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Revision 1.2563.2.1, Thu Oct 17 19:15:24 2019 UTC (16 months, 1 week ago) by martin
Branch: netbsd-9
CVS Tags: netbsd-9-0-RC1
Changes since 1.2563: +4 -1 lines

Pull up following revision(s) (requested by jmcneill in ticket #349):

	doc/CHANGES: revision 1.2599

evbarm: Add support for Amazon Graviton "a1.metal" instances.

# LIST OF CHANGES FROM LAST RELEASE:			<$Revision: 1.2563.2.1 $>
# [Note: This file does not mention every change made to the NetBSD source tree.
# For an exhaustive list, please subscribe to the `source-changes' mailing list,
# or see the mailing list archives.  For more information, send a message
# containing just the word `help' to `majordomo@NetBSD.org'.]
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# That's it, one tab to start an item, and two tabs to indent the content.
# Also please start the content with a capital and end it with a dot.
# This is very important for the www scripts, otherwise it won't be able to
# parse the file and the HTML output will be mangled.
# See htutils/changes/changes2html script for more details.
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Changes from NetBSD 8.0 to NetBSD 9.0:
	byacc: Update to 20170430. [christos 20170605]
	vax: Add support for VAXstation 4000 TURBOchannel. [flxd 20170609]
	wsbell(4): Added console bell support for all speaker devices, not
		only those attached at pcppi. [nat 20170612]
	bind: Import version 9.10.5-P1. [christos 20170615]
	dts: Import dts files from Linux 4.11.5. [jmcneill 20170615]
	amd64: Support 16TB of PA, and 32TB of kernel VA on the architecture
		side. [maxv 20170617]
	expat: Import 2.2.1 (security fixes). [christos 20170617]
	evbarm: Add support for Allwinner H3 SoC. [jmcneill 20170628]
	bind: Import version 9.10.5-P2. [christos 20170630]
	sunxiemac(4): Add support for Allwinner Gigabit Ethernet (EMAC).
		[jmcneill 20170701]
	fsdb(8): Add "saveblks" command. [mrg 20170804]
	wbsio(4): Add support for Winbond W83627DHG-P, W83627SF, W83627UHG,
		W83667HGB, W83687THF, W83697UG,	Nuvoton NCT5104D, NCT6775,
		NCT6779, NCT6791, NCT6792 and NCT6793. [msaitoh 20170707]
	evbarm: Add support for Allwinner A83T SoC. [jmcneill 20170707]
	MAKEDEV(8): Regenerate, documenting lua, dk, plcom, wmcom, hdmicec, mfi,
		nvme, nvme ns, tpm, and dtrace devices. [sevan 20170710]
	wbsio(4): Add support for NCT6795. [msaitoh 20170711]
	lm(4): Add support for NCT5174D, NCT6775F, NCT6779D and NCT679[1235]D.
		[msaitoh 20170711]
	evbarm: Add support for NVIDIA Tegra X1 SoC. [jmcneill 20170720]
	evbarm: Add support for Allwinner A64 SoC. [jmcneill 20170723]
	gzip(1): Add SIGINFO support. [mrg 20170804]
	i386: Remove vm86. [maxv 20170812]
	itesio(4): Add support IT8628E. [hauke 20170814]
	ichsmb(4): Add support for Intel C3000. [msaitoh 20170817]
	ismt(4): Add support for Intel C3000. [msaitoh 20170817]
	powerpc: Bump MAXTSIZ to 128MB for OEA based systems. [sevan 20170818]
	GMP/MPFR/MPC: Update to 6.1.2, 3.1.5 and 1.0.3. [mrg 20170821]
	ixg(4), ixv(4): Add C3000 support. Add bypass function support for
		bypass adapters. [msaitoh 20170830]
	file(1): Upgraded to 5.32. [christos 20170908]
	tcpdump(8): Import 4.9.2. [christos 20170908]
	veriexecgen(8): Drop support for MD5, SHA1, RMD160. [sevan 20170909]
	itesio(4): Add support IT8728GF and IT877[12]E. [hauke 20170814]
	evbarm: Add support for Allwinner A13 and R8 SoCs. [jmcneill 20170825]
	veriexec(4): Drop support for VERIFIED_EXEC_FP_MD5,
		[sevan 20170913]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20170831. [christos 20170915]
	dtrace: Install dtruss, execsnoop, opensnoop, and procsystime from the
		DTrace Toolkit if DTrace support is enabled. [sevan 20170917]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-7.0.0-rc3. [roy 20171007]
	ahcisata(4), siisata(4): Add support for NCQ. [jdolecek 20171007]
	mvsata(4): Add support for NCQ, and enable ATAPI support.
