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Revision 1.4, Sun Feb 24 20:01:29 2019 UTC (5 years, 1 month ago) by christos
Branch: MAIN
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Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Fri Jan 18 08:49:51 2019 UTC (5 years, 3 months ago) by pgoyette
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Revision 1.3 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Jan 9 16:55:10 2019 UTC (5 years, 3 months ago) by christos
Branch: MAIN
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Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch), Wed Jan 9 16:48:17 2019 UTC (5 years, 3 months ago) by christos
Branch: ISC
CVS Tags: bind-9-13-5-W1
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Jump into the 9.13 train since the 9.12 train is about to expire (March 2019).

	--- 9.13.5-W1 released ---

5113.	[port]		Fixed a Windows build error.

	--- 9.13.5 released ---

5108.	[bug]		Named could fail to determine bottom of zone when
			removing out of date keys leading to invalid NSEC
			and NSEC3 records being added to the zone. [GL #771]

5107.	[bug]		'host -U' did not work.	[GL #769]

5106.	[experimental]	A new "plugin" mechanism has been added to allow
			extension of query processing functionality through
			the use of dynamically loadable libraries. A
			"" plugin has been implemented,
			replacing the filter-aaaa feature that was formerly
			implemented as a native part of BIND.

			The "filter-aaaa", "filter-aaaa-on-v4" and
			"filter-aaaa-on-v6" options can no longer be
			configured using native named.conf syntax. However,
			loading the plugin and setting its
			parameters provides identical functionality.

			Note that the plugin API is a work in progress and
			is likely to evolve as further plugins are
			implemented. [GL #15]

5105.	[bug]		Fix a race between process_fd and socketclose in
			unix socket code. [GL #744]

5104.	[cleanup]	Log clearer informational message when a catz zone
			is overridden by a zone in named.conf.
			Thanks to Tony Finch. [GL !1157]

5103.	[bug]		Add missing design by contract tests to dns_catz*.
			[GL #748]

5102.	[bug]		dnssec-coverage failed to use the default TTL when
			checking KSK deletion times leading to a exception.
			[GL #585]

5101.	[bug]		Fix default installation path for Python modules and
			remove the dnspython dependency accidentally introduced
			by change 4970. [GL #730]

5100.	[func]		Pin resolver tasks to specific task queues. [GL !1117]

5099.	[func]		Failed mutex and conditional creations are always
			fatal. [GL #674]

	--- 9.13.4 released ---

5098.	[func]		Failed memory allocations are now fatal. [GL #674]

5097.	[cleanup]	Remove embedded ATF unit testing framework
			from BIND source distribution.  [GL !875]

5096.	[func]		Use multiple event loops in socket code, and
			make network threads CPU-affinitive.  This
			significantly improves performance on large
			systems. [GL #666]

5095.	[test]		Converted all unit tests from ATF to CMocka;
			removed the source code for the ATF libraries.
			Build with "configure --with-cmocka" to enable
			unit testing. [GL #620]

5094.	[func]		Add 'dig -r' to disable reading of .digrc. [GL !970]

5093.	[bug]		Log lame qname-minimization servers only if they're
			really lame. [GL #671]

5092.	[bug]		Address memory leak on SIGTERM in nsupdate when using
			GSS-TSIG. [GL #558]

5091.	[func]		Two new global and per-view options min-cache-ttl
			and min-ncache-ttl [GL #613]

5090.	[bug]		dig and mdig failed to properly preparse dash value
			pairs when value was a seperate argument and started
			with a dash. [GL #584]

5089.	[bug]		Restore localhost fallback in dig and host which is
			used when no nameserver addresses present in
			/etc/resolv.conf are usable due to the requested
			address family restrictions. [GL #433]

5088.	[bug]		dig/host/nslookup could crash when interrupted close to
			a query timeout. [GL #599]

5087.	[test]		Check that result tables are complete. [GL #676]

5086.	[func]		Log of RPZ now includes the QTYPE and QCLASS. [GL #623]

5085.	[bug]		win32: Restore looking up nameservers, search list,
			etc. [GL #186]

5084.	[placeholder]

5083.	[func]		Add autoconf macro AX_POSIX_SHELL, so we
			can use POSIX-compatible shell features
			in the scripts.

