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Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Sat Mar 17 19:39:34 2012 UTC (8 years, 10 months ago) by bouyer
Branch: netbsd-4-0
Changes since +1 -13 lines
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Pull up following revision(s) via patch (requested by nakayama in ticket #1443):
	sys/arch/sparc64/conf/Makefile.sparc64: revision 1.71
	doc/HACKS: revision 1.123
	sys/arch/sparc64/conf/files.sparc64: revision 1.138
	sys/arch/sparc64/sparc64/locore.s: revision 1.340
Fix the root cause of the hack "disable optimizations for uvm_bio.c
on 32 bit kernels".
gcc converts a division in the calculation of UBC_UMAP_ADDR macro
to multiplication (smul or combination of add/sll), and the
register of its result contains a garbage in upper 32 bits (the
upper 32 bits of smul/add/sll's result isn't zero cleared).
Then it passes to pseg_get{,_real} through pmap_extract without the
zero clear of upper 32 bits in the optimization case.  So the
result of pseg_get and pmap_extact sometimes gets screwed up.
The hack has been resolved in the revision 1.340 of

Revision / (download) - annotate - [select for diffs], Thu Jul 19 14:38:17 2007 UTC (13 years, 6 months ago) by liamjfoy
Branch: netbsd-4
CVS Tags: wrstuden-fixsa-newbase, wrstuden-fixsa-base-1, wrstuden-fixsa-base, netbsd-4-0-RELEASE, netbsd-4-0-RC5, netbsd-4-0-RC4, netbsd-4-0-RC3, netbsd-4-0-RC2, netbsd-4-0-RC1, netbsd-4-0-1-RELEASE
Branch point for: netbsd-4-0
Changes since +1 -86 lines
Diff to previous (unified) to branchpoint 1.91 (unified)

Pull up following revision(s) (requested by soren in ticket #774): revision 1.169
	gnu/usr.bin/gcc4/backend/Makefile: revision 1.9
	sys/arch/evbsh5/README: revision 1.1
	distrib/notes/common/contents: revision 1.124
	usr.sbin/ndbootd/ndbootd.c: revision 1.12
	gnu/lib/libopcodes/arch/sh3eb/ revision 1.4
	gnu/lib/libbfd/arch/sh3eb/ revision 1.8
	libexec/ld.elf_so/Makefile: revision 1.78
	gnu/dist/binutils/bfd/config.bfd: revision 1.14
	doc/HACKS: revision 1.93
	distrib/cdrom/current.conf: revision 1.8
	gnu/lib/libgcc4/ revision 1.6
	share/mk/ revision 1.90
	distrib/sets/lists/base/mi: revision 1.700
	libexec/ld.elf_so/rtld.c: revision 1.112
	distrib/sets/lists/base/mi: revision 1.702
	sys/arch/sh5/README: revision 1.1
	gnu/lib/libbfd/arch/sh3el/bfd.h: revision 1.7
	usr.sbin/traceroute/traceroute.c: revision 1.69
	distrib/notes/common/main: revision 1.330
	distrib/notes/common/ revision 1.2
	sys/arch/Makefile: revision 1.35
	gnu/lib/libopcodes/arch/sh3el/ revision 1.4
	gnu/lib/libbfd/arch/sh3el/ revision 1.8
	share/mk/ revision 1.495
	gnu/lib/libbfd/arch/sh3eb/bfd.h: revision 1.7
	x11/lib/OSmesa/Makefile: revision 1.20
	sys/dev/dkwedge/dkwedge_bsdlabel.c: revision 1.13
	gnu/dist/binutils/opcodes/ revision 1.2
	gnu/dist/binutils/opcodes/configure: revision 1.2
	gnu/usr.bin/send-pr/categories: revision 1.53
	etc/mtree/NetBSD.dist: revision 1.339
	sys/arch/README: revision 1.42
	lib/libc/gdtoa/ revision 1.6
	usr.bin/crunch/crunchide/Makefile: revision 1.16
	sys/lkm/net/bsdcomp/Makefile: revision 1.5
	regress/sys/uvm/Makefile: revision 1.6
	etc/MAKEDEV.awk: revision 1.18
	x11/Xserver/GL/GLcore/Makefile.GLcore: revision 1.10
	sys/contrib/dev/ath/netbsd/ revision 1.14
	gnu/lib/libbfd/Makefile: revision 1.42
	doc/RESPONSIBLE: revision 1.78
Remove evbsh5.

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