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Annotation of src/doc/CHANGES.prev, Revision 1.78

1.78    ! tsutsui     1: LIST OF CHANGES FROM PREVIOUS RELEASES:                        <$Revision: 1.77 $>
1.1       lukem       2:
                      4: Changes from 386bsd 0.1 + patchkit 0.2.2 to NetBSD 0.8:
                      5:        fdescfs, kernfs included
                      6:        mt(1): added bsd mt
                      7:        ktrace(1): now works
                      8:        cron(8): crond, crontab cleaned, and install properly
                      9:        prompt for floppy root disk
                     10:        added kgmon, gprof
                     11:        many vm bug fixes
                     12:        ed(1): free ed
                     13:        fixes to /etc/*, particular /etc/{weekly,daily,monthly}, netstart
                     14:        yp: beginnings of yp support
                     15:        tmpnam(3): tmpnam fix
                     16:        some alpha patchkit 0.2.3 stuff (piecemeal, and in some cases improved)
                     17:        better sun rpc support
                     18:        rwall(1), rpc.rwalld(8): Added
                     19:        ETXTBUSY, returned properly on writes to files being executed, etc
                     20:        maxfdescs - fixes bash, sendmail, etc. behaviour when you use 'unlimit'
                     21:        larger default tcp windows (buffer space per socket)
                     22:        games brought in from bnr2
                     23:        bpf fixes
                     24:        wdc vs wd, fdc vs fd fix; basically distinguish between controller
                     25:                and slave(s) attached to it. see sample configs
                     26:        scsi: incomplete wd7000 driver
                     27:        makesyscalls.sh, brought in from bnr2, works
                     28:        longer wd/fd probes, to catch more controller/drive combos
                     29:                (customize kernel config to look for devices that you know
                     30:                 are there, to avoid delay).  better fix in next release
                     31:        scsi: multiple open st(4) should get EBUSY
                     32:        updated elvis
                     33:        scsi: options SCSI, no more 'scbus' crap.  see sample configs
                     34:        patch(1): patch patchlevel 12 integrated (non-GPLed)
                     35:        netiso, netcitt, netns: added and they even compile
                     36:        more stuff incorporated from bnr2 (some from patchkit 2.3, some not)
                     37:        kernel: probe printf improvements
                     38:        fnmatch fix
                     39:        fdisk(8): program
                     40:        pcfs
                     41:        config(8): hacked to be more rational, generate less broken garbage,
                     42:                added expression support, and "requires"
                     43:        swapinfo
                     44:        ps(1), w(1): fix for command line args
                     45:        mmap, et. al protection fixes
                     46:        nfs: nfs client, nfs server split.  now individually configurable, see
                     47:                sample configs
                     48:        zillions of bug fixes for
                     49:                        broken Makefiles
                     50:                        poor error handling
                     51:                        broken features
                     52:                        enhancements for ease of use
                     53:                        greater functionality
                     54:                        fixing, and replacing some of Jolitz's cruftier
                     55:                                hacks
                     56:                        bringing some old BSD utilities into modern age
                     58: Changes from NetBSD 0.8 to NetBSD 0.9:
                     59:        fixed PCFS so this it actually works now.
                     60:                (Jim Jegers, via patchkit)
                     61:        i386: got rid of bt0 driver in GENERICISA, as
                     62:                it was conflicting with aha0. (cgd)
                     63:        i386: make sure .../sys.386bsd/compile makes it into
                     64:                the distribution. (cgd)
                     65:        kernel: added support for BSDI's QMAGIC exec format to the kernel and
                     66:                related utilities; *NULL now core dumps.  Also fixed several
                     67:                NULL pointer references caught by this. (mycroft and sef)
                     68:        fixed "/bin/sh: not found" problem when cleaning in libc (cgd)
                     69:        added the latest db lib from vangogh (v1.1 done by proven, 1.6 by cgd)
                     70:                db.h, ndbm.h, mpool.h updated.
                     71:                sys/syslimits.h has macro for SSIZE_MAX
                     72:                libc/getpwent and ttyname changed to use dbopen along with
                     73:                pwd_mkdb, kvm_mkdb, dev_mkdb, vacation, ps
                     74:        sped up console driver considerably by reducing the number of spl*()
                     75:                calls. (mycroft)
                     76:        games: fixed various bugs in the games. (mycroft)
                     77:        crypt(3): moved non-exportable crypt(3) software into
                     78:                /usr/src/lib/libcrypt, made crypt.c in libc a dummy, and made
                     79:                appropriate changes elsewhere to get things right.
                     80:                use "make EXPORTABLE_SYSTEM=true" to make binaries
                     81:                w/o libcrypt. (cgd)
                     82:        yp: added YP to libc, and yp programs to usr.sbin/yp. (deraadt)
                     83:        netstat(1): -s now prints out all of the udp statistics gathered (glass)
                     84:        login(1): brought in new login(1) from uunet.  (cgd)
                     85:        test(1): brought in new test(1) from uunet, ditched bash version
                     86:                (glass)
                     87:        tr(1): brought in new tr(1) from uunet (glass)
                     88:        termios(4): added termios(4) man page from uunet (glass)
                     89:        syslog(3): updated syslog(3) from uunet for better error handling
                     90:                (glass)
                     91:        fixed syscall() with John Kohl's patch (proven)
                     92:        tcp_*space reduced to 4k, because of interactions with vm. (cgd)
                     93:        fixed: SLATTACH hangs up on connect to modem port -> raise DTR
                     94:                patch from: bugs@rafal.slip.uiuc.edu (cgd)
                     95:        kernel: can't exec a file people are writing to, any more... (cgd)
                     96:        ethernet: fixed the amazingly shitty ethernet performance with cheap
                     97:                Western Digital cards. (mycroft)
                     98:        i386: the /usr/src/sys/i386/boot/rmaouthdr script was not executable,
                     99:                which caused 0.8 to have a broken bootwd (deraadt)
                    100:        segregated GNU software in the standard dist. from the rest.
                    101:                it's now in /usr/src/gnu/* (cgd)
                    102:        various changes from Ralf Freidl to fix brokenness in pcfs (cgd)
                    103:        tail(1), join(1): replaced gnu tail(1), join(1) with bsd equivalents
                    104:                from uunet (glass)
                    105:        fixed kernel profiling, again.  now it _works_. (cgd)
                    106:        touch(1), err(3): integrated CSRG-released touch(1), err(3) (glass)
                    107:        add process accounting & fix related utilities (cgd)
                    108:        networking: make generic kernels include slip interface so they don't
                    109:                die of stack overflow when using loopback w/no enet (cgd)
                    110:        rpc include files are now installed from /usr/src/include (deraadt)
                    111:        actually fix that loopback+no other interfaced->reboot problem (cgd)
                    112:        kernel: make serial ports be correctly-numbered (cgd)
                    113:        hp300, ethernet: added support for HP ethernet controllers. (mycroft)
                    114:        made the entire distribution compile and run with GCC 2. (mycroft)
                    115:        dd(1): replace GNU dd(1) with recently released Berkeley version
                    116:                (glass)
                    117:        update (f)lex to version 2.3.8 from prep.ai.mit.edu (cgd)
                    118:        bc(1): fix bc so that it uses the distributed files, not ones we
                    119:                yacc/lex ourself.  makes it work, and not require extra
                    120:                newlines (cgd)
                    121:        ifconfig -a (deraadt)
                    122:        iostat and vmstat now understand wd/fd disks. Not scsi disks
                    123:                yet though.. (deraadt)
                    124:        Jim Wilson's sh changes (sef)
                    125:        uname(1), uname(3): add uname program and syscall, for POSIX.  changes
                    126:                came from John Brezak <brezak@osf.org> (cgd)
                    127:        made num, caps, and scroll lock not repeat. (mycroft)
                    128:        fix from Pete Chown <pc123@cus.cam.ac.uk> for appropriate
                    129:                mmap permissions checking (cgd)
                    130:        add assembly language version of index, rindex, strchr, and strrchr
                    131:                supplied by J.T. Conklin <conklin@kaleida.com> (cgd)
                    132:        update source tree with changes from patchkit-0.2.3 (cgd)
                    133:        update stdio buffering routines with replacements from
                    134:                Chris Torek <torek@ee.lbl.gov> (cgd)
                    135:        network loopback now supports multiple interfaces via, e.g.
                    136:                "pseudo-device loop 2".  patch provided
                    137:                by David Burren <davidb@otto.bf.rmit.oz.au> (cgd)
                    138:        wd disks print their geometry if it can be determined via a READP
                    139:                command (deraadt)
                    140:        i386: fd drives print their geometry according to what the
                    141:                BIOS says (deraadt)
                    142:        npx changes from patchkit patch 10002. Original author of these
                    143:                patches is Bruce Evans. (deraadt)
                    144:        the ring buffer code now uses "rbchar"s rather than char's. An rbchar
                    145:                is actually a short. This patch allows "literal next" to
                    146:                work (ie. ^V^D<return>) (deraadt)
                    147:        fixed kvm_getprocs() to work after kvm_getprocs() and kvm_freeprocs()
                    148:                have been called already (cgd)
                    149:        tip(1): fix from Bakul Shah <bvs@BitBlocks.com> to make tip not dump
                    150:                core when Courier acu routines are used with a non-
                    151:                USR Courier modem. (cgd)
                    152:        nfsd will no longer loop endlessly if it is invoked on a kernel
                    153:                in which NFSSERVER has not been included in. (glass)
                    154:        cron(8): crond will no longer directly open /var/cron/log, fail and
                    155:                complain.  now uses syslog(3); cron.info can now be used to
                    156:                select the messages it logs.  default syslog.conf has:
                    157:                        cron.info       /var/cron/log # for backwards compat.
                    158:        lockf patch from Paul Kranenburg <pk@cs.few.eur.nl> (deraadt)
                    159:        the rpc library now has xdr_float and xdr_double. patches from
                    160:                J.T. Conklin <conklin@talisman.kaleida.com> (deraadt)
                    161:        fix tmac.andoc .TH directive handling.  patch from
                    162:                J.T. Conklin <conklin@talisman.kaleida.com> (cgd)
                    163:        sendmail(8): make sendbug give a "To:" to sendmail. patch supplied
                    164:                by Gordon Burditt <gordon@sneaky.lonestar.org> (cgd)
                    165:        fix kernel printf's "%b" (bits) format. patch supplied
                    166:                by Gordon Burditt <gordon@sneaky.lonestar.org> (cgd)
                    167:        add TIOCSTAT ioctl to give load average stats if requested (for tcsh)
                    168:                from Luke Mewburn (cgd)
                    169:        hp300: integraged hp300 code from net/2 (cgd)
                    170:        fixed uninitialized field of struct proc which would occasionally
                    171:                cause "w" to panic the system (cgd)
                    172:        various 8-bit patches from Andrew Chernov <ache@astral.msk.su>
                    173:                tty_compat.c is cleaned up, as is STOP+TIOCSTI
                    174:                in tty.c (deraadt)
                    175:        fd error reporting cleanup. (deraadt)
                    176:        fixed bad man page & syscall definition for getpgrp().
                    177:                (posix says it takes no args, and i don't argue...) (cgd)
                    178:        add change from Guido van Rooij <guido@gvr.win.tue.nl> so that
                    179:                io port access from user processes doesn't randomly
                    180:                work/fail.  now must open /dev/mem to get access. (cgd)
                    181:        isofs: apply patch from Jagane D. Sundar <jagane@netcom.com> to allow
                    182:                NFS-mounting of ISO 9660 (isofs) filesystems, and to
                    183:                fix a few small isofs bugs. (cgd)
                    184:        config(8): have config make kernel compilation directories in
                    185:                /sys/${MACHINE}/compile rather than /sys/compile (cgd)
                    186:        netstat(1): changes from David Burren <davidb@otto.bf.rmit.oz.au> so
                    187:                that netstat prints names for routes when not given -n,
                    188:                and so that it prints address family names (cgd)
                    189:        libc, tset(1): add new getcap routines to libc, adjust termcap build
                    190:                and tset(1) accordingly, and add cap_mkdb (cgd)
                    191:        move csu.${MACHINE} libraries into one subdir in /usr/src/lib (cgd)
                    192:        kernel: moved kernel architecture-dependent sub-directories into
                    193:                /sys/arch/${MACHINE}.  great for more archs! (cgd)
                    194:        kernel: fixed "swap generic" support (cgd)
                    195:        kernel: improve kernel select mechanism further, by making setup
                    196:                done by a function.  put protos into /sys/sys/select.h
                    197:                and clean up all of the messes it makes (cgd)
                    198:        file(1): now prints the targets of symbolic links, thanks
                    199:                to John Brezak (brezak@osf.org) for the patch.  (cgd)
                    200:        ed(1): 8-bit clean; no line-length limit; regex support for NULs (alm)
                    201:        sed(1): fixed NULL indirection (alm)
                    202:        fix "cpu" declarations in kernel config files so that they
                    203:                work as originally intended.  this means that only
1.7       wiz       204:                CPUs for which there is a CPU declaration (see kernel
1.1       lukem     205:                config files for examples) are supported by a kernel
                    206:                compiled with the config.  also, if you want the math
                    207:                emulator in your kernel, you now need the "MATH_EMULATE"
                    208:                option in the kernel config file.  (cgd)
                    209:        disklabel stuff in the kernel has been split up into arch
                    210:                indep & arch dep components. no more dos stuff in
                    211:                ufs_disksubr.c!         (deraadt)
                    212:        add packet size check for raw IP provided by Paul Antonov
                    213:                <apg@apg.kiae.su>, to fix the "traceroute foohost 2000
                    214:                causes panic" problem. (cgd)
                    215:        Fixed packet counters in if_ec, as noted by Mike J. Fuller
                    216:                <mike@sarah.lerc.nasa.gov>      (davidb)
                    217:        Modified the SCSI disk startup so that DEC disks (for example)
                    218:                are told to spin up _before_ they are asked if they're
                    219:                ready.  (davidb)
                    220:        mips, ns32k: Updated the rpc library to support MIPS and NS32k CPUs.
                    221:                (davidb)
                    222:        netiso, ethernet: applied various patches supplied by Havard Eidnes
                    223:                <Havard.Eidnes@runit.sintef.no> to generally fix ISO
                    224:                support, including: reception of ISO multicasts in with
                    225:                we ethernet driver, fixed CLNP Echo reponder, and
                    226:                netstat, ifconfig, and libc fixes (cgd)
                    227:        use the Athena "newsyslog" utility to rotate logs, rather than the
                    228:                old, cumbersome method in /etc/{daily,weekly,monthly} (cgd)
                    229:        replaced broken /usr/include/bitstring.h w/new version from
                    230:                Mike Murphy <mrm@optigfx.com> (cgd)
                    231:        added /usr/src/regress, for regression tests (cgd)
                    232:        add Yuval Yarom's changes (originally for BSD/386) for advisory
                    233:                record locking on NFS files.  Note that this DOES NOT
                    234:                support network locking, only local advisory locks. (cgd)
                    235:        fix /bin/ls; is clobbered first env. var. if given no filename args
                    236:                given. patch from Bob Willcox <bob@obiwan.uucp>. (deraadt)
                    237:        mail.local can now use username.lock files as well as flock().
                    238:                Use the -l flag in your favorite sendmail.cf file. (deraadt)
                    239:        kernel: don't remake newvers and relink kernel if nothing has changed
                    240:                (cgd)
                    241:        sup(1): fix SUP to not need any version of crypt. Use
                    242:                "make MAKE_EXPORT=1" to build a SUP for export. (brezak)
                    243:        compress(1): add patch00144 - fixed compress bug with a small path[]
                    244:                array from <stacey@guug.de>. (deraadt)
                    245:        add patch00149: sd/cd drivers printed incorrect blocknumbers when they
                    246:                hit errors. From <julian@jules.dialix.oz.au>. (deraadt)
                    247:        /etc/localtime is now created from by "make distribution" (deraadt)
                    248:        more(1): fixed /usr/bin/more to not play with magic numbers from
                    249:                executables directly.  It now uses the N_BADMAG() macro.
                    250:                (deraadt)
                    251:        lpr(1): fixed lpr's dealings with magic numbers. It now no longer
                    252:                accesses exec.a_magic directly, and it knows about modern "ar"
                    253:                files rather than the old ones (deraadt)
                    254:        use EXPORTABLE_SYSTEM instead of MAKE_EXPORT to build crypt-free SUP.
                    255:                Just like the rest of the system. (brezak)
                    256:        tty structures are allocated dynamically. The d_ttys field in cdevs[]
                    257:                now has an extra level of indirection. The pty and com
                    258:                drivers allocate pty's dynamically, the pccons driver does
                    259:                not. Check out the "ttys" field in vmstat -m. (deraadt)
                    260:        kernel: make sleeps during FIFO open interruptable (cgd)
                    261:        kernel: various patches to kernel files to make things compile
                    262:                with GCC-2.3.3 (proven)
                    263:        patch to signal .h for ANSI validation (proven)
                    264:        cron(8): update to version 3.0 of Paul Vixie's cron package (cgd)
                    265:        kernels without pc0 support can be built, and work (deraadt)
                    266:        yp: add yppoll command (brezak)
                    267:        update yacc to the latest version from Berkeley (1.9)  (cgd)
                    268:        fixed kernfs security hole, where it wouldn't actually
                    269:                check perms before allowing users to write hostname (cgd)
                    270:        added chown/chmod/chgrp functionality to kernfs (cgd)
                    271:        telnet(1): sending simple telnet commands fixed.  patch originally
                    272:                from Jonathan Stone <jonathan@CS.Stanford.EDU> (cgd)
                    273:        execve(2): replace execve with new one, based on work by Wolfgang
                    274:                Solfrank <ws@tools.de>, but beaten up a good amount by cgd.
                    275:                (after several iterations of beating have gone on,
                    276:                this code is *really* differnt...) (cgd)
                    277:        update kvm library for the new exec, and add a kvm_getenv function,
                    278:                to get a process's environment var list.  ps and w
                    279:                apply strvis() to args/environment before printing (cgd)
                    280:        ps(1): give ps an 'e' option, to print the environment variables
                    281:                of processes (cgd)
                    282:        add vt300 to termcap.src (brezak)
                    283:        stty(1): fixed stty so that setting "ispeed" works. (cgd)
                    284:        i386: move i386 signal trampoline code from the pcb to the top of
                    285:                the stack.  at the same time, implement copying out
                    286:                of the signal trampoline code, on process creation. (cgd)
                    287:        libg++: shut up libg++ "make"'s whining (cgd)
                    288:        allow user to specity that programs depend on c++ sources
                    289:                (previously only could be done for libraries) (cgd)
                    290:        fix library "make depend" problem, in which it wasn't
                    291:                generating dependencies for profiled .o files (cgd)
1.7       wiz       292:        ps(1): fix to not show CPU/memory/swap usage if process is zombie (cgd)
1.1       lukem     293:        fix from Wolfgang Solfrank (ws@tools.de) to kill processes
                    294:                outright if they exceed their hard CPU-usage limit (cgd)
                    295:        fix for NFS's bogus use if va_flags and va_gen, and other minor
                    296:                NFS fixes, supplied by John Woods, jfw@ksr.com (cgd)
                    297:        fix /usr/include/rpcsvc/rnusers.x - versions were reversed (brezak)
                    298:        add /lib/rpcsvc for upcoming rusers/rup clients and daemons (brezak)
1.37      snj       299:        revert the "syncing disks" message on reboot to its original,
1.1       lukem     300:                more informative, form (cgd)
                    301:        fix /usr/include/rpcsvc/klm_prot.x so it compiles. (brezak)
                    302:        add /usr/libexec/rpc.rstatd, rpc.rusersd, rpc.rwalld. (brezak)
                    303:        add /usr/bin/rup, rusers, rwall(changes). (brezak)
                    304:        add LIBRPCSVC to bsd.prog.mk. (brezak)
                    305:        removed bugs and memory leaks from directory functions (proven)
                    306:        tip(1): make tip obey Taylor UUCP's locking conventions.  Patch from
                    307:                Peter da Silva <peter@taronga.com>, patchkit
                    308:                patch #139. (cgd)
                    309:        tip(1), getty(8), kernel: patch from David Greenman and Rod Grimes
                    310:                (davidg@implode.rain.com and rgrimes@agora.rain.com) to support
                    311:                57600 and 115200 baud in the kernel, tip, and getty.
                    312:                pk patch #150 (cgd)
                    313:        patch from <bob@speakez.com> so rlogin understands higher
                    314:                baud rates (deraadt)
                    315:        use Bruce Evans' pc3 termcap entry.  pk patch #156 (cgd)
                    316:        kernel: add delay loop to lpa and lpt drivers to allow data port
                    317:                to stablize.  make "lpflag" unique.  patch from
                    318:                Rod Grimes <rgrimes@agora.rain.com>, as pk patch #164 (cgd)
                    319:        change MCLSHIFT to 11, so mbuf cluster size is bigger than MTU
                    320:                of network interfaces, for performance.  to use old size,
                    321:                use "options MCLSHIFT=10" in your kernel config.
                    322:                this is patchkit patch #166. (cgd)
                    323:        remove /usr/local and /usr/contrib from root's path, and
                    324:                also give root and operator "sane" group ids.  (cgd)
                    325:        convert to Bruce Evans' <bde@runz.oz.au> new interrupt system, as
                    326:                hacked by Rod Grimes <rgrimes@agora.rain.com>, and
                    327:                suppied in the patchkit (in patches 158 and 167). (cgd)
                    328:        get rid of the "as" (old SCSI) driver, finally. (cgd)
                    329:        rename kernel functions getc() and ungetc() to
                    330:                rbgetc() and rbungetc(), respectively.  (cgd)
                    331:        chmod(1): dealings with symbolic links now un-hosed (deraadt)
                    332:        clean up miscfs and isofs filesystems.  they now have
                    333:                their own vnode types and malloc types.  (cgd)
                    334:        added Terry Lambert's <terry@cs.weber.edu> loadable kernel
                    335:                modules code.  (cgd)
                    336:        add man pages for rpc.rwalld, rpc.rusersd, cleaup rpc.rstatd (brezak)
                    337:        <stdlib.h>: fix alloca() definition for gcc2 and gcc1. (brezak)
                    338:        change host field width in rusers and rup. Also print idle
                    339:                time in days,hours,minutes,seconds in rusers. (brezak)
                    340:        rwall(1), rusers(1): add man pages for rwall, and rusers. (brezak)
                    341:        integrate changes from conklin@talisman.kaleida.com (J.T. Conklin)
                    342:                that incorporate changes from TIRPC to include/rpc and
                    343:                lib/librpc. I also added code to getrpcent.c for YP. (brezak)
                    344:        yp: delete lib/libc/yp/yppasswdxdr.c because it is now in
                    345:                librpcsvc. (brezak)
                    346:        updated file(1) and magic database to Ian Darwin's
                    347:                latest release. (jtc)
                    348:        patch from Yuval Yarom so implicit binds in in_pcbbind will
                    349:                assign used ports if the if the port is bound on specific
                    350:                interface, and not on INADDR_ANY. (deraadt)
                    351:        patch from Yavul Yarom. The loopback check for forwarded packets
                    352:                was wrong (deraadt)
                    353:        yp: fix pwd_mkdb to not accidentally grow a complete passwd file from
                    354:                the YP passwd map. Include a getpwent.o that -UYP. (brezak)
                    355:        leave hole for AFS in vfssw[]. Define MOUNT_AFS in mount.h. (brezak)
                    356:        install symlinks to rpc and xdr manpages for rpc library
                    357:                routines; convert rpcgen, rpcinfo, and librpc manpages
                    358:                to -mandoc macros (jtc)
                    359:        inetd(8): now can start RPC services. (brezak)
                    360:        /etc/rc: remove starting of rwalld from /etc/rc and netstart. (brezak)
                    361:        yp: chpass and passwd will use YP is available. (brezak)
                    362:        install(1): added -d option to install (jtc)
                    363:        tip(1):  can now read ~/.tiprc even when this file is not world-
                    364:                accessible. (andrew)
                    365:        applied Yuval Yarom's closef() panic patch - the panic was caused
                    366:                by multiple calls to unp_discard() sometimes being made when
                    367:                closing a socket. (andrew)
                    368:        added Microsoft and Logitech busmouse drivers, originally by
                    369:                Erik Forsberg. (andrew)
                    370:        added fast symlinks.  Add `options FASTLINKS' to your config file or
                    371:                frob the variable `ufs_write_fastlinks' to enable creating
                    372:                them.  Note potential conflict with Pete Chown's ACLs (which
                    373:                is currently not in our tree).  And don't blame me if (though
                    374:                it's unlikely) your existing symlinks all barf because they
                    375:                have dirty spare fields.  (mycroft)
                    376:        scsi: changed aha scsi driver to reduce the card's bus-on time from the
                    377:                default 11ms to 9ms.  Prevents floppy drive read/write
                    378:                problems during heavy scsi io. (andrew)
                    379:        expr(1): changed expr(1) to use POSIX regular expressions (jtc)
                    380:        add assembly language versions of bcmp, ffs, memchr, memcmp, memset,
                    381:                strcat, strcmp, strcpy, strlen, and strncmp; change bzero to
                    382:                word align before its wordwise set. (jtc)
                    383:        integrate fnmatch from keith bostic/bsd4.4-alpha; update sources
                    384:                that use fnmatch: find, locate, mtree (jtc)
                    385:        i386: move sys/arch/i386/isa/spkr.h to sys/arch/i386/include. (brezak)
                    386:        completely rewrote and replaced physio (cgd)
                    387:        silence complaints about can't read size during probe in cd.c (brezak)
                    388:        change assert.h to be ANSI compliant (jtc)
                    389:        change signal.c to use ANSI C macro SIG_ERR, instead of BADSIG.
                    390:                remove BADSIG from signal.h, it's not used elsewhere. (jtc)
                    391:        nuke silly printf in vm_swap.c. (brezak)
                    392:        Use NNPX instead of NPX from npx.h. (brezak)
                    393:        Correctly extract version number from version string for
                    394:                uname. (brezak)
                    395:        add new Julian Elischer's new floppy driver, with modifications,
                    396:                from the patchkit (deraadt)
                    397:        convert the a.out format's a_magic fields and a_mid fields into
                    398:                one field, which is kept in network byte order (deraadt)
                    399:        integrate Donn Seeley's (i.e. BSDI's & CSRG's) init, as posted
                    400:                to various newsgroups (cgd)
                    401:        m4(1): upgraded m4 to latest version retrieved from Ozan Yigit
                    402:                <oz@sis.yorku.ca> after some begging. adds support
                    403:                for 'm4 <filename>', and works with sendmail r8's m4
                    404:                usage (glass)
                    405:        sendmail(8): upgraded sendmail to sendmail 8.1B; will follow future
                    406:                releases.  see sendmail/READ_ME for information about the
                    407:                degree of backward compatability provided.
                    408:                also sendmail/cf/README.
                    409:        fixed bug in ECHONL processing (andrew)
                    410:        date(1): date command ignored setting the seconds value. patch from
                    411:                <mhw@cs.brown.edu> (deraadt)
                    412:        Fixed othersrc/xntp to find NetBSD kernels. (davidb)
                    413:        getopt(1): Add getopt command to usr.bin from agate:.../public.
                    414:                (brezak)
                    415:        added ANSIfications to /sys/{sys,kern} and sundry other affected
                    416:                areas; removed the never-used second argument that was
                    417:                being passed to timeout functions. (andrew)
                    418:        applied Yuval Yarom's recv() socket fixes to prevent incorrect
                    419:                blocking with MSG_WAITALL.  Fixes a sbdrop() panic during
                    420:                some MSG_WAITALL recv(2) sleeps.  Access rights problem
                    421:                also fixed. (andrew)
                    422:        fixed bugs in vm_glue.c that allowed a process to access its user
                    423:                pages.  Writing to one of these pages on an i[34]86 system
                    424:                tends to cause an instant reboot... (andrew)
                    425:        gzip(1), tar(1): brought in versions of Bmake'd versions of GNU gzip
                    426:                and tar off of freefall. These understand the .gz suffix for
                    427:                gzip'ed archives. (brezak)
                    428:        uucpd(8): from Net2. (brezak)
                    429:        slattach(8): Support high tty speeds in slattach. (brezak)
                    430:        applied Paul Kranenburg's VM deadlock patches from the patchkit
                    431:                [patch00147, parts 2-4 - part 1 was already applied]
                    432:                (andrew)
                    433:        i386: fixed new i386 interrupt code to only do verbose statistics-
                    434:                gathering when compiled with INTR_DEBUG.  also, use
                    435:                local labels for internal branches, so profiling works
                    436:                better.  (cgd)
                    437:        i386, ethernet: add support for David Greenman's if_ed wd80[01]3 and
                    438:                3c503 i386 ethernet driver.  modify it to allow the "iosiz"
                    439:                to override the probed shared memory size, to help
                    440:                compatibility with clone boards (cgd)
                    441:        i386: change i386 interrupt vectors names so that they being with "X"
                    442:                instead of "V", like every other BSD system... (cgd)
                    443:        fixed /sys/scsi/sd.c to reject non block-aligned transfers, which
                    444:                were causing scsi hangs (andrew)
                    445:        convince /usr/src/share/doc to make and use "obj" directories (cgd)
                    446:        bootblocks: make the boot blocks make & install in same way as the
                    447:                rest of /usr/src (cgd)
                    448:        uniq -c /dev/null now works properly, it was not checking the return
                    449:                value from an fgets(). fix from <sjg@zen.void.oz.au> (deraadt)
                    450:        first part of merge of amiga code, sys/arch/amiga. Full merge will
                    451:                require some changes outside too, as well as some renameing
                    452:                in sys/arch/amiga to avoid conflicts with existing modules (mw)
                    453:        i386: wd controller driver - major rewrite of timeout code to use
                    454:                DELAY(). added code to reset controller if it times
                    455:                out. patches sent in by many people. (deraadt)
                    456:        make the rlist code go away.  it wasn't useful in the place
                    457:                it was intended to be used, and it was incompatible.
                    458:                in addition, it caused a few bugs...  replace it with
                    459:                rmap code written by Wolfgang Solfrank.  (cgd)
1.37      snj       460:        i386: pccons driver now malloc()'s its "struct tty" (deraadt)
1.1       lukem     461:        i386, hp300: cons.c "struct tty *cn_tty" wasn't being used by anything,
                    462:                so it goes away (deraadt)
                    463:        fix problem of passwd local_passwd exiting instead of passing status
                    464:                so YP password can be tried. Also change NIS --> YP. (brezak)
                    465:        tar(1): remove usr.bin/gnu/tar. Use tar-1.11.2 instead. (brezak)
                    466:        grep(1): update grep, egrep, and fgrep to gnu grep 2.0. (jtc)
                    467:        awk(1): update awk to gawk 2.15.2. (jtc)
                    468:        diff(1): update diff, diff3, and sdiff to gnu diffutils 2.3. (jtc)
                    469:        rcs(1): update rcs to (jtc)
                    470:        gzip(1): update gzip to 1.2.2. (jtc).
                    471:        w(1): 'w' no longer thinks the console is a special device. (deraadt)
                    472:        ignore the flags field in midmag in kern_exec.c from pk@cs.few.eur.nl.
                    473:                (brezak)
                    474:        passwd(1): nuke yppasswd. Use "passwd" to change YP password. (brezak)
                    475:        add Kermit 51(198) to othersrc. (brezak)
                    476:        libcurses: updated with Andrew Chernov's 8-bit clean patches (alm)
                    477:        patch from Paul Kranenburg <pk@cs.few.eur.nl> so that if given a
                    478:                kernel name, kvm_mkdb will work properly. (cgd)
                    479:        patch from Paul Kranenburg <pk@cs.few.eur.nl> to use symbols and
                    480:                line numbers in stack tracebacks. Also a fix to the stack
                    481:                traceback for syscalls. Did NOT include dynamic sym changes.
                    482:                (brezak)
                    483:        allow SYS_INCLUDE={copies,symlinks} in src/include/Makefile to be
                    484:                selected in bsd.own.mk. (brezak)
                    485:        gcc(1): upgrade gcc and cc to gcc-2.4.5 (paul)
                    486:        ddb(4): convince ddb to be quiet if it doesn't find any space for
                    487:                debugging symbols, and then don't ignore its output or exit
                    488:                code (cgd)
                    489:        i386: integrated Bruce Evans' <bde@kralizec.zeta.org.au> bios boot-block
                    490:                modifications, which include read-ahead buffering, loading
                    491:                kernels at the 1MB mark, bad144 support and various other
                    492:                fixes (which enables the code to work with aha174x cards in
                    493:                enhanced mode). (andrew)
                    494:        ethernet: upgrade if_is.c to handle multiple cards and bpf (paul)
                    495:        ps(1): make ps with an odd number of "w" flags behave properly. (cgd)
                    496:        changed tty queue interface to be like old BSD clists, but with a
                    497:                (new) ring buffer implementation which is more memory
                    498:                efficient. (mycroft and deraadt)
                    499:        nice(1): fixed to not dump core when invoked with no arguments, and
                    500:                to understand negative niceness values. (jtc)
                    501:        dbsym(8): fixed to strip gcc2 related trash syms before stuffing them
                    502:                into the kernel. Added "-l" flag to strip local syms
                    503:                too. (brezak)
                    504:        gcc(1): replaced gcc1 with gcc2 as standard compiler, and removed gcc1
                    505:                and the old version of g++ (cgd)
                    506:        libg++: upgraded to version 2.3.90 (cgd)
                    507:        changed env, head, nohup, wc, and xargs to be IEEE 1003.2 (D11.2)
                    508:                compliant. (jtc)
                    509:        groff(1): upgraded to version 1.08. (jtc)
                    510:        i386: if_ne.c bug fixes from <ache@astral.msk.su> (deraadt)
                    511:        ddb(4): ddb changes. Add -more- pager for output. Add 'ps' command.
                    512:                bring in ddb(4) man page. (brezak)
                    513:        netstat(1): added Havard Eidnes fixes to netstat (paul)
                    514:        gcc(1): fixed gcc2 for multiple archs and tidied up man pages in cpp
                    515:                (paul)
                    516:        libg++: updated to 2.4 (paul)
                    517:        telnet(1): make lib/libtelnet/enc_des.c optional for telnet. (brezak)
                    518:        copyin/out(), copyin/outstr(), s/fubyte() et al protection fixes,
                    519:                including COW support, using code based on that from
                    520:                Wolfgang Solfrank and Christoph Robitschko. (andrew)
                    521:        kernel: user segment descriptors fixed to disallow access to user area
                    522:                (andrew)
                    523:        bde's boot >= 1MB fixes (andrew)
                    524:        make NOPs in locore do something, by default.  to make them
                    525:                faster (and doing so will break some systems),
                    526:                use 'options "DUMMY_NOPS"' in kernel config file (cgd)
                    527:        multiple beeps now generate a continuous tone.  also, sysbeep() now
                    528:                takes a frequency as its first argument. (mycroft)
                    529:        added library dependencies to Makefiles where they were missing.
                    530:                (mycroft)
                    531:        changed dinode.di_un to a dev_t in preparation for making dev_t larger.
                    532:                (mycroft)
                    533:        moved asm.h from /usr/include/sys to /usr/include/machine. (mycroft)
                    534:        added CXX and CXXFLAGS and suffix rules for C++ files in
                    535:                /usr/share/mk/*, with attendent Makefile changes. (mycroft)
                    536:        whereis(1): fixed search paths. (mycroft)
                    537:        compress(1): fixed memory trashing bug. (mycroft)
                    538:        fixed various bugs in if_hp.c. (mycroft)
                    539:        changed implementation of scroll lock to use sleep() and wakeup() so
                    540:                it doesn't freeze all sessions. (mycroft)
                    541:        cat(1): fixed bug re: short (usually interrupted) writes. (mycroft)
                    542:        made pccons output in small chunks use ttrstrt() so it doesn't hog the
                    543:                CPU. (mycroft)
                    544:        made splimp() mask both spltty() and splnet(), and removed Bill's kluge
                    545:                for SLIP that made spltty() and splnet() include each other.
                    546:                (mycroft)
                    547:        fixed handling of bad syscall numbers on 386. (mycroft)
                    548:        changed `make depend' to work in two passes--one for C files and one
                    549:                for C++ files.  for the latter, `-+' is passed to mkdep
                    550:                automatically; no need to specify it in the Makefile. (mycroft)
                    551:        moved struct definitions outside of function declarations in kernel,
                    552:                so GCC doesn't emit tons of warnings. (mycroft and cgd)
                    553:        added -T option to dbsym to specify load address of kernel.  this is
                    554:                necessary for it to be able to find the blasted string it's
                    555:                supposed to insert into when the kernel is not loaded at the
                    556:                default address.  Makefile.i386 now uses this. (mycroft)
                    557:        added a way to specify the kernel load address in the config file; add
                    558:                `at address' (e.g. `at 0xfe100000') to the `config' line.
                    559:                (mycroft)
                    560:        gdb(1): made GDB deal with stabs type info output by GCC 2. (mycroft)
                    561:        ps(1): fix from Brian Somers <brian@awfulhak.demon.co.uk> to make
                    562:                "ps -o command" work correctly (cgd)
                    563:        made kvm_procread() read the swap area in CLBYTES chunks. (mycroft)
                    564:        added ISOFS support for Rockridge filesystems, written by
                    565:                Atsushi Murai <amurai@spec.co.jp>. (cgd)
                    566:        scsi bus probing sped up by remembering if there's actually a
                    567:                device at a particular unit number (deraadt)
                    568:        hp300: tty devs changed to do dynamic tty allocation (deraadt)
                    569:        the ifconfig aui/bnc keywords go away, use -llc0 to select
                    570:                bnc/other onboard tranceiver, llc0 to select aui (deraadt)
                    571:        cleaned up /etc/magic to grok new-style executables (deraadt)
                    572:        i386: removed bogus nop-like instructions put at the start of the i386
                    573:                crt0.c by Bill (deraadt)
                    574:        i386: wd.c now has timeout debugging code useful for seeing how slow
                    575:                your controller's DIAG command really is. Enable
                    576:                WDCNDELAY_DEBUG in wd.c if interested... (deraadt)
                    577:        i386: if_ed.c call bpfattach() at the same place as other enet
                    578:                drivers (deraadt)
                    579:        bpf(4): man page error found by hpeyerl, ok'd by mccanne (deraadt)
                    580:        dbsym(8), ddb(4): added -g option to dbsym to include line number and
                    581:                function symbols for DDB; note that this generates REALLY LARGE
                    582:                symbol tables; you'll need to load the kernel at >=1MB to use
                    583:                it. (mycroft)
                    584:        replaced vfs__bio.c with better one derived from one from CMU.
                    585:                it works better, does the right thing with buffer_map,
                    586:                and, in general, is cleaner than the old one. (cgd)
                    587:        added man pages for all external mount types. (cgd)
                    588:        fix from J.T. Conklin to make nohup print the correct
                    589:                message re: the logging file on the user's console.  (cgd)
                    590:        mount_msdos(8): mount_pcfs moved to mount_msdos; the latter is more
                    591:                appropriate (cgd)
                    592:        sendmail(8): sendmail upgraded to version 8.3
                    593:        added statistics counters to if_is.c,ipackets etc (paul)
                    594:        scsi: ultrastore 14f driver should now work w/34f as well. (cgd)
                    595:        got rid of broken toupper() and tolower() macros (cgd)
                    596:        i386: wd.c change from <ws.tools.de> to fix single drive
                    597:                systems (deraadt)
                    598:        i386: fd.c reliability fix from <ws@tools.de> (deraadt)
                    599:        kern_sig.c used to wrap swtch() with splhardclock()/splnone() which
                    600:                isn't right. (cgd)
                    601:        i386: swtch() didn't save splx() value per-process. (deraadt)
                    603: Changes from NetBSD 0.9 to NetBSD 1.0:
                    604:        delete share/man/man4/kadb.4. (brezak)
                    605:        ddb(4): cleanup for DDB: allow one to fault in DDB, cleanup pretty
                    606:                printers for maps and objects, and support for adding symbol
                    607:                tables at runtime. (brezak)
                    608:        use XIDLE extension in rpc.rusersd (if present). (brezak)
                    609:        changed kill, mkdir, mkfifo, rmdir, and umask (sh builtin) to be
                    610:                 IEEE 1003.2 (D11.2) compliant. (jtc)
                    611:        config(8): add latent support to config to generate header files for
                    612:                options.  (brezak)
                    613:        rewrote sun copyrighted header files (deraadt)
                    614:        yp: fixed yp-related bug in endpwent() found by <pk@cs.few.eur.nl>
                    615:                (deraadt)
                    616:        othersrc/kermit add LOCKDIR for Taylor uucp, SETREUID, and STRINGPIDS.
                    617:                 (brezak)
                    618:        fixed vm_object.c to remove an object from the hashtable when
                    619:                vm_object_collapse() starts fiddling with pagers. (pk)
                    620:        scsi: removed two bogus splx() calls in aha1742.c found by
                    621:                <hd@world.std.com> (deraadt)
                    622:        added RCS identifiers to many of the files which were missing them.
                    623:                (mycroft)
                    624:        mount(8): added support for the `noauto' option to mount. (mycroft)
                    625:        replaced much of the rtc code with code from Mach. Now handles
                    626:                resettodr(). (brezak)
                    627:        i386: added support for i486 instruction set extensions to gas. (jtc)
                    628:        implement play_msf variants for SCSI cd. Now for the player... (brezak)
                    629:        sup(1): changes from <nate@bsd.coe.montana.edu> for gzip'ed sup file
                    630:                transfer. (brezak)
                    631:        add service port for WWW http to /etc/services. (brezak)
                    632:        uucp(1): upgraded to version 1.04. (jtc)
                    633:        upgraded manpages of many programs, and most of the games to
                    634:                use -mandoc macros. (jtc)
                    635:        <math.h>: added __pure qualifier to many of the function declarations
                    636:                (jtc)
                    637:        <err.h>: replaced volatile qualifier with __dead, for when we're
                    638:                not compiling with gcc. (jtc)
                    639:        fts(3), vis(3), glob(3): Updated to latest versions from Berkeley,
                    640:                with local bug fixes. (mycroft)
                    641:        libc: added sys_signame[] to libc, like 4.4, and changed some programs
                    642:                to use it. (mycroft)
                    643:        libutil: added getbsize() to libutil, like 4.4, but with a `force'
                    644:                flag to specify a particular block size. (mycroft)
                    645:        updated du and df to latest versions from Berkeley, but with `-k'
                    646:                flag readded. (mycroft)
                    647:        added a missing suser() to if_sl.c (deraadt)
                    648:        fixed the suser() call in if_tun.c (deraadt)
                    649:        fixed a few utilities to work with the new fts(3) routines (deraadt)
                    650:        m68k: new MID_M68K and MID_M68K4K executables, and associated changes
                    651:                to file command (deraadt)
                    652:        libc: add MI insque/remque (and man pages) to libc. (brezak)
                    653:        brought in fixed/renamed/matching MS-DOS FS code, from Jeff Polk
                    654:                <polk@bsdi.com>. (cgd)
                    655:        ppp added thanks to <paulus@NetBSD.org>, <mw@NetBSD.org>, and
                    656:                <Peter.Galbavy@micromuse.co.uk> (deraadt)
                    657:        pppd(8): bugs/completeness - stty/print.c (recognize line disc),
                    658:                pppd/main.c (use LOG_INFO for informational stuff, correctly
                    659:                set line speeds), pppd/pppstats/Makefile,pppstats.c (install
                    660:                group and kernel name). (brezak)
                    661:        changed cut, date (via changes to strftime()), expand, nice, ln,
                    662:                time and wc to be IEEE 1003.2-92 compliant. (jtc)
                    663:        changed system(), popen(), and pclose() to be
                    664:                IEEE 1003.2-92 compliant. (jtc)
                    665:        fixes for some typos in the pc3 termcap entry from
                    666:                Thorsten Lockert <tholo@gandalf.bbb.no> (cgd)
                    667:        make(1): fix for make's handling of obj symlinks which point nowhere,
                    668:                from Christoph Robitschko <chmr@edvz.tu-graz.ac.at> (cgd)
                    669:        added proc filesystem (PROCFS) code (pk)
                    670:        libc: add SYSV shared memory library stubs to libc. From usenet
                    671:                posting. (brezak)
                    672:        added "ed1" to generic kernels for 3c503 support. (cgd)
                    673:        vop_setattr() aded to procfs, enables chmod's of processes and
                    674:                chmod/chown/chgrp on the procfs root dir. (pk)
                    675:        add bootpd to othersrc. Add bootp service nos to/etc/services. (brezak)
                    676:        add -x flag to strip. Removes local syms, stabs, and compiler idents
                    677:                symbols. (brezak)
                    678:        machine independant changes to VM to be able to handle machines with
                    679:                non-contiguous memory from Wolfgang Solfrank. Machines that
                    680:                need this use "option MACHINE_NONCONTIG". (brezak)
                    681:        i386: machine dependant changes for non-contiguous memory. WARNING-
                    682:                you will need a new config for this. (brezak)
                    683:        i386: boot program changes to load the symbols table from the image,
                    684:                be able to boot omagic executables, pass a few more
                    685:                arguments, and enable the kbd clock. [You will need this
                    686:                for the next changes having to do with DDB symbol loading]
                    687:                (brezak)
                    688:        update othersrc/bootpd to conform with RFC-1395. (brezak)
                    689:        changes to allow boot to load ddb symbols. define SYMTAB_SPACE=nnn if
                    690:                your boot program cannot do this. Otherwise build the new boot
                    691:                program for the i386 and don't define SYMTAB_SPACE. (brezak)
                    692:        kernel: kernel pagers are controlled as options, not as pseudo-devices
                    693:                (deraadt)
                    694:        tty device driver XXstart() routines return void (deraadt)
                    695:        kernel: make pagers options, not pseudo-devices (deraadt)
                    696:        sun3: port now in the tree.  Doesn't actually work,
                    697:                but real close.  Status info in sys/arch/sun3/STATUS. (glass)
                    698:        sun3, config(8): torek's 'config.new' integrated, including the
                    699:                kernel support for his autoconfig mechanisim.   Currently used
                    700:                only by sun3. (glass)
                    701:        priority queueing for interactive traffic + bpf support added
                    702:                to the ppp driver. (paulus)
                    703:        fix from "James W. Dolter" <jdolter@sawtooth.eecs.umich.edu> so that
                    704:                exec deals properly with shell scripts with symlinks in their
                    705:                names.  (cgd)
                    706:        use "posix" rather than "right" rules for time conversions.  fixes
                    707:                a 14-second discrepancy with other systems and WWV (cgd)
                    708:        if_ppp.c: received IP packets now passed correctly to BPF. (paulus)
                    709:        i386: reduce max stack limit to 2M (cgd)
                    710:        clean up stack size and limit code (cgd)
                    711:        replace ptrace() implementation with a better one from Sean Fagan
                    712:                <sef@kithrup.com> (cgd)
                    713:        fix LKM's loading of device driver modules so it actually does it.
                    714:                patch from Szabolcs Sziget <pink@bagira.fsz.bme.hu> (cgd)
                    715:        modified VFS readdir semantics to better support nfs cookies (ws)
                    716:        changed mountd/mount system call to allow exporting of filesystems
                    717:                other than UFS (ws)
                    718:        enhanced ISOFS filesystem with better Rockridge support, support
                    719:                for generation numbers, extended attributes
                    720:                and associated files (ws)
                    721:        strip filename records from symtab with "strip -x". (brezak)
                    722:        add .S.o rule to sys.mk. (brezak)
                    723:        sh(1): fixes from Jim Wilson <wilson@cygnus.com> to sh: don't core if
                    724:                given a pair of backquotes with no command in between.
                    725:                also, don't accept semicolon in for loop without 'in'
                    726:                keyword, and handle TEOF like TNL in command parsing. (cgd)
                    727:        allow for exporting whole directory trees with -alldir in /etc/exports,
                    728:                changes from Richard A Macklem <rmacklem@uoguelph.ca>> (ws)
                    729:        first fixes for the short/int mismatch in the system calls. (phil)
                    730:        pc532: imported the src/sys/arch/pc532 tree. (phil)
                    731:        pc532: added a number of necessary #ifdef pc532 cases (deraadt)
                    732:        yp: fixed bug in ypbind that caused it to not keep the binding file
                    733:                up-to-date (deraadt)
                    734:        pc532: fixed arch/pc532/include/param.h (phil)
                    735:        fixed up vm_object_print and vm_map_print so that they work as
                    736:                DIAGNOSTIC and DDB. (brezak)
                    737:        added MACHINE_NONCONTIG to *standard* configs. (brezak)
                    738:        i386: changes to config and sys/arch/i386/conf/Makefile.i386 to default
                    739:                kernel load address at 1M. Use "at 0xfe000000" in config
                    740:                to load kernel low. (brezak)
                    741:        eliminte syscframes, they are now the same as trap frames. (brezak)
                    742:        aculog owned by uucp.dialer after log rotation, not root.wheel.
                    743:                bug reported by Greg Tanaka <glt@cco.caltech.edu> (cgd)
                    744:        fix to the 'size' primary; -size <n>c didn't work.  from
                    745:                Thomas Eberhardt <thomas@mathematik.uni-Bremen.de> (cgd)
                    746:        fix for "touch -t CCYYMMDDhhmm[.SS]".  the CC part didn't work.  from
                    747:                Thomas Eberhardt <thomas@mathematik.uni-Bremen.de> (cgd)
                    748:        upgraded diff, diff3, and sdiff to version 2.4. (jtc)
                    749:        pc532: imported the src/lib/csu/pc532 and src/lib/libc/pc532 trees.
                    750:                (phil)
                    751:        added timezone rules for Moscow, Russia, as provided by
                    752:                Andrew A. Chernov <ache@astral.msk.su> (cgd)
                    753:        added fix from Theo for ypset. This should fix ypset through
                    754:                GW's.  (brezak)
                    755:        i386: changes to support running of Windows executable via Wine.
                    756:                Changes to the kernel activated with "USER_LDT" option. New
                    757:                syscalls are in new architecure specific library -
                    758:                libarch/libi386.  (brezak)
                    759:        i386: add clearing of direction flag back to i386 bcopy and memmove.
                    760:                The previous change to remove it was too aggresive and broke
                    761:                things like the Xserver. (brezak)
                    762:        libc: fixed isascii(3) man page (cgd)
                    763:        made biodone() work properly, from spec in daemon book and
                    764:                from what the various other parts of the system expect (cgd)
1.37      snj       765:        fix resettodr() to be able to reset rtc even if its time is
1.1       lukem     766:                invalid. (brezak)
                    767:        cron(8): fix crond so that it only stat()s the first 'word' of the
                    768:                command for root's crontab (cgd)
                    769:        incorporate GNU malloc into the src/gnu source tree (cgd)
                    770:        convert all GNU utilities to use GNU malloc (cgd)
                    771:        added keyboard typematic rate support to pccons and split off ioctl
                    772:                definitions to <sys/machine/pccons.h> (andrew)
                    773:        i386: macros added to support PIC code generation lib/libc/i386/SYS.h
                    774:                in library assembler stubs. Changed a number of these stubs in
                    775:                files in lib/libc/i386/{sys,gen} that touch global data. (pk)
                    776:        buffer allocation is now static at startup, rather than allocated
                    777:                (via various means) by vfs_bio.  (cgd)
                    778:        upgraded diff, diff3, and sdiff to version 2.5. (jtc)
                    779:        patch from Christoph Badura <bad@flatlin.ka.sub.org> to fix
                    780:                credential use by read-ahead blocks. (cgd)
                    781:        put gamma.c into libm, at the prompting of
                    782:                Eliot Dresselhaus <dresselh@rft47.nas.nasa.gov> (cgd)
                    783:        i386, sparc: update of gas to version 1.92.3 to support PIC code (i386
                    784:                and sparc ports only, as of this moment) (pk)
                    785:        <a.out.h>: support for PIC relocation records in (pk)
                    786:        <sys/exec.h>: defined EX_DYNAMIC flag (pk)
                    787:        gcc(1): configured gcc to generate mode complete link commands, output
                    788:                .size directives and generate a libgcc_pic.a archive (pk)
                    789:        update Australia's zoneinfo file with new data
                    790:                from Mark Davies <mark@comp.vuw.ac.nz> (cgd)
                    791:        nfsd now reports fatal errors with syslog(), rather than err()
                    792:                per Vernon Schryver <vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com> (cgd)
                    793:        added a cyclades cyclom-8y (and 4/16y) multiport async serial
                    794:                driver. (andrew)
                    795:        fixed vfs_bio so that it dynamically moves pages between buffers (cgd)
                    796:        don't try to display the resident text size with "ps -v".  Fix
                    797:                from Thomas Eberhardt <thomas@mathematik.uni-Bremen.de> (cgd)
                    798:        libc: move architecture-specific directories in libc into an 'arch'
                    799:                subdir, in the same way that they're under 'arch' in the kernel
                    800:                (cgd)
                    801:        libc: move rpc library code into libc; it was being included in libc
                    802:                via makefile trickery, and there was no good reason to keep
                    803:                it out of the libc source tree proper (cgd)
                    804:        Rand48 routines from Martin Birgmeier <martin@ntkupc1.tuwien.ac.at>.
                    805:                Sorry no man pages for this from the author. (brezak)
                    806:        finger fixes and enhancements from Luke Mewburn. (brezak)
                    807:        moved sources for rpc protocol definitions into src/lib/librpcsvc,
                    808:                and set it up so that include/rpcsvc is made from there (cgd)
                    809:        inetd(8): several extensions: group id specification, per service
                    810:                maximum invocation rate, a `/var/run/inetd.pid',
                    811:                AF_UNIX family support, several minor bug fixes. (pk)
                    812:        substantially modified ld in an effort to support shared libraries,
                    813:                including a run-time linker ld.so (in subdir rtld). (pk)
                    814:        i386, sparc: added src/lib/csu/sparc + contents, modified crt0
                    815:                (sparc+i386) to support dynamic linking. (pk)
                    816:        fix pow() to handle x == 0 and x == infinity (cgd)
                    817:        tossed old accounting routines in favor of better ones by
                    818:                Mark Tinguely <tinguely@plains.NoDak.edu> (cgd)
                    819:        db: upgraded db library routines to version 1.72,
                    820:                from ftp.cs.berkeley.edu (cgd)
                    821:        fix from Andrew Moore <alm@netcom.com> to correct test's handling of
                    822:                (non-negated) "-a" and "-o". (cgd)
                    823:        execve(2): exec fixed to return EACCES if trying to exec a program on
                    824:                a file system mounted MNT_NOEXEC.  (cgd)
                    825:        execve(2): update execve man page to note EACCES return if trying to
                    826:                exec a program on a file system mounted MNT_NOEXEC, and fix a
                    827:                typo, with diffs.  fixes from Garrett Wollman
                    828:                <wollman@emba.uvm.edu>. (cgd)
                    829:        fstat(1): fixed multiple off-by-one bugs in fstat which caused open file
                    830:                printing to not print the last open file.  patch
                    831:                from David Greenman <davidg@implode.rain.com>. (cgd)
                    832:        cleanup dup'ed defines for GDT/LDT entries in machdep.c/sys_machdep.c.
                    833:                call resettodr() in boot() like other ports. (brezak)
                    834:        return EINVAL if trying to send negative amounts of data,
                    835:                and a couple of minor TCP bugs.  (from bsdi-users) (cgd)
                    836:        fix panic that can occur when two renames are moving the same source
                    837:                at the same time, and check that the rootfs pointer is
                    838:                non-null before using it in sync().  (from bsdi-users) (cgd)
                    839:        units(1): add a free 'units' command, written by Adrian Mariano
                    840:                (<adrian@cam.cornell.edu> or <mariano@geom.umn.edu>) (cgd)
                    841:        i386: apply fix in i386/isa/spkr.c for PIT_MODE from Keith White
                    842:                <kwhite@csi.UOttawa.CA>. (brezak)
                    843:        ISOFS: better handling of empty files (fix the symlink bug).
                    844:                Let filenames alone, if mounted with -gen.
                    845:                Change filename of associated files to start with `='
                    846:                and not end in `@'.     (ws)
                    847:        m4(1): m4 upgraded to Ozan Yigit's latest and greatest version. (glass)
                    848:                Fixes bug that broke > 8.3 sendmail config files
                    849:        sendmail(8): sendmail upgraded from version 8.3 to 8.6.3 (glass)
                    850:                See sendmail/RELEASE_NOTES for a detailed list of changes.
                    851:        tablet line discipline ported to net/2 tty system. (glass)
                    852:        cksum(1): Update to the latest sources on uunet. (cgd)
                    853:        mtree(8): Update to the latest sources on uunet. (cgd)
                    854:        added a64l(), l64a(), lfind(), lsearch(), <search.h>, etc. (jtc)
                    855:        rm(1): changed to be 1003.2-1992 compliant. (jtc)
                    856:        find(1): added -print0 option. (jtc)
                    857:        gas(1): changed write.h to compile with PIC not defined (phil)
                    858:        gas(1), ns32k: added patch to config/tc-ns32k.c to make
                    859:                "movd x(pc),y(pc)" work correctly. (phil)
                    860:        file(1): updated to do sign-extension correctly for signed comparisons,
                    861:                and also allow explicitly unsigned comparisons (by prepending
                    862:                `u' to the type). (mycroft)
                    863:        chown(8), chgrp(1): moved into usr (where they were in net/2) (cgd)
                    864:        broke link from 'acctoff' to accton; the former is no longer used (cgd)
                    865:        fixed elvis so it returns exit code 0 if file unmodified (cgd)
                    866:        updated timezone files with new revisions supplied by
                    867:                Arthur David Olson <ado@elsie.nci.nih.gov> (cgd)
                    868:        timed(8): Update to the latest version, as supplied and ported
                    869:                by <Vernon Schryver> vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com. (cgd)
                    870:        sup(1): updated README.sup to reflect changes to collections. (brezak)
                    871:        incorporate new dev pager from Mike Hibler <hibler@cs.utah.edu> (cgd)
                    872:        sed(1): altered to exit when the n)ext command reaches EOF. (andrew)
                    873:        changed printf(3), et. al. to be ANSI compliant. (jtc)
                    874:        printf(1): changed to be 1003.2-1992 compliant. (jtc)
                    875:        add Mitsumi (non-SCSI) CD-ROM driver, written by Holger Veit
                    876:                and Brian Moore (cgd)
                    877:        bcd(6): fixed bad bcd(6) punch codes Dyane Bruce
                    878:                <db@diana.ocunix.on.ca>. (jtc)
                    879:        sendmail(8): sendmail upgraded from version 8.6.3 to 8.6.4 (glass)
                    880:                See sendmail/RELEASE_NOTES for a detailed list of changes.
                    881:        fix from David Greenman <davidg@freefall.cdrom.com> to improve
                    882:                socket performance by keeping sosend from attempting to
                    883:                reserve space in an mbuf cluster for datagram headers.