5082.	[bug]		Fixed a race that could cause a crash in
			dig/host/nslookup. [GL #650]

5081.	[func]		Use per-worker queues in task manager, make task
			runners CPU-affine. [GL #659]

5080.	[func]		Improvements to "rndc nta" user interface:
			- catch and report invalid command line options
			- when removing an NTA from all views, do not
			  abort with an error if the NTA was not found
			  in one of the views
			- include the view name in "rndc nta -dump"
			  output, for consistency with the add and remove
			Thanks to Tony Finch. [GL !816]

5079.	[func]		Disable IDN processing in dig and nslookup
			when not on a tty. [GL #653]

5078.	[cleanup]	Require python components to be explicitly disabled if
			python is not available on unix platforms. [GL #601]

5077.	[cleanup]	Remove support (-i) from dig and mdig.
			[GL !969]

5076.	[bug]		"require-server-cookie" was not effective if
			"rate-limit" was configured. [GL #617]

5075.	[bug]		Refresh nameservers from cache when sending final
			query in qname minimization. [GL #16]

5074.	[cleanup]	Remove vector socket functions - isc_socket_recvv(),
			isc_socket_sendtov(), isc_socket_sendtov2(),
			isc_socket_sendv() - in order to simplify socket code.
			[GL #645]

5073.	[bug]		Destroy a task first when destroying rpzs and catzs.
			[GL #84]

5072.	[bug]		Add unit tests for isc_buffer_copyregion() and fix its
			behavior for auto-reallocated buffers. [GL #644]

5071.	[bug]		Comparision of NXT records was broken. [GL #631]

5070.	[bug]		Record types which support a empty rdata field were
			not handling the empty rdata field case. [GL #638]

5069.	[bug]		Fix a hang on in RPZ when named is shutdown during RPZ
			zone update. [GL !907]

5068.	[bug]		Fix a race in RPZ with min-update-interval set to 0.
			[GL #643]

5067.	[bug]		Don't minimize qname when sending the query
			to a forwarder. [GL #361]

5066.	[cleanup]	Allow unquoted strings to be used as a zone names
			in response-policy statements. [GL #641]

5065.	[bug]		Only set IPV6_USE_MIN_MTU on IPv6. [GL #553]

5064.	[test]		Initalize TZ environment variable before calling
			dns_test_begin in dnstap_test. [GL #624]

5063.	[test]		In statschannel test try a few times before failing
			when checking if the compressed output is the same as
			uncompressed. [GL !909]

5062.	[func]		Use non-crypto-secure PRNG to generate nonces for
			cookies. [GL !887]

5061.	[protocol]	Add support for EID and NIMLOC. [GL #626]

5060.	[bug]		GID, UID and UINFO could not be loaded using unknown
			record format. [GL #627]

5059.	[bug]		Display a per-view list of zones in the web interface.
			[GL #427]

5058.	[func]		Replace old message digest and hmac APIs with more
			generic isc_md and isc_hmac APIs, and convert their
			respective tests to cmocka. [GL #305]

5057.	[protocol]	Add support for ATMA. [GL #619]

5056.	[placeholder]

5055.	[func]		A default list of primary servers for the root zone is
			now built into named, allowing the "masters" statement
			to be omitted when configuring an IANA root zone
			mirror. [GL #564]

5054.	[func]		Attempts to use mirror zones with recursion disabled
			are now considered a configuration error. [GL #564]

5053.	[func]		The only valid zone-level NOTIFY settings for mirror
			zones are now "notify no;" and "notify explicit;".
			[GL #564]

5052.	[func]		Mirror zones are now configured using "type mirror;"
			rather than "mirror yes;". [GL #564]

5051.	[doc]		Documentation incorrectly stated that the
			"server-addresses" static-stub zone option accepts
			custom port numbers. [GL #582]

5050.	[bug]		The libirs version of getaddrinfo() was unable to parse
			scoped IPv6 addresses present in /etc/resolv.conf.
			[GL #187]

5049.	[cleanup]	QNAME minimization has been deeply refactored. [GL #16]

5048.	[func]		Add configure option to enable and enforce FIPS mode
			in BIND 9. [GL #506]

5047.	[bug]		Messages logged for certain query processing failures
			now include a more specific error description if it is
			available. [GL #572]

5046.	[bug]		named could crash during shutdown if an RPZ
			reload was in progress. [RT #46210]

5045.	[func]		Remove support for DNSSEC algorithms 3 (DSA)
			and 6 (DSA-NSEC3-SHA1). [GL #22]

5044.	[cleanup]	If "dnssec-enable" is no, then "dnssec-validation"
			now also defaults to no.  [GL #388]

5043.	[bug]		Fix creating and validating EdDSA signatures. [GL #579]

