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Revision 1.2741, Mon Sep 21 16:12:16 2020 UTC (4 weeks, 1 day ago) by kamil
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.2740: +2 -1 lines

ld.so(1): Upgrade r_debug to the protocol version 1.

# LIST OF CHANGES FROM LAST RELEASE:			<$Revision: 1.2741 $>
# [Note: This file does not mention every change made to the NetBSD source tree.
# For an exhaustive list, please subscribe to the `source-changes' mailing list,
# or see the mailing list archives.  For more information, send a message
# containing just the word `help' to `majordomo@NetBSD.org'.]
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Changes from NetBSD 9.0 to NetBSD 10.0:
	openldap: Import 2.4.48. [christos 20190808]
	boot(8): GPT and RAIDframe support for x86 bootstrap [manu 20190818]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-8.0.3 [roy 20190821]
	inet6: Fix sending RTM_MISS for unresolvable addresses and restore
		ND6_LLINFO_WAITDELETE so that any send at this point can
		return EHOSTDOWN to match inet behaviour. [roy 20190901]
	inet: Fix sending RTM_MISS for unresolvable addresses. [roy 20190901]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-8.0.4 [roy 20190904]
	bind: Import version 9.14.5. [christos 20190905]
	resolvconf(8): Import openresolv-3.9.2 [roy 20190908]
	boot(8): multiboot 2 support, Xen can now boot from EFI [manu 20190913]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-8.0.6 [roy 20190913]
	kernel: Add vHCI, a driver that allows to send and receive USB
		packets from userland. [maxv 20190914]
	mos(4): Ported driver for MosChip MCS7730/7830/7832 USB ethernet.
		[mrg 20190920]
	gcc(1): Import GCC 8.3. [mrg 20191001]
	libpcap: Import 1.9.1. [christos 20191001]
	tcpdump(8): Import 4.9.3. [christos 20191001]
	rescue(8): Moved into a separate, rescue-only set. [maya 20191001]
	byacc: Update to 20190617. [christos 20191006]
	tzdata updates from 2019a to 2019c (incl 2019b) [kre 20191008]
	services(5): Update to version 2019-10-04 from IANA.
		[sevan 20191009]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-8.1.0 [roy 20191011]
	OpenSSH: Import 8.1. [christos 20191012]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20190816. [christos 20191015]
	sup: removed, use ftp://ftp.astron.com/pub/sup [christos 20191015]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-8.1.1 [roy 20191016]
	evbarm: Add support for the NanoPi R1 and Duo2. [bad 20191016]
	bind: Import version 9.14.7. [christos 20191017]
	libc: Changed the iconv(3) function signature to the POSIX variation
		[kamil 20191024]
	nct(4): Add Nuvoton NCT5104D GPIO driver. [ad 20191025]
	vio9p(4): Add virtio-9p front-end driver. [ozaki-r 20191028]
	mount_9p(8): Enable to mount a filesystem exported via virtio-9p.
		[ozaki-r 20191028]
	evbarm: Update TI AM335x SoC support to use FDT based configuration.
		[jmcneill 20191028]
	evbarm: Update TI OMAP3 SoC support to use FDT based configuration.
		[jmcneill 20191101]
	amd64: Add support for kCSan - Kernel Concurrency Sanitizer.
		[maxv 20191105]
	tmux(1): Imported 2.9a. [christos 20191112]
	dhcpcd(8): Import 8.1.2. [roy 20191113]
	amd64: Add support for kMSan - Kernel Memory Sanitizer.
		[maxv 20191114]
	qat(4): Add opencrypto driver for Intel QuickAssist.
		Atom C2XXX, C3XXX, Xeon D-21XX and D-15XX, C62X chipsets and
		QuickAssist Adapter 8960/8970.
		[hikaru 20191120]
	select(2), poll(2): Performance and scalability improvements
		[ad 20191121]
	amd64, i386: Performance and scalability improvements for TLB
		shootdown [ad 20191121]
	bind: Import version 9.14.8. [christos 20191127]
	terminfo: Import 20190609 [christos 20191127]
	onewire(4), owtemp(4): Improve reliability and reduce CPU overhead
		slightly. [ad 20191130]
	scheduler: Improve performance and interactivity. [ad 20191201]
	vfs: Reduce false sharing and lock overhead during normal operation.
