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[DIR] bluetooth/        
[DIR] default/        
[DIR] defaults/        
[DIR] etc.aarch64/        
[DIR] etc.acorn26/        
[DIR] etc.acorn32/        
[DIR] etc.algor/        
[DIR] etc.alpha/        
[DIR] etc.amd64/        
[DIR] etc.amiga/        
[DIR] etc.amigappc/        
[DIR] etc.arc/        
[DIR] etc.arm26/        
[DIR] etc.arm32/        
[DIR] etc.atari/        
[DIR] etc.bebox/        
[DIR] etc.cats/        
[DIR] etc.cesfic/        
[DIR] etc.cobalt/        
[DIR] etc.dreamcast/        
[DIR] etc.emips/        
[DIR] etc.epoc32/        
[DIR] etc.evbarm/        
[DIR] etc.evbcf/        
[DIR] etc.evbmips/        
[DIR] etc.evbppc/        
[DIR] etc.evbsh3/        
[DIR] etc.evbsh5/        
[DIR] etc.ews4800mips/        
[DIR] etc.hp300/        
[DIR] etc.hp700/        
[DIR] etc.hpcarm/        
[DIR] etc.hpcmips/        
[DIR] etc.hpcsh/        
[DIR] etc.hppa/        
[DIR] etc.i386/        
[DIR] etc.ia64/        
[DIR] etc.ibmnws/        
[DIR] etc.iyonix/        
[DIR] etc.landisk/        
[DIR] etc.luna68k/        
[DIR] etc.mac68k/        
[DIR] etc.macppc/        
[DIR] etc.mipsco/        
[DIR] etc.mmeye/        
[DIR] etc.mvme68k/        
[DIR] etc.mvmeppc/        
[DIR] etc.netwinder/        
[DIR] etc.news68k/        
[DIR] etc.newsmips/        
[DIR] etc.next68k/        
[DIR] etc.ofppc/        
[DIR] etc.or1k/        
[DIR] etc.pc532/        
[DIR] etc.playstation2/        
[DIR] etc.pmax/        
[DIR] etc.pmppc/        
[DIR] etc.prep/        
[DIR] etc.riscv/        
[DIR] etc.rs6000/        
[DIR] etc.sandpoint/        
[DIR] etc.sbmips/        
[DIR] etc.sgimips/        
[DIR] etc.shark/        
[DIR] etc.sparc/        
[DIR] etc.sparc64/        
[DIR] etc.sun2/        
[DIR] etc.sun3/        
[DIR] etc.sun3x/        
[DIR] etc.svr4/        
[DIR] etc.ultrix/        
[DIR] etc.vax/        
[DIR] etc.walnut/        
[DIR] etc.x68k/        
[DIR] etc.x86_64/        
[DIR] etc.xen/        
[DIR] etc.zaurus/        
[DIR] iscsi/        
[DIR] kerberosIV/        
[DIR] mtree/        
[DIR] namedb/        
[DIR] pam.d/        
[DIR] periodic.d/        
[DIR] powerd/        
[DIR] ppp/        
[DIR] rc.conf.d/        
[DIR] rc.d/        
[DIR] root/        
[DIR] skel/        
[DIR] ssh/        
[TXT] MAKEDEV.awk  1.21   11 years  mrg   branches: 1.21.6; 1.21.12; make sure we pickup the powerpc majors file on powe...
[TXT] MAKEDEV.local  1.14   13 years  martin   Convert TNF licenses to new 2 clause variant
[TXT] MAKEDEV.tmpl  1.165   8 years  jmcneill   create /dev/vchiq
[TXT] Makefile  1.406   8 years  jmmv   Install a kyua.conf file that sets unprivileged_user to _tests.
[TXT] Makefile.params  1.2   8 years  jmmv   Record the value of MKATF and MKKYUA in /etc/release.
[TXT] aliases  1.22   10 years  reed   mail(8) is no longer in /bin. (Trivia: this sentence is from the 4.0BSD from 198...
[TXT] bootptab  1.6   20 years  pooka   bootpd lives in /usr/sbin, not /etc
[TXT] changelist  1.25   12 years  haad   Add support for lvm to security script. Backup lvm configuration to /var/backup/...
[TXT] crontab  1.15   18 years  perry   branches: 1.15.100; 1.15.102; Set a CRON_WITHIN of 7200 (2 hours). This should...
[TXT] csh.cshrc  1.2   25 years  thorpej   RCS id police.
[TXT] csh.login  1.2   25 years  thorpej   RCS id police.
[TXT] csh.logout  1.2   25 years  thorpej   RCS id police.
[TXT] daily  1.88   8 years  christos   add missing $, from Petar Bogdanovic
[TXT] daily.conf  1.4   20 years  lukem   move default config files from /etc/default -> /etc/defaults, to be consistent w...
[TXT] disktab  1.2   18 years  jmmv   Add missing ta=4.2BSD to the `a' partition of `floppy' entry. Okay'ed by jdolece...
[TXT] dm.conf  1.3   24 years  mikel   cleanup Lite-1 merge
[TXT] envsys.conf  1.12   13 years  xtraeme   Fixup the rfact for the -12V sensor in the Gigabyte P35C-DS3R motherboard.
[TXT] floppytab  1.1   24 years  jtk   add floppy formatting table
[TXT] ftpchroot  1.3   24 years  mrg   comment localised configuration.
[TXT] ftpusers  1.9   15 years  christos   remove some more smmsp for sendmail.
[TXT] gettytab  1.18   15 years  dsl   Remove the sp#9600 from the entry for Pc|Pc console. wscons will have set 9600 s...
[TXT] gpio.conf  1.2   9 years  mbalmer   Better wording.
[TXT] group  1.28   9 years  christos   branches: 1.28.6; - add _tss user for tcsd, and needed directories for TrouSerS...
