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Revision 1.35, Sun Dec 22 01:18:28 2013 UTC (8 years, 9 months ago) by dholland
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: yamt-pagecache-base9, tls-maxphys-base, tls-earlyentropy-base, tls-earlyentropy, riastradh-xf86-video-intel-2-7-1-pre-2-21-15, riastradh-drm2-base3, pgoyette-localcount-base, pgoyette-localcount-20161104, pgoyette-localcount-20160806, pgoyette-localcount-20160726, netbsd-7-nhusb-base-20170116, netbsd-7-nhusb-base, netbsd-7-nhusb, netbsd-7-base, netbsd-7-2-RELEASE, netbsd-7-1-RELEASE, netbsd-7-1-RC2, netbsd-7-1-RC1, netbsd-7-1-2-RELEASE, netbsd-7-1-1-RELEASE, netbsd-7-1, netbsd-7-0-RELEASE, netbsd-7-0-RC3, netbsd-7-0-RC2, netbsd-7-0-RC1, netbsd-7-0-2-RELEASE, netbsd-7-0-1-RELEASE, netbsd-7-0, netbsd-7, localcount-20160914
Branch point for: pgoyette-localcount
Changes since 1.34: +5 -5 lines

Fix _crunch entries, which accidentally got changed from compression
operations to decompression operations nearly two years ago. They are
used only by catman(8), which we don't run any more, but they ought to
be correct anyway.

#	$NetBSD: man.conf,v 1.35 2013/12/22 01:18:28 dholland Exp $

# Sheer, raging paranoia...
_version	BSD.2

# The whatis/apropos database.
_mandb /var/db/man.db

# Subdirectories for paths ending in '/', IN SEARCH ORDER.
_subdir		cat1 man1 cat8 man8 cat6 man6 cat2 man2 cat3 cat3lua man3 man3lua cat4 man4 cat5 man5 cat7 man7 man3f cat9 cat9lua man9 man9lua catn mann catl manl

# Files typed by suffix and their commands.
# Note the order, .Z must come after .[1-9].Z, or it will match first.
_suffix		.0
_build		.0.Z		/usr/bin/zcat %s
_build		.0.bz2		/usr/bin/bzcat %s
_build		.0.gz		/usr/bin/zcat %s
_build		.0.xz		/usr/bin/xzcat %s
_build		.[1-9][a-z]*	/usr/bin/mandoc %s
_build		.[1-9ln]	/usr/bin/mandoc %s
_build		.[1-9ln].Z	/usr/bin/zcat %s | /usr/bin/mandoc
_build		.[1-9ln].bz2	/usr/bin/bzcat %s | /usr/bin/mandoc
_build		.[1-9ln].gz	/usr/bin/zcat %s | /usr/bin/mandoc
_build		.[1-9ln].xz	/usr/bin/xzcat %s | /usr/bin/mandoc
_build		.tbl		/usr/bin/mandoc %s
_build		.tbl.Z		/usr/bin/zcat %s | /usr/bin/mandoc
_build		.tbl.bz2	/usr/bin/bzcat %s | /usr/bin/mandoc
_build		.tbl.gz		/usr/bin/zcat %s | /usr/bin/mandoc
_build		.tbl.xz		/usr/bin/xzcat %s | /usr/bin/mandoc

_build		.me		/usr/bin/nroff -msafer -me %s 2>/dev/null | cat -s

_crunch		.Z		/usr/bin/compress -c > %s
_crunch		.bz2		/usr/bin/bzip2 -c > %s
_crunch		.gz		/usr/bin/gzip -c > %s
_crunch		.xz		/usr/bin/xz -c > %s

# Sections and their directories.
# All paths ending in '/' are the equivalent of entries specifying that
# directory with all of the subdirectories listed for the keyword _subdir.

# default
_default	/usr/{share,X11R7,X11R6,pkg,local}/man/

# Other sections that represent complete man subdirectories.
X11R7		/usr/X11R7/man/
X11R6		/usr/X11R6/man/
packages	/usr/pkg/man/
local		/usr/local/man/

# Specific section/directory combinations.
1		{cat,man}1
2		{cat,man}2
3		{cat,man}3
3F		{cat,man}3f
3f		{cat,man}3f
3lua		{cat,man}3lua
3l		{cat,man}3lua
4		{cat,man}4
5		{cat,man}5
6		{cat,man}6
7		{cat,man}7
8		{cat,man}8
9		{cat,man}9
9lua		{cat,man}9lua
9l		{cat,man}9lua
l		{cat,man}l
n		{cat,man}n

# machine classes per machine
_i386		x86
_amd64		x86
_sparc64	sparc