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Revision 1.1, Tue Jan 9 03:31:14 2018 UTC (19 months, 1 week ago) by christos
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: phil-wifi-base, phil-wifi-20190609, phil-wifi, pgoyette-compat-merge-20190127, pgoyette-compat-base, pgoyette-compat-20190127, pgoyette-compat-20190118, pgoyette-compat-1226, pgoyette-compat-1126, pgoyette-compat-1020, pgoyette-compat-0930, pgoyette-compat-0906, pgoyette-compat-0728, pgoyette-compat-0625, pgoyette-compat-0521, pgoyette-compat-0502, pgoyette-compat-0422, pgoyette-compat-0415, pgoyette-compat-0407, pgoyette-compat-0330, pgoyette-compat-0322, pgoyette-compat-0315, pgoyette-compat, netbsd-9-base, netbsd-9, HEAD

Merge autofs support from: Tomohiro Kusumi
XXX: Does not work yet

# $NetBSD: auto_master,v 1.1 2018/01/09 03:31:14 christos Exp $
# Automounter master map, see auto_master(5) for details.
/net		-hosts		-nobrowse,nosuid,intr
# When using the -media special map, make sure to edit devd.conf(5)
# to move the call to "automount -c" out of the comments section.
#/media		-media		-nosuid,noatime
#/-		-noauto