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Diff for /src/etc/rc.d/DAEMON between version 1.2 and

version 1.2, 2000/06/13 16:29:54 version, 2000/10/02 01:09:22
Line 4 
Line 4 
 #  #
 # REQUIRE: named sysctl cleartmp ldconfig accounting amd virecover ypbind  # REQUIRE: accounting aftermountlkm amd cleartmp dmesg ipmon
 # REQUIRE: ipnat ipmon savecore pwcheck quota databases network dmesg  # REQUIRE: ipnat ipsec ldconfig named network nonlocalswap nfslocking
 # REQUIRE: aftermountlkm nfslocking ipsec  # REQUIRE: pwcheck quota savecore securelevel sysctl sysdb virecover ypbind
 #       This is a dummy dependancy, to ensure that daemons are run  #       This is a dummy dependancy, to ensure that general purpose daemons
 #       _after_ the above are.  #       are run _after_ the above are.

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