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Revision 1.2286, Sat May 27 21:05:02 2017 UTC (3 years, 8 months ago) by bouyer
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: netbsd-8-base
Branch point for: netbsd-8
Changes since 1.2285: +3 -1 lines

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# LIST OF CHANGES FROM LAST RELEASE:			<$Revision: 1.2286 $>
# [Note: This file does not mention every change made to the NetBSD source tree.
# For an exhaustive list, please subscribe to the `source-changes' mailing list,
# or see the mailing list archives.  For more information, send a message
# containing just the word `help' to `majordomo@NetBSD.org'.]
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# That's it, one tab to start an item, and two tabs to indent the content.
# Also please start the content with a capital and end it with a dot.
# This is very important for the www scripts, otherwise it won't be able to
# parse the file and the HTML output will be mangled.
# See htutils/changes/changes2html script for more details.
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Changes from NetBSD 7.0 to NetBSD 8.0:
	libc: Update to tzcode2014f. [christos 20140815]
	gmake:	Update to gmake-3.81 in external/gpl2/gmake and remove 
		gnu/dist/gmake (3.80) [christos 20140818]
	module(7): Create MODULAR_DEFAULT_AUTOLOAD config flag to control
		whether module autoloading is on by default.
		[jnemeth 20140824]
	kernel: Option SYMTAB_SPACE has been replaced with COPY_SYMTAB.
		The related changes to src/sys/conf require a rebuild of
		config(1). [joerg 20140824]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2014g. [apb 20140831]
	wm(4): Add internal SERDES support for 82575 and newer controllers.
		[msaitoh 20140903]
	or1k: Add new port.  [matt 20140903]
	awindma(4): Add support for Allwinner A10/A20 DMA controller.
		[jmcneill 20140906]
	awinac(4): Add support for Allwinner A10/A20 audio codec.
		[jmcneill 20140906]
	awinrtc(4): Add support for Allwinner A10/A20 real-time clock.
		[jmcneill 20140907]
	awinmmc(4): Use DMA for MMC transfers. [jmcneill 20140908]
	axp20x(4): Add AXP20x PMU driver. [jmcneill 20140909]
	rtsol(8): Removed in favour of dhcpcd. [roy 20140911]
	rtsold(8): Removed in favour of dhcpcd. [roy 20140911]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.4.5. [roy 20140918]
	arm: Add support for i.MX6 SoC. [ryo 20140925]
	gpt(8): Completed overhaul, including adding follwing subcommands:
		resize, set, unset, backup, restore, and resizedisk.
		[jnemeth 20140926]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.4.7. [roy 20140927]
	mpt(4): added bio(4) support. [jmcneill 20140927]
	gpt(8): added type subcommand to modify partition type.
		[jnemeth 20140927]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2014h. [apb 20141004]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.5.0. [roy 20141006]
	libc: Update to tzcode2014h. [christos 20141007]
	file(1): Upgraded to 5.20. [christos 20141010]
	arm: Add support for Allwinner A31 SoC. [jmcneill 20141010]
	awiniic(4): Add support for Allwinner A31 SoC. [jmcneill 20141012]
	awinp2wi(4): Add support for Allwinner A31 Push-Pull Two Wire
		Interface. [jmcneill 20141012]
	axp22x(4): Add AXP22x PMU driver. [jmcneill 20141012]
	awinrtc(4): Add support for Allwinner A31 real-time clock.
		[jmcneill 20141012]
	awindma(4): Add support for Allwinner A31 DMA controller.
		[jmcneill 20141013]
	awinac(4): Add support for Allwinner A31 audio codec.