5042.	[test]		Make the chained delegations in reclimit behave
			like they would in a regular name server. [GL #578]

5041.	[test]		The chain test contains a incomplete delegation.
			[GL #568]

5040.	[func]		Extended dnstap so that it can log UPDATE requests
			and responses as separate message types. Thanks
			to Greg Rabil. [GL #570]

5039.	[bug]		Named could fail to preserve owner name case of new
			RRset. [GL #420]

5038.	[bug]		Chaosnet addresses were compared incorrectly.
			[GL #562]

5037.	[func]		"allow-recursion-on" and "allow-query-cache-on"
			each now default to the other if only one of them
			is set, in order to be more consistent with the way
			"allow-recursion" and "allow-query-cache" work.
			Also we now ensure that both query-cache ACLs are
			checked when determining cache access. [GL #319]

5036.	[cleanup]	Fixed a spacing/formatting error in some RPZ-related
			error messages in the log. [GL !805]

5035.	[test]		Fixed errors that prevented the DNSRPS subtests
			from running in the rpz and rpzrecurse system
			tests. [GL #503]

5034.	[bug]		A race between threads could prevent zone maintenance
			scheduled immediately after zone load from being
			performed. [GL #542]

5033.	[bug]		When adding NTAs to multiple views using "rndc nta",
			the text returned via rndc was incorrectly terminated
			after the first line, making it look as if only one
			NTA had been added. Also, it was not possible to
			differentiate between views with the same name but
			different classes; this has been corrected with the
			addition of a "-class" option. [GL #105]

5032.	[func]		Add krb5-selfsub and ms-selfsub update policy rules.
			[GL #511]

5031.	[cleanup]	Various defines in platform.h has been either dropped
			if always or never triggered on supported platforms
			or replaced with config.h equivalents if the defines
			didn't have any impact on public headers.  Workarounds
			for LinuxThreads have been removed because NPTL is
			available since Linux kernel 2.6.0.  [GL #525]

5030.	[bug]		Align CMSG buffers to a 64-bit boundary, fixes crash
			on architectures with strict alignment. [GL #521]

	--- 9.13.3 released ---

5029.	[func]		Workarounds for servers that misbehave when queried
			with EDNS have been removed, because these broken
			servers and the workarounds for their noncompliance
			cause unnecessary delays, increase code complexity,
			and prevent deployment of new DNS features. See for further details. [GL #150]

5028.	[bug]		Spread the initial RRSIG expiration times over the
			entire working sig-validity-interval when signing a
			zone in named to even out re-signing and transfer
			loads. [GL #418]

5027.	[func]		Set SO_SNDBUF size on sockets. [GL #74]

5026.	[bug]		rndc reconfig should not touch already loaded zones.
			[GL #276]

5025.	[cleanup]	Remove isc_keyboard family of functions. [GL #178]

5024.	[func]		Replace custom assembly for atomic operations with
			atomic support from the compiler. The code will now use
			C11 stdatomic, or __atomic, or __sync builtins with GCC
			or Clang compilers, and Interlocked functions with MSVC.
			[GL #10]

5023.	[cleanup]	Remove wrappers that try to fix broken or incomplete
			implementations of IPv6, pthreads and other core
			functionality required and used by BIND. [GL #192]

5022.	[doc]		Update ms-self, ms-subdomain, krb5-self, and
			krb5-subdomain documentation. [GL !708]

5021.	[bug]		dig returned a non-zero exit code when it received a
			reply over TCP after a retry. [GL #487]

5020.	[func]		RNG uses thread-local storage instead of locks, if
			supported by platform. [GL #496]

5019.	[cleanup]	A message is now logged when ixfr-from-differences is
			set at zone level for an inline-signed zone. [GL #470]

5018.	[bug]		Fix incorrect sizeof arguments in lib/isc/pk11.c.
			[GL !588]

5017.	[bug]		lib/isc/pk11.c failed to unlink the session before
			releasing the lock which is unsafe. [GL !589]

5016.	[bug]		Named could assert with overlapping filter-aaaa and
			dns64 acls. [GL #445]

5015.	[bug]		Reloading all zones caused zone maintenance to cease
			for inline-signed zones. [GL #435]

5014.	[bug]		Signatures loaded from the journal for the signed
			version of an inline-signed zone were not scheduled for
			refresh. [GL #482]

5013.	[bug]		A referral response with a non-empty ANSWER section was
			inadvertently being treated as an error. [GL #390]

