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Current directory: [] / src / external / ibm-public / postfix

Current tag: bouyer-socketcan

File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
[BACK] Parent Directory        
[DIR] anvil/        
[DIR] bounce/        
[DIR] cleanup/        
[DIR] conf/        
[DIR] discard/        
[DIR] dist/        
[DIR] dns/        
[DIR] error/        
[DIR] etc/        
[DIR] flush/        
[DIR] global/        
[DIR] html/        
[DIR] lib/        
[DIR] libexec/        
[DIR] local/        
[DIR] man/        
[DIR] master/        
[DIR] masterlib/        
[DIR] milter/        
[DIR] oqmgr/        
[DIR] pickup/        
[DIR] pipe/        
[DIR] postalias/        
[DIR] postcat/        
[DIR] postconf/        
[DIR] postdrop/        
[DIR] postfix/        
[DIR] postfix-etc/        
[DIR] postfix-script/        
[DIR] postkick/        
[DIR] postlock/        
[DIR] postlog/        
[DIR] postmap/        
[DIR] postmulti/        
[DIR] postqueue/        
[DIR] postsuper/        
[DIR] proxymap/        
[DIR] qmgr/        
[DIR] sbin/        
[DIR] scache/        
[DIR] sendmail/        
[DIR] share/        
[DIR] showq/        
[DIR] smtp/        
[DIR] smtpd/        
[DIR] spawn/        
[DIR] tls/        
[DIR] tlsmgr/        
[DIR] trivial-rewrite/        
[DIR] util/        
[DIR] verify/        
[DIR] virtual/        
[DIR] xsasl/        
[TXT]   5 years  bouyer   Sync with HEAD
[TXT] postfix2netbsd  1.3   10 years  christos   use cleantags, instead of home grown copy.
[TXT] Makefile  1.3   13 years  tron   branches: 1.3.2; 1.3.4; Mirror the file system structure of the installed file...

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