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Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Mon Dec 25 12:54:51 2023 UTC (2 months, 1 week ago) by martin
Branch: netbsd-9
Changes since 1.8: +15 -3 lines
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Pull up the following, requeste by kim in ticket #1779:

	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/BDAT_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/MAILLOG_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/POSTSCREEN_3_5_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/BDAT_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/MAILLOG_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/makedefs.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postlogd.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/POSTSCREEN_3_5_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postfix-doc.css up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/makedefs.1 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/postlogd.8 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/missing-proxy-read-maps up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/spelldiff up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/check-double-cc up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/check-double-install-proto-text up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/check-double-proto-html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/comment.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/check-postfix-files up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/check-spell-cc up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/check-spell-install-proto-text up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/check-spell-proto-html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/deroff up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/find-double up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/check-double-history up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/check-spell-history up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/check-table-proto up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/BDAT_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/MAILLOG_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/POSTSCREEN_3_5_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/stop.double-cc up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/stop.double-install-proto-text up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/stop.double-proto-html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/stop.spell-cc up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/stop.spell-proto-html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/stop.double-history up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/stop.spell-history up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/bounce_notify_util_tester.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/logfile-no-msgid-no-eoh-event up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/logfile-no-msgid-with-eoh-event up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/logfile-with-msgid-no-eoh-event up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/logfile-with-msgid-with-eoh-event up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/logfile-with-msgid-with-filter up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/logfile-with-msgid-with-long-line up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/msgfile-no-msgid-no-eoh-event up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/msgfile-no-msgid-with-eoh-event up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/msgfile-with-msgid-no-eoh-event up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/msgfile-with-msgid-with-eoh-event up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/obs_template_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/msgfile-with-msgid-with-filter up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/msgfile-with-msgid-with-long-line up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/no-msgid-no-eoh-event-no-thread.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/no-msgid-no-eoh-event-with-thread.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/no-msgid-with-eoh-event-no-thread.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/no-msgid-with-eoh-event-with-thread.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/with-msgid-no-eoh-event-no-thread.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/with-msgid-no-eoh-event-with-thread.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/with-msgid-with-eoh-event-no-thread.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/with-msgid-with-eoh-event-with-thread.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/with-msgid-with-filter-no-thread.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/with-msgid-with-filter-with-thread.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/with-msgid-with-long-line-no-thread.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/with-msgid-with-long-line-with-thread.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.in13e up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.in13f up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.in13g up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.in13h up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.in13i up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref13e up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref13f up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref13g up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref13h up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref13i up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/test-queue-file13e up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/test-queue-file13f up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/test-queue-file13g up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/test-queue-file13h up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/test-queue-file13i up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.in17a up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.in17b up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.in17c up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.in17d up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.in17e up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.in17f up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.in17g up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17a1 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17a2 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17b1 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17b2 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17c1 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17c2 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17d1 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17d2 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17e1 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17e2 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17f1 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17f2 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17g1 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref17g2 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/test-queue-file17 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dns_str_resflags.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dns_sec.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/header_body_checks_strip.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/info_log_addr_form.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/info_log_addr_form.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_addr_crunch.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/map_search.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/map_search.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_addr_find.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_addr_form.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_addr_form.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_addr_map.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/maillog_client.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/maillog_client.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/map_search.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/normalize_mailhost_addr.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/normalize_mailhost_addr.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/off_cvt.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/quote_822_local.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/quote_flags.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/reject_deliver_request.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/compat_level.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/compat_level.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/test_main.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/compat_level_convert.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/compat_level_expand.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/config_known_tcp_ports.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/config_known_tcp_ports.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/config_known_tcp_ports.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/delivered_hdr.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/hfrom_format.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/hfrom_format.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/hfrom_format.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/login_sender_match.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/login_sender_match.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/login_sender_match.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/sasl_mech_filter.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/sasl_mech_filter.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/test_main.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/dgram_server.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test64.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test65.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test66.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test67.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test68.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test69.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test70.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test71.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postmap/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postmap/file_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postmap/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postmap/quote_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postmap/lmdb_abb up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postmap/lmdb_abb.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_misc.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_addr_valid.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/bad-back-to-back-keys.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/bad-back-to-back-keys.pem.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/bad-ec-cert-before-key.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/bad-ec-cert-before-key.pem.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/bad-key-cert-mismatch.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/bad-key-cert-mismatch.pem.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/bad-rsa-key-last.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/bad-rsa-key-last.pem.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/ecca-cert.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/ecca-pkey.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/ecee-cert.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/ecee-pkey.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/ecroot-cert.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/ecroot-pkey.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/good-mixed-keyfirst.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/good-mixed-keyfirst.pem.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/good-mixed-keylast.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/good-mixed-keylast.pem.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/good-mixed-keymiddle.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/good-mixed-keymiddle.pem.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/goodchains.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/goodchains.pem.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/rsaca-cert.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/rsaca-pkey.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/rsaee-cert.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/rsaee-pkey.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/rsaroot-cert.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/rsaroot-pkey.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_proxy_client_misc.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_proxy_client_print.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_proxy_client_scan.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_proxy_context_print.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_proxy_context_scan.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_proxy_server_print.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_proxy_server_scan.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/warn-mixed-multi-key.pem up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/warn-mixed-multi-key.pem.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/trivial-rewrite/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/trivial-rewrite/transport.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mkmap_db.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mkmap.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/argv_attr.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/argv_attr_print.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/argv_attr_scan.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/byte_mask.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/byte_mask.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/byte_mask.ref0 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/byte_mask.ref1 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/byte_mask.ref2 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_file.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/logwriter.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_cidr_file.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_inline_file.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_pcre_file.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_pipe_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_random.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_random_file.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_regexp_file.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_static_file.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_thash.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_union_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/logwriter.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/miss_endif_cidr.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/miss_endif_pcre.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/miss_endif_regexp.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/msg_logger.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/msg_logger.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/split_qnameval.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/unix_dgram_connect.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/unix_dgram_listen.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/vbuf_print_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/vstream_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/vstring_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/sane_strtol.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/argv_split_at.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_stream.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_inline_cidr.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_inline_pcre.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_inline_regexp.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_stream.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/find_inet.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/hash_fnv.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/hash_fnv.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/known_tcp_ports.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/known_tcp_ports.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/known_tcp_ports.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ldseed.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ldseed.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mystrtok.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/sane_strtol.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/inet_addr_sizes.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/inet_addr_sizes.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/inet_prefix_top.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/inet_prefix_top.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mkmap_cdb.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mkmap_dbm.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mkmap_fail.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mkmap_lmdb.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mkmap_open.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mkmap_sdbm.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postlogd/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postlogd/postlogd.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/RELEASE_NOTES-3.1 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/RELEASE_NOTES-3.2 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/RELEASE_NOTES-3.3 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/RELEASE_NOTES-3.4 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/RELEASE_NOTES-3.5 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/RELEASE_NOTES-3.6 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/WISHLIST       up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/RELEASE_NOTES-3.7 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/CYRUS_README delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mkmap.h delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mkmap_cdb.c delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mkmap_db.c delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mkmap_dbm.c delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mkmap_fail.c delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mkmap_lmdb.c delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mkmap_open.c delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mkmap_sdbm.c delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/map11_map delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_proxy_print.c delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_proxy_scan.c delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/percentm.c delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/percentm.h delete
	external/ibm-public/postfix/        up to 1.31 (+patch)
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/AAAREADME      up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/HISTORY        up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/INSTALL        up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/LICENSE        up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/Makefile       up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/    up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/Makefile.init  up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/RELEASE_NOTES  up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/TLS_ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/TLS_CHANGES    up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/TLS_LICENSE    up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/US_PATENT_6321267 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/makedefs       up to 1.16
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/postfix-install up to 1.8
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/AAAREADME up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/ADDRESS_CLASS_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/ADDRESS_REWRITING_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/ADDRESS_VERIFICATION_README up to 1.10
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/BACKSCATTER_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/BUILTIN_FILTER_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/COMPATIBILITY_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/CONNECTION_CACHE_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/DATABASE_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/DB_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/DEBUG_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/FILTER_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/FORWARD_SECRECY_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/INSTALL up to 1.10
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/IPV6_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/LDAP_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/LINUX_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/LMDB_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/MILTER_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/MULTI_INSTANCE_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/MYSQL_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/OVERVIEW up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/PCRE_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/PGSQL_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/POSTSCREEN_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/QSHAPE_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/RELEASE_NOTES up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/SASL_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/SCHEDULER_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/SMTPD_ACCESS_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/SMTPD_POLICY_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/SMTPD_PROXY_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/SMTPUTF8_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/SOHO_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/SQLITE_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/STANDARD_CONFIGURATION_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/STRESS_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/TLS_LEGACY_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/TLS_README up to 1.14
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/TUNING_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/VIRTUAL_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/README_FILES/XCLIENT_README up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/LICENSE   up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/TLS_LICENSE up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/access    up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/aliases   up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/canonical up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/generic   up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/header_checks up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/   up to 1.10
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/ up to 1.11
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/post-install up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/postfix-files up to 1.9
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/postfix-script up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/postfix-tls-script up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/postmulti-script up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/relocated up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/transport up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/conf/virtual   up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/ADDRESS_CLASS_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/ADDRESS_REWRITING_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/ADDRESS_VERIFICATION_README.html up to 1.11
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/BACKSCATTER_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/BUILTIN_FILTER_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/CDB_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/COMPATIBILITY_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/CONNECTION_CACHE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/CONTENT_INSPECTION_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/DATABASE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/DB_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/DEBUG_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/DSN_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/ETRN_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/FILTER_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/FORWARD_SECRECY_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/INSTALL.html up to 1.10
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/IPV6_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/LDAP_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/LINUX_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/LMDB_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/LOCAL_RECIPIENT_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/MAILDROP_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/MEMCACHE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/MILTER_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/MULTI_INSTANCE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/MYSQL_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/NFS_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/OVERVIEW.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/PACKAGE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/PCRE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/PGSQL_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/POSTSCREEN_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/QSHAPE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/RESTRICTION_CLASS_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/SASL_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/SCHEDULER_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/SMTPD_ACCESS_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/SMTPD_POLICY_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/SMTPD_PROXY_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/SMTPUTF8_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/SOHO_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/SQLITE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/STANDARD_CONFIGURATION_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/STRESS_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/TLS_LEGACY_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/TLS_README.html up to 1.15
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/TUNING_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/UUCP_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/VERP_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/VIRTUAL_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/XCLIENT_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/XFORWARD_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/access.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/aliases.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/anvil.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/bounce.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/bounce.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/canonical.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/cidr_table.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/cleanup.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/defer.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/discard.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/dnsblog.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/error.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/flush.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/generic.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/header_checks.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/index.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/ldap_table.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/lmdb_table.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/lmtp.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/local.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/mailq.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/master.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/master.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/memcache_table.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/mysql_table.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/newaliases.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/nisplus_table.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/oqmgr.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/pcre_table.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/pgsql_table.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/pickup.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/pipe.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postalias.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postcat.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postconf.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postconf.5.html up to 1.19
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postdrop.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postfix-manuals.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postfix-tls.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postfix-wrapper.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postfix.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postkick.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postlock.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postlog.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postmap.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postmulti.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postqueue.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postscreen.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/postsuper.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/posttls-finger.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/proxymap.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/qmgr.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/qmqp-sink.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/qmqp-source.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/qmqpd.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/qshape.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/regexp_table.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/relocated.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/scache.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/sendmail.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/showq.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/smtp-sink.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/smtp-source.1.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/smtp.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/smtpd.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/socketmap_table.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/spawn.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/sqlite_table.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/tcp_table.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/tlsmgr.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/tlsproxy.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/trace.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/transport.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/trivial-rewrite.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/verify.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/virtual.5.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/html/virtual.8.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/postalias.1 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/postcat.1 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/postconf.1 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/postdrop.1 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/postfix-tls.1 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/postfix.1 up to 1.6
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/postkick.1 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/postlock.1 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/postlog.1 up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/postmap.1 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/postmulti.1 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/postqueue.1 up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/postsuper.1 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/posttls-finger.1 up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/sendmail.1 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man1/smtp-sink.1 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/access.5 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/aliases.5 up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/canonical.5 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/cidr_table.5 up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/generic.5 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/header_checks.5 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/ldap_table.5 up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/lmdb_table.5 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/master.5 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/mysql_table.5 up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/pcre_table.5 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/pgsql_table.5 up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/postconf.5 up to 1.19
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/regexp_table.5 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/relocated.5 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/socketmap_table.5 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/sqlite_table.5 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/tcp_table.5 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/transport.5 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man5/virtual.5 up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/anvil.8 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/bounce.8 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/cleanup.8 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/discard.8 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/dnsblog.8 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/error.8 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/flush.8 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/local.8 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/master.8 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/oqmgr.8 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/pickup.8 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/pipe.8 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/postscreen.8 up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/proxymap.8 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/qmgr.8 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/qmqpd.8 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/scache.8 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/showq.8 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/smtp.8 up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/smtpd.8 up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/spawn.8 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/tlsmgr.8 up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/tlsproxy.8 up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/trivial-rewrite.8 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/verify.8 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/man/man8/virtual.8 up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/ccformat up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/check-postlink up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/fixman up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/make-relnotes up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/make_soho_readme up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/makemanidx up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/man2html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/manlint up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/manspell up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/postconf2man up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/postlink up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/readme2html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/spell up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/mantools/srctoman up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/ADDRESS_CLASS_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/ADDRESS_REWRITING_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/ADDRESS_VERIFICATION_README.html up to 1.11
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/BACKSCATTER_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/BASIC_CONFIGURATION_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/BUILTIN_FILTER_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/CDB_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/COMPATIBILITY_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/CONNECTION_CACHE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/CONTENT_INSPECTION_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/DATABASE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/DB_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/DEBUG_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/DSN_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/ETRN_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/FILTER_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/FORWARD_SECRECY_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/INSTALL.html up to 1.10