		[jmcneill 20141013]
	motg(4): Add support for Allwinner A10/A20 SoC. [jmcneill 20141015]
	wpa: Import wpa_supplicant and hostapd 2.3. [christos 20141016]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.5.1. [roy 20141018]
	OpenSSH: Imported 6.7. [christos 20141018]
	resolvconf(8): Import openresolv-3.6.0 [roy 20141020]
	gcc: Support -fsanitize=address [christos 20141022]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2014i. [apb 20141023]
	libc: Update to tzcode2014i. [christos 20141023]
	openpam(3): update to 20140912 (ourouparia) [christos 20141024]
	pppd(8): updated to version 2.4.7. [christos 20141025]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20140926. [christos 20141025]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.6.0 [roy 20141029]
	resolvconf(8): Import openresolv-3.6.1 [roy 20141029]
	rtsx(4): Add support for Realtek RTS5227/RTL8402/RTL8411/RTL8411B.
		[nonaka 20141029]
	flex(1): Import flex-2.5.37 [christos 20141029]
	iwn(4): Add support for Intel Centrino Wireless-N
		100/105/130/135/2200/2230. From OpenBSD. [nonaka 20141030]
	awge(4): Add support for gigabit ethernet found on various
		Allwinner SOCs. [martin 20141101]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.6.1. [roy 20141107]
	awinhdmi(4): Add support for Allwinner A20/A31 HDMI controller.
		[jmcneill 20141110]
	awintcon(4): Add support for Allwinner A20/A31 TV/LCD controller.
		[jmcneill 20141110]
	awindebe(4): Add support for Allwinner A20/A31 Display engine
		backend (DE-BE). [jmcneill 20141110]
	awinhdmiaudio(4): Add support for Allwinner A20/A31 HDMI audio
		controller. [jmcneill 20141111]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.6.2. [roy 20141114]
	awinir(4): Add support for Allwinner A20/A31 IR receiver.
		[jmcneill 20141115]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2014j. [apb 20141116]
	libc: Change arc4random(3) to use ChaCha20 and per-thread state.
		[riastradh 20141116]
	libc: Update to tzcode2014j. [christos 20141117]
	libpcap: Import 1.6.2. [christos 20141119]
	tcpdump(8): Import 4.6.2. [christos 20141119]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.6.4. [roy 20141126]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.6.5. [roy 20141209]
	bind: Import version 9.10.1-P1. [christos 20141209]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.6.6. [roy 20141217]
	powerpc: Switch to GCC 4.8. [matt 20141218]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.6.7. [roy 20141219]
	ntp: Import ntp 4.2.8. [christos 20141219]
	midirecord(1): Add program to record MIDI files.  [mrg 20141229]
	file: update to 5.22 security limits [christos 20150102]
	byacc: update to 20141128 for more bison compat [christos 20150103]
	mgx: driver for Southland Media Systems (now Quantum 3D) MGX SBus
		graphics devices [macallan 20150106]
	gcc: Import GCC 4.8.4.  [mrg 20150109]
	openssl: Import openssl 1.0.1k [spz 20150113]
	am-utils: Upgrade to 6.2; adds nfsv4, lustre (which we can't use)
		nfs3 rpc support for amfs [christos 20150117]
	arm: Add support for Zynq SoC. [hkenken 20150123]
	evbarm: Add support for the PARALLELLA (Zynq). [hkenken 20150123]
	blacklist: Added daemon and library [christos 20150125]
	libevent: Import libevent 2.0.22 [spz 20150129]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.7.1. [roy 20150130]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2015a. [apb 20150131]
	libc: Import tzcode2015a. [christos 20150131]
	tetris(6): Add down key support, as 'n'.  [mrg 20150218]
	bind: patch to version 9.10.1-P2. [spz 20150221]
	network: introduce RTF_LOCAL for local address routes. [roy 20150226]
	evbarm: Add support for RPI2. [skrll 20150304]
	evbarm: Add support for ODROID-C1. [jmcneill 20150304]
	dtrace: Add syscall support [christos 20150307]
	dtrace: Add lockstat support [riastradh, christos 20150308]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2015b. [apb 20150321]
	openssl: Import openssl 1.0.1m [spz 20150323]
	libc: Update to tzcode2015b. [christos 20150324]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.8.1. [roy 20150327]
	libpcap: Import 1.7.2. [christos 20150331]
	tcpdump(8): Import 4.7.3. [christos 20150331]
	wpa: Import wpa_supplicant and hostapd 2.4. [christos 20150401]
	OpenSSH: Imported 6.8. [christos 20150403]
	btmagic(4): add Magic Trackpad support [bouyer 20150406]
	ntp: Import ntp 4.2.8p2. [christos 20150407]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20150410. [christos 20150413]
	evbarm: add a driver for EDMA controller on AM335x SoC.