		[jdolecek 20171007]
	OpenSSH: Imported 7.6. [christos 20171007]
	amd64: Add support for Kernel ASLR. [maxv 20171010]
	evbarm: Add support for Allwinner H5 SoC. [jmcneill 20171011]
	tmux(1): Imported 2.6. [christos 20171012]
	amd64: Add support for SMAP. [maxv 20171017]
	amd64: Add support for USER_LDT. [maxv 20171021]
	tzdata Updated to 2017c. [kre 20171024]
	libc: Update to tzcode2017c. [christos 20171024]
	bwfm(4): Add driver for Broadcom BCM43xxx "FullMAC" USB wireless
		adapters. [jmcneill 20171025]
	kernhist(9): Reworked the export-via-sysctl code to use uintptr_t
		arguments, PR kern/52639. Requires contemporaneous update
		of vmstat(1). [pgoyette 20171028]
	evbarm: Add support for NextThing GR8 SoC. [jmcneill 20171106]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20171110. [christos 20171111]
	sunxinand(4): Add driver for Allwinner NAND Flash Controller.
		[jmcneill 20171113]
	gcc(1): Import GCC 5.5. [mrg 20171113]
	libtre: Update to the latest git source. [rin 20171117]
	qemufwcfg(4): Add driver for QEMU Firmware Configuration device.
		[jmcneill 20171125]
	gdb(1): Updated to 8.0.1. [christos 20171128]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-7.0.0-rc4. [roy 20171206]
	ihidev(4), ims(4): Added drivers for i2c HID mice. [bouyer 20171210]
	sparc: Fix time goes backwards. [mrg 20180112]
	lua: Applied 6th bugfix to Lua 5.3.4 from lua.org/bugs.html.
		[mbalmer 20171213]
	sstk: Remove the "stack section size change" syscall. [kamil 20171219]
	sbrk(2): Remove the "data section size change" syscall. [kamil 20171219]
	ovadvise: Remove the old vadvise syscall header. [kamil 20171219]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-7.0.0. [roy 20180101]
	mdnsd(8), dns-sd(1), libdns_sd: import mDNSResponder 878.1.
		[christos 20180114]
	cpuctl(8): Add cpuctl identify support for sparc and sparc64.
		[mrg 20180116]
	macppc: Enable Veriexec support in the GENERIC kernel. [sevan 20180117]
	raid(4): Add support for 32-bit on 64-bit kernel. [mrg 20180117]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2018c (skipping 2018a & 2018b). [kre 20180124]
	libc: Update to tzcode2018c. [christos 20180125]
	i386: Add support for SMAP. [maxv 20180128]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-7.0.1. [roy 20180129]
	gcc(1): Import GCC 6.4. [mrg 20180201]
	openldap: Import 2.4.45. [christos 20180205]
	unbound(8): Import 1.6.8. [christos 20180205]
	nsd: import 4.1.19. [christos 20180209]
	ddb(4):	Introduce dumpstack sysctl for printing a stack trace on panic,
		enable by default. [sevan 20180217]
	sdtemp(4): Add Microchp EMC1501, another device ID of Maxim MAX6604
		support. [msaitoh 20180222]
	ichsmb(4): Add support for Intel C620 devices. [msaitoh 20180222]
	macppc: Enable support for "per-priority cyclical scan" buffer queue
		strategy. [sevan 20180223]
	macppc: Enable awacs(4) by default in kernel configs. [sevan 20180224]
	mdnsd(8), dns-sd(1), libdns_sd: import mDNSResponder 878.30.4.
		[christos 20180225]
	macppc: Remove macofcons(4). [sevan 20180226]
	amd64: Add SVS (Meltdown mitigation). [maxv 20180226]
	imcsmb(4): For amd64 and i386 on Intel {Ivy,Sandy}bridge and
		{Broad,Has}well CPUs, enable access to Integrated Memory
		Controller-based SMBus. [pgoyette 20180228]
	ichsmb(4): Add Apollo Lake and Gemini Lake devices. [msaitoh 20180302]
	lm(4): Add NCT6796D support. [msaitoh 20180308]
	macppc: Enable Bluetooth support by default in GENERIC kernel.