                    884:                It was unnecessary because the mbuf allocation routines
                    885:                do the right then when prepending to mbuf clusters. (cgd)
                    886:        fix from David Greenman <davidg@freefall.cdrom.com> to keep
                    887:                large amounts of unidirectional UDP traffic from filling
                    888:                up interface output queues with fragments. (cgd)
                    889:        i386: fix bogus uses of splnone() in the i386 port.  (cgd)
                    890:        err(3), fnmatch(3), glob(3), fts(3): update err(3), fnmatch(3),
                    891:                glob(3), and fts(3) from uunet. (cgd)
                    892:        define BSDSRCDIR and BSDOBJDIR to have make think of the src and obj
                    893:                trees as being rooted someplace other than /usr/src and
                    894:                /usr/obj. (cgd)
                    895:        update /etc/services and /etc/protocols with more (official) data
                    896:                Garrett Wollman <wollman@freefall.cdrom.com> did the
                    897:                leg-work (cgd)
                    898:        update /etc/namedb/root.cache with current data.  Garrett Wollman
                    899:                <wollman@freefall.cdrom.com> did the leg-work. (cgd)
                    900:        clean up /etc/rc and /etc/netstart, add entry in netstart for
                    901:                sysads to define flags passed to sendmail and possibly
                    902:                turn it off (cgd)
                    903:        sendmail(8): disable sendmail by default in future distributions; bad
                    904:                things could happen if config files aren't properly customized
                    905:                (cgd)
                    906:        compat/sunos: some sunos compatibility code in struct sigacts (deraadt)
                    907:        pmax: add pmax architecture support to config program, done by
                    908:                rick &/| ralph (deraadt)
                    909:        move __LDPGSZ from sys/exec.h to machine/exec.h, because there's
                    910:                too many "#ifdef ${ARCH}" things in there. (deraadt)
                    911:        set up make templates so that the contents of the LDSTATIC variable
                    912:                control static linking (cgd)
                    913:        use ./yearistype.sh rather than yearistype.sh when making
                    914:                /usr/share/zoneinfo (cgd)
                    915:        mount(2): fix mount(2) man page to use the right names for mount flags
                    916:                (cgd)
                    917:        csh(1): make csh be rational w.r.t. forground process groups (cgd)
                    918:        link(5): add link(5) manual page, update of a.out(5) (pk)
                    919:        curses(3): update curses(3) with latest version from CSRG (cgd)
                    920:        more(1): update more(1) with the latest version for uunet
                    921:                and added regex(3) support (alm)
                    922:        pppd(8): update to version 2.0, fixes to chat (paulus)
                    923:        'T_LINEP' member of 'struct tty' is now 't_sc' which is how it is
                    924:                being used currently. (glass)
                    925:        pppd(8): add RCS IDs, minor enhancements (default local address to
                    926:                first IP address of host), bugfix (paulus)
                    927:        lpr(1), lpd(8): fix some uninitialized variables in lpr and lpd (cgd)
                    928:        crontab(1): do the right thing with EDITOR and PATH.  reported
                    929:                (with fix) by Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com> (cgd)
                    930:        rup(1), rusers(1): make prettier (deraadt)
                    931:        vmstat(8): add some useful memory summing stuff to vmstat
                    932:                (cgd & deraadt)
                    933:        libc: replace -lgnuregex and the regexp(3) functions in libc with Henry
                    934:                Spencer's new POSIX.2 compliant regex(3) functions. (jtc)
                    935:        upgraded diff, diff3, and sdiff to version 2.6. (jtc)
                    936:        moved fifo.h and specdev.h to /sys/miscfs, along with the various
                    937:                file system ops they defined. (cgd)
                    938:        add regex(3) support to elvis (alm)
                    939:        ed(1): fixed line addressing to be consistent with SunOS ed (alm)
                    940:        i386: change bootcode to not skip the 256 bytes of BIOS variables
                    941:                if load address isn't 0 (ws)
                    942:        stdio: more fixes from from torek with help from cgd. (cgd)
                    943:        termcap(3): Fix man page to have the correct definition of
                    944:                tgetstr().  fix supplied by
                    945:                gordon@sneaky.lonestar.org (Gordon Burditt). (cgd)
                    946:        Add the System V message queue and semaphore facilities.  Implemented
                    947:                by Daniel Boulet <danny@BouletFermat.ab.ca>. (cgd)
                    948:        Add an initial implementation of the POSIX 1003.4a Draft 7 thread
                    949:                standard. (proven)
                    950:        join(1): fixes to join to fix a seg fault and a mixed up buffer, from
                    951:                Dave Matthews <dave@prlng.co.uk>, modded by cgd. (cgd)
                    952:        strings(1): Add -t (radix) flag to strings to conform to POSIX.2. (jtc)
                    953:        changes for othersrc/mh-6.8 to use a libmh.so. Also fix vmh for
                    954:                new curses. (brezak)
                    955:        slstats(8): add usr.sbin/slstats command from CSLIP-2.6 distr. (brezak)
                    956:        quiz(6): fix uninitialized variable bug that caused quiz to dump core.
                    957:                from Szabolcs Szigeti <pink@bagira.fsz.bme.hu> (cgd)
                    958:        change fnmatch(3) and getopt(3) to be POSIX.2 compliant. (jtc)
                    959:        add POSIX.2's confstr(3). (jtc)
                    960:        do the right thing when lookup()-ing for creation. (cgd)
                    961:        change libg++ to not install "compatibility" header files ---
1.38      snj       962:                our header files are already C++ compatible. (jtc)
1.1       lukem     963:        add -m and -n options to swapinfo. (cgd)
                    964:        patch from Ukai Fumitoshi <ukai@kmc.kyoto-u.ac.jp> to do the
                    965:                right thing with NFS fsid's and getnewfsid(). (cgd)
                    966:        size(1), strip(1): patches from Thomas Eberhardt to make size(1) and
                    967:                strip(1) more robust, and to strip trailing zeroes in the data
                    968:                segment of an executable. Further modifications to strip(1) by
                    969:                me. (mycroft)
                    970:        fix function prototypes in shm.h to comply with the SVID. (brezak)
                    971:        use fread(), not read(), pending Vern Paxson's decision of what
                    972:                to do in the next version of flex. (cgd)
                    973:        printf(1): merged with latest version from uunet. (jtc)
                    974:        gas(1): changes to handle the `.type' directive and symbolic
                    975:                expressions in `.size' directives (pk)
                    976:        remove rusers version 1 interface support (/etc/inetd.conf). Redo
                    977:                version2 interface to use hand-crafted xdr routines to make
                    978:                it interoperable with Sun's. Rpcgen cannot generate this. Also
                    979:                add support for the version 3 interface in the rpc.rusersd
                    980:                daemon. Add rusers.x (version 3 only) to librpcsvc. (brezak)
                    981:        m68k: shared-library support for the m68k architecture in gcc2, gas and
                    982:                ld; create m68k/ directories for this stuff rather than having
                    983:                separate directories for each m68k-based machine (paulus)
                    984:        isofs: bug fixes -
                    985:                memory corruption on RR-CD with name longer than 255 chars
                    986:                fix handling of associated files' names on RR-CDs
                    987:                incomplete directory on nfs-mounted CD
                    988:                hack to make find work on non-RR-CD
                    989:                the last two reported by mycroft (ws)
                    990:        m68k: shared-library support for m68k machines in src/lib/csu/m68k and
                    991:                src/lib/libc/arch/m68k (paulus)
                    992:        pppd(8): fixes to ppp stuff - pppstats.c uses <paths.h>; enhance pppd
                    993:                security (paulus)
                    994:        sendmail(8): don't start sendmail if there's no /etc/sendmail.cf (cgd)
                    995:        rcs(1): deal properly with EINVAL when fsync()'ing a pipe (cgd)
                    996:        tsort(1): shouldn't be so thorough when finding nodes in a cycle.
                    997:                fix provided by Jarle.F.Greipsland@idt.unit.no. (cgd)
                    998:        more fixes to MS-DOS filesystem code, from Jeff Polk. (cgd)
                    999:        fix uninitialized variable in ptrace() system call,
                   1000:                from Andy Heffernan <ahh@netcom.com>. (cgd)
                   1001:        tsort(1): fix behaviour when given a filename argument on the command
                   1002:                line, from Frank van der Linden <vdlinden@fwi.uva.nl>. (cgd)
                   1003:        rarpd(8): replaced `#ifdef's i386' with `#ifdef's NetBSD' in
                   1004:                `libexec/rarpd.c' so it will compile on other BSD ports as well
                   1005:                (pk)
                   1006:        sparc, pppd(8): replaced `#ifdef sparc' with `#ifdef sun' in
                   1007:                `usr.sbin/pppd/auth.c', (`sparc' is an architecture, not an
                   1008:                environment) (pk)
                   1009:        lex(1): upgraded lex to version 2.4.2. (jtc)
                   1010:        yp: change YP /var/yp/binding/ files to match Sun's files (deraadt)
                   1011:        make(1): add MACHINE_ARCH to the set of variables defined by make(1).
                   1012:                (cgd)
                   1013:        libc, libkern: make libc and libkern use MACHINE_ARCH. (cgd)
                   1014:        dump cores as "progname.core" rather than "core.progname" (cgd)
                   1015:        at(1), atrun(8): Add at(1) and atrun(8), written by Thomas Koenig
                   1016:                <ig25@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de> and seriously hacked by me. (cgd)
                   1017:        atrun(8): put atrun into root's crontab, to run every 10 minutes. (cgd)
                   1018:        actually delete the GNU regex library (cgd)
                   1019:        cron(8): make sure that crond records the commands that it runs.
                   1020:                fix supplied by thomas@mathematik.uni-Bremen.de. (cgd)
                   1021:        sup(1): instructions updated. see ~ftp/pub/sup/README.sup. (glass)
                   1022:        i386: don't have gcc define __386BSD__ on the i386. (cgd)
                   1023:        replace all .s files in libraries with .S equivalents. (cgd)
                   1024:        fix ifdef 386BSD -> NetBSD in othersrc/{sup,kermit,mh-6.8}. (brezak)
                   1025:        lex(1): upgraded lex to version 2.4.3. (jtc)
                   1026:        i386: several bug fixes in libc i386 assembler stubs supplied
                   1027:                by thomas@mathematik.uni-Bremen.de. (pk)
                   1028:        nfs: allow NFS mount parameters to be set by using `mount -u'. (pk)
                   1029:        use credentials in physio(). (pk)
                   1030:        make setpriority() actually return the correct error. (cgd)
                   1031:        sparc: add sparc machine dependent sources to libc Makefiles. (pk)
                   1032:        fix from Piero Serini <piero@strider.st.dsi.unimi.it> to get
                   1033:                "id <login>" to get the primary group name correct. (cgd)
                   1034:        lex(1): upgraded lex to version 2.4.4. (jtc)
                   1035:        fix the Makefile in ed/test to not demand that . be in PATH. (cgd)
                   1036:        fix to stty from Piero Serini <piero@strider.st.dsi.unimi.it> so
                   1037:                that you can undef tty control characters. (cgd)
                   1038:        change interface IFF_LLC* flags to be IFF_LINK*. (cgd)
                   1039:        slip: convert SLIP to use IFF_LINK* flags for compression/icmp enable,
                   1040:                and update associated utilities. kill 2 SLIP ioctls. (cgd)
                   1041:        routed(8): fix from Brad Parker <brad@fcr.com> to curb routed
                   1042:                inflation when using MULTICAST.  it wasn't properly ignoring
                   1043:                the new interface flags. (cgd)
                   1044:        yp: speedup getpwnam/getpwuid if YP is enabled (deraadt)
                   1045:        fix tty subsystem to echo ^V^? correctly as ^?. From Edward Wang
                   1046:                <edward@homer.CS.Berkeley.EDU> (deraadt)
                   1047:        various programs and libraries were not bzero'ing their automatic
                   1048:                sockaddr_in's before passing them into the kernel. (deraadt)
                   1049:        rusers and rup are now quite SunOS compatible (jtc & deraadt)
                   1050:        tcpdump(1): must be linked -ll because of new lex (deraadt)
                   1051:        teach the mod* programs to love ansi (deraadt)
                   1052:        config(8): config generates a 4.4-like pdevinit[] arrays for
                   1053:                pseudo-device initialization (deraadt)
                   1054:        initialize pseudo-devices by calling their XXattach() routines
                   1055:                based on the pdevinuit[] array in ioconf.c rather than
                   1056:                the previous #ifdef hell in init_main.c (deraadt)
                   1057:        create various XXattach routines so that the pdevinit[] stuff works
                   1058:                as it should (deraadt)
                   1059:        config(8): make both config and config.new deal properly with \" and \n
                   1060:                inside a "'d string, ie. option XX="\"something\"". (deraadt)
                   1061:        config's yacc grammer no longer redefines `MACHINE' (deraadt)
                   1062:        compat/sunos, m68k, sparc: move sunos emulation code code to
                   1063:                /sys/compat/sunos, for use by all m68k and sparc ports.
                   1064:                significantly cleaned and extended up from Torek's base, with
                   1065:                help at implimenting various system calls and ioctl's from mw
                   1066:                & pk. (deraadt)
                   1067:        don't permit TIOCSCTTY on /dev/tty, or kernel recursion happens.
                   1068:                from Lars Fredriksen <ludvig!lars@wixer.bga.com> (deraadt)
                   1069:        ypset should only be permitted from a reserved port.  from
                   1070:                Tor Egge <tegge@pvv.unit.no> (deraadt)
                   1071:        tcpdump(1): move into src/usr.sbin, and cleanup (deraadt)
                   1072:        execve(2): ensure shm's are deleted by an execve() (deraadt)
                   1073:        per-process emulation variable keeps track of how signals/syscalls
                   1074:                should be handled. this is set/reset by execve, based on
                   1075:                what the cpu_exec* functions ask for (deraadt)
                   1076:        sparc: must flush register windows before doing a vm_deallocate in
                   1077:                execve(), or the registers might get dumped on someone
                   1078:                else's stack... (deraadt)
                   1079:        execve(2): keep execve arg buffer around for later use (deraadt & cgd)
                   1080:        STACKGAP: a small optional buffer located near the top of the stack
                   1081:                where binary compatibility functions can copyout/copyin
                   1082:                argument buffers that are copyin/copyout'd at low levels
                   1083:                by various system calls (deraadt)
                   1084:        support OMAGIC/NMAGIC a.out's (deraadt & mycroft)
                   1085:        execve(2): in execve(), don't assume VM_MIN_ADDRESS is 0. (deraadt)
                   1086:        in syscalls.master, make syscall#0 "syscall", like in 4.4, and thus
                   1087:                cause SYS_syscall to be defined (deraadt)
                   1088:        compat/sunos, sparc, m68k: pull COMPAT_SUNOS code for sparc/m68k
                   1089:                machines down from magnum branch.  Original code by Chris Torek
                   1090:                <torek@bsdi.com>, Much improved by Markus Wild <mw@lamp>,
                   1091:                Paul Kranenburg <pk@lamp> and myself. (deraadt)
                   1092:        tunnel driver cleanup done by Brad Parker <brad@fcr.com>
                   1093:                and myself (deraadt)
                   1094:        upgraded lex to version 2.4.5. (jtc)
                   1095:        tty subsystem VMIN/VTIME implimentation from Marc Teitelbaum
                   1096:                <marc@vangogh.cs.berkeley.edu> (deraadt)
                   1097:        multicast patches added.
1.48      christos 1098:                Original code by Steve Mccanne and LBL. NetBSD patches
1.1       lukem    1099:                from Chris Maeda <cmaeda@cs.washington.edu> (hpeyerl)
                   1100:        add files I'd forgotten earlier.  reminders from Brad Parker
                   1101:                <brad@fcr.com> and Havard Eidnes
                   1102:                <Havard.Eidnes@runit.sintef.no>. (hpeyerl)
                   1103:        ethernet: patch to if_ed.c to make multicasts work with bpf.
                   1104:                <Havard.Eidnes@runit.sintef.no>. (hpeyerl)
                   1105:        add  3c509 (Etherlink-III) driver. (hpeyerl)
                   1106:        patch ping for multicast. Original by Steve Mccanne and LBL (hpeyerl)
                   1107:        ethers(3): sunos-like ethers(3) functions and man pages in libc, from
                   1108:                Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>. YP code fixed by myself.
                   1109:                (deraadt)
                   1110:        rarpd(8): LBL rarpd cleanup - moved from libexec to usr.sbin.
                   1111:                SIOCGIFCONF cleanup by Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
                   1112:                (deraadt)
                   1113:        in /etc/rc, startup the rpc services in the proper order (deraadt)
                   1114:        fix from Daniel Harris <daniel@werple.apana.org.au> makes tty.c
                   1115:                untimeout() a VTIME timeout(). Saves us from a panic,
                   1116:                which is always nice. (deraadt)
                   1117:        crontab(1): plug a security hole in "crontab -r".  fix
                   1118:                from Todd C. Miller <millert@cs.Colorado.EDU>. (cgd)
                   1119:        i386: add regress tests for sys/arch/i386/ldt. (brezak)
                   1120:        add vnode device from mike@cs.utah.edu. See vnconfig.8. (brezak)
                   1121:        replace man with new version from bostic@vangogh. (cgd)
                   1122:        <sys/queue.h>: added, from bostic@vangogh. (cgd)
                   1123:        fixes to kermit for UUCP file locking and high speeds from
                   1124:                Mike Long <mike.long@analog.com>. (brezak)
                   1125:        make(1): add .OBJDIR variable to make for readable Makefiles. (pk)
                   1126:        netstat(1): fix to 'netstat -w' from James Jegers
                   1127:                <jimj@miller.cs.uwm.edu>. (cgd)
                   1128:        update to latest fgetline() from berkeley, and attendent changes. (cgd)
                   1129:        rshd(8): add -L options to rshd, which logs all incoming 'rsh'
                   1130:                commands. (cgd)
                   1131:        add new filesystems from Jan-Simon Pendry <jsp@sequent.com> (cgd)
                   1132:        add new flag, 'union', to mount options. (cgd)
                   1133:        correct tab expansion code in tty.c (when encountering a full output
                   1134:                queue) (deraadt)
                   1135:        find(1): changed so it doesn't try to interpret unknown primaries
                   1136:                as file names.  Not only is this behavior required for
                   1137:                POSIX.2, it avoids a situation where a destructive primrary
                   1138:                (like -exec rm {} ;) is applied to files it is not intended
                   1139:                to do so. (jtc)
                   1140:        find(1): merged in changes from 4.4BSD version to our find(1). (jtc)
                   1141:        fixed wc -c when reading from stdin. (andrew)
                   1142:        changed <sys/dir.h> to <dirent.h> in othersrc/sup. (brezak)
                   1143:        vnconfig(8): changed /dev name in vnconfig.8 man page. (brezak)
                   1144:        ranlib(1): changed to use temporary directory specified by TMPDIR,
                   1145:                as is done with ar(1).  fix, with slight changes from me,
                   1146:                by Ed Hudson <elh@netcom.com>. (jtc)
                   1147:        strtoq(3), strtouq(3): integrated strtoq(3) & strtouq(3) from
                   1148:                bsd-sources on uunet. (jtc)
                   1149:        rename fgetline() to fgetln(). (cgd)
                   1150:        chmod(1): fix chmod so that "chmod o= foo" works right. (cgd)
                   1151:        calendar(1): fix from  Fen Labalme <fen@netcom.com> to calendar,
                   1152:                and more from myself. (cgd)
                   1153:        installed C++ shared library run-time support (/usr/lib/c++rt0.o),
                   1154:                every (GNU g++) C++ shared library should be linked with
                   1155:                it to get their global contructors called (pk)
                   1156:        cron(8), crontab(1): upgraded cron/crontab to vixie cron 3.0. (jtc)
                   1157:        lex(1): upgraded lex to version 2.4.6. (jtc)
                   1158:        execve(2): reorganize execve() sub-functons, and streamline them. (cgd)
                   1159:        ptrace: reorganize ptrace code, so that it's more easily shareable.
                   1160:                (cgd)
                   1161:        m68k: started collecting common m68k code. (cgd)
                   1162:        have /usr/src/include/Makefile make a symlink/dir in /usr/include
                   1163:                for ${MACHINE_ARCH}. (cgd)
                   1164:        config(8): added code to 'config' and 'config.new' to pull in
                   1165:                ${MACHINE_ARCH}'s 'files' file and to create a symlink for
                   1166:                MACHINE_ARCH. (cgd)
                   1167:        put SHM_LOCK and SHM_UNLOCK in .../sys/shm.h, where they belong,
                   1168:                and modify sysv_shm.c so that they're usable. (cgd)
                   1169:        fix sup Makefile. (brezak)
                   1170:        implement PT_ATTACH and PT_DETACH. (cgd)
                   1171:        audio: add LBL soundblaster and /dev/audio drivers, as ported
                   1172:                by brad@fcr.com. (cgd)
                   1173:        rbootd(8): add rbootd for booting hp workstations diskless. From
                   1174:                Mike Hibler <mike@cs.utah.edu>. (brezak)
                   1175:        i386: check user's selectors in sigreturn(). (brezak)
                   1176:        netstat(1): add IP mcast and IGMP support to netstat from LBL via
                   1177:                cmaeda@cs.washington.edu. (brezak)
                   1178:        mrouted(8): add mrouted from LBL via cmaeda@cs.washington.edu. (brezak)
                   1179:        sendmail(8): sendmail is now configured to be YP capable, and
                   1180:                MIME-style MAILER-DAEMON messages disabled on
                   1181:                suggestion from sendmail author. (glass)
                   1182:        MAXBSIZE is now 16k. (cgd)
                   1183:        plug an `arp -f' security hole (deraadt)
                   1184:        amd(8): now works correctly with YP, and will be started by
                   1185:                /etc/rc if /etc/netstat says so. (deraadt)
                   1186:        /etc/rc: portmap(8), yp, mountd(8), and nfs mounts are now started in
                   1187:                /etc/rc in a better order (deraadt)
                   1188:        fixup various gunk in passwd including YP (deraadt)
                   1189:        fix more tty.c tab problems relating to ring buffers (deraadt)
                   1190:        rpc.bootparamd(8): by Klas Heggemann <klas@nada.kth.se> (deraadt)
                   1191:        bpf: make bpf's BIO* ioctl's print nicely. sent in by
                   1192:                <Havard.Eidnes@runit.sintef.no> (deraadt)
                   1193:        rpc.bootparamd(8): improvements by <roland@frob.com> and me (deraadt)
                   1194:        bpf write's now allocate a packet header for the mbuf (deraadt)
                   1195:        i386: cleanup ldt regress test. (brezak)
                   1196:        update disklabel.h with new filesystem types from 4.4 . (brezak)
                   1197:        patch for ip-multicast bugs from
                   1198:                mccanne@ee.lbl.gov (Steven McCanne). (brezak)
                   1199:        hp300: fix uninitialized variable in swapgeneric.c. (brezak)
                   1200:        fix "off by one" bug in group_from_gid() -- messed up "ls -l"
                   1201:                output with eight character group names. (jtc)
                   1202:        fix rpcgen so that generated files are written to the current
                   1203:                working directory (instead of the same directory as
                   1204:                the source files) and that #includes in those files
                   1205:                do not contain the path to the source file. (jtc)
                   1206:        clean up libterm substantially (cgd)
                   1207:        incorporage fix from Christos Zoulas which makes tput do the
                   1208:                right thing with termcap string arguments. (cgd)
                   1209:        hp300: add basic disklabel support to sd.c. (brezak)
                   1210:        hp300: set text start address at 0 for kernel. (brezak)
                   1211:        bring in CMU/4.4 standalone library. (brezak)
                   1212:        hp300: standalone bootstrap for use with CMU libsa. This also
                   1213:                includes support for loading the symbol table. (brezak)
                   1214:        hp300: add support to locore.s for dealing with DDB symbols
                   1215:                from bootstrap. This requires a new bootstrap. (brezak)
                   1216:        hp300: fix silly type for rd disks: NSD --> NRD. (brezak)
                   1217:        rarpd(8): fix byte order bug (deraadt)
                   1218:        pmax: Terry Friedrichsen <terry@venus.sunquest.com> is helping
                   1219:                with the pmax port. numberous fixes from him and
                   1220:                myself (deraadt)
                   1221:        initialize network protocols without lowering the spl level
                   1222:                on leveled-spl systems (deraadt)
                   1223:        compat/sunos: move my SUNOS_COMPAT changes down from the magnum branch
                   1224:                (deraadt)
                   1225:        i386: fix a number of if_ep.c bugs (deraadt)
                   1226:        ethernet: change ether_input() and ether_output() to take a
                   1227:                network-byte-order ether_type field in the ethernet header.
                   1228:                Note: All network device drivers have to be fixed. (deraadt)
                   1229:        delete RMP code in kernel, we have a bpf-based solution now (deraadt)
                   1230:        new bpf.c from Steve Mccanne, with our own hacks. (deraadt)
                   1231:        sh(1): make /bin/sh . (source) command search $PATH as it should. from
                   1232:                dkionka@Cadence.COM (Daniel P. Kionka), fixed by me (deraadt)
                   1233:        from & mail now will use $MAIL as default mailbox. from
                   1234:                Christos Zoulas <christos@deshaw.com> (deraadt)
                   1235:        i386: correct printing of disk sizes for sd drives. from
                   1236:                <adrian@lemmings.cursci.com> (deraadt)
                   1237:        patch to ttyname() from Steven M. Schultz <sms@WLV.IIPO.GTEGSC.COM>
                   1238:                to kill a memory leak. (cgd)
                   1239:        libutil: reorganize; move most of its contents into libc.  create
                   1240:                a libkvm to handle kvm stuff. (it'll be needed in the future
                   1241:                for the LBL kvm code.) (cgd)
                   1242:        fix getloadavg() so it no longer uses the kvm routines.  add a
                   1243:                new getkerninfo() subroutine to facilitate this. (cgd)
                   1244:        remove dbsym. (cgd)
                   1245:        i386, m68k, sparc: upgrade gdb to version 4.11, support for i386, m68k
                   1246:                and sparc.  Sparc port needs more work on reading core files;
                   1247:                m68k port needs testing (pk)
                   1248:        fix a panic in ip multicast code. (brezak)
                   1249:        sendmail(8): sendmail upgraded to version 8.6.5. (glass)
                   1250:        update linker sources to convey gcc's .type directives into
                   1251:                shared objects. (pk)
                   1252:        sed(1): update sed with a new version from
                   1253:                Diomidis Spinellis <dspin@leon.nrcps.ariadne-t.gr> (cgd)
                   1254:        update the 'leapseconds' file, from
                   1255:                Arthur David Olson <ado@elsie.nci.nih.gov> (cgd)
                   1256:        tsort(1): update tsort with a version from Christos Zoulas, and convert
                   1257:                it to use new err() and warn() functions. (cgd)
                   1258:        identd(8): added pidentd (written by Peter Eriksson
                   1259:                <pen@lysator.liu.se>) as /usr/libexec/identd. (cgd)
                   1260:        uname(1): fix to uname(1) from Matthieu Herrb <matthieu@laas.fr> to
                   1261:                handle multiple arguments. (cgd)
                   1262:        libc: fix sigismember() in libc (proven)
                   1263:        add more stuff for the implementation of the POSIX 1003.4a Draft 7
                   1264:                thread standard. This is version 1.18 from my tree. (proven)
                   1265:        fix bug that prevented unmounting of read-only MS-DOS fs's. (cgd)
                   1266:        got rid of some cruft from 'othersrc' -- an old version of tcsh,
                   1267:                and ttcp.  also, cleaned up the Makefile.  (cgd)
                   1268:        fixed "cat /kern -> panic" bug (cgd)
                   1269:        remove bogus 'install -d's from system makefiles and from
                   1270:                other places in /usr/src. (cgd)
                   1271:        add quot utility as /usr/sbin/quot (ws)
                   1272:        integrated new math library based on Sun's FDLIBM 5.1 (jtc)
                   1273:        fixed find(1)'s -nouser and -nogroup options. (andrew)
                   1274:        update awk to gawk 2.15.4. (jtc)
                   1275:        m68k: add da30 port (yet another m68k machine). (paulus)
                   1276:        change hardclock() to take a "clockframe *" instead of a
                   1277:                "clockframe". simplifies things for some ports (deraadt)
                   1278:        very strange hack in vnode.h to ensure that inodes are double
                   1279:                aligned in struct vnode. Various new processors, including
                   1280:                sparc, require structures to be double-word aligned (deraadt)
                   1281:        panic() is now a varargs function (deraadt)
                   1282:        sparc: sparc port works! Ported from 4.4 to NetBSD by myself.
                   1283:                Much thanks to Chris Torek <torek@bsdi.com> for the
                   1284:                original code from 4.4, and Paul Kranenburg for helping
                   1285:                with the userland code. (deraadt)
                   1286:        in tty.c, undo a flow control bug introduced months ago. (deraadt)
                   1287:        modload & friends mistakenly were compiled with a -DKERNEL. Please
                   1288:                don't do this. (deraadt)
                   1289:        i386: MAKEDEV no longer creates symbolic links in /dev. (deraadt)
                   1290:        i386: more if_ep.c bugs fixed (deraadt)
1.3       wiz      1291:        sparc: don't cache DMA memory. fix from Chris Torek (deraadt)
1.37      snj      1292:        sparc: NetBSD/sparc is capable of compiling its own kernel, so the
1.1       lukem    1293:                support for cross-compiling the kernel goes away (deraadt)
                   1294:        sparc: proper /dev/MAKEDEV. derived from hp300. (pk & deraadt)
                   1295:        amiga: proper /dev/MAKEDEV. cleaned up from original by Markus and
                   1296:                Ty Sarna apparently (deraadt)
                   1297:        split /etc/ttys per architecture, mostly because /dev/console is
                   1298:                done in different ways (deraadt)
                   1299:        sparc: use normally ordered pty major numbers (deraadt)
                   1300:        tty.c's VMIN/VTIME code was missing an untimeout(). fix from
                   1301:                freebsd. (deraadt)
                   1302:        support for the "lookup" keyword in resolv.conf. See the man
                   1303:                page for more details (deraadt)
                   1304:        sun3: sun3 port boots and runs init, spawns a shell and will even
                   1305:                run ls upon request.  needs drivers and some stability
                   1306:                work.. (glass)
                   1307:        telnet(1), telnetd(8): update telnet and telnetd from latest sources on
                   1308:                ftp.cray.com. (cgd)
                   1309:        libc: slightly disambiguate setuid() man page. (cgd)
                   1310:        fix the way apropos et al. deal with underscores in names. (cgd)
                   1311:        fix reset's tabset file problems, based on a fix sent in by
                   1312:                Frank van der Linden <vdlinden@fwi.uva.nl> (cgd)
                   1313:        fix bsd.dep.make to clean .depend files only only on cleandir.
                   1314:                Pointed out by michaelv@iastate.edu. (cgd)
                   1315:        add 3Com 3c501 driver by Matt Kimmel <kimmel@cs.umass.edu>. (hpeyerl)
                   1316:        restore(8): when restoring from multi-volume dump, check the correct
                   1317:                tape header volume number, from thomas@mathematik.uni-Bremen.de.
                   1318:                (cgd)
                   1319:        primes(6): fix to 'primes' to deal properly with large numbers,
                   1320:                from Arne Juul <arnej@dsl.unit.no>. (cgd)
                   1321:        rarpd(8): fix rarpd to put necessary fields in network byte order,
                   1322:                from Christos Zoulas <christos@deshaw.com>. (cgd)
                   1323:        sed(1): fix sed to do the right thing with empty regex matches. (cgd)
                   1324:        tftpd(8): fix from Christos Zoulas <christos@deshaw.com> to keep tftpd
                   1325:                from dumping core when invoked with no arguments. (cgd)
                   1326:        vi: fix from Christos Zoulas <christos@deshaw.com> to keep vi
                   1327:                from trying to use its controlling tty when it doesn't
                   1328:                really have one. (cgd)
                   1329:        mods to msdos filesystem code so it works on big-endian machines.
                   1330:                (paulus)
                   1331:        i386: fix disklabel routines so that when creating a new label, they
                   1332:                fill in the info for the appropriate partition. (cgd)
                   1333:        make(1): various fixes and improvements to make(1) supplied
                   1334:                by Christos Zoulas <christos@deshaw.com>. (cgd)
                   1335:        sparc: support lkm/tun/vn, SYSVSHM, SYSVMSG (deraadt)
                   1336:        yp: fix serious YP bug in gethostbyname() functions (deraadt)
                   1337:        ar had a file descriptor leak, fix from Robert Crowe
                   1338:                <bob@speakez.com> (deraadt)
                   1339:        i386: integrate new Bustek driver which works on many more
                   1340:                models of the card. Fixed by Michael VanLoon
                   1341:                <michaelv@iastate.edu> (deraadt)
                   1342:        sparc: various fixes and changes torek sent me ages ago (deraadt)
                   1343:        compat/sunos: fairly simple SUNOS_COMPAT sysconf() function (deraadt)
                   1344:        netstat(1): core dump fix from Chuck Cranor <chuck@maria.wustl.edu>
                   1345:                (deraadt)
                   1346:        fix from Arne Juul <arnej@dsl.unit.no> for bug where extra
                   1347:                null chars would get appended to mailbox by mail(1). (cgd)
                   1348:        fix to keep the getcap(3) routines from accessing freed memory.
                   1349:                from Thomas Eberhardt <thomas@mathematik.uni-Bremen.de> (cgd)
                   1350:        lpr(1): fix for symlink-related security hole in lpr.  From
                   1351:                comp.security.unix. (cgd)
                   1352:        rdist(1): update to latest version of rdist(1) from UCB (via uunet).
                   1353:                No new security fixes, but general cleanup. (cgd)
                   1354:        hp300, sparc: MAKEDEV cleanup for hp300 and sparc (deraadt)
                   1355:        yp: fix small YP bug, and bogus initialization of gr_mem in getgrent()
                   1356:                and friends. (deraadt)
                   1357:        lpd shouldn't clobber the page width specified in the printcap file.
                   1358:                fix from John F. Woods <jfw@ksr.com>. (cgd)
                   1359:        pr(1): pr shouldn't croak if -w specified without multi-column mode.
                   1360:                fix from John F. Woods <jfw@ksr.com>. (cgd)
                   1361:        at(1): fix two bugs in at(1)'s date/time parsing.  One of the fixes
                   1362:                was from Javier Martin Rueda <jmrueda@diatel.upm.es>. (cgd)
                   1363:        gprof, ns32k: added ns32k support files (phil)
                   1364:        getty(8): converted to use the getcap(3) routines. (cgd)
                   1365:        hp300: fix standalone disk and tape drivers to allow
                   1366:                units > 0. (brezak)
                   1367:        make FFS optional. (ws)
                   1368:        integrated diff, diff3, & sdiff manpages by Larry Jones
                   1369:                <scjones@thor.sdrc.com>. (jtc)
                   1370:        gcc(1), ns32k: added arch/ns32k directory with gcc2 files (phil)
                   1371:        sendmail(8): sendmail upgraded to version 8.6.7.
                   1372:                This fixes a major security hole in v8.  Our
                   1373:                distribution has also been cleaned up. (glass)
                   1374:        sendmail(8): sendmail upgraded to version 8.6.8.
                   1375:                This fixes a security hole in v8. (glass)
                   1376:                Lets not make this three in a row...
                   1377:        fix from mark@aggregate.com (Mark P. Gooderum) to convince diff -l
                   1378:                to invoke 'pr' correctly. (cgd)
                   1379:        in tput, don't assume that only valid thing starting with 'l' is
                   1380:                longname.  Fix from Eric J. Haug <ejh@slueas.slu.edu> (cgd)
                   1381:        manpages: various manual page fixes from Luke Mewburn and myself. (cgd)
                   1382:        ipcrm(1): rewritten (glass)
                   1383:        getty(8): fix a couple of typos in getty's headers.
                   1384:                from Andras Olah <olah@cs.utwente.nl>. (cgd)
                   1385:        fixes from Thomas Eberhardt to get 'swapinfo' to do the right
                   1386:                thing with blocksizes. (cgd)
1.37      snj      1387:        lastcomm(1): convince lastcomm to use stdio rather than its own
1.1       lukem    1388:                (broken) buffering scheme. (cgd)
                   1389:        a few routing ref-count fixes. (cgd)
                   1390:        i386: allow mmap()ing of /dev/mem and /dev/kmem, the former for
                   1391:                people with buff video boards, the latter for fun. (cgd)
                   1392:        mmap() defaults to MAP_FILE as apposed to failing when neither
                   1393:                MAP_FILE or MAP_ANON flags are present. (chopps)
                   1394:        sa(8): add a 'sa' command, written by me. (cgd)
                   1395:        change uid_t and gid_t to 32-bit quantities, and off_t to a 64-bit
                   1396:                quantity.  Lots of associated changes. (cgd)
                   1397:        __initdb() should only warn about spwd.db errors once, fix from
                   1398:                <nils@merlin.ims.uni-stuttgart.de> (deraadt)
                   1399:        i386: attempt to get the cursor correct on MDA/Hercules cards. If
                   1400:                this still doesn't work, use FAT_CURSOR in your kernel
                   1401:                config file. (deraadt)
                   1402:        repair host map alias in ypmatch (deraadt)
                   1403:        sparc: various sparc fixes (deraadt)
                   1404:        take disklib.c out of libkern, put it back in the kernel
                   1405:                proper (deraadt)
                   1406:        fix sh/mkinit.c to not generate garbage in init.c (deraadt)
                   1407:        fix hang in rcmd.c if either socket was >= 32 (deraadt)
                   1408:        reorganize mmap() flags, and squish MAP_FILE. (cgd)
                   1409:        vi(1): upgrade 'vi' to the latest version of nvi (1.11) by Keith
                   1410:                Bostic, available from ftp.cs.berkeley.edu. (cgd)
                   1411:        ac(8): add an 'ac' command, by Simon J. Gerraty and myself. (cgd)
                   1412:        add 'ttyflags' to set device-specific tty flags. (cgd)
                   1413:        i386: add -r flag to boot block, to select RB_DFLTROOT. (cgd)
                   1414:        manpages: lots of man page fixes from Mark Weaver. (cgd)
                   1415:        fix tn3270's idea of where map3270 lives, and fix the map3270 defaults
                   1416:                to work with vt200's and xterms.  from Mark Weaver. (cgd)
                   1417:        change the way syscalls with quad arguments are implemented. (cgd)
                   1418:        change stdio's fpos_t to an off_t. (cgd)
                   1419:        hp300: added hilinfo and grfinfo, from Utah, for the hp300. (cgd)
                   1420:        ftpd(8): modify ftpd to support non-anonymous chrooted users.  patches
                   1421:                from Jarle.F.Greipsland@idt.unit.no.  (cgd)
                   1422:        updated our set*id() syscalls to match the POSIX security model,
                   1423:                with _POSIX_SAVED_IDS.  fixed a few bugs, in the process,
                   1424:                and obsoleted (i.e. moved into libc/compat-43) several
                   1425:                functions and (former) syscalls. (cgd)
                   1426:        add a MNT_USER flag, for mounts made by users. (cgd)
                   1427:        modify mount_msdos so that the uid, gid, and permissions masks for
                   1428:                files in the FS are inherited from the mounted-on dir,
                   1429:                and are user-settable.  Also, allow users to mount MS-DOS
                   1430:                file systems. (cgd)
                   1431:        ns32k: support for ld (thanks to Matthias Pfaller). (pk)
                   1432:        fix various doc bugs in tunefs and newfs, and severely clean
                   1433:                tunefs.  (cgd)
                   1434:        kill MOUNT_AFS vfs table slot. (cgd)
                   1435:        gettytab(5): add information about "np" to gettytab(5). (cgd)
                   1436:        fix procfs to be smarter about names found by lookup, also, don't
                   1437:                display a 'regs' or 'fpregs' file for system processes. (cgd)
                   1438:        fix console hanging problem once and for all (hopefully). (cgd)
                   1439:        bump NetBSD0_9 symbol in <sys/param.h> to 2 (i.e. 0.9a). (cgd)
                   1440:        fix stty's notion of where MDMBUF resides. (cgd)
                   1441:        i386: 3c509 driver now works on the 3c579 EISA card too (deraadt)
                   1442:        sparc: keyboard repeat code, cleanup sunos cgthree compatibility,
                   1443:                repair MAKEDEV (deraadt)
                   1444:        fsck(8): support "fsck /dir" and "fsck /dev/sd0a", plus fix a coredump
                   1445:                bug, by <dean@fsa.ca> (deraadt)
                   1446:        repair bogus roff macro use in termcap(5) (deraadt)
                   1447:        repair paths in various utilities, report by <dgy@mcs.com> (deraadt)
                   1448:        new optimized and enhanced BIND resolver code by me (some changes
                   1449:                based on 4.9.2 by Vixie). Note: the `search' keyword in
                   1450:                resolv.conf is now quite important! (deraadt)
                   1451:        strftime bugfix for "%R" from <seanv@cs.uq.edu.au> (deraadt)
                   1452:        TIOCGWINSZ support in rain & snake (deraadt)
                   1453:        sparc: support 64 bit system calls (deraadt)
                   1454:        libc: add a setproctitle() call to libc, to frob the process title.
                   1455:                (cgd)
                   1456:        change mount()'s type to be a string.  backward compatible with
                   1457:                COMPAT_09.  Various associated changes, including better
                   1458:                VFS LKM support. (cgd)
                   1459:        convert the vm system to use <sys/queue.h> (cgd)
                   1460:        gettytab(5): add a 'mb' flag to gettytab, to specify MDMBUF. (cgd)
                   1461:        fix more(1) to use termios rather than sgtty (andrew)
                   1462:        kill symorder(1); kvm_mkdb makes it obsolete. (cgd)
                   1463:        fix gethostname() to set h_errno for non-BIND transactions too
                   1464:                (deraadt)
                   1465:        fix m_adj() in uipc_mbuf.c to adjust m_pkthdr.len in the correct
                   1466:                mbuf (deraadt)
                   1467:        implement better locking in mbuf.h, and fix cltom() macro (deraadt)
                   1468:        i386: 3c509 driver support for promiscious and multicast, and a few
                   1469:                other misc fixes (deraadt)
                   1470:        sparc: make swap work, make keyboard repeat work for ^@ (deraadt)
                   1471:        fix talk(1) to not trounce it arguments (deraadt)
                   1472:        nfs diskless support revised.  uses bootp+rpc to gather
                   1473:                appropriate parameters.  see diskless(8).  (glass)
                   1474:        bootpd(8) moved from othersrc to libexec/bootpd.
                   1475:                bootptab added to etc. (glass)
                   1476:        amiga: many fd (floppy) fixes from Michael Hitch makes it work (chopps)
                   1477:        amiga: changed internal serial port driver to use much smaller buffers
                   1478:                (16k -> 256 and 24k ->3k) (chopps)
                   1479:        amiga: added 2 non-copyright fonts for console- default to using them
                   1480:                and not a possibly non-existant (c) user supplied one (chopps)
                   1481:        sendmail(8): sendmail upgraded to version 8.6.9.  (glass)
                   1482:        allow TIOCSETD on ptys. (cgd)
                   1483:        obsolete quad and u_quad types. (cgd)
                   1484:        convert inodes, etc., to use quad_t and u_quad_t. (cgd)
                   1485:        convert vnode.h, mount.h, buf.h and associated files to use
                   1486:                <sys/queue.h> rather than their own queues. (cgd)
                   1487:        added POSIX.2 compliant getconf utility. (jtc)
                   1488:        ns32k: added support to gdb. (phil)
                   1489:        getty(8) now uses termios. (pk)
                   1490:        pig(6): add pig(6) to the games suite. (cgd)
                   1491:        libc: add getgrouplist() function to libc. (cgd)
                   1492:        update id, groups, and whoami. (cgd)
                   1493:        mrouted(8): update to VJ's 2.2 version. (brezak)
                   1494:        add network standalone support to sys/lib/libsa for netboot. (brezak)
                   1495:        amiga: moved to config.new many devices modified and names fixed.
                   1496:                (chopps)
                   1497:        amiga: now uses system standard scsi code (/sys/scsi) (chopps)
                   1498:        amiga: disklabel support re-written to be more functional also
                   1499:                added a machine/disklabel.h (chopps)
                   1500:        amiga: added delay() an accurate useq delay uses last two free
                   1501:                16 bit countdown timers (chopps)
                   1502:        amiga: added SYSCALL_DEBUG support (chopps)
                   1503:        incorporate new version of lpd. (cgd)
                   1504:        libc: incorporate new version of libc's rcmd() and related functions.
                   1505:                (cgd)
                   1506:        pstat(8): add new pstat(8) program, which obsoletes swapinfo. (cgd)
                   1507:        roll in a new sysv shared-memory module. <glass> (hpeyerl)
                   1508:        introduce new core dump format. (pk)
                   1509:        kernel debugging support in gdb. (pk)
                   1510:        pc532: added the boot from ufs program. (phil)
                   1511:        adosfs added (ro version) along with mount_ados (chopps)
                   1512:        amiga: added new floppy, much cleaner (chopps)
                   1513:        rlogind(8), rshd(8), telnetd(8): update to 4.4-Lite versions. (cgd)
                   1514:        make(1): fixes from Christos Zoulas which eliminate memory leaks and
                   1515:                improper memory accesses (jtc)
                   1516:        sh(1): fix from Christos Zoulas which elimintes core dump when compiled
                   1517:                w/out history support (for install floppies). (jtc)
                   1518:        ip multicast mrouting fixes. Bring in previous version of mrouting
                   1519:                code. Apply bug fix for igmp.c cksum errors from
                   1520:                Steve McCanne. Fix mrouted (and friends) to fill in ip hdr
                   1521:                fields that 4.4 no longer does for you. (brezak)
                   1522:        chown(8), chgrp(1): updated to 4.4-Lite versions. (cgd)
                   1523:        replaced ipcs with version written by
                   1524:                Thorsten Lockert <tholo@SigmaSoft.COM>. (cgd)
                   1525:        updated src/share/doc tree to work like 4.4-Lite's. (cgd)
                   1526:        added bm(3) functions from Keith Bostic. (cgd)
                   1527:        fixed share/mk files to be not so agressive w/_SUBDIRUSE. (cgd)
                   1528:        test(1): replaced test with version from pdksh, with enhancements and
                   1529:                cleanup by me. (jtc)
                   1530:        ccd(4): rename cd.c to ccd.c and update to 4.4Lite version in /sys/dev.
                   1531:                (concatenated disk driver). (hpeyerl)
                   1532:        i386: fix disklabel clobbering MBR on disks shared with DOS. (brezak)
                   1533:        add kerberos5 (k5login.c) authentication for login. (brezak)
                   1534:        build mount_nfs with kerberos iff kerberos environment. (brezak)
                   1535:        build sys/lib/libsa with the rest of the kernel/sa libs. (brezak)
                   1536:        add conditional kerberosIV and kerberos5 support to passwd. (brezak)
                   1537:        vax: initial uploads of VAX architecture code. (ragge)
                   1538:        i386: boot block fixed to run on 386s (mycroft)
                   1539:        i386: disklabel no longer munges device number (mycroft)
                   1540:        i386: autoconf detects SCSI card IRQ/DRQ for aha/ahb/bt/uha (mycroft)
                   1541:        vi(1): update nvi to version 1.34 from Berkeley, DB to version 1.79,
                   1542:                and curses to the latest version. (cgd)
                   1543:        libsa: make sys/lib/libsa build. (brezak)
                   1544:        hp300: use installboot.sh in stand - no more installboot.c. (brezak)
                   1545:        sparc: bootblocks - integration with disklabel needed (pk)
                   1546:        rtld: issue warning if required minor revision can't be found (pk)
                   1547:        hp300: do echo in tgets() instead of prf.c like libsa:gets(). (brezak)
                   1548:        ftp(1): update 'ftp' to 4.4-Lite version, and add support for the
                   1549:                'PASV' command, supplied by David Carrel <carrel@cisco.com>.
                   1550:                (cgd)
                   1551:        make src/distrib part of the tree, for distribution tools. (cgd)
                   1552:        add 'crunch' by James da Silva, in src/distrib/crunch. (cgd)
                   1553:        add distribution set lists in src/distrib/sets. (cgd)
                   1554:        i386: add floppy build tools to src/distrib/i386. (cgd)
                   1555:        passwd(1): fix building passwd with kerberos4 support.
                   1556:                From Michael Graff <explorer@vorpal.com>. (brezak)
                   1557:        zcat(1): make zcat be the gzip(1) version, so that it can uncompress
                   1558:                .gz's (cgd)
                   1559:        sigvec(3): fixed cross-refs in libc, as suggested
                   1560:                by Lennart Augustsson <augustss@cs.chalmers.se> (cgd)
                   1561:        mac68k: Initial import of mac68k port [briggs 19930929]
                   1562:        sparc: Initial import of Chris Torek's sparc port [deraadt 19931002]
                   1564: Changes from NetBSD 1.0 to NetBSD 1.1:
                   1565:        Added "float" versions of math functions (sinf, cosf, etc.) to libm.
                   1566:                From Ian Taylor (ian@cygnus.com), with some work by me. (jtc)
                   1567:        added __weak_reference() macro to <sys/cdefs.h>. (jtc)
                   1568:        added constants required by XPG3 to <limits.h> and
                   1569:                <machine/limits.h>. (jtc)
                   1570:        vax: Numerous changes and fixes; now runs single-user (ragge)
                   1571:        Renamed sys_siglist[], sys_errlist[], and sys_nerr by prepending
                   1572:                a double underscore.  The traditional variable names are
                   1573:                provided by weak references (or by copies, if they aren't
                   1574:                supported yet). (jtc)
                   1575:        Changed __strerror() and __strsignal() to use new __sys_erlist[],
                   1576:                __sys_nerr, and __sys_siglist[] variables. (jtc)
                   1577:        moved machine-dependencies in <sys/disklabel.h> into
                   1578:                <machine/disklabel.h> and cleaned up some. (cgd)
                   1579:        make <stdarg.h> a symlink, and clean up ports' varargs.h and
                   1580:                stdarg.h files. (cgd)
                   1581:        tar(1): fixed rmt support in tar. (andrew)
                   1582:        rmt(8): added some undocumented rmt(8) options to its man page. (andrew)
                   1583:        libc: cleaned up a bunch of bogus pointer casts, etc., in libc. (cgd)
                   1584:        fdisk(8): Enabled `partitioning' of regular files. [mycroft 19941019]
                   1585:        add a register_t type for every port. (cgd)
                   1586:        ufs: make UFS safe for use on machines with wider types. (cgd)
                   1587:        change syscall argument access & definition convention, so
                   1588:                that it's easier to deal with machines with new/different
                   1589:                calling conventions. (cgd)
                   1590:        Modified disk drivers to handle labels more correctly, and rewrote
                   1591:                part of wd.c. [mycroft 19941020]
                   1592:        i386: Made the i386 boot program work when there is no NetBSD
                   1593:                partition in the MBR. [mycroft 19941020]
                   1594:        adventure(6), boggle(6), phantasia(6), random(6): Added from 4.4lite.
                   1595:                (jtc)
                   1596:        larn(6): Fixed several bugs. [mycroft 19941021]
                   1597:        scsi: Made user-level SCSI commands (SCIOCCOMMAND) work.
                   1598:                [mycroft 19941023]
                   1599:        ethernet: Made the `ed' driver deal with buggy chips better, and sped
                   1600:                it up a bit. [mycroft 19941023]
                   1601:        got rid of the Xchess sources. (cgd)
                   1602:        send-pr(1): made send-pr a bit smarter about the 'Release' field. (cgd)
                   1603:        added COMPAT_10 option, for NetBSD 1.0 binary compatibility. (cgd)
                   1604:        uucp(1): upgraded to version 1.05. From John Kohl. (jtc)
                   1605:        i386: Implemented a different (faster) way of entering the kernel for
                   1606:                system calls, on the i386. [mycroft 19941025]
                   1607:        fts(3): Speed up significantly on file systems which don't support link
                   1608:                counts (e.g. isofs). [mycroft 19941026]
                   1609:        Reworked part of the `mcd' driver to make it more reliable. [mycroft
                   1610:                19941026]
                   1611:        Made fork(2)ing with a user-defined LDT work (and not panic). [mycroft
                   1612:                19941031]
                   1613:        upgraded diff, diff3, and sdiff to version 2.7. (jtc)
                   1614:        lorder(1): Fixed lorder manpage. From Brad Parker. (jtc)
                   1615:        Fixed at, atrun, badsect and cal manpages.  From Saitoh Masanobu. (jtc)
                   1616:        Corrected Professor Falken's name in the example passwd file. [mycroft
                   1617:                19941103]
                   1618:        Added a driver for ST0[12] and FD8[05]0 SCSI controllers. [mycroft
                   1619:                19941103]
                   1620:        i386: Updated the i386 port to use config.new. [mycroft 19941103]
                   1621:        i386: Reworked most of the i386 context switching code to make it much
                   1622:                faster, especially when the FPU is used. [mycroft 19941106]
                   1623:        comm(1): Changed to write a diagnostic message to stderr and abort
                   1624:                with a non zero exit status on write errors. (jtc)
                   1625:        sh(1): Added a munged version of pdksh's ulimit builtin to sh. (jtc)
                   1626:        rm(1): Changed so that trailing newlines are removed in accordance
                   1627:                with POSIX.2. (jtc)
                   1628:        skey(1): Fixed manpage. From Matthew Green
                   1629:                (mrg@splode.mame.mu.oz.au). (jtc)
                   1630:        Merged install, uudecode, uuencode, vacation, vgrind, vis, wall,
                   1631:                what, who, whois, xargs, xstr, and yes with 4.4lite. (jtc)
                   1632:        Added chflags, jot, and lam from 4.4lite. (jtc)
                   1633:        Changed time code to behave as if tzset() is called by localtime()
                   1634:                and mktime() to conform to POSIX.1. (jtc)
                   1635:        lfs: Fixed structure padding in LFS, so that it's more likely to work.
                   1636:                [mycroft 19941117]
                   1637:        Changed catclose() to have int return value to conform to XPG3. (jtc)
                   1638:        Fixed race conditions on open in the SCSI and IDE disk drivers.
                   1639:                [mycroft 19941120]
                   1640:        Added -xpg3 and -xpg4 to man macro's .St directive. (jtc)
                   1641:        Implemented EIDE multi-sector PIO, DMA, and LBA modes. [mycroft
                   1642:                19941122]
                   1643:        i386: Fixed memchr(?, ?, 0) return the correct thing (0) on the i386.
                   1644:                [mycroft 19941124]
                   1645:        xstr(1): Added -l option, like in SunOS, that allows user to
                   1646:                specify the name of the array.  From Jason Thorpe. (jtc).
                   1647:        mail(1): Changed to not use fixed length arrays for temporary
                   1648:                file names. (jtc)
                   1649:        scsi: Rewrote most of the SCSI state machine in the `aic' driver to
                   1650:                make it more reliable. (mycroft)
                   1651:        Merged machine independent manpages from share/man with 4.4lite. (jtc)
                   1652:        Merged pppstats(8) and slstats(8).  Changed the behavior and options
                   1653:                of the merged utility to be more consistent with
                   1654:                similar programs. (glass)
                   1655:        pppstats(8), slstats(8): Added a merged man page. (glass)
                   1656:        bc(1), dc(1): Imported GNU bc-1.03 and GNU dc from bc-1.03. (phil)
                   1657:        Made /kern/loadavg give a reasonable `scale' number. [mycroft 19941201]
                   1658:        Made `pccons' more finicky about modifying the cursor. [mycroft
                   1659:                19941201]
                   1660:        newfs(8): Changed default parameters to be more appropriate for
                   1661:                modern disks. [mycroft 19941201]
                   1662:        i386: Fixed a couple of problems in the i386 startup code that could
                   1663:                cause the machine to reset. [mycroft 19941203]
                   1664:        Fixed an error in SysV IPC permissions checking that caused spurious
                   1665:                EPERM errors in many cases. [mycroft 19941205]
                   1666:        i386: Made `gdb -k' work for i386. [mycroft 19941205]
                   1667:        Fixed device handling on cd9660 to not panic. [mycroft 19941205]
                   1668:        Modified nosys() to return ENOSYS. (cgd)
                   1669:        Merged touch, tput, tr, tset, tsort, tty, ul, unifdef, uniq, unvis,
                   1670:                and users with 4.4lite. (jtc)
                   1671:        users(1): Changed to allocate array containing names of users
                   1672:                dynamically. (jtc)
                   1673:        who(1): Changed to be POSIX.2 compliant. (jtc)
                   1674:        Changed type of struct rlimit fields from quad_t to rlim_t,
                   1675:                and added rlim_t to <sys/types.h>. (jtc)
                   1676:        Made the `le' driver work for PCnet-32 chips, and made the diagnostic
                   1677:                messages less cryptic. [mycroft 19941211]
                   1678:        Imported the current union file system from CSRG, along with many
                   1679:                related changes. [mycroft 19941214]
                   1680:        Added a path through the VM system to allow influence of the
                   1681:                machine MMU architecture on virtual address mappings. (pk)
                   1682:        audio: Made reading from `sb' work again. [mycroft 19941217]
                   1683:        Allow mfs file systems to be mounted on 'swap', so that diskless
                   1684:                machines can easily use them. (cgd)
                   1685:        Implement new cpp predefine strategy: define __NetBSD__,
                   1686:                __${MACHINE_ARCH}__, and whatever machine-dependent symbols
                   1687:                is necessary.  Leave old (namespace-polluting) predefines in,
                   1688:                until after next release. (cgd)
                   1689:        Change the way man pages are specified in Makefiles.  use MAN=
                   1690:                now, with section numbers. (cgd)
                   1691:        ld(1): Support for "weak" symbols in as and ld. (pk)
                   1692:        . removed from path in the default root .cshrc and .profile. (cgd)
                   1693:        Implement and use a common access checking routine: vaccess. (ws)
                   1694:        Fixed link(2) on msdosfs to not panic, and added ability to toggle
                   1695:                the `archive' bit using cflags(2). [mycroft 19941227]
                   1696:        scsi: Fixed many bugs in the SCSI code, and rewrote the
                   1697:                autoconfiguration mechanism. [mycroft 19941228]
                   1698:        window(1), ypbind(8), named(8): Changed to not use getdtablesize(3),
                   1699:                with the intent of deprecating it. [mycroft 19941229]
                   1700:        pc532: Added the lpt driver for the pc532 port. (phil)
                   1701:        ethernet: Changed `ed' and `ie' drivers to use soft configuration.
                   1702:                [mycroft
                   1703:                19950102]
                   1704:        Added the `boca' driver for BOCA multi-port serial boards. [mycroft
                   1705:                19950103]
                   1706:        traceroute(8): Added `-g' option to, to do loose source routing.
                   1707:                [mycroft 19950103]
                   1708:        hp300: Enabled LKMs on the hp300. [mycroft 19950105]
                   1709:        Fixed a race condition when trying to open two IDE disks at the same
                   1710:                time. [mycroft 19950105]
                   1711:        m68k: Fixed m68k swab(3) function to not swap twice as much data as
                   1712:                specified. [mycroft 19950106]
                   1713:        Fixed the `pms' probe to work better on many machines. [mycroft
                   1714:                19950107]
                   1715:        ps(1): Fixed error that sometimes caused a bogus argument list to be
                   1716:                printed. [mycroft 19950107]
                   1717:        kvm_uread(3): Rewrote to use the machine-independent VM structures,
                   1718:                which also fixes a bug that sometimes caused a bogus argument
                   1719:                list to be printed. [mycroft 19950109]
                   1720:        Fixed a mbuf leak when socket options were set. [mycroft 19950111]
                   1721:        Made the RPC daemons work both when run from inetd and when not.
                   1722:                [mycroft 19950113]
                   1723:        i386: Enabled user-mode alignment checking on the i486, if the user
                   1724:                wants it.  [mycroft 19950114]
                   1725:        sum(1), cksum(1): Added a sum(1) alias for cksum(1), which by default
                   1726:                generates the historic BSD output. [mycroft 19950114]
                   1727:        ypbind(8): Fixed to only daemonize itself after binding to a server the
                   1728:                first time. [mycroft 19950115]
                   1729:        Removed the gratuitous `. in PATH' warnings from sh(1) and csh(1).
                   1730:                [mycroft 19950115]
                   1731:        i386: Added support for serial consoles in the i386 boot, if compiled
                   1732:                with `-DSERIAL'. [mycroft 19950115]
                   1733:        Dealt with SCSI disks that report a block size of 0 by assuming they
                   1734:                meant 512. [mycroft 19950116]
                   1735:        ncr: Updated the `ncr' driver from the author.  Should improve
                   1736:                reliability.  [mycroft 19950116]
                   1737:        dump(8): Fixed to use `/etc/rmt', as all other versions do, and not
                   1738:                `rmt'. [mycroft 19950120]
                   1739:        Removed `.' from the default PATHs in sh(1) and csh(1). [mycroft
                   1740:                19950120]
                   1741:        vipw(8): Fixed to suspend correctly when it gets a stop signal.
                   1742:                [mycroft 19950120]
                   1743:        vnconfig(8): Fixed to not require a bogus extra argument when using the
                   1744:                `-u' option. [mycroft 19950121]
                   1745:        ethernet: Fixed the problem with 3c509 cards not being found on a warm
                   1746:                boot.  [mycroft 19950121]
                   1747:        ethernet: Improved performance of the `ie' driver significantly.
                   1748:                [mycroft 19950122]
                   1749:        netinet: Fixed a bug in TCP where we might send a FIN too early (often
                   1750:                causing files to be truncated by FTP). [mycroft 19950123]
                   1751:        sparc: Add sig{set,long}jmp() for sparc to libc. (pk)
                   1752:        config(8): change config.new to allow swapping on pseudo-devices. (cgd)
                   1753:        vnd(4): change the name of the 'vnode disk' driver to be 'vnd'
                   1754:                consistently, everywhere. (cgd)
                   1755:        Made the `lpt' probe err on the side of finding a device, rather than
                   1756:                not. [mycroft 19950125]
                   1757:        gdb(1): Fixed the source file searching commands in GDB.
                   1758:                [mycroft 19950126]
                   1759:        scsi: Made the SCSI disk drivers wait for the disc to spin up on open.
                   1760:                [mycroft 19950126]
                   1761:        add sysctl() variable kern.maxpartitions, so one can easily get
                   1762:                the value of MAXPARITIONS w/o compiling it in. (cgd)
                   1763:        remove ability to export null and umap file systems, by having
                   1764:                their fhtovp and vptofh functions return EOPNOTSUPP. (cgd)
                   1765:        config(8): fix config.new to handle differing values of MAXPARTITIONS.
