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Revision 1.764.2.28, Sun Nov 25 09:22:35 2007 UTC (13 years, 2 months ago) by xtraeme
Branch: netbsd-4
CVS Tags: wrstuden-fixsa-newbase, wrstuden-fixsa-base-1, wrstuden-fixsa-base, netbsd-4-0-RELEASE, netbsd-4-0-RC5, netbsd-4-0-1-RELEASE, netbsd-4-0
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Add entry for ticket #990.

LIST OF CHANGES FROM LAST RELEASE:			<$Revision: 1.764.2.28 $>

[Note: This file does not mention every change made to the NetBSD source tree.
For an exhaustive list, please subscribe to the `source-changes' mailing list,
or see the mailing list archives.  For more information, send a message
containing just the word `help' to `majordomo@NetBSD.org'.]

Changes from NetBSD 3.0 to NetBSD 4.0:
	agr(4): Add pseudo-device driver for link aggregation. [yamt 20050318]
	kernel: Limit the number of locks per user to 1024 [christos 20050320]
	crypto: Upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.7f [christos 20050325]
	attimer(4): Split the pcppi(4) driver to properly assign resources and
		allow both the devices to attach through ACPI [cube 20050325]
	gre(4): add support for IPv6 as inner protocol, contributed by
		Gert Doering [is 20050330]
	/rescue: Add tetris.  [lukem 20050401]
	uvm(9): Simplify kernel memory allocation API and its implementation.
		[yamt 20050401]
	ipf(8): Updated to version 4.1.8. [martti 20050403]
	identd(8): Add support for forwarding ident queries and receiving of
		proxied ident queries. [peter 20050404]
	ac97(4): Add support for AC'97 modems. [jmcneill 20050407]
	auich(4): Add support for Intel ICH AC'97 modems as audio devices.
		Currently disabled by default. [jmcneill 20050407]
	event(3): Updated libevent to 1.0c [provos 20050417]
	arc: Add a standalone boot program to load ELF kernels.
		[tsutsui 20050418]
	cvs(1): Upgrade to 1.11.20. [christos 20050419]
	openssh: Upgrade to 4.0. [christos 20050423]
	crypto: Upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.7g [christos 20050423]
	gettext(1): Upgrade to 0.14.4 [christos 20050429]
	ehci(4): Various bug fixes.  The most visible is that low/full speed
		devices can now be connected to high speed hubs.
		[augustss 20050501]
	acpi(4): Import ACPI-CA 20050408 [kochi 20050502]
	psh3tp(4): Support touch-panel for PERSONA SH3 machines.
		   [kiyohara 20050523]
	evbarm: Add support for the Arcom Viper.  [pooka 20050606]
	scan_ffs(8): Added scan_ffs from OpenBSD. Utility to find FFSv1/FFSv2
		partitions, to recover lost disklabels. [xtraeme 20050615]
	ataraid(4): Add man page and adapt support for Adaptec HostRAID
		from FreeBSD. [briggs 20050620]
	wtf(6): Now searches all acronyms databases (the -t switch is
		gone), whatis(1) and then pkg_info(1). [hubertf 20050622]
	i386: Add cd9660 file system support to the BIOS bootloader.
		[junyoung 20050622]
	tlp(4): added support for ASIX AX88140A and AX88141.
		[rpaulo 20050624]
	pss(4): Remove the pss(4) driver.  It has never been workable.
		[kent 20050628]
	deroff(1): brought back from the dead. [perry 20050629]
	spell(1): brought back from the dead. [perry 20050629]
	ching(6):  brought back from the dead. [perry 20050630]
	pf(4): PF from OpenBSD 3.7 imported [peter 20050701]
	i386: WSDISPLAY_SCROLLSUPPORT is now enabled in GENERIC kernel.
		[rpaulo 20050702]
	awk(1): Upgrade to nawk 20050424 [jdolecek 20050702]
	ieee1394: ieee1394 from FreeBSD imported [kiyohara 20050711]
	ral(4): Add driver for Ralink PCI/Cardbus/USB wlan adapters
		(written by Damien Bergamini, ported by FUKAUMI Naoki)
		[drochner 20050714]
	uipaq(4): USB driver for iPAQ devices.  From OpenBSD.
		[augustss 20050718]
	netinet: Implement PMTU checks and ignore ICMP Source Quench messages
		for TCP as described in:
		[christos 20050719]
	config(1): Implement "no <dev> at <attachment>". [cube 20050724]
	ucycom(4): Add driver for Cypress microcontroller based serial
		devices. [skrll 20050731]
	hpcmips: Add teliosio(4) driver for the Sharp Telios LCD screen and
		Battery unit. [nakayama 20050731]
	scan_lfs(8): Program to find LFS partitions on disks [xtraeme 20050731]
	ftpd(8): Implement option "-D", for running ftpd(8) in standalone mode.