		[sevan 20180316]
	tzdata: Updated to 2017d. [kre 20180324]
	dhcpcd(8): Import 7.0.2. [roy 20180327]
	aarch64: Add initial support for aarch64. [ryo 20180401]
	amd64: Add SpectreV2 mitigations, based on IBRS and the DIS_IND
		bit. [maxv 20180404]
	dhcpcd(8): Import 7.0.3. [roy 20180406]
	OpenSSH: Imported 7.7. [christos 20180406]
	OpenSSL: Imported 1.1.0h. [christos 20180406]
	ntp: Import ntp 4.2.8p11. [christos 20180406]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20180313. [christos 20180407]
	dhcp: Import version 4.4.1 (move to MPL). [christos 20180407]
	bind: Import version 9.10.7. [christos 20180407]
	x86: Enable retpoline by default (SpectreV2 mitigation). [mrg 20180408]
	ichsmb(4): Add Intel 300 series chipset support. [msaitoh 20180409]
	wm(4): Enable I219 support. [msaitoh 20180413]
	puc(4): Add Intel 300 series chipset support. [msaitoh 20180413]
	file(1): Upgraded to 5.33. [christos 20180415]
	netpgp(3lua): Add Lua binding for libnetpgp(3). [sevan 20180429]
	evbarm: Add support for Allwinner H6 SoC. [jmcneill 20180501]
	dhcpcd(8): Import 7.0.4. [roy 20180502]
	midiplay: Add -s option to send all sounds off. [mrg 20180503]
	libbozohttpd(3): Add the embeddable version of bozohttpd.
		[sevan 20180503]
	bozohttpd(3lua): Add Lua binding for libbozohttpd(3lua).
		[sevan 20180503]
	tzdata: Updated to 2017e. [kre 20180504]
	libc: Update to tzcode2018e. [christos 20180504]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20180427. [christos 20180504]
	gpio(4): Overhauled interrupt support.  Added GPIO interrupt
		capability for Broadcom BCM283x SoCs (e.g.
		Raspberry Pi). [thorpej 20180519]
	x86: Add SpectreV4 mitigations. [maxv 20180522]
	macppc: Enable ipsec(4) and ipsecif(4) support in GENERIC kernel by
		default. [sevan 20180602]
	dhcpcd(8): Import 7.0.5b. [roy 20180604]
	virtio(4): Add MMIO transport and fdt(4) attachment. [jakllsch 20180606]
	evbarm: Add support for QEMU ARM Virtual Machine ("virt").
		[jmcneill 20180614]
	evbarm: Add support for Rockchip RK3328 SoC. [jmcneill 20180615]
	dhcpcd(8): Import 7.0.6. [roy 20180621]
	bpf(4): Add the BPF direction filter (BIOC[GS]DIRECTION).
		[msaitoh 20180626]
	gcc(1): add lsan the Leak Sanitizer. [christos 20180626]
	aarch64: Add support for SMP. [ryo 20180709]
	viadrm(4): Removed, superseded by viadrmums. [maya 20180710]
	ssh-agent(1): /usr/pkg/lib* whitelisted by default for PKCS11 related
		libraries, in place of /usr/local/lib*. [sevan 20180710]
	x86: Support for -static -pie binaries. [joerg 20180712]
	kernel: Remove pmc(9) and X86PMC. [maxv 20180714]
	tprof(4): Revamped. tpfmt(1) merged into tprof(8). [maxv 20180714]
	kernel: Remove ipkdb(4). [maxv 20180714]
	evbarm: Add support for ARMv8 performance event monitoring with
		tprof(4). [jmcneill 20180715]
	evbarm: Add support for ARMv7 performance event monitoring with
		tprof(4). [jmcneill 20180715]
	dhcpcd(8): Import 7.0.7. [roy 20180724]
	i386: Remove the XEN3_DOM0 and XEN3_DOMU configurations, and drop
		support for non-PAE-32bit-PV, to leave only PAE-32bit-PV.
		[maxv 20180726]
	tea5767radio(4): Add Philips/NXP TEA5767 I2C-controlled stereo FM radio
		driver. [rkujawa 20180727]
	UBSan: Imported a clean-room reimplementation of the sanitizer runtime
		called micro-UBSan. [kamil 20180803]
	uUBSan: Added support for micro-UBSan (user-UBSan) in MKLIBCSANITIZER.
		[kamil 20180803]
	kUBSan: Added support for micro-UBSan (kernel-UBSan) as KUBSAN.