		[ad 20191201]
	evbarm: Added driver for Allwinner Crypto Engine random number
		generator [riastradh 20191209]
	ixl(4): Ported driver for Intel Ethernet 700 series
		[yamaguchi 20191210]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20191213. [christos 20191214]
	uvm: Replace red-black tree page lookup with radix tree lookup,
		including tagging and gang lookup of pages.  Original work
		done by yamt@. [ad 20191214]
	nsd: Import 4.2.4. [christos 20191215]
	unbound(8): Import 1.9.6. [christos 20191215]
	openpam(3): update to 20190224 (tabebuia) [christos 20191215]
 	kerberos(8): Update to Heimdal-7.7.0 [christos 20191215]
	file(1): Upgraded to 5.38. [christos 20191216]
	uvm: Replace global counters with per-CPU counters, significantly
		reducing system time on workloads that are VM-system heavy.
		[ad 20191216]
	anxdp(4): Add driver for Analogix DisplayPort core found in
		Rockchip RK3399. [jakllsch 20191219]
	net80211: Require SSID configuration to associate with an open AP.
		[jakllsch 20191219]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-8.1.4 [roy 20191220]
	uvm: Rewrite the page allocator to be more efficient and somewhat CPU
		topology aware.  Add preliminary NUMA support.  [ad 20191227]
	crunchgen(1): Added the ability to pass variables in the submake
		command line, and removed all command like flags that are
		not needed anymore [christos 20191229]
	uvm: Reduce lock contention by making the maintentance of page
		replacement state more concurrent. [ad 20191231]
	aq(4): Add Aquantia 10G network adapter driver [ryo 20200101]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-8.1.5 [roy 20200103]
	tmux(1): Imported 3.0a. [christos 20200106]
	amd64, i386: Replace the global PV hash table with radix trees,
		yielding significant performance and scalability benefits.
		[ad 20200112]
	scheduler: Make the scheduler topology aware.  It understands and
		makes good use of HyperThreading/SMT, spreads the load evenly
		across different physical CPU packages, and can effectively
		run asymmetric systems with slow and fast CPUs [ad 20200113]
	evbarm: Add support for NXP i.MX 8M family SoCs. [jmcneill 20200114]
	arm: Add support for cpu topology for ARMv7 and ARMv8 CPUs.
		[mrg 20200114]
	uvm: More precisely track clean/dirty pages, and change how they are
		indexed, speeding up fsync() on large files by orders of
		magnitude.  Original work done by yamt@. [ad 20200115]
	uyurex(4): Removed from the tree. [maya 20200117]
	strip(4): Removed from the tree. [thorpej 20200118]
	hippi and esh(4): Removed from the tree. [thorpej 20200118]
	de(4): Removed from the tree. [thorpej 20200119]
	token ring and tr(4): Removed from the tree. [thorpej 20200119]
	fddi, fpa(4), fta(4), fea(4): Removed from the tree. [thorpej 20200120]
	wm(4): Add Intel I219 LM10-LM15 and V10-V14. [msaitoh 20200121]
	OpenSSL: Imported 1.1.1d. [christos 20200122]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-8.1.6 [roy 20200127]
	openresolv(8): Import openresolv-3.10.0 [roy 20200127]
	urio(4): Removed from the tree. [maya 20200129]
	Collect network interface statistics using per-cpu counters
		that are collated when they are queried. [thorpej 20200201]
	realpath(1): Ported from FreeBSD. [kamil 20200202]
	kernel: Remove azalia(4). [jmcneill 20200209]
	awk(1): Import 20200218 [christos 20200218]
	genet(4): Add support for Broadcom GENETv5 ethernet controllers, found
		in the Raspberry Pi 4. [jmcneill 20200222]
	OpenSSH: Import 8.2. [christos 20200226]
	ld.elf_so(1): Implement DT_GNU_HASH [kamil 20200229]
	amiga: Fix word accesses on Gayle (A1200) pcmcia. [is 20200302]
	libcbor: Import for libfido2 support [christos 20200302]
	libfido2: Import for pam-u2f support [christos 20200302]
	pam-u2f: Import token authenticator [christos 20200302]