		Add DMA support to the sdhc controllers on AM335x SoC.
		Enable DMA for sdhc0 and sdhc1 on BEAGLEBONE [bouyer 20150414]
	xz(1): Import of XZ 5.2.1. [christos 20150417]
	x86: Support MSI/MSI-X. [knakahara 20150427]
	libc: Update to tzcode2015d. [christos 20150428]
	openresolv(8): Import openresolv-3.7.0 [roy 20150501]
		IPV4 addresses now perform DAD using ARP as described in
		RFC 5227. [roy 20150502]
	amd64: Bump CHILD_MAX and OPEN_MAX.  [mrg 20150507]
	i386: Bump CHILD_MAX and OPEN_MAX.  [mrg 20150507]
	aarch64: Bump CHILD_MAX and OPEN_MAX.  [mrg 20150507]
	evbarm: Bump CHILD_MAX and OPEN_MAX.  [mrg 20150507]
	sparc64: Bump CHILD_MAX and OPEN_MAX.  [mrg 20150507]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.9.0. [roy 20150517]
	FFS: General improvements in the superblock parser. [maxv 20150523]
	openssl: Import openssl 1.0.1n [christos 20150612]
	openssl: Import openssl 1.0.1o [christos 20150616]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2015e. [apb 20150621]
	nfssvc(2): Support 32-bit system calls for the NFS server.
		[mrg 20150622]
	gcc: Import GCC 4.8.5.  [mrg 20150624]
	OpenSSH: Imported 6.9. [christos 20150630]
	bind: Import version 9.10.2-P2. [christos 20150708]
	dhcpcd: Import dhcpcd 6.9.1. [roy 20150709]
	iostat(8): Support fnmatch(3) patterns for disknames.  [mrg 20150709]
	openssl: Import openssl 1.0.1p [christos 20150709]
	ntp: Import ntp 4.2.8p3. [christos 20150710]
	X11: Delete XFree86 sources.  [mrg 20150723]
	arm: Add support for NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC. [jmcneill 20150725]
	evbarm: Add support for NVIDIA Jetson TK1. [jmcneill 20150725]
	bind: Import version 9.10.2-P3. [christos 20150728]
	kernel: Several bug fixes and improvements in the PaX subsystem.
		[maxv 20150804]
	sdmmc(4): Add support for UHS-I and MMC HS200 transfer modes.
		[jmcneill 20150808]
	sdhc(4): Add support for UHS-I and MMC HS200 transfer modes.
		[jmcneill 20150808]
	amlogicsdhc(4): Add support for UHS-I and MMC HS200 transfer modes.
		[jmcneill 20150808]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2015f. [apb 20150811]
	OpenSSH: Imported 7.0. [christos 20150813]
	libc: Update to tzcode2015f. [christos 20150813]
	intrctl(8): Add interrupt distribution control utility.
		[knakahara 20150817]
	gdb(1): Updated to 7.9.1.  [christos 20150818]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20150717. [christos 20150818]
	mcp3kadc(4): Driver for Microchip 3x0x SAR ADC chips. [phx 20150818]
	OpenSSH: Imported 7.1. [christos 20150821]
	dhcpcd: Import dhcpcd 6.9.2. [roy 20150821]
	rtwn(4): Add a driver for Realtek RTL8188CE/RTL8192CE PCIe IEEE
		802.11b/g/n wireless network devices, ported from OpenBSD.