		[peter 20050804]
	bpf(4): Add two new sysctls to retrieve statistics and current
		peers, viewable with netstat(1). [rpaulo 20050805]
	postfix(1): Updated to 2.2.5. [rpaulo 20050818]
	kernel: 64 bit inode changes [christos 20050819]
	getent(1): Add support for "ethers" database. [ginsbach 20050824]
	ftpd(8): Add new ftpd.conf(5) option, recvbufsize, and make
		readsize option also apply to network reads for transfers to
		the server. [ginsbach 20050824]
	UFS: Add experimental support for file-backed extended attributes
		on UFS1 file systems, adapted from FreeBSD.  [thorpej 20050828]
	psh3lcd(4): Support LCD screen driver for PERSONA SH3 machines.
		   [kiyohara 20050906]
		GENERIC_LAPTOP and XEN0 kernels. [rpaulo 20050909]
	amd64: WSDISPLAY_SCROLLSUPPORT enabled in GENERIC kernel.
		[rpaulo 20050909]
	kernel: Add tmpfs file system. [jmmv 20050910]
	mount_tmpfs(8): Add utility to mount a tmpfs file system.
		[jmmv 20050910]
	kernel, libc: Re-factor compatibility code to hide compatibility
		info from the header files and to allow libc to compile
		without the compatibility hooks [christos 20050912]
	am-utils: Upgrade to [rpaulo 20050920]
	pam_afslog(8): Add module to obtain AFS tokens from krb5
		credentials and create a PAG if necessary. [tsarna 20050921]
	kernel: Reset the AMD Geode SC1100 microcontroller. [dyoung 20050922]
	geodewdog(4): Add driver for AMD Geode SC1100 microcontroller's
		watchdog timer. [dyoung 20050922]
	kernel: Add the VFS hooks interface so that kernel subsystems
		other than VFS can execute code upon VFS operations.
		See vfs_hooks(9) for more information.  [jmmv 20050923]
	kernel: Re-factor NFS exports list code handling, making it simpler
		by abstracting all the details into the NFS generic code,
		using the previously mentioned VFS hooks interface to make
		it work. [jmmv 20050923]
	mountd(8): Make this utility file system independent, also simplifying
		its code. [jmmv 20050923]
	gpio(4): Import general purpose I/O framework from OpenBSD.
		[jmcneill 20050926]
	gpioctl(8): Import utility to talk to general purpose I/O devices
		from OpenBSD [jmcneill 20050926]
	config(1): Implement "no device at <attachment>" and "no <device>".
		[cube 20050930]
	wpa:	Add wpa_cli and wpa_supplicant.
		[scw 20051001]
	xen:	Improvements to the network backend to avoid data copy when
		possible. [bouyer 20051002]
	file(1): update to 4.16.  [pooka 20051018]
	evbarm: Add support for the Atmark Techno Armadillo-9.
		[hamajima 20051113]
	ipv6: rc.conf(5) $ip6sitelocal variable has been removed. You
		should use Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses defined by RFC 4193
		and control how they are routed with the $ip6uniquelocal
		variable. [rpaulo 20051124]
	openssl: update to 0.9.8a [christos 20051125]
	kernel:	Switch to a stateful read-ahead algorithm. [yamt 20051130]
	posix_fadvise(2): Add.  (Only POSIX_FADV_NORMAL, POSIX_FADV_RANDOM,
		and POSIX_FADV_SEQUENTIAL are implemented.) [yamt 20051130]
	postfix(1): Updated to 2.2.6. [rpaulo 20051201]
	auich(4): Now it supports ICH7 and Intel 6300ESB audio controllers.
		[xtraeme 20051204]
	lmc(4): New driver from David Boggs [christos 20051205]
	kernel: Add a new ktrace record type for SA upcalls and add LWP
		information to ktrace records
		[darrenr,skrll,christos 20051211]
	userland: Generation and decode of new ktrace record type (sa_upcall)
		and LWP information for kdump and ktruss. Ability to trace
		upcalls. [skrll,christos 20051211]
	sip(4): Now enabled and known working for sparc64.  [mrg 20051220]
	libc/libkern: Merge common files [christos 20051220]
	tb(4): Remove the line discipline driver.  [thorpej 20051220]
	bind:	Imported 9.3.2 for named and tools [christos 20051221]
	dkctl(8), bufq(9): Add a functionality to switch bufq strategy
		on the fly.  [yamt 20051226]
	mbrlabel(8): Add the -s option to specify the sector in which sector
		the partition table is located.  [jmmv 20051227]
	kernel: Add preliminary support for System V Boot File System.
		Written by UCHIYAMA Yasushi. [tsutsui 20051229]
	newfs_sysvbfs(8), mount_sysvbfs(8): Add utilities for System V
		Boot File System. Also written by UCHIYAMA Yasushi.