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/IPV6_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/LDAP_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/LINUX_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/LMDB_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/LOCAL_RECIPIENT_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/MAILDROP_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/MEMCACHE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/MILTER_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/MULTI_INSTANCE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/MYSQL_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/NFS_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/OVERVIEW.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/PACKAGE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/PCRE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/PGSQL_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/POSTSCREEN_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/QSHAPE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/RESTRICTION_CLASS_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/SASL_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/SCHEDULER_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/SMTPD_ACCESS_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/SMTPD_POLICY_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/SMTPD_PROXY_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/SMTPUTF8_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/SQLITE_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/STANDARD_CONFIGURATION_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/STRESS_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/TLS_LEGACY_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/TLS_README.html up to 1.14
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/TUNING_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/UUCP_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/VERP_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/VIRTUAL_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/XCLIENT_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/XFORWARD_README.html up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/access   up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/aliases  up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/canonical up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/cidr_table up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/generic  up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/header_checks up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/ldap_table up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/lmdb_table up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/master   up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/mysql_table up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/pcre_table up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/pgsql_table up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/postconf.html.prolog up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/postconf.proto up to 1.19
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/regexp_table up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/relocated up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/socketmap_table up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/sqlite_table up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/stop     up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/tcp_table up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/transport up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/proto/virtual  up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/anvil/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/anvil/anvil.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/bounce.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/bounce_notify_util.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/bounce_service.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/bounce_template.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/bounce_template.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/bounce_templates.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/bounce/template_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup.c up to 1.8
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup.h up to 1.10
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_addr.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_api.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_body_edit.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_envelope.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_init.c up to 1.7
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_map11.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_map1n.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_message.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref13c up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.ref13d up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_out.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_out_recipient.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_region.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_state.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/discard/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/discard/discard.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dns.h  up to 1.6
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dns_lookup.c up to 1.8
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dns_rr.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dns_rr_eq_sa.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dns_rr_eq_sa.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dns_rr_to_pa.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dns_rr_to_sa.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dns_sa_to_rr.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dns_sa_to_rr.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dns_strrecord.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dns_strtype.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dnsbl_ttl_127.0.0.1_bind_ncache.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dnsbl_ttl_127.0.0.1_bind_plain.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/dnsbl_ttl_127.0.0.2_bind_plain.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/error.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/mxonly_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/no-a.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/no-aaaa.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/no-mx.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/nullmx_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/nxdomain_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dns/test_dns_lookup.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dnsblog/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/dnsblog/dnsblog.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/error/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/error/error.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/flush/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/flush/flush.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/fsstone/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/abounce.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/anvil_clnt.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/anvil_clnt.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/been_here.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/been_here.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/bounce.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/bounce_log.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/cleanup_strerror.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/cleanup_user.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/clnt_stream.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/clnt_stream.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/db_common.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/debug_peer.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/defer.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/deliver_pass.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/deliver_request.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/deliver_request.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/delivered_hdr.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/dict_ldap.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/dict_memcache.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/dict_mysql.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/dict_pgsql.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/dict_proxy.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/dict_proxy.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/dict_sqlite.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/dsb_scan.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/dsb_scan.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/dsn_print.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/dsn_print.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/dynamicmaps.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/ehlo_mask.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/ehlo_mask.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/flush_clnt.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/haproxy_srvr.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/haproxy_srvr.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/header_body_checks.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/header_body_checks.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/log_adhoc.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_addr_crunch.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_addr_crunch.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_addr_find.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_addr_find.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_addr_map.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_addr_map.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_command_client.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_conf.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_conf.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_conf_int.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_conf_long.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_conf_nint.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_conf_time.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_copy.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_dict.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_error.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_params.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_params.h up to 1.19
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_parm_split.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_proto.h up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_queue.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_stream.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_task.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_version.h up to 1.6
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/maps.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/maps.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/maps.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/memcache_proto.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mime_state.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mkmap_proxy.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/msg_stats.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/msg_stats_print.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/msg_stats_scan.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/namadr_list.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/off_cvt.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/opened.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/post_mail.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/post_mail.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/quote_822_local.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/quote_822_local.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/quote_flags.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/rcpt_buf.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/rcpt_buf.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/rcpt_print.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/rcpt_print.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/rec_type.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/record.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/resolve_clnt.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/resolve_clnt.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/rewrite_clnt.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/scache.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/scache_clnt.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/sent.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/server_acl.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/server_acl.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/smtp_reply_footer.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/smtp_stream.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/smtp_stream.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/smtputf8.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/split_addr.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/split_addr.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/strip_addr.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/strip_addr.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/strip_addr.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/trace.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/uxtext.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/verify.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/verify_clnt.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/verify_sender_addr.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/xtext.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/local/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/local/alias.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/local/forward.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/local/local.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/local/local_expand.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/local/mailbox.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/local/unknown.c up to 1.8
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/event_server.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/mail_server.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/master.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/master.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/master_conf.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/master_ent.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/master_listen.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/master_monitor.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/master_proto.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/master_sig.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/master_spawn.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/master_vars.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/master_wakeup.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/multi_server.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/single_server.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/master/trigger_server.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/milter/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/milter/milter.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/milter/milter.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/milter/milter8.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/milter/milter_macros.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/milter/test-milter.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/oqmgr/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/oqmgr/qmgr.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/oqmgr/qmgr.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/oqmgr/qmgr_active.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/oqmgr/qmgr_deliver.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/oqmgr/qmgr_entry.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/oqmgr/qmgr_error.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/oqmgr/qmgr_feedback.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/oqmgr/qmgr_message.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/pickup/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/pickup/pickup.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/pipe/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/pipe/pipe.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postalias/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postalias/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postalias/fail_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postalias/postalias.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postcat/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postcat/postcat.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/extract.awk up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/install_vars.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/postconf.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/postconf.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/postconf_builtin.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/postconf_dbms.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/postconf_edit.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/postconf_lookup.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/postconf_main.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/postconf_master.c up to 1.8
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/postconf_misc.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/postconf_user.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test28.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test29.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test34.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test35.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test40.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test41.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test42.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test43.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test44.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test58.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postconf/test59.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postdrop/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postdrop/postdrop.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postfix/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postfix/postfix.c up to 1.6
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postkick/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postkick/postkick.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postlock/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postlock/postlock.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postlog/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postlog/postlog.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postmap/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postmap/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postmap/fail_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postmap/postmap.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postmulti/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postmulti/postmulti.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postqueue/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postqueue/postqueue.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postqueue/showq_compat.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postqueue/showq_json.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/postscreen.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/postscreen.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/postscreen_dnsbl.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/postscreen_early.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/postscreen_endpt.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/postscreen_haproxy.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/postscreen_haproxy.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/postscreen_misc.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/postscreen_send.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/postscreen_smtpd.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/postscreen_starttls.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/postscreen_state.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postscreen/postscreen_tests.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postsuper/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/postsuper/postsuper.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/posttls-finger/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/posttls-finger/posttls-finger.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/proxymap/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/proxymap/proxymap.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/qmgr/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/qmgr/qmgr.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/qmgr/qmgr.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/qmgr/qmgr_active.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/qmgr/qmgr_deliver.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/qmgr/qmgr_entry.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/qmgr/qmgr_error.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/qmgr/qmgr_feedback.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/qmgr/qmgr_message.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/qmqpd/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/qmqpd/qmqpd.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/qmqpd/qmqpd_peer.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/scache/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/scache/scache.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/sendmail/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/sendmail/sendmail.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/showq/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/showq/showq.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/lmtp_params.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp.c up to 1.13
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp.h up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_addr.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_addr.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_chat.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_connect.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_key.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_map11.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_map11.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_params.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_proto.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_rcpt.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_reuse.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_sasl_auth_cache.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_sasl_glue.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_sasl_proto.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_session.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_state.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_tls_policy.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtp/smtp_trouble.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/pfilter.c up to 1.2 (+patch)
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd.c up to 1.20
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd.h up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_acl.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_chat.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_chat.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_check.c up to 1.6
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_check.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_check.in2 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_check.in3 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_check.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_check.ref2 up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_check_backup.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_check_dsn.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_dns_filter.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_dnswl.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_error.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_exp.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_expand.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_haproxy.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_milter.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_nullmx.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_peer.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_proxy.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_resolve.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_resolve.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_sasl_glue.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_sasl_proto.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_server.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_state.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpstone/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpstone/smtp-sink.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpstone/smtp-source.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/spawn/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/spawn/spawn.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls.h  up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_bio_ops.c up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_certkey.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_client.c up to 1.13
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_dane.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_dh.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_fprint.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_mgr.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_misc.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_proxy.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_proxy_clnt.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_rsa.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_scache.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_server.c up to 1.12
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_session.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tls/tls_verify.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tlsmgr/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tlsmgr/tlsmgr.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tlsproxy/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tlsproxy/tlsproxy.c up to 1.6
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tlsproxy/tlsproxy.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/tlsproxy/tlsproxy_state.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/trivial-rewrite/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/trivial-rewrite/resolve.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/trivial-rewrite/rewrite.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/trivial-rewrite/transport.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/trivial-rewrite/trivial-rewrite.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/trivial-rewrite/trivial-rewrite.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/allascii.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/alldig.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/argv.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/argv.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/attr.h up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/attr_clnt.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/attr_clnt.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/attr_print0.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/attr_print64.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/attr_print_plain.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/attr_scan0.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/attr_scan0.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/attr_scan64.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/attr_scan64.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/attr_scan_plain.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/attr_scan_plain.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/auto_clnt.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/auto_clnt.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/base32_code.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/base64_code.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/binhash.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/binhash.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/casefold.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/check_arg.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/cidr_match.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/cidr_match.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/clean_env.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/clean_env.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/connect.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict.h up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_alloc.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_cache.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_cdb.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_cdb.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_cidr.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_cidr.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_db.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_db.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_dbm.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_fail.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_fail.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_inline.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_lmdb.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_lmdb.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_open.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_pcre.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_pcre.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_random.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_random.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_regexp.c up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_regexp.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_sdbm.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_static.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_thash.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_union.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dict_utf8.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/dup2_pass_on_exec.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/edit_file.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/edit_file.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/extpar.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/find_inet.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/gccw.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/hex_code.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/hex_code.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/hex_quote.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/host_port.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/htable.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/inet_addr_host.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/inet_addr_list.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/inet_connect.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/inet_listen.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/inet_proto.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/inet_proto.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/killme_after.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/listen.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/load_lib.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/lstat_as.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mac_expand.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mac_expand.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mac_expand.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mac_parse.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/make_dirs.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/match_list.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/match_ops.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/midna_domain.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/midna_domain.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/midna_domain_test.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/msg_output.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/msg_output.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/msg_syslog.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/msg_syslog.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mvect.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/myaddrinfo.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/myaddrinfo.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/myaddrinfo.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/myaddrinfo4.ref up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/myflock.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/myflock.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mymalloc.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mymalloc.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/mystrtok.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/name_mask.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/nbbio.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/netstring.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/peekfd.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/printable.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/recv_pass_attr.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/sane_fsops.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/sane_link.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/sane_rename.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/sane_socketpair.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/slmdb.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/sock_addr.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/sock_addr.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/split_nameval.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/stat_as.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/stringops.h up to 1.5
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/sys_compat.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/sys_defs.h up to 1.14
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/timed_wait.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/unix_pass_fd_fix.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/unix_send_fd.c up to 1.8
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/unsafe.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/valid_hostname.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/valid_hostname.h up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/vbuf.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/vbuf_print.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/vstream.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/vstream.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/vstream_tweak.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/vstring.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/vstring.h up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/vstring_vstream.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/vstring_vstream.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/util/watchdog.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/verify/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/verify/verify.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/virtual/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/virtual/mailbox.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/virtual/virtual.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/xsasl/ up to
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/xsasl/xsasl.h up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/xsasl/xsasl_cyrus_client.c up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/xsasl/xsasl_cyrus_server.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/xsasl/xsasl_dovecot_server.c up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/xsasl/xsasl_saslc_client.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/xsasl/xsasl_server.c up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/lib/dns/Makefile    up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/lib/global/Makefile up to 1.10
	external/ibm-public/postfix/lib/masterlib/Makefile up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/lib/milter/Makefile up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/lib/tls/Makefile    up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/lib/util/Makefile   up to 1.11
	external/ibm-public/postfix/lib/xsasl/Makefile  up to 1.3
	external/ibm-public/postfix/libexec/smtp/Makefile up to 1.4
	external/ibm-public/postfix/libexec/smtpd/Makefile up to 1.9 (+patch)
	external/ibm-public/postfix/libexec/tlsproxy/Makefile up to 1.2
	external/ibm-public/postfix/sbin/postconf/Makefile up to 1.9
	doc/3RDPARTY					(apply patch)