5012.	[bug]		Fix lock order reversal in pk11_initialize. [GL !590]

5011.	[func]		Remove support for unthreaded named. [GL #478]

5010.	[func]		New "validate-except" option specifies a list of
			domains beneath which DNSSEC validation should not
			be performed. [GL #237]

5009.	[bug]		Upon an OpenSSL failure, the first error in the OpenSSL
			error queue was not logged. [GL #476]

5008.	[bug]		"rndc signing -nsec3param ..." requests were silently
			ignored for zones which were not yet loaded or
			transferred. [GL #468]

5007.	[cleanup]	Replace custom ISC boolean and integer data types
			with C99 stdint.h and stdbool.h types. [GL #9]

5006.	[cleanup]	Code preparing a delegation response was extracted from
			query_delegation() and query_zone_delegation() into a
			separate function in order to decrease code
			duplication. [GL #431]

5005.	[bug]		dnssec-verify, and dnssec-signzone at the verification
			step, failed on some validly signed zones. [GL #442]

5004.	[bug]		'rndc reconfig' could cause inline zones to stop
			re-signing. [GL #439]

5003.	[bug]		dns_acl_isinsecure did not handle geoip elements.
			[GL #406]

5002.	[bug]		mdig: Handle malformed +ednsopt option, support 100
			+ednsopt options per query rather than 100 total and
			address memory leaks if +ednsopt was specified.
			[GL #410]

5001.	[bug]		Fix refcount errors on error paths. [GL !563]

5000.	[bug]		named_server_servestale() could leave the server in
			exclusive mode if an error occured. [GL #441]

4999.	[cleanup]	Remove custom printf implementation in lib/isc/print.c.
			[GL #261]

4998.	[test]		Make resolver and cacheclean tests more civilized.

4997.	[security]	named could crash during recursive processing
			of DNAME records when "deny-answer-aliases" was
			in use. (CVE-2018-5740) [GL #387]

4996.	[bug]		dig: Handle malformed +ednsopt option. [GL #403]

4995.	[test]		Add tests for "tcp-self" update policy. [GL !282]

4994.	[bug]		Trust anchor telemetry queries were not being sent
			upstream for locally served zones. [GL #392]

4993.	[cleanup]	Remove support for silently ignoring 'no-change' deltas
			from BIND 8 when processing an IXFR stream. 'no-change'
			deltas will now trigger a fallback to AXFR as the
			recovery mechanism. [GL #369]

4992.	[bug]		The wrong address was being logged for trust anchor
			telemetry queries. [GL #379]

4991.	[bug]		"rndc reconfig" was incorrectly handling zones whose
			"mirror" setting was changed. [GL #381]

4990.	[bug]		Prevent a possible NULL reference in pkcs11-keygen.
			[GL #401]

4989.	[cleanup]	IDN support in dig has been reworked.  IDNA2003
			fallbacks were removed in the process. [GL #384]

4988.	[bug]		Don't synthesize NXDOMAIN from NSEC for records under
			a DNAME.

	--- 9.13.2 released ---

4987.	[cleanup]	dns_rdataslab_tordataset() and its related
			dns_rdatasetmethods_t callbacks were removed as they
			were not being used by anything in BIND. [GL #371]

4986.	[func]		When built on Linux, BIND now requires the libcap
			library to set process privileges, unless capability
			support is explicitly overridden with "configure
			--disable-linux-caps". [GL #321]

4985.	[func]		Add a new slave zone option, "mirror", to enable
			serving a non-authoritative copy of a zone that
			is subject to DNSSEC validation before being
			used.  For now, this option is only meant to
			facilitate deployment of an RFC 7706-style local
			copy of the root zone. [GL #33]

4984.	[bug]		Improve handling of very large incremental
			zone transfers to prevent journal corruption. [GL #339]

4983.	[func]		Add the ability to not return a DNS COOKIE option
			when one is present in the request (answer-cookie no;).
			[GL #173]

4982.	[cleanup]	Return FORMERR if the question section is empty
			and no COOKIE option is present; this restores
			older behavior except in the newly specified
			COOKIE case. [GL #260]

4981.	[bug]		Fix race in cmsg buffer usage in socket code.
			[GL #180]

4980.	[bug]		Named-checkconf failed to detect bad in-view targets.
			[GL #288]

4979.	[placeholder]

4978.	[test]		Fix error handling and resolver configuration in the
			"rpz" system test. [GL #312]

4977.	[func]		When starting up, log the same details that
			would be reported by 'named -V'. [GL #247]

