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Annotation of src/etc/motd.beta, Revision 1.4

1.1       jmmv        1: NetBSD ?.? (UNKNOWN)
                      3: Welcome to NetBSD!
                      5: This system is running a beta release of the NetBSD operating system, aimed
1.2       rumble      6: at stabilizing the next formal release.  It is close to formal release quality,
                      7: but may still contain bugs, even serious ones.  Please bear this in mind and
                      8: use the system with care.
1.1       jmmv        9:
                     10: You are encouraged to test this version as thoroughly as possible.  Should you
                     11: encounter any problem, please report it back to the development team using the
                     12: send-pr(1) utility (requires a working MTA).  If yours is not properly set up,
1.4     ! jmmv       13: use the web interface at: http://www.NetBSD.org/support/send-pr.html
1.1       jmmv       14:
1.2       rumble     15: Thank you for helping us test and improve this beta NetBSD release.
1.1       jmmv       16:

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