		[tsutsui 20051229]
	ews4800mips: Initial import of ews4800mips port. Most porting work
		was done by UCHIYAMA Yasushi. [tsutsui 20051229]
	rtw(4): Add support for GCT Semiconductor GRF5101
		transceiver/synthesizer.  [dyoung 20051229]
	i386:	Add support for AMD PowerNow technology.
		Written by Martin Vegiard. [xtraeme 20051231]
	rlphy(4): Realtek 8139/8201L PHY. From OpenBSD [xtraeme 20060104]
	build.sh: Add experimental ability to build syspkgs. [apb 20060104]
	postfix(1): Updated to 2.2.8. [rpaulo 20060109]
	ews4800mips: Add sysinst support. [tsutsui 20060109]
	zlib: Updated to 1.2.3 and shared between kernel and userland.
		[christos 20060114]
	firmload(9): Add an API for loading firmware images used by hardware
		devices.  [thorpej 20060116]
	evbmips: Add support for Alchemy Au1550 processors and DBAu1550 board.
		[gdamore 20060127]
	build.sh: Add iso-image action, to create a CD-ROM image after
		build.sh release. [apb 20060128]
	acpi(4): Import ACPI-CA 20060113 [kochi 20060129]
	vnd(4):	Remove compile-time limit on the number of vnd(4) devices.  Now
		devices are automatically created when they are configured.
		[cube 20060201]
	fs/udf: added UDF file system support for optical media and block
		devices like harddisc partions and vnd's.
		[reinoud 20060202]
	binutils: updated to FSF binutils 2.16.1 release.  [skrll 20060202]
	i386: Add support for the Multiboot Specification.  [jmmv 20060203]
	cvs(1): Upgrade to 1.11.21, and move it to xcvs [christos 20060204]
	openssh: Upgrade to 4.3. [christos 20060204]
	openpam(3): update to 20050616 (figwort) [christos 20060204]
	am-utils: Upgrade to 6.1.3 [christos 20060205]
	wsmouse(4): Add support to automatically repeat wsmouse button events.
		[jmmv 20060205]
	pbms(4): 15" powerbook mouse driver from Johan Wallen
		[christos 20060205]
	evbarm: Add support for the Atmark Techno Armadillo-210.
		[hamajima 20060206]
	groff(1): Updated to 1.19.2. [wiz 20060206]
	sushi(8): Moved from base to othersrc [christos 20060208]
	iscsi-target(8): Add the NetBSD iSCSI target [agc 20060208]
	evbmips: Add support Alchemy Au15XX PCI host. (DBAu1500/DBAu1550).
		[gdamore 20060208]
	amd64: Add initial COMPAT_LINUX32 support [manu 20060209]
	rasops(9): Add shadow framebuffer support [jmcneill 20060218]
	etcupdate(8): Add ability to update from a binary set file.  Change
		the meaning of some options.  [apb 20060218]
	splash(9): Add splash screen support [jmcneill 20060218]
	vesafb(4): Add console driver for VBE 2.0+ framebuffers on i386
		[jmcneill 20060218]
		ioctls [jmcneill 20060218]
	prep: Add support for IBM 7024-E20 and 7025-F30. [garbled 20060223]
	vinum: Removed from base. [christos 20060225]
	postfix(1): Updated to 2.2.9. [rpaulo 20060225]
	evbmips: Add support for 4G Systems MTX-1 board (MeshCube/AccessCube).
		[gdamore 20060225]
	evbmips: Add support for Plat'home OpenMicroServer (OMS-AL400/128).
		[shige 20060227]
	evbarm: Add support for the Linksys NSLU2 (a.k.a. "Slug") NAS device.
		[scw 20060228]
	hpcarm: Jornada 720 keyboard driver changed to use hpckbd(4)
		[peter 20060304]
	hpcarm: Jornada 720 power management driver changed to use hpcapm(4)
		[peter 20060304]
	kernel: Add support for PT_SYSCALL, a ptrace call that allows processes
		to stop on syscall entry and exit. Used by tools like
		strace/truss [christos 20060305]
	svwsata(4): Driver for Serverworks K2 SATA controllers. From
		OpenBSD via Joerg Sonnenberger [bouyer 20060306]
	prep: Add pnpbus pseudo-bus to allow attachment of devices found in
		PReP residual data.  Remove hardcoded per-machine constants
		and replace with a dynamic machine setup for all prep
		hardware. [garbled 20060309]
	acpi(4): Import ACPI-CA 20060217 [kochi 20060312]
	nfe(4): Driver for NVIDIA nForce Ethernet from OpenBSD [chs 20060312]
	prep: Add NVRAM device and root device detection. [garbled 20060316]
	krb4: Removed [christos 20060319]
	evbmips: Add support for Atheros AR5312 SoC. [gdamore 20060321]
	ciss(4): Driver for HP/Compaq 5th+ generation Smart ARRAY controllers
		[he 20060321]
	prep: Add support for updating the boot partition. [garbled 20060323]
	tun(4): IPv6 support added [rpaulo 20060329]
	ndis(4): Ported FreeBSD's NDIS Wrapper.  See ndiscvt(8) for more
		information [rittera 20060330]
	utoppy(4): Driver for Topfield TF5000PVR range of digital video
		recorders.  [scw 20060403]
	utoppya(1): Userland program to interface to utoppy(4).