4976.	[bug]		Log the label with invalid prefix length correctly
			when loading RPZ zones. [GL #254]

4975.	[bug]		The server cookie computation for sha1 and sha256 did
			not match the method described in RFC 7873. [GL #356]

4974.	[bug]		Restore default rrset-order to random. [GL #336]

4973.	[func]		verifyzone() and the functions it uses were moved to
			libdns and refactored to prevent exit() from being
			called upon failure.  A side effect of that is that
			dnssec-signzone and dnssec-verify now check for memory
			leaks upon shutdown. [GL #266]

4972.	[func]		Declare the 'rdata' argument for dns_rdata_tostruct()
			to be const. [GL #341]

4971.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone and dnssec-verify did not treat records
			below a DNAME as out-of-zone data. [GL #298]

4970.	[func]		Add QNAME minimization option to resolver. [GL #16]

4969.	[cleanup]	Refactor zone logging functions. [GL #269]

	--- 9.13.1 released ---

4968.	[bug]		If glue records are signed, attempt to validate them.
			[GL #209]

4967.	[cleanup]	Add "answer-cookie" to the parser, marked obsolete.

4966.	[placeholder]

4965.	[func]		Add support for marking options as deprecated.
			[GL #322]

4964.	[bug]		Reduce the probabilty of double signature when deleting
			a DNSKEY by checking if the node is otherwise signed
			by the algorithm of the key to be deleted. [GL #240]

4963.	[test] now uses "ip" instead of "ifconfig",
			if available, to configure the test interfaces on
			linux.  [GL #302]

4962.	[cleanup]	Move 'named -T' processing to its own function.
			[GL #316]

4961.	[protocol]	Remove support for ECC-GOST (GOST R 34.11-94).
			[GL #295]

4960.	[security]	When recursion is enabled, but the "allow-recursion"
			and "allow-query-cache" ACLs are not specified,
			they should be limited to local networks,
			but were inadvertently set to match the default
			"allow-query", thus allowing remote queries.
			(CVE-2018-5738) [GL #309]

4959.	[func]		NSID logging (enabled by the "request-nsid" option)
			now has its own "nsid" category, instead of using the
			"resolver" category. [GL !332]

4958.	[bug]		Remove redundant space from NSEC3 record. [GL #281]

4957.	[func]		The default setting for "dnssec-validation" is now
			"auto", which activates DNSSEC validation using the
			IANA root key. (The default can be changed back to
			"yes", which activates DNSSEC validation only when keys
			are explicitly configured in named.conf, by building
			BIND with "configure --disable-auto-validation".)
			[GL #30]

4956.	[func]		Change isc_random() to be just PRNG using xoshiro128**,
			and add isc_nonce_buf() that uses CSPRNG. [GL #289]

4955.	[cleanup]	Silence cppcheck warnings in lib/dns/master.c.
			[GL #286]

4954.	[func]		Messages about serving of stale answers are now
			directed to the "serve-stale" logging category.
			Also clarified serve-stale documentation. [GL !323]

4953.	[bug]		Removed the option to build the red black tree
			database without a hash table; the non-hashing
			version was buggy and is not needed. [GL #184]

4952.	[func]		Authoritative server support in named for the
			EDNS CLIENT-SUBNET option (which was experimental
			and not practical to deploy) has been removed.

			The ECS option is still supported in dig and mdig
			via the +subnet option, and can be parsed and logged
			when received by named, but it is no longer used
			for ACL processing. The "geoip-use-ecs" option
			is now obsolete; a warning will be logged if it is
			used in named.conf. "ecs" tags in an ACL definition
			are also obsolete and will cause the configuration
			to fail to load.  [GL #32]

4951.	[protocol]	Add "HOME.ARPA" to list of built in empty zones as
			per RFC 8375. [GL #273]

	--- 9.13.0 released ---

4950.	[bug]		ISC_SOCKEVENTATTR_TRUNC was not be set. [GL #238]

4949.	[placeholder]

4948.	[bug]		When request-nsid is turned on, EDNS NSID options
			should be logged at level info. Since change 3741
			they have been logged at debug(3) by mistake.
			[GL !290]

4947.	[func]		Replace all random functions with isc_random(),
			isc_random_buf() and isc_random_uniform() API.
			[GL #221]

4946.	[bug]		Additional glue was not being returned by resolver
			for unsigned zones since change 4596. [GL #209]

4945.	[func]		BIND can no longer be built without DNSSEC support.
			A cryptography provder (i.e., OpenSSL or a hardware
			service module with PKCS#11 support) must be
			available. [GL #244]