		[nonaka 20150827]
	arp(4): Remove net.inet.arp.{prune,refresh} sysctl. [ozaki-r 20150831]
	bind: Import version 9.10.2-P4. [christos 20150903]
	dhcpcd: Import dhcpcd 6.9.3. [roy 20150904]
	ftp(1): SNI support for https.  [wiz 20150912]
	netstat(1): Now knows how tall the display is.  [mrg 20150919]
	atactl(8): Add smart codes 210, 246, 247 and 248.  [mrg 20150920]
	libproc, librtld_db: Added from FreeBSD [christos 20150924]
	dtrace: Updated from FreeBSD [christos 20150924]
	resolvconf: Import openresolv-3.7.1 [roy 20150929]
	x86: Add PCI Extended Configuration Space support [nonaka 20151002]
	pci(3): Decode Extended Capability in PCI Extended Configuration Space.
		[nonaka 20151002]
	lua: Updated to Lua 5.3.1 [mbalmer 20151008]
	libc: Update to tzcode2015g. [christos 20151009]
	wm(4): Support RX multiqueue. [knakahara,msaitoh 20151013]
	ntp: Import ntp 4.2.8p4. [christos 20151023]
	scdebug: Add a way to have system call debug logs go to a kernel
		history.  [mrg 20151028]
	vioscsi(4): Add driver for virtio SCSI devices [christos 20151030]
	omapgpio(4): Add support for TI AM335x GPIO. [jmcneill 20151101]
	libc/ti-rpc: Remove FD_SETSIZE limit; provide MT support for svc_run()
		to be run by multiple threads each thread handling the fd's it
		created. Provide support for a poll based svc_run() and the
		global variables svc_pollfd and svc_pollfd_max.
		[christos 20151107]
	amiga: wsdisplay(4) virtual terminals are working on CV64 and
		CV64/3D. [phx 20151112]
	amiga: Build the Xorg server with wsfb(4) driver.
		Added wsfb(4) support for CV64 and CV64/3D graphics cards.
		[phx 20151112]
	cpuctl(8): Most commands can specify more than one CPU now.
		[mrg 20151115]
	ndp: net.inet6.ip6.neighborgcthresh is now per interface basis.
		[ozaki-r 20151125]
	dhcpcd: Import dhcpcd 6.9.4. [roy 20151130]
	openssl: Import openssl 1.0.1q [christos 20151206]
	ip6addrctl: Import from FreeBSD [christos 20151212]
	adm1026hm(4): Add driver for ADM1026 i2c hardware monitor
		[jdc 20151216]
	bind: Import version 9.10.3-P2. [christos 20151216]
	mdocml: Import 1.13.3. [christos 20151217]
	sortinfo(1): Add utility to sort texinfo dir files [christos 20151218]
	x86: Add support for SMEP on amd64 and i386. [maxv 20151219]
	raidframe: Now built as a kernel module; it can be built-in at
		kernel build time, or (for MODULAR kernels) loaded as
		needed. [pgoyette 20151226]
	admtemp(4): Add chip temperature limits for envsys(4) [jdc 20160103]
	lmtemp(4): Add chip temperature limits for envsys(4) [jdc 20160103]
	ismt(4): Add another Intel Chipset internal SMBus driver.