                   1766:                (cgd)
                   1767:        gdb(1): Made GDB use PT_GET*REGS and PT_SET*REGS, and removed PT_READ_U
                   1768:                and PT_WRITE_U from the kernel. [mycroft 19950126]
                   1769:        4.4lite: Merged last, lastcomm, leave, locate, lock, logger, login,
                   1770:                logname, look, lorder, mesg, mkdep, mkfifo, script, shar,
                   1771:                showmount, size, soelim, split, strings, tftp, time and tip
                   1772:                with 4.4lite. (jtc)
                   1773:        realpath(3): Added prototype to <stdlib.h>. (jtc)
                   1774:        Replaced directives in scanf() present for backwards compatibility
                   1775:                that conflicted with ANSI. (jtc)
                   1776:        Merged libm with fdlibm 5.2. (jtc)
                   1777:        libc: upgrade the libc/regex code to the 4.4-Lite version.  no real
                   1778:                changes, just cruft removal. (cgd)
                   1779:        umount(8): Fixed to not treat union mounts as NFS mounts. [mycroft
                   1780:                19950130]
                   1781:        umount(8), df(1): Made the `-t' option handling the same as in
                   1782:                mount(8), and cleaned that up a little. [mycroft 19950130]
                   1783:        scanf(3): Changed scanf() so it handles long doubles. (jtc)
                   1784:        worms(6): Changed manpage and usage string to match the code, from
                   1785:                Hubert Feyrer <hubert@rfhu1001.fh.uni-regensburg.de>. (jtc)
                   1786:        Changed etc/security to so that .emacs, not .emacsrc, is checked
                   1787:                to make sure it is not owned by someone else or is writable.
                   1788:                From Mike Long <mike.long@analog.com>. (jtc)
                   1789:        Increased symlink loop detection count to 32. [mycroft 19950131]
                   1790:        scsi: Fixed problems in `esp' driver when a device attempts sync or
                   1791:                wide negotiation. [mycroft 19950201]
                   1792:        scsi: Implemented a first cut at sync negotiation in the `aic' driver.
                   1793:                [mycroft 19950201]
                   1794:        i386: Fixed startup problem on i386 when the BIOS `steals' from the top
                   1795:                of convential memory, by rounding down to a page. [mycroft
                   1796:                19950202]
                   1797:        m68k: Made stepping into the signal trampoline in GDB work correctl on
                   1798:                the m68k. [mycroft 19950202]
                   1799:        kernel: Fixed several problems in PT_ATTACH and PT_DETACH, most
                   1800:                noticably that PT_DETACH would usually cause the child to core
                   1801:                dump.  [mycroft 19950203]
                   1802:        i386: Made it safe for user processes to change %gs on the i386.
                   1803:                [mycroft 19950204]
                   1804:        toolchain: Added the `cpuid' instruction to gas, and the canonical
                   1805:                names for the debugging registers (`dr[0-7]').  Also added
                   1806:                missing opcodes to GDB, and fixed an error in the DDB
                   1807:                disassembler. [mycroft 19950205]
                   1808:        fstat(1): Now deals better with getting bogus data, rather than core
                   1809:                dumping. [mycroft 19950214]
                   1810:        sparc: driver for sun4c floppy device. [pk 19950217]
                   1811:        ethernet: Fixed a problem where the `ep' driver would stop getting
                   1812:                interrupts under high load. [mycroft 19950218]
                   1813:        hp300: Added experimental netboot code for the hp300, and cleaned up
                   1814:                libsa somewhat. [mycroft 19950219]
                   1815:        dump(8): Now accepts getopt(3)-style options, like restore(8), in
                   1816:                addition to the old option syntax. [mycroft 19950220]
                   1817:        libsa: Added a machine-independent `twiddler' to libsa.  Also made the
                   1818:                libsa exec() more useful. [mycroft 19950220]
                   1819:        yppasswd(1): Added yppasswd as a link to passwd. (phil)
                   1820:        audio: Added new machine independant audio subsystem. Drivers for i386
                   1821:                SoundBlaster (SB, SB16 and SBPRO), PAS (In SB emulation),
                   1822:                and Windows Sound System. Thanx to John Kohl, Jeff Chilton,
                   1823:                George Michaelson, and Havard Eidnes. (brezak)
                   1824:        arcnet: Added preliminary ARCnet support from Ignatios Souvatzis
                   1825:                <is@Beverly.Rhein.DE> with some local cleanup. (glass)
                   1826:        rcs(1): Updated RCS to version [mycroft 19950223]
                   1827:        alpha: Added the machine-dependent code for the NetBSD/Alpha port.
                   1828:                (cgd)
                   1829:        libc: Upgraded large parts of libc (gen, quad, sys, net, regex) to
                   1830:                4.4-Lite, and made their RCS Id's conform to our
                   1831:                standard.  Also made nsl, rpc, db, gmon, include, and
                   1832:                yp conform. (cgd)
                   1833:        tcpdump(1): Updated tcpdump to version 3.0, and imported libpcap 0.0.
                   1834:                [mycroft 19950306]
                   1835:        vnd(4): convert the vnd driver to not use b_pfcent. (cgd)
                   1836:        getcwd(3): incorporate version from bostic that's faster
                   1837:                for the common case. (cgd)
                   1838:        ccd(4): convert the ccd driver to not use b_pfcent, and incorporate a
                   1839:                bunch of changes to ccd from Jason Thorpe which allow
                   1840:                it to work with the MI SCSI code. (cgd)
                   1841:        remove b_pfcent from the buf structure. (cgd)
                   1842:        Fixed raw IP input code so that it handles bound and/or
                   1843:                connected sockets correctly.  Fix posted by Dan McDonald
                   1844:                <danmcd@itd.nrl.navy.mil>. (glass)
                   1845:        newfs(8): make newfs output superblock backup numbers after each one
                   1846:                is done. (cgd)
                   1847:        rpcgen(1): convert to use memset() rather than bzero().  From Luke
                   1848:                Mewburn, in PR #841. (cgd)
                   1849:        mtree(8): update to the 4.4-Lite code.  Add patch by
                   1850:                Ed Symanzik <zik@enoch.cl.msu.edu> to add support for
                   1851:                an "optional" keyword, to keep mtree from complaining
                   1852:                about files which aren't necessarily present. (cgd)
                   1853:        convert sbin to the new RCS Id format. (cgd)
                   1854:        Made the types used by trap() routines, ktr_sys*(), and scdebug_*()
                   1855:                consistent. [mycroft 19950308]
                   1856:        sed(1): Reworked the parser somewhat so it doesn't throw away commands
                   1857:                on a script line after an end of group character. [mycroft
                   1858:                19950309]
                   1859:        Made the copy*(), bcopy(), and bzero() functions consistently use
                   1860:                size_t where appropriate, rather than u_int or u_long. [mycroft
                   1861:                19950309]
                   1862:        reboot(8): Update to the 4.4-Lite code, which integrates it
                   1863:                with halt(8).  Man pages need a lot of work, but
                   1864:                that's up to the port owners, not me. (cgd)
                   1865:        sed(1): Fixed the sed `P' and `D' commands. [mycroft 19950315]
                   1866:        sort(1): Updated to GNU sort from textutils-1.11, fixes ispell config.
                   1867:                From Kenneth Stailey <kstailey@leidecker.gsfc.nasa.gov> (jtc).
                   1868:        reboot(8), rcp(1), rlogin(1): incorporated from Lite (cgd)
                   1869:        telnet(1): Fixed to not exit until the remote host closes the read
                   1870:                side of the connection. [mycroft 19950317]
                   1871:        kernel: Added a `%p' format for kernel printf()s. [mycroft 19950319]
                   1872:        fsck(8): Fixed to recreate the `..' entry in the root directory if it
                   1873:                is missing. [mycroft 19950319]
                   1874:        libc: Added qabs(), quad_t version of abs() and labs() to libc. (jtc)
                   1875:        libc: Added qdiv(), quad_t version of div() and ldiv() to libc. (jtc)
                   1876:        libc: Changed *printf() and *scanf() to handle %ll{d,i,o,x} format
                   1877:                specificantion for "long long" arguments. (jtc)
                   1878:        grog(1): Now install grog(1) from groff distribution.  It suggests
                   1879:                what groff options to use to process a given troff
                   1880:                document. (glass)
                   1881:        Added general timeval addition/subtraction macros in sys/time.h, and
                   1882:                made a bunch of code use them. [mycroft 19950321]
                   1883:        gas(1): Enabled the `.bss' directive in gas. [mycroft 19950321]
                   1884:        Changed many programs to use POSIX signal functions rather than the old
                   1885:                BSD functions. [mycroft 19950321]
                   1886:        games: upgraded src/games/[a-p]* to Lite versions where necessary,
                   1887:                and cleaned up RCS ids, except for 'banner' which
                   1888:                glass did. (cgd)
                   1889:        systat(1): Fixed to not core dump when an illegal display type is
                   1890:                specified. [mycroft 19950322]
                   1891:        kernel: Fixed panic when a BPF user turns off promiscuous mode after
                   1892:                the interface is down. [mycroft 19950322]
                   1893:        ftpd(8): Fixed ftpd to to IPTOS_THROUGHPUT for passive mode data
                   1894:                connections.  [mycroft 19950322]
                   1895:        amd(8): Enabled the `noconn' and `resvport' mount options in AMD.
                   1896:                [mycroft 19950322]
                   1897:        kernel: fixed things so that kernel stacks no longer need to be
                   1898:                double-mapped. (cgd)
                   1899:        alpha: kill the double-mapping of the kernel stack (cgd)
                   1900:        kernel: add an "INSECURE" option to the kernel, which sets the default
                   1901:                security level to -1, so that the kernel is never put
                   1902:                into "secure mode" by init(8). (cgd)
                   1903:        Updated banner, biff, cal, checknr, chpass, cksum, col, colcrt,
                   1904:                colrm, column, comm, ctags, and cut to Lite versions. (glass)
                   1905:        Converted apply, apropos, ar, asa, at, basename, cap_mkdb, chflags,
                   1906:                and compress to new RCS Id format. (glass)
1.76      agc      1907:        bdes(1): Added bdes(1) from Lite.  Domestic distribution only.  (glass)
1.1       lukem    1908:        msdosfs: Lightened the sanity checks when mounting a msdosfs file
                   1909:                system, to be more compatible. [mycroft 19950327]
                   1910:        mcd: Rewrote most of the `mcd' driver, to be much simpler and faster,
                   1911:                and implement most of the CDIOC* ioctls. [mycroft 19950327]
                   1912:        atari: added initial sources (leo)
                   1913:        Fixed problems in BPF with running off the end of mbufs when a value
                   1914:                being tested is split across a mbuf boundary. [mycroft
                   1915:                19950331]
                   1916:        cp(1): Made `cp -R' work correctly with FIFOs. [mycroft 19950401]
                   1917:        ethernet: Speed up the `ie' driver more. [mycroft 19950403]
                   1918:        Fixed return types of some functions in struct ifnet.  Also added an
                   1919:                arp_ifinit() function to initialize ARP-related variables for
                   1920:                an interface, removing an old #ifdef. [mycroft 19950407]
                   1921:        Added a /usr/bin/banner clone, written by Simon J. Gerraty.  (cgd)
                   1922:        rmt(8): Added a reasonable set of permissions to the open() in rmt(8),
                   1923:                in case it's creating a file. [mycroft 19950409]
                   1924:        i386, m68k, sparc, pmax: Added __flt_rounds(), fpgetround(),
                   1925:                fpgetmask(), fpgetsticky(), fpsetround(), fpsetmask(),
                   1926:                fpsetsticky() and <ieeefp.h> to the i386, m68k, sparc, and
                   1927:                pmax ports.  (jtc)
                   1928:        Added a `d_type' field to the device switch tables, used to
                   1929:                differentiate block, character, and tty type devices in various
                   1930:                places.  Removed the old `b_type' entry in bdevsw.  Centralized
                   1931:                the location of the macros used to construct the device and
                   1932:                console switch tables in conf.h and cons.h, respectively.
                   1933:                Updated all of the ports to conform to this. [mycroft 19950409]
                   1934:        kernel: Replaced usages of `kernel_pmap' with `pmap_kernel()', which is
                   1935:                closer to right for MP systems.  For now, it just always
                   1936:                expands to `&kernel_pmap_store', which is a statically
                   1937:                allocated struct pmap. [mycroft 19950410]
                   1938:        i386, hp300: Added a vfs_unmountall() function, used to unmount file
                   1939:                systems at shutdown time, and enabled its use on i386 and
                   1940:                hp300. [mycroft 19950410]
                   1941:        Centralized z8530 register definitions, and updated drivers to use the
                   1942:                new file.  XXX Not complete. [mycroft 19950410]
                   1943:        Removed most of the remaining explicit uses of `loif', by testing the
                   1944:                IFF_LOOPBACK bit instead. [mycroft 19950411]
                   1945:        Centralized dp8390 register definitions. [mycroft 19950411]
                   1946:        ufs, fsck(8): Added support for a `clean' bit in UFS file systems,
                   1947:                which is cleared on mounting, and restored on unmounting.  When
                   1948:                preening, fsck(8) will skip file systems already marked as
                   1949:                `clean'.  [mycroft 19950412]
                   1950:        netinet: made the netinet code more type size-safe, by using
1.36      wiz      1951:                explicitly-sized types where appropriate.  (cgd)
1.1       lukem    1952:        lpd(8): Fixed to reset the group list before exec(2)ing a filter
                   1953:                program. [mycroft 19950414]
                   1954:        cron(8): Fixed to use the `-t' option to sendmail, rather than trying
                   1955:                to pass the destination address as an argument.
                   1956:                [mycroft 19950414]
                   1957:        m4(1): Rewrote part of the m4 expression processor to make it conform
                   1958:                better to the original specification. [mycroft 19950414]
                   1959:        Fixed fifo_open() to allow opening a FIFO with O_RDWR. [mycroft
                   1960:                19950414]
                   1961:        atari: make Atari loader correctly identify missing TT-RAM (leo)
                   1962:        vmstat(8): Took away VAX machine-related definitions from vmstat.
                   1963:                (ragge)
                   1964:        config(8): made config.new understand the 'include' directive from
                   1965:                device specification ("files") files.   (cgd)
                   1966:        alpha: Add Alpha support to gprof. (cgd)
                   1967:        kernel: Removed d_reset from cdevsw, and replace d_ttys array with a
                   1968:                d_tty callback to get the struct tty pointer.
                   1969:                [mycroft 19950419]
                   1970:        route(8): Implemented the documented `-llinfo' flag, and fixed the
                   1971:                `-interface' flag, to route(8). [mycroft 19950420]
                   1972:        i386: Removed the bogus relocation hack for the i386 console buffer
                   1973:                from locore, and instead have it done in the console driver.
                   1974:                [mycroft 19950421]
                   1975:        i386: Made the i386 reset routine more robust. [mycroft 19950421]
                   1976:        kernel: Moved the reboot time unmount/sync logic into a
                   1977:                machine-independent routine, vfs_shutdown(). [mycroft 19950421]
                   1978:        Imported quiz, rain, robots, rogue, sail, snake, trek,
                   1979:                wargames, worm, worms, and wump from Lite.  (that's
                   1980:                the last of the games.) [cgd 19950422]
                   1981:        banner(6): shouldn't print a "Message:" prompt if input isn't
                   1982:                stdin.  From Masanobu Saitoh <saitoh@spa.is.uec.ac.jp>
                   1983:                in PR #982.  Also, fix usage strings to note that "width"
                   1984:                argument to "-w" flag isn't really optional. [cgd 19950422]
                   1985:        Make sure that zoneinfo files are installed with correct perms
                   1986:                (read-only, by everyone). (fixes PR #984.) [cgd 19950422]
                   1987:        alpha: Merged many more changes in from the alpha port; made sys/lib
                   1988:                more type-size safe, made the new BPF more type-size
                   1989:                safe, track my local alpha changes. [cgd 19950422]
                   1990:        ping(8): exit with non-zero status if no packets received,
                   1991:                as suggested by Rens Troost. [cgd 19950422]
                   1992:        alpha: incorporate changes to src/gnu to make the parts of it
                   1993:                used on the alpha work properly. [cgd 19950423]
                   1994:        Removed the emulation flag in struct proc and made the p_emul
                   1995:                member be a pointer to a new 'struct emul' that describes
                   1996:                the os emulation. This is not in its final form yet, but
                   1997:                eventually I hope to be able to lkm emulations. Turned the
                   1998:                process argument copying code into a function (copyargs).
                   1999:                [christos 19950422]
                   2000:        lorder(1), alpha: version of the 'lorder' script that works with GNU
                   2001:                nm added, for the alpha port. [cgd 19950424]
                   2002:        alpha: don't build the a.out tool chain in the source tree on the
                   2003:                alpha port. [cgd 19950424]
                   2004:        alpha: lots of #includes and/or bogus extern declarations fixed, from
                   2005:                the alpha port.  The programs probably don't all work
                   2006:                properly on the alpha, but they compile out of the
                   2007:                master NetBSD source tree now.  (i.e. everything
                   2008:                except src/sys has been merged.) [cgd 19950424]
                   2009:        atari: fixed write-protect checking on open in the floppy
                   2010:                driver.  [leo 19950425]
                   2011:        sparc, audio: use MI audio interface for on-board amd9730 chip;
                   2012:                contributed by Rolf Grossmann. [pk 19950425]
                   2013:        sparc: fast in_cksum() routine from Matthew Green. [pk 19950426]
                   2014:        audio: applied fix for audio nits from Mike Long (PR #996).
                   2015:                [brezak 19950426]
                   2016:        i386: When using the isa com.c as a serial console, pressing <break>
                   2017:                gets you into ddb.  [hpeyerl 19950427]
                   2018:        config(8): rename "config" to be "config.old", and rename "config.new"
                   2019:                to be "config".  Update "files"-file search routines to reflect
                   2020:                appropriate names, and also update manual pages.  Move
                   2021:                "files" files as necessary to fix things up. [cgd 19950428]
                   2022:        alpha: added functions to set floating point rounding modes,
                   2023:                and added stubs for functions to set FP exception
                   2024:                masks.  (right now, those stubs abort().) [cgd 19950429]
                   2025:        libc: added xdr_{,u_}int{16,32}_t() functions to libc's RPC code
                   2026:                (for internal use only, at this point).  made various
                   2027:                "on-the-wire" RPC structures use explicitly-sized types,
                   2028:                and use the new functions to move them in and out of XDR
                   2029:                form. [cgd 19950429]
                   2030:        user_from_uid() and group_from_gid() prototypes now provided
                   2031:                by pwd.h and grp.h, respectively, if _POSIX_SOURCE and
                   2032:                _XOPEN_SOURCE aren't defined. [cgd 19950429]
                   2033:        mac68k: updated nubus code and video/ethernet drivers to match.
                   2034:                Improves recognition of more oddball cards and provides
                   2035:                better frame for later work. [briggs 19950429]
                   2036:        m68k: Added sig{set,long}jmp from Henric Jungheim
                   2037:                (uhenric@mcl.ucsb.edu) as an outgrowth from PR #1009.
                   2038:                [briggs 19950502]
                   2039:        i386: added a machine-independent <dev/ic/mc146818.h> for MC146818A RTC
                   2040:                chips (and compatibles).  Made the i386 use it.  [cgd 19950504]
                   2041:        updated flex to version 2.5.2. [jtc 19950504]
                   2042:        allow ports to enable swapping individually.  define a cpu_swapout()
                   2043:                function to handle CPU-specific swapout needs.  [cgd 19950505]
                   2044:        audio: have audio device auto-select mode when in half-duplex when
                   2045:                opened.  from John Kohl - PR #1006. [brezak 19950505]
                   2046:        audio: add fixes for sbdsp.c mixer device from John Kohl - PR #1028.
                   2047:                Add mixer arg for ioctl PR #1027. Don't call hardware close in
                   2048:                mixer_close() from Rolf Grossmann. [brezak 19950508]
                   2049:        fixed group quota checking, allow anyone to sync quotas.
                   2050:                From Mike Karels. [cgd 19950510]
                   2051:        amiga: removed double mapping of kernel stack (kstack).  Now
                   2052:                use (new) cpu_set_kpc() and not cpu_set_init_frame()
                   2053:                [chopps 19950512]
                   2054:        syslogd(8): fixed to report correct priorities when sending to remote
                   2055:                loghosts.  From Jarle Greipsland in PR #1039.  [cgd 19950514]
                   2056:        net, netstat(1): drop malformed IP fragments, and have netstat print
                   2057:                out the number of malformed IP fragments dropped.
                   2058:                [cgd 19950514]
                   2059:        atari:  - Fixed TT-HIGH video mode, so 19'' screens are supported.
                   2060:                - removed double mapping of kstack.
                   2061:                - change the shutdown procedure to call vfs_shutdown(),
                   2062:                  so the fsclean mechanism is working properly.
                   2063:                - Fix colormap handling, so this time the 'right' screen
                   2064:                  changes color.
                   2065:                [leo 19950531]
                   2066:        atari, amiga: Added '-f <device>' flag to iteconfig, you can now
                   2067:                also change alternate consoles.  [leo 19950531]
                   2068:        add a way for drivers, etc., to register hooks to be run immediately
                   2069:                before shutdown. [cgd 19950531]
                   2070:        Split egid out of supplemental group list because POSIX.1 requires
                   2071:                that sgid executables and the setgid() sycall *not* change
                   2072:                the group list.  Changed getgrouplist(3) to not duplicate
                   2073:                the primary group. [jtc 19950531]
                   2074:        i386: integrate patch from Lon Willett for pcvt. This is part of the
                   2075:                the 3.20 release. It "welds" the cursor in DDB, fixes some
                   2076:                keymappings, doesn't clear the startup screen and when screen
                   2077:                sizes are changed. [brezak 19950601]
                   2078:        change bsd.man.mk so that if 'make MANZ= install' is done,
                   2079:                installed man pages will be gzipped.  [brezak 19950601]
                   2080:        ethernet: add the if_de.c driver by Matt Thomas <matt@lkg.dec.com> for
                   2081:                DECchip 21[01]40-based PCI ethernet boards. [cgd 19950604]
                   2082:        arcnet: update ARCnet code and Amiga if_bah, with new versions from
                   2083:                Ignatios Souvatzis.  [cgd 19950606]
                   2084:        pc532: replace polled NCR scsi driver with Leo's interrupt
                   2085:                driven NCR scsi driver. [Phil 19950608]
                   2086:        sun3: Added native boot blocks for disk and net [gwr 19950609]
                   2087:        update <protocols/routed.h> for rip version 2. Support rip version
                   2088:                2 in routed, and fix tcpdump for the new header.
                   2089:                [christos 19950620]
                   2090:        mac68k: Lots of changes from hp300 port, cleanup, and ether.
                   2091:                * Rewrote memory mapping to be in C instead of assembly.
                   2092:                * Removed double mapping of kstack.
                   2093:                * Took out non-MACHINE_NONCONTIG support and other cruft.
                   2094:                * Raised several VM limits.
                   2095:                * Replaced Amiga 040 support with hp300 040 support.
                   2096:                * Cleaned up nubus code and internal video "probe."
                   2097:                [briggs 19950620]
                   2098:        rpcgen(1): import and adapt new version from Sun Microsystems
                   2099:                TIRPC release [pk 19950622]
                   2100:        libcompat: create new libcompat for the kernel that contains routines
                   2101:                shared by the compatibility modules. Move the compat code from
                   2102:                the kern directory to libcompat. Fix the libkern and libcompat
                   2103:                Makefiles to build their targets inside the kernel compilation
                   2104:                directory using the kernel's CC and CFLAGS. [christos 19950624]
                   2105:        atari:  - Definitely use MACHINE_NONCONTIG
                   2106:                - Added mouse driver
                   2107:                [leo 19950625]
                   2108:        i386, SCSI: change calling conventions of the bdevsw dump() routine,
                   2109:                and update MI SCSI and i386 port to use them.  create a flag
                   2110:                so that ports won't use new dump routines until they're
                   2111:                converted.  [cgd 19950626]
                   2112:        i386: make kernel crash dumps work.  [cgd 19950626]
                   2113:        cleaned up units conversion macros in all ports' <machine/param.h>
                   2114:                headers.  [cgd 19950626]
                   2115:        i386: actually use the time stored in the file system, if the
                   2116:                clock's time isn't sane.  [cgd 19950626]
                   2117:        i386: fill in missing functionality in i386 kvm code.  [cgd 19950626]
                   2118:        sys_lib/libsa: Make libsa/rpc.c more general and add the
                   2119:                ability to determine the address from whence an
                   2120:                RPC reply has come.  Updated libsa/nfs.c to use
                   2121:                the new interface (caller provides header space).
                   2122:                Added bootparams support in libsa/bootparams.c
                   2123:        sun3: stand/netboot works using new libsa [gwr 19950626]
                   2124:        pc532: Added shar/man/man4.pc532 and files lpt.4 and plip.4
                   2125:                to man4.pc532. [phil 19950622]
                   2126:        upgraded termcap database to version 9.7.0. [jtc 19950626]
                   2127:        renamed the contents of sys/dev/ic to reflect the fact that
                   2128:                they're register descriptions. [cgd 19950628]
                   2129:        ethernet: added Charles Hannum's mostly-machine-independent am7990
                   2130:                (LANCE) driver to sys/dev/ic. [cgd 19950628]
                   2131:        removed unused cpu_exec() macro from machine/cpu.h. [cgd 19950628]
                   2132:        updated getfsstat(2) and statfs(2) manual pages to match
                   2133:                current reality. [cgd 19950629]
                   2134:        changed the shmat() syscall so that the address picked for
                   2135:                mapping if no address is given is consistent from
                   2136:                process to process.  SysV apparently does this, and some
                   2137:                programs depend on it.  (Suggested by John Birrell
                   2138:                <jb@werple.mira.net.au>). [cgd 19950629]
                   2139:        added a lint(1) implementation by Jochen Pohl
                   2140:                <pohlj@arktur.zfe.siemens.de>. [cgd 19950703]
                   2141:        audio: updated audio with changes inspired from latest PR's. The audio
                   2142:                driver now uses mode flags to allow full-duplex operation
                   2143:                as suggested by John Kohl. It also includes other full duplex
                   2144:                related changes. The ad1848 driver includes support for the
                   2145:                cs4231 codec and probe changes from Mike Long. The other
                   2146:                sound drivers had a round of cleanup. [brezak 19950706]
                   2147:        fix bug in load average calculation that prevented processes
                   2148:                which were uninterruptibly sleeping for a short period
                   2149:                from being counted. [cgd 19950707]
                   2150:        sparc: move MMU dependent crash dump routines to pmap.c and use
                   2151:                MACHINE_NONCONTIG permanently. [pk 19950708]
                   2152:        sparc: implement KIOC_LAYOUT ioctl for Sun keyboards. [pk 19950708]
                   2153:        upgraded zoneinfo database to tzdata95e. [jtc 19950710]
                   2154:        sun3, sparc: move the MI bits of the `si' scsi driver for sun3 & sun4
                   2155:                to src/sys/dev/ic, where they are known as
                   2156:                ncr5380*.[ch]. [pk 19950708]
                   2157:        sun3, sparc: added `screenblank', a screen saver daemon for Sun 3 and
                   2158:                SPARC machines. [thorpej 19950711]
1.52      wiz      2159:        removed FFS mounting code from mount(8), and separated it into
1.1       lukem    2160:                its own program (mount_ffs(8)).  mount_ufs is a link
                   2161:                to mount_ffs, for now, for compatibility.  [cgd 19950712]
                   2162:        changed 'mount -a' to _not_ remount mount file systems, if it
                   2163:                looks like they're already mounted.  added '-A' flag
                   2164:                to mount, to implement the old (somewhat quirky) '-a'
                   2165:                behaviour.  [cgd 19950712]
                   2166:        added an SDEV_FORCELUNS quirk to the SCSI quirks table, and
                   2167:                added a few more devices with quirks.  [cgd 19950712]
                   2168:        sun3, sparc: added `eeprom', a program to display or change the
                   2169:                contents of the EEPROM or OpenProm on Sun 3 and SPARC systems.
                   2170:                [thorpej 19950713]
                   2171:        sparc, audio: dev/and7930.c change DEBUG --> AUDIO_DEBUG. PR #1241.
                   2172:                [brezak 19950719]
                   2173:        i386: etc/etc.i386/MAKEDEV create mixer device. PR #1208.
                   2174:                [brezak 19950719]
                   2175:        audio: added GUS audio driver from John Kohl <jtk@kolvir.blrc.ma.us>
                   2176:                and Ken Hornstein <kenh@cmf.nrl.navy.mil>. [brezak 19950719]
                   2177:        added dbm_error & dbm_clearerr prototypes to <ndbm.h>. [jtc 19950720]
                   2178:        mac68k: Added support for RB_ASKNAME, RB_MINIROOT, and GENERIC.
                   2179:                This requires a booter change to 1.8.  [briggs 19950723]
                   2180:        atari: Make kernel-dumps work [leo 19950724]
                   2181:        atari: Fix keymap handling [leo 19950724]
                   2182:        atari, msdosfs: Make some atari specific changes to the msdosfs-driver
                   2183:                so gemdos filesystems are (almost) completely understood.
                   2184:                There is still a problem with the root directory. In some
                   2185:                cases, it's allowed to grow into the first FAT. [leo 19950724]
                   2186:        pcnfds(8): added pcnfsd server from Gordon Ross. [jtc 19950724]
                   2187:        ethernet: update if_de driver with latest version from Matt Thomas; now
                   2188:                supports dc21041-based boards.  [cgd 19950724]
                   2189:        change bsd.subdir.mk so that it prints out the path to the
                   2190:                subdirectory being worked on.  lets you know how deep
                   2191:                you've gone, and allows path to be pasted.  [cgd 19950724]
                   2192:        bdes(1): add a bdes(1) dummy script, and the bdes(1) manual page (with
                   2193:                a warning), for exportable configurations.  [cgd 19950724]
                   2194:        prototyped physio(), adjusted various users and definers of
                   2195:                minphys()-like routines to use its correct
1.5       wiz      2196:                definition.  [cgd 19950724]
1.1       lukem    2197:        kernel: disabled early aging of file system data buffers; it will make
                   2198:                less and less sense as buffer cache sizes increase,
                   2199:                won almost nothing (and sometimes lost badly) with
                   2200:                current buffer cache sizes).  Suggested
                   2201:                by Bob Baron <rvb@cs.cmu.edu>.  [cgd 19950724]
                   2202:        mvme68k: imported mvme68k port for motorola VME147 card
                   2203:                [chuck 19950725]
                   2204:        updated get{pw,gr}ent and friends to implement better YP support
                   2205:                including exclusions in /etc/passwd.  Enhancments by
                   2206:                Jason Downs.  [phil 1995072?]
                   2207:        add and document a `kern.rawpartition' sysctl. [thorpej 19950804]
                   2208:        atari: Support NetBSD disklabels. When a NetBSD label is present,
                   2209:                it overrules the Atari AHDI-partitioning. It is now
                   2210:                also possible to have only a NetBSD label on a disk.
                   2211:                When no NetBSD label is present, the current sceme of
                   2212:                faking a disklabel is used. This guarantees backward
                   2213:                compatibility.  [leo 19950805]
                   2214:        netstat(1): changed `netstat -r' to show a route's mtu, if set.
                   2215:                [thorpej 19950809]
                   2216:        tip(1): changed tip to handle zero (space) parity correctly.  From
                   2217:                Trevor Blackwell (tlb@eecs.harvard.edu). [jtc 19950814]
                   2218:        atari: Changed the NCR5380 SCSI-driver to be machine-independent.
                   2219:                The atari/dev/ncr* files form the mi-part. The atari5380.c
                   2220:                file configures the driver for use on the TT and/or Falcon.
                   2221:                [leo 19950811]
                   2222:        mac68k: Got serial console working again--at least on the Q700.
                   2223:                Fixed grf_iv.c driver for internal video so IIvx-class
                   2224:                machines can run X.  [briggs 19950811]
                   2225:        sun3: Fixed ufsboot for Sun3/260.  The sun3 port now has a full
                   2226:                set of boot programs for NFS or disk boot that should
                   2227:                work on any device known to the Sun PROM. [GWR 19950812]
1.2       wiz      2228:        ccd(4): new version of ccd, along with run-time configuration utility
1.1       lukem    2229:                and conf.c/MAKEDEV entries for each port. [thorpej 19950817]
                   2230:        amiga: siop (ncr53710) and sbic (amd33c93) now support disconnect
                   2231:                siop from osymh@gemini.oscs.montana.edu (Michael L. Hitch)
                   2232:                and sbic from "Eduardo E. Horvath eeh@btr.com"
                   2233:                <eeh@btr.btr.com> [chopps 19950818]
                   2234:        amiga: added a2410 grf and ite driver from Ignatios Souvatzis
                   2235:                <is@beverly.rhein.de> [chopps 19950818]
                   2236:        amiga, ethernet: added Ariadne ethernet driver from Bernd Ernesti
                   2237:                <bernd@arresum.inka.de> [chopps 19950818]
                   2238:        atari: First Falcon video support from Thomas Gerner
                   2239:                [leo 19950820]
                   2240:        pc532: added changes from Matthias Pfaller to support dumps.
                   2241:                [phil 19950824]
1.20      abs      2242:        pc532: imported a new method of making distributions from Matthias
1.1       lukem    2243:                Pfaller. [phil 19950827]
                   2244:        pc532: added changes to vmstat for pc532 support. [phil 19950827]
                   2245:        rarpd(8): changed rarpd to respond to rarp requests even if there's no
                   2246:                "/tftpboot/<client-ip-address>" file.  Building
                   2247:                rarpd with -DREQUIRE_TFTPBOOT will re-enable this
                   2248:                `feature'. [thorpej 19950901]
                   2249:        hp300: added new working network boot code. [thorpej 19950901]
                   2250:        mac68k: Use the atari's machine independent NCR 5380 scsi driver
                   2251:                in Pseudo-DMA mode.  [briggs 19950902]
                   2252:        mac68k: Add support for mice that conform to the Extended Apple
                   2253:                Mouse Protocol.  From Ken Nakata <kenn@remus.rutgers.edu>.
                   2254:                [briggs 19950903]
                   2255:        ethernet: add Intel Etherexpress driver into if_ie.c. Code by Rod
                   2256:                Grimes.  Merged by Andrew Gillham <andrew@digitron.com>.
                   2257:        sparc, dev/rcons: Raster Console moved from arch/sparc to dev/rcons.
                   2258:                Cleaned up to be machine independent. [pk 19950917].
                   2259:        Made system calls conform to a standard prototype and brought
                   2260:                those prototypes into scope. [thorpej 19950919]
                   2261:        hp300: add a standalone disklabel/miniroot-copy/boot program
                   2262:                to facilitate initial installation. [thorpej 19950922]
                   2263:        sparc: new device driver for "xy" Xylogics 450/451 SMD
                   2264:                disk controller [chuck 19950925]
                   2265:        added enhancements to the bpf from Stu Grossman <grossman@cygnus.com>:
                   2266:                * grok FIONBIO, FIOASYNC, and TIOC{G,S}PGRP
                   2267:                * add BIOC{G,S}RSIG; get/set the signal to be delivered
                   2268:                  to the process or process group upon packet reception.
                   2269:                  Defaults to SIGIO.
                   2270:                [thorpej 19950926]
                   2271:        amiga: converted 040 MMU code over to the hp300 style from
                   2272:                osymh@gemini.oscs.montana.edu (Michael L. Hitch)
                   2273:                [chopps 19950928]
                   2274:        amiga: added 2232 multi-serial port driver from:
                   2275:                Rob Healey <rhealey@kas.helios.mn.org>,
                   2276:                Jukka Marin <jmarin@teeri.jmp.fi>, Timo Rossi <trossi@jyu.fi>
                   2277:                and Zik [chopps 19950929]
                   2278:        amiga: changed the install root image size from 880k to 1760k.
                   2279:                Users can use miniroot (and probably will) so the major
                   2280:                lack of HD drives won't be a problem.  [chopps 19950929]
                   2281:        network: added support for net.inet.tcp sysctl group and sysctl option
                   2282:                to enable/disable rfc1323 extensions to TCP.  From
                   2283:                John Kohl <jtk@kolvir.blrc.ma.us>. [thorpej 19950930]
                   2284:        hp300: added HP 7974a, 7978a/b, 7979a, 7980a, and 7980xc
                   2285:                magnetic reel tape driver (mt), original from Mt. Xinu,
                   2286:                contributed to Utah, and ported to 4.4BSD by
                   2287:                Mark Davies and Andrew Vignaux, Department of
                   2288:                Computer Science, Victoria University of Wellington.
                   2289:                [thorpej 19951001]
                   2290:        hp300: added miniroot installation tools.  [thorpej 19951003]
                   2291:        fsdb(8): added fsdb(8), an FFS debugging/editing tool, from John Kohl.
                   2292:                [thorpej 19951008]
                   2294: Changes from NetBSD 1.1 to NetBSD 1.2:
                   2295:        msdosfs: added support for Win'95 long filenames. [ws 19951011]
                   2296:        fixed file descriptor leak in ul. [jtc 19951107]
                   2297:        changed profiling (gmon.c) so that output can be is controlled by
                   2298:                the PROFDIR environment variable. [jtc 19951121]
                   2299:        incorporated diffs to IP networking code for 64-bit cleanliness.
                   2300:                [cgd 19951121]
                   2301:        changed definition of profil() to be 64-bit friendly.  (This
                   2302:                has no real effect on 32-bit systems.) [cgd 19951122]
                   2303:        send-pr(1): changed to handle '&' expansion of user name from
                   2304:                password database. [jtc 19951122]
                   2305:        libc: added spanish language libc message catalog contributed by
                   2306:                Jesus M. Gonzalez <jgb@ordago.uc3m.es>. [jtc 19951122]
                   2307:        hp300: made COMPAT_HPUX partially work.  This is a
                   2308:                checkpoint/snapshot, done with the intent that others
                   2309:                will be able to track the code more easily.  Several
                   2310:                HP-UX 9.x executables tested work "OK".  Much more
                   2311:                work yet to be done.  [thorpej 19951128]
                   2312:        atari: added support for a separate {prof,stat}clock [leo 19951201]
                   2313:        atari: now using more functional fpe support [leo 19951201]
                   2314:        hp300: use "match/attach" rather than "init" routines for
                   2315:                probing devices.  This is one of the many steps towards
                   2316:                using new config.  [thorpej 19951202]
                   2317:        hp300: Added Swedish HIL keymap, submitted by Tomas Tengling
                   2318:                <ltt@cd.chalmers.se>.  [thorpej 19951206]
                   2319:        gcc(1): Imported gcc-2.7.2 into src/gnu/sur.bin/gcc. [phil 19951201]
                   2320:        renamed uuencode.format(5) to uuencode(5). [jtc 19951204]
                   2321:        integrated version 9.11.5 of termcap database. [jtc 19951204]
                   2322:        Changed sys/scsi/sd.c and sys/scsi/cd.c to use a 6-byte
                   2323:                read/write cdb if the transfer request will fit, and
                   2324:                the 10-byte cdb otherwise.  In sdattach(), note
                   2325:                if the device is "ancient".  Implement sdminphys()
                   2326:                which shortens the transfer to fit in a 6-byte
                   2327:                cdb on "ancient" devices.  Fixes problems with
                   2328:                rejected commands on many Emulex ESDI->SCSI bridges.
                   2329:                [thorpej 19951207]
                   2330:        m68k: Moved the m68k bcopy, ovbcopy, and memcpy functions out of each
                   2331:                port's locore.s and centralized them in m68/m68k/copy.s.
                   2332:                [thorpej 19951210]
                   2333:        hp300: some cleanup in locore.s and others.  Changes are geared
                   2334:                towards finding common ground between the m68k ports
                   2335:                and pulling them out into <m68k/m68k/...>.
                   2336:                [thorpej 19951211]
                   2337:        Added -Werror to bsd.sys.mk, so programs which use the
                   2338:                NetBSD build environment build with -Werror.
                   2339:                [cgd 19951212]
                   2340:        vax: Added support for MicroVAX III (VAX 3600/3800/3900).
                   2341:                Walk slowly towards using new config everywhere. [??? 199512??]
                   2342:        changed NFS code to work on 64-bit systems.  (Really
                   2343:                just changed the code so that structures, etc., used
                   2344:                in implementing the wire protocol used fixed-size
                   2345:                types.) [cgd 19951219]
                   2346:        started a collection of machine-independent TurboChannel
                   2347:                code, to be shared between the pmax and alpha ports.
                   2348:                [cgd 19951219]
                   2349:        fixed strftime's %u format to expand to a single digit.
                   2350:                [jtc 19951228]
                   2351:        applied groff portion of diff in PR #1859.  This diff updated
                   2352:                for loops to conform to the newer ANSI scoping rules.
                   2353:                [chopps 19951229]
                   2354:        added $mrouted_flags to /etc/netstart and use them in /etc/rc
                   2355:                to start mrouted like $routed_flags are used to
                   2356:                start routed.  [thorpej 19951229]
                   2357:        vnd(4): added a vnd(4) manual page.  [thorpej 19951230]
                   2358:        libg++: fixed to compile with newer gcc.  closed PR #1859
                   2359:                [chopps 19951230]
                   2360:        added David Jones' new MI NCR5380 driver to sys/dev/ic.
                   2361:                [thorpej 19960101]
                   2362:        sparc: added my port of the sun3 `ncr_si' driver plus my additions
                   2363:                to support the 4/100 `sw' controller.  Uses MI NCR5380 code.
                   2364:                [thorpej 19960101]
                   2365:        arm32: Initial import of NetBSD/arm32 [mark 19960131]
                   2366:        fixed identd userid format to conform to RFC1413.  Patch from
                   2367:                der Mouse <mouse@Collatz.McRCIM.McGill.EDU> in PR #1848
                   2368:                [jtc 19960102]
                   2369:        vax: Added support for TS11/TSV05 tape drives. Device driver
                   2370:                written by Bertram Barth, based on TMSCP code.
                   2371:                [ragge 19960106]
                   2372:        atari: Added nvram driver. [leo 19960106]
                   2373:        upgraded zoneinfo code to tzcode96a. [jtc 19960108]
                   2374:        upgraded zoneinfo data to tzdata96a. [jtc 19960108]
                   2375:        New generic disk framework.  Highlights:
                   2376:                - New metrics handling.  Metrics are now kept in the new
                   2377:                  `struct disk'.  Busy time is now stored as a timeval, and
                   2378:                  transfer count in bytes.
                   2379:                - Storage for disklabels is now dynamically allocated, so that
                   2380:                  the size of the disk structure is not machine-dependent.
                   2381:                - Several new functions for attaching and detaching disks, and
                   2382:                  handling metrics calculation.
                   2383:                Old-style instrumentation is still supported in drivers
                   2384:                that did it before.  However, old-style instrumentation
                   2385:                is being deprecated, and will go away once the userland
                   2386:                utilities are updated for the new framework.
                   2387:                For usage and architectural details, see the disk(9) manual
                   2388:                page. [thorpej 19960107]
                   2389:        Added copy(9), fetch(9), and store(9) manual pages, based on
                   2390:                a suggestion from Kenneth Stailey. [thorpej 19960108]
                   2391:        isa, ethernet: Add support for the SMC8416 (EtherEZ) ISA ethernet card.
                   2392:                (imported from OpenBSD/FreeBSD) [chuck 19960110]
                   2393:        scsi: Added erase and cache request to MI SCSI tape driver, from
                   2394:                John Kohl.  [thorpej 19960110]
                   2395:        isa: added "ahe" driver, autoconfiguration support for ISA/VLB/EISA
                   2396:                aic7xxx-based SCSI controllers from Michael Graff.
                   2397:                [thorpej 19960112]
                   2398:        sys/lib/libsa: Splitted some sources files containing more than
                   2399:                one function. Allowing for a possible decrease of the
                   2400:                bootloader size. closes PR #1817. [leo 19960113]
                   2401:        m4(1): handle multi-character quote and comment delimiters
                   2402:                Patch forwarded to Ozan Yigit  [pk 19960113]
                   2403:        sparc: added "mountroot hook" for dealing with a device's
                   2404:                special needs before (*mountroot)() is called.
                   2405:                Make the floppy driver register a mountroot hook used
                   2406:                to eject the floppy and prompt user for filesystem
                   2407:                floppy if it's the root device.  Add better disklabel
                   2408:                handling to floppy driver.  [thorpej 19960114]
                   2409:        netinet: added net.inet.ip.forwsrcrt sysctl.  If zero,
                   2410:                the system will not forward source-routed packets.
                   2411:                The name is consistent with the BSD/OS sysctl
                   2412:                that does the same thing.  [thorpej 19960115]
                   2413:        netinet: added net.inet.ip.directed-broadcast sysctl, slightly
                   2414:                modified from a patch submitted by Darren Reed.
                   2415:                [thorpej 19960115]
                   2416:        msdosfs: Removed '#ifdef atari's. Make mounting the Atari-Gemdos
                   2417:                 flavour of msdosfs an option passed by mount.
                   2418:                [leo 19960119]
                   2419:        more(1): upgraded to less version 290.  note that this also installs
                   2420:                as /usr/bin/less now.  [mrg 19960122]
                   2421:        sendmail(8): upgraded sendmail to version 8.7.3.  [mrg 19960122]
                   2422:        redesigned z8530 serial driver to make it attach child devices
                   2423:                for keyboard, mouse, or plain tty. [gwr 19960123]
                   2424:        Move disk-specific ioctls from <sys/disklabel.h> to <sys/dkio.h>
                   2425:                which is implicitly included by <sys/ioctl.h>.  Define
                   2426:                and implement DIOCLOCK, which is used to lock/unlock
                   2427:                a disk pack.  Teach several drivers and the eject(1)
                   2428:                program about the new interface.  SCSI disk driver now
                   2429:                has ability to eject removable media with software.
                   2430:                CD-ROM drivers maintain compatibility with the old CD-ROM
                   2431:                lock/unlock/eject interface.  [thorpej 19960130]
                   2432:        cmp(1): cmp -s no longer complains about missing filess. [mrg 19960201]
                   2433:        changed names of timespec struct's fields from ts_* to tv_*
                   2434:                to conform to POSIX.1b. [jtc 19960201]
                   2435:        changed quota and rpc.rquotad to use ffs instead of ufs. [jtc 19960201]
                   2436:        ccd(4): add experimental data mirroring support, mostly from
                   2437:                Satoshi Asami and Nisha Talagala, with some changes
                   2438:                by me.  [thorpej 19960201]
                   2439:        syslogd(8): added -s flag -- this makes syslogd open only the unix
                   2440:                domain socket and not the network, which is important on
                   2441:                firewalls and other machines which could be attacked over
                   2442:                the network. [perry 19960204]
                   2443:        mac68k: New, calibrated delay() implementation. [briggs 19960203]
                   2444:        dump(8), restore(8): now support $TAPE as the default device.
                   2445:                [mrg 19960206]
                   2446:        vax:    Massbus adapter support and Massbus disk support added.
                   2447:                (RP04/05/06/07 disks). [ragge 19960211]
                   2448:        mac68k: Changed partition strategy a bit to allow boot partition
                   2449:                to be any of the first 32 instead of first 8. [briggs 19960211]
                   2450:        hp300: New, better interrupt handling code.  Eliminates most
                   2451:                hard-coded driver references in locore.s.  [thorpej 19960213]
                   2452:        audio: New ioctl AUDIO_PERROR (playback error count); new mode
                   2453:                flag AUDIO_PLAY_ALL to indicate that all samples should
                   2454:                be played rather than time correcting with silence.
                   2455:                [jtk 19960216]
                   2456:        nfs: Rick Macklems's NFSv3 code from Lite2 brought in [fvdl 19960218]
                   2457:        i386: Virtual 8086 mode kernel support, library support added to i386
                   2458:                port [mycroft+jtk 19960222]
                   2459:        hp300: New console probing code.  [thorpej 19960223]
                   2460:        telnet: updated to telnet-95.10.23 version.  src/domestic has
                   2461:                the full version with encryption.  [jtk, 19960224]
                   2462:        eisa: added better EISA bus autoconfiguration support.  Mostly
                   2463:                taken from PR #1959.  [cgd 19960226]
                   2464:        Replace config_found() with config_found_sm(), which adds a
                   2465:                cfmatch_t to the argument list.  This allows easy
                   2466:                'submatching', which will eliminate a fair bit of
                   2467:                slightly tricky duplicated code from various busses.
                   2468:                config_found() is now a #define in sys/device.h, which
                   2469:                invokes config_found_sm().  [cgd 19960227]
                   2470:        sparc: add support for P4 framebuffers [thorpej 19960227]
                   2471:        sendmail(8): updated sendmail to 8.7.4. [mrg 19960228]
                   2472:        isa, pci: made ISA and PCI autoconfiguration (match, attach, attachment
                   2473:                of subdevices) machine-independent.  [cgd 19960227]
                   2474:        added preliminary support for PCI-PCI bridges.  [cgd 19960227]
                   2475:        sun3: added PMAP_PREFER for performance boost on the
                   2476:                Sun3/260 machines.  [gwr 19960228]
                   2477:        atari: The Atari-port now has a NetBSD-bootloader that can be installed
                   2478:                in a bootblock. It is now possible to boot into NetBSD
                   2479:                directly. [leo 19960228]
                   2480:        vax: Support for VAX 11/780 - 11/785 added. Device driver
                   2481:                for DHU11 serial card, written by Ken Wellsch, added.
                   2482:                [ragge 19960302]
                   2483:        i386: changed autoconfiguration so that isa, eisa, and pci busses
                   2484:                attach to mainbus which attaches to root, rather than
                   2485:                attaching root directly.  [cgd 19960303]
                   2486:        added _MACHINE and _MACHINE_ARCH to each port's include/param.h.
                   2487:                They're like MACHINE and MACHINE_ARCH, but without the
                   2488:                quotes.  [cgd 19960303]
                   2489:        scsi: normalized SCSI autoconfiguration messages.  [thorpej 19960304]
                   2490:        i386: added EXTMEM_SIZE kernel option so that people who own
                   2491:                machines that lie about the size of extended memory can
                   2492:                use the hardware they paid for.  [thorpej 19960304]
                   2493:        amiga: added console driver for the CyberVision64. [veego 19960302]
                   2494:        mt(1) supports access of remote tapes via rmt(8).  [scottr 19960305]
1.7       wiz      2495:        vax: Support for VAX 8600/8650 CPU types added. [ragge 19960307]
1.1       lukem    2496:        added a set of interfaces, which live in <machine/bus.h>,
                   2497:                which define standard, machine-independent ways to
                   2498:                map and access device I/O and memory spaces.  [cgd 19960308]
                   2499:        i386: changed faked-up disklabel to include BIOS partitions
                   2500:                in order to allow people to mount DOS partitions on
                   2501:                disks with no NetBSD partition.  [ghudson 19960309]
                   2502:        i386: isa - reworked multi-port board interface with 'com' driver
                   2503:                so that (among other things), 'flags 1' is no longer
                   2504:                necessary for 'com' ports attached to the 'ast'
                   2505:                multiport board.  Removed understanding of 'flags 1'
                   2506:                from com.c.  [cgd 19960310]
                   2507:        pc532: reported pmap.c, removed double mapping, improved copyin
                   2508:                copyout, etc. [phil 19960214]
                   2509:        pc532: moved port to use MI ncr5380 driver. [phil 19960311]
                   2510:        gnu: imported libg++-2.7.1 [phil 19960309]
                   2511:        Added the total number of sectors to disklabel's text
                   2512:                representation of a label, since calculating based on
                   2513:                the geometry isn't always accurate.  [ghudson 19960314]
                   2514:        atari: now uses the MI ramdisk driver. [leo 19960314]
                   2515:                finished prototyping the mi portion of the kernel. Things to
                   2516:                do is fix the _conf.h crud and cleanup the printf() debugging
                   2517:                calls. [christos 19960314]
                   2518:        pica: Import of Per Fogelstrom's port to the Acer pica r4400/isa
                   2519:                [jonathan 19960313]
                   2520:        renamed fdopen() to filedescopen() so that it does not collide
                   2521:                with the fdopen() in the floppy driver. [christos 19960314]
                   2522:        sparc: Prototyped the md portion. The whole sparc kernel compiles
                   2523:                cleanly now. [christos 19960314]
                   2524:        i386: change pms driver to be a child of the "keyboard controller"
                   2525:                rather than isa. [thorpej 19960315]
                   2526:        i386: isa - add MediaVision Jazz16 support for sb driver [jtk 19960316]
                   2527:        New device attachment scheme.
                   2528:                - split softc size and match/attach out from cfdriver into
                   2529:                  a new struct cfattach.
                   2530:                - new "attach" directive for files.*.  May specify the name of
                   2531:                  the cfattach structure, so that devices may be easily
                   2532:                  attached to parents with different autoconfiguration
                   2533:                  semantics.
                   2534:                Changes to config(8) and kern/subr_autoconf.c from
                   2535:                Chris Demetriou <cgd@NetBSD.org>. [thorpej 19960316]
                   2536:        New libkvm/savecore.
                   2537:                1) savecore will not access the dump or live-kernel directly.
                   2538:                   It will always use the kvm-functions. Allowing it to work on
                   2539:                   kernels that don't have a 1-1 PA-VA mapping.
                   2540:                2) the kvm-lib has some additional functions to accomplish 1
                   2541:                        - kvm_dump_mkheader()
                   2542:                        - kvm_dump_wrtheader()
                   2543:                        - kvm_dump_inval()
                   2544:                3) the file formats of the dump generated by the kernel and
                   2545:                   the dump generated by savecore have been changed. The file
                   2546:                   format now looks like the format produced for 'normal' core
                   2547:                   dumps.
                   2548:                Ports not yet supporting the new kvm-format will be using
                   2549:                libkvm.old/savecore.old for the time being. [leo 19960317]
                   2550:        config(8): Add BSDI-style expression support to optional file
                   2551:                specifiers.  Code mostly taken from the parts of BSDI's
                   2552:                'config' which are freely-distributable (under the LBL/UC
                   2553:                Regents license), and adjusted to fit into our version.
                   2554:                Instead of simple option lists used to include optional
                   2555:                files, you can now use parentheses, &, |, and !.
                   2556:                [cgd 19960317]
                   2557:        telnet: Fix domestic/usr.bin/telnet to use the true host name
                   2558:                when IP numvers or CNAMEs are used.  [explorer 19960322]
                   2559:        sys/dev: Convert the ramdisk to a pseudo-device [gwr 19960322]
                   2560:        sun3:   Reworked the autoconfiguration design to allow control
                   2561:                over the order of attachment calls on mainbus and obio.
                   2562:                This should allow the eventual removal of several hacks
                   2563:                to get some devices configured before autoconfig. Also,
                   2564:                adapted to (and took advantage of) the new attachment
                   2565:                interface by "carving up" the "ie" and "si" drivers.
                   2566:                Added drivers for the interrupt register (intreg) and
                   2567:                the memory error register (memerr).  [gwr 19960326]
                   2568:        sys/dev/pci: changed the interfaces used by PCI device drivers,
                   2569:                to allow more flexibility for the implementation and to
                   2570:                make them more portable to 'weird' architectures.
                   2571:                Documented to current-users, and will be documented
                   2572:                eventually in section 9 manual pages.  [cgd 19960326]
                   2573:        atari: Added centronics printer driver [leo 19960327]
                   2574:        amiga: Added Emplant SCSI driver by Sean Riddle and Bo Najdrovsky
                   2575:                [is 19960328]
                   2576:        move 'savecore.old' functionality and build back into 'savecore'
                   2577:                since most of it was redundant, and to simplify the
                   2578:                build process.  [cgd 19960330]
                   2579:        remove redundant 'libkvm.old' files, and fetch them by .PATH
                   2580:                from libkvm.  [cgd 19960401]
                   2581:        scsi: Added bew SCSI changer driver and userland controller
                   2582:                utility.  [thorpej 19960402]
                   2583:        change 'alldevs' and 'allevents' lists to be TAILQs, rather
                   2584:                than home-grown lists.  [cgd 19960403]
                   2585:        change config_found(), config_rootfound(), and config_attach()
                   2586:                to return the 'struct device *' of the newly attached
                   2587:                device rather than an int (for the former two) or
                   2588:                void (for the latter).  Change several drivers
                   2589:                to take advantage of this, to remove hackish
                   2590:                open-coded variants of config_found().  [cgd 19960404]
                   2591:        pc532: added Ian Dall's ieee fp support to pc532 port. [phil 19960404]
                   2592:        Applied PR #2006 (from me, with some fixes) to rename 'fsck' to
                   2593:                'fsck_ffs', so that in the future 'fsck' can be used
                   2594:                as a wrapper to call the correct file system checker.
                   2595:                For now, fsck is link to fsck_ffs.  [cgd 19960404]
                   2596:        vax: Added DZ11 serial line drivers. Written by Ken Wellsch.
                   2597:                [ragge 19960408]
                   2598:        eisa: changed the interrupt attachment/detachment
                   2599:                interfaces used by EISA device drivers, to allow more
                   2600:                flexibility for implementations, to allow interrupt
                   2601:                information to be printed more easily, and to remove
                   2602:                the direct dependence on the ISA interfaces.  [cgd 19960409]
                   2603:        fixed old fdesc's /dev/tty bug is a named pipe.  [mrg 19960411]
                   2604:        i386: sys/dev/isa, i386 ISA code: changed interrupt
                   2605:                attachment/detachment interfaces to take a
                   2606:                machine-dependent-code-supplied cookie, to allow
                   2607:                implementations more flexibility when writing
                   2608:                these functions.  [cgd 19960411]
                   2609:        amiga:  - Many -Wall and -Wstrict-prototypes fixes.
                   2610:                - updated CyberVision64 driver, from Michael Teske.
                   2611:                - fixed a mbuf problme in the ariadne driver, from
                   2612:                  Michael L. Hitch and Michael van Elst.
                   2613:                - ite no longer forgets keymap on reinit, from
                   2614:                  teske@mail.desy.de (Michael Teske).
                   2615:                [veego 19960422]
                   2616:        amiga: changed the speed calculations of the builtin serial
                   2617:                driver to allow any baudrate the hardware allows, and
                   2618:                to forbid two baudrates (50 and 75) which the hardware
                   2619:                does NOT support but which the old speed conversion
                   2620:                table pretended to support. [is 19960423]
                   2621:        amiga: made the mainboard mice real devices instead of
                   2622:                pseudo-devices. [is 19960424]
                   2623:        ep driver: split up driver into eisa, isa, and pci front ends, and
                   2624:                a bus-independent core driver, taking advantage of
                   2625:                the cfattach autoconfiguration code.  Driver still
                   2626:                needs to be converted to use <machine/bus.h>.
                   2627:                [thorpej 19960424]
                   2628:        pcnfsd(8): Correct vulnerabilities noted in CERT advisory CA-96.08
                   2629:                [gwr 19960424]
                   2630:        mvme68k: add scsi driver, new autoconfig/interrupt scheme,
                   2631:                new delay(), new disklabel code, switch to MI zs driver.
                   2632:                [chuck 19960426]
                   2633:        sys/sys/socket.h: added #ifndefs to enable options SOMAXCONN=n
                   2634:                [neil 19960502]
                   2635:        libc: updated the version of Berkeley DB in libc to DB 1.85
                   2636:                [cgd 19960503]
                   2637:        sun3:   Implemented kernel crash dumps [gwr 19960505]
                   2638:        usr.bin/file/magdir: added os9 (OS9 + OS9/68K module patterns)
                   2639:                [is 19960506]
                   2640:        isa: added first version of iy driver (for Intel Etherexpress
                   2641:                PRO). Should work for any i82595 ISA board with EEPROM; NETBLK
                   2642:                is not supported yet. No multicast support yet. [is 19960505]
                   2643:        changed struct ifnet to have a pointer to the softc of the
                   2644:                underlying device and a printable "external name"
                   2645:                (name + unit number), thus eliminating if_name and if_unit.
                   2646:                Updated interface to (*if_watchdog)() and (*if_reset)()
                   2647:                to take a struct ifnet *, rather than a unit number.
                   2648:                [thorpej 19960506]
                   2649:        ethernet: made the MI LANCE driver standalone, using cfattach to
                   2650:                resolve naming conflicts on ports which can have more
                   2651:                than one instance of the LANCE.  [thorpej 19960506]
                   2652:        x68k: imported x68k port for SHARP X680x0 computer. [oki 19960505]
                   2653:        sparc: support for sun4m class machines (Classic, LX, SS10, SS20).
                   2654:                [pk 19960506]
                   2655:        changed ECOFF structure members to have their 'normal' names,
                   2656:                not names that were picked apparently at random. [cgd 19960509]
                   2657:        amiga: added DraCo and M68060 support [is 19960509]
                   2658:        systat(1), vmstat(8), iostat(8): updated to display disk statistics
                   2659:                kept by the NetBSD generic disk framework, from John M. Vinopal
                   2660:                <banshee@gabriella.resort.com>.  [thorpej 19960510]
                   2661:        changed message catalog system to use a more efficient machine
                   2662:                independent file format. [jtc 19960514]
                   2663:        fsck_msdos(8): Added a filesystem checker for msdosfs [ws 19960514]
                   2664:        added getmaxpartitions() and getrawpartition() functions to libutil,
                   2665:                and updated appropriate utilities.  [thorpej 19960515]
                   2666:        m68k: imported M68060 software package by Motorola, and added some
                   2667:                glue code [is 19960516]
                   2668:        x68k: imported method of distribution.  [oki 19960517]
                   2669:        hp300: properly calibrate the kernel delay() function. [thorpej
                   2670:                19960518]
                   2671:        sendmail(8): upgraded to version 8.7.5. [mrg 19960518]
                   2672:        amiga:  - updated grfcl to support the Piccolo SD64.
