
#define sqlite3_total_changes          sqlite3_api->total_changes
#define sqlite3_trace                  sqlite3_api->trace
#define sqlite3_transfer_bindings      sqlite3_api->transfer_bindings
#define sqlite3_update_hook            sqlite3_api->update_hook
#define sqlite3_user_data              sqlite3_api->user_data
#define sqlite3_value_blob             sqlite3_api->value_blob
#define sqlite3_value_bytes            sqlite3_api->value_bytes
#define sqlite3_value_bytes16          sqlite3_api->value_bytes16
#define sqlite3_value_double           sqlite3_api->value_double
#define sqlite3_value_int              sqlite3_api->value_int
#define sqlite3_value_int64            sqlite3_api->value_int64
#define sqlite3_value_numeric_type     sqlite3_api->value_numeric_type
#define sqlite3_value_text             sqlite3_api->value_text
#define sqlite3_value_text16           sqlite3_api->value_text16
#define sqlite3_value_text16be         sqlite3_api->value_text16be
#define sqlite3_value_text16le         sqlite3_api->value_text16le
#define sqlite3_value_type             sqlite3_api->value_type
#define sqlite3_vmprintf               sqlite3_api->vmprintf
#define sqlite3_vsnprintf              sqlite3_api->vsnprintf
#define sqlite3_overload_function      sqlite3_api->overload_function
#define sqlite3_prepare_v2             sqlite3_api->prepare_v2
#define sqlite3_prepare16_v2           sqlite3_api->prepare16_v2
#define sqlite3_clear_bindings         sqlite3_api->clear_bindings
#define sqlite3_bind_zeroblob          sqlite3_api->bind_zeroblob
#define sqlite3_blob_bytes             sqlite3_api->blob_bytes
#define sqlite3_blob_close             sqlite3_api->blob_close
#define sqlite3_blob_open              sqlite3_api->blob_open
#define sqlite3_blob_read              sqlite3_api->blob_read
#define sqlite3_blob_write             sqlite3_api->blob_write
#define sqlite3_create_collation_v2    sqlite3_api->create_collation_v2
#define sqlite3_file_control           sqlite3_api->file_control
#define sqlite3_memory_highwater       sqlite3_api->memory_highwater
#define sqlite3_memory_used            sqlite3_api->memory_used
#define sqlite3_mutex_alloc            sqlite3_api->mutex_alloc
#define sqlite3_mutex_enter            sqlite3_api->mutex_enter
#define sqlite3_mutex_free             sqlite3_api->mutex_free
#define sqlite3_mutex_leave            sqlite3_api->mutex_leave
#define sqlite3_mutex_try              sqlite3_api->mutex_try
#define sqlite3_open_v2                sqlite3_api->open_v2
#define sqlite3_release_memory         sqlite3_api->release_memory
#define sqlite3_result_error_nomem     sqlite3_api->result_error_nomem
#define sqlite3_result_error_toobig    sqlite3_api->result_error_toobig
#define sqlite3_sleep                  sqlite3_api->sleep
#define sqlite3_soft_heap_limit        sqlite3_api->soft_heap_limit
#define sqlite3_vfs_find               sqlite3_api->vfs_find
#define sqlite3_vfs_register           sqlite3_api->vfs_register
#define sqlite3_vfs_unregister         sqlite3_api->vfs_unregister
#define sqlite3_threadsafe             sqlite3_api->xthreadsafe
#define sqlite3_result_zeroblob        sqlite3_api->result_zeroblob
#define sqlite3_result_error_code      sqlite3_api->result_error_code
#define sqlite3_test_control           sqlite3_api->test_control
#define sqlite3_randomness             sqlite3_api->randomness
#define sqlite3_context_db_handle      sqlite3_api->context_db_handle
#define sqlite3_extended_result_codes  sqlite3_api->extended_result_codes
#define sqlite3_limit                  sqlite3_api->limit
#define sqlite3_next_stmt              sqlite3_api->next_stmt
#define sqlite3_sql                    sqlite3_api->sql
#define sqlite3_status                 sqlite3_api->status
#define sqlite3_backup_finish          sqlite3_api->backup_finish
#define sqlite3_backup_init            sqlite3_api->backup_init
#define sqlite3_backup_pagecount       sqlite3_api->backup_pagecount
#define sqlite3_backup_remaining       sqlite3_api->backup_remaining
#define sqlite3_backup_step            sqlite3_api->backup_step
#define sqlite3_compileoption_get      sqlite3_api->compileoption_get
#define sqlite3_compileoption_used     sqlite3_api->compileoption_used
#define sqlite3_create_function_v2     sqlite3_api->create_function_v2
