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Revision 1.123, Wed May 8 22:01:47 2019 UTC (21 months, 2 weeks ago) by nat
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: phil-wifi-20191119, phil-wifi-20190609, netbsd-9-base, netbsd-9-1-RELEASE, netbsd-9-0-RELEASE, netbsd-9-0-RC2, netbsd-9-0-RC1, netbsd-9
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Sync with reality.

#	$NetBSD: RESPONSIBLE,v 1.123 2019/05/08 22:01:47 nat Exp $

List of sections of the system, and who is responsible for them (or at
least considered an expert on them).

Some of this information is duplicated from 3RDPARTY and should be
maintained in both places.

Warning: this list is not yet considered definitive, and is
necessarily incomplete!

Userland Programs:

amd		christos
atf		jmmv
audioplay	mrg
audiorecord	mrg
awk		jdolecek*
bc		phil*, simonb
config		cube*
csh		christos
cvs		christos, wiz
dhcp		mellon*
edquota		dholland
error		christos
etcupdate	[nobody]
expr		jdolecek*
file		christos, pooka
gpioctl		mbalmer
grep		simonb, wiz
groff		wiz
gzip		mrg, atatat*
ifconfig	dyoung
inetd		dholland
hostapd		[nobody]
httpd		mrg
installboot(mi)	core
kerberos	lha*, joda*
ld.elf_so	joerg
less/more	mrg
lint		christos
lpr		mrg
lua/luac	mbalmer, lneto
luactl		mbalmer
mail		christos
make		christos, sjg, dholland
midirecord	mrg
named(bind)	christos
ntp		simonb, jonathan*
openpam		christos, jnemeth
openssh		christos
pax/tar		christos
pcc		ragge*
pigz		mrg
ping		christos
ping6		core
postfix		tron
postinstall	core
ppp(async)	christos
ppp(sync)	martin?
racoon		manu
routed		christos
sh		christos, dsl, kre
sort		jdolecek*
sysctl		atatat*
talk/talkd	dholland
tcpdump		core
texinfo		wiz
gcc		mrg, christos
gdb		christos
binutils	skrll
top		simonb
user		agc
vi		aymeric
wakeonlan	mbalmer
wpa_supplicant	scw*
ypbind		dholland

Userland Libraries:

atf		jmmv
citrus		core
curses		blymn, jdc
edit		christos, jdolecek*
kerberos	lha*, joda*
openssl		thorpej*, christos
pcap		core
pthread		nathanw*
quota		dholland
resolver(bind)	christos
softfloat	bjh21*
tz		kleink

Userland Misc:

iscsi target	agc
root.cache	[no one]
syspkgs		agc, apb
terminfo	roy
[uw]tmp{,x}	christos


[Surely this needs breaking up further]
xorg		mrg, rtr, macallan

X video drivers:

pnozz		macallan
suncg6		macallan
sunffb		macallan


device support:

acpi		thorpej*, kochi*, jmcneill, joerg
audio		augustss*, jmcneill
cgd		elric
firewire	jmc*
flash		ahoka
gpio		mbalmer
ide/atapi	bouyer
irda		augustss*, kenh
keylock		mbalmer
mca		jdolecek*
nand		ahoka
net80211	dyoung
onewire		riz
podulebus	bjh21*
scsi		bouyer, thorpej*, reinoud
sysmon_envsys	pgoyette
raid(hard)	ad*
raidframe	oster
usb		augustss*, skrll
vcons		macallan

device drivers:

audio device drivers:

auich		kent*
dbri		macallan
eap		pooka
esa		jmcneill

console device drivers:

cgsix		macallan
machfb		macallan
ofb		macallan
pnozz		macallan

network device drivers:

ath		dyoung
atw		dyoung
bge		fvdl*, jonathan*, thorpej*
gsip		thorpej*
mb86960		tsutsui
rtw		dyoung
run		nonaka
seeq8005	bjh21*
ti		bouyer
tl		bouyer
urtwn		nonaka

scsi device drivers:

esiop		bouyer
iha		tsutsui
oosiop		tsutsui
osiop		tsutsui
pcscp		tsutsui
siop		bouyer
spc		tsutsui
trm		tsutsui

system controller device drivers:

elansc		dyoung
elanpar		dyoung
elanpex		dyoung

file systems:

adosfs		?
cd9660		?
chfs		ttoth*
coda		gdt
efs		rumble*
ext2fs		[nobody in particular]
ffs		?
ffs+wapbl	?
hfs		dillo*
kernfs		?
lfs		dholland, perseant
mfs		[nobody in particular]
msdosfs		jdolecek*
nilfs		reinoud
nfs		fvdl*
ntfs		jdolecek*
nullfs/layerfs	dholland, pooka
overlay		[nobody]
procfs		?
ptyfs		christos
puffs		pooka
smbfs		jdolecek*
sysvbfs		?
tmpfs		rmind
udf		reinoud
ufs		fvdl*
union		[nobody]
umapfs		[nobody]
v7fs		uch*


buffercache	[nobody]
fstrans		hannken
genfs_io	yamt
mount		?
namei		dholland
rename		dholland, riastradh
vnode-lifecycle	hannken
misc		dholland, pooka


ddb		jhawk, mrg
emulation	christos, fvdl*, manu, jdolecek*, mrg
kevents		jdolecek*
ksyms		ragge*
modules		jnemeth, pgoyette
lwp/pthread	nathanw*
ntp		simonb, jonathan*
pipes		jdolecek*
splash		jmcneill
uvm		chuck, chs, mrg, atatat*


linux-alpha	erh
linux-i386	fvdl*, jdolecek*
linux-m68k	itohy*
linux-mips	manu
linux-powerpc	manu
linux-amd64	manu
netbsd32	mrg


general net	thorpej*, matt
ipf		darrenr
kame/ipv6	core
npf		rmind
pf		peter*, yamt
ppp(async)	christos
ppp(sync)	martin


[should be synced with src/distrib/notes/common/main]
acorn32		reinoud
amd64		dsl
algor		core
alpha		matt
amiga		is
amigappc	is
arc		soda
atari		jdc
bebox		core
cats		core
cesfic		drochner
cobalt		core
emips		pooka
evbarm		core
evbmips		simonb
evbppc		scw*
evbsh3		core
ews4800mips	tsutsui
hp300		tsutsui
hpcarm		core
hpcmips		core
hpcsh		uwe
hppa		skrll
i386		dsl
ibmnws		matt
iyonix		gavan
landisk		uwe
luna68k		nisimura
mac68k		scottr*
macppc		macallan
mipsco		wdk*
mmeye		core
mvme68k		scw*
mvmeppc		scw*
netwinder	matt
news68k		tsutsui
newsmips	core
next68k		core
ofppc		garbled
playstation2	martin
pmax		simonb
pmppc		core
prep		garbled
sandpoint	nisimura
sbmips		simonb
sgimips		core
shark		core
sh3		msaitoh,uwe
sparc		core
sparc64		martin
sun2		core
sun3		jeremy*
usermode	reinoud
vax		core
x68k		core
xen		bouyer

MD Misc:

hpcboot		uwe
i386 bootblocks	dsl, drochner, fvdl*, christos
amiga pci	rkujawa


Build Tools	core
Man Pages	wiz
Release Tools	core
Standards Guru	kleink

* No longer has commit rights, but may still answer questions.