	gcc(1): Import GCC 8.4. [mrg 20200311]
	terminfo: Support numeric parameters as int [roy 20200313]
	postfix(1): Import version 3.5.0. [christos 20200318]
	OpenSSL: Imported 1.1.1e. [christos 20200321]
	amd64, i386: Significant performance improvements in the pmap module
		[ad 20200322]
	namecache: Change the namecache to index names using per directory
		red-black trees. [ad 20200322]
	uvm: Process concurrent page faults on individual objects in parallel,
		where the relevant pages are already in-core.  [ad 20200322]
	bwfm: Update firmware to linux-firmware-20200316. [thorpej 20200322]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20200326. [christos 20200328]
	ioctlprint(1): Add ioctl descriptive printer. [kamil 20200402]
	dhcpcd(8): Import version 9.0.0 [roy 20200402]
	binutils: Updated to FSF binutils 2.34. [christos 20200404]
	mount_smbfs(8): Removed from the tree [jdolecek 20200404]
	nsmb(4): Removed from the tree [jdolecek 20200404]
	xen: remove legacy rx-flip support from xennet(4) and xvif(4)
		[jdolecek 20200405]
	OpenSSL: Imported 1.1.1f. [christos 20200405]
	xennet(4): Make the driver MP-safe [jdolecek 20200406]
	aarch64: Add support for Pointer Authentication (PAC).
		[maxv 20200412]
	aarch64: Add support for Branch Target Identification (BTI).
		[maxv 20200413]
	umass(4): Removed obsolete ISD-ATA support [jdolecek 20200413]
	dhcpcd(8): Import version 9.0.1 [roy 20200413]
	xbd(4): Make the driver MP-safe [jdolecek 20200413]
	xbd(4): Support regular 64KB MAXPHYS [jdolecek 20200415]
	xbd(4): Support indirect segments [jdolecek 20200416]
	dhcpcd(8): Import version 9.0.2 [roy 20200421]
	xbdback(4): Support indirect segments [jdolecek 20200421]
	xbdback(4): Make the driver MP-safe [jdolecek 20200423]
	OpenSSL: Imported 1.1.1g. [christos 20200424]
	tzdata updated to 2020a  [kre 20200425]
	amd64, i386: Added support for Xen PV drivers under HVM guests.
		[bouyer 20200425]
	kernel: Overhauled entropy subsystem [riastradh 20200430]
	xen: Added support for Xen PVH. [bouyer 20200502]
	hp300: Add bitmap access ops support for EVRX framebuffer on
		HP9000/425e. [tsutsui 20200504]
	xennet(4): add support for feature-sg & jumbo frames [jdolecek 20200430]
	xvif(4): add support for feature-sg & jumbo frames [jdolecek 20200503]
	kernel: Added support for swap encryption with sysctl -w
		vm.swap_encrypt=1 [riastradh 20200509]
	xen: Support MSI for XenPV [jdolecek 20200504]
	hppa: Enable modules in GENERIC by default.  [skrll 20200511]
	aarch64: Added support for ARMv8.5-RNG RNDRRS CPU random number
		generator instructions [riastradh 20200511]
	xen: enable MULTIPROCESSOR for Xen dom0. [bouyer 20200513]
	ptrace(2): Add PT_SET_SIGPASS and PT_GET_SIGPASS. [kamil 20200514]
	evbarm: Added support for EFI RNG firwmare random number generator
		[riastradh 20200514]
	ACL: Add FFS support for ACLS via extended attributes, from FreeBSD.
		[christos 20200516]
	evbarm: Added support for Rockchip RK3399 crypto random number
		generator device [riastradh 20200517]
	libuv: Import version 1.38.0. [christos 20200524]
	bind: Import version 9.16.3. [christos 20200524]
	tzcode: Updated to 2020a. [christos 20200525]
	ntp: Import ntp 4.2.8p14. [christos 20200525]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20200430. [christos 20200525]
	postfix(1): Import version 3.5.2. [christos 20200525]
	OpenSSH: Import 8.3. [christos 20200528]
	evbarm: Add install media for earmv7hf and aarch64. [jmcneill 20200528]
	dhcpcd: Import version 9.1.1 [roy 20200604]
	inet6: in-kernel Router Advertisment handling removed. [roy 20200612]
	file(1): Upgraded to 5.39. [christos 20200614]
	blocklist: import current version [christos 20200614]
	dhcpcd: Import version 9.1.2 [roy 20200615]
	evbarm: Add support for loading modules with the bootloader.
