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Revision 1.2, Sat Nov 28 07:46:33 2015 UTC (3 years, 10 months ago) by plunky
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.1: +42 -17 lines

clean up: remove FreeBSD cvs tags, update URLS, fix spelling
and add in PSMs defined in recent versions of specifications

# $NetBSD: protocols,v 1.2 2015/11/28 07:46:33 plunky Exp $
# Bluetooth Protocol/Service Multiplexer (PSM) names and values
# See also
# https://www.bluetooth.org/en-us/specification/assigned-numbers
# https://www.bluetooth.org/en-us/specification/adopted-specifications
# Protocol		PSM   [	Alias ... ]

# Service Discovery Protocol, Bluetooth Core Specification
sdp			0x0001	SDP

# RFCOMM with TS 07.10, Bluetooth SIG
rfcomm	i		0x0003	RFCOMM

# Telephony Control Specification, Bluetooth SIG
tcs-bin			0x0005	TCS-BIN TCS_BIN
tcs-bin-cordless	0x0007	TCS-BIN-CORDLESS TCS_BIN_CORDLESS

# Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol, Bluetooth SIG
bnep			0x000f	BNEP

# Human Interface Device Profile, Bluetooth SIG
hid-control		0x0011	HID-Control HID_Control
hid-interrupt		0x0013	HID-Interrupt HID_Interrupt

# Extended Service Discovery Profile [ESDP] for Universal Plug and Play(tm), Bluetooth SIG
upnp			0x0015	UPnP ESDP

# Audio/Video Control Transport Protocol, Bluetooth SIG
avctp			0x0017	AVCTP

# Audio/Video Distribution Transport Protocol, Bluetooth SIG
avdtp			0x0019	AVDTP

# Unrestricted Digital Information Profile, Bluetooth SIG
udi-c-plane		0x001d	UDI-C-Plane UDI_C_Plane

# Attribute Protocol, Bluetooth Core Specification
att			0x001f	ATT

# 3D Synchronization Profile, Bluetooth SIG
3dsp			0x0021	3DSP

# Internet Protocol Support Profile [IPSP], Bluetooth SIG
le_psm_ipsp		0x0023	LE_PSM_IPSP