		[scw 20060403]
	ipf(8): Updated to version 4.1.13. [martti 20060404]
	onewire(4): Driver for Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire bus. From
		OpenBSD. [riz 20060407]
	gpioow(4): bit-banging driver for onewire via gpio pin.  From
		OpenBSD. [riz 20060407]
	owtemp(4): Driver for some 1-wire temperature sensors.  From
		OpenBSD. [riz 20060407]
	wpa_supplicant(8): Updated to version 0.4.8 [rpaulo 20060412]
	hostapd(8): Imported version 0.4.8 [rpaulo 20060412]
	lfs: Better handling of the page cache, particularly in regard to
		not writing us out of space.  New cleaner daemon.
		Various other fixes and improvements.  [perseant 20060414]
	cobalt: Add code to identify Cobalt models. [tsutsui 20060415]
	arc: Add support for pci_configure_bus(9) (a.k.a. options
		PCI_NETBSD_CONFIGURE) so that PCI devices over ppb(4) work
		properly on PCI based NEC machines. [tsutsui 20060415]
	cobalt: Switch cobalt port to use MI todr(9) functions and MI mc146818
		driver. [tsutsui 20060415]
	evbarm: Add support for the I-O DATA HDL-G.  [nonaka 20060416]
	sgimips: Switch macepci for O2 to use MI pci_configure_bus(9) rather
		than its own PCI fixup code. [tsutsui 20060417]
	ipw(4): The firmload(9) API is now used. You no longer need to
		use ipwctl(8) to load the firmware. [rpaulo 20060417]
	init(8): Support for running multi-user in a chroot() environment.
		Allows / file system on e.g., cgd(4), vnd(4) or ccd(4)
		volumes. [salo 20060418]
	gcc(1): Import GCC 4.1 branch from 20060420 (4.1.1 prerelease.)
		[mrg 20060420]
	cobalt: Account interrupts by evcnt(9). [tsutsui 20060421]
	cksum(1): Add a switch "-c file" to verify a list of checksums
		generated by the cksum program (and its siblings) and stored
		in file against files on disk, e.g. after "md5 *.tgz >MD5"
		verify with "md5 -c MD5". [hubertf 20060423]
	prep: Add support for the Motorola Powerstack E1. [garbled 20060426]
	prep: Add generic soft interrupt support. [garbled 20060503]
	ipv6: Add support for RFC 3542 API. By the KAME project.
		[rpaulo 20060505]
	piixpcib(4): Add support for Intel SpeedStep SMI on PIIX4 PCI-ISA
		bridges to the i386 port. [jmcneill 20060506]
	piixpm(4): Import Intel PIIX4 power management controller from
		OpenBSD. [jmcneill 20060506]
	prep: Account interrupts by evcnt(9). [garbled 20060508]
	it(4): Driver for iTE IT87xxF/SIS 950 Hardware monitor. Adapted
		from OpenBSD. [xtraeme 20060513]
	kauth(9): Integrate kernel authorization, to replace kernel management
		of credentials and (potentially) privileged operations
		requests. [elad 20060515]
	kernel: Add mprotect(2) restrictions to enforce W^X policies. See
		options(4), sysctl(3), and paxctl(1). From PaX. [elad 20060515]
	carp(4): Import Common Address Redundancy Protocol from OpenBSD
		[liamjfoy 20060518]
	security.conf(5): Add $check_devices_ignore_paths, to specify
		paths to not traverse during the $check_devices
		operation.  [lukem 20060525]
	hostapd(8): Updated to version 0.4.9. [rpaulo 20060525]
	wpa_supplicant(8): Updated to version 0.4.9. [rpaulo 20060525]
	sendmail(8): Removed. This removal was planned for post 4.0, but
		core@ and security-officer@ decided the sooner the
		better [christos 20060529]
	gcc(1): Import GCC 4.1 branch from 20060602 (4.1.2 prerelease.)
		[mrg 20060602]
	gcc(1): Import gcc 3.3.6 release. [skrll 20060605]
	ath(4): Import HAL, which adds support for WiSoC platforms
		(AR531x devices), and 32-bit SPARC. [gdamore 20060605]
	ral(4): new driver layout supporting the RT2661 chipset. From
		OpenBSD. [rpaulo 20060606]
	timecounter(9): ported from FreeBSD.
		completely new time-keeping infrastructure along with
		NTP API 4 nanokernel implementation. was expected after
		4.0 but core@ voted for early import to facilitate early
		testing and port conversion. simonb & [kardel 20060607]
	prep: Add support for PCI cards that have a builtin PCI-PCI bridge.