Update Postfix to 3.8.4.

Revision 1.10 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Oct 8 16:12:45 2022 UTC (16 months, 3 weeks ago) by christos
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: netbsd-10-base, netbsd-10-0-RC5, netbsd-10-0-RC4, netbsd-10-0-RC3, netbsd-10-0-RC2, netbsd-10-0-RC1, netbsd-10, HEAD
Changes since 1.9: +2 -5 lines
Diff to previous 1.9 (colored)

Merge conflicts between postfix 3.5.2 and 3.7.3

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch), Sat Oct 8 16:09:06 2022 UTC (16 months, 3 weeks ago) by christos
Branch: VENEMA
CVS Tags: PFIX-3-8-4, PFIX-3-7-3
Changes since +2 -5 lines
Diff to previous (colored)

Import Postfix-3.7.3 (previous version was 3.5.2)

This is the Postfix 3.7 (stable) release.

The stable Postfix release is called postfix-3.7.x where 3=major
release number, 7=minor release number, x=patchlevel.  The stable
release never changes except for patches that address bugs or
emergencies. Patches change the patchlevel and the release date.

New features are developed in snapshot releases. These are called
postfix-3.8-yyyymmdd where yyyymmdd is the release date (yyyy=year,
mm=month, dd=day).  Patches are never issued for snapshot releases;
instead, a new snapshot is released.

The mail_release_date configuration parameter (format: yyyymmdd)
specifies the release date of a stable release or snapshot release.

If you upgrade from Postfix 3.5 or earlier, read RELEASE_NOTES-3.6
before proceeding.

License change

This software is distributed with a dual license: in addition to the
historical IBM Public License 1.0, it is now also distributed with the
more recent Eclipse Public License 2.0. Recipients can choose to take
the software under the license of their choice. Those who are more
comfortable with the IPL can continue with that license.

Bugfix for messages not delivered after "warning: Unexpected record type 'X'

Due to a bug introduced in Postfix 3.7.0, a message could falsely
be flagged as corrupt with "warning: Unexpected record type 'X'".

Such messages were moved to the "corrupt" queue directory, where
they may still be found. See below for instructions to deal with
these falsely flagged messages.

This could happen for messages with 5000 or more recipients, or
with fewer recipients on a busy mail server. The problem was first
reported by Frank Brendel, reproduced by John Alex.

A file in the "corrupt" queue directory may be inspected with the
command "postcat /var/spool/postfix/corrupt/<filename>. If delivery
of the file is still desired, the file can be moved back to
/var/spool/postfix/incoming after updating Postfix and executing
"postfix reload".

Major changes - configuration

[Feature 20210605] Support to inline the content of small cidr:,
pcre:, and regexp: tables in Postfix parameter values.


    smtpd_forbidden_commands =
	CONNECT GET POST regexp:{{/^[^A-Z]/ Thrash}}

This is the new smtpd_forbidden_commands default value. It will
immediately disconnect a remote SMTP client when a command does not
start with a letter (a-z or A-Z).

The basic syntax is:

    parameter = .. map-type:{ { rule-1 }, { rule-2 } .. } ..

    .. -o { parameter = .. map-type:{ { rule-1 }, { rule-2 } .. } .. } ..

where map-type is one of cidr, pcre, or regexp.

Postfix ignores whitespace after '{' and before '}', and writes each
rule as one text line to a nameless in-memory file:

in-memory file:

Postfix parses the result as if it is a file in /etc/postfix.

Note: if a rule contains $, specify $$ to keep Postfix from trying
to do $name expansion as it evaluates the parameter value.

Major changes - lmdb support

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Apr 8 14:06:52 2020 UTC (3 years, 10 months ago) by martin
Branch: phil-wifi
Changes since 1.8: +16 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.8 (colored) next main 1.9 (colored)

Merge changes from current as of 20200406

Revision 1.9 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Mar 18 19:05:15 2020 UTC (3 years, 11 months ago) by christos
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: phil-wifi-20200421, phil-wifi-20200411, phil-wifi-20200406, cjep_sun2x-base1, cjep_sun2x-base, cjep_sun2x, cjep_staticlib_x-base1, cjep_staticlib_x-base, cjep_staticlib_x
Changes since 1.8: +15 -0 lines
Diff to previous 1.8 (colored)

merge postfix-3.5.0

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch), Wed Mar 18 18:59:32 2020 UTC (3 years, 11 months ago) by christos
Branch: VENEMA
CVS Tags: PFIX-3-5-2, PFIX-3-5-0
Changes since +15 -0 lines
Diff to previous (colored)

This is the Postfix 3.5 (stable) release.

The stable Postfix release is called postfix-3.5.x where 3=major
release number, 5=minor release number, x=patchlevel.  The stable
release never changes except for patches that address bugs or
emergencies. Patches change the patchlevel and the release date.

New features are developed in snapshot releases. These are called
postfix-3.6-yyyymmdd where yyyymmdd is the release date (yyyy=year,
mm=month, dd=day).  Patches are never issued for snapshot releases;
instead, a new snapshot is released.

The mail_release_date configuration parameter (format: yyyymmdd)
specifies the release date of a stable release or snapshot release.

If you upgrade from Postfix 3.3 or earlier, read RELEASE_NOTES-3.4
before proceeding.

License change

This software is distributed with a dual license: in addition to the
historical IBM Public License 1.0, it is now also distributed with the
more recent Eclipse Public License 2.0. Recipients can choose to take
the software under the license of their choice. Those who are more
comfortable with the IPL can continue with that license.

Major changes - multiple relayhost in SMTP

[Feature 20200111] the Postfix SMTP and LMTP client support a list
of nexthop destinations separated by comma or whitespace. These
destinations will be tried in the specified order.

The list form can be specified in relayhost, transport_maps,
default_transport, and sender_dependent_default_transport_maps.

    relayhost = foo.example, bar.example
    default_transport = smtp:foo.example, bar.example.

NOTE: this is an SMTP and LMTP client feature. It does not work for
other Postfix delivery agents.

Major changes - certificate access

[Feature 20190517] Search order support for check_ccert_access.
Search order support for other tables is in design (canonical_maps,
virtual_alias_maps, transport_maps, etc.).

The following check_ccert_access setting uses the built-in search
order: it first looks up the client certificate fingerprint, then
the client certificate public-key fingerprint, and it stops when a
decision is made.

    smtpd_mumble_restrictions =
        check_ccert_access hash:/etc/postfix/ccert-access

The following setting, with explicit search order, produces the
exact same result:

    smtpd_mumble_restrictions =
        check_ccert_access {
            hash:/etc/postfix/ccert-access {
                search_order = cert_fingerprint, pubkey_fingerprint } }

Support is planned for other certificate features.

Major changes - dovecot usability

[Feature 20190615] The SMTP+LMTP delivery agent can now prepend
Delivered-To, X-Original-To and Return-Path headers, just like the
pipe(8) and local(8) delivery agents.

This uses the "flags=DORX" command-line flags in See the
smtp(8) manpage for details.

This obsoletes the "lmtp_assume_final = yes" setting, and replaces
it with "flags=...X...", for consistency with the pipe(8) delivery

Major changes - forced expiration

[Feature 20200202] Support to force-expire email messages. This
introduces new postsuper(1) command-line options to request expiration,
and additional information in mailq(1) or postqueue(1) output.

The forced-to-expire status is stored in a queue file attribute.
An expired message is returned to the sender when the queue manager
attempts to deliver that message (note that Postfix will never
deliver messages in the hold queue).