                   2673:                - added a blank ioctl for the RetinaZ2/Z3.
                   2674:                - new graphics driver (grf6) for the oMniBus, Domnio and
                   2675:                  Merlin, from tabt@studbox.uni-stuttgart.de (Tobias Abt)
                   2676:                [veego 19960518]
                   2677:        gcc(1): Removed GCC 2.4.5 (src/gnu/usr.bin/gcc2) from the source tree,
                   2678:                since it's no longer used by any architectures.  [cgd 19960519]
                   2679:        atari: added edahdi, a simple editor to modify partition id's on
                   2680:                an AHDI labeled disk [leo 19960519]
                   2681:        atari: added a miniroot distribution. It is basically the same as
                   2682:                the MI-miniroot but because I have only 1Mb to play with,
                   2683:                some of the tools (awk,cut,grep,..) didn't fit and the
                   2684:                scripts have been rewritten to deal with this. Also added
                   2685:                an option to install from a 'normal' (== hd/mo/...) disk
                   2686:                partition to allow people to gather the sets using the
                   2687:                native OS and mount that parition from the installer.
                   2688:                XXX: All of the above changes can (and should) be merged
                   2689:                XXX: into the MI-miniroot.
                   2690:                [leo 19960519]
                   2691:        add the if_strip.driver by Jonathan Stone and Stuart Cheshire
                   2692:                for the Metricom Ricochet radio [jonathan 19960519]
                   2693:        fddi: update support for the DEC PDQ-based FDDI controllers, including
                   2694:                new support for EISA and TurboChannel variants,
                   2695:                from Matt Thomas <thomas@3am-software.com>. [thorpej 19960519]
                   2696:        tcpdump(1): understand NFSv3 and NFS over TCP [fvdl 19960519]
                   2697:        mac68k: Change framebuffer configuration to layer grf semantics
                   2698:                onto separately attached hardware; this allows greater
                   2699:                flexibility in video configuration.  [scottr 19960519]
                   2700:        vi(1): updated to nvi 1.66 (from Keith Bostic). [mrg 19960520]
                   2701:        amiga: added support for screenblank program [is 19960521]
                   2702:        mvme68k: new standalone code [chuck 19960528]
                   2704: Changes from NetBSD 1.2 to NetBSD 1.3:
                   2705:        Removed locc() from the supported set of machine-independent kernel
                   2706:                kernel functions, since it's unused.  [cgd 19960610]
                   2707:        mac68k: rewrite setroot() and friends to allow more flexible
                   2708:                root/swap device configuration (including NFS).
                   2709:                [scottr 19960619]
                   2710:        atm: Add support for ATM networks and efficient networks ATM pci and
                   2711:                sbus atm cards [chuck 19960621]
                   2712:        Added my extent map manager; kern/subr_extent.c, sys/extent.h.
                   2713:                [thorpej 19960622]
                   2714:        i386: implement i/o port accounting in bus_io_{,un}map().
                   2715:                [thorpej 19960623]
                   2716:        hp300: re-vamp boot code.  Now, a single unified boot block
                   2717:                (SYS_UBOOT) supports booting from SCSI and HP-IB disk
                   2718:                and network.  Infrastructure for booting from HP-IB
                   2719:                tapes is there, but doesn't quite work yet. [thorpej 19960626]
                   2720:        sparc: added driver for the TCX framebuffer [pk 19960626]
                   2721:        atm: Add native mode ATM protocol layer (aal0 & aal5) [chuck 19960703]
                   2722:        scsi: Update aic7Xxx and the aic driver from FreeBSD, care of PR #2600
                   2723:                and Noriyuki Soda [explorer 19960711]
                   2724:        Add compile-time control of autonice time and autonice value using
                   2725:                "options AUTONICETIME=sec" and "options AUTONICEVAL=6" in
                   2726:                kernel config files.  Also, sysctl can be used to tweak
                   2727:                these in a running system.  See man {3,8} sysctl for
                   2728:                more information.  [explorer 19960717]
                   2729:        vax: Added support for:
                   2730:                VAX 8200/8250/8300/8350 VAXBI based machines, and
                   2731:                  KDB50 disk controller.
                   2732:                VAXstation 2000/MicroVAX 2000, together with ST506
                   2733:                  and SCSI disks and LANCE ethernet.
                   2734:                VAXstation 3100/76 with some SCSI support.
                   2735:                [ragge 19960720]
                   2736:        scsi: Add AHA-284x VL frontend to ahc driver written by Jason Thorpe.
                   2737:                [soda 19960805]
                   2738:        mac68k: attach the ite to the appropriate grf device, as
                   2739:                determined by the booter.  [scottr 19960805]
                   2740:        Slight semantics change to passwd(1) and chpass(1): ALWAYS use
                   2741:                YP if the system is bound to a YP server.  This is
                   2742:                required if the passwd database is to stay in sync if
                   2743:                this program is run on the YP server.  Note, local passwd
                   2744:                database operations can still be performed by passing the
                   2745:                -l flag.  [thorpej 19960809]
                   2746:        yp: Added the ypserv suite written by Mats O Jansson, with
                   2747:                some changes by me.  Changed the way YP daemons
                   2748:                are started in /etc/rc.  [thorpej 19960809]
                   2749:        reboot(2): Changed the reboot(2) system call to take (int bootopt,
                   2750:                char * bootstr) to allow smarter firmwire the ability to reboot
                   2751:                with a string.  [mrg 19960809]
                   2752:        routed(8): Imported Vernon Schryver's <vjs@sgi.com> new routed(8)
                   2753:                 implementation, which understands RIPv1, RIPv2,
                   2754:                 and ICMP Router Discovery.  [thorpej 19960809]
                   2755:        disklabel(8): Fixed disklabel not to display cylinder comments if
                   2756:                number of sectors per cylinder is zero.  From PR bin/2683.
                   2757:                Also deal with syntax errors in a more sane matter.
                   2758:                From PR bin/2659.  [explorer 19960810]
                   2759:        lpr(1): Fixed lpr to do less things as root.  Fixes PR bin/2597.
                   2760:                [explorer 19960810]
                   2761:        pppd(8): Fixed to not try to delete its pid file if it never created
                   2762:                it.  Fixes PR bin/2388 and PR bin/2551.  [explorer 19960810]
                   2763:        ppp(4), sl(4): Add ppp(4) and sl(4) man pages.  Closes PR bin/2481,
                   2764:                PR kern/2493, and PR kern/2494. [explorer 19960810]
                   2765:        fingerd(8): Replaced fingerd with an updated one from OpenBSD.
                   2766:                This closes some denial of service attacks and adds new
                   2767:                features.  Fixes PR bin/2456.  [explorer 19960810]
                   2768:        panic(9): Add panic(9) man page. Fixed PR misc/1342.
                   2769:                [explorer 19960810]
                   2770:        rlogin(1): Fix tty baud rate passing in rlogin.c. Closes PR bin/2684.
                   2771:                [explorer 19960810]
                   2772:        Add some very basic lkm stuff to sys/lkm.  [explorer 19960822]
                   2773:        atari: 68040 pmap stuff now works [leo 19960823]
                   2774:        atari: Don't map the st-io area on a fixed address, let
                   2775:                atari_init.c decide the best place. [leo 19960823]
                   2776:        atari: First steps done for the Hades-port. It boots
                   2777:                but has no console or disk devices. [leo 19960823]
                   2778:        i386: added advanced power management driver. [jtk 19960825]
                   2779:        Add machine-independent assertion-checking macros (assert,
                   2780:                KASSERT, KDASSERT). [cgd 19960826]
                   2781:        Implement kernel realloc(), just like the user-land version,
                   2782:                except it takes "type" and "flags" arguments a la
                   2783:                kernel malloc(). [cgd 19960827]
                   2784:        Change cfprint_t to take a const char *, rather than
                   2785:                a char *, since the parent name must not be
                   2786:                modified. [cgd 19960827]
                   2787:        arcnet: Add IP multicast to ARCnet broadcast mapping, as per RFC 1122,
                   2788:                section 3.3.7, and RFC1201. [is 19960902]
                   2789:        netinet:  Added pfil (packet filter) interface, to allow any
                   2790:                packet filter to work without kernel modifications. needs
                   2791:                options PFIL_HOOKS.  [mrg 19960905]
                   2792:        getpgid(2): added getpgid(2) system call, as per SVR4.  [mrg 19960905]
                   2793:        reboot(2): changed reboot(2) system call to take a string of boot
                   2794:                commands, to be handled by the machine dependant boot()
                   2795:                function.  current only the sparc and sun3 ports use
                   2796:                this.  [mrg 19960905]
                   2797:        poll(2): added poll(2) system call.  [mycroft 19960907]
                   2798:        m68k: added exec glue for COMPAT_M68K4K.  Modified ld.so to work
                   2799:                with any combination of m68k4k/m68k8k libraries and
                   2800:                executables.  [thorpej 19960910]
                   2801:        mvme68k: added support for second stat clock (stolen from
                   2802:                SPARC port), and use the Bug to determine what
                   2803:                sort of CPU we're using.  [thorpej 19960912]
                   2804:        mac68k: Fix floating point support in locore so that the 68LC040
                   2805:                machines make it into the fpe. [scottr 19960912]
                   2806:        pmax: make remote (serial) consoles work on dc7085 (3100,5000/200)
                   2807:                and Personal Decstation scc drivers [jonathan 19960817]
                   2808:        vm: change pageout to sleep on vm_pages_needed rather than lbolt.
                   2809:                stops the well known freeze for N seconds bug.  see PR #2755
                   2810:                for a more detailed summary of the problem.  change
                   2811:                suggested by john dyson.  [mrg 19960918]
                   2812:        Add fsck wrapper code that that takes care of forking the filesystem
                   2813:                specific fsck processes efficiently. Cleaned up fsck_ffs and
                   2814:                fsck_msdos. [christos 19960924]
                   2815:        Add cyclades driver from Timo Rossi. [christos 19960924]
                   2816:        routed(8): Re-imported Vernon Schryver's <vjs@sgi.com> new routed(8)
                   2817:                [christos 19960924]
                   2818:        Added kernel support for 64-bit ELF, partially provided by
                   2819:                Matt Thomas <thomas@3am-software.com>.  [cgd 19960926]
                   2820:        Added nlist support for 32- and 64-bit ELF.  [cgd 19960927]
                   2821:        Added kvm_mkdb support for ECOFF and 32- and 64-bit ELF. [cgd 19960928]
                   2822:        installation of sys header files is now done by src/Makefile rather
                   2823:                than include/Makefile.  [mrg 19960930]
                   2824:        libsa: Add support for directory traversal and symlinks for nfs
                   2825:                and 9660 to libsa.  [ws 19960930]
                   2826:        yp: Add support for /var/yp/<domainname>/ypservers, a'la Solaris.
                   2827:                From Luke Mewburn.  Closes PR #1759.  [thorpej 19960930]
                   2828:        yp: Modified /var/yp/<domainname>ypservers code, now uses
                   2829:                /var/yp/binding/<domainname>.ypervers.  Avoids
                   2830:                a conflict with YP server maps.  [thorpej 19960931]
                   2831:        alpha: Added kernel core dump support to NetBSD/Alpha.  [cgd 19961001]
                   2832:        alpha: Added Alpha kernel core dump support to libkvm.  [cgd 19961001]
                   2833:        Added queue head initializer macros (*_HEAD_INITIALIZER)
                   2834:                to queue.h.  [cgd 19961001]
                   2835:        Made EXEC_AOUT and EXEC_SCRIPT no longer mandatory.  Changed
                   2836:                COMPAT_LINUX, COMPAT_OSF1, COMPAT_SVR4 and COMPAT_ULTRIX
                   2837:                so they no longer implicitly pull in executable
                   2838:                format support code.  [cgd 19961002]
                   2839:        amiga: add support for DraCo native timer. [is 19960930]
                   2840:        amiga: use Gordon Ross style delay(), calibrated at clockattach()
                   2841:                time (for now). [is 19960930]
                   2842:        Fix p_nice vs. NZERO code and make p_nice explicitly unsigned.
                   2843:                [ws 19961002]
                   2844:        dhcpd(8): Import the ISC dhcpd backage, version BETA 5.13.
                   2845:                [mrg 19961003]
                   2846:        Wrote and added rdsetimage(8), a program to set kernel RAM disk
                   2847:                images.  [cgd 19961003]
                   2848:        hp300: fix a few of outstanding bugs:
                   2849:                - Fix vector table corruption caused by clock
                   2850:                  interrupt occuring during critical section of
                   2851:                  code.
                   2852:                - Fix ITE/HIL bug which prevented booting directly
                   2853:                  into DDB on non-serial console machines.
                   2854:                - Fix kernel crash dumps.
                   2855:                [thorpej 19961005]
                   2856:        hp300: fix standalone ct driver and rawfs filesystem.
                   2857:                SYS_UBOOT can boot off HP-IB tapes now. [thorpej 19961006]
                   2858:        hp300: add support for copying miniroot image from hpib
                   2859:                cartridge tape to the SYS_INST program. [thorpej 19961006]
                   2860:        Moved <machine/exec.h> to <machine/aout_machdep.h>, and updated
                   2861:                <sys/exec.h> and <sys/exec_aout.h> appropriately.  [cgd
                   2862:                19961008]
                   2863:        Change {h,n}to{n,h}l to take and return in_addr_t, and {h,n}to{n,h}s
                   2864:                to take and return in_port_t. [christos 19961012]
                   2865:        hp300: New root device detect/set code, lifted mostly from
                   2866:                NetBSD/alpha.  The "options GENERIC" entry in kernel
                   2867:                config files is not longer necessary for "swap generic"
                   2868:                kernels.Uses new config constructs which work with some
                   2869:                glue in an old config environment.  [thorpej 19961013]
                   2870:                This code will support new config with minimal
                   2871:                changes.
                   2872:        hp300: in the boot program, set the root device in a sane way,
                   2873:                now that the kernel has properly working root device
                   2874:                detect/set code.  [thorpej 19961013]
                   2875:        hp300: db_memrw.c that is smart about read-only kernel
                   2876:                text, based on a similar module written by Gordon Ross
                   2877:                for the sun3 port, modified somewhat by me. [thorpej 19961013]
                   2878:        hp300: kernel text is now always read-only, and page 0
                   2879:                is invalid. [thorpej 19961013]
                   2880:        rcs(1): upgraded to version 5.7.  [veego 19961015]
                   2881:        mac68k: add basic support for 68040 systems.  [scottr 19961015]
                   2882:        kgdb: Add machine independent part of support for KGDB via UDP/IP
                   2883:                (named IPKDB).  [ws 19961016]
                   2884:        Allow the install program to be overridden. sys.mk now
                   2885:                defines the variable INSTALL which defaults to
                   2886:                "install".  Changes Makefiles throughout the system
                   2887:                to use the new variable. Fixes PR misc/1458, from Simon
                   2888:                J. Gerraty <sjg@zen.void.oz.au>: [thorpej 19961017]
                   2889:        du(1): Implement a -c (Grand Total) option in du(1), a'la GNU du(1).
                   2890:                From Luke Mewburn, PR #2805.  [thorpej 19961018]
                   2891:        amiga: add "bznsc" driver, for Blizzard-1230/IV, -1260, -2060.
                   2892:                [is 19961017]
                   2893:        nfs: Add diskless boot enhancements (NFSv3 and optionally over TCP),
                   2894:                From Matthias Drochner [fvdl 19961020]
                   2895:        New bus.h implementation/interface:
                   2896:                - No more distinction between i/o-mapped and memory-mapped
                   2897:                  devices.  It's all "bus space" now, and space tags
                   2898:                  differentiate the space with finer grain than the
                   2899:                  bus chipset tag.
                   2900:                - Add memory barrier methods.
                   2901:                - Implement space alloc/free methods.
                   2902:                - Implement region read/write methods (like memcpy to/from
                   2903:                  bus space).
                   2904:                This interface provides a better abstraction for dealing with
                   2905:                machine-independent chipset drivers.  [thorpej 19961021]
                   2906:        i386: eisa - implement eisa_mem_{alloc,free}(), which provides
                   2907:                a method for allocating physical address space suitable
                   2908:                for programming decoders on memory-mapped EISA devices.
                   2909:                [thorpej 19961021]
                   2910:        add a MNT_NOCOREDUMP/'nocoredump' mount flag/option, which prevents
                   2911:                crashing processes from dumping core on file systems
                   2912:                with it set.  [cgd 19961023]
                   2913:        restore(8): now uses unique temp files in most cases. [lukem 19961024]
                   2914:        netinet: change length and offset fields in headers to be
                   2915:                unsigned so that we can actually use the max IP
                   2916:                packet size.  From Kevin M. Lahey <kml@nas.nasa.gov>
                   2917:                [thorpej 19961024]
                   2918:        netinet: sanity check packet length against IP_MAXPACKET
                   2919:                on incoming and outgoing packets, and discard as appropriate.
                   2920:                Based on a patch from Bill Fenner <fenner@parc.xerox.com>
                   2921:                Add a `too long' counter to IP stats. [thorpej 19961024]
                   2922:        nfs: change default for nfs mounts to not do a connect on the socket.
                   2923:                Add option -C to force a connected mount. Now option -c
                   2924:                is still there, but it is the default. Maybe amd should
                   2925:                be changed similarly. [christos 19961027]
                   2926:        ffs: Performance enhangement: When freeing an indirect block, there
                   2927:                is no need to write it (synchronously, no less!) before
                   2928:                tossing it.  From Kirk McKusick <mckusick@McKusick.COM>.
                   2929:                [thorpej 19961105]
                   2930:        i386: APM - rename APM_NOIDLE option to APM_NO_IDLE, and add an
                   2931:                APM_NO_STANDBY option for people with buggy BIOSes that
                   2932:                do bad things with standby mode.  [cgd 19961106]
                   2933:        rename remrq() to remrunqueue() for consistency with setrunqueue()
                   2934:                (which was renamed from setrq() by Lite).  Also, move
                   2935:                its prototype from vm/vm_extern.h to sys/proc.h so that
                   2936:                it's in the same place as prototypes for related
                   2937:                functions.  [cgd 19961106]
                   2938:        ping(8): handle SIGINFO and print out ping statistics when
                   2939:                a SIGINFO is received.  [cgd 19961106]
                   2940:        rlogind(8) now uses .rhosts for root, implements -a (check hostnames),
                   2941:                -L (log successful iruserok() auths), and logs unsuccessful
                   2942:                iruserok() auths.  [lukem 19961108]
                   2943:        atari:  The Hades is now a supported system although driver
                   2944:                support is still minimal; only SCSI,PCI-ET4000,floppy and
                   2945:                parallel-printer.  [leo 19961109]
                   2946:        sparc:  switch to kernel crash dump format as described
                   2947:                in <sys/kcore.h>. [pk 19961110]
                   2948:        kernel: Implement bitmask_snprintf(), which takes a value and a string
                   2949:                representing the names of those bits, prints them into a
                   2950:                buffer provided by the caller, and returns a pointer to
                   2951:                that buffer.  Functionality is identical to that of the
                   2952:                (non-standard) `%b' printf() format, which will be
                   2953:                deprecated.  Also, rename the non-exported function
                   2954:                ksprintn() to ksnprintn(), and change it to use a buffer
                   2955:                provided by the caller, rather than at static buffer.
                   2956:                [thorpej 19961112]
                   2957:        libutil: added ttyaction.{3,5,c} [gwr 19961114]
                   2958:        i386: Add code to calculate NKPDE, from cgd. [fvdl 19961117]
                   2959:        sendmail(8): upgraded to version 8.8.3.  [mrg 19961118]
                   2960:        Default syslog.conf doesn't send authpriv to anywhere except
                   2961:                /var/log/secure, as well as other cleanups. Install
                   2962:                the initial logs with sensible permissions. [lukem 19961120]
                   2963:        finger(1): add -h (show hostnames in short listing), -o (reverse
                   2964:                of -h), and cleanup the code. [lukem 19961121]
                   2965:        pwd_mkdb(8): add -d directory, to override '/'. Inspired by
                   2966:                FreeBSD. [lukem 19961122]
                   2967:        pwd_mkdb(8): print a warning to stderr if a YP inclusion
                   2968:                specifies a value of 0 for uid or gid, per
                   2969:                discussion on tech-userlevel. [thorpej 19961124]
                   2970:        ftp(1): add variable sized hash marks, user-friendly transfer time
                   2971:                printing (from FreeBSD), -p to switch to passive mode,
                   2972:                printing of transfer stats upon receiving SIGINFO,
                   2973:                -a for anon autologin (from OpenBSD), autofetch of
                   2974:                URL & classic style files (from OpenBSD via thorpej),
                   2975:                and other cleanups. [lukem 19961125]
                   2976:        alpha: added support for the eb164 system type.  [cgd 19961125]
                   2977:        libwrap: added from tcp_wrappers 7.4 distribution.  [mrg 19961127]
                   2978:        inetd(8): use libwrap and /etc/hosts.{allow.deny}, ala tcpd.
                   2979:                [mrg 19961127]
                   2980:        ftp(1): add "preserve" mode, "lpwd", confirmation overrides
                   2981:                ('a' = answer yes to rest of current xfer, 'p' = turn off
                   2982:                prompt mode), code cleanups. [lukem 19961128]
                   2983:        i386: implement PCI-Host (pchb) and PCI-ISA (pcib) bridge
                   2984:                drivers for the i386.  Attempt to attach the ISA
                   2985:                bus to a pcib, if available.  [thorpej 19961127]
                   2986:        fdformat(1): add floppy diskette formatting program and ioctl
                   2987:                command structures [jtk 19961129]
                   2988:        i386: add support for floppy diskette formatting facility.
                   2989:                [jtk 19961129]
                   2990:        Changed MAXBSIZE back to MAXPHYS, per PR #1718.  [thorpej 19961201]
                   2991:        scsi: Implemented simple scsi_xfer queueing mechanism in the ahc driver
                   2992:                to avoid presenting a resource shortage to the
                   2993:                upper layer scsi drivers.  [thorpej 19961201]
                   2994:        nfs: Performance improvement from Doug Rabson/FreeBSD.
                   2995:                Improve the queuing algorithms used by NFS'
                   2996:                asynchronous i/o.  The new mechanism uses a queue for
                   2997:                each mount point.  All asynchronous i/o goes through
                   2998:                this queue which preserves the ordering of requests.
                   2999:                A simple mechanism ensures that the iods are shared
                   3000:                out fairly between active mount points.
1.4       salo     3001:                Reviewed/integrated/approved by fvdl@NetBSD.org.
1.1       lukem    3002:                [thorpej 19961202]
                   3003:        nfs: Make NFSSERVER w/o NFSCLIENT work.  Fixes PR1308
                   3004:                and PR1780 (Kenneth Stailey and Chris Demetriou,
                   3005:                respectively).  Fix suggested by Chris Demetriou,
                   3006:                and munged a bit by me.  [thorpej 19961202]
                   3007:        i386: Make profiling work for some low-level functions;
                   3008:                use <machine/asm.h> in the kernel as well as in
                   3009:                userland (from Jonathan Stone) [fvdl 19961203]
                   3010:        i386: Extend CPU recognition code, and make it more easily
                   3011:                extensible for future types. [fvdl 19961203]
                   3012:        Default syslog.conf now sends authpriv to /var/log/authlog
                   3013:                instead of /var/log/secure, as per other systems.
                   3014:                Suggested by mycroft. [lukem 19961204]
                   3015:        sendmail(8):  upgraded to version 8.8.4.  [mrg 19961204]
                   3016:        amd(8): make it work on the alpha, by beating some 64-bit
                   3017:                sense into it.  [thorpej 19961204]
                   3018:        amiga: add a DraCo version of the com.c driver. [is 19961204]
                   3019:        amiga: add a first version of a bootblock compilable from within
                   3020:                NetBSD [is 19961204]
                   3021:        ftp(1): add progress bar (toggled with "progress"). "ls" is
                   3022:                now equivalent to "nlist" not "dir". Parse multi-line
                   3023:                SYST/MDTM/SIZE replies correctly, closing [PR bin/741].
                   3024:                [lukem 19961206]
                   3025:        hp300: dynamically compute psl values for calls to
                   3026:                spl{bio,net,tty,imp}().  [thorpej 19961207]
                   3027:        lpr:  remove all unsafe calls to strcpy(), strcat() and sprintf().
                   3028:                [mrg 19961208]
                   3029:        lex(1): upgrade to flex 2.5.4. [mikel 19961209]
                   3030:        scsi: add a max_target member to struct scsi_link, filled in by
                   3031:                host adapter drivers to indicate the maximum target
                   3032:                they can address.  Use this value to dynamically allocate
                   3033:                data structures, rather than using a hard-coded value of
                   3034:                8 targets.  Allows MI SCSI to deal with targets > 7 now.
                   3035:                [thorpej 19961210]
                   3036:        ls(1): Do multicolumn output in a way that's a little more likely
                   3037:                to always line up evenly.  From D'Arcy J.M. Cain
                   3038:                <darcy@druid.com>, PR #2965.  [thorpej 19961210]
                   3039:        df(1): Make df(1) more liberal (and intelligent) about what it
                   3040:                accepts  as arguments (for -t and -l flags, specifically).
                   3041:                From Hubert Feyrer <feyrer@rfhs8002.fh-regensburg.de>,
                   3042:                PR #2869.  [thorpej 19961210]
                   3043:        pcap(3): upgrade to libpcap-0.2.1. [mikel 19961213]
                   3044:        mac68k: Clean up indirect bus autoconfiguration, and implement
                   3045:                NuBus as a direct bus.  [scottr 19961215]
                   3046:        added src/usr.bin/ldd and src/libexec/ld.elf_so, ldd and shared loader
                   3047:                for ELF.  They need serious work, but they do work on
                   3048:                the Alpha.  [cgd 19961216]
                   3049:        atari: add rtc-device. [leo 19961216]
                   3050:        hp300: Snapshot of new config for NetBSD/hp300.  This isn't
                   3051:                quite finished yet.  We're about 75% there.  SCSI and
                   3052:                HP-IB are not yet supported in a new config kernel; some
                   3053:                autoconfiguration hackery has to be done there, yet.
                   3054:                These changes are enough to network boot a diskless kernel.
                   3055:                New config glue is enabled with the "NEWCONFIG" kernel
                   3056:                option.  If that option is not present, an old config
                   3057:                kernel will be built.  Any kernel configured with
                   3058:                config(8) will automatically pick up the NEWCONFIG option
                   3059:                from std.hp300.  [thorpej 19961217]
                   3060:        make(1): Substitution code has been changed to substitute the first
                   3061:                pattern on each word, not the first pattern of the first word.
                   3062:                S/a/b/1 can be used to get the old behavior.
                   3063:                [christos 19961223]
                   3064:        atari: Add intr_establish/disestablish functions. [leo 19961226]
                   3065:        mail(1): updated to 4.4BSD-Lite2, including a very handy new "inc"
                   3066:                command and "autoinc" setting to automatically reread the
                   3067:                spool file after every command. [tls 19961228]
                   3068:        kernel: the ramdisk driver `rd' is now called `md'. Files renamed as:
                   3069:                sys/dev/ramdisk.{ch} => sys/dev/md.{ch}
                   3070:                sys/arch/<machdir>/rd_root.c => sys/arch/<machdir>/md_root.c
                   3071:                [pk 19961228]
                   3072:        inetd(8): add local-address:port syntax for listening on addresses
                   3073:                other than INADDR_ANY.  [mouse 19970102]
                   3074:        kernel:  incorporated Niklas Hallqvist (niklas@appli.se) fix for
                   3075:                vm_object_collapse() ("swap leak").  [mrg 19970103]
                   3076:        etc:  bunch of things are now configurable in {daily,weekly,monthly,
                   3077:                security,rc,lkm,ld.so}.conf and other changes, including
                   3078:                security fixes and sanity fixes.  [mrg 19970105]
                   3079:        kernel:  add Darren Reed's ip-filter package to the system.
                   3080:                [mrg 19970105]
                   3081:        ddb(4): add "onpanic" variable, defaulting to on, overridable
                   3082:                at compile time with "DDB_ONPANIC=0" option.  If non-zero,
                   3083:                DDB will be called upon panic.  Export all DDB built-in
                   3084:                variables via sysctl.  [thorpej 19970108]
                   3085:        mac68k: probe for CPU type rather than relying on the booter, and
                   3086:                clean up 68040 support for most systems.  [scottr 19970109]
                   3087:        mac68k: reimplement get_pte() to avoid doing transparent
                   3088:                translation over all function codes, limiting it to FC $1,
                   3089:                allowing the Duo 2x0 series to boot.  [scottr 19970109]
                   3090:        added man pages for editline library (-ledit): editline(3) and
                   3091:                editrc(5) [lukem 19970110]
                   3092:        sockets: implement SO_TIMESTAMP socket option; supply a timestamp
                   3093:                as a timeval in a control mbuf on datagram reception.
                   3094:                [thorpej 19970110]
                   3095:        netinet: implement IP_RECVIF socket option; supply a datagram's
                   3096:                incoming interface as a sockaddr_dl in a control mbuf
                   3097:                on datagram reception.  Move packet information socket
                   3098:                option processing to a generic function so that it works
                   3099:                with multicast UDP and raw IP, as well as unicast UDP.
                   3100:                Contributed by Bill Fenner <fenner@parc.xerox.com>
                   3101:                [thorpej 19970110]
                   3102:        ethernet: update the DEC Tulip driver (pci/if_de.c), supports more
                   3103:                tulip-based cards, including new SMC and Kingston
                   3104:                cards.  From Matt Thomas <matt@3am-software.com>.
                   3105:                [thorpej 19970110]
                   3106:        x68k: add M68060 and FPU_EMULATE support.  [oki 19970113]
                   3107:        sun3x: initial import of Sun3/80 support. [gwr 19970114]
                   3108:        libz: add src/sys/lib/libz to the sources, to be used by boot
                   3109:                blocks wishing to support booting compressed kernels.
                   3110:                [cgd 19970115]
                   3111:        kernel: add isapnp device driver support in dev/isapnp.
                   3112:                [christos 19970116]
                   3113:        libkern: add strchr() to libkern, copied from libc's index.c but
                   3114:                whacked to fit into libkern w/o libc's special
                   3115:                strchr()-building rules.        [cgd 19970117]
                   3116:        ftp(1): added editing, context sensitive command and filename
                   3117:                completion, auto-fetch of http:// via http (from thorpej,
                   3118:                with proxy support added by me), connection caching between
                   3119:                auto-fetch requests, support for cd-ing to a location and
                   3120:                entering interactive mode, fixing [PR bin/3011], more code
                   3121:                cleanup, and lots more.  [lukem 19970120]
                   3122:        libsa: added gzipped-file read capabilities to libsa, and improved
                   3123:                libsa's memory allocator.  From Matthias Drochner.
                   3124:                [cgd 19970121]
                   3125:        libc, yp: Use a shorter timeout for RPC calls than the upper-layer
                   3126:                YP call, allowing for up to 4 RPC retries before the
                   3127:                YP call times out.  From Michael.Eriksson@era-t.ericsson.se,
                   3128:                PR #3117.  [thorpej 19970121]
                   3129:        libc, getgr{nam,gid}: use yp_match() rather than yp_first()/yp_next().
                   3130:                New code is more efficient, and better for busy networks.
                   3131:                From Michael.Eriksson@era-t.ericsson.se, PR #3114.
                   3132:                [thorpej 19970121]
                   3133:        add multiple-inclusion protection to most <sys/*.h> headers.
                   3134:                [mikel 19970122]
                   3135:        added ELF support and ECOFF recognition to crunchide.  [cgd 19970122]
                   3136:        sendmail(8): upgraded to version 8.8.5.  [cjs 19970123]
                   3137:        Went through entirety of src/lib for potential buffer overruns.
                   3138:                Removed almost all use of sprintf/strcat/strcpy.
                   3139:                [mrg 19970123]
                   3140:        x68k: Use new (speed-hacked) Text-Vram framebuffer routine.
                   3141:                [oki 19970126]
                   3142:        libc: Added MD4/MD5 routines, from FreeBSD.  [thorpej 19970129]
                   3143:        cksum(1): Add support for MD5 checksums, partially derived
                   3144:                from the FreeBSD "md5(1)" program.  [thorpej 19970129]
                   3145:        ccd(4): Keep a freelist of component buffer headers, drastically
                   3146:                reducing the amount of calls to malloc().  Inspired
                   3147:                by a conversation w/ Thor Simon.  [thorpej 19970129]
                   3148:        UFS: add "noatime" mount option, which prevents the access
                   3149:                time on files from being updated.  Good for news
                   3150:                spools.  [tls 19970129]
                   3151:        kill many unconditional #defines in conf/param.c, effectively
                   3152:                adding a large number of kernel config options.
                   3153:                [tls 19970129]
                   3154:        hp300: completely cut over to new-style autoconfiguration,
                   3155:                and delete config.old (finally!).  [thorpej 19970130]
                   3156:        nfs: Change NFSCLIENT -> NFS.  We "mount -t nfs", and the vfs ops
                   3157:                are "nfs_vfsops".  [thorpej 19970130]
                   3158:        Implement machine-independent mountroothook code, derived
                   3159:                from similar code implemented by me in the sparc
                   3160:                and x68k ports.  This is used to execute a special
                   3161:                operation before a device is mounted as root (such
                   3162:                as ejecting a floppy, and prompting for a new disk.)
                   3163:                [thorpej 19970130]
                   3164:        Implement a new machine-independent setroot() function, which
                   3165:                sets the root/swap device and, optionally, the
                   3166:                root file system.  "options GENERIC" is obsolete.
                   3167:                [thorpej 19970130]
                   3168:        Implement a new, fault-tolerant vfs_mountroot(), which is
                   3169:                capable of determining the root file system type
                   3170:                if the operator didn't specify one in the kernel
                   3171:                configuration file.  Change file system mountroot
                   3172:                functions to return errors properly, rather than
                   3173:                panic'ing.  If the file system can not be mounted,
                   3174:                the operator will be prompted for a root device
                   3175:                and file system type, or be given the option to halt
                   3176:                the system.  [thorpej 19970130]
                   3177:        config(8): Change config(8) to support generic vfs_mountroot() and
                   3178:                machine-independent setroot().  File systems are
                   3179:                now configured with the "file-system" keyword.
                   3180:                Kernel configurations must now always specify
                   3181:                a root device, which may be wildcarded ("?").
                   3182:                Operator may specify a root file system type,
                   3183:                as well.  [thorpej 19970130]
                   3184:        su(1): Allow any user to su to root if group 0 exists but has no
                   3185:                members.  [ghudson 19970131]
                   3186:        m68k: add copypage() and zeropage() to copy.s, which are
                   3187:                optimizes bcopy/bzero functions for aligned NBPG-byte
                   3188:                copy/zero operations.  Make m68k ports use them
                   3189:                consistently, garbage-collecting redundant copies.
                   3190:                [thorpej 19970201]
                   3191:        m68k: add mappedcopy{in,out}() to m68k common code area.
                   3192:                These functions use page mapping to speed up
                   3193:                large copyin/copyout operations. [thorpej 19970201]
                   3194:        Profile-driven optimization: don't always define KMEMSTATS.
                   3195:                This leads to a significant improvement in the
                   3196:                performance of the MALLOC()/FREE() macros, used in
                   3197:                many critical paths. [tls/cgd 19970201]
                   3198:        hp300: implement and use _splraise().  [thorpej 19970202]
                   3199:        config(8): Change config(8) to emit "option headers" for specific
                   3200:                options specified in system description files
                   3201:                with the "defopt" keyword.  Allows dependencies
                   3202:                on options to be generated.  [thorpej 19970202]
                   3203:        Convert KMEMSTATS to a header option.  [thorpej 19970202]
                   3204:        mac68k: add basic bus.h interface/implementation.  [scottr 19970203]
                   3205:        routed(8): Re-imported Vernon Schryver's <vjs@sgi.com> new routed(8)
                   3206:                [christos 19970203]
                   3207:        hp300: complete rearrangement of the boot code, modeled
                   3208:                primarily after NetBSD/alpha's boot code build
                   3209:                process.  [thorpej 19970203]
                   3210:        vax: Added DL11 serial line driver. Written by Ben Harris.
                   3211:                [ragge 19970204]
                   3212:        hp300: add support for gzip'd kernels and miniroot images
                   3213:                to SYS_UBOOT and SYS_INST.  [thorpej 19970204]
                   3214:        arm32: Overhauled CPU support. CPU functions are now accessed
                   3215:                via macros that use function pointers thus allowing
                   3216:                CPU's with different cache structures etc to be
                   3217:                supported in a single kernel.  [mark 19970204]
                   3218:        nfs: Fix malformed callback RPCs and dir eviction in NQNFS, should
                   3219:                make it much more reliable [fvdl 19970209]
                   3220:        lastlogin(8): Inported from John M Vinopal.  [phil 19970211]
                   3221:        sync(2): *all* dirty file data should be written out at sync
                   3222:                time, not just data modified with write.  This requires
                   3223:                ensuring that the VM system does so as well.  This
                   3224:                fixes a severe bug involving potential data loss with
                   3225:                mmap()ed files.  [tls/mycroft 19970216]
                   3226:        mac68k: Complete bus space access implementation.  [scottr 19970219]
                   3227:        scsi: Added quirk framework to the SCSI changer driver.
                   3228:                [thorpej 19970221]
                   3229:        net: Allow the routing socket to be opened and listened to
                   3230:                by non-superuser.  Also allow non-superuser to perform
                   3231:                RTM_GET.  All other messages require superuser status.
                   3232:                At the same time, remove the setuid bit from /sbin/route,
                   3233:                since it's no longer needed.  [thorpej 19970221]
                   3234:        arm32: Added drivers for RapIDE32 and ICS IDEA IDE interfaces.
                   3235:                [mark 19970223]
                   3236:        scsi: New machine-independent NCR 53c9x driver, derived from the
                   3237:                SPARC and Alpha versions.  [thorpej 19970226]
                   3238:        sparc: Converted "esp" driver to use MI 53c9x driver.
                   3239:                [thorpej 19970226]
                   3240:        alpha: Removed "esp" driver, added "asc" driver (name borrowed
                   3241:                from Digital UNIX (formerly DEC OSF/1)), which is a
                   3242:                front-end to the MI 53c9x driver.  [thorpej 19970226]
                   3243:        atari: Added VME 'bus' code. [leo 19970304]
                   3244:        amiga:  - PicassoIV support
                   3245:                - Merlin works now in ZorroIII mode
                   3246:                - support for the Domino 16M proto card
                   3247:                - other gfx fixes for Interlace, DoubleScan, HiColor,
                   3248:                  TrueColor and the Memorysizedetction for 1MB Bords
                   3249:                [veego 19970305]
                   3250:        hp300: compute kernel load address differently in boot program;
                   3251:                round to 8k. [thorpej 19970309]
                   3252:        atari: Added driver for Lance based VME-cards (Riebl/PAM/Rhotron)
                   3253:                [leo 19970310]
                   3254:        spl(9): New manpage. [mikel 19970311]
                   3255:        ping(8): Imported Vernon Schryver's <vjs@sgi.com> ping(8)
                   3256:                [christos 19970311]
                   3257:        sparc:  Use genassym.cf instead of genassym.c [christos 19970312]
                   3258:        pppd(8): Imported Paul Mackerras' <paulus@cs.anu.edu.au> ppp 2.3b4.
                   3259:                Option PPP_FILTER added to both pppd and kernel to enable bpf
                   3260:                filtering. [christos 19970312]
                   3261:        scsi: Integrated Qlogic ISP 10x0 driver (for PCI and Sbus), from
                   3262:                Matthew Jacob <matt@feral.com> of NASA Ames Research Center.
                   3263:                [cgd 19970312]
                   3264:        alpha: Integrated AlphaServer 8200 and 8400 support, from
                   3265:                Matthew Jacob <matt@feral.com> of NASA Ames Research Center.
                   3266:                [cgd 19970312]
                   3267:        alpha: Make the PCI front-ends for the ahc and bha drivers and the
                   3268:                driver back-ends compile and hopefully run (ahc does, bha is
                   3269:                untested) on NetBSD/alpha.  From Matthew Jacob
                   3270:                <matt@feral.com>. [cgd 19970312]
                   3271:        alpha: Make the EISA front-ends for the ahc and bha drivers compile
                   3272:                and hopefully run (both are untested) on NetBSD/alpha.
                   3273:                [cgd 19970312]
                   3274:        Move the boot_${ARCH}.8 man pages that were sitting in reboot
                   3275:                into man/man8/man8.${ARCH}, and rename to boot.8 --
                   3276:                also updated a bunch of junk, especially in the i386 page.
                   3277:                [perry 19970312]
                   3278:        Rename the etc/mtree/4.4BSD.dist file to NetBSD.dist
                   3279:                [perry 19970312]
                   3280:        Add a SYMLINKS variable to the share/mk/bsd.*.mk files -- does
                   3281:                the same thing as LINKS, only symbolically.
                   3282:                [perry 19970312]
                   3283:        rmail(8): Move /bin/rmail to /usr/libexec/rmail -- the make files leave
                   3284:                behind a symlink for back compatibility.
                   3285:                [perry 19970312]
                   3286:        New generated kernel include file "locators.h" includes manifest
                   3287:                constants for cf_loc[] indexing. [jtk 19970313]
                   3288:        vax: Standalone le driver written. Now supports diskless
                   3289:                workstations [ragge 19970315]
                   3290:        hp300: use m68k a.out with 8k linker page size, to match
                   3291:                other m68k ports.  m68k4k is supported for
                   3292:                backwards compatibility if the kernel is built
                   3293:                with the COMPAT_M68K4K option.  [thorpej 19970315]
                   3294:        hp300, compat_hpux: Do a bit of spring cleaning; separate
                   3295:                HP-UX compatibility code from the mainline code,
                   3296:                and garbage collect some non-useful bits. [thorpej 19970316]
                   3297:        m68k: add <m68k/m68k/support.s>, which contains common
                   3298:                primitive functions implemented in assembler.
                   3299:                Place setjmp/longjmp and _insque/_remque there.
                   3300:                Convert all m68k locore.s's to use it.  [thorpej 19970316]
                   3301:        net: ARP support for non-Ethernet-style links: Replaced
                   3302:                <netinet/if_ether.h> partially by <net/if_ether.h>,
                   3303:                partially by <netinet/if_inarp.h>. struct ifnet has a
                   3304:                new member if_sadl, pointer to the link level sockaddr
                   3305:                structure. Added AF_ARP, currently only for in-kernel
                   3306:                communication. Added ARP support to common MI ARCnet
                   3307:                driver (net/if_arcsubr.c). Bumped OS version to
                   3308:                NetBSD-1.2D, as you can't mix network drivers from
                   3309:                pre-1.2D with 1.2D and later.
                   3310:                XXX Some userland stuff (e.g.: rarpd, tcpdump/libpcap)
                   3311:                needs more work to support non-Ethernet-style links.
                   3312:                Some man 9 pages are not yet written. [is 19970316]
                   3313:        mopd(8): Imported mopd(8) from Mats O Jansson. [cjs 19970316]
                   3314:        net: add BSD/OS-style network interface media selection
                   3315:                support, implemented by Jonathan Stone
                   3316:                and Jason R. Thorpe, with assitance from
                   3317:                Matt Thomas. [thorpej 19970316]
                   3318:        ethernet: Convert the LANCE driver to use if_media and add support
                   3319:                for selecting media types on the Sun4m. [thorpej 19970316]
                   3320:        ethernet: Import latest version of the DEC Tulip (de) driver,
                   3321:                supports more cards, fixes bugs, supports
                   3322:                if_media.  From Matt Thomas. [thorpej 19970316]
                   3323:        scsi, ethernet: Add a driver for the Cabletron SCSI Ethernet interface.
                   3324:                From Ian Dall <ian.dall@dsto.defence.gov.au>.
                   3325:                [thorpej 19970317]
                   3326:        atm: Update midway ATM driver to support Adaptec 155 PCI ATM cards
                   3327:                [chuck 19970320]
                   3328:        Redefine kern.osrevision sysctl to return value of NetBSD
                   3329:                symbol from <sys/param.h>, not BSD symbol [mikel 19970321]
                   3330:        amiga: now that ARP is debugged and works over ARCnet, make it
                   3331:                the default on the Amiga "bah" interface driver. [is 19970323]
                   3332:        Add link-time warning if mktemp(), tempnam() or tmpnam() is
                   3333:                used; suggest mkstemp() instead. Modify a few programs
                   3334:                in the tree to meet this. [lukem 19970324]
                   3335:        nfs: Use reserved ports by default for NFS, check them on each request,
                   3336:                and make it controlled by the -noresport option in the
                   3337:                exports file [fvdl 19970323]
                   3338:        Cleanup Makefiles and .mk rules: i) Add SCRIPTS, INCS, FILES rules.
                   3339:                ii) Fix DPADD, LDADD inconsistencies. iii) Allow incremental
                   3340:                (UPDATE) and forced (BUILD) 'make install'. [christos 19970324]
                   3341:        ethernet, fddi: Update DEC Tulip ("de") and FDDI code ("pdq" and
                   3342:                related front-ends, and generic if_fddi*).
                   3343:                From Matt Thomas <matt@3am-software.com> [thorpej 19970325]
                   3344:        Move findroot/setroot stuff into the new cpu_rootconf function
                   3345:                that is called just before vfs_mountroot so that this
                   3346:                code can rely upon tsleep and timeouts [gwr 19970326]
                   3347:        Update and enhancement to the mbuf code, to support use of non-cluster
                   3348:                external storage.  Highlights:
                   3349:                - additional "void *" argument to (*ext_free)(), an opaque
                   3350:                  cookie for use by the free function.
                   3351:                - MCLALLOC() and MCLFREE() calls are gone.  They are replaced
                   3352:                  by MEXTADD() (add external storage to mbuf), MEXTMALLOC()
                   3353:                  (malloc() external storage and attach to mbuf), and
                   3354:                  MEXTREMOVE() (remove external storage from mbuf).
                   3355:                - completely new external storage reference counting
                   3356:                  mechanism; mclrefcnt[] is gone.
                   3357:                These changes will eventually be used to pass driver DMA
                   3358:                buffers up the network stack, and reduce/eliminate copies
                   3359:                in certain code paths (e.g. NFS writes).
                   3360:                From Matt Thomas <matt@3am-software.com> and myself
                   3361:                <thorpej@nas.nasa.gov>, with some input from Chris Demetriou
                   3362:                <cgd@cs.cmu.edu> and review by Charles Hannum
                   3363:                <mycroft@mit.edu>.  [thorpej 19970327]
                   3364:        ifconfig(8): Add -l to ifconfig, which lists all network interfaces
                   3365:                with no additional information.  [thorpej 19970327]
                   3366:        amiga: if_ae removed since if_le supports now the Ariadne
                   3367:                 ethernet card. [veego 19970327]
                   3368:        powerpc: add PowerPC changes for libraries, make games and fdisk
                   3369:                compile.  Mostly from Wolfgang Solfrank <ws@tools.de>
                   3370:                [thorpej 19970329]
                   3371:        ftpd(8): modified to make anonymous uploads more secure.
                   3372:                [cjs 19970330]
                   3373:        atari: Added a wd-driver (no joke ;-) ). [leo 19970401]
                   3374:        termios(4): Added OCRNL output processing. [kleink 19970401]
                   3375:        Appletalk networking stack. Code based on netatalk release beta-970220
                   3376:                from toccata.fugue.com. Import based on Ted Lemon's and Bill
                   3377:                Studenmund's working copy. [christos 19970402]
                   3378:        ftp(1): added "page file" (with "more"/"less" synonyms), support
                   3379:                for $ftp_proxy [PR bin/3245], remote globbing in "auto-fetch"
                   3380:                arguments. [lukem 19970405]
                   3381:        ftpd(8): modified to have allow and deny information in /etc/ftpusers
                   3382:                and have a `deny by default' facility. Backward compatable
                   3383:                with previous /etc/ftpusers files. [cjs 19970405]
                   3384:        ep(4):  Update 3Com Etherlink III to use if_media  [jonathan 19970307]
                   3385:        namei(): "" is no longer a valid file name; handle trailing slashes
                   3386:                (e.g., rmdir("dir/")) correctly. [kleink 19970408]
                   3387:        m68k: factor our regdump() into arch/m68k/m68k/regdump.c and
                   3388:                make all ports use it.  [thorpej 19970409]
                   3389:        m68k: factor out several locore.s functions that manipulate
                   3390:                processes into arch/m68k/m68k/proc_subr.s and make
                   3391:                all ports use it.  [thorpej 19970409]
                   3392:        m68k: New crash dump format that is self-containing, will work
                   3393:                with all m68k ports.  [thorpej 19970409]
                   3394:        hp300: use arch/m68k/m68k/sig_machdep.c  [thorpej 19970409]
                   3395:        hp300: use new crash dump format [thorpej 19970409]
                   3396:        audio, emul/linux, emul/freebsd: Split off the Linux sound emulation
                   3397:                and call it ossaudio (Open Sound System, the new name for
                   3398:                VoxWare).  Use ossaudio for the FreeBSD emulation too.
                   3399:                [augustss 19970409]
                   3400:        audio: Add mixer emulation. [augustss 19970409]
                   3401:        alpha: added Digital eb64+/AlphaPC 64 support.  [cgd 19970410]
                   3402:        alpha: fixed several pmap problems (pv_entry allocation lossage,
                   3403:                and some 21164-related problems).  [cgd 19970410]
                   3404:        alpha: added an installboot_cd9660(8) command, to install a boot
                   3405:                block in an ISO-9660 file system image file.  [cgd 19970410]
                   3406:        upgraded BIND (named, resolver, and include files) to version
                   3407:                4.9.5-P1.  [mrg 19970413]
                   3408:        hp300: Add support for the Apollo Domain keyboard to the boot
                   3409:                programs, from Michael Smith miff@spam.frisbee.net.au.
                   3410:                [thorpej 19970414]
                   3411:        dump(8), mt(1), restore(8), tcopy(1): Define _PATH_DEFTAPE as
                   3412:                "/dev/rst0" in <paths.h>, and convert dump(8), mt(1),
                   3413:                restore(8) and tcopy(1) to use it.  [lukem 19970415]
                   3414:        powerpc: Mega-commit.  Fix several trap, pmap, and symbol related
                   3415:                bugs.  Rearrange boot program.  From Wolfgang Solfrank,
                   3416:                Charles Hannum, Andrew Cagney, and myself. [thorpej 19970416]
                   3417:        Add several cross-compiling helpers to bsd.sys.mk.  Change
                   3418:                STRIP -> STRIPFLAG in bsd.own.mk, and update all
                   3419:                dependent Makefiles. [thorpej 19970416]
                   3420:        Allow strip(1) program to be overridden with the STRIP environment
                   3421:                variable in install(1).  [thorpej 19970416]
                   3422:        ld: Reorganize the src/gnu/usr.bin/ld: Add arch, common and ld
                   3423:                directories [christos 19970416]
                   3424:        libc: Added finnish language libc message catalog contributed by
                   3425:                Jukka Marin <jmarin@pyy.jmp.fi>. [is 19970417]
                   3426:        xntp: Import xntp3-5.90 from louie.udel.edu. [christos 19970418]
                   3427:        libc: Add strptime(3) to libc.  From Powerdog Industries.
                   3428:                [mrg 19970421]
                   3429:        Fixed many possible buffer overruns in libraries and programs.
                   3430:                [mrg 19970422]
                   3431:        more(1)/less(1): updated to less-321.  [mrg 19970422]
                   3432:        dump(8), mt(1), restore(8), tcopy(1): Change _PATH_DEFTAPE to
                   3433:                "/dev/nrst0" in <paths.h> (non-rewinding device), as instructed
                   3434:                by mycroft. Affects dump(8), mt(1), restore(8), and tcopy(1).
                   3435:                [lukem 19970415]
                   3436:        ifconfig(8): add -d (only list down interfaces) and -u (only list
                   3437:                up interfaces) modifiers to -a and -l. [lukem 19970416]
                   3438:        m68k: factor out several trap vector routines and make all m68k
                   3439:                ports use them.  [thorpej 19970424]
                   3440:        hp300: Serious cleanup of C label handling in assembly code.
                   3441:                [thorpej 19970424]
                   3442:        hp300: Uniquely identify 400, 425, and 433 in the boot program
                   3443:                and kernel, and clean up associated code.  Identification
                   3444:                stuff provided by Mike Smith.  [thorpej 19970427]
                   3445:        hp300, compat_hpux: garbage-collect a bunch of hp300-specific stuff,
                   3446:                making this probably sharable with the other m68k ports.
                   3447:                [thorpej 19970427]
                   3448:        ethernet: New DP8390/WD83C690-based Ethernet controller driver, derived
                   3449:                from the ISA (i386) and mac68k versions.  [scottr 19970428]
                   3450:        libkern: Added libc's md5 implementation.  [thorpej 19970429]
                   3451:        audio: Changed the interface between the high and low level drivers
                   3452:                to make it slimmer and make error checking easier.
                   3453:                XXX Pretend that SB cards are of model 1 since the driver
                   3454:                    for newer cards is broken. [augustss 19970430]
                   3455:        sparc: add support for floppy controller on sun4m machines.
                   3456:                [pk 19970502]
                   3457:        sparc: bootblocks can be used unmodified across all currently
                   3458:                supported architectures.  [pk 19970504]
                   3459:        audio: Convert to new orthogonal audio encoding scheme and implement
                   3460:                some of the new encodings.  The change to ioctl AUDIO_GETENC
                   3461:                is NOT backwards compatible.
                   3462:                Add buffer size information audio_info_t and use
                   3463:                if for OSS emulation.  [augustss 19970507]
                   3464:        hp300: added support for Apollo APCI UARTs to boot program
                   3465:                and kernel, partially from Mike Smith
                   3466:                <mike@pressed.spam.frisbee.net.au>.  [thorpej 19970511]
                   3467:        Store release information in one location; the output of
                   3468:                sys/conf/osrelease.sh. Change newvers.sh and various distrib
                   3469:                Makefiles to take advantage of this. [lukem 19970511]
                   3470:        mac68k: Rework NuBus driver to map, probe, and attach (or unmap)
                   3471:                NuBus cards using bus.h interface.  [scottr 19970511]
                   3472:        rc.conf(5): Support $hostname, $domainname, $defaultroute, and
                   3473:                $ifaliases_XXX in rc.conf(5) as alternatives to the equivalent
                   3474:                files.  [lukem 19970512]
                   3475:        audioctl(1), mixerctl(1): Add two audio utility programs, audioctl
                   3476:                and mixerctl. They provide (sysctl inspired) command line
                   3477:                access to the audio and mixer devices. [augustss 19970513]
                   3478:        libc: Make setproctitle use __ps_strings (from crt0) via change to
                   3479:                sys/exec.h PS_STRINGS.  [gwr 19970513]
                   3480:        libz: Remove _ZLIB_PRIVATE changes so our libz headers provide the
                   3481:                usual typedefs.  [gwr 19970513]
                   3482:        gcc(1): Imported gcc- and updated gcc2netbsd script to include
                   3483:                local patches to FSF code. [phil 19970513]
                   3484:        gcc(1): Changed version to [phil 19970514]
                   3485:        libposix: add src/lib/libposix to the sources; maintain a libc-style
                   3486:                directory structure. [kleink 19970518]
                   3487:        atari: Added driver for 68901 UART (modem1). The driver has console
                   3488:                possibilities (Enable with SERCONS option). [leo 19970525]
                   3489:        rcmd: allow alternative `rsh' methods (eg, ssh).  Currently, rdist(1)
                   3490:                is the only program to use this.  [mrg 19970526]
                   3491:        ethernet: Added FreeBSD's "fxp" driver for the Intel EtherExpress PRO
                   3492:                10/100B Ethernet interface, ported to NetBSD by me.  Thanks
                   3493:                to Matthias Drochner for the testing, and David Greenman
                   3494:                for writing it, and feedback on the changes to support
                   3495:                NetBSD.  [thorpej 19970604]
                   3496:        dump(8): allow dumping of subsets of filesystems, support SIGINFO,
                   3497:                print statistics after each tape and at completion of
                   3498:                dump, display year in 'w' output. [lukem 19970605]
                   3499:        atari: Fixup 060 support. It's really working now!! [leo 19970605]
                   3500:        Added FreeBSD's pkg commands (pkg_add, pkg_create, pkg_delete and
                   3501:                pkg_info). Also added FreeBSD's libftpio, but in the lib
                   3502:                directory under pkg_install. [agc 19970605]
                   3503:        Implement new vm_page_alloc_memory() and vm_page_free_memory()
                   3504:                functions, used to allocate unmapped managed pages
                   3505:                conforming to various allocation constraints.
                   3506:                [thorpej 19970606]
                   3507:        bus_dma(9): Implement new bus dma framework, providing a
                   3508:                machine-independent abstraction for DMA mapping. See bus_dma(9)
                   3509:                for details.  Convert several machine-independent
                   3510:                drivers to use new framework.  [thorpej 19970606]
                   3511:        i386: Add support for generic ISA bounce buffers, using
                   3512:                new bus dma framework.  [thorpej 19970606]
                   3513:        alpha: Add support for SGMAP-mapped DMA, using new bus dma
1.3       wiz      3514:                framework, allowing ISA DMA to function.  [thorpej 19970606]
1.1       lukem    3515:        isa: convert isadma.c to be a user of new bus dma framework,
                   3516:                and convert all drivers that use it to the new API.
                   3517:                [thorpej 19970606]
1.7       wiz      3518:        New sysctl hw.machine_arch which returns the CPU class of a machine.
1.1       lukem    3519:                [veego 19970607]
                   3520:        ext2: Added kernel and userland support for the ext2 file system
                   3521:                [bouyer 19970611]
                   3522:        kernel: new swapping system implemented, with any-time addition of swap
                   3523:                devices, at different priorities.  Thanks to pk and leo.  [mrg
                   3524:                19970612]
                   3525:        kernel: fix dump device selection in wake of new swap system.  Allow
                   3526:                greater flexibility in dump device selection, including
                   3527:                ability to dump to local disk if root is on nfs.
                   3528:                [thorpej 19970613]
                   3529:        ftpd(8): add support for /etc/ftpd.conf, allowing support for
                   3530:                `conversions', displaying and/or notification of certain files
                   3531:                when a directory is first entered, amongst other features.
                   3532:                Each feature can be controlled on a per class basis (one of:
                   3533:                real, chroot, guest, all or none). [lukem 19970614]
                   3534:        amiga, audio: added a driver for the Amiga custom chip audio hardware,
                   3535:                contributed by Stephan Thesing <thesing@cs.uni-sb.de> and
                   3536:                heavily hacked upon by myself to make it work in -current
                   3537:                and in general. Currently, only 8bit precision is supported.
                   3538:                [is 19970614]
                   3539:        vnd(4): Add full support for disklabels, partitions, and geometry
                   3540:                emulation.  Update vnconfig(8) to allow geometry to be
                   3541:                specified.  Closes some vnd-related PRs.  [thorpej 19970623]
                   3542:        xargs(1): add -0; use NUL instead of whitespace as separator.
                   3543:                From OpenBSD. [lukem 19970624]
                   3544:        Eliminate all use of dtom() in sys/net*.  Allows greater flexibility
                   3545:                to use mbuf external storage, and improves performance by
                   3546:                eliminating m_pullup()'s for clusters in the IP reassembly
                   3547:                code.  From Koji Imada <koji@math.human.nagoya-u.ac.jp>
                   3548:                in PR #3628 and PR #3480.  [thorpej 19970623]
                   3549:        Eliminate use of dtom() in the handling of UNIX domain sockets.
                   3550:                Since this was the last use of dtom(), purge the dtom()
                   3551:                macro from sys/mbuf.h.  [thorpej 19970624]
                   3552:        network: Disallow SO_SNDBUF, SO_RCVBUF, SO_SNDLOWAT, and SO_RCVLOWAT
                   3553:                socket options to have values < 1.  Such values to not
                   3554:                make sense, so return EINVAL.  Inspired by PR #3770,
                   3555:                from Havard Eidnes <he@vader.runit.sintef.no>.
                   3556:                [thorpej 19970624]
                   3557:        If the user attempts to set SO_SNDLOWAT or SO_RCVLOWAT socket
                   3558:                options greater than the high-water marks for those
                   3559:                socket buffers, silently truncate the request to the
                   3560:                high-water value, like BSD/OS.  [thorpej 19970624]
                   3561:        nfs: Add WebNFS support, per RFC 2054 and 2055. [fvdl 19970624]
                   3562:        login(1): link statically (PR #1715), prompt for S/Keys in the
                   3563:                password prompt if the user has one, and implement -s which
                   3564:                can force use of S/Key (PR #3270) [lukem 19970625]
                   3565:        ddb(4), alpha: Clean up some type-size problems to give DDB a better
                   3566:                chance of working on the Alpha.  Change the symbol
                   3567:                table handling code interfaces slightly to facilitate
                   3568:                using other symbol formats (such as ELF, on the Alpha
                   3569:                and the MIPS).  Fixup the software single-stepping code
                   3570:                a bit, to make it work better on the Alpha and MIPS.