		[garbled 20060609]
	xen: Renamed kernel config files:
		XEN0           -> XEN2_DOM0
		XEN3_U         -> XEN3_DOMU
		XENU           -> XEN2_DOMU
		[hubertf 20060621]
	ntp:	Import ntp 4.2.2 (20060606). [kardel 20060611]
	prep: Add root device detection for Motorola machines.
		[garbled 20060615]
	bluetooth(9): Bluetooth support has enhanced so that bluetooth
		keyboards, mice, audio devices, and rfcomm networking are
		The work was done by Iain Hibbert under sponsorship by
		Itronix, Inc.  [gdamore 20060619]
	installboot(8): Add support for 2nd stage boot loaders on RAID 1
		partitions.  [jdc 20060620]
	sparc: Add support to the 2nd stage boot loader for booting from
		RAID 1 filesystems.  [jdc 20060620]
	prep: Add timecounter support. [garbled 20060620]
	gcc(1): Switched arm, armeb, i386, sparc, sparc64, x86_64 to GCC4.
		[christos 20060623]
	cvs(1): Upgrade to 1.11.22. [christos 20060623]
	gcc(1): Switched m68000 to GCC4. [mrg 20060623]
	gcc(1): Switched powerpc to GCC4. [garbled 20060623]
	azalia(4): add support for S/PDIF [kent 20060625]
	gcc(1): Switched alpha to GCC4. [drochner 20060626]
	socket(2): version bump for reasons listed in PR/33676 [mrg 20060627]
	pppd(8): updated to version 2.4.4. [christos 20060629]
	kse(4):	Driver for Micrel KSZ8842/8841 PCI Ethernet controller.
		[nisimura 20060630]
	midi(4): many changes to midi(4): eliminated several cases where
		certain message sequences could be mangled in transit;
		added support for Active Sensing. Altered handling of output
		to MIDI ports that lack transmit ready interrupts;
		latency reduced but can load system if used for bulk output;
		dmesg identifies which devices to avoid.
		eap(4): now uses tx-ready interrupt on MIDI port.
		Sequencer (/dev/music): improved handling of tempo and
		timebase changes; supplied the native sequencer API
		alluded to in midi.4.
		umidi(4): large improvements in transmit and receive
		throughput, resolving dropped-input problems;
		additional device support;
		resolved an input hang when receiving on multiple ports;
		improved mapping of device nodes to physical ports for
		nonstandard devices.
		opl(4), cms(4), pcppi(4): improved (if still primitive)
		MIDI synthesis. midiplay(1): Exact effect of some options
		clarified. Untested support added for playing absolute-timed
		MIDI files. [chap 20060630]
	xen: Xen3 dom0 support with block and network device backends
		completed. [bouyer 20060702]
	proplib(3): Added protocol for sending property lists to/from
		the kernel using ioctls. [thorpej 20060705]
	gcc(1): Switched vax to GCC4. [matt 20060707]
	kernel: Add fileassoc(9), in-kernel and file-system independent file
		meta-data association interface. [elad 20060714]
	postfix(1): Updated to 2.3.0. Dovecot server side SASL support
		activated. [rpaulo 20060720]
	tftp(1): Add support for the multicast TFTP option; open-loop mode
		only for now. [jmcneill 20060721]
	arc: Make bootloader pass kernel symbol info via bootinfo properly
		so that options SYMTAB_SPACE is no longer required for
		ksyms(4) or ddb(4). [tsutsui 20060722]
	ntp:	Import ntp 4.2.2p2 (20060709). [kardel 20060729]
	kernel:	file handles have been made opaque to userland and
		the arbitrary size limit on them has been removed.
		[martin 20060731]
	postfix(1): Updated to 2.3.2 to fix a security vuln in Postfix
		SMTP client. [rpaulo 20060801]
	amd64:	PowerNow/Cool`n'Quiet driver for AMD Athlon64 cpus,
		adapted from OpenBSD. [xtraeme 20060806]
	sysinst: Besides full and custom installation, there's now also a
		minimal installation consisting of just a kernel, base and
		etc sets. [hubertf 20060904]
	scan_ffs(8): Add -F file support. Useful to search for partitions
		on disk images. [xtraeme 20060907]
	iwi(4): Use firmload(9) to load firmware images. You no longer need to
		use iwictl(8) to load the firmware. [skrll 20060809]
	acorn32: Remove the old, pre-wscons, console code.  Kernel
		configurations using the old console (kbd, vt, and vidcconsole)
		will need to be updated to use wscons. [bjh21 20060814]
	wpi(4): Driver for Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG.  OpenBSD wpi driver
		ported by Jean-Baptiste Campesato. [simonb 20060818]
	acorn32: Correctly detect the display refresh rate being used under
		RISC OS and look for a matching mode in a list of standard
		video modes.  This removes the requirement for compiling
		RISC OS monitor definitions into the kernel. [bjh21 20060820]
	netns: Support for XNS in the kernel and userspace has been
		removed. [matt 20060825]
	netccit: Support for CCITT/X.26 in the kernel and userspace has
		been removed. [matt 20060825]
	mips64: Preliminary support for a MIPS64 toolchain using the N64
		ABI. [matt 20060825]
	postfix: Updated to 2.3.3 [rpaulo 20060827]
	landisk: Initial import of landisk port for SuperH based
		network storage appliances by I-O DATA.  The port was
		done by NONAKA Kimihiro <nonaka@NetBSD.org>.
