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Diff for /src/etc/ftpusers between version and 1.7

version, 1993/03/21 09:45:37 version 1.7, 2002/06/06 00:19:36
Line 1 
Line 1 
 # list of users disallowed any ftp access.  #       $NetBSD$
 # read by ftpd(8).  #
 root  # List of users denied (or allowed) ftp access.
 uucp  # Read by ftpd(8).
   # The first matching entry is used.
   # Deny various system users
   root            deny
   toor            deny
   daemon          deny
   operator        deny
   bin             deny
   news            deny
   games           deny
   postfix         deny
   named           deny
   ntpd            deny
   sshd            deny
   smmsp           deny
   uucp            deny
   nobody          deny
   # All other users are allowed
   *       allow
   # - EOF -

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