                   3571:                Single-stepping code partially from Mach 3, the rest
                   3572:                from me.  [thorpej 19970625]
                   3573:        mac68k: fix 68LC040 FP exception frame handling, from Kelly Campbell
                   3574:                <camk@telecom.ksu.edu>.  [scottr 19970625]
                   3575:        mips:  A single kernel can now boot on either mips1 (r2000, r3000)
                   3576:                CPUs or mips3 (r4000, r4400 )CPUs. Tested on mips1 and mips3
                   3577:                pmaxes.  Partly from Michael L. Hitch [jonathan 19970628]
                   3578:        libsa: In exec(), fix ZMAGIC loading, loading of stripped kernels,
                   3579:                and allow machine-dependent code to adjust the start
1.4       salo     3580:                address.  From Matthias Pfaller <matthias@NetBSD.org>.
1.1       lukem    3581:                [thorpej 19970628]
                   3582:        mac68k: use new bus error and address error handlers from the amiga
                   3583:                amiga port, slightly optimized and with a generalized method
                   3584:                to save the fault address in the case of a bus error.
                   3585:                [scottr 19970629]
                   3586:        ddb(4): Add support for Elf symbols.  [thorpej 19970701]
                   3587:        su(1): allow definition of SUGROUP to override use of group "wheel"
                   3588:                as the group that may 'su root'. [lukem 19970702]
                   3589:        i386: Add preliminary support for remote KGDB over "com" serial
                   3590:                ports.  [thorpej 19970705]
                   3591:        ddb(4), mips: add DDB support for mips with hooks for pica and pmax.
                   3592:                No symbol support yet, needs ELF-aware bootblocks.
                   3593:                Tested on mips1 and mips3 pmax [jonathan 19970706]
                   3594:        amiga: The DraCo real-time clock is now read when booting.
                   3595:                [is 19970707]
                   3596:        amiga: options RTC_OFFSET is now implemented. [is 19970707]
                   3597:        Bring in Lite2 locking code and apply it in a few places, such as
                   3598:                avoiding race conditions in inode allocation. [fvdl 19970707]
                   3599:        Makefile.port: Generate assym.h dependencies. [leo 19970713]
                   3600:        Add PlanetConnect Satellite receiver driver by Jason and
                   3601:                Herb. [hpeyerl 19970713]
                   3602:        hp300: use new bus error and address error handlers, lifted from
                   3603:                amiga and mac68k ports; they are sharable and more optimal.
                   3604:                Vector offsets 8 and 12 now initialized at run-time to
                   3605:                the correct handler, before the MMU is enabled.
                   3606:                [thorpej 19970714]
                   3607:        amiga: add glue code for the m68k fpu emulation system.
                   3608:                XXX this is known to be broken on 68LC040, 68040V and 68LC060
1.7       wiz      3609:                CPUs currently. [is 19970715]
1.1       lukem    3610:        sendmail(8): added installation of cf tree to /usr/share/sendmail.
                   3611:                [phil 19970716]
                   3612:        ffs: fix overflow bug in indirect block computation that caused
                   3613:                the actual maximum filesize to be much smaller than
                   3614:                expected [fvdl 19970718]
                   3615:        nfs: do not silently truncate files larger than the maximum filesize
                   3616:                over nfs. Also deal with servers that fail to provide
                   3617:                complete information in fsinfo [fvdl 19970718]
                   3618:        netns: Make a pass as 64-bit friendliness in sys/netns.
                   3619:                [thorpej 19970718]
                   3620:        nfs: Allow for multiple hosts (through overlapping netgroups,
                   3621:                for example) in /etc/exports lines [fvdl 19970720]
                   3622:        trpt(8): Rewrite trpt(8) to use libkvm. [thorpej 19970723]
                   3623:        trsp(8): Rewrite trsp(8) to use libkvm. [thorpej 19970723]
                   3624:        netinet: Implement a compressed state engine for TCP, based
                   3625:                on code written by David Borman for BSD/OS.  This
                   3626:                compressed state engine is currently used to hold
                   3627:                state for embryonic TCP connections.  Rather than
                   3628:                creating a socket/TCB for the incoming SYN, it is
                   3629:                placed into the compressed state engine.  A TCB is
                   3630:                only created once the 3-way handshake has been completed.
                   3631:                Among other things, this provides complete protection from
                   3632:                "SYN flood attacks" without the need to drop half-open
                   3633:                connections.  MANY MANY thanks to BSDI for releasing
1.4       salo     3634:                the original code, and to Ted Lemon <mellon@NetBSD.org>
1.1       lukem    3635:                for doing the initial integration work!  [thorpej 19970723]
                   3636:        alpha: Pass a bootinfo structure from the boot program to the
                   3637:                kernel, containing booted kernel name, flags, and
                   3638:                symbol table information.  Add some additional DDB
                   3639:                glue.  [thorpej 19970724]
                   3640:        amd(8): Imported new am-tools-6.0a8 with support for nfsv3 and tcp.
                   3641:                [christos 19970724]
                   3642:        audio: Change the audio drivers to allow looping DMA.  Change
                   3643:                the silence handling.  Add mmap() of the audio device.
                   3644:                [augustss 19970727]
                   3645:        netinet: Make several patchables tunable via sysctl, inspired
                   3646:                by BSD/OS.  [thorpej 19970728]
                   3647:        amiga: new grfconfig mode format [veego 19970729]
                   3648:        i386: Added support for booting with an msdosfs root by mounting
                   3649:                an mfs partition for /dev from init. Changes include
                   3650:                addition for msdosfs_mountroot(), changes to init to
                   3651:                mount an mfs partition, changes to mount to try to deduce
                   3652:                the vfstype in mount -u from statfs. [christos 19970729]
                   3653:        ethernet: Added new DEC EtherWORKS III (LEMAC) Ethernet driver: lc0.
                   3654:                Supports DEC DE203/DE204/DE205 cards. [matt 19970731]
                   3655:        libc: now that getnetby*() supports BIND lookups (as opposed
                   3656:                to only files), add support for dispatch for via
                   3657:                "lookup ..." in /etc/resolv.conf, a'la gethostby*().
                   3658:                [thorpej 19970731]
                   3659:        netstart: configure lo0 before other interfaces, so the kernel
                   3660:                can automagically add a route from the interface to
                   3661:                lo0, negating the need for an explicit route per
                   3662:                interface. [lukem 19970803]
                   3663:        bus_space(9): Added manpage which describes the kernel's bus_space_*()
                   3664:                functions.  [cgd 19970813]
                   3665:        Implemented `force password change at next login', by setting
                   3666:                the pw_change field to -1. Based on [PR bin/936] by
                   3667:                Simon Gerraty <sjg@quick.com.au>.  [lukem 19970816]
                   3668:        audio: Add /dev/audioctl, a device like /dev/sound but
                   3669:                which only accepts ioctl() and can be opened at any time.
                   3670:                [augustss 19970818]
                   3671:        ftp(1): support for gate-ftp (TIS fwtk ftp-gate), don't treat
                   3672:                "-" and "|..." as special local filenames during mget
                   3673:                and get if not specified explicitly.  [lukem 19970819]
                   3674:        audio: Make the audio device attach to the hardware audio drivers
                   3675:                in the normal way (not the special magic that was used
                   3676:                before).  The requires an extra line in the config file
                   3677:                to get the sound to work again.  [augustss 19970820]
                   3678:        audio: Minor change in audio_hw_if (again).  Improve error
                   3679:                handling in the audio driver.  Add the AUDIO_PROP_INDEPENDENT
                   3680:                property.  Add new audio(9) man page. [augustss 19970825]
                   3681:        ethernet: Update the "de" driver to Matt Thomas's 970703 version.
                   3682:                [thorpej 19970825]
                   3683:        ethernet: Update the "fxp" driver to FreeBSD-current-970823.  Convert
                   3684:                driver to use if_media.  [thorpej 19970825]
                   3685:        isa: XXX Add a drq2 locator for the ISA bus.  Many sound cards need
                   3686:                two DMA channels to do e.g. full-duplex.  This allows
                   3687:                a way of specifying the second channel in a sane way.
                   3688:                THIS IS TEMPORARY.  The drq2 locator will go away when
                   3689:                the locator system has been changed to allow multiple
                   3690:                values per locator. [augustss 19970825]
                   3691:        Change ld.so for processing /etc/ld.so.conf internally, rather
                   3692:                than relying on /etc/rc to perform this function.
                   3693:                From Jim Bernard <jbernard@tater.mines.edu>, PR #4031.
                   3694:                [thorpej 19970826]
                   3695:        calendar(1): Enhancements from Ty Sarna <tsarna@endicor.com>,
                   3696:                allowing user to:
                   3697:                - get entries from a file other than "calendar".
                   3698:                - get entries for a different date than today.
                   3699:                - get entries for a whole week in advance, or only one day.
                   3700:                [thorpej 19970826]
                   3701:        scsipi: Added a new bus interface machinery sys/dev/scsipi, for use
                   3702:                with SCSI and ATAPI devices (derived from sys/scsi). Split
                   3703:                sys/dev/isa/wd.c into controller and disk drivers. Added a
                   3704:                command queue and ATAPI support on the controller driver
                   3705:                [bouyer 19970827]
                   3706:        mountd(8): prevent an info-gathering attack by always returning
                   3707:                EACCES ("Permission Denied") when the directory doesn't
                   3708:                exist or there aren't enough privileges.  [lukem 19970828]
                   3709:        nfs: Add BOOTP support to nfs_mountroot based on contributions
                   3710:                from Tor Egge <tegge@idt.unit.no>, PR #2351 [gwr 19970829]
                   3711:        audio: Substantial rewrite of the SB driver to make it do full
                   3712:                duplex on an SB16.  Because of the braindead design of
                   3713:                the SB the input and output have to use different
                   3714:                precisions (8 and 16 bits).  It is possible to set the
                   3715:                driver to use 8 bits on both and it will the emulate
                   3716:                8 bits on the output by expanding it to 16 bits.
                   3717:                [augustss 19970829]
                   3718:        ethernet: Added a driver ("sm") for the SMC91cxx family of Ethernet
                   3719:                chips (including the SMC91c90, 91c92, 91c94, 91c95, and
                   3720:                91c100).  This is used for Megahertz PCMCIA Ethernet cards, and
                   3721:                several ISA Ethernet cards.  This driver is derived from a
                   3722:                driver written for FreeBSD by Gardner Buchanan, plus some
                   3723:                changes from a NetBSD/amiga driver by Michael Hitch, and some
                   3724:                bug fixes and enhancements by me.  [thorpej 19970901]
                   3725:        alpha: add support for DDB, based on such code from Mach 3,
                   3726:                initially ported to NetBSD/alpha by Chris Demetriou,
                   3727:                then heavily hacked by me.  [thorpej 19970905]
                   3728:        kernel: add minherit system call (from openbsd).  [chuck 19970908]
                   3729:        finger(1), fingerd(8): add -g flag to finger(1) and fingerd(8). finger
                   3730:                -g will not show non-realname gecos information.  also, update
                   3731:                docmentation for -s; and log the request, as well as the
                   3732:                requestor.  [mrg 19970909]
                   3733:        ddb(4): add a `reboot' command.  [scottr 19970911]
                   3734:        kernel: add code for a more flexible sized message buffer. This
                   3735:                closes pr-1891. [leo 19970919]
                   3736:        less(1): updated to version 332.  [mrg 19970921]
                   3737:        ipfilter: updated to version 3.2beta5. [veego 19970921]
                   3738:        netinet: Fix several annoyances/bugs related to MSS handling in
                   3739:                BSD TCP.  Split up t_maxseg and the tcp_mss() function,
                   3740:                and dynamically compute the max size for tcp_output()
                   3741:                on a per-segment basis.  [thorpej 19970922]
                   3742:        mac68k: use the MI miniroot machinery.  [scottr 19970922]
                   3743:        pppd(8), amd(8): pppd(8) upgraded to 2.3.1, amd upgraded to 6.0a12
                   3744:                [christos 19970926]
                   3745:        menuc(1), msgc(1): Added two little languages (menuc, msgc) for
                   3746:                defining a menu system and a message catalog.  [phil 19970926]
                   3747:        countmail(6): Added countmail(6) to tell you how much mail you have,
                   3748:                obnoxiously.  written by mycroft, based on the original
                   3749:                countmail from noah friedman.  [mrg 19971003]
                   3750:        kernel: add lchmod, lchown and lutimes.  readlink is changed
                   3751:                to check read permission.  [enami 19971003]
                   3752:        hunt(6): added hunt from ftp://cgl.ucsf.edu/pub/hunt.shar.Z.
                   3753:                [mrg 19971004]
                   3754:        named(8): updated BIND programs to 4.9.6 sources. [mrg 19971004]
                   3755:        tcpdump(1), pcap(3), traceroute(8): updated from LBL tcpdump (3.4a5),
                   3756:                libpcap (0.4a3), and traceroute (1.4a5) [christos 19971004]
                   3757:        lpr:  updated to 4.4BSD-Lite2.  also incorporated a large number of
                   3758:                security changes obtained from OpenBSD, some from FreeBSD,
                   3759:                plus a few local ones as well.  [mrg 19971005]
                   3760:        libc: add lchmod, lchown and lutimes.  [enami 19971006]
                   3761:        audio: add a driver for the GUS PnP card.  From Kari Mettinen
                   3762:                (Kari.Mettinen@helsinki.fi).  [augustss 19971006]
                   3763:        sup(1): Integrated into the main sources, so that it doesn't
                   3764:                have to be tracked separately in order to track
                   3765:                NetBSD-current.  [thorpej 19971006]
                   3766:        arm32:  Added libc support for PIC code and shared libraries.
                   3767:                [mark 19971060]
                   3768:        inetd(8): make several services no longer run as root.  [mrg 19971007]
                   3769:        libexec:  import and merge 4.4BSD-Lite2 for all programs.
                   3770:                [mrg 19970107]
                   3771:        Added DIOCGDEFLABEL (get default label) and DIOCCLRLABEL (clear label)
                   3772:                ioctls to <sys/dkio.h>.  Implemented DIOCGDEFLABEL in
                   3773:                several disk drivers.  [thorpej 19971008]
                   3774:        restore(8), pax(1), tar(1): restore owner/group/mode/atime/mtime of
                   3775:                symbolic links. [enami 19971008]
                   3776:        sendmail(8): we now compile smrsh and install it in /usr/libexec. It
                   3777:                looks in /usr/libexec/sm.bin.  [cjs 19971009]
                   3778:        ramdom: added in-kernel random device for generation of secure TCP ISS
                   3779:                values and other uses.  Exported to userland via /dev/random
                   3780:                and /dev/urandom.  [explorer 19971009]
                   3781:        nfs: rewrite directory cookie caching. Replace getdirentries
                   3782:                system call by getdents. [fvdl 19971010]
                   3783:        arm32:  Added softfloat support to libc. [mark 19971012]
                   3784:        nfs: do negative lookup caching [fvdl 19971012]
                   3785:        termcap(3): Added <termcap.h> to contain definitions for termcap(3)
                   3786:                functions, and modify various non curses programs to take
                   3787:                advantage of this.  [lukem 19971014]
                   3788:        bebox: Imported bebox port for BeBox (Be,Inc. computer).
                   3789:                [sakamoto 19971014]
                   3790:        arm32:  major restructure of the kernel arm32 source files to remove
                   3791:                lots of RiscPC/IOMD/VIDC inter-dependancies, making it easier
                   3792:                to port to mutliple ARM hardware architectures [mark 19971014]
                   3793:        ethernet: Split NE2000 support out of the ISA "ed" driver, and create
                   3794:                an "ne" driver to handle multiple attachments for NE2000
                   3795:                compatible cards.  Add front-ends for ISA and PCI.
                   3796:                [thorpej 19971014]
                   3797:        ypserv(8): add support for ``secure'' maps, which aren't served to
                   3798:                clients connecting from non-reserved ports. Originally from
                   3799:                FreeBSD, but this code is derived that in from OpenBSD.
                   3800:                [lukem 19971015]
                   3801:        pica: Minimal changes to rename "com" driver to "pcom" driver, to
                   3802:                avoid a naming collision with the more heaviliy-used
                   3803:                "com" driver which will soon live in sys/dev/ic.
                   3804:                [thorpej 19971015]
                   3805:        x68k: Minimal changes to rename "com" driver to "xcom" driver, to
                   3806:                avoid a naming collision with the more heaviliy-used
                   3807:                "com" driver which will soon live in sys/dev/ic.
                   3808:                [thorpej 19971015]
                   3809:        ethernet: add ne2000 ISA Plug-and-Play attachment. [matt 19971016]
                   3810:        audio: Add libossaudio to make porting Linux audio programs easier.
                   3811:                [augustss 19971016]
                   3812:        pcmcia: Add Marc Horowitz's new PCMCIA framework, with help from from
                   3813:                John Kohl, Matt Thomas, Enami Tsugutomo, Bill Sommerfeld,
                   3814:                Jason Thorpe, and others.  Supports several common PCMCIA
                   3815:                devices.  [thorpej 19971016]
                   3816:        arm32: Use com and lpt drivers form sys/dev/ic [mark 19971016]
                   3817:        arm32: wd driver updated to support ATAPI [mark 19971016]
                   3818:        libc, kernel: msync() takes a third argument; remove obsolete
                   3819:                xdr_{domainname,mapname,peername} from xdryp.c;
                   3820:                make __ps_strings extern on setproctitle.c and don't set
                   3821:                it to a default when it is NULL; change unvis() argument to
                   3822:                an int from a char; move timezone() to libcompat; move
                   3823:                swapon() to libcompat move getdirentries() to libcompat
                   3824:                change <sys/types.h>:
                   3825:                       mode_t: u_int16_t -> u_int32_t
                   3826:                       nlinks_t: int16_t -> u_int32_t
                   3827:                       dev_t: int32_t -> u_int32_t
                   3828:                libc is now version 12.20 [christos 19971016]
                   3829:        msdosfs: add support for FAT32 [ws 19971017]
                   3830:        netinet: add support for path MTU discovery (RFC 1191) [kml 19971017]
                   3831:        arm32: add PIC support to ld for the arm32 port [mark 19971017]
                   3832:        audio: Make the audio API (almost) SunOS compatible by allowing
                   3833:                some more mixer manipulations through the audio device.
                   3834:                These changes also simplified audio_hw_if. [augustss 19971019]
                   3835:        x68k: add support for MK-HA1 Mankai Mach-2 SCSI host adapter.
                   3836:                [oki 19971019]
                   3837:        ethernet: Update the "fxp" driver from FreeBSD-current.
                   3838:                [thorpej 19971019]
                   3839:        amiga: new graphics driver for the CyberVision64/3D. [veego 19971019]
                   3840:        ipfilter: updated to version 3.2.  [mrg 19971031]
                   3841:        makewhatis/getNAME: updated makewhatis to use getNAME(8) to find
                   3842:                manual NAME entries, rather than costly nroff calls.  getNAME
                   3843:                now has apropos(1) friendly output.  [mrg 19971101]
                   3844:        ethernet: Break the 3Com 3c503 support out of the ISA "ed" driver, and
                   3845:                create an "ec" driver, front-end to the MI dp8390
                   3846:                driver.  [thorpej 19971101]
                   3847:        ethernet: Add ifmedia support to the MI dp8390 driver.
                   3848:                [thorpej 19971101]
                   3849:        ethernet: Break the WD/SMC 80x3, SMC Elite Ultra, and SMC EtherEZ
                   3850:                support out of the ISA "ed" driver, and create a "we" driver,
                   3851:                front-end to the MI dp8390 driver.  [thorpej 19971103]
                   3852:        ethernet: Remove the ISA "ed" driver.  It is obsolete.
                   3853:                [thorpej 19971103]
                   3854:        build lint libraries correctly (at least on the i386) if
                   3855:                NONOLINT is set when building.  [cgd 19971103]
                   3856:        ftpd(8): add a `checkportcmd <class>' directive to ftpd.conf.  this
                   3857:                stops ftp bounce attacks.  [mrg 19971111]
                   3858:        pkg_info(1): Alter the default behaviour. With no options given, behave
                   3859:                as if -Ia was given, instead of showing usage.
                   3860:                [hubertf 19971113]
                   3861:        ipfilter: updated to version 3.2.1.  [mrg 19971117]
                   3862:        games: moved to setgid paradigm.  [mrg 19971120]
                   3864: Changes from NetBSD 1.3 to NetBSD 1.4:
                   3865:        kernel: import libc vfprintf to replace old kprintf which
                   3866:                did not handle all the standard printf formatting options
                   3867:                properly [chuck 19971024]
                   3868:        ddb(4): changed ddb "ps" so that it doesn't overflow
                   3869:                lines [chuck 19971024]
                   3870:        amd(8): upgraded to 6.0a13 [christos 19971025]
                   3871:        dev/vme: new MI VMEbus framework. [pk 19971101]
                   3872:        netinet: Implement tcp_drain(), which frees the reassembly queue
                   3873:                of open TCP connections in extreme low memory conditions.
                   3874:                [thorpej 19971210]
                   3875:        netinet: Fix the "stretch ACK violation" bug documented in
                   3876:                internet draft draft-ietf-tcpimpl-prob-02.txt.
                   3877:                [thorpej 19971211]
                   3878:        netinet: implement support for larger initial windows in TCP,
                   3879:                per discussion in the IETF tcpimpl working group.
                   3880:                [thorpej 19971211]
                   3881:        netinet: define INADDR_ALLRTRS_GROUP and INADDR_MAX_LOCAL_GROUP
1.4       salo     3882:                multicast groups (noted by chopps@NetBSD.org)
1.1       lukem    3883:                [thorpej 19971216]
                   3884:        netinet: Pull in a few changes from 4.4BSD-Lite2 (effectively
                   3885:                bringing us in sync in sys/netinet), including some
                   3886:                optimization in processing of timers, and support for
                   3887:                dropping persisting connections which are stuck longer
                   3888:                than the maximum retransmit backoff (happens w/ buggy
                   3889:                clients).  [thorpej 19971217]
                   3890:        netinet: implement a queue for delayed ACK processing, eliminating
                   3891:                the need to scan all open TCP connections every 200ms.
                   3892:                [thorpej 19971231]
                   3893:        vm: standardize the interface to pmap_activate(), and implement
                   3894:                it on platforms which previously didn't have one (bebox,
                   3895:                powerpc, sparc, vax). [thorpej 19980102]
                   3896:        vm: implement address space sharing (by keeping ref counts on
                   3897:                the vmspace structure).  Thanks to Chuck Cranor for
                   3898:                the debugging assistence.  [thorpej 19980102]
                   3899:        vfork(2): new implementation that has old 3BSD semantics, i.e.
                   3900:                address space is shared _and_ parent is blocked.  This
                   3901:                results in a fairly noticeable performance improvement
                   3902:                in some situations.  [thorpej 19980103]
                   3903:        netinet: change the range for ephemeral ports from 1024..5000 to
                   3904:                49152..65535 as per IANA's Assigned Ports document.  Allow
                   3905:                tuning of these with sysctl net.inet.ip.anonport{min,max}.
                   3906:                [lukem 19980105]
                   3907:        gcc(1), g++(1): TMPDIR always default to /tmp (and /var/tmp is not
                   3908:                used anymore).  [lukem 19980106]
                   3909:        Add support for passing credentials as ancillary data over Unix
                   3910:                domain sockets, via the LOCAL_CREDS socket option, similar
                   3911:                to BSD/OS, but with some differences.  [thorpej 19980107]
                   3912:        net: Make insertion and removal of sockets from the partial and
                   3913:                incoming connection queues O(C) rather than O(N).
                   3914:                [thorpej 19980107]
                   3915:        netinet: add IP_PORTRANGE socket option, which allows control over
                   3916:                whether ephemeral ports are allocated from the normal range
                   3917:                or from a reserved port range (600..1023). Also added flag
                   3918:                (INP_ANONPORT) to indicate if the port was ephemerally
                   3919:                allocated. From FreeBSD, with changes. [lukem 19980108]
                   3920:        netstat(1): if a pcb has INP_ANONPORT set, don't attempt to lookup
                   3921:                the service name of the port. From FreeBSD. [lukem 19980108]
                   3922:        vm: add chuck cranor's MACHINE_NEW_NONCONTIG code, that defines a
                   3923:                new method of telling the VM system about physical memory
                   3924:                configuration.  [mrg 19980108]
                   3925:        kernel: add general-purpose memory resource-pool allocator
                   3926:                [pk 19980110]
                   3927:        hp300: add a <machine/bus.h> and a bus_space implementation.
                   3928:                [thorpej 19980111]
                   3929:        i386, sparc: convert to MACHINE_NEW_NONCONTIG.  code by chuck
                   3930:                cranor.  [mrg 19980112]
                   3931:        ide: bus_space-ified wd and drivers, made them MI, and split the
                   3932:                wdc driver's ISA attachment off.  [cgd 19980114]
                   3933:        atapi: Added ATAPI disk ('sd') support.  Tested on ATAPI zip, but
                   3934:                should work on other ATAPI disks as well.  [cgd 19980114]
                   3935:        scsipi: Cleaned up the scsipi code (especially the 'cd' driver and
                   3936:                ATAPI code) in various ways.  [cgd 19980114]
                   3937:        bebox: initial import of bebox kernel loader. [sakamoto 19980116]
                   3938:        sup(1): changed system supfile directory (-s) from
                   3939:                /usr/lib/supfiles to /etc/supfiles.  [mikel 19980121]
                   3940:        Add an event log for malloc, useful for debugging "Data modified"
                   3941:                and "multiple free" problems.  From Chris Demetriou.
                   3942:                [thorpej 19980121]
                   3943:        libkern: Add strrchr() to libkern.  [cgd 19980121]
                   3944:        ethernet: Update fxp driver to FreeBSD-current-19980122.  Also,
                   3945:                work around an apparent hardware bug where the
                   3946:                board reports itself as prefetchable, but isn't
                   3947:                actually prefetchable (this makes a significant
                   3948:                difference on the Alpha).  [thorpej 19980122]
                   3949:        libkern: Add offsetof() to libkern.h, and make all the places that
                   3950:                define their own use the libkern definition, with
                   3951:                the exception of genassym and 3rd party packages
                   3952:                (IP-Filter and the PDQ driver).  [thorpej 19980127]
                   3953:        ethernet, bus_dma(9): Convert fxp driver to use bus_dma.
                   3954:                [thorpej 19980128]
                   3955:        alpha: Initial platform support in arch/alpha for the Avalon A12
                   3956:                scalable parallel processor. [ross 19980129]
                   3957:        alpha: Add support for the alpha port to sysinst, and create
                   3958:                an "instkernel" with larger ramdisk which includes sysinst,
                   3959:                useful for netbooting or putting on a CD-ROM.
                   3960:                [thorpej 19980131]
                   3961:        alpha: Add support for installing boot blocks onto ISO-9660
                   3962:                file system images, for making bootable CD-ROMs.
                   3963:                [thorpej 19980131]
                   3964:        bus_dma(9): Rename BUS_DMAMEM_NOSYNC to BUS_DMA_COHERENT, and specify
                   3965:                it as nothing more than a hint to machine-dependent code.
                   3966:                Add offset and length parameters to bus_dmamap_sync() for
                   3967:                implementing partial syncs.  Add a dm_mapsize member
                   3968:                to bus_dmamap_t which holds the size of the current
                   3969:                DMA mapping.  See bus_dma(9) for details.  [thorpej 19980203]
                   3970:        sun3: Merged arch/sun3x into arch/sun3.  [gwr 19980204]
                   3971:        uvm:  commited new virtual memory system written by chuck cranor
                   3972:                <chuck@maria.wustl.edu>.  uvm totally replaces the old Mach
                   3973:                vm code (though parts of uvm are somewhat derived from some
                   3974:                of the Mach code).  [mrg 19980205]
                   3975:        sparc:  commited sparc potions of UVM framework.  [mrg 19980205]
                   3976:        i386:  commited i386 potions of UVM framework.  [mrg 19980206]
                   3977:        standards: Added EIDRM errno for SysV IPC.  [mikel 19980206]
                   3978:        sun3: Better frame buffer probes (Use P4 reg).  [gwr 19980207]
                   3979:        standards: Added ENOMSG errno for SysV IPC and message catalogs.
                   3980:                [kleink 19980208]
                   3981:        uvm:  made userland work with UVM (sans kvm_uread).  [mrg 19980209]
                   3982:        netinet: change data structure holding our IP addresses from a linked
                   3983:                list to a hash.  This significantly improves performance on
                   3984:                hosts with many many IP addresses, such as large HTTP or FTP
                   3985:                servers with many "virtual hosts". [tls 19980213]
                   3986:        termios(4): Added ONOCR and ONLRET output modes. [kleink 19980213]
                   3987:        Fix a problem where the session ID would not longer be accessible
                   3988:                if the session leader exits, by storing the session
                   3989:                ID in the session structure itself.  Submitted by
                   3990:                Tom Proett <proett@nas.nasa.gov>.  [thorpej 19980213]
                   3991:        standards: Implement getsid(2) and tcgetsid(3), per XPG4.2.
                   3992:                [thorpej 19980213]
                   3993:        standards: Change the semantics of chown(), fchown() and lchown():
                   3994:                clear the set-id bit of the attribute changed; add
                   3995:                compatibility syscalls which provide POSIX/XPG semantics.
                   3996:                [kleink 19980214]
                   3997:        config(8): minor adjustment to the previous device class changes.
                   3998:                Instead, treat classes like special attributes.  From
                   3999:                Chris Demetriou.  [thorpej 19980216]
                   4000:        alpha: implement MACHINE_NEW_NONCONTIG, from Chris Demetriou
                   4001:                and Jason R. Thorpe.  [thorpej 19980216]
                   4002:        i386: use the new crash dump format, and switch from libkvm.old
                   4003:                to libkvm.  [thorpej 19980217]
                   4004:        kernel: Change the way file systems are added to and removed from
                   4005:                the kernel.  vfssw[] is gone, replaced by vfs_list.
                   4006:                config(8) now emits the default set of file systems
                   4007:                into a table, vfs_list_initial[].  Implement vfs_attach()
                   4008:                and vfs_detach(), and adjust file system initialization
                   4009:                interfaces to suit.  Bump version to 1.3D. [thorpej 19980217]
                   4010:        newsmips: Initial import of NetBSD/news [tsubai 19980218]
                   4011:        config(8): Alter config(8) to generate dependencies on file-system
                   4012:                options, suggested by Chris Demetriou.  [thorpej 19980218]
                   4013:        pmax: rewrite rzdump(), so that crash dumps will work.
                   4014:                [thorpej 19980219]
                   4015:        mips: switch all NetBSD/mips ports to the new libkvm and
                   4016:                crash dump format.  Delete libkvm.old and savecore_old.
                   4017:                [thorpej 19980219]
                   4018:        amiga: scale the pmap kernel page table with memory size, and make
                   4019:                slope of this, or an alternative fixed addon, configurable.
                   4020:                This should fix the Amiga big machine panic. [is 19980222]
                   4021:        mips: implement and switch all NetBSD/mips ports to
                   4022:                MACHINE_NEW_NONCONTIG, and pull a bunch of common code
                   4023:                into mips_machdep.c [thorpej 19980225]
                   4024:        Change the default ownership of installed files from
                   4025:                bin:bin to root:wheel. [lukem 19980226]
                   4026:        ethernet: replace ISA `ie' driver by three front-ends (`ai', `ef',
                   4027:                `ix') for the MI i82586 driver in sys/dev/ic [pk 19980228]
                   4028:        Merge in Lite2 kernel changes, plus a few leftover userland bits
                   4029:                [fvdl 19980301]
                   4030:        ide: added generic PCI IDE driver, 'pciide', to which wdc's can
                   4031:                attach.  [cgd 19980304]
                   4032:        pax(1): add a cpio front end, and add some extra tar options.
                   4033:                [mrg 19980306]
                   4034:        amiga: add french keyboard map for Xamiga (by Jerome Lovy).
                   4035:                [is 19980306]
                   4036:        xsrc: updated to XFree86 3.3.2 [veego 19980308]
1.3       wiz      4037:        atari: implement a bus_dma interface. [leo 19980310]
1.1       lukem    4038:        amiga: add spanish keyboard map for ite (by Inaki Saez). [is 19980313]
1.3       wiz      4039:        scsi: Aic7xxx driver modified to use bus_dma functions. [leo 19980316]
1.1       lukem    4040:        alpha: Add support for PMAP_NEW (UVM's new pmap interface).
                   4041:                [thorpej 19980317]
                   4042:        ffs: Change ffs and the associated utilities so that they can work on
                   4043:                non-host byte order [bouyer 19980318]
                   4044:        vax: Add support for QDSS graphic console, 4.4BSD code ported
                   4045:                to NetBSD by Boris Gjenero. Also note standalone qe driver
                   4046:                written by Roar Thronaes. [ragge 19980321]
                   4047:        ethernet: Split ISA `fe' driver into ISA `ate' driver, ISA `fmv' driver
                   4048:                and MI mb8696x driver `mbe'.  Add PCMCIA bus attachment code
                   4049:                for `mbe'.  [enami 19980322]
                   4050:        alpha: Major pmap cleanup/partial rewrite.  Major highlights:
                   4051:                - Completely rewrite page table management, to be completely
                   4052:                  dynamic, save memory, and not require kernel virtual address
                   4053:                  space.
                   4054:                - Increase available user address space to 4TB, and allow
                   4055:                  a large value for `maxproc'.
                   4056:                - Add support for ASNs, significantly improving context
                   4057:                  switch performance.
                   4058:                - Make a note of things to address for multiprocessor
                   4059:                  support.
                   4060:                Written by Jason R. Thorpe, with a bunch of help from
                   4061:                Chris Demetriou and Ross Harvey.  [thorpej 19980321]
                   4062:        sparc: Move all bus and device drivers towards a bus-space
                   4063:                based implementation. [pk 19980321]
                   4064:        nfsstat(1): Choose only client/server statistics via -s/-c.
                   4065:                [hubertf 19980325]
                   4066:        alpha: Make the pmap much more robust in exteremely low
                   4067:                memory conditions. [thorpej 19980326]
                   4068:        kernel: Make proc0 use the kernel pmap. Since proc0's address space
                   4069:                is shared by other kernel-only processes, this makes
                   4070:                it much easier for pmaps to detect errors like entering
                   4071:                user mappings for kernel-only processes.  [thorpej 19980326]
                   4072:        mips: Add mips support to libexec/ld.elf_so and change GCC to use
                   4073:                /usr/libexec/ld.elf_so. [mhitch 19980326]
                   4074:        alpha: GC alpha's ECOFF_TOOLCHAIN make variable, and related
                   4075:                bits.  Nobody should be using an ECOFF toolchain on
                   4076:                NetBSD/alpha any more. [cgd 19980327]
                   4077:        egcs: Imported egcs 1.0.2 into src/gnu/dist/gcc, including libstdc++,
                   4078:                fortran user libraries, and added Makefiles to build and
                   4079:                install these.  tested on the sparc only.  [mrg 19980330]
                   4080:        ide: Add hardware-locking hooks to the wd-driver; enabled through
                   4081:                WDC_CAPABILITY_HWLOCK. [leo 19980407]
                   4082:        atari: Complete redo of the bus_space implementation. The atari
                   4083:                bus_space implementation now properly supports: the atari
                   4084:                'mainbus', the pci and isa bus. [leo 19980410]
                   4085:        atari: use the MI wd-driver. [leo 19980410]
                   4086:        xsrc: new xterm which fixes the utmp problem [veego 19980410]
                   4087:        pkgsrc: move bsd.port.mk and bsd.port.subdir.mk from src/share/mk
                   4088:                into pkgsrc/mk. [agc 19980414]
                   4089:        pci: Add pci_conf_print(), which dumps PCI configuration space, useful
                   4090:                in driver debugging.  Fixes PR #4249, from
                   4091:                "Zubin D. Dittia" <zubin@clouseau.arl.wustl.edu>.
                   4092:                [thorpej 19980414]
                   4093:        alpha: preliminary support for PCI IDE compat interrupts.  Only
                   4094:                supported on the EB164 systype for now (specifically,
                   4095:                for the AlphaPC 164SX, which has PCI IDE on its Cypress
                   4096:                PCI-ISA bridge).  [thorpej 19980417]
                   4097:        atari: Add the isapnp code from Thomas Gerner. [leo 19980423]
                   4098:        atari: Bus-space implementation for big endian busses like VME.
                   4099:                [leo 19980423]
                   4100:        atari: Crazy Dots (et4000 vme) driver from Julian Coleman.
                   4101:                [leo 19980423]
                   4102:        mac68k: Added MACHINE_NEW_NONCONTIG and UVM support.  [scottr 19980424]
                   4103:        netinet: update our implemenation of RFC1323 PAWS/timestamps/wscale
                   4104:                to be compliant with the updated RFC1323.bis.
                   4105:                [thorpej 19980428]
                   4106:        netinet: add new TCP input reassembly code as a stepping stone
                   4107:                to implementing SACK (RFC2018).  [matt 19980429]
                   4108:        netinet,net: add IP fast forwarding (flow-based) routing.  The code
                   4109:                will bypass the normal IP processing path and directly forward
                   4110:                from a device receive interrupt (via ether_input or
                   4111:                fddi_input for now).  [matt 19980429]
                   4112:        net/bpf: add support for two new ioctls, BIOC[GS]HDRCMPLT to
                   4113:                get/set the "header already complete" flag.  This allows
                   4114:                BPF writers to spoof layer 2 source addresses (if the
                   4115:                layer 2 supports it) in applications where it is necessary.
                   4116:                Submitted by Greg Smith <greg@nas.nasa.gov>. [thorpej 19980429]
                   4117:        Changed vslock() and vsunlock() to take a proc *, rather than
                   4118:                implicitly operating on curproc.  [thorpej 19980429]
                   4119:        arm32: Overhauled page table management separating the page tables
                   4120:                from the processes vm_map. [mark 19980430]
                   4121:        netinet: make TCP_COMPAT_42, TCP_CWM, and the CWM burst size
                   4122:                configurable via sysctl. [thorpej 19980430]
                   4123:        inetd(8): Add support for specifying send and receive socket buffer
                   4124:                sizes to inetd. This will allow larger windows to be advertised
                   4125:                for TCP servers, improving TCP performance in some
                   4126:                situations.  [thorpej 19980430]
                   4127:        audio: Add Ensoniq AudioPCI sound card driver.  [augustss 19980501]
                   4128:        xsrc: new xterm which fixes the xterm part of the CERT Vendor-Initiated
                   4129:                Bulletin VB-98.04 (NetBSD Security Advisory 1998-002)
                   4130:                [veego 19980501]
                   4131:        pppd(8): Upgraded to 2.3.4 [christos 19980502]
                   4132:        alpha, hp300, mac68k, mvme68k: switch to UVM+PMAP_NEW on the alpha, and
                   4133:                UVM on hp300, mac68k, and mvme68k.  [thorpej 19980503]
                   4134:        xsrc: patch for Xaw which fixes the Xaw part of the CERT
                   4135:                Vendor-Initiated Bulletin VB-98.04 (NetBSD Security Advisory
                   4136:                1998-002) [veego 19980503]
                   4137:        sparc: switch to UVM on the sparc.  [mrg 19980505]
                   4138:        mac68k: Add kgdb support.  [scottr 19980505]
                   4139:        net: Add monotonically increasing "current time" timestamps for the
                   4140:                protocol fast and slow timeouts.  Convert the TCP timers
                   4141:                to use these timestamps, shaving some instructions
                   4142:                (quite a few, actually, on the Alpha) from the inner
                   4143:                loop of tcp_slowtimo().  [thorpej 19980505]
                   4144:        macppc: initial import of macppc port.  [tsubai 19980515]
                   4145:        hippi: Added driver for Essential Communications' RoadRunner HIPPI
                   4146:                device [kml 19980516]
                   4147:        ipfilter: updated to 3.2.5 [veego 19980517]
                   4148:        libedit: rework the history appending code; take advantage of the
                   4149:                changes to put in some non compatible api improvements.
                   4150:                Bump the major number to 2.0 [christos 19980519]
                   4151:        audio: added ym driver for Yamaha OPL3-SA3.  Written by
                   4152:                Constantine Sapuntzakis for OpenBSD.  [augustss 19980520]
                   4153:        fddi, bus_dma(9): switch pdq (fpa,fta,fea) driver to bus_dma(9)
                   4154:                framework.  [matt 19980521]
                   4155:        pmax, bus_dma(9): Completely rewrite bus_space back-end and write a
                   4156:                first-cut bus_dma back-end for the DECstation.
                   4157:                [thorpej 19980522]
                   4158:        toolchain: Changed most toolchain bits present in GNU binutils
                   4159:                (ar, nm, ranlib, size, strings) to use GNU binutils instead
                   4160:                of Berkeley code; added addr2line, c++filt, and
                   4161:                objdump. [tv 19980524]
                   4162:        arm32: Added MACHINE_NEW_NONCONTIG support. [mark 19980525]
                   4163:        arm32: Added PCI bus support. [mark 19980525]
                   4164:        Change /dev/[u]random to use SHA1 rather than MD5, and release
                   4165:                96 bits of the hash directly.  [explorer 19980526]
                   4166:        powerpc: Rename NetBSD/powerpc to NetBSD/ofppc.
                   4167:                New sys/arch/powerpc with PowerPC-generic stuff.
                   4168:                [sakamoto 19980528]
                   4169:        bebox: Use new PowerPC-generic stuff. [sakamoto 19980528]
                   4170:        ipfilter: updated to 3.2.7. IP Nat works now on the alpha.
                   4171:                [veego 19980529]
                   4172:        ftp(1): terminal beeps on ambiguous completion, auto-append a
                   4173:                space or '/' on a command or local path completion
                   4174:                as necessary.  [lukem 19980601]
                   4175:        ethernet: Added driver for SMC 83c170 EPIC/100 Ethernet.
                   4176:                [thorpej 19980601]
                   4177:        netstat(1): Add a -P pcbaddr option to netstat(1) to dump the PCB at
                   4178:                the specified address.  Implement this option for TCP.
                   4179:                [thorpej 19980602]
                   4180:        vax: Support for VS3100 builtin graphics console. [ragge 19980604]
                   4181:        arm32: Added UVM support. [mark 19980604]
                   4182:        alpha: Added support for using BWX for PCI config and device
                   4183:                access on the ALCOR2 and Pyxis core logic chipsets.
                   4184:                [thorpej 19980604]
                   4185:        ftp(1): add -o outfile, -r waittime. default to passive with fallback
                   4186:                to active (configurable with $FTPMODE).  [lukem 19980604]
                   4187:        alpha: Added support for the Digital Personal Workstation (Miata),
                   4188:                mostly cloned from the EB164 code, with changes from me,
                   4189:                and some more from Andrew Gallatin.  [thorpej 19980604]
                   4190:        powerpc: Added UVM support. [sakamoto 19980605]
                   4191:        Add fine-grained locking to the extent code.  [thorpej 19980605]
                   4192:        audio: Added Aria driver from R. C. Dowdeswell <elric@imrryr.org>.
                   4193:                [anon 19980606]
                   4194:        halt(8), shutdown(8): Add a -p option to halt(8) and shutdown(8), that
                   4195:                specifies that the system is to be powered down.  If the
                   4196:                powerdown fails, or the system does not support software
                   4197:                powerdown, the system will simply halt.  [thorpej 19980606]
                   4198:        alpha: add support for software powerdown on the Digital Personal
                   4199:                Workstation (Miata).  [thorpej 19980606]
                   4200:        sparc: add support for software powerdown on Sun4m systems
                   4201:                which have that capability.  [thorpej 19980606]
                   4202:        i386: Systems w/ APM will no longer powerdown automatically on
                   4203:                halt; an explicit RB_POWERDOWN (halt or shutdown -p)
                   4204:                is now required.  [thorpej 19980606]
                   4205:        alpha: Implement bus_space_{alloc,free}() for BWX mem and i/o
                   4206:                and swiz i/o space.  PCMCIA now works on Alpha.
                   4207:                [thorpej 19980606]
                   4208:        i386: add optional strict alignment checking to the bus_space
                   4209:                implementation.  [thorpej 19980606]
                   4210:        isapnp: Add ISAPnP attachment for PCMCIA [sommerfeld 19980607]
                   4211:        libc: add support for reading master.passwd or passwd.adjunct YP maps
                   4212:                in getpw*() for root users.  /var/yp/`domainname`/Makefile.yp
                   4213:                can now have INSECURE=yes commented out.  [lukem 19980608]
                   4214:        ypinit(8): add -c to setup a YP client.  [lukem 19980608]
                   4215:        ftpd(8): display any messages that a LIST or conversion command
                   4216:                generated to stderr to the user at the end of a transfer.
                   4217:                [lukem 19980608]
                   4218:        sun3: Add UVM support (sun3x still to come) [gwr 19980608]
                   4219:        isa: Change the ISA DMA API to take an isa_chipset_tag_t rather
                   4220:                than a struct device * corresponding to the ISA bus device.
                   4221:                The ISA DMA controller driver functions have been renamed
                   4222:                and now take a struct isa_dma_state *, and are called
                   4223:                indirectly by machine-dependent code which provides the
                   4224:                DMA state.  These changes allow e.g. `ofisa' (the
                   4225:                OpenFirmware configuration mechanism for the ISA bus, used
                   4226:                by e.g. Sharks) to use the MI ISA DMA controller code.
                   4227:                [thorpej 19980608]
                   4228:        kernel: Implement config_defer(), a generic mechanism to defer the
                   4229:                configuration of a device until all of its siblings
                   4230:                have been attached.  Make the PCI-ISA bridge code use
                   4231:                this mechanism, rather than its own.  [thorpej 19980609]
                   4232:        next68k: initial import of next68k port. [dbj 19980609]
                   4233:        scsipi: Add a shutdown hook for SCSI-2 and higher disks that issue
                   4234:                a SYNCHRONIZE CACHE operation, to ensure that data
                   4235:                is on the platter if we're doing a powerdown.
                   4236:                [thorpej 19980610]
                   4237:        Change kernel includes to be installed directory-by-directory,
                   4238:                which provides added flexibility in terms of what
                   4239:                is to be installed, and which makes incremental installs
                   4240:                a bit easier.  Existing behaviour (symlinks vs. copies,
                   4241:                etc.) is preserved, except for bug fixes.  A new
                   4242:                mk template, bsd.kinc.mk, exists to help support these
                   4243:                changes and factor out common bits.  [cgd 19980612]
                   4244:        sparc64: Initial import of sparc64 port [eeh 19980620]
                   4245:        alpha: Added support for three new server platforms, Noritake,
                   4246:                Pintake, and Corelle. [ross 19980623]
1.37      snj      4247:        NFS: move the lease check into genfs, and make its null-op'ness
1.1       lukem    4248:                a compile-time decision for the kernel, not for file
                   4249:                system modules.  Allows loaded file systems to export,
                   4250:                which did not previously work correctly.  [thorpej 19980625]
                   4251:        alpha: Add first-draft support for the Tadpole/DEC AlphaBook,
                   4252:                which is basically an AXPpci33 in laptop's clothing.
                   4253:                [thorpej 19980625]
                   4254:        pci: added 'puc' driver for "PCI 'universal' communications' cards
                   4255:                containing 'com' and 'lpt' ports.  [cgd 19980626]
                   4256:        alpha: take a stab at EB66 support.  An EB66 is basically an
                   4257:                EB64+ with a 21066 LCA instead of a 21064 + APECS.
                   4258:                [thorpej 19980627]
                   4259:        Add mechanism for programs to dump core into either "core" or
                   4260:                "progname.core", based on an adjustable system-wide
                   4261:                setting. [nathanw 19980628]
                   4262:        sun3: make the boot programs look for netbsd.$arch before
                   4263:                "netbsd" so boot media can support both sun3/sun3x
                   4264:                by including a kernel for each.  [gwr 19980629]
                   4265:        pread(2), pwrite(2): Add pread(2) and pwrite(2) system calls
                   4266:                (per XPG4.2) and preadv(2) and pwritev(2), which are NetBSD
                   4267:                extensions (positional cousins to readv(2) and writev(2)).
                   4268:                [thorpej 19980630]
                   4269:        xsrc:   Major code sweep: modified 57 files to clean up 98% of
                   4270:                all the LP64-related warnings. This killed a few real bugs
                   4271:                and a lot of compiler false alarms. [ross 19980706]
                   4272:        alpha:  Enabled the IDE controller on the AXPPCI33. IDE and
                   4273:                ATAPI CDROM drives should now work. [ross 19980707]
                   4274:        vm,uvm: Add support for mmap'ing disk block devices. [thorpej 19980707]
                   4275:        uvm: add support for multiple page free lists.  [thorpej 19980707]
                   4276:        arm32, bus_dma(9): implement a bus_dma back-end for the Shark.
                   4277:                [thorpej 19980707]
                   4278:        ftp(1): add "sndbuf" and "rcvbuf" commands, for setting socket buffer
                   4279:                sizes, allowing use of large TCP windows.  Work in progress,
                   4280:                no support for setting system and per-user defaults, yet.
                   4281:                [thorpej 19980709]
                   4282:        ipfilter: updated to 3.2.9 [veego 19980712]
                   4283:        amiga:  Added UVM support [mhitch 19980712]
                   4284:        usb: Add USB support.  USB is only supported for i386 at the moment,
                   4285:                but it should be easy to add to other PCI platforms as well.
                   4286:                See usb(4) for an overview.
                   4287:                [augustss 19980712]
                   4288:        atapi: Add support for ATAPI changer devices like the NEC CDR-251.
                   4289:                Userland support in /bin/chio. [hpeyerl,thorpej 19980713]
                   4290:        identd(8): Upgraded pidentd to version 2.8.3 [msaitoh 19980715]
                   4291:        traceroute(8): add path MTU discovery option [is 19980717]
                   4292:        vax: vax now has both UVM and PMAP_NEW as default [ragge 19980718]
                   4293:        ftp(1): support HTTP 301 and 302 redirects, and speed up transfer
                   4294:                completion in HTTP/1.1 downloads (by disabling persistent
                   4295:                connections).  [lukem 19980723]
                   4296:        arm32: Break up the Shark CS8900 driver into core, ISA, and OfISA
                   4297:                parts, and make it machine-independent.  [thorpej 19980724]
                   4298:        usb: change mouse and keyboard drivers so that they use wscons.
                   4299:                Also add the wsmouse protocol to XFree86.  [augustss 19980727]
                   4300:        kernel: update of memory resource pool: configurable back-end
                   4301:                storage provider; cache coloring and dynamic sizing
                   4302:                after Bonwick's "slabs". [pk 19980727]
                   4303:        Change uio_resid to a size_t, and change the residual argument of
                   4304:                vn_rdwr() from int * to size_t * to match.  No behavioral
                   4305:                difference, except for Alpha, which can now use full
                   4306:                SSIZE_MAX sized transfers (i.e. signed 64-bit length).
                   4307:                Sweep inspired by a discussion of a bug introduced in
                   4308:                OpenBSD on Bugtraq.  [thorpej 19980728]
                   4309:        libedit: add 'edit on|off' editrc command, which is used to advise
                   4310:                invoking programs if a user's does or doesn't want editline
                   4311:                support. Modify ftp(1) to honour this.  [lukem 19980729]
                   4312:        tftpd(8): add support for -u user and -g group, which specify the user
                   4313:                and group to run as. Fixes PR #4218.  [lukem 19980729]
                   4314:        ccd(4): use the pool allocator for component buffers.
                   4315:                [thorpej 19980730]
                   4316:        vnd(4): use the pool allocator for vndxfer and vndbuf structures.
                   4317:                [thorpej 19980730]
                   4318:        scsipi: use the pool allocator for scsipi_xfers. [thorpej 19980730]
                   4319:        isapnp: Use config_defer(), and add support for all of the
                   4320:                platforms that support ISA.  [thorpej 19980730]
                   4321:        kernel: Use the pool allocator for mbufs and mbuf clusters.
                   4322:                [thorpej 19980731]
                   4323:        alpha: implement isa_intr_disestablish() and pci_intr_disestablish().
                   4324:                [thorpej 19980801]
                   4325:        netinet: use the pool allocator for inpcbs, tcpcbs, and syn cache
                   4326:                entries.  [thorpej 19980801]
                   4327:        ftp(1): implement $no_proxy and $FTPANONPASS support. [lukem 19980803]
                   4328:        Add support for POSIX 1003.1b Synchronized I/O.  [kleink 19980803]
                   4329:        x68k: switch to MI zs driver [minoura 19980805]
                   4330:        ifmedia: Completely rewrite the way media descriptions are
                   4331:                represented.  The same data structure is used, but a much
                   4332:                saner matching mechanism is used, one which allows greater
                   4333:                ease in adding new types.  Also, change the format of
                   4334:                ifconfig's status report to make it more attractive
                   4335:                in the presense of many media types. [thorpej 19980805]
                   4336:        NFS: Add client pathconf support.  [kleink 19980807]
                   4337:        amd(8): upgraded to 6.0a16 [christos 19980808]
                   4338:        i386: build libm using the FPU instructions if I387_LIBM is set
                   4339:                in /etc/mk.conf. [perry 19980809]
                   4340:        kernel: Most of the kernel now uses memcpy, memmove, memset and memcmp
                   4341:                instead of bcopy, ovbcopy, bzero and bcmp. [perry 19980809]
                   4342:        vax: Support for VS4000/60 CPU, serial console and ethernet.
                   4343:                This is first VMS-only vax supported.  [ragge 19980810]
                   4344:        MII: near rewrite of MII layer, now exports a software interface
                   4345:                like BSDI's.  Add PHY drivers for Intel i82555 and
                   4346:                Quality Semiconductor QS6612 PHYs.  Significantly
                   4347:                improve the NS83840 and ThunderLAN PHY drivers.  Convert
                   4348:                "tl", "fxp", and "epic" drivers to use the new code.
                   4349:                [thorpej 19980810]
                   4350:        xntp: upgraded to 3-5.93c [christos 19980812]
                   4351:        ethernet: Rewrite media selection in "ep" driver, and add support for
                   4352:                the MII/PHY on the 3c905 boards.  Fixes PR kern/4782.
                   4353:                [thorpej 19980812]
                   4354:        kernel: Removed vm_offset_t and vm_size_t and replaced them with
                   4355:                vaddr_t and vsize_t for virtual addresses and
                   4356:                paddr_t and psize_t for physical addresses.  This allows
                   4357:                machines where physical addresses are different sizes
                   4358:                or formats from virtual addresses. [eeh 19980812]
                   4359:        mac68k: Rewrite console framebuffer initialization and autoconfig.
                   4360:                [scottr 19980812]
                   4361:        mac68k: Integrate new interrupt handling framework, derived in
                   4362:                part from the hp300 port.  [scottr 19980812]
                   4363:        filecorefs: Added filecorefs, a read only version of Acorn Computers
                   4364:                filecore filesystem [mark 19980814]
                   4365:        egcs: Imported egcs 1.1 snapshot 19980816.  [tv 19980816]
                   4366:        audio: Add support for MIDI device drivers and device independent
                   4367:                access to them.  The raw MIDI devices can be accessed
                   4368:                through /dev/rmidiN. /dev/music presents a sequencer
                   4369:                interface.  The API has been modelled after the OSS API.
                   4370:                There is also a syntheziser layer that helps emulate a MIDI
                   4371:                device.  This layer is used by the Yamaha OPL[23] driver
                   4372:                and the PC speaker driver.  [augustss 19980818]
                   4373:        vax: Increase logical pagesize to 4K. [ragge 19980821]
                   4374:        atari: Added a driver for the Circad Leonardo video card from
                   4375:                'Maximum Entropy'. [leo 19980824]
                   4376:        egcs: Imported egcs 1.1 snapshot 19980824.  [tv 19980824]
                   4377:        /etc/security: if $check_disklabels=YES, backup text copies of
                   4378:                disklabels of available disks, and check backups as
                   4379:                per $check_changelist.  [lukem 19980825]
                   4380:        arm32: Switch to UVM as standard [mark 19980825]
                   4381:        i386: Add AdvanSys PCI SCSI controllers support. At this time only the
                   4382:                ABP-9xxUA controllers are supported.
                   4383:                This driver has been tested only on i386 architecture, but
                   4384:                should work on other PCI architectures. [dante 19980826]
                   4385:        sparc, sparc64: Sbus `esp' and `le' and their DMA engines restructured
                   4386:                to live in sys/dev/sbus and use a common LSI64954 DMA
                   4387:                engine driver. [pk 19980829]
                   4388:        i386: Switch to UVM+PMAP_NEW. [thorpej 19980831]
                   4389:        kernel: killed the last vestiges of __BROKEN_INDIRECT_CONFIG.
                   4390:                [cgd 19980831]
                   4391:        i386: added 32-bit register support for bioscall interface
                   4392:                [jtk 19980831]
                   4393:        sparc64: Switch to UVM by default. [mrg 19980901]
                   4394:        arm32: Added csc driver for Cumana SCSI II podules. [mark 19980901]
                   4395:        pc532: Switch to UVM on pc532. [matthias 19980902]
                   4396:        atari: Switch to UVM on atari. [mrg 19980902]
                   4397:        bebox, ofppc: Switch to UVM on bebox and ofppc. [sakamoto 19980903]
                   4398:        macppc: Switch to UVM on macppc. [tsubai 19980903]
                   4399:        amiga: added support for Amiga 3000 mainboards reworked for the Apollo
                   4400:                68060 accellerator board. [is 19980904]
                   4401:        arm32: Separated hardware and software interrupt masks along with
                   4402:                interrupt dispatching optimisations. [mark 19980905]
                   4403:        ftpd(8): fix long standing bug where two error replies may have been
                   4404:                returned instead of one when unexpected arguments were
                   4405:                supplied to certain commands, resulting in the client and
                   4406:                server getting out of sync.  [lukem 19980906]
                   4407:        arm32: DC21285 'Footbridge' core logic support added [mark 19980906]
                   4408:        arm32: EBSA285 architecture board support added [mark 19980906]
                   4409:        ftpd(8): extend functionality of /etc/ftpchroot to support globbing
                   4410:                (similar to /etc/ftpusers). based on patches in [PR bin/4769]
                   4411:                by Ty Sarna <tsarna@endicor.com>.  add support for RFC2389
                   4412:                commands (FEAT & OPTS). other cleanups.  [lukem 19980907]
                   4413:        kernel: Implement a new kernel thread, the process "reaper", which
                   4414:                cleans up VM resources (vmspace and u-area).  Machine-dependent
                   4415:                code now calls exit2() to schedule the reaper to run
                   4416:                once we are no longer running on the dead proc's
                   4417:                vmspace and stack.  A valid thread must do this work
                   4418:                since it may block in a multiprocessor environment.
                   4419:                Original idea from Charles Hannum.  [thorpej 19980908]
                   4420:        gre: Implement a gre pseudo network interface that allows to tunnel
                   4421:                L3 protocols over IP. Currently only IP/IP and IP/GRE
                   4422:                supported. [hwr 19980913]
                   4423:        bzip2(1): imported bzip2, a block sorting file compressor with a
                   4424:                BSD license, no ad clause, generally excellent compression
                   4425:                capability, and a possibly (it's not really for us to say)
                   4426:                patent-free implementation. [ross 19980913]
                   4427:        egcs: Imported egcs 1.1b release. [tv 19980913]
                   4428:        alpha: add some support for multiple processors to the pmap
                   4429:                module.  Still needs TLB shootdown code, but that is
                   4430:                easier once the code to spin up the additional CPUs
                   4431:                is working.  [thorpej 19980921]
                   4432:        i386: add support for AdvanSys Ultra Wide boards.
                   4433:                At this time the following PCI boards are supported:
                   4434:                - ABP-9xx
                   4435:                - ABP-9xxU
                   4436:                - ABP-9xxUA
                   4437:                - ABP-9xxUW [dante 19980926]
                   4438:        /etc/mk.conf: add support for NOSHARE; if defined files that
                   4439:                would be installed under /usr/share are not built
                   4440:                nor installed.  [lukem 19980928]
                   4441:        gre: add support for IPPROTO_MOBILE tunneling from RFC2004. This
                   4442:                is the tunnel protocol of the mobile IP people [hwr 19980930]
                   4443:        compat/linux: rearrage to allow compatibility support for multiple
                   4444:                architechtures.  Include beginnings of linux compatibility
                   4445:                on the Alpha.  [erh 19981001]
                   4446:        netinet: Apply/merge/adapt the NEWRENO parts of the UCSB
                   4447:                SACK/FACK/NEWRENO diffs of BSDI's 3.0 netinet to
                   4448:                NetBSD. [unknown 19981005]
                   4449:        named(8): updated BIND programs to 8.1.2 sources.  [tron 19981005]
                   4450:        coda: added the coda distributed file system as a fs and an lkm.