		[uwe 20060901]
	evbmips: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060901]
	todr(9): New machine independent time-of-day chip framework for
		drivers, which provides uniform handling across all ports.
		Not all ports have adopted it yet.  [gdamore 20060902]
	sun2: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060903]
	gcc(1): Switch sh5 to GCC4. [scw 20060904]
	tcp: Add support for Explicit Congestion Notification as defined
		in RFC 3168. Sponsored by Google SoC. [rpaulo 20060905]
	prep: Convert prep to MI todr(9) driver. [garbled 20060905]
	sun3: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060905]
	cesfic: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060906]
	prep: Add support for the IBM 7025-F40. [garbled 20060907]
	lockstat(8): Add the lockstat command: displays a summary of kernel
		locking events recorded over the lifetime of a called program.
		[ad 20060907]
	cobalt: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060907]
	njata(4): Add driver for Workbit NinjaATA-32 busmastering PIO IDE
		controller. [itohy 20060907]
	ews4800mips: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060909]
	arc: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060909]
	news68k: Add timecounter support. From gdamore. [tsutsui 20060909]
	msk(4): Driver for Marvell Yukon 2 Gigabit Ethernet. [riz 20060909]
	evbsh5: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060909]
	hp300: Add timecounter support.  [tsutsui 20060909]
	ipsec-tools: ipsec-tools CVS is now part of NetBSD. [manu 20060909]
	iyonix: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060910]
	next68k: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060911]
	cats: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060911]
	netwinder: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060911]
	shark: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060913]
	newsmips: Add timecounter support. From gdamore. [tsutsui 20060913]
	luna68k: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060914]
	mipsco: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060915]
	hpcmips: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060915]
	sgimips: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060916]
	veriexec: Add veriexecgen(8), a tool for easy and fast generation
		  of Veriexec fingerprint files. [elad 20060916]
	gcc(1): Switch m68k to GCC4 [tsutsui 20060917]
	gcc(1): Switch mips to GCC4 [simonb 20060919]
	x68k: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060919]
	who(1): Change -u behaviour to also print PID of process on 
		terminal, and add -d to print more information from
		utmpx. [hubertf 20060919]
	init(8): Add system boot, login process, runlevel, system down
		utmpx records [christos 20060919]
	gcc(1): Switch hppa to GCC4. [skrll 20060922]
	cdplay(1): Add digital transfer mode support, not enabled by
		default. Thanks to Sergey Svishchev for the patch.
		[xtraeme 20060922]
	wscons: Add fr_CA.iso8859-1 keyboard mapping support. Thanks to
		Matthew Mondor for the patch. [jmcneill 20060922]
	sh3: Add timecounter support to all sh3 ports. From gdamore with
		some fixes by me. [tsutsui 20060924]
	kernel: Modify powerhook_establish(9) API to accept a name
		argument. [jmcneill 20060924]
	twa(4): 3ware's tw_cli management tools now works [manu 20060924]
	csplit(1): Added from FreeBSD/OpenBSD [christos 20060925]
	evbmips: Add AR5315/2315 support, specifically the Meraki Mini,
		which can be found at http://www.meraki.net/
		[gdamore 20060925]
	ssh: Import openssh-4.4 [christos 20060928]
	macppc: add timecounter support [macallan 20060929]
	ofctl(8): initial import, formerly known as ofdump2. For macppc,
		shark, sparc64.
		Written by Matt Thomas. [macallan 20060929]
	build: Improved support for using shells other than /bin/sh
		during a cross build.  [apb 20060929]
	pcictl(8): Add "list -n" to print ID and class numerical, instead
		of resolving to strings [hubertf 20061001]
	sun3: Add initial bus_space(9) support. [tsutsui 20061001]
	sec(4): New driver for Acorn SCSI Expansion Card, intended to replace
		acorn32 asc(4).  [bjh21 20061001]
	ipmi(4): added driver from OpenBSD [bouyer 20061001]
	spi(4): initial import of new machine-independent SPI bus framework,
		including a sample driver for the TI TMP121 sensor.
		[gdamore 20061002]
	ps(1): Improved support for customised headers via -o and -O options.
		[apb 20061002]
	sun3: Add MI softintr(9) support by shared sources with sun2 port.