		[kamil 20180803]
	lua: Import version 5.3.5. [alnsn 20180804]
	evbarm: Add driver for ARM GICv3 interrupt controllers.
		[jmcneill 20180808]
	kernel: Remove the n8 driver. [maya 20180808]
	usb(4): Many fixes to abort issues fixed for all USB controllers.
		[mrg/skrll/riastradh 20180809]
	nullfs(4): Add 32-bit support. [mrg 20180811]
	bind: Import version 9.12.2-P1. [christos 20180812]
	evbarm: Add support for Rockchip RK3399 SoC. [jmcneill 20180812]
	amd64: Randomize by default all the randomizable VM areas in the kernel.
		[maxv 20180812]
	mdocml: Import 1.14.4. [christos 20180814]
	kernel: Remove etherip(4), replaced by l2tp(4). [maxv 20180814]
	gnu-efi: Import version 3.0.8. [jmcneill 20180816]
	OpenSSL: Imported 1.1.0i. [christos 20180818]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20180810. [christos 20180818]
	dhcpcd(8): Import 7.0.8. [roy 20180820]
	amd64: Add support for kASan - Kernel Address Sanitizer.
		[maxv 20180820]
	evbarm: Add UEFI boot loader for ARM64 platforms. [jmcneill 20180824]
	kernel: Remove NDIS. [maxv 20180825]
	mue(4): Add driver for Microchip LAN75xx/LAN78xx (Raspberry Pi 3 B+)
		from OpenBSD. [rin 20180825]
	OpenSSH: Imported 7.8. [christos 20180826]
	rkpmic(4): Add driver for Rockchip RK808 Power Management IC.
		[jmcneill 20180901]
	nsd: Import 4.1.24. [christos 20180903]
	unbound(8): Import 1.7.3. [christos 20180803]
	libpcap: Import 1.9.0. [christos 20180903]
	mpfr: Updated to version 4.0.1. [mrg 20180904]
	mpc: Updated to version 1.1.0. [mrg 20180904]
	kernel: Remove en(4). [maxv 20180906]
	kernel: Remove the NATM code. [maxv 20180906]
	libnv: Imported from FreeBSD. [christos 20180908]
	i915(4): Pull in support for KabyLake CPUs. [mrg 20180913]
	usb(4): Handle most cases of early boot USB keyboard. [mrg 20180916]
	rkpmic(4): Add support for Rockchip RK805 Power Management IC.
		[jmcneill 20180920]
	kernel: Remove the ISDN code, including daic(4), iavc(4), isic(4),
		ifpci(4), ifritz, iwic(4), and all the ISDN-related
		userland tools. [maxv 20180923]
	npf(7): Converted to use libnv. [rmind 20180929]
	ntp: Import ntp 4.2.8p12. [christos 20180929]
	aarch64: add support for compat_netbsd32(8). [ryo 20181012]
	newsmips: Add support for NWS-4000. Based on nonaka@'s porting effort
		back in 2002. [tsutsui 20181014]
	file(1): Upgraded to 5.35. [christos 20181013]
	evbarm: Provide generic start code that allows a GENERIC kernel to be
		used on FDTised boards. [skrll 20181018]
	tzdata: Updated to 2018f. [kre 20181019]
	amdccp(4): Add driver for AMD Cryptographic Coprocessor RNG.
		[jakllsch 20181019]
	libc: Update to tzcode2018f. [christos 20181019]
	tzdata: Updated to 2018g. [kre 20181027]
	libc: Update to tzcode2018g. [christos 20181027]
	kernel: Add NVMM, the NetBSD virtualization driver, with initial
		support for x86. [maxv 20181107]
	aarch64: Add support for kASan. [maxv 20181108]
	gcc(1): Import GCC 6.5. [mrg 20181103]
	aarch64: Add support for ARM Server Base System Architecture (SBSA).
		The SBSA is a hardware system architecture for servers based on
		64-bit ARM processors. The Server Base Boot Requirements (SBBR)
		specification defines a UEFI + ACPI interface for OS bootstrap,
		which is supported by a combination of a new UEFI bootloader
		(bootaa64.efi) and the addition of ACPI support in the
		GENERIC64 kernel config. [jmcneill 20181124]
	ena(4): Add support for Amazon.com Elastic Network Adapter (ENA).
