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Revision 1.21, Fri Jul 18 21:12:03 2008 UTC (11 years, 6 months ago) by apb
Branch: MAIN
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Changes since 1.20: +2 -2 lines

s/msgs/msgs(1)/ in a comment.  From PR 39167.

#	$NetBSD: aliases,v 1.21 2008/07/18 21:12:03 apb Exp $
#	from: @(#)aliases	8.2 (Berkeley) 3/5/94
#  Aliases in this file will NOT be expanded in the header from
#  Mail, but WILL be visible over networks or from /bin/mail.
#	>>>>>>>>>>	The program "newaliases" must be run after
#	>> NOTE >>	this file is updated for any changes to
#	>>>>>>>>>>	show through to sendmail.

# Basic system aliases -- these MUST be present.
MAILER-DAEMON: postmaster
postmaster: root

# General redirections for pseudo accounts.
toor:		root
daemon:		root
bin:		root
games:		root
postfix:	postmaster
named:		root
ntpd:		root
sshd:		root
nobody:		root

# Well-known aliases -- these should be filled in!
# root:
# operator:

# Standard aliases defined by rfc2142
# address to report network abuse (like spam)
abuse:		postmaster
# reports of network infrastructure difficulties
noc:		root
# address to report security problems
security:	root
# DNS administrator (DNS SOA records should use this)
hostmaster:	root
# Usenet news service administrator
usenet:		root
news:		usenet
# http/web service administrator
webmaster:	root
www:		webmaster
# UUCP service administrator
uucp:		root
# FTP administrator (especially anonymous FTP)
ftp:		root

# don't enable this.
# decode:	/dev/null

# uncomment this for msgs(1):
# msgs: "|/usr/bin/msgs -s"