4944.	[cleanup]	Silence cppcheck portability warnings in
			lib/isc/tests/buffer_test.c. [GL #239]

4943.	[bug]		Change 4687 consumed too much memory when running
			system tests with --with-tuning=large.  Reduced the
			hash table size to 512 entries for 'named -m record'
			restoring the previous memory footprint. [GL #248]

4942.	[cleanup]	Consolidate multiple instances of splitting of
			batchline in dig into a single function. [GL #196]

4941.	[cleanup]	Silence clang static analyzer warnings. [GL #196]

4940.	[cleanup]	Extract the loop in dns__zone_updatesigs() into
			separate functions to improve code readability.
			[GL #135]

4939.	[test]		Add basic unit tests for update_sigs(). [GL #135]

4938.	[placeholder]

4937.	[func]		Remove support for OpenSSL < 1.0.0 [GL #191]

4936.	[func]		Always use OpenSSL or PKCS#11 random data providers,
			and remove the --{enable,disable}-crypto-rand configure
			options. [GL #165]

4935.	[func]		Add support for LibreSSL >= 2.7.0 (some OpenSSL 1.1.0
			call were added). [GL #191]

4934.	[security]	The serve-stale feature could cause an assertion failure
			in rbtdb.c even when stale-answer-enable was false.
			Simultaneous use of stale cache records and NSEC
			aggressive negative caching could trigger a recursion
			loop. (CVE-2018-5737) [GL #185]

4933.	[bug]		Not creating signing keys for an inline signed zone
			prevented changes applied to the raw zone from being
			reflected in the secure zone until signing keys were
			made available. [GL #159]

4932.	[bug]		Bumped signed serial of an inline signed zone was
			logged even when an error occurred while updating
			signatures. [GL #159]

4931.	[func]		Removed the "rbtdb64" database implementation.
			[GL #217]

4930.	[bug]		Remove a bogus check in nslookup command line
			argument processing. [GL #206]

4929.	[func]		Add the ability to set RA and TC in queries made by
			dig (+[no]raflag, +[no]tcflag). [GL #213]

4928.	[func]		The "dnskey-sig-validity" option allows
			"sig-validity-interval" to be overriden for signatures
			covering DNSKEY RRsets. [GL #145]

4927.	[placeholder]

4926.	[func]		Add root key sentinel support.  To disable, add
			'root-key-sentinel no;' to named.conf. [GL #37]

4925.	[func]		Several configuration options that define intervals
			can now take TTL value suffixes (for example, 2h or 1d)
			in addition to integer parameters. These include
			max-cache-ttl, max-ncache-ttl, max-policy-ttl,
			fstrm-set-reopen-interval, interface-interval, and
			min-update-interval. [GL #203]

4924.	[cleanup]	Clean up the isc_string_* namespace and leave
			only strlcpy and strlcat. [GL #178]

4923.	[cleanup]	Refactor socket and socket event options into
			enum types. [GL !135]

4922.	[bug]		dnstap: Log the destination address of client
			packets rather than the interface address.
			[GL #197]

4921.	[cleanup]	Add dns_fixedname_initname() and refactor the caller
			code to make usage of the new function, as a part of
			refactoring dns_fixedname_*() macros were turned into
			functions. [GL #183]

4920.	[cleanup]	Clean up libdns removing most of the backwards
			compatibility wrappers.

4919.	[cleanup]	Clean up the isc_hash_* namespace and leave only
			the FNV-1a hash implementation. [GL #178]

4918.	[bug]		Fix double free after keygen error in dnssec-keygen
			when OpenSSL >= 1.1.0 is used and RSA_generate_key_ex
			fails. [GL #109]

4917.	[func]		Support 64 RPZ policy zones by default. [GL #123]

4916.	[func]		Remove IDNA2003 support and the bundled idnkit-1.0

4915.	[func]		Implement IDNA2008 support in dig by adding support
			for libidn2.  New dig option +idnin has been added,
			which allows to process invalid domain names much
			like dig without IDN support.  libidn2 version 2.0
			or higher is needed for +idnout enabled by default.