The postsuper(1) -e and -f options both set the forced-to-expire
queue file attribute. The difference is that -f will also release
a message if it is in the hold queue. With -e, such a message would
not be returned to the sender until it is released with -f or -H.

In the mailq(1) or postqueue(1) -p output, a forced-to-expire message
is indicated with # after the queue file name. In postqueue(1) JSON
output, there is a new per-message field "forced_expire" (with value
true or false) that shows the forced-to-expire status.

Major changes - haproxy2 protocol

[Feature 20200112] Support for the haproxy v2 protocol. The Postfix
implementation supports TCP over IPv4 and IPv6, as well as non-proxied
connections; the latter are typically used for heartbeat tests.

The haproxy v2 protocol introduces no additional Postfix configuration.
The Postfix smtpd(8) and postscreen(8) daemons accept both v1 and
v2 protocol versions.

Major changes - logging

[Incompat 20191109] Postfix daemon processes now log the from= and
to= addresses in external (quoted) form in non-debug logging (info,
warning, etc.).  This means that when an address localpart contains
spaces or other special characters, the localpart will be quoted,
for example:

    from=<"name with spaces">

Older Postfix versions would log the internal (unquoted) form:

    from=<name with>

The external and internal forms are identical for the vast majority
of email addresses that contain no spaces or other special characters
in the localpart.

Specify "info_log_address_format = internal" for backwards

The logging in external form is consistent with the address form
that Postfix 3.2 and later prefer for table lookups. It is therefore
the more useful form for non-debug logging.

Major changes - IP address normalization

[Incompat 20190427] Postfix now normalizes IP addresses received
with XCLIENT, XFORWARD, or with the HaProxy protocol, for consistency
with direct connections to Postfix. This may change the appearance
of logging, and the way that check_client_access will match subnets
of an IPv6 address.
This is the Postfix 3.4 (stable) release.

The stable Postfix release is called postfix-3.4.x where 3=major
release number, 4=minor release number, x=patchlevel.  The stable
release never changes except for patches that address bugs or
emergencies. Patches change the patchlevel and the release date.

New features are developed in snapshot releases. These are called
postfix-3.5-yyyymmdd where yyyymmdd is the release date (yyyy=year,
mm=month, dd=day).  Patches are never issued for snapshot releases;
instead, a new snapshot is released.

The mail_release_date configuration parameter (format: yyyymmdd)
specifies the release date of a stable release or snapshot release.

If you upgrade from Postfix 3.2 or earlier, read RELEASE_NOTES-3.3
before proceeding.

License change

This software is distributed with a dual license: in addition to the
historical IBM Public License 1.0, it is now also distributed with the
more recent Eclipse Public License 2.0. Recipients can choose to take
the software under the license of their choice. Those who are more
comfortable with the IPL can continue with that license.

Summary of changes

Incompatible changes, bdat support, containers, database support,
logging, safety, tls connection pooling, tls support, usability,

Incompatible changes

[Incompat 20180826] The Postfix SMTP server announces CHUNKING (BDAT
command) by default. In the unlikely case that this breaks some
important remote SMTP client, disable the feature as follows:

    # The logging alternative:
    smtpd_discard_ehlo_keywords = chunking
    # The non-logging alternative:
    smtpd_discard_ehlo_keywords = chunking, silent_discard

See BDAT_README for more.

[Incompat 20190126] This introduces a new service 'postlog'
with type 'unix-dgram' that is used by the new postlogd(8) daemon.
Before backing out to an older Postfix version, edit the
file and remove the postlog entry.

[Incompat 20190106] Postfix 3.4 drops support for OpenSSL 1.0.1
(end-of-life was December 31, 2016) and all earlier releases.

[Incompat 20180701] To avoid performance loss under load, the
tlsproxy(8) daemon now requires a zero process limit in
(this setting is provided with the default file). By
default, a tlsproxy(8) process will retire after several hours.

To set the tlsproxy process limit to zero:

# postconf -F tlsproxy/unix/process_limit=0
# postfix reload

Major changes - bdat support

[Feature 20180826] Postfix SMTP server support for RFC 3030 CHUNKING
(the BDAT command) without BINARYMIME, in both smtpd(8) and
postscreen(8). This has no effect on Milters, smtpd_mumble_restrictions,
and smtpd_proxy_filter. See BDAT_README for more.

Major changes - containers

[Feature 20190126] Support for logging to file or stdout, instead
of using syslog.

- Logging to file solves a usability problem for MacOS, and
  eliminates multiple problems with systemd-based systems.

- Logging to stdout is useful when Postfix runs in a container, as
  it eliminates a syslogd dependency.

See MAILLOG_README for configuration examples and logfile rotation.

[Feature 20180422] Better handling of undocumented(!) Linux behavior
whether or not signals are delivered to a PID=1 process.

Major changes - database support

[Feature 20181105] Support for (key, list of filenames) in map
source text.

- Currently, this feature is used only by tls_server_sni_maps.

- When a map is created from source with "postmap -F maptype:mapname",
  the command processes each key as usual and processes each value
  as a list of filenames, concatenates the content of those files
  (with one newline character in-between files), and stores an entry
  with (key, base64-encoded result).

- When a map is queried with "postmap -F -q ...", the command
  base64-decodes each value. It reports an error when a value is
  not in base64 form.

  This "postmap -F -q ..." behavior also works when querying the
  memory-resident map types cidr:, inline:, pcre:, randmap:, regexp:,
  and static:. Postfix reads the files specified as table values,
  stores base64-encoded content, and base64-decodes content upon
  table lookup.

  Internally, Postfix will turn on this behavior for lookups (not
  updates) when a map is opened with the DICT_FLAG_RHS_IS_FILE flag.

Major changes - logging

[Feature 20190126] Support for logging to file or stdout, instead
of using syslog.

- Logging to file solves a usability problem for MacOS, and
  eliminates multiple problems with systemd-based systems.

- Logging to stdout is useful when Postfix runs in a container, as
  it eliminates a syslogd dependency.

See MAILLOG_README for configuration examples and logfile rotation.

Major changes - safety

[Feature 20180623] Automatic retirement: dnsblog(8) and tlsproxy(8) process
will now voluntarily retire after after max_idle*max_use, or some
sane limit if either limit is disabled. Without this, a process
could stay busy for days or more.

Major changes - tls connection pooling

[Feature 20180617] Postfix SMTP client support for multiple deliveries
per TLS-encrypted connection. This is primarily to improve mail
delivery performance for destinations that throttle clients when
they don't combine deliveries.

This feature is enabled with "smtp_tls_connection_reuse=yes" in, or with "tls_connection_reuse=yes" in smtp_tls_policy_maps.
It supports all Postfix TLS security levels including dane and

The implementation of TLS connection reuse relies on the same
scache(8) service as used for delivering plaintext SMTP mail, the
same tlsproxy(8) daemon as used by the postscreen(8) service for
inbound connections, and relies on the same hints from the qmgr(8)
daemon. It reuses the configuration parameters described in

The Postfix SMTP client now logs whether an SMTP-over-TLS connection
is newly established ("TLS connection established") or whether the
connection is reused ("TLS connection reused").

The following illustrates how TLS connections are reused:

    Initial plaintext SMTP handshake:
      smtp(8) -> remote SMTP server

    Reused SMTP/TLS connection, or new SMTP/TLS connection:
      smtp(8) -> tlsproxy(8) -> remote SMTP server

    Cached SMTP/TLS connection:
      scache(8) -> tlsproxy(8) -> remote SMTP server

Major changes - tls support

[Feature 20190106] SNI support in the Postfix SMTP server, the
Postfix SMTP client, and in the tlsproxy(8) daemon (both server and
client roles). See the postconf(5) documentation for the new
tls_server_sni_maps and smtp_tls_servername parameters.

[Feature 20190106] Support for files that contain multiple (key,
certificate, trust chain) instances. This was required to implement
server-side SNI table lookups, but it also eliminates the need for
separate cert/key files for RSA, DSA, Elliptic Curve, and so on.
The file format is documented in the TLS_README sections "Server-side
certificate and private key configuration" and "Client-side certificate
and private key configuration", and in the postconf(5) documentation
for the parameters smtp_tls_chain_files, smtpd_tls_chain_files,
tlsproxy_client_chain_files, and tlsproxy_tls_chain_files.

Note: the command "postfix tls" does not yet support the new
consolidated certificate chain format.  If you switch to the new
format, you'll need to manage your keys and certificates directly,
rather than via postfix-tls(1).

Major changes - usability

[Feature 20180812] Support for smtpd_reject_footer_maps (as well
as the postscreen variant postscreen_reject_footer_maps) for more
informative reject messages. This is indexed with the Postfix SMTP
server response text, and overrides the footer specified with
smtpd_reject_footer.  One will want to use a pcre: or regexp: map
with this.

This is the Postfix 3.3 (stable) release.

The stable Postfix release is called postfix-3.3.x where 3=major
release number, 3=minor release number, x=patchlevel. The stable
release never changes except for patches that address bugs or
emergencies. Patches change the patchlevel and the release date.

New features are developed in snapshot releases. These are called
postfix-3.4-yyyymmdd where yyyymmdd is the release date (yyyy=year,
mm=month, dd=day). Patches are never issued for snapshot releases;
instead, a new snapshot is released.

The mail_release_date configuration parameter (format: yyyymmdd)
specifies the release date of a stable release or snapshot release.

If you upgrade from Postfix 3.1 or earlier, read RELEASE_NOTES-3.2
before proceeding.

License change

This software is distributed with a dual license: in addition to the
historical IBM Public License 1.0, it is now also distributed with the
more recent Eclipse Public License 2.0. Recipients can choose to take
the software under the license of their choice. Those who are more
comfortable with the IPL can continue with that license.

Major changes - compatibility safety net

[20180106] With compatibility_level < 1, the Postfix SMTP server
now warns for mail that would be blocked by the Postfix 2.10
smtpd_relay_restrictions feature, without blocking that mail. This
extends the compatibility safety net for sites that upgrade from
earlier Postfix versions (questions on the postfix-users list show
there is a steady trickle). See COMPATIBILITY_README for details.

Major changes - configuration

[20170617] The postconf command now warns about unknown parameter
names in a Postfix database configuration file. As with other unknown
parameter names, these warnings can help to find typos early.

[20180113] New read-only service_name parameter that contains the service name of a Postfix daemon process (it that is empty
in a non-daemon process). This can make Postfix SMTP server logging
logging distinct by setting the syslog_name in with "-o
syslog_name=postfix/$service_name" for the "submission" and "smtps"
services, and can make Postfix SMTP client distinct by setting "-o
syslog_name=postfix/$service_name" for the "relay" service.

Major changes - container support

[20171218] Preliminary support to run Postfix in the foreground,
with "postfix start-fg". This requires that Postfix multi-instance
support is disabled. To receive Postfix syslog information on the
container's host, mount the host's /dev/log socket inside the
container (example: "docker run -v /dev/log:/dev/log ..."), and
specify a distinct Postfix "syslog_name" prefix that identifies the
logging from the Postfix instance. Postfix does not log systemd

Major changes - database support

[20170617] The postconf command warns about unknown parameter names
in a Postfix database configuration file.

[20171227] The pgsql_table(5) hosts parameter now supports the
postgresql:// URI syntax. Contributed by Magosányi rpád.

Major changes - header format

[20180010] This release changes the format of 'full name' information
in Postfix-generated From: headers, when a local program such as
/bin/mail submits a message without From: header.