		[msaitoh 20160105]
	dhcpcd: Import dhcpcd 6.10.0. [roy 20160107]
	ntp: Import ntp 4.2.8p5. [christos 20160108]
	flex(1): Import flex-2.6.0 [christos 20160109]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20160108. [christos 20160109]
	byacc: update to 20150711 [christos 20160109]
	tmux(1): Import of tmux 2.1 [christos 20160110]
	dhcp: Import version 4.3.3. [christos 20160110]
	gettext: Upgrade to 0.16.1 [christos 20160112]
	bind: Import version 9.10.3-P3. [christos 20160119]
	dhcpcd: Import dhcpcd 6.10.1. [roy 20160120]
	gcc: Import GCC 5.3.0.  [mrg 20160123]
	lua: Updated to 5.3.2 [lneto 20160128]
	openssl: Import openssl 1.0.1r [christos 20160130]
	gdb(1): Updated to 7.10.1.  [christos 20160202]
	network: Packet input processing (except for bpf) never runs in
		hardware interrupt. [ozaki-r 20160209]
	elftoolchain: Import FreeBSD-2016-02-19. [christos 20160219]
	openresolv: Import openresolv-3.7.3. [roy 20160222]
	mv(1): Add SIGINFO support. [mrg 20160228]
	openssl: Import openssl 1.0.1s - disable weak (export) ciphers and SSLv2
		[christos 20160301]
	bind: Import version 9.10.3-P4. [christos 20160309]
	OpenSSH: Imported 7.2. [christos 20160310]
	libc: Update to tzcode2016b. [christos 20160315]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2016b. [christos 20160315]
	wpa_supplicant(8): Added interface matching rules [roy 20160323]
	lua: Applied second and third patch from http://lua.org/bugs.html
		[mbalmer 20160325]
	i366: Add a GENERIC_PAE kernel that supports >4GB systems.  [mrg 20160326]
	network: Drop the concept of cloning/cloned routes [ozaki-r 20160404]
		RTM_RESOLVE [ozaki-r 20160404]
	network: Add RTF_CONNECTED as a substitute of RTF_CLONING
		[ozaki-r 20160404]
	route(8): Remove -xresolve, -[no]cloned and -llinfo options and add
		[no]connected option (same as -[no]cloning) [ozaki-r 20160404]
	route(8): Remove 'c' and 'L' flags and 'C' is now for connected routes
		[ozaki-r 20160404]
	netstat(1): Remove 'c' and 'L' flags and 'C' is now for connected routes
		[ozaki-r 20160404]
	route(8): route show doesn't contain nexthop caches [ozaki-r 20160404]
	netstat(1): netstat -r doesn't contain nexthop caches [ozaki-r 20160404]
	network: Separate nexthop caches from routing table. [ozaki-r 20160404]
	libutil: added pidfile_lock, pidfile_read, pidfile_read [roy 20160410]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.10.2 [roy 20160410]
	openresolv(8): Import openresolv-3.8.0 [roy 20160411]
	ddb(4): rename show arptab to show routes [ozaki-r 20160413]
	bridge(4): Device is now MP-safe. [ozaki-r 20160108]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.10.3 [roy 20160420]
	usb(4) subsystem: Merge nick-nhusb [skrll 20160423]
		- API / infra changes to support memory management changes.
		- Memory management improvements and bug fixes.
		- HCDs should now be MP safe
		- conversion to KERNHIST based debug
		- FS/LS isoc support on ehci(4).
		- conversion to kmem(9)
		- Some USB 3 support - mostly from Takahiro HAYASHI (t-hash).
		- interrupt transfers now get proper DMA operations
		- general bug fixes
		    - kern/48308
		    - uhub status notification improvements
		    - umass(4) probe fix (applied to HEAD already)
		    - ohci(4) short transfer fix
	nvme(4): Add a driver for Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface
		devices, ported from OpenBSD. [nonaka 20160501]
	ntp: Import ntp 4.2.8p7. [christos 20160501]
	openssl: Import openssl 1.0.1t - security fixes [christos 20160503]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20160422. [christos 20160504]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.11.0 [roy 20160509]
	x86: Map the kernel image segments independently with fine-grained
		permissions on amd64 and i386 (W^X). [maxv 20160514]
	x86: Use processor-specific features to optimize memory access time to