		[netbsd 20181130]
	kernel: Add KLEAK, a feature that can detect kernel information
		leaks. [maxv 20181202]
	atactl(8): Add support to automatically detect Micron/Crucial devices
		and their vendor-specific SMART status values. [mrg 20181205]
	OpenSSL: Imported 1.1.1a. [christos 20181208]
	kernel: Remove the lmc(4) driver, and its associated lmcconfig(8)
		tool. [maxv 20181212]
	sh(1): Many bug fixes and enhancements. [kre 20181212]
	amdtemp(4): Add support for AMD family 16h temperature sensors.
		[is 20181213]
	evbarm: Add support for NVIDIA Tegra X1 SoC SATA. [skrll 20181214]
	httpd(8): Update to bozohttpd-20181215. [mrg 20181215]
	kernel: Remove COMPAT_SVR4 and COMPAT_SVR4_32. [maxv 20181219]
	sqlite3(1): Import 3.26.0. [christos 20181219]
	network: Add SIOCSETHERCAP ioctl. [msaitoh 20181221]
	byacc: Update to 20180609. [christos 20181223]
	flex(1): Import flex-2.6.4. [christos 20181223]
	threadpool(9): Added threadpool(9) API. [thorpej 20181224]
	systat(1): Extend vmstat display for better insight about bufcache.
		[sevan 20181226]
	aarch64: Support kernel crash dumps on arm64 platforms. [mrg 20181227]
		[maxv 20181228]
	cgdroot: Support mounting boot partition from a wedge labelled cgd.conf.
		[alnsn 20181229]
	kernel: Remove COMPAT_IBCS2. [maxv 20181229]
	tzdata: Updated to 2018h. [kre 20181230]
	evbmips: Enable support for "per-priority cyclical scan" buffer queue
		strategy. [sevan 20181230]
	tzdata: Updated to 2018i. [kre 20181231]
	tzcode: Updated to 2018i. [christos 20181231]
	binutils: Updated to FSF binutils 2.31.1. [christos 20181231]
	services(5), protocols(5): Pull iana-generated services and protocols.
		[christos 20190103]
	evbarm: Add SMP support for Allwinner multi-cluster SoCs (A83T, A80).
		[jmcneill 20190103]
	wpa: Import wpa_supplicant and hostapd 2.7. [christos 20190104]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20181213. [christos 20190104]
	tmux(1): Imported 2.8. [christos 20190104]
	TrouSerS: Import trousers-0.3.14. [christos 20190107]
	tpm-tools: Import tpm-tools- [christos 20190107]
	compiler-rt: Import compiler-rt r350590 LLVM sanitizers.
		[kamil 20190108]
	bind: Import version 9.13.2-P1. [christos 20190109]
	crashme(9): Add framework for testing kernel crash dumps. [mrg 20190109]
	sgimips: Import irisboot, yet another bootloader for pre-ARC sgimips
		machines. Submitted by Naruaki Etomi via PR port-sgimips/53539.
		[tsutsui 20190112]
	npf(7): Major NPF improvements (added support for dynamic NAT address,
		NETMAP algorithm for static NAT, lock-free lookup for 'ipset'
		tables, lock-free state lookup, incremental state G/C, etc).
		[rmind 20190119]
	gcc(1): Import GCC 7.4. [mrg 20190119]
	evbarm: Update Amlogic S805 SoC support to use FDT based configuration.
		[jmcneill 20190119]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-7.1.0. [roy 20190122]
	kernel: Remove the satlink driver. [maxv 20190127]
	kernel: Merged [pgoyette-compat] branch - for details, see
		src/doc/TODO.compat-module.  Includes splitting of the
		monolithic compat-netbsd module into several version-
		specific modules, introduction of MP-safe module hook
		mechanism, and removal of various limitations within
		the kernel module framework. [pgoyette 20190127]
	macppc: Include EDID block for Clamshell iBook G3 displays.
		[sevan 20190128]
	ure(4): Add driver for Realtek RTL8152/RTL8153 from OpenBSD.