Postfix-generated From: headers with 'full name' information are
now formatted as "From: name <address>" by default. Specify
"header_from_format = obsolete" to get the earlier form "From:
address (name)". See the postconf(5) manpage for more details.

Major changes - invisible changes

[20170617] Additional paranoia in the VSTRING implementation: a
null byte after the end of vstring buffers (this is a safety net
so that C-style string operations won't scribble past the end);
earlier detection of bad length and precision format string specifiers
(these are the result of programming error, as Postfix format strings
cannot be specified externally).

Major changes - milter support

[20171223] Milter applications can now send RET and ENVID parameters
in SMFIR_CHGFROM (change envelope sender) requests.

Major changes - mixed IPv6/IPv4 support

[20170505] Workaround for mail delivery problems when 1) both Postfix
IPv6 and IPv4 support are enabled, 2) some destination announces
more primary IPv6 MX addresses than primary IPv4 MX addresses, 3)
the destination is unreachable over IPv6, and 4) Postfix runs into
the smtp_mx_address_limit before it can try to deliver over IPv4.

When both Postfix IPv6 and IPv4 support are enabled, the Postfix
SMTP client will now relax MX preferences so that it can schedule
similar numbers of IPv4 and IPv6 destination addresses. This ensures
that an IPv6 connectivity problem will not prevent mail from being
delivered over IPv4 (and vice versa). Specify "smtp_balance_inet_protocols
= no" to disable this workaround.

Major changes - xclient

[20171218] The Postfix SMTP server now allows the XCLIENT command
before STARTTLS when TLS is required. This is useful for servers
that run behind a reverse proxy server such as nginx.

This is the Postfix 3.2 (stable) release.

The stable Postfix release is called postfix-3.2.x where 3=major
release number, 2=minor release number, x=patchlevel.  The stable
release never changes except for patches that address bugs or
emergencies. Patches change the patchlevel and the release date.

New features are developed in snapshot releases. These are called
postfix-3.3-yyyymmdd where yyyymmdd is the release date (yyyy=year,
mm=month, dd=day).  Patches are never issued for snapshot releases;
instead, a new snapshot is released.

The mail_release_date configuration parameter (format: yyyymmdd)
specifies the release date of a stable release or snapshot release.

If you upgrade from Postfix 3.0 or earlier, read RELEASE_NOTES-3.1
before proceeding.

Invisible changes

In addition to the visible changes described below, there is an
ongoing overhaul of low-level code. With each change come updated
tests to ensure that future changes will not 'break' compatibility
with past behavior.

Major changes - address mapping

[Feature 20170128] Postfix 3.2 fixes the handling of address
extensions with email addresses that contain spaces. For example,
the virtual_alias_maps, canonical_maps, and smtp_generic_maps
features now correctly propagate an address extension from "aa
bb+ext" to "cc dd+ext"@other.example, instead of
producing broken output.

Major changes - header/body_checks

[Feature 20161008] "PASS" and "STRIP" actions in header/body_checks.
"STRIP" is similar to "IGNORE" but also logs the action, and "PASS"
disables header, body, and Milter inspection for the remainder of
the message content.  Contributed by Hobbit.

Major changes - log analysis

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Fri Apr 21 16:52:47 2017 UTC (6 years, 10 months ago) by bouyer
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Sync with HEAD

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Sync with HEAD

Revision 1.8 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Feb 14 01:16:44 2017 UTC (7 years ago) by christos
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CVS Tags: prg-localcount2-base3, prg-localcount2-base2, prg-localcount2-base1, prg-localcount2-base, prg-localcount2, phil-wifi-base, phil-wifi-20191119, phil-wifi-20190609, pgoyette-localcount-20170426, pgoyette-localcount-20170320, pgoyette-compat-merge-20190127, pgoyette-compat-base, pgoyette-compat-20190127, pgoyette-compat-20190118, pgoyette-compat-1226, pgoyette-compat-1126, pgoyette-compat-1020, pgoyette-compat-0930, pgoyette-compat-0906, pgoyette-compat-0728, pgoyette-compat-0625, pgoyette-compat-0521, pgoyette-compat-0502, pgoyette-compat-0422, pgoyette-compat-0415, pgoyette-compat-0407, pgoyette-compat-0330, pgoyette-compat-0322, pgoyette-compat-0315, pgoyette-compat, perseant-stdc-iso10646-base, perseant-stdc-iso10646, netbsd-9-base, netbsd-9-3-RELEASE, netbsd-9-2-RELEASE, netbsd-9-1-RELEASE, netbsd-9-0-RELEASE, netbsd-9-0-RC2, netbsd-9-0-RC1, netbsd-8-base, netbsd-8-2-RELEASE, netbsd-8-1-RELEASE, netbsd-8-1-RC1, netbsd-8-0-RELEASE, netbsd-8-0-RC2, netbsd-8-0-RC1, netbsd-8, matt-nb8-mediatek-base, matt-nb8-mediatek, is-mlppp-base, is-mlppp, bouyer-socketcan-base1
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The stable Postfix release is called postfix-3.0.x where 3=major
release number, 0=minor release number, x=patchlevel.  The stable
release never changes except for patches that address bugs or
emergencies. Patches change the patchlevel and the release date.

New features are developed in snapshot releases. These are called
postfix-3.1-yyyymmdd where yyyymmdd is the release date (yyyy=year,
mm=month, dd=day).  Patches are never issued for snapshot releases;
instead, a new snapshot is released.

The mail_release_date configuration parameter (format: yyyymmdd)
specifies the release date of a stable release or snapshot release.

If you upgrade from Postfix 2.10 or earlier, read RELEASE_NOTES-2.11
before proceeding.

Notes for distribution maintainers

* New backwards-compatibility safety net.

With NEW Postfix installs, you MUST install a file with
the setting "compatibility_level = 2". See conf/ for an

With UPGRADES of existing Postfix systems, you MUST NOT change the compatibility_level setting, nor add this setting if it
does not exist.

Several Postfix default settings have changed with Postfix 3.0.  To
avoid massive frustration with existing Postfix installations,
Postfix 3.0 comes with a safety net that forces Postfix to keep
running with backwards-compatible and default
settings. This safety net depends on the compatibility_level
setting (default: 0). Details are in COMPATIBILITY_README.

* New Postfix build system.

The Postfix build/install procedure has changed to support Postfix
dynamically-linked libraries and database plugins. These must not
be "shared" with non-Postfix programs, and therefore must not be
installed in a public directory.

To avoid massive frustration due to broken patches, PLEASE BUILD
instructions (see "Building with Postfix dynamically-linked libraries
and database plugins"), and see how things work and what the
dynamically-linked libraries, database plugin, and configuration
files look like.  Then, go ahead and perform your platform-specific
customizations. The INSTALL section "Tips for distribution maintainers"
has further suggestions.

Major changes - critical

[Incompat 20140714] After upgrading Postfix, "postfix reload" (or
start/stop) is required. Several Postfix-internal protocols have
been extended to support SMTPUTF8. Failure to reload or restart
will result in mail staying queued, while Postfix daemons log
warning messages about unexpected attributes.

Major changes - default settings

[Incompat 20141009] The default settings have changed for relay_domains
(new: empty, old: $mydestination) and mynetworks_style (new: host,
old: subnet).  However the backwards-compatibility safety net will
prevent these changes from taking effect, giving the system
administrator the option to make an old default setting permanent
in or to adopt the new default setting, before turning off
backwards compatibility. See COMPATIBILITY_README for details.

[Incompat 20141001] A new backwards-compatibility safety net forces
Postfix to run with backwards-compatible and
default settings after an upgrade to a newer but incompatible Postfix
version. See COMPATIBILITY_README for details.

While the backwards-compatible default settings are in effect,
Postfix logs what services or what email would be affected by the
incompatible change. Based on this the administrator can make some
backwards-compatibility settings permanent in or,
before turning off backwards compatibility.

See postconf.5.html#compatibility_level for details.

[Incompat 20141001] The default settings
have changed for append_dot_mydomain (new: no.  old: yes),
chroot (new: n, old: y), and smtputf8 (new: yes, old: no).

Major changes - access control

[Feature 20141119] Support for BCC actions in header/body_checks
and milter_header_checks.  There is no limit on the number of BCC
actions that may be specified, other than the implicit limit due
to finite storage. BCC support will not be implemented in Postfix
delivery agent header/body_checks.

It works in the same way as always_bcc and sender/recipient_bcc_maps:
there can be only one address per action, recipients are added with
the NOTIFY=NONE delivery status notification option, and duplicate
recipients are ignored (with the same delivery status notification

[Incompat 20141009] The default settings have changed for relay_domains
(new: empty, old: $mydestination) and mynetworks_style (new: host,
old: subnet).  However the backwards-compatibility safety net will
prevent these changes from taking effect, giving the system
administrator the option to make an old default setting permanent
in or to adopt the new default setting, before turning off
backwards compatibility. See COMPATIBILITY_README for details.

[Feature 20140618] New INFO action in access(5) tables, for consistency
with header/body_checks.

[Feature 20140620] New check_xxx_a_access (for xxx in client,
reverse_client, helo, sender, recipient) implements access control
on all A and AAAA IP addresses for respectively the client hostname,
helo parameter, sender domain or recipient domain. This complements
the existing check_xxx_mx_access and check_xxx_ns_access features.

Major changes - address rewriting

[Incompat 20141001] The default settings have changed for
append_dot_mydomain (new: no.  old: yes), chroot (new:
n, old: y), and smtputf8 (new: yes, old: no).

Major changes - address verification

[Feature 20141227] The new smtp_address_verify_target parameter
(default: rcpt) specifies what protocol stage decides if a recipient
is valid. Specify "data" for servers that reject invalid recipients
in response to the DATA command.

Major changes - database support

[Feature 20140512] Support for Berkeley DB version 6.

[Feature 20140618] The "randmap" lookup table performs random
selection. This may be used to implement load balancing, for example:

    # Deliver my own domain as usual. : :

    transport_maps =
        # Deliver my own domain as usual.
        # Deliver other domains via randomly-selected relayhosts

A variant of this can randomly select SMTP clients with different
smtp_bind_address settings.

To implement different weights, specify lookup results multiple
times. For example, to choose twice as often
as, specify twice.

A future version may support randmap:/path/to/file to load a list
of results from file.

[Feature 20140618] As the name suggests, the "pipemap" table
implements a pipeline of lookup tables. The name of the table
specifies the pipeline as a sequence of tables. For example, the
following prevents SMTP mail to system accounts that have "nologin"
as their login shell:

        local_recipient_maps =
            pipemap:{unix:passwd.byname, pcre:/etc/postfix/no-nologin.pcre}

        !/nologin/      whatever

Each "pipemap:" query is given to the first table. Each table
lookup result becomes the query for the next table in the pipeline,
and the last table produces the final result.  When any table lookup
produces no result, the entire pipeline produces no result.

A future version may support pipemap:/path/to/file to load a list
of lookup tables from file.

[Feature 20140924] Support for unionmap, with the same syntax as
pipemap.  This sends a query to all tables, and concatenates non-empty
results, separated by comma.

[Feature 20131121] The "static" lookup table now supports whitespace
when invoked as "static:{ text with whitespace }", so that it can
be used, for example, at the end of smtpd_mumble_restrictions as
"check_mumble_access static:{reject text...}".

[Feature 20141126] "inline:{key=value, { key = text with comma/space}}"
avoids the need to create a database for just a few entries.