                   4451:                There are also coda related packages in pkgsrc/net
                   4452:                [rvb 19981005]
                   4453:        arm32: Chalice CATS motherboard support added [mark 19981005]
                   4454:        mtree(8): add support for 4.4BSD file flags.  [mrg 19981010]
                   4455:        getty(8): add support for ppp autodetect with the
                   4456:                :pp=/usr/sbin/pppd: gettytab entry.  Derived from code from
                   4457:                Michael Hancock <michaelh@cet.co.jp> and Erik 'PPP' Olson
                   4458:                <eriko@wrq.com>, via FreeBSD and OpenBSD. [tsarna 19981012]
                   4459:        vax: Added support for DWBUA (BI to Unibus adapter) and
                   4460:                KLESI-B (TMSCP tape ctlr). [ragge 19981018]
                   4461:        ide: Major changes to the IDE code for better error handling, improved
                   4462:                ATAPI support, 32 bit data I/O support and bus-master DMA
                   4463:                support on PCI IDE controllers.  [bouyer 19981012]
                   4464:        egcs: Imported egcs 1.1.1 snapchot 19981014. [tv 19981014]
                   4465:        route(8): add support for -f; flush routes before executing command.
                   4466:                [lukem 19981023]
                   4467:        mac68k: switch to split ADB driver (kbd/ms/aed).  [ender 19981023]
                   4468:        routed(8), ping(8): updates from ftp.rhyolite.com. [christos 19981025]
                   4469:        ethernet: (ne2000) Added media selection support to the PCI front-end.
                   4470:                [thorpej 19981027]
                   4471:        macppc: Added support for AdvanSys Narrow SCSI boards: ABP-9xx[U,UA].
                   4472:                [dante 19981028]
                   4473:        amiga: switched default VM system to UVM.  [is 19981028]
                   4474:        shutdown(8): Run /etc/rc.shutdown before bringing down the system.
                   4475:                [bad 19981029]
1.6       wiz      4476:        ethernet: (ne2000) Added media selection support for Realtek 8019-based
1.1       lukem    4477:                ISA, ISAPnP, and PCMCIA cards.  [thorpej 19981030]
                   4478:        vax: Enable VAX shared library support (uses gas.new and egcs).
                   4479:                [matt 19981031]
                   4480:        libz: updated to 1.1.3 [tron 19981101]
                   4481:        ethernet: Add a driver for 3Com 90xB cards, which also will drive 90x
                   4482:                cards using DMA. [fvdl 19981103]
                   4483:        send-pr(1): added support for GNATS `install' category.
                   4484:                [lukem 19981110]
                   4485:        i386: pciide is now enabled in GENERIC and INSTALL kernels.
                   4486:                [bouyer 19981110]
                   4487:        x68k: Added the X server for x68k port to xsrc. [minoura 19981111]
                   4488:        amiga: Added a new ethernet driver for the Ariadne II. [veego 19981111]
                   4489:        kernel: Implement kthread_create() and kthread_exit(), to create and
                   4490:                destroy kernel threads.  Use these to create the pagedaemon and
                   4491:                reaper.  [thorpej 19981111]
                   4492:        raid: Added RAIDframe, version 1.1, from the Parallel Data Laboratory
                   4493:                at Carnegie Mellon University.  Supports RAID levels 0, 1,
                   4494:                4, 5, 6, parity logging, and more. [oster 19981112]
                   4495:        next68k: Switch to UVM on next68k. [dbj 19981114]
                   4496:        pmax: Switch default to UVM on pmax. [mhitch 19981114]
                   4497:        egcs: Imported egcs 1.1.1-prerelease-2. [tv 19981114]
                   4498:        newsmips: Switch to UVM by default on newsmips. [tsubai 19981116]
                   4499:        i386: Switch to gas.new on i386. [kristerw 19981116]
                   4500:        sparc: Switch to gas.new on sparc. [kristerw 19981116]
                   4501:        mbrlabel(8): Add a utility to access partitions on MBR labeled
                   4502:                disks like those transferred from a DOS machine [ws 19981116]
                   4503:        pmax:  Add crunched miniroot distribution media [jonathan 19981116]
                   4504:        kernel: Add support for detaching and activating/deactivating devices.
                   4505:                Mostly from Chris Demetriou, with some changes by
                   4506:                Ken Hornstein and Jason Thorpe. [thorpej 19981116]
                   4507:        pcmcia: Implement PCMCIA hot-swap.  [thorpej 19981116]
                   4508:        pmax: Add md ramdisk driver.  Install kernels now run off ramdisk root,
                   4509:                not from disk or NFS.  [jonathan 19981118]
                   4510:        bebox: Add PCI frame buffer console driver. [sakamoto 19981118]
                   4511:        morse(6): Add support for decoding of morse code. [hubertf 19981118]
                   4512:        kernel: fix d_mmap routines to deal with signed offsets.  fixes many
                   4513:                real & potential security problems.  problem found by ted
                   4514:                lemon, fixed by matthew green.  see NetBSD-SA1998-005 for
                   4515:                more deatils.  [mrg 19981119]
                   4516:        hippi: Added HIPPI-FP support to Essential HIPPI driver (esh)
                   4517:                [kml 19981120]
                   4518:        ipfilter: updated to 3.2.10.  [mrg 19981123]
                   4519:        xsrc: updated to XFree86 3.3.3 [veego 19981123]
                   4520:        sparc64: add ld.new, gas.new & egcs support, 64bit target.
                   4521:                [mrg 19981123]
                   4522:        sparc64: add bfd support.  [mrg 19981123]
                   4523:        powerpc: Add shared library support.  [tsubai 19981124]
                   4524:        kernel, fs, mount(8): add support for a new mount option, "nodevmtime",
                   4525:                which inhibits the updating of modification times on
                   4526:                device special files.  Useful on laptops and other
                   4527:                power-managed systems [kenh 19981202]
                   4528:        mtree(8): add "md5" keyword for md5 cryptographic checksum.
                   4529:                [jwise 19981206]
                   4530:        usb: Add a generic USB driver, ugen.  [augustss 19981208]
                   4531:        xsrc: fix problems with missing -R paths when linking binarys and
                   4532:                shared objects.  [mrg 19981208]
                   4533:        rbootd(8): fix memory leak.  [mrg 19981209]
                   4534:        atari: Add driver for BVME410. From 'maximum entropy'. [leo 19981209]
                   4535:        audio: Add a driver for the S3 SonicVibes chip. [augustss 19981210]
                   4536:        sparc64: add installboot program and man page.  [mrg 19981211]
                   4537:        amiga: Switched default compiler to egcs. [is 19981212]
                   4538:        egcs: Imported egcs 1.1.1 release. [tv 19981213]
                   4539:        m68k, compat/linux: Add initial support of linux compatibility on
                   4540:                m68k ports. [itohy 19981215]
                   4541:        isa: ISA Driver from TC400, TC800 multi-port serial cards from
                   4542:                Eric S. Hvozda [christos 19981216]
                   4543:        toolchain: add various bits for building 64 bit NetBSD/sparc64 ELF
                   4544:                binaries (gcc, gas, ld), via a `sparc64--netbsd' target.  do
                   4545:                the same for 32 bit and `sparc--netbsdelf' target.  we can
                   4546:                now build sparc ELF binaries, but no csu.  [mrg 19981217]
                   4547:        sparc: bfd, ld.new - build in elf32_sparc and sun4 support as well.
                   4548:                once ld.new works for sparc a.out, a single ld(1) will work
                   4549:                for both a.out and ELF, and SunOS 4.0 objects.  [mrg 19981217]
                   4550:        a.out ld/ld.so: salvage ld.so(1), ldconfig(8) and ldd(1) sources from
                   4551:                `gnu' subtree and resettle them into standard locations.
                   4552:                [pk 19981217]
                   4553:        sun3:  use UVM by default everywhere.  [mrg 19981223]
                   4554:        x68k: Switch default to UVM on x68k.  [itohy 19981223]
                   4555:        ftp(1): support http/1.1 chunked transfers, www and proxy
1.8       wiz      4556:                authentication, ftp auto-login with ftp:// URLs even if
1.1       lukem    4557:                $ftp_proxy set.  send user-agent in http request. cleanup http
                   4558:                redirects. improve display of transfer rate.  [lukem 19990101]
                   4559:        tetris(6): display shape that will appear next in the game as some
                   4560:                sort of preview function if -p is given. [hubertf 19990103]
                   4561:        find(1): add support for `-flags [-]flags'.  [lukem 19990104]
                   4562:        kernel: add support for multisession CDs, by Torsten Duwe.
                   4563:                [is 19990104]
                   4564:        domains: added /usr/share/misc/domains containing a list of all
                   4565:                Top Level Domains (TLDs) from ISO 3166 as of today.
                   4566:                [hubertf 19990104]
                   4567:        scsi: Add a driver for the AMD Am53c974 PCscsi-PCI SCSI chip, written
                   4568:                by Izumi Tsutsui <tsutsui@ceres.dti.ne.jp>.
                   4569:                [thorpej 19990106]
                   4570:        amiga: Add driver for the serial ports of the HyperCom3+ and
                   4571:                HyperCom4+ ZBUS boards. [is 19990110]
                   4572:        portmap(8): use libwrap for access control, add -l flag to log
                   4573:                all connections and -2 flag to su to daemon before
                   4574:                running, so that forwarded connections use non-
                   4575:                privileged ports.  Also restrict GET/SET calls to
                   4576:                the loopback interface [jwise 19990111]
                   4577:        libc: implement nsswitch.conf(5) functionality.  [lukem 19990116]
                   4578:        bc(1), dc(1): update to bc 1.05a and dc 1.2.  [simonb 19990116]
                   4579:        find(1): add GNU-style -{a,c,m}min primaries.  [simonb 19990117]
                   4580:        pkg_install: Added code to pkg_add and pkg_create to maintain a
                   4581:                database (``pkgdb'') with mappings of which file belongs
                   4582:                to which pkg, and enable pkg_info to query it with the -F
                   4583:                switch (which tells it to expect a filename instead of a
                   4584:                package name). A pkg_admin utility was added to (re)build
                   4585:                the pkgdb from scratch - for migrating from old non-pkgdb
                   4586:                pkg_* tools.  [hubertf 19990119]
                   4587:        pkg_install: Added "check" command to pkg_admin to allow checking
                   4588:                of pkgs' files against their MD5 checksum.
                   4589:                [hubertf 19990119]
                   4590:        libstdc++: Added code size optimizations for programs compiled
                   4591:                to use complex, string, or the STL. [tv 19990119]
                   4592:        pax(1): implement GNU tar's -X option in terms of the pax -s option
                   4593:                with an empty replacement.  [mrg 19990120]
                   4594:        ethernet: Add FreeBSD's "vr" driver for VIA Rhine fast ethernet PCI NIC
                   4595:                written by Bill Paul <wpaul@ctr.columbia.edu>.
                   4596:                [sakamoto 19990121]
                   4597:        ypserv(8): change to use libwrap, not home-grown access control
                   4598:                code.  [thorpej 19990121]
                   4599:        kernel: scheduler enhancements provide a dramatic improvement in
                   4600:                interactive response when competing with loads that
                   4601:                fork many new processes. [ross/sommerfeld 19990124]
                   4602:        procfs: add support /proc/#/map. From FreeBSD. This file contains
                   4603:                the process' virtual memory map and we can use this
                   4604:                information to debug and control the process. And we may
                   4605:                use it to process migration or remote fork.
                   4606:                [msaitoh 19990125]
                   4607:        mkdep(1): add C replacement for old shell script. [tron 19990125]
                   4608:        libc: add hesiod 3.0.2 functionality (currently used by the nsswitch
                   4609:                code for passwd, group, and shells.  [lukem 19990125]
                   4610:        install(1): add a -b(ackup) flag to move any existing file(s) aside
                   4611:                by renaming them to file.old instead of simply deleting
                   4612:                them. A different backup suffix may be chosen with the
                   4613:                -B option's argument; If the suffix contains a '%' sign,
                   4614:                a numbered backup will be performed, expanding the %-pattern
                   4615:                via sprintf(3). [hubertf 19990126]
                   4616:        kernel: allow the raw character partition to be opened even with
                   4617:                no media for sd and cd driver (for raw IOCTLs)
                   4618:                [bouyer 19990126]
                   4619:        kernel: Implement [v]snprintf to make kernel safer.
                   4620:                [msaitoh 19990128]
                   4621:        i386:   bootblocks, installboot: First pass at ELF version. The
                   4622:                bootblocks right now can only be compiled with the a.out
                   4623:                assembler, but installboot, bootblocks, and the kernel are
                   4624:                ELF aware. [christos 19990128]
                   4625:        zoneinfo:  update to tzdata1999b.  [mrg 19990202]
                   4626:        pax(1): changed meaning of tar emulation mode option -o to mean
                   4627:                "use V7 tar mode"; change default output in tar emulation
                   4628:                to POSIX ustar. [tv 19990202]
                   4629:        toolchain: Imported binutils 2.9.1, tested completely on i386 and
                   4630:                partly working on alpha and arm32. [tv 19990202]
                   4631:        kernel: change DIOCEJECT ioctl to unlock the media if no other
                   4632:                partition are open before eject. A non-null argument will
                   4633:                force the old behavior. The previous ioctl has been keep
                   4634:                as ODIOCEJECT for binary compatibility. [bouyer 19990208]
                   4635:        i386:   ELF integration complete. [christos 19990205]
                   4636:        eject(1): change eject(1) to take avantage of the new DIOCEJECT,
                   4637:                so that CDROM drives can be eject'd with no media, and
                   4638:                implement a '-l' option to load the media on cdrom drives.
                   4639:                [bouyer 19990208]
                   4640:        kernel: Add COMPAT_AOUT [christos 19990209]
                   4641:        grep(1): update to GNU grep 2.2f. [simonb 19990210]
                   4642:        comm(1): add -f option to allow case-independent operation when
                   4643:                comparing files which contain the same line but with different
                   4644:                mixture of upper/lower case.. [hubertf 19990211]
                   4645:        mtree(8): add -m and -i switches to make changing file flags much
                   4646:                simpler.  from Dr. Lex Wennmacher <wennmach@geo.Uni-Koeln.DE>
                   4647:                [mrg 19990212]
                   4648:        /etc/mk.conf: support MKxxx=no in favour of NOxxx=. add mk.conf(5).
                   4649:                support MKCATPAGES=no, which prevents catman pages from being
                   4650:                built or installed.  [lukem 19990212]
                   4651:        MI Driver for Cirrus Logic 240[01] Four channel Serial Controller
                   4652:                [scw 19990213]
                   4653:        kernel: Change compat path lookup to reference the true root when the
                   4654:                path begins with /.. [christos 19990214]
                   4655:        mvme68k: Support for Motorola's MVME-167 board added.
                   4656:                This is a VMEbus board with an mc68040 processor running
                   4657:                at either 25 or 33MHz, and various amounts of RAM (32Mb
                   4658:                ECC is common). There are 4 serial ports, handled by a
                   4659:                Cirrus Logic CD2401 communications controller, a SCSI
                   4660:                interface handled by an ncr53c710 chip and an i82596
                   4661:                ethernet controller. At this time, the SCSI port is not yet
                   4662:                supported (though it will be soon) and the CD2401 support
                   4663:                is not complete. Work still needs to be done to fully
                   4664:                utilise the facilities of the memory and VMEbus controllers.
                   4665:                However, as a diskless NFS client, the board performs
                   4666:                very well as it stands just now.
                   4667:                [scw 19990215]
                   4668:        chess: a newer GNU chess is in pkgsrc, so retire this version.
                   4669:                [mrg 19990215]
                   4670:        standards: add XPG4.2 nl(1) utility.  [kleink 19990215]
                   4671:        eject(1): new "eject" program written by Chris Jones with improved
                   4672:                device type recognition, automatic unmount of all
                   4673:                partitions, support for opening empty CDROM drives and
                   4674:                unit numbers larger than 1.
                   4675:                [tron 19990217]
                   4676:        fstat(1): display IP connection details of TCP and UDP sockets.
                   4677:                [lukem 19990218]
                   4678:        alpha: Working ISA floppy driver, thanks to some DMA debugging
                   4679:                from Ross Harvey and Charles Hannum.  [thorpej 19990218]
                   4680:        macppc: Add MESH SCSI driver.  [tsubai 19990219]
                   4681:        mvme68k: Add SCSI and VMEbus drivers for MVME-167 board.
                   4682:                [scw 19990220]
                   4683:        grep(1): update to GNU grep 2.3. [simonb 19990221]
                   4684:        syslogd(8): allow multiple -p flags (and do something useful with
                   4685:                them).  new -P flag for list of log sockets.  this is very
                   4686:                useful/essential for chroot usage.  [mrg 19990221]
                   4687:        systat(1): add a new `ps' view which clones the output of `ps aux'.
                   4688:                Add pid of process in question to each line of the `pigs'
                   4689:                display.  [jwise 19990221]
                   4690:        pmax: bootblocks that work on -current. [simonb 19990222]
                   4691:        libc: add t{search,find,walk,delete} to manipulate binary search
                   4692:                trees, from OpenBSD [christos 19990222]
                   4693:        kernel: the scheduler has been revised and reorganized to fix bugs,
                   4694:                improve interfaces, and to add a mechanism for a platform-
                   4695:                specific scheduler clock. This fixes the scheduler bugs
                   4696:                that were letting nice +20 processes steal time from nice
                   4697:                +0 procs. This bug affected most platforms to some degree,
                   4698:                and completely broke nice(1) on alpha. [ross 19990222]
                   4699:        swapctl(2), dumps:  add support for "dp" entries to set the dump
                   4700:                device from userland.  [mrg 19990224]
                   4701:        pkg_install: Add -r flags to pkg_delete to delete a package and all
                   4702:                the packages that depend on it [chopps 19990226]
                   4703:        kernel: Modified vnode locking protocol to always pass the VOP_CLOSE
                   4704:                operation a locked vnode as opposed to an unlocked one.
1.52      wiz      4705:                Also separated export verification and file handle to
1.1       lukem    4706:                vnode conversion. VFS_FHTOVP now only returns a vnode from
                   4707:                a file handle while VFS_CHECKEXP performs export
                   4708:                verification. Bump version to 1.3J. [wrstuden 19990226]
                   4709:        raid: Add component labels, hot-adding of spares, in-place component
                   4710:                rebuilding, and shutdownhooks to RAIDframe. [oster 19990301]
                   4711:        netgroup(1), innetgr(1): Add userland programs to get values from the
                   4712:                netgroup map.  [christos 19990302]
                   4713:        pkg_install: Added -O switch to pkg_delete to only remove any
                   4714:                references to the package from the pkgdb, but do not touch
1.37      snj      4715:                the package or its files otherwise. Used by the pkgsrc
1.1       lukem    4716:                build system's "make reinstall" target. [hubertf 19990302]
                   4717:        pkg_install: For pkg_info, also show which packages the package in
                   4718:                question requires. [hubertf 19990304]
                   4719:        amiga, audio: Enhancements to the aucc (internal custom chip Audio
                   4720:                hardware on Amiga machines) driver: more data types, especially
                   4721:                14bit output. By Bernardo Innocenti, PR #6787. [is 19990304]
                   4722:        pkg_install: Add -R flags to pkg_delete to delete a package
                   4723:                and all packages it depends on [hubertf 19990308]
                   4724:        amiga: Driver for Symbios 53c720/770, and attachment code for
                   4725:                the Cyberstorm Mk. III/ Cyberstorm PPC SCSI host adapter,
                   4726:                by Michael Hitch. Note that this does NOT currently support
                   4727:                wide transfers. [is 19990309]
                   4728:        dump(8): handle nodump flag on directories: don't dump the directory or
                   4729:                any files under it [bouyer 19990309]
                   4730:        lfs: Fix various problems with the LFS.  See summary of changes in
                   4731:                src/sys/ufs/lfs/CHANGES for details. [perseant 19990310]
                   4732:        i386: Build and install serial bootblocks into
                   4733:                /usr/mdec/biosboot_ser.sym [sommerfeld 19990312]
                   4734:        vax: Use csr's for vsbus devices. Detect interrupt vector and
                   4735:                mask automatic on vsbus. Correct detection of system
                   4736:                console on vaxstations. [ragge 19990314]
                   4737:        x68k: Add <machine/bus.h> implementation.  Some drivers are reorganized
                   4738:                under `intio' virtual device to utilize it. [minoura 19990316]
                   4739:        amiga: aster.c driver now attaches to the ISDN Master II, too.
                   4740:                [is 19990317]
                   4741:        net, netinet: Add support for Token-Ring drivers,
                   4742:                by Onno van der Linden <onno@simplex.nl>. [bad 19990322]
                   4743:        dev, i386: Add driver for TROPIC based Token-Ring ISA cards,
                   4744:                by Onno van der Linden. [bad 19990322]
                   4745:        xsrc: fixed security problem in xtrans library [tron 19990322]
                   4746:        tcpdump(1): Make it understand Token-Ring frames,
                   4747:                by Onno van der Linden. [bad 19990323]
                   4748:        dev, i386: Add driver for Databook TCIC family PCMCIA chips.
                   4749:                [bad 19990323]
                   4750:        dump(8): Add read cache. Speeds up dump operations in most cases
                   4751:                [bouyer,mjl 19990323]
                   4752:        net: prevent bind(2)ing to a unicast address/port if the uids of the
                   4753:                socket creators are different and the new bind(2) is not done
                   4754:                by root.  [luke 19990324]
                   4755:        vm: delete Mach VM.  [mrg 19990324]
                   4756:        kernel, libc: implement core of getcwd in kernel, for a
                   4757:                significant performance improvement (25x to 30x when 4-5
                   4758:                levels deep).  Also, use the same framework to close a few
                   4759:                chroot-related holes. [sommerfeld 19990324]
                   4760:        next68k: Working mono video and keyboard support using wscons
                   4761:                developed by Matt Debergalis <deberg@mit.edu> [dbj 19990324]
                   4762:        net: MTU of a SLIP interface can be modified via ifconfig now.
                   4763:                "SLMTU" is still used as initial value. [tron 19990325]
                   4764:        net: add sync. serial ppp/Cisco HDLC bits.  [explorer 19990325]
                   4765:        dev, i386: add driver LAN Media Corporation's line of high speed
                   4766:                serial network interfaces.  Currently supported are the
                   4767:                LMC5200 (HSSI) LMC5245 (DS3) and LMC10000 (programmable
                   4768:                speeds, up to 10Mbps).  Currently tested only on i386.
                   4769:                [explorer 19990325]
                   4770:        compat/netbsd32: split sparc32 compatibility layer into MD/MI pair, and
                   4771:                put the MI section into "netbsd32".  this is in anticipation
                   4772:                of future `mips64' architecture work.  [mrg 19990326]
                   4773:        audio:  add audioplay and audiorecord tools, based on the SunOS 5.x
                   4774:                tools of the same name interface, written from scatch by
                   4775:                myself.  [mrg 19990327]
                   4776:        uvm: detect when the system is out of swap space and avoid
                   4777:                system hangs by killing processes which try to allocate
                   4778:                anonymous memory in this situation. [chs 19990327]
                   4779:        pmax: two stage disk boot blocks that can load a.out, ECOFF
                   4780:                and ELF kernels, and pass a bootinfo record to the
                   4781:                kernel with ddb symbol information. [simonb 19990327]
                   4782:        compat/linux: add support for getcwd syscall [tron 19990327]
                   4783:        vax: Rudimentary support for VS4000/90, VS4000/VLC and MV4000/300
                   4784:                from Michael Kukat. [ragge 19990326]
                   4785:        amiga: Add ATAPI support to idesc.c.  Works with my CDROM, but don't
                   4786:                have any other ATAPI devices to test with. [mhitch 19990326]
                   4787:        amiga: Update Symbios 53c720/770 driver to do wide and Ultra transfers.
                   4788:                CyberStorm Mk. III driver now supports 15 targets.
                   4789:                [mhitch 19990326]
                   4790:        amiga: Recognize RDB "LNX\0" partitions (Linux ext2fs). [is 19990428]
                   4792: Changes from NetBSD 1.4 to NetBSD 1.5:
                   4793:        less(1):  updated to less-335.  [mrg 19990406]
                   4794:        libcurses:  add sysV keypad (arrows, function keys), timeouts and
                   4795:                timed waits.  this was done by Julian Coleman
                   4796:                <J.D.Coleman@newcastle.ac.uk> and blymn@baea.com.au (Brett
                   4797:                Lymn).  [mrg 19990413]
                   4798:        m68k: added SVR4 emulation.  [kleink 19990419]
                   4799:        pmax: the DEC PixelStamp accelerated framebuffers are now supported
                   4800:                and work on an Xserver is underway. [ad 19990426]
                   4801:        compat/osf1: clean up, enhance existing functionality, and add
                   4802:                support for dynamically linked executables.  [cgd 19990427]
                   4803:        systat(1): also install as `sysstat', for consistency with other
                   4804:                commands (such as `nfsstat') and other systems.
                   4805:                [lukem 19990429]
                   4806:        sparc: convert the sparc bootblocks and installboot to use the
                   4807:                MI loadfile(), and fix them so they work with both a.out
                   4808:                and ELF. Fix a few kernel ELF problems. Now the sparc can
                   4809:                build everything either ELF or a.out. [christos 19990505]
                   4810:        compat/osf1: substantial enhancements, can now run Netscape
                   4811:                Communicator and some other applications.  [cgd 19990505]
                   4812:        kernel: Added use counting to file descriptors, making file tables
                   4813:                safely sharable between multiple processes.  [thorpej 19990505]
                   4814:        kernel: NTFS support from FreeBSD. The code is really toxic at
                   4815:                this stage. Use with extreme caution. [christos 19990506]
                   4816:        alpha: Emulate user program use of BWX instructions on CPUs which
                   4817:                don't support them.  Handle unaligned accesses caused by
                   4818:                BWX instructions.  [cgd 19990509]
                   4819:        amiga: attach driver for parallel port on HyperCom 3+/4+ [is 19990510]
                   4820:        lib:    New library, libusb, for dealing with USB HID.
                   4821:                [augustss 19990512]
                   4822:        ftp(1): support `[user[:password]@]' in http URLs and $http_proxy.
                   4823:                [lukem 19990513]
                   4824:        kernel: Allow a user-specified stack to be used in the child after a
                   4825:                fork operation, allow an alternate exit signal to be specified,
                   4826:                and allow more things (cwd info, file tables, signal handlers)
                   4827:                to be shared between the parent and child.  [thorpej 19990513]
                   4828:        ppp: Split the PPP active and passive filters into separate inbound and
                   4829:                outbound filters.  Improve tcpdump's PPP data link handling,
                   4830:                and teach it about different PPP encaps.  [thorpej 19990514]
                   4831:        compat/linux: Emulate the Linux clone(2), and {get,set}res{g,u}id(2)
                   4832:                system calls.  [thorpej 19990517]
                   4833:        ftpd(8): maintain and display transfer statistics for each session.
                   4834:                support `internal' ls. improve timeout support (so `hung'
                   4835:                sessions eventually close down). add transfer time to
                   4836:                syslog messages for get/put. other cleanups.  [lukem 19990518]
                   4837:        whois(1): imported client from RIPE WHOIS Tools 2.4. [tron 19990518]
                   4838:        net: Make layer 2 protocol input routines private, and with a uniform
                   4839:                footprint.  Add an (*if_input)() entry to the ifnet structure.
                   4840:                These routines now expect the protocol header to be included
                   4841:                with the packet, not stripped off.  [thorpej 19990518]
                   4842:        kernel: make the kernel buffer allocation routine allocsys() machine
                   4843:                independant; all ports now support the BUFCACHE option.
                   4844:                [lukem 19990519].
                   4845:        sparc:  finally NetBSD works Ok on HyperSPARC machines [pk 19990521]
                   4846:        mips:   reduce extraneous kernel space TLB exceptions by preserving
                   4847:                TLB entries belong to kernel space when TLB flush operation
                   4848:                is to be done.  MIPS1 only this moment [nisimura 19990522].
                   4849:        mips:   reduce TLBmod exception cost by skipping unnecessary code
                   4850:                path.  MIPS1 only this moment [nisimura 19990529]
                   4851:        amiga:  support Amiga partition tables that fake >1 sectors per fs
                   4852:                block (for Adosfs) by using a bigger sector size in the
                   4853:                PART block than for the disk geometry in the RDSK block.
                   4854:                By Matthias Scheler via PR 2559. [is 19990530]
                   4855:        m68k:   Apply FPE fixes from Ken Nakata in PR#7220 [briggs 19990530]
                   4856:        amiga:  support Amiga partition tables on media with more than 512
                   4857:                bytes/sector (e.g., "640MB" 90mm MOs). Contributed by
                   4858:                Detlef Wuerkner in PR 7653. [is 19990602]
                   4859:        kernel: Adosfs support for media with more than 512 bytes/sector.
                   4860:                Contributed by Detlef Wuerkner in PR 7652. [is 19990602]
                   4861:        ethernet: Add support for the Silicon Integrated Systems SiS 900
                   4862:                10/100 Ethernet chip, such as found in the IBM
                   4863:                Netstation.  [thorpej 19990602]
                   4864:        arm32:  Added Xarm32VIDC server to xsrc for RiscPC and ARM7500 based
                   4865:                systems [mark 19990603]
                   4866:        disklabel(8): Print and parse filesystem fragment, block size and
                   4867:                the cpg field also for ADOS partitions, and fragment and block
                   4868:                size for BSDLFS partitions in the text format i/o.
                   4869:                Print the block and fragment size in the disktab(5)-formatted
                   4870:                output for ADOS and BSDLFS. [is 19990604]
                   4871:        sparc64:  Implement Ultra5/10 base support: PCI (sabre/psycho/simba),
                   4872:                ebus.  Use the MI PCI, PCIIDE, IDE and ATAPI code.  This sort-of
                   4873:                works on the Ultra5/10 class machines.  [mrg 19990605]
                   4874:        cdplay(1): Add "cdplay", a simple command line utility for playing
                   4875:                audio CDs with an additional interactive mode. [ad 19990605]
                   4876:        sparc:  The object format for NetBSD/sparc is now ELF [pk 19990606]
                   4877:        vax: Support for VAX 4000/300, from Michael Kukat. [ragge 19990606]
                   4878:        i386: Add support for AdvanSys SCSI ISA cards. [dante 19990606]
                   4879:        modload(8): add ELF support from joda@pdc.kth.se (Johan Danielsson) as
                   4880:                referenced in PR#6149.  [mrg 19990613]
                   4881:        awk(1): imported GNU Awk 3.0.3.  [tron 19990613]
                   4882:        vm: Fix a slew of bugs regarding memory locking in UVM, fix munlock(2)
                   4883:                to match POSIX 1003.1b semantics, and implement the
                   4884:                1003.1b mlockall(2) and munlockall(2) system calls.
                   4885:                Bumped version resulting from uvm_map_pageable() semantics
                   4886:                change.  [thorpej 19990616]
                   4887:        bus_space(9): Remove old, deprecated definitions provided by
                   4888:                __BUS_SPACE_COMPAT_OLDDEFS (bus_space_copy_[1248] and
                   4889:                BUS_BARRIER_{READ,WRITE}).  [cgd 19990617]
                   4890:        ping(8): add -a option to ping (beep on receipt of packet),
                   4891:                from andrew@untraceable.net [sommerfeld 19990617]
                   4892:        x68k: Add memswitch(8) utility. [minoura 19990622]
                   4893:        net: add HOSTZEROBROADCAST option and sysctl to control whether
                   4894:                the .0 address on a subnet is considered a broadcast
                   4895:                address.  The default setting retains current behavior
                   4896:                (host zero considered a broadcast) but at least you can
                   4897:                turn it off now. [sommerfeld 19990626]
                   4898:        mac68k: Allow serial console on Q900/Q950 to work. [briggs 19990626]
                   4899:        cap_mkdb(1): Add -b and -l options to generate big- or little-endian
                   4900:                databases. [simonb 19990627]
                   4901:        ftp(1): implement transfer rate throttling (the `rate' command
                   4902:                and `-T' option). SIGUSR1 & SIGUSR2 can be used to alter
                   4903:                the rate `on-the-fly'. run .netrc macros for command-line
                   4904:                fetches as well as for normal connections.  [lukem 19990629]
                   4905:        kernel: added driver for Realtek 8129/8139 ethernet adapters
                   4906:                (ported from FreeBSD). [drochner 19990630]
                   4907:        net: kernel part for IPv6/IPsec support is merged in.  Userland support
                   4908:                should follow.
                   4909:                This is based on KAME/NetBSD-1.4, SNAP kit timestamped
                   4910:                19990628.  This will be updated with unified-ipv6 codebase,
                   4911:                whenever it becomes ready.  [itojun 19990701]
                   4912:        alpha:  added ddb traceback code from Jason Thorpe. [ross 19990701]
                   4913:        alpha:  Added support for the new generation of alpha systems based
1.7       wiz      4914:                on the EV6 (21264) CPU, include 264dp, xp1000, ds20, and
1.1       lukem    4915:                others. Thanks to Alpha Processor, Inc, (alpha-processor.com)
                   4916:                for supporting this development effort.  [ross 19990701]
                   4917:        libc: add IPv6 support functions as documented in RFC2553 and RFC2292.
                   4918:                getnameinfo and getaddrinfo are the most important ones
                   4919:                (from KAME).  Incremented shlib minor version for added
                   4920:                interfaces.  [itojun 19990702]
                   4921:        libc, libresolv: fix resolver functions.  were mistakingly hardcoded
                   4922:                to IPv4 (always query T_A even if instructed to query T_AAAA).
                   4923:                [itojun 19990702]
                   4924:        libc, libresolv: make resolver capable of using TCP/UDP over IPv6
                   4925:                for contacting DNS servers.  [itojun 19990702]
                   4926:        libipsec: IPsec policy manipulation library, from KAME distribution.
                   4927:                [itojun 19990702]
                   4928:        ifconfig(8): v6 support is added (from KAME). [itojun 19990702]
                   4929:        gifconfig(8): v6 support is added (from KAME). [itojun 19990702]
                   4930:        trpt(8): v6 support is added (from KAME). [itojun 19990702]
                   4931:        ndp(8): arp(8) lookalike for IPv6.  For query neighbor cache tables.
                   4932:                (from KAME). [itojun 19990702]
                   4933:        netstat(1): v6 support is added (from KAME). [itojun 19990702]
                   4934:        ping(8): added IPsec support (from KAME). [itojun 19990702]
                   4935:        ping6(8): ping for IPv6, with IPsec support (from KAME).
                   4936:                [itojun 19990702]
                   4937:        inetd(8): IPv4/v6 dual-stack support (from KAME). [itojun 19990702]
                   4938:        telnetd(8): IPv4/v6 dual-stack support (from KAME). [itojun 19990702]
                   4939:        fingerd(8): IPv4/v6 dual-stack support (from KAME). [itojun 19990702]
                   4940:        finger(1): IPv4/v6 dual-stack support (from KAME). [itojun 19990702]
                   4941:        ftpd(8): IPv4/v6 dual-stack support (from KAME). [itojun 19990702]
                   4942:        ftp(1): IPv4/v6 dual-stack support (from KAME). [itojun 19990702]
                   4943:        rtsol(8): ask router for prefix information, by sending router
                   4944:                solicitatoin packet.  to be invoked on end hosts (from KAME).
                   4945:                [itojun 19990702]
                   4946:        ifmcstat(8): show multicast group joined for interfaces (from KAME).
                   4947:                [itojun 19990702]
                   4948:        sysctl(8): support IPv6 and IPsec sysctl values (from KAME).
                   4949:                [itojun 19990702]
                   4950:        rtadvd(8): router advertisement daemon, to be run on routers for
                   4951:                transmitting prefix information on the subnet (from KAME).
                   4952:                [itojun 19990702]
                   4953:        libpcap: capture IPv6 packets.  syntax extended for IPv6 supports.
                   4954:                Note that shlib major version is increased (from KAME).
                   4955:                [itojun 19990702]
                   4956:        tcpdump(8): decode and display IPv6, IPsec, ospf6, dhcp, and other
                   4957:                protocols (from KAME).  [itojun 19990702]
                   4958:        route6d(8): RIPng daemon (from KAME).  [itojun 19990702]
                   4959:        rip6query(8): ripquery for RIPng (from KAME).  [itojun 19990702]
                   4960:        telnet(1): IPv4/v6 dual-stack support (from KAME). [itojun 19990702]
                   4961:        route(8): IPv6 support, with -inet6 modifier (from KAME).
                   4962:                [itojun 19990702]
                   4963:        setkey(8): IPsec manual key config utility (from KAME).
                   4964:                [itojun 19990702]
                   4965:        net: make IPSEC_ESP option compilable.  manual symlinks are required.
                   4966:                [itojun 19990702]
                   4967:        /etc/netstart: add IPv6 initialization script.  rc.conf is updated
                   4968:                as well.  [itojun 19990702]
                   4969:        puc(4): add support for all SIIG serial/parallel I/O cards described
                   4970:                on the SIIG web page (as of July 2, 1999).  That's support
                   4971:                for 36 more cards than what was there before, with 8 unique
                   4972:                names and a few options.  See the manual page for a list
                   4973:                of supported card types.  [cgd 19990702]
                   4974:        ifconfig(8): add -s and -b options to help scripts which want to look
                   4975:                at the link-level status of an interface. [wes 19990703]
                   4976:        i386:   use the ELF binary format by default [fvdl 19990705]
                   4977:        mld6query(8): throw IPv6 MLD packet, which is similar to IPv4 IGMP
                   4978:                (from KAME).  [itojun 19990706]
                   4979:        vnode system: Modified vnode_if.src syntax to indicate if a VOP
                   4980:                unlocks the vnode in addition to vrele'ing.
                   4981:                Reduced the maximum number of vnodes passed to a
                   4982:                VOP from 16 to 8 (most we actually pass is 4).
                   4983:                Added genfs_eopnotsupp_rele(), a generic VOP error
                   4984:                function.  It will unlock and rele all vnodes passed
                   4985:                into the function, using the new vnode_if.src
                   4986:                syntax. [wrstuden 19990707]
                   4987:        vnode locking: Modified struct vnode to include a struct lock,
                   4988:                and add genfs_lock(), genfs_unlock(), and
                   4989:                genfs_islocked() operations. All leaf fs's other
                   4990:                than nfs now use lock manager locks to protect
                   4991:                internal data, including kernfs, fdescfs, portalfs,
                   4992:                and procfs. Leaf fs's now store the address of their struct
                   4993:                lock in v_vnlock. A value of NULL indicates that the fs
                   4994:                does not use the lock manager. Layered fs's directly lock
                   4995:                and unlock the struct lock referenced in v_vnlock, if non-
                   4996:                null. nfs exports a NULL as it does no locking at present,
                   4997:                and unionfs exports a NULL as its locking is more complex
                   4998:                than locking a single struct lock. [wrstuden 19990707]
                   4999:        layered filesystems: Added layerfs routines in sys/miscfs/genfs
                   5000:                which provide almost all of the functionality of nullfs.
                   5001:                The latter is now just a mount & unmount routine, and
                   5002:                initialization tables. umapfs uses many of the layerfs
                   5003:                routines also. Both filesystems are now (nfs) exportable.
                   5004:                Layered filesystems will directly access the struct lock
                   5005:                pointed to by v_vnlock if available, using VOP_LOCK on the
                   5006:                underlying fs if v_vnlock is NULL. [wrstuden 19990707]
                   5007:        newsmips: Add native boot loader.  [tsubai 19990708]
                   5008:        ktruss(1): add in a new interface to the ktrace subsystem.  ktruss(1)
                   5009:                uses fktrace(2) to acquire ktrace records as soon as they are
                   5010:                generated by the kernel, decoding and printing them into a
                   5011:                more compact format similar to that of truss/trace/strace.
                   5012:                Standard ktrace.out files may also be used as input.  No more
                   5013:                is ktrace/kdump required to monitor a running program.  The
                   5014:                man page for ktrace(1) has been updated to also include usage
                   5015:                of ktruss(1). [darrenr 19990712]
                   5016:        audio: Add support for the ESS Technology Solo-1 PCI AudioDrive chip
                   5017:                family, such as found on the TerraTec 128i PCI sound card.
                   5018:                [kleink 19990712]
                   5019:        tftpd(8): IPv4/v6 dual-stack support (from KAME). [itojun 19990712]
                   5020:        tftp(1): IPv4/v6 dual-stack support (from KAME). [itojun 19990712]
                   5021:        cd9660: Add support for CD-ROM's with MS Joliet extensions
                   5022:                for long filenames. (From Joachim Kuebart in PR-7951)
                   5023:                [scw 19990713]
                   5024:        usb: Handle detachment of devices much better,  Use a kernel thread
                   5025:                instead of a daemon.  Support suspend/resume to some extent.
                   5026:                [augustss 19990714]
                   5027:        wi(4): ported Bill Paul's FreeBSD driver for the Lucent
                   5028:                WaveLan IEEE 802.11DS PCMCIA wireless LAN card while
                   5029:                watching the sun set over Oslo in the bar at the IETF meeting
                   5030:                [sommerfeld 19990714]
                   5031:        layered filesystems: Added new vnode flag VLAYER which is set for
                   5032:                vnodes on a layered fs. getnewvnode will check if a vnode is
                   5033:                locked if this bit is set before removing it from the free
                   5034:                list, skipping it if locked. Closes PR 7954 by Alan
                   5035:                Barrett. [wrstuden 19990715]
                   5036:        faithd(8): IPv6-to-IPv4 tcp relay translator (from KAME).
                   5037:                [itojun 19990717]
                   5038:        pim6dd(8): IPv6 PIM dense mode routing daemon (from KAME).
                   5039:                [itojun 19990717]
                   5040:        standards: Added XCU5 link(8) and unlink(8) utilities.
                   5041:                [kleink 19990719]
                   5042:        find(1): added -regex and -iregex primaries which match complete
                   5043:                path names against basic regular expressions (case
                   5044:                sensitively and insensitvely, respectively).  [cgd 19990719]
                   5045:        xsrc: updated to XFree86 3.3.4 [veego 19990720]
                   5046:        mt(1): added "setblk" as alias for "blocksize" and "setdensity"
                   5047:                as alias for "density". [tron 19990721]
                   5048:        macppc: Support media-bay CD drive on PowerBooks.  [tsubai 19990721]
                   5049:        wtf(6): from Allen Briggs, to grovel the new /usr/share/misc/acronyms
                   5050:                file. [mrg 19990722]
                   5051:        net: fix IPv6 path mtu discovery and TCP interaction (from KAME).
                   5052:                [itojun 19990723]
                   5053:        crypto-intl: add `Makefile.frag' support to allow building the
                   5054:                Free World crypto from within the normal build tree, as
                   5055:                is done with the US-only tree.  [mrg 19990723]
                   5056:        crypto-intl: add Free World version of libcrypt.  [mrg 19990723]
                   5057:        gzip(1): Decompress bzip2 files.  [simonb 19990725]
                   5058:        wscons: Add a pseudo-device, wsmux, that merges events from other
                   5059:                sources, i.e., keyboards and mice.  This allows easy plugging
                   5060:                and unplugging of those device types.  [augustss 19990730]
                   5061:        net: IPv6 code now works on 64bit architectures (checked w/alpha).
                   5062:                [itojun 19990731]
                   5063:        audio: MPU401 cards on ISA are now supported (mostly of value to
                   5064:                people with ancient hardware, i.e., the NetBSD crowd :).
                   5065:                [augustss 19990801]
                   5066:        sparc: Add support for modified Sun Mouse protocol as used by the
                   5067:                Tadpole 3GX/3GS Sparcbook pointing device. [matt 19990801]
                   5068:        hp300: add support for the hp425e serial console.  [thorpej 19990801]
                   5069:        sparc: Add support for the P9100-based console Tadpole 3GX/3GS
                   5070:                Sparcbooks for both RASTERCONSOLE and Xsun (via cgthree
                   5071:                emulation).  [matt 19990802]
                   5072:        fstat(1): add support for NTFS. [jdolecek 19990802]
                   5073:        Changed splsoftclock() to raise priority and introduced a new
                   5074:                spllowersoftclock() to provide the previous lowering
                   5075:                semantics.  Update calls as appropriate.  Addresses
                   5076:                the problem in PR #8192. [thorpej 19990805]
                   5077:        ethernet: Add support for the DEC SGEC, Second Generation Ethernet
                   5078:                Controller, found in VAX and PMAX machines, for example.
                   5079:                [ragge 19990808]
                   5080:        raidctl(8): Add support for checking the status of the parity
                   5081:                and, optionally, rebuilding the parity if necessary.
                   5082:                Addresses the problem in PR #7494. [oster 19990810]
                   5083:        vax: Add support for built-int LANCE chip on VAX 3300/3400.
                   5084:                [ragge 19990815]
                   5085:        locate(1): added support for multiple locate databases as per
                   5086:                PR #8176 [sjg 19990816]
                   5087:        compat/linux: Emulate the Linux stime(2) system call.
                   5088:                [tron 19990816]
                   5089:        usb: Add umodem device for Communication Device Class modems using
                   5090:                the Abstract Control Model, i.e., AT commands.
                   5091:                [augustss 19990817]
                   5092:        racoon(8): an IKE daemon, for dynamic IPsec key exchange (from KAME).
                   5093:                [itojun 19990816]
                   5094:        vnode.h: Fixed an old bug (dating to 4.4-Lite merge) where
                   5095:                VDESCVDESC_NOMAP_VPP and VDESC_VPP_WILLRELE overlapped
                   5096:                other VDESC_VP?_ bits. [wrstuden 19990817]
                   5097:        libsa: added LFS support.  [cgd 19990818]
                   5098:        alpha: added bootxx_lfs, a primary bootstrap for LFS file systems.
                   5099:                [cgd 19990818]
                   5100:        pkg_add(1): fixed false conflict detection [tron 19990819]
                   5101:        libbz2: Fix segv when decompressing corrupt files.  [simonb 19990820]
                   5102:        kernel: Rationalise <bswap.h> and <endian.h> into MI headers.  Add
                   5103:                macros to convert given size arguments to a specific
                   5104:                endianness to <endian.h>.  [simonb 19990821]
                   5105:        installation: Added UNPRIVILEGED make variable to allow users
                   5106:                to "make install" or "make build" without needing to
                   5107:                be root.  [simonb 19990821]
                   5108:        m68k: added infrastructure to create Motorola 68060 Floating Point
                   5109:                Library Support Package based libm. Still use 68060-effective
                   5110:                routines from libm/arch/mc68881 on 68060, and 68040-effective
                   5111:                on 68040 (for the others, the generic C code). This is
                   5112:                currently switched at compile time by adding M68060=1 or
                   5113:                M68040=1 to /etc/mk.conf.
                   5114:                More work needs to be done to actually create all three
                   5115:                versions in binary packages, so that they can be chosen
                   5116:                at installation time or even later. (If we switch to ELF,
                   5117:                the init function can patch the jump table at run time.)
                   5118:                [is 19990822]
                   5119:        supfilesrv(8): added libwrap support [bouyer 19990824]
                   5120:        SVID IPC: overhaul to match Single UNIX Specification, v2.
                   5121:                [thorpej 19990824]
                   5122:        amiga: /etc/ttys: switch individual ttye* off, and switch /dev/console
                   5123:                on. This way, screenblank will work with an out of the box
                   5124:                /etc/ttys. [is 19990825]
                   5125:        amiga: /etc/ttys: Add entries for serial plug-in boards and the DraCo
                   5126:                com ports. [is 19990825]
                   5127:        libwrap: upgraded to tcp_wrappers 7.6. [itojun 19990828]
                   5128:        vax: Add support VAXstation 4000/90.  [ragge 19990827]
                   5129:        USB: ported `umass' driver from FreeBSD, for USB Zip drives.
                   5130:                [thorpej 19990828]
                   5131:        kernel: added support for Promise Ultra/33 and Ultra/66 PCI IDE
                   5132:                controllers [bouyer 19990829]
                   5133:        pppd(8): update to 2.3.9 with itojun's help for ipv6 [christos 19990829]
                   5134:        kernel: added support for Intel 82801 (ICH/ICH0) IDE controllers
                   5135:                [bouyer 19990830]
                   5136:        libwrap: import IPv6 support code [itojun 19990831]
                   5137:        xsrc: updated to XFree86 3.3.5 [veego 19990901]
                   5138:        mktemp(1): from FreeBSD: make temporary file name (unique)
                   5139:                [tron 19990902]
                   5140:        traceroute(8): bypass IPsec if it is configured (otherwise traceroute
                   5141:                operation will always fail) [itojun 19990903]
                   5142:        rtsold(8): IPv6 router solicitation daemon, mainly for notebook PCs
                   5143:                (from KAME) [itojun 19990903]
                   5144:        whois(1): IPv6-ready patch by HEO SeonMeyong, PR 8281
                   5145:                [itojun 19990903]
                   5146:        amd: update to 6.0.1s11 to avoid amq overflow exploit.
                   5147:                [christos 19990904]
                   5148:        kernel: NTFS suitable for public consumption. [jdolecek 19990905]
                   5149:        kernel: allow hardlinks to symlinks. Also changed (g)tar and (g)cpio
                   5150:                to ensure backup and restore of these links. dump/restore and
                   5151:                pax did the right thing already. [hubertf 19990906]
                   5152:        pmax: Overhaul tz tape driver, mainly to handle variable block
                   5153:                lengths.  [simonb 19990907]
                   5154:        audio: Allow device detachment.  [augustss 19990909]
                   5155:        usb: Change internal API to allow pre-allocation of DMA buffers
                   5156:                and implement isochronous transfers.  [augustss 19990909]
                   5157:        audio, usb: Add preliminary support for USB audio devices.
                   5158:                [augustss 19990909]
                   5159:        pcmcia: Add support for Ambicom AMB8002T cards (yet another ne clone)
                   5160:                by Vincent Aymeric. [is 19990909]
                   5161:        cy(4): add support for Risc II based serial controller [tron 19990909]
                   5162:        sh3: add kernel code for NetBSD/sh3 port. [itojun 19990913]
                   5163:        arm32: ie: fixed Berkeley Packet Filter support [tron 19990913]
                   5164:        netstat(1): add -L option, which suppresses ARP entries in
                   5165:                routing table (-r) display. [is 19990915]
                   5166:        libc: add strlcpy(3) and strlcat(3), which are safer versions of the
                   5167:                equivalent strcpy/strcat functions by Todd C. Miller
                   5168:                <Todd.Miller@courtesan.com> via OpenBSD. [lukem 19990908]
                   5169:        libc: add _DIAGASSERT() to <assert.h>, and use in various libraries
                   5170:                (to ensure that the functions are called with the correct
                   5171:                arguments). This will only be compiled in if _DIAGNOSTIC is
                   5172:                defined. [lukem 19990917]
                   5173:        net: add preliminary kernel support for IPv6 over ARCnet. MTU handling
                   5174:                still needs to be done correctly. [is 19990919]
                   5175:        hpcmips: add kernel code for NetBSD/hpcmips port. [takemura 19990925]
                   5176:        makewhatis(8): replace shell script by a faster C program
                   5177:                [tron 19990926]
                   5178:        macppc: Added support for reading MacOS-partitioned disks. Code
                   5179:                borroed from port-mac68k code. Code modified so that
                   5180:                valid NetBSD disklabels are used before MacOS partitioning,
                   5181:                and to retain the ability to write NetBSD disklabels if
                   5182:                they are present or if no partitioning information is
                   5183:                present. [wrstuden 19990927]
                   5184:        ftp(1): implement lpage, pdir, pls, xferbuf. various portability and
                   5185:                performance improvements. [lukem 19990928]
                   5186:        dpt(4): add a new driver supporting DPT SCSI RAID adapters.
                   5187:                [ad 19990928]
                   5188:        sysctl(3): add per-process sysctl variables under the proc hierarchy.
                   5189:                [bouyer 19990928]
                   5190:        kernel: add a core filename format mechanism, to customize the name and
                   5191:                place of process core dumps [bouyer 19990928]
                   5192:        Add a driver for Megahertz PCMCIA Ethernet/Modem combo cards,
                   5193:                with some help from Chuck Cranor [thorpej 19990928]
                   5194:        tcpdump(8): add hex/ascii dumps and printing of telnet options.
                   5195:                [sjg 19990930]
                   5196:        compat/linux: Emulate the Linux sched_setparam(2), sched_getparamm(2),
                   5197:                sched_setscheduler(2), sched_getscheduler(2), sched_yield(2),
                   5198:                sched_get_priority_max(2) and sched_get_priority_min(2)
                   5199:                system calls. [tron 19991004]
                   5200:        tcpdump(8), libpcap: teach it to accept ARCnet interfaces and print
                   5201:                with them. Does not yet match on ARCnet devices. [is 19991005]
                   5202:        ps(1): procfs fallback code now extracts also process arguments,
                   5203:                process start time and session leadership status.
                   5204:                [jdolecek 19991015]
                   5205:        kernel: CardBus patch is merged. [haya 19991015]
                   5206:        spec_close(): Now call the device's close routine with the vnode
                   5207:                unlocked if the call might block. Force a non-blocking
                   5208:                close if VXLOCK is set. Should eliminate the dirty buffers
                   5209:                on reboot problem, and also eliminates a potential deadlock
                   5210:                situation described in private EMail. [wrstuden 19991016]
                   5211:        libpcap: teach it to match on ARCnet "system codes" (payload types)
                   5212:                for types of IPv4 and ARP (old-style and current), RARP, IPv6
                   5213:                and Appletalk. Also, matching inside first fragments of
                   5214:                newstyle protocols (all but oldstyle IPv4 and ARP) will work
                   5215:                if it isn't an exceptional length packet. [is 19991015]
                   5216:        amiga: add a branch of the reboot code working on Phase5 68040+PPC
                   5217:                boards. [is 19991018]
                   5218:        kernel: support detaching of wdc/aic pcmcia card.  [enami 19991021]
                   5219:        pax(1): support extraction of GNU tar long filenames (././@LongLink).
                   5220:                [mrg 19991024]
                   5221:        ftp(1): add `set', `unset', `usage'. improve detection of connection
                   5222:                closure when interrupted. various other fixes. [lukem 19991024]
                   5223:        libc: changed default nsswitch.conf setting for `hosts' from
                   5224:                `dns files' to `files dns'. [lukem 19991024]
                   5225:        vax: Add support for NCR5380 SCSI DMA.  [ragge 19991024]
                   5226:        libpcap: teach it to match ARCnet link level addresses (encoded as
                   5227:                `:' followed by a hexadecimally encoded byte). [is 19991025]
                   5228:        libz: make z_off_t to off_t (was mistakingly "long"). [itojun 19991026]
                   5229:        netinet: disable ipflow (IPv4 fast fowarding) if IPsec is configured
                   5230:                to the kernel as they are not compatible. [itojun 19991026]
                   5231:        audio: add support for ES1371 in the eap driver.  From Ezra Story.
                   5232:                [augustss 19991027]
                   5233:        alpha: accelerated TGA Xserver CopyArea. [elric 19991027]
                   5234:        ddb(4): add `sync' command. sort entries in `help' output. list help
                   5235:                output vertically as opposed to horizontally. [lukem 19991028]
                   5236:        pax(1): add new -p subflag `f' that preserves 4.4BSD file flags.
                   5237:                [mrg 19991101]
                   5238:        file(1): import file-3.28 [christos 19991101]
                   5239:        audio: add FM801 audio device driver.  From Witold J. Wnuk,
                   5240:                ww181302@zodiac.mimuw.edu.pl [augustss 19991101]
                   5241:        atari: add support for ESS Technology Inc. Solo-1 PCI Soundcard on
                   5242:                the Hades. [leo 19991104]
                   5243:        pcmcia: add the new awi driver, which supports AMD 79c930-based
                   5244:                802.11FH cards such as the BayStack 650. [sommerfeld 19991104]
                   5245:        editline(3): add support for displaying right-side prompt, controlled
                   5246:                with EL_RPROMPT. [lukem 19991112]
                   5247:        ftp(1): add `set prompt' and `set rprompt' to configure command line
                   5248:                prompt.  support restarting file:/// and non-proxy http://
                   5249:                requests.  [lukem 19991112]
                   5250:        systat(1): add `bufcache' display to show buffer cache usage per
                   5251:                filesystem.  [simonb 19991115]
                   5252:        kernel: Bring in Kirk McKusick's FFS soft updates + trickle sync code
                   5253:                into the kernel. [fvdl 19991115]
                   5254:        mips: add support for kernel softfloat emulation.
                   5255:                 From Shuichiro URATA ur@a-r.org [jun 19991118]
                   5256:        bind: update to 8.2.2-P5 to fix the recent exploits. [veego 19991120]
                   5257:        kernel: bring in IPv6-related defs into GENERIC kernel config.
                   5258:                now INET6 is enabled by default. [itojun 19991121]
                   5259:        libmenu: Added the menu library [blymn 19991123]
                   5260:        update(8): removed now that we have trickle sync. [simonb 19991125]
                   5261:        pmax: New alpha-style bootblocks, using installboot(8) to install
                   5262:                cd9660, ffs or lfs specific first stages. [simonb 19991128]
                   5263:        mvme68k: Added section 4 manual pages for mvme68k-specific device
                   5264:                drivers, intro(4) and autoconf(4). [scw 19991128]
                   5265:        cnw: support multicast (IPv6 works fine).  add ioctls for controlling
                   5266:                the interface, and getting stats.  ioctl portion is compatible
                   5267:                with bsdi/freebsd-pao cnw driver. [itojun 19991129]
                   5268:        cnwctl(8): controller for cnw network interface.  from
                   5269:                bsdi/freebsd-pao. [itojun 19991129]
                   5270:        newsyslog(8): miscellaneous improvements [ad 19991130]
                   5271:        libc: added XDR routines for 64-bit integer data types.
                   5272:                [thorpej 19991201]
                   5273:        syslogd(8): IPv4/v6 dual stack support (accepts syslog over IPv6 as
                   5274:                well).  From Feico Dillema, PR 8934. [itojun 19991203]
                   5275:        ps(1): Fix PR security/5967 - restrict showing process envirnoment.
                   5276:                [simonb 19991203]
                   5277:        pmax: dc driver support for 5100 consoles.  [simonb 19991204]
                   5278:        compat/linux: avoid kernel panics caused by invalid signal numbers.
                   5279:                [tron 19991204]
                   5280:        user(8): new SVR4/Solaris functionality added, providing
                   5281:                {user,group}{add,mod,del} utilities, and two frontends,
                   5282:                user(8) and group(8) [agc 19991206]
                   5283:        lpd: support child limiting and dead remote server detection to
                   5284:                increase robustness, enhance lpf(1) to optionally add
                   5285:                `missing' carriage returns.  [mrg 19991207]
                   5286:        news68k: initial import of news68k port. [tsutsui 19991209]
                   5287:        ipfilter: updated to version 3.3.5. [veego 19991212]
                   5288:        ftpd(8): /etc/ftpusers: added host matching and optional class
                   5289:                specification. /etc/ftpd.conf: added configurable motd file,
                   5290:                rate limiting, disabling of uploads. support for % escapes in
                   5291:                message file output. added `SITE RATE{GET,PUT}'.
                   5292:                [lukem 19991213]
                   5293:        ld.elf_so: Enhancement to be able to parse ld.so.conf for hardware
                   5294:                dependent libraries based on sysctl variables
                   5295:                [christos 19991213]
                   5296:        net: sync kernel IPv6 portion with latest KAME kit.  includes bunch of
                   5297:                fixes and clarifications.  other IPv6-related tools are
                   5298:                upgraded as well. [itojun 19991213]
                   5299:        telnet(1): remove meaningless setuid(2) calls. [itojun 19991213]
                   5300:        netstat(8): enable per-interface statistics display. [itojun 19991213]
                   5301:        getaddrinfo(3): support KAME extended IPv6 numeric address syntax.
                   5302:                glob parameter better. [itojun 19991213]
                   5303:        getnameinfo(3): support KAME extended IPv6 numeric address syntax.
                   5304:                [itojun 19991213]
                   5305:        audio: Add Cirrus Logic CS4280 driver.  From Tatoku Ogaito.
                   5306:                [augustss 19991213]
                   5307:        rwhod(8): Fix possible DoS triggered by malformed packet [mjl 19991215]
                   5308:        compat/linux: emulate ptrace(2). [tron 19991216]
                   5309:        amiga: add attachment for the X-surf board to the if_ne_zbus.
                   5310:                The clock and the half-IDE port aren't supported yet.
                   5311:                [is 19991217]
                   5312:        ftpd(8): added -h hostname (to override the hostname advertised to the
                   5313:                client. if not given, determine based on incoming IP address),
                   5314:                added -U (to manage utmp(5) entries for connections).
                   5315:                split ftpd(8) into ftpd(8), ftpd.conf(5) and ftpusers(5).
                   5316:                [lukem 19991219]
                   5317:        netinet: prevent kernel panic on multicast loopback.  fixes PR 9020
                   5318:                from Pavlin Radoslavov. [itojun 19991220]
                   5319:        faithd(8): avoid possible DoS by infinite tcp relay loop.
                   5320:                PR 8640 from Feico Dillema. [itojun 19991220]
                   5321:        net: change definition of sockaddr_storage from RFC2553 to XNET
                   5322:                (with ss_len and ss_family), based on recent discussions on
                   5323:                ipngwg.  future RFC2553 will include new definition.