		the kernel image on amd64 and i386. [maxv 20160515]
	arm: Add support for i.MX7 SoC. [ryo 20160517]
	wm(4): Support TX multiqueue. [knakahara 20160519]
	bind: Import version 9.10.4-P1. [christos 20160526]
	network: Change hostzerobroadcast default to "no". This has has been
		the default for many years (broadcast to all ones instead to
		all zeroes), but might affect some really old machines out
		there [christos 20160527]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2016d. [agc 20160531]
	ntp: Import ntp 4.2.8p8. [christos 20160603]
	ext2fs: Add ext4 extent support from FreeBSD, ported and contributed by
		Hrishikesh Goyal (GSoc 2016) [christos 20160603]
	sys_info: Import a script to return version information for system
		libraries and utilities [agc 20160604]
	nvmectl(8): Added NVM Express control utility. [nonaka 20160604]
	gcc: Import GCC 5.4.0.  [mrg 20160606]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.11.1. [roy 20160617]
	nfs: Support NFS server with COMAPT_NETBSD32.  [mrg 20160622]
	ext2fs: Add ext4 htree index support from FreeBSD, ported and
		contributed by Hrishikesh Goyal (GSoc 2016). [christos 20160624]
	mdocml: Import 1.13.4. [christos 20160715]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20160527. [christos 20160718]
	kernel: Use fine-grained permissions for kernel modules segments
		(W^X). [maxv 20160720]
	amd64: Prevent NULL from being mappable in kernel mode. [maxv 20160722]
	amd64: Use fine-grained permissions for architecture-specific memory
		areas (W^X). [maxv 20160725]
	sdtemp(4): Add support for Atmel AT30TS00, AT30TSE004, Giantec
		GT30TS00, GT34TS02, Microchip MCP9804, MCP98244, IDT
		TS3000GB[02], TS3001GB2, TSE200[24]GB2 and On Semiconductor
		CAT34TS04. [msaitoh 20160726]
	sdtemp(4): Add JEDEC TSE2004av support. [msaitoh 20160728]
	xorg-server: Import xorg-server 1.18.4.  [mrg 20160801]
	OpenSSH: Imported 7.3. [christos 20160802]
	xen: Map the kernel image segments independently with fine-grained
		permissions (W^X). [maxv 20160802]
	ext2fs: Add ext4 extra_inode support. [jdolecek 20160803]
	kernel: Provide an efficient way to prevent NULL from being mappable
		in userland processes. [maxv 20160806]
	ext2fs: Actually fill file type for readdir(4) and friends.
		[jdolecek 20160615]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2016f. [kre 20160807]
	tcu(4): Add support for flxd TC-USB TURBOchannel USB and GPIO option.
		[flxd 20160811]
	ext2fs: Add read-only ext4 extended attribute support.
		[jdolecek 20160612]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.11.3. [roy 20160815]
	ext2fs: Add ext4 dir_nlink support, supporting up to 64000 file hard
		links, and unlimited directory links. [jdolecek 20160815]
	ext2fs: Add ext4 gdt_csum/uninit_bg support. [jdolecek 20160815]
	unbound: Import 1.5.9. [christos 20160820]
	tmux(1): Import of tmux 2.2 [christos 20160831]
	lua: updated to 5.3.3 and applied all three patches from 
		http://lua.org/bugs.html [salazar 20160908]
	libc: Update to tzcode2016f. [christos 20160916]
	nvme(4): NVMe driver is now MPSAFE. [jdolecek 20160918]
	pci(4): Introduce a better drvname method. [mrg 20160924]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2016g.  [kre 20160929]
	libc: Add <stdalign.h> and <stdnoreturn.h>. [kamil 20161002]
	c11: Import cc(1) wrapper for C11. [kamil 20161003]
	libc: Add the C11 static_assert macro in <assert.h>. [kamil 20161003]
	mntva(4): Add driver for MNTMN VA2000 FPGA-based graphics card for
		Amiga computers with Zorro slot. Supports accelerated wsdisplay
		console and wsfb-based X11. [rkujawa 20161003]
	libc: Add the timespec_get function and TIME_UTC definition in the
		<time.h> header. Enable unconditionally the timespec struct
		definition in <time.h>. Changes conform to the C11 standard.