Major changes - delivery status notifications

[Feature 20140321] Delivery status filter support, to replace the
delivery status codes and explanatory text of successful or
unsuccessful deliveries by Postfix mail delivery agents.

This was originally implemented for sites that want to turn certain
soft delivery errors into hard delivery errors, but it can also be
used to censor out information from delivery confirmation reports.

This feature is implemented as a filter that replaces the three-number
enhanced status code and descriptive text in Postfix delivery agent
success, bounce, or defer messages. Note: this will not override
"soft_bounce=yes", and this will not change a successful delivery
status into an unsuccessful status or vice versa.

The first example turns specific soft TLS errors into hard
errors, by overriding the first number in the enhanced status code.

    smtp_delivery_status_filter = pcre:/etc/postfix/smtp_dsn_filter

    /^4(\.\d+\.\d+ TLS is required, but host \S+ refused to start TLS: .+)/ 5$1
    /^4(\.\d+\.\d+ TLS is required, but was not offered by host .+)/ 5$1

The second example removes the destination command name and file
name from local(8) successful delivery reports, so that they will
not be reported when a sender requests confirmation of delivery.

    local_delivery_status_filter = pcre:/etc/postfix/local_dsn_filter

    /^(2\S+ delivered to file).+/    $1
    /^(2\S+ delivered to command).+/ $1

This feature is supported in the lmtp(8), local(8), pipe(8), smtp(8)
and virtual(8) delivery agents. That is, all delivery agents that
actually deliver mail.  It will not be implemented in the error and
retry pseudo-delivery agents.

The new parameters and default values are:

    default_delivery_status_filter =
    lmtp_delivery_status_filter = $default_delivery_status_filter
    local_delivery_status_filter = $default_delivery_status_filter
    pipe_delivery_status_filter = $default_delivery_status_filter
    smtp_delivery_status_filter = $default_delivery_status_filter
    virtual_delivery_status_filter = $default_delivery_status_filter

See the postconf(5) manpage for more details.

[Incompat 20140618] The pipe(8) delivery agent will now log a limited
amount of command output upon successful delivery, and will report
that output in "SUCCESS" delivery status reports. This is another
good reason to disable inbound DSN requests at the Internet perimeter.

[Feature 20140907] With "confirm_delay_cleared = yes", Postfix
informs the sender when delayed mail leaves the queue (this is in
addition to the delay_warning_time feature that warns when mail is
still queued).  This feature is disabled by default, because it can
result in a sudden burst of notifications when the queue drains at
the end of a prolonged network outage.

Major changes - dns

[Feature 20141128] Support for DNS server reply filters in the
Postfix SMTP/LMTP client and SMTP server. This helps to work around
mail delivery problems with sites that have incorrect DNS information.
Note: this has no effect on the implicit DNS lookups that are made
by nsswitch.conf or equivalent mechanisms.

This feature renders each lookup result as one line of text in
standard zone-file format as shown below. The class field is always
"IN", the preference field exists only for MX records, the names
of hosts, domains, etc. end in ".", and those names are in ASCII
form (xn--mumble form for internationalized domain names).

    name         ttl   class type preference value
    --------------------------------------------------------- 86400 IN    MX   10

Typically, one would match this text with a regexp: or pcre: table.
When a match is found, the table lookup result specifies an action.
By default, the table query and the action name are case-insensitive.
Currently, only the IGNORE action is implemented.

For safety reasons, Postfix logs a warning or defers mail delivery
when a DNS reply filter removes all lookup results from a successful

The Postfix SMTP/LMTP client uses the smtp_dns_reply_filter and
lmtp_dns_reply_filter features only for Postfix SMTP client lookups
of MX, A, and AAAAA records to locate a remote SMTP or LMTP server,
including lookups that implement the features reject_unverified_sender
and reject_unverified_recipient. The filters are not used for lookups
made through nsswitch.conf and similar mechanisms.

The Postfix SMTP server uses the smtpd_dns_reply_filter feature
only for Postfix SMTP server lookups of MX, A, AAAAA, and TXT records
to implement the features reject_unknown_helo_hostname,
reject_unknown_sender_domain, reject_unknown_recipient_domain,
reject_rbl_*, and reject_rhsbl_*. The filter is not used for lookups
made through nsswitch.conf and similar mechanisms, such as lookups
of the remote SMTP client name.

[Feature 20141126] Nullmx support (MX records with a null hostname).
This change affects error messages only.  The Postfix SMTP client
already bounced mail for such domains, and the Postfix SMTP server
already rejected such domains with reject_unknown_sender/recipient_domain.
This feature introduces a new SMTP server configuration parameter
nullmx_reject_code (default: 556).

Major changes - dynamic linking

[Feature 20140530] Support to build Postfix with Postfix
dynamically-linked libraries, and with dynamically-loadable database
clients. These MUST NOT be used by non-Postfix programs. Postfix
dynamically-linked libraries introduce minor runtime overhead and
result in smaller Postfix executable files. Dynamically-loadable
database clients are useful when you distribute or install pre-compiled
packages.  Postfix 3.0 supports dynamic loading for CDB, LDAP, LMDB,
MYSQL, PCRE, PGSQL, SDBM, and SQLITE database clients.

This implementation is based on Debian code by LaMont Jones, initially
ported by Viktor Dukhovni. Currently, support exists for recent
versions of Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X, and for the ancient Solaris 9.

To support Postfix dynamically-linked libraries and dynamically-loadable
database clients, the Postfix build procedure had to be changed
(specifically, the files makedefs and, and the files
postfix-install and post-install that install or update Postfix).

[Incompat 20140530] The Postfix 3.0 build procedure expects that
you specify database library dependencies with variables named
AUXLIBS_CDB, AUXLIBS_LDAP, etc.  With Postfix 3.0 and later, the
old AUXLIBS variable still supports building a statically-loaded
CDB etc.  database client, but only the new AUXLIBS_CDB etc. variables
support building a dynamically-loaded or statically-loaded CDB etc.
database client.  See CDB_README, LDAP_README, etc. for details.

Failure to follow this advice will defeat the purpose of dynamic
database client loading. Every Postfix executable file will have
database library dependencies. And that was exactly what dynamic
database client loading was meant to avoid.

Major changes - future proofing

[Cleanup 20141224] The changes described here have no visible effect
on Postfix behavior, but they make Postfix code easier to maintain,
and therefore make new functionality easier to add.

* Compile-time argument typechecks of non-printf/scanf-like variadic
  function argument lists.

* Deprecating the use of "char *" for non-text purposes such as
  memory allocation and pointers to application context for call-back
  functions. This dates from long-past days before void * became
  universally available.

* Replace integer types for counters and sizes with size_t or ssize_t
  equivalents.  This eliminates some wasteful 64<->32bit conversions
  on 64-bit systems.

Major changes - installation pathnames

[Incompat 20140625] For compliance with file system policies, some
non-executable files have been moved from $daemon_directory to the
directory specified with the new meta_directory configuration
parameter which has the same default value as the config_directory
parameter. This change affects non-executable files that are shared
between multiple Postfix instances such as postfix-files,,
and multi-instance template files.

For backwards compatibility with Postfix 2.6 .. 2.11, specify
"meta_directory = $daemon_directory" in before installing
or upgrading Postfix, or specify "meta_directory = /path/name" on
the "make makefiles", "make install" or "make upgrade" command line.

Major changes - milter

[Feature 20140928] Support for per-Milter settings that override parameters.  For details see the section "Advanced policy
client configuration" in the SMTPD_POLICY_README document.

Here is an example that uses both old and new syntax:

    smtpd_milters = { inet:, default_action=accept, ... },
        inet:, ...

The supported attribute names are: command_timeout, connect_timeout,
content_timeout, default_action, and protocol. These have the same
names as the corresponding parameters, without the "milter_"

The per-milter settings are specified as attribute=value pairs
separated by comma or space; specify { name = value } to allow
spaces around the "=" or within an attribute value.

[Feature 20141018] DMARC compatibility: when a Milter inserts a
header ABOVE Postfix's own Received: header, Postfix no longer
exposes its own Received: header to Milters (violating protocol)
and Postfix no longer hides the Milter-inserted header from Milters

Major changes - parameter syntax

[Feature 20140921] In preparation for configurable mail headers and
logging, new support for if-then-else expressions:


and for logical expressions:


Whitespace before and after {text} is ignored. This can help to
make complex expressions more readable.  See the postconf(5) manpage
for further details.

[Feature 20140928] Support for whitespace in daemon command-line
arguments. For details, see the "Command name + arguments" section
in the master(5) manpage.  Example:

    smtpd -o { parameter = value containing whitespace } ...

The { ... } form is also available for non-option command-line
arguments in, for example:

    pipe ... argv=command { argument containing whitespace } ...

In both cases, whitespace immediately after "{" and before "}"
is ignored.

[Feature 20141005] Postfix import_environment and export_environment
now allow "{ name=value }" to protect whitespace in attribute values.

[Feature 20141006] The new message_drop_header parameter replaces
a hard-coded table that specifies what message headers the cleanup
daemon will remove.  The list of supported header names covers RFC
5321, 5322, MIME RFCs, and some historical names.

Major changes - pipe daemon

[Incompat 20140618] The pipe(8) delivery agent will now log a limited
amount of command output upon successful delivery, and will report
that output in "SUCCESS" delivery status reports. This is another
good reason to disable inbound DSN requests at the Internet perimeter.

Major changes - policy client

[Feature 20140703] This release introduces three new configuration
parameters that control error recovery for failed SMTPD policy

  * smtpd_policy_service_default_action (default: 451 4.3.5 Server
    configuration problem): The default action when an SMTPD policy
    service request fails.

  * smtpd_policy_service_try_limit (default: 2): The maximal number
    of attempts to send an SMTPD policy service request before
    giving up. This must be a number greater than zero.

  * smtpd_policy_service_retry_delay (default: 1s): The delay between
    attempts to resend a failed SMTPD policy service request. This
    must be a number greater than zero.

See postconf(5) for details and limitations.

[Feature 20140928] Support for per-policy service settings that
override parameters.  For details see the section "Different
settings for different Milter applications" in the MILTER_README

Here is an example that uses both old and new syntax:

smtpd_recipient_restrictions = ...
    check_policy_service { inet:, default_action=DUNNO }
    check_policy_service inet:

The per-policy service settings are specified as attribute=value pairs
separated by comma or space; specify { name = value } to allow
spaces around the "=" or within an attribute value.

The supported attribute names are: default_action, max_idle, max_ttl,
request_limit, retry_delay, timeout, try_limit. These have the same
names as the corresponding parameters, without the
"smtpd_policy_service_" prefix.

[Feature 20140505] A client port attribute was added to the policy
delegation protocol.

[Feature 20140630] New smtpd_policy_service_request_limit feature to
limit the number of requests per Postfix SMTP server policy connection.
This is a workaround to avoid error-recovery delays with policy
servers that cannot maintain a persistent connection.

Major changes - position-independent executables

[Feature 20150205] Preliminary support for building position-independent
executables (PIE), tested on Fedora Core 20, Ubuntu 14.04, FreeBSD
9 and 10, and NetBSD 6. Specify:

$ make makefiles pie=yes ...other arguments...

On some systems, PIE is used by the ASLR exploit mitigation technique
(ASLR = Address-Space Layout Randomization). Whether specifying
"pie=yes" has any effect at all depends on the compiler.  Reportedly,
some compilers always produce PIE executables.