4914.	[security]	A bug in zone database reference counting could lead to
			a crash when multiple versions of a slave zone were
			transferred from a master in close succession.
			(CVE-2018-5736) [GL #134]

4913.	[test]		Re-implemented older unit tests in bin/tests as ATF,
			removed the lib/tests unit testing library. [GL #115]

4912.	[test]		Improved the reliability of the 'cds' system test.
			[GL #136]

4911.	[test]		Improved the reliability of the 'mkeys' system test.
			[GL #128]

4910.	[func]		Update util/check-changes to work on release branches.
			[GL #113]

4909.	[bug]		named-checkconf did not detect in-view zone collisions.
			[GL #125]

4908.	[test]		Eliminated unnecessary waiting in the allow_query
			system test. Also changed its name to allow-query.
			[GL #81]

4907.	[test]		Improved the reliability of the 'notify' system
			test. [GL #59]

4906.	[func]		Replace getquad() with inet_pton(), completing
			change #4900. [GL #56]

4905.	[bug]		irs_resconf_load() ignored resolv.conf syntax errors
			when "domain" or "search" options were present in that
			file. [GL #110]

4904.	[bug]		Temporarily revert change #4859. [GL #124]

4903.	[bug]		"check-mx fail;" did not prevent MX records containing
			IP addresses from being added to a zone by a dynamic
			update. [GL #112]

4902.	[test]		Improved the reliability of the 'ixfr' system
			test. [GL #66]

4901.	[func]		"dig +nssearch" now lists the name servers
			for a domain that time out, as well as the servers
			that respond. [GL #64]

4900.	[func]		Remove all uses of inet_aton().  As a result of this
			change, IPv4 addresses are now only accepted in
			dotted-quad format. [GL #13]

4899.	[test]		Convert most of the remaining system tests to be able
			to run in parallel, continuing the work from change
			#4895. To take advantage of this, use "make -jN check",
			where N is the number of processors to use. [GL #91]

4898.	[func]		Remove libseccomp based system-call filtering. [GL #93]

4897.	[test]		Update to rpz system test so that it doesn't recurse.
			[GL #68]

4896.	[test]		cacheclean system test was not robust. [GL #82]

4895.	[test]		Allow some system tests to run in parallel.
			[RT #46602]

4894.	[bug]		named could crash while rolling a dnstap output file.
			[RT #46942]

4893.	[bug]		Address various issues reported by cppcheck. [GL #51]

4892.	[bug]		named could leak memory when "rndc reload" was invoked
			before all zone loading actions triggered by a previous
			"rndc reload" command were completed. [RT #47076]

4891.	[placeholder]

4890.	[func]		Remove unused ondestroy callback from libisc.

4889.	[func]		Warn about the use of old root keys without the new
			root key being present.  Warn about's
			key being present. Warn about both managed and
			trusted root keys being present. [RT #43670]

4888.	[test]		Initialize sockets correctly in sample-update so
			that the nsupdate system test will run on Windows.
			[RT #47097]

4887.	[test]		Enable the rpzrecurse test to run on Windows.
			[RT #47093]

4886.	[doc]		Document dig -u in manpage. [RT #47150]

4885.	[security]	update-policy rules that otherwise ignore the name
			field now require that it be set to "." to ensure
			that any type list present is properly interpreted.
			[RT #47126]

4884.	[bug]		named could crash on shutdown due to a race between
			shutdown_server() and ns__client_request(). [RT #47120]

4883.	[cleanup]	Improved debugging output from dnssec-cds. [RT #47026]

4882.	[bug]		Address potential memory leak in
			dns_update_signaturesinc. [RT #47084]

4881.	[bug]		Only include dst_openssl.h when OpenSSL is required.
			[RT #47068]

4880.	[bug]		Named wasn't returning the target of a cross-zone
			CNAME between two served zones when recursion was
			desired and available (RD=1, RA=1). (When this is
			not the case, the CNAME target is deliberately
			withheld to prevent accidental cache poisoning.)
			[RT #47078]

4879.	[bug]		dns_rdata_caa:value_len field was too small.
			[RT #47086]

4878.	[bug]		List 'ply' as a requirement for the 'isc' python
			package. [RT #47065]

4877.	[bug]		Address integer overflow when exponentially
			backing off retry intervals. [RT #47041]

4876.	[bug]		Address deadlock with accessing a keytable. [RT #47000]

4875.	[bug]		Address compile failures on older systems. [RT #47015]

4874.	[bug]		Wrong time display when reporting new keywarntime.
			[RT #47042]

4873.	[doc]		Grammars for named.conf included in the ARM are now
			automatically generated by the configuration parser
			itself.  As a side effect of the work needed to
			separate zone type grammars from each other, this
			also makes checking of zone statements in
			named-checkconf more correct and consistent.
			[RT #36957]

