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Diff for /src/etc/rc.d/virecover between version 1.3 and 1.4

version 1.3, 2000/07/26 00:11:49 version 1.4, 2000/10/09 05:33:53
Line 16  stop_cmd=":"
Line 16  stop_cmd=":"
 virecover_start()  virecover_start()
 {  {
         #       XXX: replace me with a script that works!          recover=`find /var/tmp/vi.recover -name 'recover.*' -type f -print`
         #          if [ -n "$recover" ]; then
         virecovery=`echo /var/tmp/vi.recover/recover.*`  
         if [ "$virecovery" != "/var/tmp/vi.recover/recover.*" ]; then  
                 echo "Preserving editor files."                  echo "Preserving editor files."
                 for i in $virecovery; do                  for i in $recover; do
                         if [ -f $i ]; then                          sendmail -t < $i
                                 sendmail -t < $i  
                 done                  done
         fi          fi
 }  }

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