Major changes - postscreen

[Feature 20140501] Configurable time limit (postscreen_dnsbl_timeout)
for DNSBL or DNSWL lookups. This is separate from the timeouts in
the dnsblog(8) daemon which are controlled by system resolver(3)

Major changes - session fingerprint

[Feature 20140801] The Postfix SMTP server now logs at the end of
a session how many times an SMTP command was successfully invoked,
followed by the total number of invocations if some invocations
were unsuccessful.

This logging will enough to diagnose many problems without using
verbose logging or network sniffer.

    Normal session, no TLS:
        disconnect from name[addr] ehlo=1 mail=1 rcpt=1 data=1 quit=1

    Normal session. with TLS:
        disconnect from name[addr] ehlo=2 starttls=1 mail=1 rcpt=1 data=1 quit=1

    All recipients rejected, no ESMTP command pipelining:
        disconnect from name[addr] ehlo=1 mail=1 rcpt=0/1 quit=1

    All recipients rejected, with ESMTP command pipelining:
        disconnect from name[addr] ehlo=1 mail=1 rcpt=0/1 data=0/1 rset=1 quit=1

    Password guessing bot, hangs up without QUIT:
        disconnect from name[addr] ehlo=1 auth=0/1

    Mis-configured client trying to use TLS wrappermode on port 587:
        disconnect from name[addr] unknown=0/1

Logfile analyzers can trigger on the presence of "/". It indicates
that Postfix rejected at least one command.

[Feature 20150118] As a late addition, the SMTP server now also
logs the total number of commands (as "commands=x/y") even when the
client did not send any commands. This helps logfile analyzers to
recognize sessions without commands.

Major changes - smtp client

[Feature 20141227] The new smtp_address_verify_target parameter
(default: rcpt) determines what protocol stage decides if a recipient
is valid. Specify "data" for servers that reject recipients after
the DATA command.

Major changes - smtputf8

[Incompat 20141001] The default settings have changed for
append_dot_mydomain (new: no, old: yes), chroot (new:
n, old: y), and smtputf8 (new: yes, old: no).

[Incompat 20140714] After upgrading Postfix, "postfix reload" (or
start/stop) is required. Several Postfix-internal protocols have
been extended to support SMTPUTF8. Failure to reload or restart
will result in mail staying queued, while Postfix daemons log
warning messages about unexpected attributes.

[Feature 20140715] Support for Email Address Internationalization
(EAI) as defined in RFC 6531..6533. This supports UTF-8 in SMTP/LMTP
sender addresses, recipient addresses, and message header values.
The implementation is based on initial work by Arnt Gulbrandsen
that was funded by CNNIC.

See SMTPUTF8_README for a description of Postfix SMTPUTF8 support.

[Feature 20150112] UTF-8 Casefolding support for Postfix lookup
tables and matchlists (mydestination, relay_domains, etc.).  This
is enabled only with "smtpuf8 = yes".

[Feature 20150112] With smtputf8_enable=yes, SMTP commands with
UTF-8 syntax errors are rejected, table lookup results with invalid
UTF-8 syntax are handled as configuration errors, and UTF-8 syntax
errors in policy server replies result in execution of the policy
server's default action.

Major changes - tls support

(see "Major changes - delivery status notifications" above for
turning 4XX soft errors into 5XX bounces when a remote SMTP server
does not offer STARTTLS support).

[Feature 20140209] the Postfix SMTP client now also falls back to
plaintext when TLS fails AFTER the TLS protocol handshake.

[Feature 20140218] The Postfix SMTP client now requires that a queue
file is older than $minimal_backoff_time, before falling back from
failed TLS to plaintext (both during or after the TLS handshake).

[Feature 20141021] Per IETF TLS WG consensus, the tls_session_ticket_cipher
default setting was changed from aes-128-cbc to aes-256-cbc.

[Feature 20150116] TLS wrappermode support in the Postfix smtp(8)
client (new smtp_tls_wrappermode parameter) and in posttls-finger(1)
(new -w option). There still is life in that deprecated protocol,
and people should not have to jump hoops with stunnel.

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Jan 27 08:14:03 2015 UTC (9 years, 1 month ago) by martin
Branch: netbsd-7
CVS Tags: netbsd-7-nhusb-base-20170116, netbsd-7-nhusb-base, netbsd-7-nhusb, netbsd-7-2-RELEASE, netbsd-7-1-RELEASE, netbsd-7-1-RC2, netbsd-7-1-RC1, netbsd-7-1-2-RELEASE, netbsd-7-1-1-RELEASE, netbsd-7-1, netbsd-7-0-RELEASE, netbsd-7-0-RC3, netbsd-7-0-RC2, netbsd-7-0-RC1, netbsd-7-0-2-RELEASE, netbsd-7-0-1-RELEASE, netbsd-7-0
Changes since 1.6: +2 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.6 (colored) next main 1.7 (colored)

Pullup the following, requested by tron in ticket #459:

	doc/3RDPARTY					1.1195
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/HISTORY	patch
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/makedefs	patch
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup.h patch
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_message.c patch
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_milter.c patch
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/cleanup/cleanup_state.c patch
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/global/mail_version.h patch
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/milter/milter.c patch
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/milter/milter.h patch
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/milter/milter8.c patch
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/qmqpd/qmqpd.c patch
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd.c patch
	external/ibm-public/postfix/dist/src/smtpd/smtpd_check.c patch

Import Postfix 2.11.3. Changes since version 2.11.1:
- Fix for DMARC implementations based on SPF policy plus DKIM Milter.
  The PREPEND access/policy action added headers ABOVE Postfix's own
  Received: header, exposing Postfix's own Received: header to Milters
  (protocol violation) and hiding the PREPENDed header from Milters.
  PREPENDed headers are now added BELOW Postfix's own Received: header
  and remain visible to Milters.
- The Postfix SMTP server logged an incorrect client name in reject
  messages for check_reverse_client_hostname_access and
  check_reverse_client_hostname_{mx,ns}_access. They replied with the
  verified client name, instead of the name that was rejected.
- The TLS client logged that an anonymous TLS connection was
  "Untrusted", instead of "Anonymous".
- Fix for configurations that prepend message headers with Postfix
  access maps, policy servers or Milter applications. Postfix now hides
  its own Received: header from Milters and exposes prepended headers
  to Milters, regardless of the mechanism used to prepend a header.
  This fix reverts a partial solution that was released on October 13,
  2014, and replaces it with a complete solution.

Revision 1.7 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Jan 24 18:10:52 2015 UTC (9 years, 1 month ago) by tron
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: pgoyette-localcount-base, pgoyette-localcount-20170107, pgoyette-localcount-20161104, pgoyette-localcount-20160806, pgoyette-localcount-20160726, localcount-20160914, bouyer-socketcan-base
Branch point for: pgoyette-localcount, bouyer-socketcan
Changes since 1.6: +2 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.6 (colored)

Resolve conflicts from last import.

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch), Sat Jan 24 18:08:23 2015 UTC (9 years, 1 month ago) by tron
Branch: VENEMA
CVS Tags: PFIX-2-11-6, PFIX-2-11-4, PFIX-2-11-3
Changes since +1 -0 lines
Diff to previous (colored)

Import Postfix 2.11.3. Changes since version 2.11.1:
- Fix for DMARC implementations based on SPF policy plus DKIM Milter. The
  PREPEND access/policy action added headers ABOVE Postfix's own Received:
  header, exposing Postfix's own Received: header to Milters (protocol
  violation) and hiding the PREPENDed header from Milters. PREPENDed
  headers are now added BELOW Postfix's own Received: header and remain
  visible to Milters.
- The Postfix SMTP server logged an incorrect client name in reject
  messages for check_reverse_client_hostname_access and
  check_reverse_client_hostname_{mx,ns}_access. They replied with the
  verified client name, instead of the name that was rejected.
- The TLS client logged that an anonymous TLS connection was "Untrusted",
  instead of "Anonymous".
- Fix for configurations that prepend message headers with Postfix access
  maps, policy servers or Milter applications. Postfix now hides its own
  Received: header from Milters and exposes prepended headers to Milters,
  regardless of the mechanism used to prepend a header. This fix reverts
  a partial solution that was released on October 13, 2014, and replaces
  it with a complete solution.

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Aug 19 23:59:42 2014 UTC (9 years, 6 months ago) by tls
Branch: tls-maxphys
Changes since +2 -1 lines
Diff to previous (colored) to branchpoint 1.4 (colored) next main 1.5 (colored)

Rebase to HEAD as of a few days ago.

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Aug 10 07:12:48 2014 UTC (9 years, 6 months ago) by tls
Branch: tls-earlyentropy
Changes since 1.5: +2 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.5 (colored) next main 1.6 (colored)


Revision 1.6 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Jul 6 19:45:50 2014 UTC (9 years, 7 months ago) by tron
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: tls-maxphys-base, tls-earlyentropy-base, netbsd-7-base
Branch point for: netbsd-7
Changes since 1.5: +2 -1 lines
Diff to previous 1.5 (colored)

Resolve conflicts from last import.

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch), Sun Jul 6 19:27:49 2014 UTC (9 years, 7 months ago) by tron
Branch: VENEMA
CVS Tags: PFIX-2-11-1
Changes since +1 -0 lines
Diff to previous (colored)

Import Postfix 2.11.1. The main changes since version 2.10.* are:
- Support for PKI-less TLS server certificate verification with DANE
  (DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities) where the CA public key
  or the server certificate is identified via DNSSEC lookup. This
  requires a DNS resolver that validates DNSSEC replies. The problem
  with conventional PKI is that there are literally hundreds of
  organizations world-wide that can provide a certificate in anyone's
  name. DANE limits trust to the people who control the target DNS
  zone and its parent zones.
- A new postscreen_dnsbl_whitelist_threshold feature to allow clients
  to skip postscreen tests based on their DNSBL score. This can
  eliminate email delays due to "after 220 greeting" protocol tests,
  which otherwise require that a client reconnects before it can
  deliver mail. Some providers such as Google don't retry from the
  same IP address, and that can result in large email delivery delays.
- The recipient_delimiter feature now supports different delimiters,
  for example both "+" and "-". As before, this implementation
  recognizes exactly one delimiter character per email address, and
  exactly one address extension per email address.
- Advanced query/update support to access service attributes
  as "name = value" pairs. For example to turn off chroot on all
  services use "postconf -F '*/*/chroot = n'", and to change/add a
  "-o name=value" setting use "postconf -P 'smtp/inet/name = value'".
  This was developed primarily to allow automated tools to manage Postfix
  systems without having to parse Postfix configuration files.

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Mon Feb 25 00:27:15 2013 UTC (11 years ago) by tls
Branch: tls-maxphys
Changes since 1.4: +4 -4 lines
Diff to previous 1.4 (colored)

resync with head

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Jan 23 00:05:00 2013 UTC (11 years, 1 month ago) by yamt
Branch: yamt-pagecache
CVS Tags: yamt-pagecache-tag8
Changes since 1.4: +4 -4 lines
Diff to previous 1.4 (colored) next main 1.5 (colored)

sync with head

Revision 1.5 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Jan 2 19:18:33 2013 UTC (11 years, 2 months ago) by tron
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: yamt-pagecache-base9, yamt-pagecache-base8, riastradh-xf86-video-intel-2-7-1-pre-2-21-15, riastradh-drm2-base3, riastradh-drm2-base2, riastradh-drm2-base1, riastradh-drm2-base, riastradh-drm2, agc-symver-base, agc-symver
Branch point for: tls-earlyentropy
Changes since 1.4: +4 -4 lines
Diff to previous 1.4 (colored)

Resolve conflicts from last import.

