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Current tag: netbsd-8-0-RC1

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[TXT] MAKEDEV.conf  1.23   3 years  nonaka   branches: 1.23.12; 1.23.14; fix incorrect nvme controller number.
[TXT]  1.15   4 years  snj   branches: 1.15.14; 1.15.16; Nuke the five(!) install floppies. Welcome to 201...
[TXT] boot.cfg  1.4   7 years  mlelstv   bootmenu doesn't parse "prompt" as part of a command list, it must stand alone.
[TXT] rc.conf.append  1.2   8 years  jmcneill   default powerd=YES if acpi is present
[TXT] ttyaction  1.1   16 years  fvdl   x86_64 -> amd64
[TXT] ttys  1.6   7 years  martin   branches: 1.6.36; Per discussion on tech-userlevel, finally fix PR 10127: move ...

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