		[kamil 20161004]
	bind: Import version 9.10.4-P3. [christos 20161004]
	atactl(8): Add smart code 249.  [mrg 20161004]
	mips: Add support for MediaTek MT7628 SoC [ryo 20161006]
	libc: Update to tzcode2016g. [christos 20161007]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.11.4 [roy 20161009]
	urtwn(4): Add support for Realtek 8192EU [nat 20161012]
	gdb(1): Updated to 7.12.  [christos 20161012]
	libc: Add the wcsnlen(3) function in <wchar.h>. [kamil 20161015]
	libc: Update to tzcode2016h. [christos 20161020]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2016h.  [kre 20161020]
	binutils: Updated to FSF binutils 2.27.  [christos 20161026]
	wapbl(4): Improved truncate performance, and stability [jdolecek 20161028]
	bind: Import version 9.10.4-P4. [christos 20161101]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2016i.  [kre 20161103]
	libc: Update to tzcode2016i. [christos 20161104]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20160930. [christos 20161111]
	scsictl(8): Add "getrealloc" and "setrealloc" commands to get/set
		automatic reallocation parameters/enables for error recovery.
		[flxd 20161119]
	scsipi(9): Make scsipi framework MPSAFE. [mlelstv 20161120]
	umass(4): mark MPSAFE. [skrll 20161121]
	wpa: Import wpa_supplicant and hostapd 2.6. [christos 20161121]
	ntp: Import ntp 4.2.8p9. [christos 20161121]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2016j.  [kre 20161124]
	systat(1): Add -b option to dump once and exit.  [mrg 20161202]
	luna68k: Preliminary support for LUNA's HD647180X I/O processor
		(a.k.a. XP). [tsutsui 20161203]
	axe(4): added support for AX88772A and AX88772B chipsets (from
		FreeBSD) [skrll 20161204]
	ixg(4): Add X55x support [msaitoh 20161205]
	audio(4): Audio sub-system changes - in kernel mixing [nat 20161208]
	speaker(4):Synthesized beep for platforms with audio [nat 20161208]
	crash(8): Add sparc support.  [mrg 20161210]
	cgd(4): Add aes-xts. [alnsn 20161211]
	options(4): Remove KSTACK_CHECK_DR0. [kamil 20161213]
	ptrace(2): Add hardware assisted breakpoint/watchpoint API:
		PT_COUNT_WATCHPOINTS [kamil 20161215]
	rtadvd(8): Support -p <pidfile> option. [ozaki-r 20161216]
	xen: Add support for kernel modules. [maxv 20161216]
	mips64: Use N64 binaries where kvm is required, fixing fstat, netstat,
		systat, crash, pstat and kgmon.  [mrg 20161222]
	OpenSSH: Imported 7.4. [christos 20161224]
	dreamcast: Add preliminary "G1-ATA" IDE HDD support. [tsutsui 20161229]
	resolvconf(8): Import openresolv-3.9.0 [roy 20161230]
	flex(1): Import flex-2.6.3 [christos 20170102]
	ptrace(2): Add new si_code value of SIGTRAP: TRAP_EXEC [kamil 20170107]
	ptrace(2): Add signal information accessors API:
		PT_GET_SIGINFO and PT_SET_SIGINFO [kamil 20170107]
	nsd(8): Add the NSD Authoritative DNS server [christos 20170107]
	zlib(3): Import 1.2.10 [christos 20170109]
	ptrace(2): Add new si_code value of SIGTRAP: TRAP_CHLD [kamil 20170110]
	ptrace(2): Add new options in EVENT_MASK: PTRACE_VFORK and
		PTRACE_VFORK_DONE [kamil 20170113]
	ptrace(2): Add new options in EVENT_MASK: PTRACE_LWP_CREATE and
		PTRACE_LWP_EXIT [kamil 20170114]
	siginfo(2): Add new si_code for SIGTRAP: TRAP_LWP [kamil 20170114]
	libpcap: Import 1.8.1. [christos 20170124]
	tcpdump(8): Import 4.8.1. [christos 20170124]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20170119. [christos 20170125]
	bta2dpd(8): Add new bluetooth A2DP daemon. [nat 20170129]
	kerberos(8): Update to latest Heimdal-HEAD [christos 20170128]
	libevent: Import libevent 2.1.18 [christos 20170131]
	nc(1): Add a netcat utility from OpenBSD [christos 20170206]
	pthread_dbg(3): Removed from the base distribution. [kamil 20170208]
	ixg(4): Support TX/RX multiqueue [msaitoh 20170208]
	ixv(4): Add Intel 10G Ethernet virtual function driver.