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch), Wed Jan 2 18:58:54 2013 UTC (11 years, 2 months ago) by tron
Branch: VENEMA
CVS Tags: PFIX-2-9-7, PFIX-2-9-5, PFIX-2-10-3, PFIX-2-10-2
Changes since +3 -3 lines
Diff to previous (colored)

Import Postfix 2.9.5. Major changes since version 2.8.x:
- Support for long, non-repeating, queue IDs (queue file names). The
  main benefit of non-repeating names is simpler logfile analysis. See
  the description of "enable_long_queue_ids" in postconf(5) for
- Memcache client support, and support to share postscreen(8) and
  verify(8) caches via the proxymap server. Details about memcache
  support are in memcache_table(5) and MEMCACHE_README.
- Gradual degradation: if a database is unavailable (can't open, most
  read or write errors) a Postfix daemon will log a warning and
  continue providing the services that don't depend on that table,
  instead of immediately terminating with a fatal error. To terminate
  immediately when a database file can't be opened, specify
  "daemon_table_open_error_is_fatal = yes".
- Revised postconf(1) command. It warns about unused parameter
  name=value settings in or (likely mistakes),
  understands "dynamic" parameter names such as names that depend on
  the name of a entry (finally, "postconf -n" shows all
  parameter settings), and it can display and in a
  more user-friendly format (postconf -nf, postconf -Mf).
- Read/write deadline support in the SMTP client and server to defend
  against application-level DOS attacks that very slowly write or read
  data one byte at a time.

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Mar 5 15:08:58 2011 UTC (13 years ago) by bouyer
Branch: bouyer-quota2
Changes since 1.3: +10 -2 lines
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Sync with HEAD

Revision 1.4 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Mar 2 19:56:38 2011 UTC (13 years ago) by tron
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: yamt-pagecache-base7, yamt-pagecache-base6, yamt-pagecache-base5, yamt-pagecache-base4, yamt-pagecache-base3, yamt-pagecache-base2, yamt-pagecache-base, netbsd-6-base, netbsd-6-1-RELEASE, netbsd-6-1-RC4, netbsd-6-1-RC3, netbsd-6-1-RC2, netbsd-6-1-RC1, netbsd-6-1-5-RELEASE, netbsd-6-1-4-RELEASE, netbsd-6-1-3-RELEASE, netbsd-6-1-2-RELEASE, netbsd-6-1-1-RELEASE, netbsd-6-1, netbsd-6-0-RELEASE, netbsd-6-0-RC2, netbsd-6-0-RC1, netbsd-6-0-6-RELEASE, netbsd-6-0-5-RELEASE, netbsd-6-0-4-RELEASE, netbsd-6-0-3-RELEASE, netbsd-6-0-2-RELEASE, netbsd-6-0-1-RELEASE, netbsd-6-0, netbsd-6, matt-nb6-plus-nbase, matt-nb6-plus-base, matt-nb6-plus, cherry-xenmp-base, cherry-xenmp, bouyer-quota2-nbase
Branch point for: yamt-pagecache, tls-maxphys
Changes since 1.3: +10 -2 lines
Diff to previous 1.3 (colored)

Resolve conflicts from last import.

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch), Wed Mar 2 19:32:09 2011 UTC (13 years ago) by tron
Branch: VENEMA
CVS Tags: PFIX-2-8-8, PFIX-2-8-7, PFIX-2-8-6, PFIX-2-8-5, PFIX-2-8-4, PFIX-2-8-3, PFIX-2-8-2, PFIX-2-8-13, PFIX-2-8-12, PFIX-2-8-11, PFIX-2-8-1
Changes since +9 -1 lines
Diff to previous (colored)

Import Postfix 2.8.1. Changes since version 2.7.*:
Postfix stable release 2.8.0 is available. This release continues the
move towards improving code and documentation, and making the system
better prepared for changes in the threat environment.

The postscreen daemon (a zombie blocker in front of Postfix) is now
included with the stable release. postscreen now supports TLS and can
log the rejected sender, recipient and helo information. See the
POSTSCREEN_README file for recommended usage scenarios.

Support for DNS whitelisting (permit_rhswl_client), and for pattern
matching to filter the responses from DNS white/blacklist servers
(e.g., reject_rhsbl_client[1..10]).

Improved message tracking across SMTP-based content filters; the
after-filter SMTP server can log the before-filter queue ID (the
XCLIENT protocol was extended).

Read-only support for sqlite databases. See sqlite_table(5) and

Support for 'footers' that are appended to SMTP server "reject"
responses. See "smtpd_reject_footer" in the postconf(5) manpage.

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Fri Jan 7 01:24:00 2011 UTC (13 years, 1 month ago) by riz
Branch: netbsd-5
CVS Tags: netbsd-5-2-RELEASE, netbsd-5-2-RC1, netbsd-5-2-3-RELEASE, netbsd-5-2-2-RELEASE, netbsd-5-2-1-RELEASE, netbsd-5-2
Changes since +1 -3 lines
Diff to previous (colored) to branchpoint 1.2 (colored) next main 1.3 (colored)

Apply patch (requested by tron in ticket #1501):

	Update Postfix to version 2.7.2:
	- Postfix no longer automatically appends the system default CA
	  (certificate authority) certificates, when it reads the CA
	  certificates specified with {smtp, lmtp, smtpd}_tls_CAfile or
	  with {smtp, lmtp, smtpd}_tls_CApath.  This prevents third-party
	  certificates from getting mail relay permission with the
	  permit_tls_all_clientcerts feature.  Unfortunately, this change
	  may cause compatibility problems with configurations that rely
	  on certificate verification for other purposes.  To get the old
	  behavior, specify "tls_append_default_CA = yes".
	- A prior fix for compatibility with Postfix < 2.3 was incomplete.
	  When pipe-to-command delivery fails with a signal, mail is now
	  correctly deferred, instead of being returned to sender.
	- Poor smtpd_proxy_filter TCP performance over loopback (
	  connections was fixed by adapting the output buffer size to the
	- The SMTP server no longer applies the reject_rhsbl_helo feature
	  to non-domain forms such as network addresses.  This would cause
	  false positives with
	- The Postfix SMTP server failed to deliver a "421" response and
	  hang up the connection after Milter error.  Instead, the server
	  delivered a "503 Access denied" response and left the connection
	  open, due to some Postfix 1.1 workaround for RFC 2821.
	- The milter_header_checks parser failed to enable any of the actions
	  that have no effect on message delivery (warn, replace, prepend,
	  ignore, dunno, and ok).

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sun Nov 21 18:31:28 2010 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by riz
Branch: netbsd-5
CVS Tags: matt-nb5-pq3-base, matt-nb5-pq3
Changes since +7 -2 lines
Diff to previous (colored) to branchpoint 1.2 (colored)

Pull up following revision(s) (requested by tron in ticket #1425):
        Update Postfix to version 2.7.1:
        - Improved before-queue content filter performance. With
          "smtpd_proxy_options = speed_adjust", the Postfix SMTP server
          receives the entire message before it connects to a before-queue
          content filter. Typically, this allows Postfix to handle the same
          mail load with fewer content filter processes.
        - Improved address verification performance. The verify database is now
          persistent by default, and it is automatically cleaned periodically.
          Under overload conditions, the Postfix SMTP server no longer waits
          up to 6 seconds for an address probe to complete.
        - Support for reputation management based on the local SMTP client
          IP address. This is typically implemented with
          "FILTER transportname:" actions in access maps or header/body checks,
          and mail delivery transports in with
          unique smtp_bind_address values.

Revision 1.3 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Thu Jun 17 18:18:15 2010 UTC (13 years, 8 months ago) by tron
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: matt-mips64-premerge-20101231, bouyer-quota2-base
Branch point for: bouyer-quota2
Changes since 1.2: +6 -3 lines
Diff to previous 1.2 (colored)

Resolve conflicts from last import.

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch), Thu Jun 17 18:06:42 2010 UTC (13 years, 8 months ago) by tron
Branch: VENEMA
CVS Tags: PFIX-2-7-2, PFIX-2-7-1
Changes since +5 -0 lines
Diff to previous (colored)

Import Postfix 2.7.1. Major changes since Postfix 2.6.6:
- Improved before-queue content filter performance. With
  "smtpd_proxy_options = speed_adjust", the Postfix SMTP server
  receives the entire message before it connects to a before-queue
  content filter. Typically, this allows Postfix to handle the same
  mail load with fewer content filter processes.
- Improved address verification performance. The verify database is now
  persistent by default, and it is automatically cleaned periodically. Under
  overload conditions, the Postfix SMTP server no longer waits up to 6 seconds
  for an address probe to complete.
- Support for reputation management based on the local SMTP client IP address.
  This is typically implemented with "FILTER transportname:" actions in access
  maps or header/body checks, and mail delivery transports in with
  unique smtp_bind_address values.

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Wed Apr 21 05:23:42 2010 UTC (13 years, 10 months ago) by matt
Branch: matt-nb5-mips64
CVS Tags: matt-nb5-mips64-premerge-20101231, matt-nb5-mips64-k15
Changes since +342 -0 lines
Diff to previous (colored) to branchpoint 1.2 (colored) next main 1.3 (colored)

sync to netbsd-5

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Sep 15 06:02:30 2009 UTC (14 years, 5 months ago) by snj
Branch: netbsd-5
CVS Tags: netbsd-5-1-RELEASE, netbsd-5-1-RC4, netbsd-5-1-RC3, netbsd-5-1-RC2, netbsd-5-1-RC1, netbsd-5-1-5-RELEASE, netbsd-5-1-4-RELEASE, netbsd-5-1-3-RELEASE, netbsd-5-1-2-RELEASE, netbsd-5-1-1-RELEASE, netbsd-5-1
Changes since +342 -0 lines
Diff to previous (colored) to branchpoint 1.2 (colored)

Apply patch (requested by tron in ticket #944):
Update Postfix to 2.6.5.

Revision, Tue Jun 23 11:41:06 2009 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by matt
Branch: matt-nb5-mips64
Changes since 1.2: +0 -342 lines

file cleanup.h was added on branch matt-nb5-mips64 on 2010-04-21 05:23:42 +0000

Revision, Tue Jun 23 11:41:06 2009 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by snj
Branch: netbsd-5
Changes since 1.2: +0 -342 lines

file cleanup.h was added on branch netbsd-5 on 2009-09-15 06:02:30 +0000

Revision 1.2 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Jun 23 11:41:06 2009 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by tron
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: matt-premerge-20091211
Branch point for: netbsd-5, matt-nb5-mips64
Changes since 1.1: +3 -0 lines
Diff to previous 1.1 (colored)

(Re-)apply NetBSD specific patches.

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs] (vendor branch), Tue Jun 23 10:08:43 2009 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by tron
Branch: VENEMA
CVS Tags: PFIX-2-6-6, PFIX-2-6-5, PFIX-2-6-2
Changes since 1.1: +0 -0 lines
Diff to previous 1.1 (colored)

Import Postfix 2.6.2.

Revision 1.1 / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Tue Jun 23 10:08:43 2009 UTC (14 years, 8 months ago) by tron
Branch: MAIN

Initial revision

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