		[rin 20190206]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-7.1.1. [roy 20190207]
	nsd: Import 4.1.26. [prlw1 20190212]
	macppc: The kernels for the G5s are now built by default. These are
		currently intended for netbooting via TFTP. [sevan 20190219]
	bge(4): Add support for BCM5762, BCM5725, BCM5727, BCM57764, BCM57767
		and BCM57787. [msaitoh 20190220]
	bind: Import version 9.13.7. [christos 20190224]
	evbarm: Add support for Amlogic GXBB family SoCs. [jmcneill 20190225]
	jemalloc(3): Import 5.1.0. [christos 20190304]
	kcov(4): Added driver for kernel coverage tracing. [kamil 20190310]
	mdocml: Import 1.14.5. [christos 20190310]
	OpenSSL: Imported 1.1.1b. [christos 20190312]
	ssdfb(4): Added driver for SSD1306 & SH1106 displays. [tnn 20190317]
	kernel: Remove COMPAT_OSF1. [maxv 20190325]
	tzdata Updated to 2019a. [kre 20190326]
	evbarm: Add UEFI bootloader support (bootarm.efi). [jmcneill 20190330]
	indent(1): Upgraded to the FreeBSD HEAD checkout. [kamil 20190404]
	tzcode: Updated to 2019a. [christos 20190404]
	pkg_install: Updated to 20190405. [sevan 20190406]
	npf(7): Include npf_boot rc script which loads npf.boot.conf to protect
		host during early stages of startup. [sevan 20190410]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-7.2.0. [roy 20190418]
	evbarm: Add support for Amlogic GXL family SoCs. [jmcneill 20190419]
	OpenSSH: Import 8.0. [christos 20190420]
	evbarm: Add support for boot configuration (efiboot.plist) and
		applying device tree overlays to efiboot. [thorpej 20190421]
	libpthread(3): Import C11 thread support library. [kamil 20190424]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-7.2.1. [roy 20190426]
	carp(4): Enabled by default in GENERIC kernel config of all tier 1 &
		most tier 2 ports. See system specific config otherwise.
		[sevan 20190426]
	veriexec(4): Enabled by default in GENERIC kernel config of all tier 1
		& most tier 2 ports. See system specific config otherwise.
		[sevan 20190426]
	bufq_priocscan(9): Enabled by default in GENERIC kernel config of all
		tier 1 & most tier 2 ports. See system specific config
		otherwise. [sevan 20190426]
	rktsadc(4): New thermal sensor driver for RockChip RK3328 and RK3399
		on-CPU sensors. [mrg 20190426]
	bind: Import version 9.14.1. [christos 20190427]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20190405. [christos 20190428]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-7.2.2. [roy 20190504]
	siginfo(2): Ship with MI syscall information of a debugged process for
		SIGTRAP and si_code TRAP_SCE/TRAP_SCX. [kamil 20190506]
	installboot(8): Add support for NetBSD/evbarm boards that use
		u-boot for bootstrap. [thorpej 20190506]
	ifmedia(4): Extend Ethernet's ifmedia word's subword up to 255.
		[msaitoh 20190517]
	mount_9p(8): Initial support for 9P2000.u. [ozaki-r 20190517]
	file(1): Upgraded to 5.37. [christos 20190522]
	mount_portal(8): in portal.conf # only introduces a comment at
		start of line, or after whitespace (start word). [kre 20190523]
	dts: Import dts files from Linux 5.1.4. [jmcneill 20190525]
	nsd: Import 4.1.27. [christos 20190525]
	unbound(8): Import 1.9.1. [christos 20190525]
	gdb(1): Updated to 8.3. [christos 20190528]
	evbarm: Add support for the Banana Pi BPI-P2 Zero. [thorpej 20190604]
	mac68k: Switch page size to 8KB. [jklos 20190606]
	OpenSSL: Imported 1.1.1c. [christos 20190609]
	gpt(8): added uuid subcommand to generate new UUIDS.
		[jnemeth 20190624]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-7.2.3. [roy 20190626]
	tzcode: Updated to 2019b. [christos 20190703]
	piixpm(4): Improve AMD chipset support. [msaitoh 20190713]
	network: Implement VLAN hardware filter. [msaitoh 20190717]
	ixg(4),ixv(4): Add VLAN hardware filter support. [msaitoh 20190717]
	resolvconf(8): Import openresolv-3.9.1. [roy 20190717]
	amdsmn(4),amdzentemp(4): Add suppor for Ryzen 2xxx and 3xxx.
		[msaitoh 20190718]
	mac68k: Enable DMA transfer for SCSI adapters found on 660/840AV.
		Submitted by Michael Zucca via PR port-mac68k/24883.
		[rin 20190723]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-8.0.0. [roy 20190724]
	tar(1): MKBSDTAR now defaults to yes. [roy 20190724]
	libarchive: Import libarchive-3.4.0. [joerg 20090724]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-8.0.1. [roy 20190725]
	mac68k: Add genfb(4) framebuffer driver. [rin 20190726]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-8.0.2. [roy 20190730]
	evbarm: Add support for Amazon Graviton "a1.metal" instances.
		 [jmcneill 20191015]