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Current tag: pkgsrc-2021Q4

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[DIR] Attic/  [Don't hide]
[DIR] atf/
[DIR] autofs/
[DIR] bluetooth/
[DIR] default/
[DIR] defaults/
[DIR] etc.aarch64/
[DIR] etc.acorn26/
[DIR] etc.acorn32/
[DIR] etc.algor/
[DIR] etc.alpha/
[DIR] etc.amd64/
[DIR] etc.amiga/
[DIR] etc.amigappc/
[DIR] etc.arc/
[DIR] etc.arm26/
[DIR] etc.arm32/
[DIR] etc.atari/
[DIR] etc.bebox/
[DIR] etc.cats/
[DIR] etc.cesfic/
[DIR] etc.cobalt/
[DIR] etc.dreamcast/
[DIR] etc.emips/
[DIR] etc.epoc32/
[DIR] etc.evbarm/
[DIR] etc.evbcf/
[DIR] etc.evbmips/
[DIR] etc.evbppc/
[DIR] etc.evbsh3/
[DIR] etc.evbsh5/
[DIR] etc.ews4800mips/
[DIR] etc.hp300/
[DIR] etc.hp700/
[DIR] etc.hpcarm/
[DIR] etc.hpcmips/
[DIR] etc.hpcsh/
[DIR] etc.hppa/
[DIR] etc.i386/
[DIR] etc.ia64/
[DIR] etc.ibmnws/
[DIR] etc.iyonix/
[DIR] etc.landisk/
[DIR] etc.luna68k/
[DIR] etc.mac68k/
[DIR] etc.macppc/
[DIR] etc.mipsco/
[DIR] etc.mmeye/
[DIR] etc.mvme68k/
[DIR] etc.mvmeppc/
[DIR] etc.netwinder/
[DIR] etc.news68k/
[DIR] etc.newsmips/
[DIR] etc.next68k/
[DIR] etc.ofppc/
[DIR] etc.or1k/
[DIR] etc.pc532/
[DIR] etc.playstation2/
[DIR] etc.pmax/
[DIR] etc.pmppc/
[DIR] etc.prep/
[DIR] etc.riscv/
[DIR] etc.rs6000/
[DIR] etc.sandpoint/
[DIR] etc.sbmips/
[DIR] etc.sgimips/
[DIR] etc.shark/
[DIR] etc.sparc/
[DIR] etc.sparc64/
[DIR] etc.sun2/
[DIR] etc.sun3/
[DIR] etc.sun3x/
[DIR] etc.svr4/
[DIR] etc.ultrix/
[DIR] etc.vax/
[DIR] etc.walnut/
[DIR] etc.x68k/
[DIR] etc.x86_64/
[DIR] etc.xen/
[DIR] etc.zaurus/
[DIR] iscsi/
[DIR] kerberosIV/
[DIR] mtree/
[DIR] namedb/
[DIR] pam.d/
[DIR] periodic.d/
[DIR] powerd/
[DIR] ppp/
[DIR] rc.conf.d/
[DIR] rc.d/
[DIR] root/
[DIR] skel/
[DIR] ssh/

NOTE: There are 73 files, but none matches the current tag (pkgsrc-2021Q4).

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