                   5324:                [itojun 19991220]
                   5325:        systat: major internal cleanup to command processing and keystroke
                   5326:                processing.  User visible change:  systat will now do a
                   5327:                refresh immediately if space or return is hit while not
                   5328:                in command mode. [jwise 19991220]
                   5329:        ftpd(8): add group matching in ftpusers(5).  [lukem 19991221]
                   5330:        newsmips: Add news5000 support.  [tsubai 19991222]
                   5331:        systat: add a top(1)-like user command to the ps display.
                   5332:                [kleink 19991222]
                   5333:        yppasswd(1): make it work again since the master.passwd map
                   5334:                was introduced. [mjl 19991223]
                   5335:        disklabelling: Implement the DIOCKLABEL ioctl. Through this ioctl
                   5336:                it is possible to either keep the disklabel on the last
                   5337:                close or to drop it. [leo 19991223]
                   5338:        xfs(1): automatically background, and support writing a .pid file.
                   5339:                [lukem 19991226]
                   5340:        amiga: rewrite bus_space(9) implementation, to prepare for PCMCIA
                   5341:                support [is 19991230]
                   5342:        libc: nlist(3) supports COFF symbol table [msaitoh 20000103]
                   5343:        sysinst: add IPv6 autoconfiguration support, to be able to grab
                   5344:                files via ftp over IPv6.  original work done by
                   5345:                Ichiro Fukuhara <ichiro@ichiro.org>. [itojun 20000104]
                   5346:        i386: add IPv6 boot floppy support. [itojun 20000104]
                   5347:        ntwoc: add isa driver for Riscom/N2 sync serial card,
                   5348:                adapt pci driver for changes made to hd64570 [chopps 20000104]
1.3       wiz      5349:        hd64570: handle non-DMA capable users, cleanup tx and rx logic
1.1       lukem    5350:                implement dynamic low-water mark fifo adj, utilize
                   5351:                internal baud rate generator [chopps 20000104]
                   5352:        systat(1): IPv6 support for "netstat" subcommand. [itojun 20000105]
                   5353:        luna68k: initial import of luna68k port. [nisimura 20000105]
                   5354:        tar(1): fixed Y2K bug in date parser [tron 20000105]
                   5355:        at(1): fixed Y2K bug in date parser [tron 20000106]
                   5356:        net: implement IPV6_BINDV6ONLY socket option and
                   5357:                net.inet6.ip6.bindv6only sysctl.  see ip6(4) for details.
                   5358:                now AF_INET6 wildcard listening socket do not grab IPv4 traffic
                   5359:                by default, to avoid possible security risks.
                   5360:                [itojun 20000106]
                   5361:        ftpd(8): support connection limits and template classes.
                   5362:                [lukem 20000109]
                   5363:        etc: /etc/daily now calls /etc/daily.local before exiting. similar
                   5364:                changes have been made to weekly and monthly scripts.
                   5365:                [ad 20000110]
                   5366:        kernel: implement ``swapctl -d'' and improve swap i/o error handling.
                   5367:                [chs 20000110]
                   5368:        ftpd(8): allow specification of range to use for passive ports.
                   5369:                suppress verbose messages if first character of anonymous
                   5370:                password is `-'.  [lukem 20000113]
                   5371:        libutil: import BSDI version of login_cap (/etc/login.conf) handling
                   5372:                functions, and adapt login(1), su(1), rshd(8). [mjl 20000114]
                   5373:        net: fix interop problem in IP compression protocol.  this was because
                   5374:                of compression window size. [itojun 20000117]
                   5375:        usb: add Bill Paul's aue and kue Ethernet drivers. [augustss 20000117]
                   5376:        sysctl(8): move from /usr/sbin to /sbin.  if you are chasing changes
                   5377:                via cvs, please remove /usr/sbin/sysctl to avoid having
                   5378:                obsolete code. [itojun 20000117]
                   5379:        fstat(1): IPv6 support.  PR 9199 by URA Hiroshi
                   5380:                <ura@hiru.aoba.yokohama.jp>, with minor changes.
                   5381:                [itojun 20000117]
                   5382:        usb: add Bill Paul's cue Ethernet driver. [augustss 20000117]
                   5383:        etc: for netstat -i in /etc/daily, avoid reverse name lookup by -n.
                   5384:                also add netstat -inv for IPv6. [itojun 20000120]
                   5385:        vax: rework interrupt dispatching so a full 32bit context is passed
                   5386:                instead of a small unsigned integer from 0 to 63. (this
                   5387:                allows the VAX port to directly use more of the MI drivers)
                   5388:                [matt 20000121]
                   5389:        amiga: add PCMCIA support. [aymeric 20000123]
                   5390:        pcmcia: add ray device driver which adds support for the raytheon
                   5391:                raylink and webgear aviator 2.4/PRO IEEE 802.11 FH 2Mbps
                   5392:                wireless lan cards. [chopps 20000123]
                   5393:        ifmedia: add IEEE 802.11 media types and options [chopps 20000123]
                   5394:        arc: Import arc port, which supersedes old pica port,
                   5395:                based on OpenBSD-2.1/arc. [soda 20000123]
                   5396:        config(8): add "ident" keyword to allow changing the kernel
                   5397:                ident to something different than the kernel config file's
                   5398:                name, e.g. a RCS Id. [hubertf 20000124]
                   5399:        kernel: add a `config_pending' semaphore to block mounting of the
                   5400:                root file system until all device driver discovery threads
                   5401:                have had a chance to do their work.  This in turn blocks
                   5402:                initproc's exec of init(8) until root is mounted and
                   5403:                process start times and CWD info has been fixed up.
                   5404:                Make the CardBus and USB event threads use this mechanism.
                   5405:                Addresses kern/9247.  [thorpej 20000124]
                   5406:        ifconfig: add nwid support to ifconfig to get/set 802.11
                   5407:                wireless nwids [chopps 20000124]
                   5408:        cardbus: fix problem with interrupts being enabled during power
                   5409:                cycling of pcmcia cards [chopps/mycroft 20000124]
                   5410:        cardbus: add a front-end for the `ahc' driver, which supports
                   5411:                the Adaptec ADP-1480 CardBus SCSI controller.
                   5412:                [thorpej 20000125]
                   5413:        cardbus: add detach code for child devices [haya 20000126]
                   5414:        libc: add bindresvport_sa(3), which is bindresvport(3) with address
                   5415:                family independence (supports IPv6 as well).  [itojun 20000126]
                   5416:        libc: add IPv6-ready rcmd(3) variants, rcmd_af(3) and iruserok_sa(3).
                   5417:                ruserok(3) is now address family independent.  [itojun 20000126]
                   5418:        lpd(8): add IPv6 support.  now lpd(8) is able to listen to multiple
                   5419:                network socket.  NetBSD PR 9050 from Feico Dillema.
                   5420:                [itojun 20000126]
                   5421:        kernel: add extfs revision 1 support, with the 'filetype' and
                   5422:                'sparse_super' options. [bouyer 20000128]
                   5423:        pim6sd(8): IPv6 PIM sparse mode routing daemon (from KAME).
                   5424:                [itojun 20000129]
                   5425:        rshd(8): IPv6 support from KAME. [itojun 20000131]
                   5426:        rlogind(8): IPv6 support from KAME. [itojun 20000131]
                   5427:        rsh(1): IPv6 support from KAME. [itojun 20000131]
                   5428:        rlogin(1): IPv6 support from KAME. [itojun 20000131]
                   5429:        kernel: bring in latest KAME IPsec.  the kernel policy API was
                   5430:                massively changed and you'll need rebuild binaries that
                   5431:                link libipsec. [itojun 20000131]
                   5432:        libipsec: bring in latest KAME IPsec.  increase shlib major for
                   5433:                API change.  customers of libipsec are fixed as well.
                   5434:                [itojun 20000131]
                   5435:        sysvsem: Change the kernel api of semctl(2) to use union semun *
                   5436:                instead of union semun, to avoid abi problems. Provide
                   5437:                a userland stub for the conversion. Mention why syscalls
                   5438:                should not have struct and union args in syscall(2).
                   5439:                [christos 20000131]
                   5440:        cryptosrc-us: Updated to latest KAME IPsec and OpenSSL 0.9.4
                   5441:                from cryptosrc-intl.  [thorpej 20000131]
                   5442:        net: add a first-cut if_detach() implementation.  Based on
                   5443:                work by Bill Studenmund.  [thorpej 20000201]
                   5444:        pcmcia: add irq probing to discover the irq lines wired and
                   5445:                usable by the pcic device. [chopps 20000201]
                   5446:        rpc.lockd(8): Add nlm version 4 support, for use with NFSv3.
                   5447:                [bouyer 20000201]
                   5448:        ipfilter: updated to version 3.3.8. [veego 20000201]
                   5449:        Add support for AdvanSys LVD SCSI host adapters. [dante 20000203]
                   5450:        kernel: add a function, ratecheck(), which can be used to help rate-
                   5451:                limit actions.  See ratecheck(9) for details.  [cgd 20000203]
                   5452:        pcmcia:  added WEP encryption to wi driver, for WaveLAN IEEE cards.
                   5453:                [explorer 20000204]
                   5454:        /etc/netstart: improve IPv6 initialization part.  update rc.conf as
                   5455:                well to enable the change. [itojun 19990702]
                   5456:        amiga: added MI wdc support for A4000/A1200 IDE. [mhitch 20000205]
                   5457:        libahdi: Added the AHDI disk partitioning library [jdc 20000205]
                   5458:        kernel: log(9) processes which exit on coredump worthy signals, if
                   5459:                new sysctl(3) kern.logsigexit is non-zero. [fair 20000205]
                   5460:        inet_pton(3): fix behavior to make it RFC2553/XNS compliant.
                   5461:                inet_pton() takes decimal dot-quad only.  [itojun 20000208]
                   5462:        sendmail(8): updated to 8.9.3.  [tron 20000208]
                   5463:        news68k: Add news1200 support. Based on a patch from
                   5464:                Koichi NISHIWAKI <k-nis@ba2.so-net.ne.jp> [tsutsui 20000208]
                   5465:        net: To conform to RFC2292/2367/2553, and promote proper use of
                   5466:                include file pathname in the specs, remove non-standard header
                   5467:                files as much as possible.  [itojun 20000209]
                   5468:        net: IPv6 extended scoped address syntax code is revised.
                   5469:                Now you can write ne0%fe80::1 to denote "link-local address
                   5470:                fe80::1 on the link associated with interface ne0"
                   5471:                (before the change it was fe80::1@ne0).  [itojun 20000209]
                   5472:        macppc: iMac DV and Power Macintosh G4 can boot NetBSD/macppc.
                   5473:                [tsubai 20000214]
                   5474:        mac68k: add hardware drivers for wscons and enable wscons support.
                   5475:                includes legacy console compatibility. [scottr 20000214]
                   5476:        kernel: various fixes for the softdep code, amongst which better
                   5477:                behaviour under heavy load. From <ethan@geocast.com>
                   5478:                [fvdl 20000215]
                   5479:        kernel: add vfs.generic.usermount sysctl, that controls if non-root
                   5480:                users can mount filesystems [fvdl 20000216]
                   5481:        net: IPv6 extended scoped address syntax code is revised (again).
                   5482:                Now the format is fe80::1%ne0.  The format is based on
                   5483:                ongoing discussion.  I really hope this to be final.
                   5484:                [itojun 20000218]
                   5485:        kernel: fix 64bit alignment problem in ancillary data on socket.
                   5486:                be sure to recompile IPv6 userland programs.  There's no way
                   5487:                to provide backward compat, however there are very few programs
                   5488:                using ancillary data.  [itojun 20000218]
                   5489:        getaddrinfo(3): honor search order declared in nsswitch.conf(5).
                   5490:                [itojun 20000220]
                   5491:        pmax:   Add MI SCSI device driver for DS5000.  Disabled by default.
                   5492:                See conf/DS5000 for example. [nisimura 20000221]
                   5493:        arc: merge changes between OpenBSD-2.1 and OpenBSD-2.6. [soda 20000222]
                   5494:        libc: add getifaddrs(3) from BSDI4, which gets list of interface
                   5495:                addresses configured to the node.  in other words, this is a
                   5496:                wrapper function for SIOCGIFCONF. [itojun 20000223]
                   5497:        net: do not return IPv4 ICMP, if the packet which caused ICMP
                   5498:                was encrypted. [itojun 20000223]
                   5499:        sh3: add support internal watchdog timer. [msaitoh 20000224]
                   5500:        sh3: permit multiple (reenterable) interrupts. [msaitoh 20000224]
                   5501:        sh3: add SH4 support. [msaitoh 20000224]
                   5502:        net: obsolete following two IPv6 ioctls: SIOCSIFDSTADDR_IN6 and
                   5503:                SIOCSIFNETMASK_IN6.  they do not fit well with IPv6.
                   5504:                userland headers no longer have them.  kernel supports them
                   5505:                for a while, we'll remove them before 1.5 branch is cut.
                   5506:                [itojun 20000225]
                   5507:        dpt(4): add support for ISA controllers. [ad 20000225]
                   5508:        kernel: added a RAID_AUTOCONFIG option to turn on auto-detection of
                   5509:                RAID components and auto-configuration of RAID sets.
                   5510:                This also allows root on RAID. [oster 20000226]
                   5511:        grep(1): updated to grep-2.4. [wiz 20000227]
                   5512:        sysctl(3): added hw.alignbytes, which gives ALIGNBYTES at the kernel
                   5513:                compilation time. [itojun 20000227]
                   5514:        net: update ICMPv6 namelookup support to be based on 05 draft
                   5515:                (draft-ietf-ipngwg-icmp-name-lookups-05.txt).  unfortunately,
                   5516:                there is no interoperability between -04 and -05 for "ping6 -a".
                   5517:                [itojun 20000227]
                   5518:        prep: initial import prep port. [nonaka 20000229]
                   5519:        net: introduce m->m_pkthdr.aux pointer to pass around data between
                   5520:                protocol handlers.  ipsec is the only customer at this moment.
                   5521:                this brings the kernel version to 1.4U. [itojun 20000301]
                   5522:        source code style guide: update to use ANSI (not K&R), and reflect
                   5523:                current (best) practice.  [lukem 20000302]
                   5524:        kernel: again, fix alignment problem in ancillary data on socket.
                   5525:                be sure to recompile IPv6 userland programs.  it should be the
                   5526:                final fix for IPv6 related ancillary data alignment.
                   5527:                [itojun 20000302]
                   5528:        arc: add support for NEC RISCstation 2250 (NEC-RD94), contributed
                   5529:                by Shuichiro URATA <ur@a-r.org>. [soda 20000303]
                   5530:        alpha: added support for TGA2. [elric 20000305]
                   5531:        acct(2): creates kernel thread ``acctwatch'' to issue statfs(2)
                   5532:                system call.  previously, this was done in timeout handler
                   5533:                and thus we can't put an accounting file on NFS file system.
                   5534:                [enami 20000310]
                   5535:        find(1): add -s option which causes entries of each directory sorted.
                   5536:                [itohy 20000310]
                   5537:        rc(8): implement /etc/rc.d  [lukem 20000310]
                   5538:        sysctl(8): add -f option to read and process a file containing
                   5539:                name=value settings to make. Comments (indicated with #)
                   5540:                are ignored. [tsarna 20000312]
                   5541:        libpfkey: cleanup exported functions to ease future upgrades.
                   5542:                shlib major was increased. [itojun 20000314]
                   5543:        alpha: switch to hardware accelerated MI sfb.c [nisimura 20000314]
                   5544:        sparc: Tadpole 3GX/3GS Sparcbook serial ports now work.
                   5545:                [jdc 20000314]
                   5546:        ahc(4): Bring in a newer version of Justin Gibbs' FreeBSD driver,
                   5547:                ported to be used with our SCSI subsystem. This adds support
                   5548:                for 789x chips. [fvdl 20000315]
                   5549:        kernel: added new VFS op routine (vfs_done) - needed for VFS LKMs,
1.37      snj      5550:                to clean resources allocated in its vfs_init routine
1.1       lukem    5551:                before it's unloaded [jdolecek 20000317]
                   5552:        mvme68k: Added support for NetBSD's machine independent VMEbus
                   5553:                framework on both MVME147 and MVME167 cards. [scw 20000318]
                   5554:        cobalt: initial import of cobalt port. [soren 20000319]
                   5555:        cac(4): add a new driver supporting Compaq array controllers.
                   5556:                [ad 20000321]
                   5557:        sparc: console device recognition re-written; as a spin-off we
                   5558:                now support the Javastation 1 [pk 20000321]
                   5559:        kernel: added a PCI_CONFIG_DUMP option to cause PCI devices'
                   5560:                configuration space headers to be verbosely printed.
                   5561:                [cgd 20000321]
                   5562:        pcmcia: update the awi driver, which now supports AMD 79c930-based
                   5563:                802.11DS cards as well as 802.11FH cards, and can operate
                   5564:                in infrastructure mode, adhoc mode, and wi(4) compatible
                   5565:                adhoc mode. [onoe 20000322]
                   5566:        kernel: New callout mechanism with two major improvements over
                   5567:                the old timeout()/untimeout() API:
                   5568:                        - Clients supply callout handle storage,
                   5569:                          thus eliminating problems of resource allocation.
                   5570:                        - Insertion and removal of callouts is constant
                   5571:                          time, important as this facility is used quite
                   5572:                          a lot in the kernel.
                   5573:                The old timeout()/untimeout() API has been removed from
                   5574:                the kernel. [thorpej 20000322]
                   5575:        scheduler: keep track of processes that go through round-robin
                   5576:                without yielding the CPU, and inform them that they
                   5577:                should yield if possible.  Implement yield() (voluntary
                   5578:                general yield) and preempt() (involuntary general yield)
                   5579:                primitives.  Based on a discussion w/ Artur Grabowski.
                   5580:                [thorpej 20000323]
                   5581:        uiomove: If we're told we should yield the CPU, preempt.
                   5582:                [thorpej 20000323]
                   5583:        usb: Add isochronous mode transfer support to the OHCI driver.
                   5584:                [augustss 20000329]
                   5585:        audio: Add auvia driver for integrated audio of the VIA
                   5586:                VT82C686A southbridge chip on some motherboards.
                   5587:                [tsarna 20000330]
                   5588:        libc: Move dlopen(), dlclose(), dlsym() and dlerror() function
                   5589:                definitions to libc.  They used to be defined in crt0.o, which
                   5590:                caused `Undefined symbol "dlopen"' at run time when they were
                   5591:                referenced from a dynamically linked module.  Based on the
                   5592:                patch supplied by Takuya Shiozaki <tshiozak@astec.co.jp>.
                   5593:                [minoura 20000402]
                   5594:        libc: add getopt_long(3) from Dieter Baron and Thomas Klausner.
                   5595:                [christos 20000402]
                   5596:        usb: New umass(4) driver with support for SCSI and ATAPI.
                   5597:                [augustss 20000402]
                   5598:        etc: the file /etc/sysctl.conf is now run with sysctl -f at
                   5599:                boot. [tsarna 20000408]
                   5600:        usb: Add driver for Prolific host-to-host adapter. [augustss 20000409]
                   5601:        uvm: Add UVM_PGA_ZERO which instructs uvm_pagealloc{,_strat}()
                   5602:                to return a page as if it had been uvm_pagezero()'d.
                   5603:                [thorpej 20000409]
                   5604:        vax: add driver for the VS4000/60 and VS4000/VLC NCR53C94 SCSI
                   5605:                controller. [matt 20000409]
                   5606:        sysinst: on i386, enable wscons by default in etc/rc.conf and
                   5607:                etc/ttys. [hubertf 20000410]
                   5608:        pppd(8): enable IPv6 PPP support. [itojun 20000412]
                   5609:        sh3: add support for gdb. [msaitoh 20000414]
                   5610:        ddb(4): preserve "count" when repeating the previous command by
                   5611:                hitting newline. [jhawk 20000413]
                   5612:        ps(1): options to show processes with no or revoked controlling
                   5613:                tty. [simonb 20000415]
                   5614:        vax: Add driver for the DEBNA/DEBNT/DEBNK Ethernet controller,
                   5615:                located on the BI bus. [ragge 20000409]
                   5616:        kernel: implement NFS IO threads as real kernel threads,
                   5617:                removing the need for nfsiod(8). The number of threads
                   5618:                is set with the vfs.nfs.iothreads sysctl [tsarna 20000415]
                   5619:        scandir(3): 3rd argument's function takes const struct dirent *,
                   5620:                in line with other implementations. [mrg 20000416]
                   5621:        lchflags(2): new syscall, does not follow symlinks. [mrg 20000417]
                   5622:        vax: Enable cache on VS4000/VLC/ [mhitch 20000418]
                   5623:        stf(4): pseudo network device for 6to4 IPv6-over-IPv4 encapsulation.
                   5624:                from KAME tree. [itojun 20000419]
                   5625:        issetugid(2): new syscall, from OpenBSD (via FreeBSD).
                   5626:                [minoura 20000421]
                   5627:        vax: Add driver for the RL01/RL02 disk devices. [ragge 20000422]
                   5628:        msdosfs: fix to be able to read files bigger than 2GB, PR #9046
                   5629:                [jdolecek 20000422]
                   5630:        uvm: implement pre-zero'ing of pages in the idle loop.
                   5631:                [thorpej 20000424]
                   5632:        i386: utilize uvm_pagezeroidle.  [thorpej 20000424]
                   5633:        poweroff: Powers down the system equivalent to "halt -p", but
                   5634:                allows powering down the system from an exec(2) call, e.g.
                   5635:                via a user which has "poweroff" as login shell. The command
                   5636:                name is modeled after Solaris. [hubertf 20000425]
                   5637:        libc, libresolv: synchronize resolver functions to BIND 4.9.7.
                   5638:                boundary checking code in BIND 4.9.7 are now active.
                   5639:                [itojun 20000425]
                   5640:        libc, libresolv: disable $HOSTALIASES support for setuid/gid binary,
                   5641:                due to security reasons.  [itojun 20000427]
                   5642:        audio: add a driver for the C-Media CMI8x38 audio chip.
                   5643:                Contributed by Takuya SHIOZAKI <AoiMoe@imou.to>.
                   5644:                [augustss 20000430]
                   5645:        postfix: imported and integrated Wietse Venema's Postfix mailer.
                   5646:                [perry 20000430]
                   5647:        audio: add a driver for old Creative Music System.
                   5648:                From Gregory McGarry.  [augustss 20000502]
                   5649:        pmax: add Am7930 audio driver for the MAXINE family of machines.
                   5650:                From Gregory McGarry.  [augustss 20000502]
                   5651:        sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.10.1. [itojun 20000503]
                   5652:        ipfilter: updated to version 3.4.1. [veego 20000503]
                   5653:        postfix: use /etc/mail/aliases to synchronize with sendmail upgrade.
                   5654:                [itojun 20000506]
                   5655:        bktr(4): new driver for Brooktree 848 compatible TV cards,
                   5656:                ported from FreeBSD [wiz 20000507]
                   5657:        vax: support for VAX 4000/200 added, fixed by Michael Kukat.
                   5658:                [ragge 20000508]
                   5659:        kernel: Add "install" target to kernel Makefiles that puts the
                   5660:                new kernel into / with saving the old one in /onetbsd.
                   5661:                The target can be redefined via a
                   5662:                install-kernel-${MACHINE_NAME} target in /etc/mk.conf.
                   5663:                [hubertf 20000509]
                   5664:        pcmcia: Allocate 12-bit pcmcia I/O space from 0x400-0xfff,
                   5665:                instead of 0x330-0x3ff [jhawk 20000509]
                   5666:        sh3: gdb supports the single step operation. [msaitoh 20000510]
                   5667:        arm26: Imported arm26 port. [bjh21 20000511]
                   5668:        pcmcia: added support for REX-R280 card by Ratoc Systems. Code by
                   5669:                UCHIYAMA Yasushi. [is 20000511]
                   5670:        ipfilter: updated to version 3.4.2. [veego 20000511]
                   5671:        kernel: Add MicroChannel Architecture (MCA) bus support (currently for
                   5672:                IBM PS/2 machines - i386), based on code written by
                   5673:                Scott D. Telford. The code is very experimental at this
                   5674:                stage, use with extreme caution. [jdolecek 20000511]
                   5675:        kernel: Add driver for MCA IBM Tropic Token Ring adapter, written
                   5676:                by Gregory McGarry.     [jdolecek 20000511]
                   5677:        i386: Add support for changing the console on-the-fly to serial
                   5678:                interactively from the bootblocks
                   5679:                (in /usr/mdec/biosboot.sym). [jhawk 20000513]
                   5680:        file: update to 3.31 Adds a mime output option, and a flag to keep
                   5681:                going to print all matching magic entries. [christos 20000513]
                   5682:        procfs: fixes for cmdline from Robert Elz in PR kern/10113.
                   5683:                [simonb 20000516]
                   5684:        lfs: fsck_lfs can now write to the filesystem, fixing many of the
                   5685:                problems possible with a damaged lfs.  Its "preen" mode
                   5686:                performs a limited roll-forward. [perseant 20000516]
                   5687:        cz: Add driver for Cyclades-Z series of intelligent multiport
                   5688:                serial adapters, written by Jason R. Thorpe and
                   5689:                Bill Studenmund of Zembu Labs, Inc.  [thorpej 20000517]
                   5690:        lint(1): fix "static function ... unused" warnings for static
                   5691:                __inline functions (actual change is in <sys/cdefs.h>).
                   5692:                [simonb 20000521]
                   5693:        ipfilter: updated to version 3.4.3. [veego 20000521]
                   5694:        ddb(4): add a "sifting" command (named for the sun openprom command
                   5695:                of the same name) to search the symbol table for a
                   5696:                substring. [jhawk 20000522]
                   5697:        ipfilter: updated to version 3.4.4. [veego 20000523]
                   5698:        mips: Fix kernel profiling.  [simonb 20000525]
                   5699:        kernel: Add siop(4), a completely rewritten driver in replacement
                   5700:                for ncr(4). [bouyer 20000525]
                   5701:        panic(9): Use ddb to print out a stack trace if ddb.onpanic is unset;
                   5702:                the traceback goes to the kernel message buffer and to the
                   5703:                console. [jhawk 20000526]
                   5704:        kernel: Add sysctls to return fixed size process information, process
                   5705:                argv and environent strings and some other statistical
                   5706:                information.  [simonb 20000526]
                   5707:        libkvm: Add support for new process information and argv/env sysctls.
                   5708:                [simonb 20000526]
                   5709:        ps(1), w(1), top(1): use new sysctls and kvm routines to remove "proc
                   5710:                size mismatch" errors and the setgid kmem mode bit.
                   5711:                [simonb 20000526]
                   5712:        cd9660: add a way to disable the mapping of filenames to lowercase
                   5713:                on non-Rock Ridge cdroms via new option 'nomaplcase'
                   5714:                for mount_cd9660(8) [jdolecek 20000527]
                   5715:        pciide: Add support for the OPTi 82c621 PCIIDE controller and
                   5716:                two of its derivatives. [scw 20000527]
                   5717:        man(1): Add support for relative section paths in man.conf,
                   5718:                fix -m handling, add -S flag for narrowing the manpage search
                   5719:                by specifying a substring the result pathname has to contain.
                   5720:                Writen by Chuck Cranor. [jdolecek 20000527]
                   5721:        kernel: Document the machine-independent softintr(9) soft interrupt
                   5722:                mechansim.  [cgd 20000531]
                   5723:        ftp(1): Add support for uploading files on the commandline using
                   5724:                '-u targeturl filelist'. Based on patch in [bin/10019] from
                   5725:                Scott Aaron Bamford <sab@ansic.net>.  [lukem 20000601]
                   5726:         libcurses: Added more SUSv2 functions to curses library including
                   5727:                support for colour.  Changed curses to use the new termcap
                   5728:                interface.  Made curses internal data structures opaque.
                   5729:                Converted curses macros to function calls.
                   5730:                [blymn/jdc 20000602]
                   5731:        libterm: Extended the termcap interface based on suggestions by
                   5732:                Christos Zoulas that allows multiple simultaneous terminals
                   5733:                and limited buffer copy capabilities.  Lifted the 1024 byte
                   5734:                restriction on termcap entries. [blymn 20000602]
                   5735:        pmax: Allow SII driver to work with MI SCSI.  MI SCSI can now be
                   5736:                used on all DECstation models. [mhitch 20000602]
                   5737:        userland: Update the RPC code to use the TI-RPC interface, to
                   5738:                enable usage over IPv6 [fvdl 20000602]
                   5739:        kernel: Add sysctls to return fixed size SysV IPC information.
                   5740:                [simonb 20000603]
                   5741:        ipcs(1): use new SysV IPC sysctls, remove setgid kmem mode bit.
                   5742:                [simonb 20000603]
                   5743:        kernel, vmstat(8): Document and implement a major overhaul of
                   5744:                the evcnt(9) interfaces.  [cgd 20000604]
                   5745:        vax: Add eventt counting to port. [matt 20000604]
                   5746:        kernel: Do not stop saving kernel messages to the message buffer
                   5747:                when writing a kernel crash dump. [jhawk 20000605]
                   5748:        rnd(4): allow ports to supply a high-resolution counter through
                   5749:                <machine/rnd.h> for /dev/random to sample.
                   5750:                [sommerfeld 20000605]
                   5751:        i386: supply <machine/rnd.h> for better rnd(4) randomness.
                   5752:                [sommerfeld 20000605]
                   5753:        inetd.conf: turn off ftp, telnet by default, and crank up logging for
                   5754:                a few commented out daemons.
                   5755:                [sommerfeld 20000606]
                   5756:        umount(8): make ``-a'' a synonym for ``-A''. [chs 20000606]
                   5757:        ps(1): Calculate column widths on the fly so that columns line up.
                   5758:                [simonb 20000607]
                   5759:        arm32: Implementation boot device matching on DNARD plaforms.
                   5760:                Also implement booted_kernel, booted_device, console_device
                   5761:                machine dependent sysctl variables.
                   5762:                [matt 20000607]
                   5763:        rpc.lockd(8): Implement real file locking in rpc.lockd(8).
                   5764:                [bouyer 20000607]
                   5765:        i386: Add /sys/arch/i386/gdbscripts/stack for backtracing the kernel
                   5766:                stack in gdb, as "where" sometimes has trouble. [jhawk 20000607]
                   5767:        atari: Fix microtime(). Previous version was jumping around at the
                   5768:                end of the clock tick. [leo 20000608]
                   5769:        gdbscripts: Add /sys/gdbscripts/msgbuf for printing the kernel
                   5770:                message buffer. [jhawk 20000608]
                   5771:        config: Added support for overriding a file's make command, by
                   5772:                respecifying it with compile-with from a different file.
                   5773:                [cgd 20000608]
                   5774:        kernel: Changed the definition of the spl-lowering functions
                   5775:                (spllowersoftclock() and spl0()) to return void.
                   5776:                [cgd 20000608]
                   5777:        kernel: Add some tweaks to the NFS code to handle IPv6
                   5778:                [fvdl 20000608]
                   5779:        mountd, nfsd: Make them more AF-independent, to handle IPv6.
                   5780:                [fvdl 20000608]
                   5781:        compat/pecoff: Add PE/COFF (Win32) binary compatibility support.
                   5782:                This is currentry supports only i386.  [oki 20000609]
                   5783:        vax: Support for spinning up the slave CPUs on a multiprocessor
                   5784:                VAX8200 system. [ragge 20000610]
                   5785:        net: Import latest KAME ipsec policy engine.  This includes
                   5786:                PF_KEY API change.  libipsec and setkey(8) need to be updated.
                   5787:                [itojun 20000612]
                   5788:        setkey(8): -m flag to get/delete subcommand is now gone.
                   5789:                [itojun 20000612]
                   5790:        ipfilter: updated to version 3.4.6. [veego 20000612]
                   5791:        pciide(4): added support for the HighPoint HPT366 IDE controller.
                   5792:                [bouyer 20000612]
                   5793:        man(1): Add -s option for specifying a section name, ala SysV.
                   5794:                [simonb 20000613]
                   5795:        ping6(8): make -n by default, for too many false error reports due to
                   5796:                too long IPv6 reverse lookup (needs 34 levels of DNS name tree
                   5797:                traversal).  use -H if you need name lookup.  [itojun 20000613]
                   5798:        setkey(8): moved from usr.sbin to sbin, to enable us to perform
                   5799:                encrypted /usr NFS mount. [itojun 20000613]
                   5800:        sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.10.2. [itojun 20000613]
                   5801:        sgimips: initial import of sgimips port. [soren 20000614]
                   5802:        ftpd(8): support MLSD & MLST extensions from draft-ietf-ftpext-mlst-10.
                   5803:                SIZE, MDTM and REST STREAM have historically existed in ftpd(8)
                   5804:                but weren't official until now.  [lukem 20000614]
                   5805:        kernel: Add sysctl to return the kernel message buffer.
                   5806:                [simonb 20000616]
                   5807:        dmesg(8): use new msgbuf sysctl, remove setgid kmem mode bit.
                   5808:                [simonb 20000616]
                   5809:        i386: Also build in support for Savage gfx chips into XF86_SVGA. This
                   5810:                gets X going e.g. on Toshiba Tecra 8100 (S3 Savage MX). Use
                   5811:                Chipset "s3_savage", ChipID 0x8a20 in the "Device" section
                   5812:                of the XF86Config file to enable. [hubertf 20000620]
                   5813:        amiga: custom chip console no longer needs one extra column for
                   5814:                bold characters. [is 20000621]
                   5815:        at(1)/atrun(8): add support for usernames > 8 characters.
                   5816:                [simonb 20000625]
                   5817:        w(1): use p_login from struct proc to show login names that are
                   5818:                > 8 characters.  [simonb 20000625]
                   5819:        last(1): update -T option to show year as well as seconds, and show
                   5820:                the full time on interrupt and exit.  [simonb 20000625]
                   5821:        pciide(4): added support for the CMD PCI0648 and 0649 IDE controllers.
                   5822:                [bouyer 20000627]
                   5823:        net: use m_pulldown framework for IPv4/v6 mbuf processing.
                   5824:                [itojun 20000701]
                   5825:        net: raise MSIZE to 256 for all the architectures. [itojun 20000701]
                   5826:        S/Key: make the S/Key subsystem RFC2289 compliant, adding
                   5827:                several alternative hashing methods and improved validity
                   5828:                checking. [mjl 20000707]
                   5829:        pcmcia:  added WEP encryption to awi driver, for AMD 79c930-based
                   5830:                IEEE802.11 FH and DS cards. [onoe 20000714]
                   5831:        cd9660: mount_cd9660(8) has new -o options extatt, gens, nojoliet,
                   5832:                norrip/nrr as aliases for -e, -j, -g, -r; the latter ones
                   5833:                marked as obsolete [jdolecek 20000717]
                   5834:        cd9660: added rrcaseins - switch on case insensitive searching
                   5835:                on Rock-Ridge enabled CDROMs [jdolecek 20000717]
                   5836:        pppd(8): update to 2.3.11 [tron 20000718]
                   5837:        cmp(1): fix so that it works also for "quite big" files (PR #10625)
                   5838:                [jdolecek 20000720]
                   5839:        ifconfig(8): add nwkey support to enable/disable WEP encryption
                   5840:                and to get/set WEP key for IEEE802.11 wireless network
                   5841:                interfaces [onoe 20000721]
                   5842:        mopd(8): fix possible buffer overrun [mjl 20000721]
                   5843:        sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.11.0 from sendmail.org. [itojun 20000723]
                   5844:        arm32: added foreign language keyboard support to Shark pccons(4).
                   5845:                Code was extracted from i386 pccons by Thomas Runge.
                   5846:                [is 20000724]
                   5847:        ftpd(8): add ftpd.conf(5) directives `chroot' (specify directory to
                   5848:                chroot(2) to on login), `homedir' (specify homedir of user).
                   5849:                add -H (acts as per -h `hostname`), add various security
                   5850:                enhancements: make checkportcmd the default, add -r
                   5851:                (explicitly drop root privs), -V vers (change version string
                   5852:                to vers), drop root privs if a chroot or guest user and ftpd
                   5853:                is running on a non reserved port.  [lukem 20000725]
                   5854:        X11: pull security patches from OpenBSD SA 2000-021.
                   5855:                includes fixes for Xserver DoS, libX11 hole, libICE DoS, and
                   5856:                server overflow via xkb. [itojun 20000725]
                   5857:        pciide(4): added support for the HighPoint HPT370 IDE controller.
                   5858:                [bouyer 20000727]
                   5859:        libc: security fix for NIS client code, hostname lookup.
                   5860:                [itojun 20000729]
                   5861:        msdosfs: kill couple of annoying bugs, as reported in PR #8439,
                   5862:                PR #9990, PR #10312 [jdolecek 20000730]
                   5863:        kernel: change lf_advlock() parameters to match usage; change
                   5864:                inspired by similar thing in FreeBSD [jdolecek 20000730]
                   5865:        ipfilter: updated to version 3.4.9. [veego 20000809]
                   5866:        sparc64: merge installboot with sparc port.  [mrg 20000810]
                   5867:        sysinst: add timezone selection menu [hubertf 20000815]
                   5868:        rc.d: add support for running scripts chroot(2)-ed.  migrate
                   5869:                /etc/rc.wscons to /etc/rc.d/wscons.  migrate default
                   5870:                /etc/{daily,monthly,rc,security,weekly}.conf files
                   5871:                to /etc/default, and change /etc/foo.conf to source
                   5872:                /etc/default/foo.conf.  don't start rc.d scripts which
                   5873:                have 'KEYWORD: nostart'.  move raising of securelevel
                   5874:                to separate rc.d/securelevel script.  in rc.d/local
                   5875:                run rc.shutdown.local at shutdown.  [lukem 20000822]
                   5876:        netinet: added sysctl variables "net.inet.ip.lowportmin" and
                   5877:                "net.inet.ip.lowportmax" to set the minimum and maximum
                   5878:                ports number assigned to sockets using IP_PORTRANGE_LOW.
                   5879:                [tron 20000825]
                   5880:        gre(4): add bpf support [mjl 20000825]
                   5881:        amiga: add standard kernel configurations: INSTALL (stripped down
                   5882:                GENERIC) and INSTWDCPCM (INSTALL but with PCMCIA code and
                   5883:                with wdc instead of idesc driver).  [is 20000829]
                   5884:        arm32: enlarge the ramdisk, and space provided for it in the install
                   5885:                kernels, to 3800 blocks (1900 kBytes). Actual changes provided
                   5886:                by Mike Pumford.  [is 20000830]
                   5887:        pmax: Add support for booting off RAIDframe RAID1 mirrors.
                   5888:                [simonb 20000913]
                   5889:        file(1): update to 3.32. Adds unicode support. [pooka 20000922]
                   5890:        pppd(8): update to 2.4.0. [christos 20000923]
                   5891:        alpha: Add support for booting off RAIDframe RAID1 mirrors.
                   5892:                [simonb 20000926]
                   5893:        amiga: build and install the manual page for the Amiga boot procedure.
                   5894:                [is 20000926]
                   5895:        kernel: stabilize IPsec, specifically ipcomp functions.
                   5896:                improve support for IKE.  [itojun 20000926]
                   5897:        Integrate an OpenSSH-based Secure Shell.  [thorpej 20000928]
                   5898:        libcrypto: repair behavior on non-32bit arch (PR10921).
                   5899:                do not build RC5/IDEA algorithms by default.  build them as
                   5900:                separate library (libcrypto_{rc5,idea}) only if explicit make
                   5901:                variable is declared (PR10883). [itojun 20000929]
                   5902:        sshd: add IgnoreRootRhosts to ignore ~root/.[rs]hosts.
                   5903:                [lukem 20001003]
                   5904:        net: add AES (= rijndael) support in IPsec ESP.  all configuration
                   5905:                directives call it "rijndael", not AES, at this moment.
                   5906:                [itojun 20001003]
                   5907:        rnd(4): enable rnd(4) for GENERIC kernel on all arch.  rnd(4) is
                   5908:                mandatory for using ssh/sshd, which is now in base
                   5909:                distribution.  [itojun 20001004]
                   5910:        sun3: fix a long-standing bug which caused "out of space kmem_map"
                   5911:                panic on sun3x. [tsutsui 20001021]
                   5912:        arm32: build X11 with XKB extension support. This enables the use
                   5913:                of non-US keyboards on Shark machines with XF86_SVGA, which
                   5914:                has the necessary support. [is 20001024]
                   5915:        sparc64: sbus ethernet devices (LANCE & HME) now work.  Fixes from
                   5916:                Andrei Petrov <and@genesyslab.com>.  [mrg 20001025]
                   5918: Changes from NetBSD 1.5 to NetBSD 1.6:
                   5919:        sparc: the sun4/400 class of machines (using a more elaborate
                   5920:                3-level MMU) is finally supported [pk 20000621]
                   5921:        vm: Mach VM is dead!  Long live UVM! [mrg 20000629]
                   5922:        faithd(8): now it can be invoked via inetd(8). [itojun 20000704]
                   5923:        pcmcia:  added WEP encryption to awi driver, for AMD 79c930-based
                   5924:                IEEE802.11 FH and DS cards. [onoe 20000704]
                   5925:        systat(1): allow selection of statistics update mode for IP
                   5926:                displays. [ad 20000705]
                   5927:        libc: add `RIPEMD-160' message digest functions. [ad 20000705]
                   5928:        misc: add passwd.conf: allows selection of password encryption
                   5929:                scheme. may be different for local and yp passwords, thus
                   5930:                improving NIS inter-operability. [ad 20000706]
                   5931:        newsyslog(8): completely overhaul this. add a new flag, `C'
                   5932:                (create log file). [ad 20000708]
                   5933:        vax: ld.elf_so can now load and run dynamically linked VAX ELF
                   5934:                programs. [matt 20000714]
                   5935:        openssl: update to 0.9.5a. [mrg 20000716]
                   5936:        pppd(8): update to 2.3.11 [tron 20000717]
                   5937:        rcorder(8): implement `# KEYWORD:' support, with two new arguments to
                   5938:                either keep (-k) or skip (-s) files which have the matching
                   5939:                keyword. [mrg 20000717]
                   5940:        rc(8): in rc.shutdown only run scripts with a 'KEYWORD: shutdown' in
                   5941:                them at shutdown, making the process faster and more robust.
                   5942:                [lukem 20000717]
                   5943:        ftp(1): add support for FEAT & OPTS (from RFC 2389), and MLSD & MLST
                   5944:                (from draft-ietf-ftpext-mlst-11). other fixes and cleanups.
                   5945:                [lukem 20000718]
                   5946:        newsyslog(8): more changes. most importantly, log files can now be
                   5947:                rotated at specific times. [ad 20000718]
                   5948:        ifconfig(8): add nwkey support to enable/disable WEP encryption
                   5949:                and to get/set WEP key for IEEE802.11 wireless network
                   5950:                interfaces [onoe 20000721]
                   5951:        arm26: ea(4) now aligns payloads of incoming packets, fixing many
                   5952:                bugs. [bjh21 20000722]
                   5953:        tcpdump(1): decode IEEE 802.1Q encapsulated packets. [ad 20000724]
                   5954:        ftpd(8): add -W - don't log to wtmp.  [lukem 20000726]
                   5955:        libc: non-IPv4 hostname lookup over NIS.  follows Solaris 8 practice,
                   5956:                look up ipnodes.{byname,byaddr}.  [itojun 20000729]
                   5957:        zoneinfo: install UTC as the default time zone. [kleink 20000803]
                   5958:        xsrc: add support for XDM-AUTHENTICATION-1.   [tron 20000806]
                   5959:        ddb(4): add options DDB_BREAK_CHAR to override break for entering
                   5960:                ddb when using the com driver.  [jeffs 20000803]
                   5961:        depca(4): Add support for the DEC DE422 Ethernet.  [thorpej 20000810]
                   5962:        arp(4): Add kernel counters (displayable with netstat -s) for
                   5963:                various arp events. [jhawk 20000815]
                   5964:        disklabel(8): Be case insensitive when looking up up filesystem and
                   5965:                disk types. Display supported types in interactive mode if
                   5966:                `?' is given at the prompt.  [lukem 20000815]
                   5967:        mvme68k: Support for VMEbus slave mode added to mvme147 and mvme167.
                   5968:                [scw 20000820]
                   5969:        sparc64: gcc now generates 32 bit code with `-m32'  [mrg 20010830]
                   5970:        cvs(1): Add cvs-1.10.8 to gnusrc [christos 20000904]
                   5971:        mvme68k: Added support for MVME162-LX 200/300 series of boards.
                   5972:                [scw 20000906]
                   5973:        kernel: Number of available pty's is now settable via sysctl
                   5974:                kern.maxptys, kernel pty resources are allocated on demand.
                   5975:                [jdolecek 20000909]
                   5976:        mount(8): If device and mountpoint given, check disklabel for fstype.
                   5977:                [abs 20000918]
                   5978:        sparc64: Work around many GCC building the tree. [mrg 20000918]
                   5979:        fmt(1): Add -C - centre lines [abs 20000918]
                   5980:        expr(1): Reimplemented as yacc-style parser grammar (this also fixes
                   5981:                PR #10995), arithmetic now uses 64 bit integers.
                   5982:                [jdolecek 20000919]
                   5983:        kernel: New option, NFS_V2_ONLY, for a slimmer NFS client
                   5984:                [bjh21 20000919]
                   5985:        pppd(8): update to 2.4.0; cleans up gpl code, adds new tty abstraction,
                   5986:                and api to multilink support (not implemented for NetBSD yet).
                   5987:                [christos 20000923]
                   5988:        kernel: New boot flags -v (bootverbose) and -q (bootquiet) added for
                   5989:                all ports. To be used by kernel code to optionally print
                   5990:                information on boot. [jdolecek 20000925]
                   5991:        cac(4): add support for EISA controllers and latest PCI controllers.
                   5992:                [ad 20000926]
                   5993:        vlan(4): add support for 802.1Q virtual LANs. [ad 20000928]
                   5994:        Ethernet: move the check for "promisc + unicast + not for us"
                   5995:                into ether_input(), and change Ethernet drivers to always
                   5996:                pass all received frames to ether_input(). [thorpej 20001001]
                   5997:        sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.11.1 from sendmail.org. [itojun 20001001]
                   5998:        newsmips: add support for tulip based 100BaseTX card: NWB-5852A.
                   5999:                [onoe 20001012]
                   6000:        dhcpd(8): upgrade to version 3 beta 2 patchlevel 9.  [taca 20001017]
                   6001:        ca(4): this has been replaced by the `ld' driver. [ad 20001019]
                   6002:        twe(4): add support for the 3ware Escalade family of RAID
                   6003:                controllers. [ad 20001019]
                   6004:        cvs(1): deprecate LOCALID compile-time option in favour of a new
                   6005:                'tag' keyword in CVSROOT/config (repository-specific).
                   6006:                [wiz 20001021]
                   6007:        siop(4): rework the driver for lower interrupt and PCI load, and
                   6008:                add tagged command queuing support. [bouyer 20001024]
                   6009:        cvs(1): import cvs-1.11. [wiz 20001026]
                   6010:        bktr(4): Merge with bktr driver v2.17 (from FreeBSD). [wiz 20001028]
                   6011:        i386: Add support to the bootblocks for booting off RAIDframe RAID1
                   6012:                mirrors (even though installboot(8) can't install them
                   6013:                onto a RAID1 mirror yet).  [lukem 20001030]
                   6014:        libintl: bring in libintl from Citrus project xpg4dl tree.  it is
                   6015:                BSD-licensed implementation, and is fully compatible with
                   6016:                GNU libintl from GNU gettext.  [itojun 20001030]
                   6017:        gettext(1): import GNU gettext suite.  userland tools only - libintl
                   6018:                is from Citrus xpg4dl tree.  [itojun 20001031]
                   6019:        kernel: Add a watchdog timer framework, and support for the watchdog
                   6020:                timer function on the PC-Weasel serial console
                   6021:                board.  [thorpej 20001104]
                   6022:        audio: Add a driver for the NeoMagic 256 AC'97 audio, found in many
                   6023:                laptops. [thorpej 20001104]
                   6024:        iop(4): Add support for I2O adapters, and SCSI, FC-AL and block class
                   6025:                peripherals. [ad 20001107]
                   6026:        cnmagic(9): allows the console magic key sequence to break into
                   6027:                the debugger or ROM monitor to be managed and customized.
                   6028:                [eeh 20001108]
                   6029:        named(8): upgrade to 8.2.2-P7 from ISC. [itojun 20001110]
                   6030:        pfil(9): rework the pfil interface to be more generic, allowing
                   6031:                an arbitrary number of filtering points. [thorpej 20001110]
                   6032:        usb: add the uscanner device driver for USB scanners.  From
                   6033:                FreeBSD. [augustss 20001114]
                   6034:        openfirm: add a MI /dev/openfirm to interrogate OpenFirmware
                   6035:                about the device tree (currently works on arm32(SHARK)
                   6036:                and macppc). [matt 20001114]
                   6037:        ftp(1): implement `mreget'. allow choosing of alternate .netrc
                   6038:                with `-N netrc' and $NETRC.  [lukem 20001115]
                   6039:        ftpd(8): new ftpd.conf(5) directives: `maxfilesize' - limit maximum
                   6040:                size of upload files, `sanenames' - only permit uploaded
                   6041:                filenames that don't start with `.' and only contain
                   6042:                `[-+,._A-Za-z0-9]'.  new command line options: `-e emailaddr'
                   6043:                for %E escape, `-P dataport' different dataport, `-q' enable
                   6044:                pidfiles (default), `-Q' disable pidfiles, `-u' write utmp,
                   6045:                `-U' don't write utmp (default), `-w' write wtmp (default),
                   6046:                `-W' don't write wtmp.
                   6047:                NOTE: -U meaning changed from `write utmp' to `don't write
                   6048:                utmp" to be consistent with -q/-Q and -w/-W. old use of -U
                   6049:                won't enable an unwanted feature, it just won't enable a
                   6050:                wanted feature.  [lukem 20001117]
                   6051:        swapctl(8): new `-z' option to display dump device.  [mrg 20001117]
                   6052:        mvme68k: Added support for MVME-172 and MVME-177 m68060-based
                   6053:                boards.  [scw 20001120]
                   6054:        compat_linux(8): Now works on the Alpha port.  [erh 20001120]
                   6055:        amd(8): upgraded to 6.0.4 [wiz 20001120]
                   6056:        compat_linux(8): ptrace(2) emulation improved for i386:
                   6057:                PTRACE_{SET|GET}FPREGS is now fully supported,
                   6058:                PTRACE_{PEEK|POKE}USER partially; linux gdb can
                   6059:                now attach to running linux process and show first function
                   6060:                on stack backtrace, info float works. [jdolecek 20001121]
                   6061:        file(1): update to 3.33. [pooka 20001123]
                   6062:        kernel: Integrate the UBC (unified buffer cache) project. [chs 20001126]
                   6063:        auich(4): added driver for Intel ICH integrated AC'97
                   6064:                audio.  [thorpej 20001127]
                   6065:        eeprom(8): make this work on the sparc64.  [mrg 20001128]
                   6066:        kernel: lfs support is now loadable via LKM. [jdolecek 20001130]
                   6067:        ffs: vfs.ffs.doreallocblks is now on by default. [jdolecek 20001130]
                   6068:        ncr53c9x: add TAG QUEUE support [eeh 20001130]
                   6069:        mount_mfs(8): allow an 'm' suffix to the file system size option to
                   6070:                specify the size of the mfs in megabytes. [simonb 20001201]
                   6071:        libutil: added pw_getprefix() and pw_setprefix() to get and set the
                   6072:                root directory used by the passwd file update functions.
                   6073:                [tron 20001206]
                   6074:        vipw(8): Add `-d /directory' option to specify the root directory
                   6075:                of the passwd file.  [tron 20001206]
                   6076:        mvme68k: Native object file format changed to ELF, using gas.new
                   6077:                and ld.new. [scw 20001207]
                   6078:        rpc.yppasswdd(8): Add `-d /directory' option to specify the root
                   6079:                directory of the passwd file.  [tron 20001208]
                   6080:        kernel: Added infrastructure to load emulations and their executable
                   6081:                support dynamically via LKM. [jdolecek 20001208]
                   6082:        arm26: support for "Unix" backplanes (with interrupt masking) via
                   6083:                unixbp(4). [bjh21 20001209]
                   6084:        ldd_elf(1): add handling of a.out binaries.  [simonb 20001212]
                   6085:        libc: switch to tzcode strftime() implementation.  [kleink 20001212]
                   6086:        pkg_install: Added support for creating and adding bzip2 compressed
                   6087:                packages (expected suffix: .tbz). [hubertf 20001213]
                   6088:        pcmcia: added an(4) driver for Aironet 4500/4800 and Cisco Aironet
                   6089:                340 series from FreeBSD. [onoe 20001213]
                   6090:        audiorecord(1): If we can't output a valid sun header, don't output
                   6091:                any header at all.  [mrg 20001213]
                   6092:        tc: added drivers for the DEC PixelStamp family of graphics
                   6093:                accellerators. [ad 20001218]
                   6094:        ftpd(8): new command line flag: `-X' - syslog wu-ftpd style xferlog
                   6095:                entries. new ftpd.conf(5) directive: `advertise' - change the
                   6096:                address advertised by PASV (useful for certain firewall
                   6097:                environments). [lukem 20001218].
                   6098:        sb(4): Add support for Avance Logic ALS100+ [mjl 20001219]
                   6099:        fdisk(8): Print out contents of extended partitions. [lukem 20001220]
                   6100:        m68k: All m68k-based ports now share a common kernel syscall()
                   6101:                function. [scw 20001219]
                   6102:        arm26: New eh(4) driver for older i-cubed EtherLan cards.
                   6103:                [bjh21 20001220]
                   6104:        libc: enable citrus LC_CTYPE locale framework.  single byte only,
                   6105:                multibyte will be enabled shortly. [itojun 20001221]
                   6106:        mbrlabel(8): by default only display the changed disk label; only
                   6107:                update the label if -f is given. be saner about adding entries
                   6108:                from the MBR to the NetBSD disk label.  [lukem 20001224]
                   6109:        racoon(8): KAME IKE daemon for IPsec key negotiation. [itojun 20001229]
                   6110:        usbhidaction(1): a new command to perform actions when USB HID items
                   6111:                take on certain values.  [augustss 20001230]
                   6112:        du(1): Add -m option. Similar to -k, use megabyte (1024*1024 bytes)
                   6113:                as size unit. [hubertf 20001230]
                   6114:        df(1): Add -m option. Similar to -k, use megabyte (1024*1024 bytes)
                   6115:                as size unit. [hubertf 20001230]
                   6116:        make(1): support for use of -j (spawn jobs in parallel) in recursive
                   6117:                builds; all make processes in a build cooperate to limit
                   6118:                the total number of compile jobs.
                   6119:                [sommerfeld 20001230]
                   6120:        bktr(4): Merge with bktr driver v2.18 (from FreeBSD). [wiz 20001230]
                   6121:        xsrc: import XFree86 4.0.2 [veego 20010101]
                   6122:        pmax: MI TCDS option cards work.  [mrg 20010101]
                   6123:        i386: bump maximum partition number to 16 [tron 20010102]
                   6124:        _DIAGASSERT(3): allow user to control behaviour with $LIBC_DIAGASSERT.
                   6125:                [lukem 20010104]
                   6126:        sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.11.2 from sendmail.org. [itojun 20010104]
                   6127:        libcdk: initial import of CDK-4.9.9-20000407-myc3 [garbled 20010104]
                   6128:        sushi(8): Initial import of sushi.  Sushi is an interactive,
                   6129:                menu-based program that is designed to aid the user or
                   6130:                administrator with administrative and complex tasks on thier
                   6131:                machines. [garbled 20010105]
                   6132:        hp300: Switch to using ELF binary format by default.
                   6133:                [simonb 20010106]
                   6134:        audio: Add esm driver for the ESS Technology Maestro-2/2e AC97 PCI
                   6135:                Audio Accelerator. [rh 20010108]
                   6136:        libedit: Support arbitrarily long input lines. [jdolecek 20010110]
                   6137:        usb: Add usscanner, a driver for some SCSI-over-USB scanners, e.g.,
                   6138:                HP5300. [augustss 20010111]
                   6139:        /etc/ifconfig.xxN: now able to take shell script fragment on lines
                   6140:                start with "!". [itojun 20010112]
                   6141:        wi(4): Default mode is now BSS-mode, not ad hoc mode. [jhawk 20010111]
                   6142:        netinet: apps can now specify interface index with multicast
                   6143:                set/getsockopt (instead of interface addresses), using
                   6144:                network byteorder value within  [itojun 20010113]
                   6145:        sort(1): Switched to BSD sort, GNU sort nuked. [jdolecek 20010113]
                   6146:        sysinst: Rework large portions of sysinst disk and filesystem handling,
                   6147:                /etc support, IPv6 support and general clean ups.
                   6148:                [mrg 20010114]
                   6149:        xsrc: Initial support for Alpha PCI video cards in XFree86 4.0.2.
                   6150:                [simonb 20010114]
                   6151:        ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.3.0 around
                   6152:                20010105. [itojun 20010114]
                   6153:        hpcsh: initial import of hpcsh port, for SH3-based WinCE machines.
                   6154:                [itojun 20010117]
                   6155:        net: pull post-4.4BSD change to sys/net/route.c.  rt_addrinfo is
                   6156:                passed all the way down to rtrequest logic.  3rd argument
                   6157:                to ifa->ifa_rtrequest is now rt_addrinfo *. [itojun 20010117]
                   6158:        amiga: the machine-independent wdc is now the default driver for
                   6159:                the A1200 IDE connector. [is 20010122]
                   6160:        amiga: pcmcia support is now in standard kernel configurations
                   6161:                (GENERIC, AMIGA, INSTALL). [is 20010122]
                   6162:        net: integrated isdn4bsd userland, kernel stack and drivers for
                   6163:                pci/isa/isapnp/pcmcia/zbus boards. [martin,is 20010122]
                   6164:        audio: add clct(4), a driver for Cirrus Logic CS4281.
                   6165:                Driver by Tatoku Ogaito. [augustss 20010121]
                   6166:        usb: add uplcom(4) driver for Prolific PL-2303 USB-RS232 bridge chip.
                   6167:                e.g., I/O DATA USB-RSAQ2. [ichiro 20010123]
                   6168:        ipsec/ipf: ipf now looks into wire-format packet only (not the
                   6169:                form after get decapsulated by IPsec).  It will make
                   6170:                it very simple to configure NAT box and IPsec tunnel gateway
                   6171:                in the same box.
                   6172:                NOTE: if you are using ipf to filter decapsulated IPsec
                   6173:                packets, please be warned. [itojun 20010124]
                   6174:        libc: enable multibyte LC_CTYPE locale support, from citrus XPG4DL
                   6175:                codebase. [itojun 20010125]
                   6176:        net: mark cloned routes with RTF_CLONED.  cloned routes can now be
                   6177:                overwritten by explicit route addition requests (fixes PR
                   6178:                11916). cloned routes goes away if parent route (RTF_CLONING)
                   6179:                goes away. [itojun 20010127]
                   6180:        bind: upgrade to 8.2.3.  8.2.3 includes security fixes so be sure
                   6181:                to upgrade.  [itojun 20010127]
                   6182:        usb: update uplcom(4) driver. support I/O DATA USB-RSAQ.
                   6183:                [ichiro 20010128]
                   6184:        amiga: add ZEUS ISDN-link and Individual Computers ISDN surfer
                   6185:                support [is 20010128]
                   6186:        usb: add umidi(4) driver. [tshiozak 20010131]
                   6187:        netbsd32: clean up, fix several bugs, prepare for sunos32.
                   6188:                [mrg 20010201]
                   6189:        sparc64: make COMPAT_SUNOS work on the 64-bit kernel.  [mrg 20010202]
                   6190:        mlx(4): Add a driver for the Mylex DAC960 family (including DEC
                   6191:                SWXCR RAID).  Based upon the FreeBSD driver of the same
                   6192:                name. [ad 20010204]
                   6193:        vax: Added support for MicroVAX 3100m90, MicroVAX 3100m95,
                   6194:                VAX 4000/100, VAX 4000/105A, VAX 4000/108, VAX 4000/400,
                   6195:                VAX 4000/500 and VAX 4000/600. From Michael Kukat.
                   6196:                [ragge 20010204]
                   6197:        nfs: use real vnode locks [fvdl 20010206]
                   6198:        accept(2): return errno = ECONNABORTED if TCP RST arrives before
                   6199:                accept(2), rather than 0-length sockaddr (or junk sockaddr).
                   6200:                the behavior conforms to SUSv2.  no userland changes necessary
                   6201:                (as ECONNABROTED will be handled just like other errors).
                   6202:                [itojun 20010207]
                   6203:        ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.3.1 around
                   6204:                20010208. [itojun 20010208]
                   6205:        libpcap: always write out dump files using 32bit timeval.
