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Diff for /src/etc/changelist between version 1.23 and 1.24

version 1.23, 2001/10/12 05:18:23 version 1.24, 2001/10/13 14:22:11
Line 1 
Line 1 
 #       $NetBSD$  #       $NetBSD$
 #       from: @(#)changelist    8.1 (Berkeley) 6/9/93  
 #  #
 # List of files which the security script backs up and checks  # Locally added list of files which /etc/security backups up and
 # for modifications.  # checks for modifications, along with the list generated with
   # mtree(8) from:
 /etc/Distfile  #       /etc/mtree/special
 /etc/amd/master  #       /etc/mtree/special.local
 /etc/bootparams  # and files matching:
 /etc/bootptab  #       /etc/ifconfig.*
 /etc/ccd.conf  #       /etc/raid*.conf
 /etc/changelist  #       /etc/rc.d/*
 /etc/crontab  #       /etc/rc.conf.d/*
 /etc/csh.cshrc  #

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