[TXT] hosts  1.8   11 years  hubertf   branches: 1.8.6; 1.8.12; Make the section on private networks more clear - ins...
[TXT] hosts.equiv  1.3   25 years  mrg   don't put bogus info in here.
[TXT] hosts.lpd  1.2   24 years  mrg   comment localised configuration.
[TXT] inetd.conf  1.58   13 years  tls   branches: 1.58.56; Add httpd to the build. Add _httpd to passwd and groups and...
[TXT] locate.conf  1.1   17 years  itohy   branches: 1.1.62; 1.1.76; Configuration file of locate(1) database.
[TXT] login.conf  1.4   9 years  sborrill   branches: 1.4.2; Set commented out maxproc-cur and openfiles-cur default values...
[TXT] mailer.conf  1.18   9 years  mbalmer   is is -> is
[TXT] man.conf  1.31   8 years  wiz   branches: 1.31.2; Make mandb path configurable. makemandb (and related tools) u...
[TXT] master.passwd  1.46   9 years  riz   branches: 1.46.2; Change root's default shell to /bin/sh, to provide a default ...
[TXT] minfree  1.1   23 years  perry   add a default minfree file (requested by David Brownlee, pr-1577)
[TXT] mkttys  1.1   17 years  christos   remove ad-hok list of pty's from port tty files, and auto-generate it so that it...
[TXT] monthly  1.12   10 years  christos   `` -> $()
[TXT] monthly.conf  1.3   20 years  lukem   move default config files from /etc/default -> /etc/defaults, to be consistent w...
[TXT] motd.beta  1.4   13 years  jmmv   branches: 1.4.74; Properly capitalize NetBSD in URLs.
[TXT] motd.current  1.6   12 years  perry   branches: 1.6.48; Slight wording change so that the bug warning sounds more nat...
[TXT] motd.default  1.1   8 years  apb   branches: 1.1.2; 1.1.4; motd needs to be re-generated when DISTRIBVER changes,...
[TXT] motd.rc  1.4   13 years  jmmv   branches: 1.4.74; Properly capitalize NetBSD in URLs.
[TXT] mrouted.conf  1.5   18 years  keihan   TYPO: bounary => boundary Reviewed by Luke Mewburn.
[TXT] named.conf  1.6   10 years  christos   branches: 1.6.6; 1.6.12; Enable dnssec, and populate managed-keys.bind
[TXT] netconfig  1.1   21 years  fvdl   branches: 1.1.4; * Portmap is now called rpcbind. * Add IPv6 RPC entries to ine...
[TXT] networks  1.5   22 years  fair   one more change per PR#4865
[TXT] newsyslog.conf  1.21   14 years  hubertf   branches: 1.21.68; Remove last traces of /var/log/aculog OK'd by perry@
[TXT] nsswitch.conf  1.6   11 years  tsarna   Major enhancements to mdnsd nsswitch support: - nss_mdns renamed to nss_multic...
[TXT] ntp.conf  1.14   9 years  christos   branches: 1.14.2; 1.14.6; 1.14.8; 1.14.16; use the join URL.
[TXT] passwd.conf  1.3   10 years  jmmv   Set the default localcypher to sha1 as discussed in current-users@.
[TXT] phones  1.4   24 years  mikel   cleanup Lite-1 merge
[TXT] printcap  1.14   12 years  wiz   ascii -> ASCII ethernet -> Ethernet in comment.
[TXT] profile  1.1   24 years  mikel   add sample /etc/profile, cribbed shamelessly from csh.login. consists solely ...
[TXT] protocols  1.26   8 years  christos   refresh from IANA
[TXT] rbootd.conf  1.3   24 years  mrg   comment some localised entries; idea from openbsd
[TXT] rc  1.166   9 years  apb   branches: 1.166.2; 1.166.8; 1.166.20; Allow "echo -n" to work as expected in ...
[TXT] rc.conf  1.96   20 years  wiz   branches: 1.96.64; 1.96.78; fix typo in comment
[TXT] rc.local  1.32   13 years  perry   make the example more generic, and include a test
[TXT] rc.shutdown  1.9   8 years  jnemeth   PR/46601 - Jim Bernard -- add support for rc_directories
[TXT] rc.subr  1.92   8 years  apb   branches: 1.92.8; Add shell implementations of basename and dirname to rc.subr....
[TXT] remote  1.8   20 years  lukem   Use /dev/dtyXX instead of /dev/ttyXX, and other cleanups. Heavily inspired by PR...
[TXT] rpc  1.7   13 years  jmcneill   Add sgi_fam, one less thing that has to be done when one wants to run GNOME on N...
[TXT] security  1.111   9 years  spz   branches: 1.111.2; change security so that there is a configuration value for t...
[TXT] security.conf  1.8   20 years  lukem   move default config files from /etc/default -> /etc/defaults, to be consistent w...
[TXT] services  1.97   8 years  christos   branches: 1.97.8; PR/47678: Dr. Wolfgang Stukenbrock: remove local iscsi entry ...
[TXT] shells  1.3   24 years  mrg   add /bin/ksh
[TXT] shrc  1.7   10 years  christos   `` -> $()
[TXT] sysctl.conf  1.8   9 years  christos   mention kern.tty.qsize requested by Matthew Mondor.
[TXT] syslog.conf  1.9   16 years  mycroft   There is really just no point in having every root login get spamming with syslo...
[TXT] weekly  1.29   8 years  wiz   Use new makemandb -Q flag to be really quiet.
[TXT] weekly.conf  1.3   20 years  lukem   move default config files from /etc/default -> /etc/defaults, to be consistent w...
[TXT] wscons.conf  1.19   9 years  christos   branches: 1.19.46; Sync keyboard list with reality.

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