		[msaitoh 20170208]
	bind: Import version 9.10.4-P6. [christos 20170208]
	openldap: Import 2.4.44. [christos 20170208]
	libc: Add accept4 function for compatibility [maya 20170208]
	file(1): Upgraded to 5.30. [christos 20170210]
	byacc: update to 20170201 [christos 20170211]
	ptrace(2): Add signal mask information accessors API:
		PT_GET_SIGMASK and PT_SET_SIGMASK [kamil 20170212]
	postfix(1): Import version 3.1.4. [christos 20170213]
	l2tp(4): Add L2TPv3 interface. [knakahara 20170216]
	siginfo(2): Add new si_code for SIGTRAP: TRAP_DBREG [kamil 20170217]
	disklabel(5): Add DISKLABEL_EI (``Endian-Independent'' disklabel)
		kernel option to machines that support Master Boot Record
		(MBR). [rin 20170219]
	ptrace(2): Add new API replacing PT_WATCHPOINT for Debug Registers:
		PT_GETDBREGS and PT_SETDBREGS [kamil 20170223]
	dk(4): Add DKWEDGE_METHOD_RDB option to enable Amiga Rigid Disk Block
		(RDB) partitioning detection method. [rin 20170226]
	siginfo(2): Add new si_code values for SIGTRAP: TRAP_SCE and TRAP_SCX
		[kamil 20170228]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2017a.  [kre 20170301]
	vioscsi(4): Allocate bus dma maps on attach, improves stability
		and performance, adresses kern/52043 [jdolecek 20170307]
	luna68k: Add a driver for LUNA's front panel LCD.  Ported from
		OpenBSD/luna88k. [tsutsui 20170309]
	sqlite3: Import 3.17.0. [christos 20170311]
	libc: Update to tzcode2017a. [christos 20170311]
	mdocml: Import 1.14.1. [christos 20170318]
	sh(1): Arithmetic parser imported from dash (via FreeBSD)
		adding support for all required operators, as well
		as being smaller and faster.  [kre 20170320]
	zoneinfo: Import tzdata2017b.  [kre 20170321]
	virtio(4): Refactor child driver attach code for better modularization
		[jdolecek 20170325]
	vioscsi(4): Use MSI/MSI-X, reduce disk probe time [jdolecek 20170325]
	dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-7.0.0-beta2 [roy 20170402]
	ptrace(2): Add operations to single step specified threads:
		PT_SETSTEP and PT_CLEARSTEP [kamil 20170408]
	route(4): Add RO_MSGFILTER [roy 20170411]
	dc(1): Import from OpenBSD (replaced GPL version) [christos 20170410]
	bind: Import version 9.10.4-P8. [christos 20170413]
	ntp: Import ntp 4.2.8p10. [christos 20170413]
	dhcpcd: Import dhcpcd 7.0.0-beta3 [roy 20170414]
	OpenSSH: Imported 7.5. [christos 20170418]
	tmux(1): Import of tmux 2.4 [christos 20170423]
	libc: Update to tzcode2017b. [christos 20170425]
	lua: Updated to Lua 5.3.4. [mbalmer 20170426]
	acpi(4): Updated ACPICA to 20170303. [christos 20170430]
	openpam(3): update to 20170430 (resedacea) [christos 20170506]
	dhcpcd: Import dhcpcd 7.0.0-rc1 [roy 20170510]
	vioscsi(4): Stability fixes [jdolecek 20170515]
	localcount(9): Add localcount ref-count primitives [pgoyette 20170519]
	openssl: Remove MKCRYPTO_RC5 option now that the patents have expired.
		[riastradh 20170521]
	src: Remove MKCRYPTO option and always include cryptography.
		[riastradh 20170521]
	file(1): Upgraded to 5.31. [christos 20170524]
	can(4): Added a socketcan implementation, a socket layer for
		CAN busses. [bouyer 20170527]