		[tsutsui 20061005]
	sparc64: Add floppy support based on sparc driver and hints from
		from OpenBSD for sbus/ebus attachment.  [jnemeth 20061006]
	find(1): Add support for "find ... -exec ... +".  Written by
		John Hawkinson.  [apb 20061007]
	tcp_congctl(9): API for TCP congestion control algorithms.
		net.inet.tcp.newreno was removed, please use
		net.inet.tcp.congctl.selected instead. [rpaulo 20061009]
	proplib(3): prop_number_t can now handle both signed and unsigned
		integers.  [thorpej 20061011]
	pf(4): Added support for ALTQ. [peter 20061012]
	vge(4): Make this driver work on big endian machines
		(at least on macppc). [tsutsui 20061014]
	gpt(8): Added from FreeBSD [christos 20061015]
	evbarm: Add support for the gumstix. [kiyohara 20061016]
	tcp(4): Added RFC 3465 Appropriate Byte Counting (ABC) [yamt 20061019]
	wm(4): Added support for the Intel 80003 gigabit ethernet controller.
		[bouyer 20061021]
	gcc(1): Update to GCC 4.1.2-20061021 snapshot.  [mrg 20061021]
	mail(1): Mime and multi-character set handling; command line editing
		and completion. Thanks to Anon Ymous [christos 20061021]
	acorn32: Standard kernels now use the machine-independent sec(4)
		and ei(4) drivers for Acorn SCSI Expansion Cards and
		Ethernet 1 cards respectively, in place of asc(4) and ie(4).
		[bjh21 20061022]
	puffs: Integrate Pass-to-Userspace Framework File System, which
		can be used to build userspace file system servers
		[pooka 20061022]
	hpcarm: Add timecounter support and convert to MI todr(9).
		[peter 20061023]
	less: Updated to version 394.  [mrg 20061025]
	i386: The support for the Multiboot Specification no longer relies
		on the a.out kludge which means that a stock GRUB (without
		custom patches) can be used to successfully boot the kernel.
		[jmmv 20061025]
	file(1): update to 4.18.  [pooka 20061031]
	puc(4): Add support for Perle PCI-RAS 4 port multimodem [manu 20061101]
	rum(4): Added driver for Ralink 2501/2601 USB 802.11a/b/g
		devices from OpenBSD. [joerg 20061101]
	gkermit(1): Add gkermit, which is a program for transferring
		files using the Kermit protocol.  gkermit has no
		interactive commands, no scripting, and no ability to
		make connections.  [apb 20061101]
		so that they are smaller and faster by removing support
		for actual i386 CPUs (which lack write protection in
		supervisor mode, which requires a costly workaround) and
		math coprocessor emulation.  Coprocessor emulation is
		retained in the LAPTOP kernels, but not in the others.
		Where it is known that a configuration cannot be run
		with particular CPUs (i486 in *MP kernels) remove that
		support as well.  Compile all kernels with appropriate
		architecture and tuning flags (reduces size, makes things
		faster).  Those requiring support for machines with i386
		CPU or lacking coprocessor can use the *SMALL or *TINY
		kernels. [tls 20061101]
	useradd(8): Change the default shell for newly added users to
		/bin/sh. [pavel 20061102]
	tmpfs: NFS support is now complete.  At the very least, all the
		relevant tmpfs regression tests pass successfully when
		executed over a remote tmpfs mounted through NFS.
		[jmmv 20061105]
	tmpfs: Add a LKM for this file system. [jmmv 20061105]
	postfix: Updated to 2.3.4 [rpaulo 20061107]
	macppc: use accelerated wsdisplay drivers [macallan 20061107]
	evbarm: Add support for Certance CP-3100 [scw 20061108]
	tmpfs: Audit kqueue notifications and add several regression
		tests for them.  [jmmv 20061109]
	vnd: Make this work with files stored on file systems without
		the bmap and strategy operations.  This includes tmpfs
		and smbfs.  [jmmv 20061109]
	paxctl: Enable as a tool, and add make rules to run paxctl on
		binaries to what PROG_PAX is set. [christos 20061110]
	lfs_cleanerd: Move from /usr/libexec to /libexec so that the
		root file system can be safely placed on a LFS volume.
		[jmmv 20061110]
	tmpfs: Drop experimental status and enable it by default in the
		GENERIC kernels of amd64, i386, macppc and sparc64.
		[jmmv 20061110]
	ssp: New library modelled after the gcc libssp. Stack protector
		code from OpenBSD. Enable stack protection both in
		the kernel and userland code by using USE_SSP=yes in
		/etc/mk.conf [christos 20061111]
	uucp: Removed from base; package can be found in pkgsrc
		[christos 20061111]
	openssl: update to 0.9.8d [christos 20061113]
	wm(4): Add IPv6 Rx tcp/udp checksum offloading. [yamt 20061116]
	mac68k: Add timecounter support. [hauke 20061120]
	etherip(4): New driver based on tap(4) and gif(4) by Hans Rosenfeld.
