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Changes since 1.1: +0 -0 lines

initial import of tre-0.8.0 into the external sources framework.

with many thanks to ville laurikari for writing tre in the first place
and for changing the licensing to a 2-clause bsd license; thanks also to
matthias-christian ott for his work on the google summer of code 2009

this import brings the distribution to src/external - the reachover
build files will follow

Version 0.8.0
  - Added tre_ prefix to all functions exported from libtre.  This
    changes the binary interface (ABI).  The old source interface
    (API) is still available in <tre/regex.h>.  New programs should
    use <tre/tre.h>.

  - Visual C++ 6 project files replaced with Visual Studio 2008 files.

  - Bug fixes.

Version 0.7.6
  - The license is changed from LGPL to a BSD-style license.  The new
    license is essentially the same as the "2 clause" BSD-style
    license used in NetBSD.  See the file LICENSE for details.

  - No longer using gnulib due to potential license conflicts.

  - Bug fixes.

Version 0.7.5
  - Swedish translation added.

  - Makefile and source code distribution problems fixed.

  - Documentation updates.

  - Adding a "+" or "*" after another repetition operator is now an
    error instead of an application of that operator and gives the
    REG_BADRPT error.  Adding a "?" means matching as few characters
    as possible and is still allowed.

    This change was made to avoid confusion with "possessive"
    (non-backtracking) quantifiers.  In Java (and .NET?) adding a "+"
    means that the matcher doesn't backtrack over that point.  In
    previous versions of TRE adding a "+" or "*" caused the
    backtracking matcher to backtrack a lot more instead of less.  In
    some cases this caused very slow execution.

  - New agrep command line option -q (--quiet, --silent).

  - Bug fixes:
    - agrep now correctly returns exit code 1 when no matches found.
    - Fixed regexp parser bug affecting big-endian 64 bit
      architectures (sparc, ppc).  The bug caused all regexps to match
      an empty string and nothing else.
    - Fixed agrep memory usage problems when reading from pipes.

Version 0.7.4

  - TRE now builds cleanly on x86_64 and other 64 bit platforms.
    There was a large number of (basically harmless) compiler warnings
    in previous versions.

  - Now builds and works on Cygwin and MinGW.  Libtool was updated to
    a version which works on these platforms, and the Makefiles and
    configure scripts were adjusted so that DLLs are now built on
    these platforms.

  - agrep now handles long command line options on all platforms.

  - Bug report email address is now tre-general@lists.laurikari.net.

  - Many bug fixes, including:
    - The RPM spec file now works with recent rpmbuild versions
    - agrep no longer includes record delimiters in records, so for
      example "echo foo | agrep 'foo$'" works as expected.
    - agrep help texts and man page updated.

Version 0.7.3
  - The license has been changed from GPL to LGPL.

  - New command line option to agrep: --show-position

  - New REG_UNGREEDY cflags and 'U' pattern modifier.

  - Bug fixes.

Version 0.7.2
  - Bug fixes.

Version 0.7.1
  - New command line options to agrep: --delimiter-after, --color

  - Man page for agrep added.

  - Some bugs fixed.

Version 0.7.0
  - reguexec() added.

  - tre_have_backrefs() and tre_have_approx() added.

  - New syntax: \Q, \E, \x1B, \x{263a}, (?inr-inr), (?inr-inr:regex).

  - New compilation flag REG_RIGHT_ASSOC.


  - Included Python language bindings contributed by Nikolai SAOUKH.

  - Several bugs and compilation problems fixed.

Version 0.6.8
  - Fixed to use iswctype() if found instead of always using
    iswalpha() and friends.  Now [[:blank:]] should work again on
    systems where iswctype() is available.

Version 0.6.7
  - Fixed the -h (--no-filename) option of agrep to work again.

  - Added the -y option to agrep.  It does nothing, and exists only
    for compatibility with the non-free version of agrep.

  - Fixed bugs: handling null bytes in multibyte mode, exponential
    memory usage problem when using lots of macros (e.g. \s or \d) in
    a regexp, and bugs in expanding {m,n} repeats (still!).

  - wctype() and iswctype() are no longer required for wchar support,
    iswalpha() and friends will be used instead if wctype() and
    iswctype() are not found.

  - Added support for compiling against libutf8.

  - Added the tre_config() function to get information about the
    optional features compiled in the TRE library.  Also added

  - Some documentation updates.

Version 0.6.6
  - Fixed bugs which occurred sometimes when "{m,n}" repeats were used
    in conjunction with "*", "+", or "?".

  - Added the -H (--with-filename) option to agrep.

Version 0.6.5
  - Fixed bug which occurred whine several "{m,n}" repeats were used
    in one regex.

  - Fixed several bugs related to REG_NOSUB or NULL pmatch[] arrays
    being used for regexec().

  - C++ or Fortran compilers no longer checked by the configure

  - Some documentation additions.

Version 0.6.4
  - Fixed bug in handling iterations (like "+" and "*") inside "{m,n}"
    repeats.  This should get rid of performance problems and
    incorrect results with certain regexps involving "{m,n}" repeats.

Version 0.6.3
  - Fixed back references when REG_NOSUB is used.

  - Compilation errors and warnings fixed.  Now this should compile on
    systems that don't have wide character support, like OpenBSD, and
    works on 64 bit machines.

Version 0.6.2
  - Bug fixes.

Version 0.6.1
  - Bug fixes.

  - Some documentation updates.

Version 0.6.0
  - The doc/ directory is now actually included in source
    distributions (oops).

  - Bug fixes.

  - alloca() is no longer a requirement.  The configure script still
    looks for it, and it is used if found.

  - New approximate matching syntax.  The new syntax allows
    approximate matching to be done even using the standard regex API
    (match costs are only available when the regaexec() API is used).

  - REG_LITERAL implemented.

Version 0.5.3
  - Bug fixes and compilation fixes.

  - Best match mode (-B) for agrep.

Version 0.5.2
  - System ABI support.  TRE is now by default configured to be
    compatible with the system regex binary interface (by including
    the system regex.h and using the definitions there instead of
    TRE's own).  This can be disabled with --disable-system-abi.

  - Added a pkg-config file `tre.pc'.

  - Added support for minimal (non-greedy) repetition operators
    "*?", "+?", "??", and "{m,n}?".  They work similarly to the ones
    in Perl, except the number of characters matched is minimized
    instead of the number of repetitions.

  - Added some documentation in the doc/ subdirectory.

  - Bug fixes.

Version 0.5.1
  - Bug fixes.

Version 0.5.0
  - Approximate matching functions now fill the pmatch[] array of
    submatches if wanted.

  - Support for back referencing (not for approximate matching).

  - Changed approximate matching API to be more easily extendible in
    the future.  The match cost is now returned.

  - Bug fixes.

  - Windows project files (original versions contributed by Aymeric
    Moizard <jack@atosc.org>, thanks!).

Version 0.4.1
  - Fixed installed headers.

  - Fixed compilation problems.

Version 0.4.0
  - The name of the package changed to TRE.

  - New API for approximate regexp matching.

  - New command line utility `agrep' for approximate regexp matching
    in the style of grep.

  - New translation for Finnish (fi) has been added.

  - Optimizations in regexec.

  - Wide character support and multibyte character set support can be
    turned off with --disable-wchar and --disable-multibyte,

  - Lots of bugfixes.