4872.	[bug]		Don't permit loading meta RR types such as TKEY
			from master files. [RT #47009]

4871.	[bug]		Fix configure glitch in detecting stdatomic.h
			support on systems with multiple compilers.
			[RT #46959]

4870.	[test]		Update included ATF library to atf-0.21 preserving
			the ATF tool. [RT #46967]

4869.	[bug]		Address some cases where NULL with zero length could
			be passed to memmove which is undefined behavior and
			can lead to bad optimization. [RT #46888]

4868.	[func]		dnssec-keygen can no longer generate HMAC keys.
			Use tsig-keygen instead. [RT #46404]

4867.	[cleanup]	Normalize rndc on/off commands (validation,
			querylog, serve-stale) so they all accept the
			same synonyms for on/off (yes/no, true/false,
			enable/disable). Thanks to Tony Finch. [RT #47022]

4866.	[port]		DST library initialization verifies MD5 (when MD5
			was not disabled) and SHA-1 hash and HMAC support.
			[RT #46764]

4865.	[cleanup]	Simplify handling isc_socket_sendto2() return values.
			[RT #46986]

4864.	[bug]		named acting as a slave for a catalog zone crashed if
			the latter contained a master definition without an IP
			address. [RT #45999]

4863.	[bug]		Fix various other bugs reported by Valgrind's
			memcheck tool. [RT #46978]

4862.	[bug]		The rdata flags for RRSIG were not being properly set
			when constructing a rdataslab. [RT #46978]

4861.	[bug]		The isc_crc64 unit test was not endian independent.
			[RT #46973]

4860.	[bug]		isc_int8_t should be signed char.  [RT #46973]

4859.	[bug]		A loop was possible when attempting to validate
			unsigned CNAME responses from secure zones;
			this caused a delay in returning SERVFAIL and
			also increased the chances of encountering
			CVE-2017-3145. [RT #46839]

4858.	[security]	Addresses could be referenced after being freed
			in resolver.c, causing an assertion failure.
			(CVE-2017-3145) [RT #46839]

4857.	[bug]		Maintain attach/detach semantics for event->db,
			event->node, event->rdataset and event->sigrdataset
			in query.c. [RT #46891]

4856.	[bug]		'rndc zonestatus' reported the wrong underlying type
			for a inline slave zone. [RT #46875]

4855.	[bug]		isc_time_formatshorttimestamp produced incorrect
			output. [RT #46938]

4854.	[bug]		query_synthcnamewildcard should stop generating the
			response if query_synthwildcard fails. [RT #46939]

4853.	[bug]		Add REQUIRE's and INSIST's to isc_time_formatISO8601L
			and isc_time_formatISO8601Lms. [RT #46916]

4852.	[bug]		Handle strftime() failing in isc_time_formatISO8601ms.
			Add REQUIRE's and INSIST's to isc_time_formattimestamp,
			isc_time_formathttptimestamp, isc_time_formatISO8601,
			isc_time_formatISO8601ms. [RT #46892]

4851.	[port]		Support using kyua as well as atf-run to run the unit
			tests. [RT #46853]

4850.	[bug]		Named failed to restart with multiple added zones in
			lmdb database. [RT #46889]

4849.	[bug]		Duplicate zones could appear in the .nzf file if
			addzone failed. [RT #46435]

4848.	[func]		Zone types "primary" and "secondary" can now be used
			as synonyms for "master" and "slave" in named.conf.
			[RT #46713]

4847.	[bug]		dnssec-dnskey-kskonly was not being honored for
			CDS and CDNSKEY. [RT #46755]

4846.	[test]		Adjust timing values in runtime system test. Address removal races in runtime system test.
			[RT #46800]

4845.	[bug]		Dig (non iOS) should exit on malformed names.
			[RT #46806]

4844.	[test]		Address memory leaks in libatf-c. [RT #46798]

4843.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone free hashlist on exit. [RT #46791]

4842.	[bug]		Conditionally compile opensslecdsa_link.c to avoid
			warnings about unused function. [RT #46790]

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Sync with HEAD

Resolve a couple of conflicts (result of the uimin/uimax changes)

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file zone2sqlite.c was added on branch pgoyette-compat on 2018-09-06 06:54:57 +0000

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merge conflicts, add build glue.

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Import bind-9.12.2-P2 since bind-9.10 (the last BSD version) is
now out of support.  The changes since our last version imported
(9.10.7) version are too big to include inline here; please consult
the CHANGES file in this directory.

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