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[TXT] dot.profile  1.18   15 years  sketch   branches: 1.18.26; 1.18.34; Use hostname(1) in preference to uname(1) in case ...
[TXT] dot.cshrc  1.15   16 years  cjep   branches: 1.15.12; Now that we have nuked /sys, change the cdpath to contain /u...
[TXT] dot.login  1.8   20 years  mycroft   Make the tset stuff actually set the environment variables again. Someone was on...
[TXT] dot.shrc  1.6   19 years  toddpw   Fix syntax error in r1.5 -- semicolon needed before closing brace on same line.
[TXT] dot.klogin  1.3   22 years  mrg   RCSid police. fix pr#4307 from Eric Haszlakiewicz: csh aliases broken with.
[TXT] Makefile  1.1   15 years  lukem   Consistently use CONFIGFILES & CONFIGLINKS (which enable the 'configinstall' tar...

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