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Diff for /src/etc/daily between version 1.72 and 1.73

version 1.72, 2009/03/29 16:04:15 version 1.73, 2010/01/19 22:08:11
Line 242  if checkyesno run_rdist && [ -f /etc/Dis
Line 242  if checkyesno run_rdist && [ -f /etc/Dis
         fi          fi
 fi  fi
   : ${pkgdb_dir:=/var/db/pkg}
   if pkg_info -K ${pkgdb_dir} -q -E '*'; then
           if checkyesno fetch_pkg_vulnerabilities; then
                   echo ""
                   echo "Fetching package vulnerabilities database:"
                   pkg_admin -K ${pkgdb_dir} fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities -u
 if checkyesno run_security; then  if checkyesno run_security; then
         SECOUT="$DAILYDIR/sec"          SECOUT="$DAILYDIR/sec"
         sh /etc/security > "$SECOUT" 2>&1          sh /etc/security > "$SECOUT" 2>&1

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