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Current directory: [] / src / external / bsd

Current tag: pkgsrc-2011Q4

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[DIR] acpica/
[DIR] am-utils/
[DIR] atf/
[DIR] bc/
[DIR] bin/
[DIR] bind/
[DIR] blacklist/
[DIR] blocklist/
[DIR] byacc/
[DIR] bzip2/
[DIR] compiler_rt/
[DIR] cron/
[DIR] dhcp/
[DIR] dhcpcd/
[DIR] dist/
[DIR] ekermit/
[DIR] elftoolchain/
[DIR] elftosb/
[DIR] fetch/
[DIR] file/
[DIR] flex/
[DIR] ipf/
[DIR] iscsi/
[DIR] jemalloc/
[DIR] kyua-atf-compat/
[DIR] kyua-cli/
[DIR] kyua-testers/
[DIR] less/
[DIR] libarchive/
[DIR] libbind/
[DIR] libc++/
[DIR] libdwarf/
[DIR] libelf/
[DIR] libevent/
[DIR] libfetch/
[DIR] libfido2/
[DIR] liblzf/
[DIR] libnv/
[DIR] libpcap/
[DIR] libproc/
[DIR] librtld_db/
[DIR] libuuid_ul/
[DIR] llvm/
[DIR] lutok/
[DIR] mdocml/
[DIR] nsd/
[DIR] ntp/
[DIR] nvi/
[DIR] openldap/
[DIR] openpam/
[DIR] openresolv/
[DIR] pam-u2f/
[DIR] pcc/
[DIR] pdisk/
[DIR] pkg_install/
[DIR] ppp/
[DIR] sljit/
[DIR] smbfs/
[DIR] tcpdump/
[DIR] tmux/
[DIR] top/
[DIR] tradcpp/
[DIR] tre/
[DIR] unbound/
[DIR] wpa/

NOTE: There are 1 files, but none matches the current tag (pkgsrc-2011Q4).

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