		[rpaulo 20061123]
	tcp(4), ifconfig(8), wm(4): Add TCPv6 hardware transmit segment
		offload support. [yamt 20061124]
	ahcisata(4): Added driver for AHCI 1.0 and 1.1 compliant SATA
		controllers. [bouyer 20061130]
	shark: add support for igsfb at ofbus. [macallan 20061207]
	mfi(4): driver for LSI Logic & Dell MegaRAID SAS RAID controller.
		Ported from OpenBSD, tested on i386 and amd64.
		[bouyer 20061217]
	bnx(4): driver for Broadcom NetXtreme II 10/100/1000 Ethernet
		device. Ported from OpenBSD by cube@, with some bus_dma
		fixes by me. [bouyer 20061217]
	postfix(1): Updated to 2.3.5. [rpaulo 20061220]
	shark: add support for XFree86 with wsfb. [macallan 20061220]
	iwi(4): Update to use the single file firmware format. The new
		firmware is available in pkgsrc/sysutils/iwi-firmware3.
		[skrll 20061229]
	ug(4): driver for the Abit uGuru hardware system monitor,
		contributed by Mihai Chelaru. [xtraeme 20070106]
	bind: import 9.4.0-rc2 [christos 20070127]
	i386, amd64: remove option COMPAT_386BSD_MBRPART from default
		kernels.  NetBSD has not used partition ID 0x165 for many,
		many years, and the presence of this option in INSTALL
		kernels can cause overwriting of existing FreeBSD
		installations when sysinst writes back the disklabel.
		Those with very, very old NetBSD installations may find
		that they must update their fdisk partition tables to use
		partition ID 0x169 for their NetBSD partitions. [tls 20070124]
	build: 'make iso-image' in src/ (or build.sh iso-image) will build
		iso images, eventually bootable, using in-tree tools.
		[bouyer 20070306]
	i386, amd64: switch bootable iso images to native boot format, and add
		different bootable kenrels on the iso images. Enable ACPI
		in default INSTALL and GENERIC kernels. [bouyer 20070306]
	openssl: Import OpenSSL 0.9.8e. [mjf 20070307]
	ataraid(4): Add support for Via V-RAID. [garbled 20070326]
	bind: import 9.4.0 [ghen 20070330]
	sh5, evbsh5: Port deleted [scw 20070408]
	coda: overhaul kernel module (vnode locking rules, uvm_fault
		handling, general cleanup) [gdt 20070415]
	bluetooth(4): add 'service level' security [plunky 20070421]
	wm(4): Added support for the Intel i82801H (ICH8) gigabit ethernet
		controller.  [bouyer 20070429]
	ipf(8): Updated to version 4.1.20. [martti 20070501]
	kernel: added bio(4) and associated bioctl(8), a framework to
		query/control block device controllers. [bouyer 20070501]
	envsys(4): added DRIVE type sensor. [bouyer 20070501]
	mfi(4): added bio(4) and envsys(4) support. [bouyer 20070501]
	bind: import 9.4.1 [christos 20070501]
	ug(4): Driver split in three parts to support the new ACPI
		attachment (ug* at acpi?). Patch from Mihai Chelaru. 
		[xtraeme 20070508]
	xen: Add timecounter support. [jld 20070512]
	ipf(8): Updated to version 4.1.22. [martin 20070515]
	kernel: add jmide(4), a driver for the JMicron Technology JMB36x
		PCIe to SATA II/PATA controllers. [bouyer 20070515]
	postfix(1): Updated to 2.4.1 [heas 20070519]
	aac(4): Compile and run on amd64. [briggs 20070525]
	audio(4): New ioctl AUDIO_GETBUFINFO reduces system overhead for many
		emulated OSS functions. [joerg 20070611]
	i386:   Import AMD Geode LX Security Block driver glxsb(4) from
		OpenBSD. [jmcneill 20070615]
	ipf:    Updated to v4.1.23 [martin 20070616]
	i386: Imported gcscide(4), a driver for the AMD CS5535 Companion
		IDE Controller for systems with an AMD Geode GX2 CPU
		(for example the decTOP). [xtraeme 20070627]
	bind: import 9.4.1-P1 [christos 20070724]
	mpt(4): Add support for newer SAS and similar devices. [tron 20070727]
	postfix(1): Updated to 2.4.5 [heas 20070802]
	build.sh: Add iso-image-source option which does iso-image with
		source sets. [jnemeth 20070830]
	build.sh: Add iso-dir=directory option which when combined with
		iso-image or iso-image-source causes directory to be
		added to the CD-ROM image. [jnemeth 20070901]
	build.sh: Convert iso-dir=directory option to -C cddir.
		[jnemeth 20070901]
	msk(4): Add support for Marvell 88CO55 gigabit ethernet, which 
		is used by newer iMacs [manu 20071022]