#define sqlite3_db_config              sqlite3_api->db_config
#define sqlite3_db_mutex               sqlite3_api->db_mutex
#define sqlite3_db_status              sqlite3_api->db_status
#define sqlite3_extended_errcode       sqlite3_api->extended_errcode
#define sqlite3_log                    sqlite3_api->log
#define sqlite3_soft_heap_limit64      sqlite3_api->soft_heap_limit64
#define sqlite3_sourceid               sqlite3_api->sourceid
#define sqlite3_stmt_status            sqlite3_api->stmt_status
#define sqlite3_strnicmp               sqlite3_api->strnicmp
#define sqlite3_unlock_notify          sqlite3_api->unlock_notify
#define sqlite3_wal_autocheckpoint     sqlite3_api->wal_autocheckpoint
#define sqlite3_wal_checkpoint         sqlite3_api->wal_checkpoint
#define sqlite3_wal_hook               sqlite3_api->wal_hook
#define sqlite3_blob_reopen            sqlite3_api->blob_reopen
#define sqlite3_vtab_config            sqlite3_api->vtab_config
#define sqlite3_vtab_on_conflict       sqlite3_api->vtab_on_conflict
/* Version 3.7.16 and later */
#define sqlite3_close_v2               sqlite3_api->close_v2
#define sqlite3_db_filename            sqlite3_api->db_filename
#define sqlite3_db_readonly            sqlite3_api->db_readonly
#define sqlite3_db_release_memory      sqlite3_api->db_release_memory
#define sqlite3_errstr                 sqlite3_api->errstr
#define sqlite3_stmt_busy              sqlite3_api->stmt_busy
#define sqlite3_stmt_readonly          sqlite3_api->stmt_readonly
#define sqlite3_stricmp                sqlite3_api->stricmp
#define sqlite3_uri_boolean            sqlite3_api->uri_boolean
#define sqlite3_uri_int64              sqlite3_api->uri_int64
#define sqlite3_uri_parameter          sqlite3_api->uri_parameter
#define sqlite3_uri_vsnprintf          sqlite3_api->vsnprintf
#define sqlite3_wal_checkpoint_v2      sqlite3_api->wal_checkpoint_v2
/* Version 3.8.7 and later */
#define sqlite3_auto_extension         sqlite3_api->auto_extension
#define sqlite3_bind_blob64            sqlite3_api->bind_blob64
#define sqlite3_bind_text64            sqlite3_api->bind_text64
#define sqlite3_cancel_auto_extension  sqlite3_api->cancel_auto_extension
#define sqlite3_load_extension         sqlite3_api->load_extension
#define sqlite3_malloc64               sqlite3_api->malloc64
#define sqlite3_msize                  sqlite3_api->msize
#define sqlite3_realloc64              sqlite3_api->realloc64
#define sqlite3_reset_auto_extension   sqlite3_api->reset_auto_extension
#define sqlite3_result_blob64          sqlite3_api->result_blob64
#define sqlite3_result_text64          sqlite3_api->result_text64
#define sqlite3_strglob                sqlite3_api->strglob
/* Version 3.8.11 and later */
#define sqlite3_value_dup              sqlite3_api->value_dup
#define sqlite3_value_free             sqlite3_api->value_free
#define sqlite3_result_zeroblob64      sqlite3_api->result_zeroblob64
#define sqlite3_bind_zeroblob64        sqlite3_api->bind_zeroblob64
/* Version 3.9.0 and later */
#define sqlite3_value_subtype          sqlite3_api->value_subtype
#define sqlite3_result_subtype         sqlite3_api->result_subtype
/* Version 3.10.0 and later */
#define sqlite3_status64               sqlite3_api->status64
#define sqlite3_strlike                sqlite3_api->strlike
#define sqlite3_db_cacheflush          sqlite3_api->db_cacheflush
/* Version 3.12.0 and later */
#define sqlite3_system_errno           sqlite3_api->system_errno
/* Version 3.14.0 and later */
#define sqlite3_trace_v2               sqlite3_api->trace_v2
#define sqlite3_expanded_sql           sqlite3_api->expanded_sql
#endif /* !defined(SQLITE_CORE) && !defined(SQLITE_OMIT_LOAD_EXTENSION) */

  /* This case when the file really is being compiled as a loadable 
  ** extension */
# define SQLITE_EXTENSION_INIT1     const sqlite3_api_routines *sqlite3_api=0;
# define SQLITE_EXTENSION_INIT2(v)  sqlite3_api=v;
    extern const sqlite3_api_routines *sqlite3_api;
  /* This case when the file is being statically linked into the 
  ** application */
# define SQLITE_EXTENSION_INIT1     /*no-op*/
# define SQLITE_EXTENSION_INIT2(v)  (void)v; /* unused parameter */
# define SQLITE_EXTENSION_INIT3     /*no-op*/

#endif /* SQLITE3EXT_H */