		[jmcneill 20200221]
	evbarm: Added boot.cfg support to efiboot [jmcneill 20200211]
	kernel: Remove all variable-time AES and replace it by constant-time
		aes_ct from BearSSL or a CPU-dependent implementation,
		selected at boot time according to CPU capabilities.
		[riastradh 20200629]
	amd64: Add support for AES-NI in kernel. [riastradh 20200629]
	x86: Add support for bitsliced AES with SSE2 in kernel.
		[riastradh 20200629]
	x86: Add support for permutation-based AES (vpaes) with SSSE3 in
		kernel. [riastradh 20200629]
	x86: Add support for VIA ACE AES in kernel (not just via opencrypto).
		[riastradh 20200629]
	arm: Add support for ARMv8.0-AES in kernel. [riastradh 20200629]
	arm: Add support for permutation-based AES (vpaes) with ARM NEON in
		kernel. [riastradh 20200629]
	cgd(4): Add support for Adiantum cipher, providing much better software
		performance than AES-CBC or AES-XTS. [riastradh 20200629]
	dhcpcd: Import version 9.1.4 [roy 20200703]
	x86: Xen kernels now use the same kernel modules as native kernels.
		[chs 20200704]
	wskbd(4): Added keyboard layouts for Brazilian Portugese,
		Canadian French, Estonian, Icelandic, and Latin American
		Spanish to pckbd(4) and ukbd(4). [nia 20200713]
	bnx(4): Enable support for MSI/MSI-X [jdolecek 20200714]
	ciss(4): Add support for PERFORMANT mode, and enable MSI/MSI-X
		for adapters supporting it [jdolecek 20200714]
	ciss(4): Match new HP Smart Array adapters [jdolecek 20200714]
	x86: Introduce per-cpu IDTs [yamaguchi 20200714]
	evbmips: Renamed kernel config files:
		ERLITE         -> OCTEON
		[simonb 20200715]
	libc: Added ppoll() wrapper around native pollts(2) [kamil 20200717]
	openresolv: Import version 3.11.0 [roy 20200722]
	sun3: Add Xorg-Server-1.20'fied ancient monolithc Xsun servers.
		[tsutsui 20200722]
	wwanc(4): Add driver for Intel XMM7360 LTE modem [jdolecek 20200726]
	xen: MSI enabled by default [jdolecek 20200728]
	kernel: remove the BRIDGE_IPF option, build its code by default
		unconditionally. [maxv 20200801]
	aarch64: Add support for Privileged Access Never (PAN).
		[maxv 20200802]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20200717. [christos 20200802]
	bind: Import version 9.16.5. [christos 20200803]
	dhcp: Import version 4.4.2. [christos 20200803]
	openldap: Import 2.4.50. [christos 20200811]
	kernel: Add getrandom system call. [riastradh 20200813]
	kernel: Disable COMPAT_LINUX by default [jdolecek 20200816]
	mips: Port crash(8) to mips.  [mrg 20200816]
	wg(4): Add implementation of WireGuard protocol. [ozaki-r 20200820]
	gcc(1): Import GCC 9.3. [mrg 20200904]
	dhcpcd: Update to version 9.2.0. [roy 20200906]
	iavf(4): Add driver for Intel Ethernet Adaptive Virtual Function
		[yamaguchi 20200908]
	gcc(1): Install TSan for 64bit CPUs. [kamil 20200913]
	network: IPv6 Neighor Detection is now address agnostic
		and is used by ARP. RFC 7048 is included. [roy 20200916]
	alpha: Fixed several stability problems with MULTIPROCESSOR
		enabled.  Improved performance of TLB operations in
		pmap module.  Implemented fast-soft-interrupts.  Enabled
		MULTIPROCESSOR in GENERIC.  [thorpej 20200918]
	ld.so(1): Upgrade r_debug to the protocol version 1. [kamil 20200921]