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Revision 1.1, Sun Aug 13 14:11:36 2006 UTC (13 years, 6 months ago) by jmmv
Branch: MAIN
Branch point for: netbsd-3

Add a "how to report bugs" message for STABLE branches too, as they really
are development snapshots (although not as "bleeding edge" as current).
Per tron@'s suggestion.

This way we get consistent messages along the development process.  Otherwise,
STABLE could carry no message while a RC could, disappearing again after the
real formal release.  With this change only formal releases do not carry any
special message in motd.


Welcome to NetBSD!

This system is running a development snapshot of one of the stable branches of
the NetBSD operating system.  This branch will eventually lead to a new formal
release, but it cannot be considered release quality at the moment.  Meanwhile,
it is possible for it to contain bugs or any other kind of problem.  Please
bear this in mind and use the system with care.

You are encouraged to test this version as thoroughly as possible.  Should you
encounter any problem, please report it back to the development team using the
send-pr(1) utility (requires a working MTA).  If yours is not properly set up,
use the web interface at: http://www.NetBSD.org/Misc/send-pr.html

Thank you for testing this NetBSD release and helping us improve it.