                   6206:                [itojun 20010208]
                   6207:        amiga: Support for BSC ISDN Master II. [is 20010208]
                   6208:        od(1): Add -t option to specify output types and add a manpage to
                   6209:                document the od(1) command. From Andrew Brown.
                   6210:                [hubertf 20010209]
                   6211:        compat_svr4(8): Add COMPAT_SVR4_32 for 32-bit SVR4 binaries on 64-bit
                   6212:                machines. [eeh 20010210]
                   6213:        ssh: rnd(4) random number device is now mandatory to run ssh/sshd
                   6214:                and related tools. [itojun 20010214]
                   6215:        libc: Reimplement hcreate(3), hsearch(3) and hdestroy(3).
                   6216:                [cgd 20010214]
                   6217:        netkey: When processing an SADB_DELETE message, allow
                   6218:                SADB_EXT_SA to be blank.  In this case, we delete
                   6219:                all non-LARVAL SAs that match the src/dst/protocol.
                   6220:                This is particularly useful in IKE INITIAL-CONTACT
                   6221:                processing.
                   6222:                Idea from Bill Sommerfeld <sommerfeld@east.sun.com>,
                   6223:                who implemented it in post-Solaris8.  [thorpej 20010216]
                   6224:        ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.5.0 around
                   6225:                20010217. [itojun 20010217]
                   6226:        arm32: Wrote and imported a new bootloader for the Acorn machines
                   6227:                and derivatives including RiscPC,A7000,RC7500 featuring
                   6228:                RISC OS version independence and relocating before running
                   6229:                the kernel. [reinoud 20010218]
                   6230:        amigappc: Integrated Adam Ciarcinskis first version of interrupt
                   6231:                support.  [is 20010218]
                   6232:        libc: Add getprogname(3) and setprogname(3).  [cgd 20010219]
                   6233:        ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.5.1 around
                   6234:                20010219. [itojun 20010219]
                   6235:        hpcarm: initial import of hpcarm port, for StrongARM-based WinCE machines.
                   6236:                [ichiro 20010220]
                   6237:        printcap(5): save the trees, add `:sh:' to examples.  [mrg 20010221]
                   6238:        arm32: vidcvideo0 renamed to vidcconsole to aid wscons transition
                   6239:                [reinoud 20010221]
                   6240:        compat_svr4(8): Support 64-bit SVR4 (64-bit Solaris 8) binaries.
                   6241:                [eeh 20010221]
                   6242:        racoon(8): upgrade to 2/22 KAME codebase.  there can be
                   6243:                intereoperability issue with past KAME racoon, as we now use
                   6244:                more popular interpretation for bundle proposals.  if this
                   6245:                raises problem, use "complex_bundle" directive in config file.
                   6246:                [itojun 20010222]
                   6247:        sun3: Switch to using ELF binary format by default.
                   6248:                [chs 20010222]
                   6249:        mount_ados(8): automatically fall back to mounting read-only when
                   6250:                encountering the EROFS error. [is 20010225]
                   6251:        sparc64: LKM's work for sparc64. [mrg 20010225]
                   6252:        alpha: LKM's work for alpha. [mrg 20010226]
                   6253:        hme: match the `SUNW,qfe' `quad fast ethernet' cards.  [mrg 20010228]
                   6254:        sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.11.3 from sendmail.org. [itojun 20010228]
                   6255:        pci(9): allow MD to control device & function probe order.
                   6256:                [mrg 20010302]
                   6257:        misc: remove unused `falken' user and `ingres' user and group.
                   6258:                [lukem 20010304]
                   6259:        sparc: include a 32-bit sun4u kernel.  [mrg 20010304]
                   6260:        sparc64: E250 support seems to work.  [mrg 20010306]
                   6261:        libc: Add shquote(3) and shquotev(3).  [cgd 20010309]
                   6262:        routed(8): updated to 2.24 [christos 20010310]
                   6263:        amiga: make the ioblix serial master clock frequency patchable and
                   6264:                a kernel option. ioblix at zbus is now in the GENERIC
                   6265:                configuration. [is 20010310]
                   6266:        postfix: upgrade to release-20010228, with KAME IPv6 patch.
                   6267:                [itojun 20010313]
                   6268:        mca: add elmc(4) - 3Com EtherLink/MC (3c523) driver [jdolecek 20010316]
                   6269:        file(1): update to 3.34. [pooka 20010317]
                   6270:        sparc: implement MP DDB.  [mrg 20010318]
                   6271:        xsrc: import XFree86 4.0.3 [veego 20010318]
                   6272:        nfsstat(1): cleanup output to show percentages.  [lukem 20010319]
                   6273:        news68k: Switch to using ELF binary format by default.
                   6274:                [tsutsui 20010319]
                   6275:        ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.5.2 around
                   6276:                20010319. [itojun 20010319]
                   6277:        netinet: add experimental implementation of RFC1948 (cryptographic
                   6278:                hash for TCP ISS generation).  Disabled by default, this
                   6279:                code should only be played with by people who know what
                   6280:                they are doing.
                   6281:                Make RFC1323 TCP timestamp values 0-based for all TCP
                   6282:                connections.  Avoids leaking uptime information.
                   6283:                [thorpej 20010320]
                   6284:        sendmail(8): enable STARTTLS.  [itojun 20010321]
                   6285:        mca: add ep(4) attachment, for 3Com 3c529 [jdolecek 20010322]
                   6286:        mca: split ISA we(4) to generic backend and ISA-specific frontend and
                   6287:                add support for MCA variants of WD80x3 cards and its clones
                   6288:                [jdolecek 20010323]
                   6289:        libc: add support for nl_langinfo(CODESET). [tshiozak 20010326]
                   6290:        wscons: support entering the kgdb remote connection wait if the
                   6291:                KS_Cmd_Debugger key sequence (CTRL-ALT-ESC) is pressed.
                   6292:                [lukem 20010323]
                   6293:        usb: add umct(4) driver for MCT USB-RS232 Converter
                   6294:                [ichiro 20010329]
                   6295:        CHILD_MAX: bumped default to 160.  [mrg 20010328]
                   6296:        ncr53c9x: added fas support to ncr53c9x driver
                   6297:                [petrov 20010328]
                   6298:        audio: add yds(4) driver for Yamaha DS-1 PCI audio controller.
                   6299:                [minoura 20010331]
                   6300:        compat_linux(8): make unimplemented syscalls return ENOSYS, don't
                   6301:                send SIGSYS to the process, so that Linux glibc fallback
                   6302:                mechanism works [jdolecek 20010330]
                   6303:        mca: add ite(4) attachment, for ATI AT1720X cards [jdolecek 20010331]
                   6304:        libc: add XSH5 timezone and daylight interfaces. [kleink 20010331]
                   6305:        vi(1): upgrade to nvi 1.79. [aymeric 20010331]
                   6306:        arm32: ea(4) and eb(4) now use MI seeq8005 driver. [bjh21 20010405]
                   6307:        seeq8005: support multicast and the 80C04. [bjh21 20010405]
                   6308:        powerpc: add compat_linux(8) to macppc, ofppc, prep, bebox,
                   6309:                sandpoint and amigappc. [manu 20010407]
                   6310:        ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.5.4 around
                   6311:                20010410.  NOTE: ssh(1) now defaults to SSH protocol version 2.
                   6312:                [itojun 20010410]
                   6313:        net: Add PFIL_HOOKS filtering points to network interfaces,
                   6314:                and perform pfil processing for Ethernet. [thorpej 20010410]
                   6315:        libcrypto, libssl: upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.6a.  [itojun 20010412]
                   6316:        kernel: Remove splimp() from the NetBSD kernel.  splnet() is
                   6317:                the only spl*() call allowed to protect data
                   6318:                structures used by network devices.  [thorpej 20010413]
                   6319:        arm26: randomize statclock periods. [bjh21 20010416]
                   6320:        rc(8): support "poll" as an argument to the /etc/rc.d scripts, which
                   6321:                spins until all the processes for the service exit.  Use this
                   6322:                to make "restart" more robust.  [lukem 20010418]
                   6323:        mca: add edc(4)/ed(4) driver for IBM ESDI Controller [jdolecek 20010419]
                   6324:        groff(1): import groff-1.16.1 [wiz 20010419]
                   6325:        mca: add ne(4) attachment,for Novell NE/2 and clones [jdolecek 20010420]
                   6326:        i386: remove DIAGNOSTIC option from GENERIC kernels and create
                   6327:                a GENERIC_DIAGNOSTIC kernel [fvdl 20010422]
                   6328:        arp(8): Add a way to delete all arp entries without having to
                   6329:                use a shell contruct [atatat 20010424]
                   6330:        scsipi(4): pull up thorpej_scsipi branch: cleaner interfaces between
                   6331:                different layers, kernel thread to handle error recovery out
                   6332:                of interrupt context. [bouyer 20010425]
                   6333:        mca: Add le(4) driver for SK-NET Personal and MC2+ [jdolecek 20010427]
                   6334:        ifconfig(8): -A is now default.  all IPv4 alias addresses are printed
                   6335:                by default. [itojun 20010428]
                   6336:        uvm: Implement round-robin page coloring. [thorpej 20010428]
                   6337:        scsi: Add a MI driver for the Symbios/NCR 53c710 SCSI controller.
                   6338:                [tsutsui 20010430]
                   6339:        vax: Added support for the 400/705A, from Michael Kukat.
                   6340:                [ragge 20010501]
                   6341:        kernel: poll(2) support added to tty line-disciplines.
                   6342:                [scw 20010502]
                   6343:        x68k: Add the voice synthesizer driver.  Based on the code written by
                   6344:                Tetsuya Isaki <isaki@par.odn.ne.jp>. [minoura 20010502]
                   6345:        mca: detect the presence of MCA bus on i386 via bios call, no longer
                   6346:                hardcoded for MCA-enabled kernels [jdolecek 20010502]
                   6347:        ktrace(1): Add a -s option to open the trace file for synchronized
                   6348:                writes [simonb 20010504]
                   6349:        savecore(8): Use the formatted panic string if available
                   6350:                [simonb 20010506].
                   6351:        vax: Support for the Interlan NI1010 Ethernet interface and the
                   6352:                DEC DDCMP DMC-11/DMR-11 interface [ragge 20010506]
                   6353:        mlx(4): Add an EISA front-end for this driver. name. [ad 20010506]
                   6354:        dump(8): Add a -e option to eject the tape automatically if a tape
                   6355:                change is required. [tron 20010507]
                   6356:        postfix: upgrade to 20010228-pl02, with KAME IPv6 patch.
                   6357:                [itojun 20010508]
                   6358:        rc.d(8): change the default "stop" mechanism to wait until the command
                   6359:                terminates before returning. This improves the reliability of
                   6360:                "restart" as well.  [lukem 20010509]
                   6361:        amd(8): upgraded to 6.0.6 [veego 20010513]
                   6362:        gif(4): remove multi-destination mode support [itojun 20010514]
                   6363:        ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.9 around
                   6364:                20010515.  [itojun 20010515]
                   6365:        macppc: Support AirMac wavelan card.  [tsubai 20010516]
                   6366:        gsip(4): Added driver for National Semiconductor DP83820
                   6367:                Gigabit Ethernet chip, found on NetGear GA-622 and
                   6368:                Asante FriendlyNet GigaNIX.  [thorpej 20010517]
                   6369:         ndbootd(8): Imported ndbootd(8), used to netboot Sun2s.
                   6370:                [fredette 20010517]
                   6371:        bind: upgrade to BIND 8.2.4 from ISC.  [itojun 20010517]
                   6372:        hpcarm: Add support for PCIC of JORNADA720 [toshii 20010523]
                   6373:        oak(4): Made the driver for the Oak Solutions 16-bit SCSI card work
                   6374:                on NetBSD/arm26 as well as NetBSD/arm32. [bjh21 20010526]
                   6375:        hcsc(4): New driver for the HCCS 8-bit SCSI podule, based on the MI
                   6376:                ncr5380 driver. [bjh21 20010526]
                   6377:        macppc: Honour RTC_OFFSET. [wiz 20010528]
                   6378:        dump(8): Improve support for backing up unmounted file-systems which
                   6379:                are listed in /etc/fstab as well as mounted file-systems which
                   6380:                are not listed.  [lukem 20010528]
                   6381:        Added port to Algorithmics MIPS evaluation boards (NetBSD/algor).
                   6382:                The P-5064 is currently supported, Revision D board
                   6383:                tested.  Thanks to Allegro Networks for providing me
                   6384:                with a board.  [thorpej 20010528]
                   6385:        sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.11.4 from sendmail.org. [itojun 20010529]
                   6386:        mvme68k: intrcnt/intrnames deprecated in favour of generic
                   6387:                evcnt(9) interface. [scw 20010531]
                   6388:        i386: g/c COMPAT_OLDBOOT from bootblocks [jdolecek 20010601]
                   6389:        algor: Added support for the P-4032 board. [thorpej 20010601]
                   6390:        inet: Add support for hardware-assisted IPv4/TCP/UDP checksumming
                   6391:                and for caching the IPv6 TCP pseudo-header.  Support
                   6392:                checksum offloading on the DP83820 Gigabit Ethernet,
                   6393:                3Com 3c90xB, 3Com 3c90xC, and Alteon Tigon/Tigon2
                   6394:                Gigabit Ethernet.  [thorpej 20010602]
                   6395:        bzip2(1), libbz2: Update to 1.0.1 - note there is a completely new API.
                   6396:                [simonb 20010603]
                   6397:        scsi: Add a driver for the Initio INIC-940/950 PCI SCSI controllers.
                   6398:                [tsutsui 20010603]
                   6399:        powerpc: New pmap module added for MPC6xx PowerPC CPUs.  Move MPC6xx
                   6400:                specific files to their own directory. [matt 20010606]
                   6401:        sparc64: make sunos32, svr4_32 & netbsd32 compat & exec modules work
                   6402:                as LKM's.  [mrg 20010607]
                   6403:        sparc: make SMP inter-processor-interrupts work.  [mrg 20010608]
                   6404:        xsrc: import XFree86 4.1.0 [tron 20010609]
                   6405:        arc: obtain secondary cache size from ARC firmware, to support
                   6406:                NEC Express RISCserver. by Bob Meader. [soda 20010613]
                   6407:        Added a port to the IBM PowerPC 405GP Reference Board (the "walnut").
                   6408:                [simonb,eeh 20010613].
                   6409:        net: the meaning of ifnet.if_lastchange is changed to meet
                   6410:                RFC1573 ifLastChange MIB. [itojun 20010614]
                   6411:        rc(8): in rc.shutdown, implement an optional watchdog timer which will
                   6412:                terminate rc.shutdown after the number of seconds specified in
                   6413:                in $rcshutdown_timeout.  [lukem 20010616]
                   6414:        kernel: John S. Dyson's FreeBSD high performance pipe implementation
                   6415:                ported, optionally available with 'options NEW_PIPE'.
                   6416:                [jdolecek 20010616]
                   6417:        fsck(8): don't check file systems which are mounted read-write.
                   6418:                [lukem 20010618]
                   6419:        bsd.*.mk, libc:  Add a MKSOFTFLOAT make variable to control soft/hard
                   6420:                float userland builds.  [simonb 20010618]
                   6421:        sf(4): Added driver for the Adaptec AIC-6915 10/100 Ethernet
                   6422:                chip, found on several Adaptec Ethernet boards.
                   6423:                [thorpej 20010618]
                   6424:        ste(4): Added driver for the Sundance Tech. ST-201 10/100 Ethernet
                   6425:                chip, found on the D-Link DFE-550TX. [thorpej 20010619]
                   6426:        ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.9 around
                   6427:                20010624.  authorized_keys2 and known_host2 are integrated
                   6428:                into those without "2".  existing known_hosts2 file is still
                   6429:                read, but won't get updated.  [itojun 20010624]
                   6430:        tcpdump(8): import tcpdump.org tree, version 3.6.  change the build
                   6431:                tree organization to use src/dist/tcpdump.  [itojun 20010625]
                   6432:        ifmcstat(8): drop setgid bit for safety.  only root needs this tool.
                   6433:                [itojun 20010626]
                   6434:        syslogd(8): now it is possible to filter UDP syslog messages by libwrap.
                   6435:                [itojun 20010701]
                   6436:        config(8): Don't pack locators by default.  Introduce a new
                   6437:                commandline option (-P) to pack locators.  [gmcgarry 20010701]
                   6438:        userconf(4): In-kernel device configuration manager.  Written by
                   6439:                Mats O Jansson <moj@stacken.kth.se> and reworked by
1.4       salo     6440:                Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <itojun@NetBSD.org>.
1.1       lukem    6441:                [gmcgarry 20010701]
                   6442:        cdplay(1): Add support for skipping to the previous and next tracks.
                   6443:                [gmcgarry 20010701]
                   6444:        inet: Update ARP logic to support multiple IPv4 addresses on an
                   6445:                interface better.  There still are items to be done.
                   6446:                [itojun 20010704]
                   6447:        compat_linux(8): Added socket address family number translation,
                   6448:                necesary to make e.g. IPv6 work under emulation (PR #13279).
                   6449:                [jdolecek 20010704]
                   6450:        mvme68k: replace simulated software interrupts with h/w assisted
                   6451:                software interrupts. [scw 20010706]
                   6452:        raidctl(8): add -G, which outputs the configuration of the given raid
                   6453:                device in the same format that -c and -C use. [lukem 20010710]
                   6454:        dev_mkdb(8): Add flags to choose source directory and target database,
                   6455:                like with pwd_mkdb(8) or cap_mkdb(8) [manu 20010713]
                   6456:        hpcarm: Add support for PCIC of iPAQ [ichiro 20010715]
                   6457:        syslogd(8): Better error reporting, flags to setuid/setgid/chroot
                   6458:                syslogd (PR #13400) [manu 20010716]
                   6459:        arm: Changes made to libc & csu, support added to ld.elf_so to
                   6460:                support common ELF shared libraries for both armv2/armv4+
                   6461:                [matt 20010716]
                   6462:        lfs:    lfs on-disk layout version 2, allowing better interaction
                   6463:                with physical disk configuration, keeping the atime information
                   6464:                on the ifile rather than in the inodes, and allowing the
                   6465:                possibility for undelete without further disk layout changes.
                   6466:                Roll-forward is enabled for v2 filesystems. [perseant 20010716]
                   6467:        route(8): -prefixlen now works on IPv4 too. [itojun 20010720]
                   6468:        file(1): update to 3.36. [pooka 20010722]
                   6469:        stge(4): Added device driver for the Sundance/Tamarack TC9021
                   6470:                Gigabit Ethernet controller. [thorpej 20010725]
                   6471:        ep(4): Finally made the 3Com 3c515 10/100 ISA Ethernet card
                   6472:                work.  [thorpej 20010726]
                   6473:        arm26: A new bootloader, boot26(8), written in C and with support for
                   6474:                gzipped kernels.  [bjh21 20010728]
                   6475:        gif(4): With old code, IFF_UP is raised when the physical (outer)
                   6476:                address is configured.  The behavior was incorrect and is now
                   6477:                removed. [itojun 20010729]
                   6478:        newfs(8): add -F to create file system image in regular file, -Z to
                   6479:                pre-zero image file, SI suffix support on all numeric
                   6480:                arguments.  [lukem 20010729]
                   6481:        mly(4): Add a driver for Mylex AcceleRAID and eXtremeRAID
                   6482:                controllers.  Based off the FreeBSD driver of the same name.
                   6483:                [ad 20010730]
                   6484:        ddb(4): Locate the correct ELF string table without resorting to
                   6485:                looking at the section names to find it. [bjh21 20010731]
                   6486:        libsa: Arrange to be able to load ELF kernels without backwards seeks,
                   6487:                taking advantage of the recent DDB change. [bjh21 20010731]
                   6488:        sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.11.5 from sendmail.org. [itojun 20010801]
                   6489:        dhcp: upgrade to version 3.0rc10. [drochner 20010803]
                   6490:        sparc64: Support non-faulting loads (which gcc never generates
                   6491:                anyway) and new memset/memcpy routines that use VIS
                   6492:                instructions. [eeh 20010805]
                   6493:        lpd(8): Add -W parameter to disable the priviledged origin
                   6494:                port checking. This may be needed to get certain clients
                   6495:                (usually of Windows vintage) to cooperate. [mjl 20010811]
                   6496:        dumpfs(8): add -F to dumpfs from a file system image in a regular
                   6497:                file [lukem 20010814]
                   6498:        dump(8): add -F to dump from a file system image in a regular file
                   6499:                [lukem 20010814]
                   6500:        fsck_ffs(8): add -F to fsck a file system image in a regular file
                   6501:                [lukem 20010815]
                   6502:        sun2: New ec(4) driver for the old 3Com 3c400 Multibus Ethernet
                   6503:                card. [fredette 20010816]
                   6504:        ffs: fix FFS_EI support in kernel and various tools.  [lukem 20010817]
                   6505:        bridge(4): Add support for building network bridges.  Currently
                   6506:                works with Ethernet-like networks.  [thorpej 20010817]
                   6507:        pwd_mkdb(8): Add -u and -s options, to allow restriction of updates
                   6508:                to one user's records or the secure datbase.  Also, increase
                   6509:                the cache size for larger password files.  [ad 20010818]
                   6510:        tunefs(8): add -F to tunefs a file system image in a regular file
                   6511:                [lukem 20010819]
                   6512:        fsirand(8): add -F to fsirand a file system image in a regular file,
                   6513:                display statistics upon receipt of SIGINFO.  [lukem 20010820]
                   6514:        cdplay(1): Major clean-up. Increase stability, and add a shuffle mode.
                   6515:                Much of this from Sergey Svishchev. [ad 20010820]
                   6516:        sendmail(8): upgrade to 8.11.6 from sendmail.org. [itojun 20010821]
                   6517:        pmax: has GENERIC_SOFT_INTERRUPTS. [nisimura 20010822]
                   6518:        pmax: Use PROM bitmap to determine available memory, and use multiple
                   6519:                memory segments if present.  [mhitch 20010824]
                   6520:        acphy: Added driver for the Altima AC101 low-power 10/100
                   6521:                Ethernet PHY.  [thorpej 20010824]
                   6522:        pnaphy: Added generic driver for HomePNA PHYs.  [thorpej 20010824]
                   6523:        amhphy: Added driver for the 10BASE-T portion of the
                   6524:                AMD 79c901 HomePNA/10BASE-T PHY.  [thorpej 20010824]
                   6525:        amiga: added driver for Repulse audio board. [is 20010825]
                   6526:        pmax: switch to MI SCSI. [simonb 20010826]
                   6527:        pcn(4): New driver for the AMD PCnet-PCI family of Ethernet
                   6528:                chips.  This driver uses direct DMA to mbufs (like
                   6529:                other PCI network drivers, and unlike the old
                   6530:                "le at pci" driver), and also supports communication
                   6531:                with the MII-connected PHYs on the 10/100 boards.
                   6532:                [thorpej 20010827]
                   6533:        ffs: incorporate fix from FreeBSD to correctly support file systems
                   6534:                with a large number of cylinder groups (~16000 on 32 bit
                   6535:                platforms, half that on 64 bit platforms).  [lukem 20010902]
                   6536:        sshd(8): PermitRootLogin changed to "no", so root may no longer log
                   6537:                in directly by default. [cjs 20010902]
                   6538:        tunefs(8): replace -t with -k, to be consistent with newfs(8).
                   6539:                [lukem 20010903]
                   6540:        useradd: Allow specifying login-class with -L switch when creating
                   6541:                new accounts or changing existing ones. [christos 20010905]
                   6542:        ffs: incorporate enhanced ffs_dirpref() by Grigoriy Orlov, which
                   6543:                noticibly improves performance when creating directories,
                   6544:                and subsequently manipulating them.  [lukem 20010906]
                   6545:        newfs(8): add -g and -h options to control the enhanced ffs_dirpref().
                   6546:                [lukem 20010906]
                   6547:        tunefs(8): add -g and -h options to control the enhanced ffs_dirpref().
                   6548:                [lukem 20010906]
                   6549:        libc: add __clone(2) [christos 20010907]
                   6550:        file(1): update to 3.37. [pooka 20010909]
                   6551:        ipsec: Add i386 asm versions of des, 3des, and blowfish transforms.
                   6552:                [tls 20010909]
                   6553:        newfs_msdos(8): Import better version from FreeBSD. [christos 20010910]
                   6554:        pmap(9): Add argument to pmap_update to specify the updated pmap, this
                   6555:                will help with delaying tlb/cache flushes till as late as
                   6556:                possible. [chris 20010910]
                   6557:        TCP: Make TCP timers use callouts, rather than traversing
                   6558:                a list of all connections twice per second. [thorpej 20010910]
                   6559:        Econet: Add support for Econet interfaces in general. [bjh21 20010910]
                   6560:        arm26: Add eca(4) driver to support Archimedes Econet modules.
                   6561:                [bjh21 20010910]
                   6562:        i386: add systems calls to get/set MTRRs. [fvdl 20010910]
                   6563:        agp: add AGP GART code, ported from code by Doug Rabson in FreeBSD
                   6564:                [fvdl 20010910]
                   6565:        resolv.conf(5): add "insecure1" and "insecure2" option.
                   6566:                [itojun 20010913]
                   6567:        i386: add sysinst and kern set bits to support installation on IBM PS/2
                   6568:                [jdolecek 20010913]
                   6569:        savecore(8): add "-Z level" to control compression level, and change
                   6570:                the default level from 6 to 1 (the fastest).  [lukem 20010912]
                   6571:        gem: New driver for Sun GEM, ERI, and Apple GMAC gigabit ethernet
                   6572:                controllers [eeh 20010915]
                   6573:        krb4: import version 1.1 [assar 20010917]
                   6574:        heimdal: import version 0.4e [assar 20010917]
                   6575:        execvp(3): Use alloca instead of malloc & strdup to plug a memory
                   6576:                leak.  [simonb 20010918]
                   6577:        sh(1): do not truncate expr longer than 10 digits.  PR 13943.
                   6578:                [itojun 20010919]
                   6579:        XdecNetBSD: Add an Xserver for alpha and wscons'fied pmax.  In addition
                   6580:                to the graphics adapters catered for by XalphaNetBSD, this
                   6581:                supports the CFB, XCFB, TFB, color PM, PX and PXG family.
                   6582:                [ad 20010921]
                   6583:        dpti: Add an implementation of the DPT/Adaptec SCSI RAID management
                   6584:                interface.  This makes it possible to the Linux versions of run
                   6585:                dptmgr, raidutil, dptelog and friends under NetBSD.
                   6586:                [ad 20010921]
                   6587:        mtree(8): add -l to perform "loose" permission checks. [perry 20010922]
                   6588:        sgimips: If `OSLoadOptions' variable in ARCS is set to `auto', boot
                   6589:                 straight to multiuser mode.  [rafal 20010922]
                   6590:        sparc: Add support for the generic softintr(9) API.  [mrg 20010927]
                   6591:        ssh: upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 2.9.9 around
                   6592:                20010927.  Kerberos code is revamped, there could be some
                   6593:                configuration differences.  [itojun 20010927]
                   6594:        acpi: commit work-in-progress of ACPI support.  Included here
                   6595:                is the 20010831 snapshot of the Intel ACPICA reference
                   6596:                implementation.  [thorpej 20010927]
                   6597:        libc: add wcstod(3), wcstol(3) and wcstoul(3).  [yamt 20010927]
                   6598:        ksh(1): sync'd with latest version (pdksh-5.2.14-patches.2).
                   6599:                [wiz 20010929]
                   6600:        audio: add the esl(4) driver which supports the Eiger Labs audio
                   6601:                PCMCIA card.  From Jared D. McNeill.  [augustss 20010929]
                   6602:        /etc/security: add check_pkgs option to police the installed pkgs
                   6603:                list in the same manner as the /etc/changelist stuff.
                   6604:                [atatat 20010930]
                   6605:        mtree(8): add -D to print the provided specfile out in an easier to
                   6606:                parse format. add '-R key' to remove key from the list of
                   6607:                keywords to display.  [lukem 20011001]
                   6608:        audio: the internal kernel interface between the high level audio
                   6609:                driver and the low level drivers has gained a new method,
                   6610:                dev_ioctl, for passing ioctl() down.  [augustss 20011003]
                   6611:        /etc/security: always set timezone to UTC, as we store and later
                   6612:                compare the output of programs (like ls) that change their
                   6613:                output based on setting of the TZ variable.  [cjs 20011003]
                   6614:        crunchgen(1): Change to do all builds by default via a reach over make
                   6615:                setup. [jmc 20011004]
                   6616:        mtree(8): add a new keyword - "tags" - for a comma separated list of
                   6617:                tags associated with the file.  add -E to exclude files from
                   6618:                -D with matching tags.  add -I to only include files with
                   6619:                matching tags from -D.  [lukem 20011004]
                   6620:        kernel: Add generic properties(9). [eeh 20011004]
                   6621:        getnameinfo(3): Add support for formatting link-layer addresses.
                   6622:                Programs which print link-layer addresses will be migrated
                   6623:                to using this interface.  [bjh21 20011005]
                   6624:        mtree(8): add support for absolute paths in the specfile. add
                   6625:                "all" keyword.  [lukem 20011006]
                   6626:        mips: LKM's work for mips.  [simonb 20011006]
                   6627:        file(1): recognize Amiga Workbench icon (.info) files. [is 20011006]
                   6628:        amiga: cbiiisc driver (actually, siop2) drives LED now. [is 20011008]
                   6629:        mtree(8): add "device" keyword.  [lukem 20011009]
                   6630:        install(1): Add -M metalog, to log the metadata associated with a file
                   6631:                to the provided metalog file.  [lukem 20011011]
                   6632:        misc: add "ntpd" user and group, and move "named" user's homedir
                   6633:                from /var/named to /var/chroot/named.  [lukem 20011011]
                   6634:        /etc/security: augment /etc/changelist with parsing /etc/mtree/special
                   6635:                and /etc/mtree/special.local for list of files to monitor.
                   6636:                if /sbin/fdisk exists, monitor its output for disks.
                   6637:                monitor many more files.  [lukem 20011014]
                   6638:        inet6: IPV6_BINDV6ONLY socket option is deprecated (binary backward
                   6639:                compatibility is kept).  use IPV6_V6ONLY for new code instead.
                   6640:                [itojun 20011015]
                   6641:        Added port to SONY PlayStation 2. [uch 20011016]
                   6642:        wc(1): -m and -w flags now handle multibyte characters properly.
                   6643:                [yamt 20011019]
                   6644:        hp300:  new hil(4) attachment making it an optional component of
                   6645:                the kernel [gmcgarry 20011017]
                   6646:        hp300:  new rtc(4) attachment (mandatory) for the real-time
                   6647:                clock [gmcgarry 20011017]
                   6648:        pax(1): add -M, which treats stdin as an mtree(8) specfile when
                   6649:                doing -w or -rw.  [lukem 20011025]
                   6650:        arm26: gdb(1) now works. [bjh21 20011025]
                   6651:        mtree(8): add -W, to prevent permissions from being modified or
                   6652:                complained about; used with -du to create missing
                   6653:                directories as the current user.  [lukem 20011026]
                   6654:        install(1): add -T tags, to write mtree(8) tags out to the
                   6655:                -M metalog.  [lukem 20011026]
                   6656:        cu(1): Add -F (default) h/w flow control,
                   6657:                -f no h/w flow control, and
                   6658:                -q for quiet downloads.  [briggs 20011026]
                   6659:        makefs(8): imported makefs(8), which creates a file system
                   6660:                image from a directory tree.  [lukem 20011026]
                   6661:        moused(8): add a daemon (from FreeBSD) to take input from serial
                   6662:                mice and put them into a wsmux, for easy access via
                   6663:                /dev/wsmouse.  [augustss 20011029]
                   6664:        tun(4): interface converted to cloning.  [atatat 20011031]
                   6665:        opendisk(3); enforce the iscooked arg to check if the type of
                   6666:                the matching file is S_IFBLK or S_IFCHR as appropriate.
                   6667:                [lukem 20011101]
                   6668:        scsi: Add a driver for the Tekram DC-395U/UW/F and DC-315/U PCI SCSI
                   6669:                host adapters, written by Rui-Xiang Guo <rxg@ms25.url.com.tw>.
                   6670:                [tsutsui 20011103]
                   6671:        inet6: correct IPv6 UDP inbound processing.  now IPv6 sockets will not
                   6672:                grab packets to joined multicast groups after bind(2).  exact
                   6673:                address match is necessary (the behavior is now closer to
                   6674:                4.4BSD IPv4 stack).  [itojun 20011106]
                   6675:        ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.0
                   6676:                around 20011107.  [itojun 20011107]
                   6677:        mtree(8): add -L, to walk the tree logically (following symlinks).
                   6678:                add -P, to walk the tree physically (the default).  add
                   6679:                -X excludefile, a file containing a list of patterns to
                   6680:                exclude. add "rmd160" and "sha1" keywords.  [lukem 20011107]
                   6681:        x68k: Add support of an ethernet part of Nereid. [isaki 20011111]
                   6682:        postfix: remove IPv6 patch, as it still needs a lot more torture-
                   6683:                testing outside of the tree.  [itojun 20011111]
                   6684:        getnameinfo(3): always assume NI_WITHSCOPEID is on, to sync with
                   6685:                recent standards document.  [itojun 20011115]
                   6686:        kernel: kernel builds are now mostly port independent.  this means
                   6687:                that ports (on sparc, i386, alpha, and vax, for now) now
                   6688:                use an included file for most of the build machinery and
                   6689:                only set relevant variables in their own makefiles.
                   6690:                [atatat 20011116]
                   6691:        malloc(9): add M_ZERO to zero allocated memory (from FreeBSD).
                   6692:                [lukem 20011117]
                   6693:        acorn32: New port formed as part of the splitting of the arm32 port.
                   6694:                [reinoud 20011118]
                   6695:        audio: add autri(4) driver for Trident 4DWAVE based PCI audio.
                   6696:                [someya 20011118]
                   6697:        kernel: options(4) to control kgdb are now more orthogonal, and are:
                   6698:                KGDB, KGDB_DEV, KGDB_DEVADDR, KGDB_DEVMODE, KGDB_DEVNAME,
                   6699:                KGDB_DEVRATE.  [lukem 20011120]
                   6700:        install(1): handle links and the -r flag correctly.  [simonb 20011123]
                   6701:        mca: IBM PS/2 MCA DMA controller access bus_dma'fied, uses i386
                   6702:                ISA bus_dma routines to bounce buffers on machines with
                   6703:                >16MB RAM, edc(4) and mca/ed(4) fixes [jdolecek 20011124]
1.9       wiz      6704:        dd(1): support 'g' (gigabyte) and 't' (terabyte)' suffixes on sizes.
1.1       lukem    6705:                [lukem 20011125]
                   6706:        makefs(8): support size suffix parsing as per dd(1).  [lukem 20011125]
                   6707:        distrib/notes: Add a table of contents to the release notes.
                   6708:                [jhawk 20011126]
                   6709:        vmstat(1): rename '-h histname' to '-u histname' (UVM history for
                   6710:                histname), rename '-H' to '-U' (all UVM histories),
                   6711:                add '-h hashstat' to display hash statistics for hashstat,
                   6712:                add '-H' to display all hash statistics, '-L' to list
                   6713:                available hashes.  [lukem 20011126]
                   6714:        usb: Add a very preliminary driver for ehci(4); the host controller
                   6715:                for USB 2.0.  Use at your own risk.  [augustss 20011126]
                   6716:        ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.0.1
                   6717:                around 20011127.  [itojun 20011127]
                   6718:        pc532: Add support for device_register() and nuke dk_establish().
                   6719:                [simonb 20011129]
                   6720:        kernel: Struct ucred, cr_ref and cr_ngroups widening (1.5Z)
                   6721:                [christos 20011129]
                   6722:        dump(8): Added the ability to time stamp dump(8) log messages and
                   6723:                gives the estimated time of completion as well as the
                   6724:                estimated interval.  The time stamp format can be
                   6725:                controlled by the TIMEFORMAT environment variable.
                   6726:                [blymn 20011015]
                   6727:        Kernel sets are now named for their kernel config file,
                   6728:                e.g. kern-GENERIC.tgz, and platforms are no longer
                   6729:                required to provide a GENERIC (it simply can't be
                   6730:                done for some).  Sysinst updated to now require
                   6731:                the user to select a kernel set to install if the
                   6732:                platform provides more than one.  [thorpej 20011129]
                   6733:        atapi: Add support for ATAPI tape drives. [bouyer 20011130]
                   6734:        curses(3): The curses library now supports the resizeterm
                   6735:                function which allows the curses screen to be resized
                   6736:                dynamically.  Also added newterm and set_term to allow
                   6737:                multi-screen applications.  [blymn 20011202]
                   6738:        ftpd(8): new ftpd.conf(5) directives: `denyquick' - prevent denied
                   6739:                users after `USER' instead of `PASS', `private' - don't
                   6740:                list class information in `STAT' output.  [lukem 20011205]
                   6741:        malloc(9): added M_CANFAIL flag, to allow failure in M_WAITOK case
                   6742:                in cases where panic is not appropriate [jdolecek 20011205]
                   6743:        mca: add esp(4) attachment for NCR SCSI Adapter (53C90)
                   6744:                [jdolecek 20011205]
                   6745:        ptrace/profcs: Added hooks to allow machdep code to specify
                   6746:                machine-dependent ptrace(2) requests and procfs node
                   6747:                types.  [thorpej 20011205]
                   6748:        i386: Use new __HAVE_PTRACE_MACHDEP and __HAVE_PROCFS_MACHDEP
                   6749:                to export XMM (standard FP + SSE/SSE2) registers to
                   6750:                ptrace(2) and procfs.  [thorpej 20011205]
                   6751:        kernel: added <sys/hash.h> which implements hash32_buf(),
                   6752:                hash32_str(), and hash32_strn().  [lukem 20011205]
                   6753:        od(1): Added POSIX-like -j and -N options.  [bjh21 20011205]
                   6754:        irda: Basic kernel support for IrDA frame level driver added.
                   6755:                Serial dongles and the oboe drivers are the only hardware
                   6756:                supported so far.  The frame level driver can be used
                   6757:                by the comms/birda package.  [augustss 20011205]
                   6758:        malloc_roundup(9): new interface which returns the actual size of
                   6759:                the allocation unit for the given value.  [enami 20011205]
                   6760:        ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.0.2
                   6761:                around 20011206.  [itojun 20011206]
                   6762:        libc: add putwc(3), putwchar(3), fputwc(3), getwc(3), getwchar(3),
                   6763:                fgetwc(3), fwide(3).  [yamt 20011207]
                   6764:        hp300:  add support for the generic softintr(9) API.
                   6765:                [gmcgarry 20011208]
                   6766:        kernel: Converted remaining ports to use new MI kernel build
                   6767:                machinery.  [atatat 20011209]
                   6768:        hp300:  new console attachment interface [gmcgarry 20011214]
                   6769:        dump(8): add tape autoload capability for multivolume dumps.
                   6770:                [bouyer 20011214]
                   6771:        usb: add driver, uirda(4), for USB-IrDA bridges.  [augustss 20011214]
                   6772:        m68k:   Switched all OBJECT_FMT=elf m68k ports to new-toolchain.
                   6773:                [scw 20011216]
                   6774:        pppoe:  Completed support for PPP over ethernet (RFC 2516),
                   6775:                see pppoe(8) for details. [martin 20011216]
                   6776:        kernel: NTFS now supports Windows 2000 NTFS (NTFS5).
                   6777:                [jdolecek 20011216]
                   6778:        pciide(4): Add support for Promise Ultra100TX2, Ultra100TX2v2, and
                   6779:                Ultra133 controllers.  [bouyer 20011217]
                   6780:        amiga:  New two-stage bootloader capable of loading ELF or a.out
                   6781:                kernels as well as compressed kernels.  [mhitch 20011216]
                   6782:        kernel: kernel configs can now be embedded in the kernel binary
                   6783:                itself for later retrieval.  See the INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE
                   6784:                kernel config options in options(4).  [atatat 20011217]
                   6785:        ffs:    bring over free block tracking and directory block allocation
                   6786:                fixes for softdeps from FreeBSD [fvdl 20011218]
                   6787:        x68k: Switch to using ELF binary format by default.  [minoura 20011224]
                   6788:        compat_linux(8): Now supports Mips ports [manu 20011226]
                   6789:        usb:    Introduce an extra device layer for HID devices, uhidev, so
                   6790:                that devices that use multiple report ids can be used.
                   6791:                Also update (and rename) libusbhid(3).  [augustss 20011228]
                   6792:        newfs(8): If -c isn't provided, automatically choose the largest
                   6793:                support value based on the other parameters.  [lukem 20011231]
                   6794:        newfs(8): If the block size is not given on the command line nor
                   6795:                in the disklabel then calculate it from the file system size.
                   6796:                [augustss 20011230]
                   6797:        radio(4): Import drivers for radio cards from OpenBSD, together with
                   6798:                radioctl(1) to control the radio.  [augustss 20020101]
                   6799:        compat_sunos(8): moved SO_BROADCAST hack out of the generic kernel code
                   6800:                allowing COMPAT_SUNOS to be built as an LKM.  [mrg 20020103]
                   6801:        lint(1): Use the correct size for a target's non-float types.
                   6802:                Add a BITFIELDTYPE lint comment to suppress non-portable
                   6803:                and illegal bitfield type warnings and errors.
                   6804:                [thorpej 20020102]
                   6805:        Add support for writing ELF core files, and dump ELF core files
                   6806:                for ELF emulations.  [thorpej 20020103]
                   6807:        bktr(4): Add support for radio(4) interface.  [jmcneill 20020106]
                   6808:        esa(4): Add support for the ESS Allegro-1 / Maestro-3 family of
                   6809:                PCI audio accelerators.  [jmcneill 20020106]
                   6810:        esa(4): Add recording support to the esa(4) driver.
                   6811:                [jmcneill 20020107]
                   6812:        mount_mfs(8): Allow the user, group and permissions of the MFS to be
                   6813:                specified on the command line.  [simonb 20020107]
                   6814:        isa(4): Overhaul autoconfiguration in order to support direct-config
                   6815:                of ISA devices.  [thorpej 20020107]
                   6816:        Add DIOCGCACHE and DIOCSCACHE ioctls to get/set disk cache
                   6817:                enables in a generic way.  Add support for these ioctls
                   6818:                to the SCSI disk driver.  [thorpej 20020108]
                   6819:        sunlabel(8): Add der Mouse's sunlabel program, for reading and writing
                   6820:                Sun disklabels.  [mrg 20020110]
                   6821:        Lots of man pages: Sort SEE ALSO, bring sections in standard order
                   6822:                (see mdoc.samples(7)), fix .Dt and .Dd arguments. Also reduce
                   6823:                number of trailing crossreferences considerably.
                   6824:                [wiz 20020115]
                   6825:        audioplay(1): better WAV support.  [mrg 20020115]
                   6826:        audiorecord(1): WAV output support.  [mrg 20020115]
                   6827:        kernel: RAIDFrame+autoconfig is now the default in a number of
                   6828:                GENERIC configs.  Little-used RAID types are no longer
                   6829:                enabled by default.  8 RAID devices is now the default.
                   6830:                [oster 20020119]
                   6831:        xsrc: import XFree86 4.2.0 [tron 20020119]
                   6832:        wi(4), wiconfig(8): Force AP Scanning support. [ichiro 20020121]
                   6833:        init: Always attempt mfs dev if missing /dev/console, handle errors
                   6834:                more gracefully, including missing MAKEDEV. [abs 20020121]
                   6835:        checknr(1): Add basic mdoc(7) support. [wiz 20020121]
                   6836:        gdb(1):  enable "target sim" support for PowerPC.  [mrg 20020122]
                   6837:        wscons: added blanking support to VGA.  [lukem 20020124]
                   6838:        screenblank(1): added "-i device" to specify additional devices
                   6839:                to monitor for input activity.  [lukem 20020124]
                   6840:        libc: added pwcache_userdb(3), pwcache_groupdb(3).  [lukem 20020124]
                   6841:        mtree(8): added -N dbdir, to specify different location for user and
                   6842:                group databases.  [lukem 20020124]
                   6843:        makefs(8): added -N dbdir, to specify different location for user and
                   6844:                group databases.  [lukem 20020124]
                   6845:        pax(8): added -N dbdir, to specify different location for user and
                   6846:                group databases.  [lukem 20020124]
                   6847:        ipf(8): updated to version 3.4.23. [martti 20020124]
                   6848:        amiga: added experimental Toccata driver. [is 20020126]
                   6849:        kernel: implement the CLOCK_MONOTONIC clock for the posix/opengroup
                   6850:                realtime clock_*() functions. [simonb 20020131]
                   6851:        rc.d(8): rename 'NETWORK' dummy dependency to 'NETWORKING', and
                   6852:                provide backward-compatible PROVIDE.  [lukem 20020131]
                   6853:        mtree(8): support '/unset all'.  [lukem 20020205]
                   6854:        arm: system calls now use SWIs in our officially-assigned range.
                   6855:                [bjh21 20020210]
                   6856:        kernel: switch default to the new, faster pipe implementation,
                   6857:                which has lower overhead and uses UVM Page Loan
                   6858:                [jdolecek 20020211]
                   6859:        bind: upgrade to BIND 8.2.3 from ISC.  [itojun 20020211]
                   6860:        tlp(4): added support for Adaptec ANA-6922.  [chs 20020214]
                   6861:        tcpdump(8): import tcpdump.org tree, version 3.7.1.  [itojun 20020218]
                   6862:        evbarm: Added gzboot, for booting gzip'd kernels (possibly
                   6863:                containing ramdisk images) from flash.  [thorpej 20020224]
                   6864:        prep: support direct-mapped PCI configuration space.  [kleink 20020224]
                   6865:        pmax: add two-stage network boot loader [gmcgarry 20020225]
                   6866:        prep: add ISA attachment for MI mk48txx driver.  [kleink 20020225]
                   6867:        prep: support systems based on Motorola Ultra Plus and
                   6868:                Ultra 60x boards.  [kleink 20020226]
                   6869:        mvmeppc: New NetBSD port to Motorola MVMEPPC boards.  [scw 20020227]
                   6870:        pkill(1): add pkill and pgrep utilities; search the process table on
                   6871:                the running system for processes with a particular set of
                   6872:                characteristics, and then print or signal the matching set.
                   6873:                [ad 20020304]
                   6874:        ipip(4): removed, as redundant with gif(4); it's been rotting in-tree
                   6875:                for a while. [sommerfeld 20020304]
                   6876:        less(1):  updated to less-374.  [mrg 20020305]
                   6877:        makewhatis(8): whatis entries are prefixed with appropriate subdirectory
                   6878:                name for architecture-specific manpages [jdolecek 20020307]
                   6879:        makewhatis(8): if called without arguments, regenerate whatis
                   6880:                databases specified in /etc/man.conf [jdolecek 20020308]
                   6881:        ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.1
                   6882:                around 20020308.  [itojun 20020308]
                   6883:        audio: Add capability to convert sampling rate and mono-stereo.
                   6884:                [kent 20020311]
                   6885:        auich(4): Enable sampling rate and mono-stereo conversion.
                   6886:                [kent 20020311]
                   6887:        uaudio(4): Enable sampling rate and mono-stereo conversion.
                   6888:                [kent 20020311]
                   6889:        sparc: the nell driver (stp4020 sbus to pcmcia bridge) is
                   6890:                working for all 8bit only cards (endianess issues
                   6891:                and problems with the sparc bus_spac_{read,write}_*
                   6892:                implementation need to be resolved to support 16bit
                   6893:                cards) [martin 20020311]
                   6894:        audiocs(4): add EBus attachment that supports both playback
                   6895:                and recording, add recording support for SBus attachment.
                   6896:                [uwe 20020312]
                   6897:        rc.d(8): support optional ${_arg}_postcmd method.  [lukem 20020213]
                   6898:        tlp(4): added support for Adaptec ANA-6944A.  [chs 20020313]
                   6899:        ipf(8): updated to version 3.4.25. [martti 20020314]
                   6900:        ipf(8): added support for MSS-clamping to NAT [martin 20020314]
                   6901:        tlp(4): added support for Phobos P430.  [chs 20020314]
                   6902:        bzip2(1), libbz2: Update to 1.0.2. [mjl 20020315]
                   6903:        newsmips: Add sysinst support. [tsutsui 20020316]
                   6904:        tlp(4): added support for Adaptec ANA-6911 and ANA-6911A.
                   6905:                [chs 20020316]
                   6906:        ptrace(2): Add PT_IO as proposed by Artur Grabowski on the
                   6907:                <bsd-api-discuss@wasabisystems.com> mailing list.
                   6908:                [thorpej 20020317]
                   6909:        kernel: EPASSTHROUGH added to kernel, primarily for ioctl code, and
                   6910:                ERESTART moved to -3.  ioctl(2) code reorganized mildly to
                   6911:                take advantage of this and make these calls properly
                   6912:                restartable.  [atatat 20020317]
                   6913:        kernel: added signals 34->63 and bumped NSIG to 64. Defined all of
                   6914:                them as RT signals now, to be fixed later. Defined SIGRTMIN
                   6915:                and SIGRTMAX in kernel space only since we don't really support
                   6916:                real-time posix semantics on those signals yet. The libc
                   6917:                arrays have been updated with additional information.
                   6918:                [christos 20020319]
                   6919:        compat_linux(8): Added signals 32-63 and mapped them to the real
                   6920:                time signals. Now jdk1.4 works. [christos 20020319]
                   6921:        sysctl(3), sysctl(8): Added new emul subtree for emulation specific
                   6922:                sysctl data. Implemented emul.linux.kern.{osname,osrelease,
                   6923:                osversion} so that we can set the kernel version.
                   6924:                [christos 20020319]
                   6925:        rc.d(8): Support $command_interpreter in rc.d scripts. [lukem 20020321]
                   6926:        rc.conf(5): Add $swapoff, to enable removal of block-type swap
                   6927:                devices at shutdown time.  [lukem 20020322]
                   6928:        etcupdate(8) added. [martti 20020322]
                   6929:        sysctl(8): Added -q flag to suppress output for write operations
                   6930:                [sommerfeld 20020323]
                   6931:        mvme68k: Added mvme68k-specific support for sysinst. [scw 20020324]
                   6932:        mac68k: Switch to using ELF binary format by default.
                   6933:                [shiba 20020325]
                   6934:        tlp(4): added support for SMC 9332DST.  [chs 20020326]
                   6935:        rc.conf(5): replace $critical_filesystems_beforenet with
                   6936:                $critical_filesystems_local, and $critical_filesystems
                   6937:                with $critical_filesystems_remote.  [lukem 20020227]
                   6938:        arm: Add support for the Intel i80321 I/O Processor
                   6939:                (XScale core).  [thorpej 20020327]
                   6940:        evbarm: Add support for the Intel IQ80321 eval board for
                   6941:                the i80321 I/O Processor.  [thorpej 20020327]
                   6942:        wm(4): New device driver for the Intel i82542, i82543,
                   6943:                and i82544 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. [thorpej 20020327]
                   6944:        url(4): added support for Realtek RTL8150L USB-Ether bridge chip.
                   6945:                [ichiro 20020329]
                   6946:        compat_linux(8): Changed linux_setregs() to use GDT's instead of LDT's
                   6947:                [thanks sommerfeld], and fixed a socket size problem in
                   6948:                connect. Now opera6 works with full thread support, and async
                   6949:                DNS. Kernel default linux version will move to 2.4.18 as soon
                   6950:                as we have a linux package for it. I expect this version to
                   6951:                be able to run most applications that 2.4.18 can run.
                   6952:                [christos 20020329]
                   6953:        tlp(4): added support for Cogent EM100 (aka Adaptec ANA-6911).
                   6954:                [chs 20020403]
                   6955:        compat_linux(8): The default Linux kernel version on the i386 port
                   6956:                is now 2.4.18. [tron 20020404]
                   6957:        sysinst: Added polish language translation to sysinst. Compile
                   6958:                with "make release SYSINSTLANG=pl". [hubertf 20020409]
                   6959:        tlp(4): add support for built-in NWay autonegotiation on 2114[23],
                   6960:                Macronix 98713A, 98715, 98715A, 98725, and Lite-On 82C115.
                   6961:                [chs 20020408]
                   6962:        arm32: Reworked a lot of the arm32 pmap between 1.5 to 1.6.  This has
                   6963:                included work to improved cache consistency, improve
                   6964:                performance and generally make the code more readable.  Still
                   6965:                lots of room to improve though.
                   6966:                [thorpej,rearnsha,chris 20020413]
                   6967:        wi(4): added support for Symbol 802.11b CF card. [onoe 20020415]
                   6968:        ifwatchd(8): Invoke up-script and down-script with parameters
                   6969:                matching exactly those used by pppd(8). [tron 20020415]
                   6970:        siop(4): Add support for software-driven activity LED of some
                   6971:                53c895-based adapters. [bouyer 20020418]
                   6972:        opms(4): Removed opms(4) from the i386 and bebox ports, since it has
                   6973:                been superseded by pms(4). [wiz 20020418]
                   6974:        ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.2
                   6975:                around 20020422.  [itojun 20020422]
                   6976:        icp(4): Add a driver for ICP-Vortex GDT and Intel Storage RAID
                   6977:                controllers.  [ad 20020422]
                   6978:        esiop(4): Add a driver which improve performances for ncr53c825, 875
                   6979:                and newer adapters. [bouyer 20020423]
                   6980:        eso(4): Add support for the on-board game port.  [kleink 20020425]
                   6981:        cron(8): Add support for CRON_TZ and CRON_WITHIN variables in
                   6982:                crontab files.  [atatat 20020425]
                   6983:        wscons.conf(5): Add support for "setvar".  [lukem 20020426]
                   6984:        aac(4): Add a driver for Adaptec FSA RAID controllers.  [ad 20020426]
                   6985:        /etc/postinstall: Added; check for or fix configuration changes
                   6986:                that have occurred in NetBSD.  [lukem 20020426]
                   6987:        mk.conf(5): Add support for NETBSDSRCDIR, which specifies the
                   6988:                top level of the NetBSD source tree.  [lukem 20020427]
                   6989:        stat(1): Added to tree.  Provides a simple formatted interface
                   6990:                to the data returned by stat(2).  [atatat 20020427]
                   6991:        ssh(1): configuration file renamed from /etc/ssh/ssh.conf to
                   6992:                /etc/ssh/ssh_config.  [lukem 20020429]
                   6993:        sshd(8): configuration file renamed from /etc/ssh/sshd.conf to
                   6994:                /etc/ssh/sshd_config.  [lukem 20020429]
                   6995:        mbufs: Changed semantics of ext_free to make them more useful
                   6996:                for arbitrary kinds of external storage. [thorpej 20020502]
                   6997:        Add experimental/optional page loaning code to sosend().  Use of
                   6998:                this option achieves zero-copy for the TCP and UDP
                   6999:                transmit path.  [thorpej 20020502]
                   7000:        ipf(8): updated to version 3.4.27. [martti 20020502]
                   7001:        crunchgen(1): generated makefile should be parallel-build safe.
                   7002:                [sommerfeld 20020502]
                   7003:        Added _LP64 when generating LP64 code. [eeh 20020502]
                   7004:        xsrc:  Add Xvideo support to the NeoMagic driver in the XF4 tree.
                   7005:                From xfree-current.  [mrg 20020502]
                   7006:        faithd(8): deprecate support for rsh/rlogin protocol relaying,
                   7007:                due to security drawbacks.  [itojun 20020509]
                   7008:        ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.2.1
                   7009:                around 20020513.  [itojun 20020513]
                   7010:        sysctl(8): rename net.inet6.ip6.bindv6only to net.inet6.ip6.v6only.
                   7011:                [itojun 20020514]
                   7012:        bind: upgrade to BIND 8.2.4 from ISC.  [itojun 20020517]
                   7013:        sparc: enable NFS_BOOT_DHCP in the GENERIC and INSTALL kernels,
                   7014:                and try bootp before bootparams in boot.net.  [lukem 20020515]
                   7015:        file(1): update to 3.38. [pooka 20020518]
                   7016:        rc.conf(5): add rc_rcorder_flags (extra flags to rcorder(8) in /etc/rc)
                   7017:                and rcshutdown_rcorder_flags (extra flags to rcorder(8) in
                   7018:                /etc/rc.shutdown).  [lukem 20020519]
                   7019:        xsrc: xterm - use openpty() in xterm to deal with the new pty naming
                   7020:                scheme.  [simonb 20020530]
                   7021:        window(1): use openpty() to deal with the new pty naming scheme.
                   7022:                [simonb 20020530]
                   7023:        openssl: update to 0.9.6d. [itojun 20020609]
                   7024:        sgimips: IRIX binary compatibility option available [manu 20020315]
                   7025:        bind: upgrade to BIND 8.3.2 from ISC.  [itojun 20020620]
                   7026:        ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.3
                   7027:                around 20020624.  [itojun 20020624]
                   7028:        ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.4
                   7029:                around 20020626.  [itojun 20020626]
                   7030:        bind: upgrade to BIND 8.3.3 from ISC.  plugs security hole in resolver
                   7031:                [itojun 20020628]
                   7032:        mac68k: move to sysinst as the preferred method of installation.
                   7033:                [scottr 20020629]
                   7034:        openssl: Update to 0.9.6e for security fixes.  [itojun 20020731]
                   7035:        ntpd(8): chrootable ntpd with out of the box configuration from
                   7036:                rc.conf [manu 20020801]
                   7037:        openssl: update to 0.9.6f for security fixes. [itojun 20020808]
                   7038:        openssl: update to 0.9.6g. [itojun 20020809]
1.10      jmc      7039:
                   7040: Changes from NetBSD 1.6 to NetBSD 2.0:
                   7041:        libcrypt: support bcrypt password entries.  can be chosen with
                   7042:                "blowfish" keyword in passwd.conf.  from openbsd
                   7043:                [itojun 20020524]
                   7044:        tcp(4): implement path MTU discovery blackhole detection (turn off path
                   7045:                MTU discovery if the connection is losing).  PR 12790.
                   7046:                [itojun 20020526]
                   7047:        pppd(8): import 2.4.1 [christos 20020529]
                   7048:        ftpd(8): optionally and experimentally use mmap(2) instead of read(2)
                   7049:                for binary file transfer [enami 20020530]
                   7050:        prep: support IBM RS/6000 43P 7043-140. [nonaka 20020530]
                   7051:        pmppc: a port to Artesyn's PM/PPC board.  [augustss 20020531]
                   7052:        tcpdump(8): upgrade to 3.7.1 as of 2002/5/31. [itojun 20020531]
                   7053:        amdpm(4): driver for AMD768 Power Management Controller (but currently
                   7054:                an interface to rnd(4) only.)  [enami 20020602]
                   7055:        gspahextoc: was obsoleted by the -c option to gspa(1) a long
                   7056:                time ago, and has thus been removed [is 20020607]
                   7057:        netinet6: synchronize with recent interface/router/prefix management
                   7058:                logic from KAME.  [itojun 20020608]
                   7059:        greconfig(8): obsoleted.  use ifconfig(8) for configuration.
                   7060:                [itojun 20020609]
                   7061:        netinet: path MTU discovery is turned on by default (currently used
                   7062:                for TCP only).  [itojun 20020613]
                   7063:        amd(8): add new mount option "xlatecookie" to support NFS v3 mounts
                   7064:                with cookie translation.  [tron 20020614]
                   7065:        factor(6): Use a Pollard Rho algorithm to factor arbitrary sized
                   7066:                numbers.  [simonb 20020615]
                   7067:        systrace(1): Integrate Niels Provos' systrace(1) binary sand-boxing,
                   7068:                device and userland support. [christos 20020617]
                   7069:        netstat(1): add -q flag to print information about
                   7070:                software interrupt queue.  [enami 20020703]
                   7071:        kernel: Socket buffer insertion is now O(C).  This can provide a
                   7072:                substantial performance boost to some applications
                   7073:                which use large socket buffers.  [thorpej 20020703]
                   7074:        sh5: Added support for the SuperH SH-5 CPU architecture.
                   7075:                [scw 20020705]
                   7076:        chflags(1), chgrp(1), chmod(1), chown(8): Change default behaviour
                   7077:                to follow symlinks on the command line rather than ignoring
                   7078:                them, finally fixing PR 563.  [bjh21 20020707]
                   7079:        file(1): update to 3.39. [pooka 20020709]
                   7080:        pdisk(8): Import pdisk 0.8a1, the Apple disk partitioning
                   7081:                utility [dbj 20020709]
                   7082:        Switch to a signal trampoline provided by libc.  The kernel
                   7083:                will provide one for backward compatibility, and
                   7084:                for emulations.  [thorpej 20020710]
                   7085:        m68k: m68k-based ports now use __HAVE_SYSCALL_INTERN syscall interface.
                   7086:                [scw 20020713]
                   7087:        evbarm: Add support for the Intel IXM1200 eval board for
                   7088:                the ixp12x0 Network Processor.  [ichiro 20020715]
                   7089:        mopd(8): Added "-s <mopdir>" to avoid hard coding /tftpboot/mop.
                   7090:                [mrg 20020719]
                   7091:        hpcarm: X server for the Jornada 720 now works [manu 20020722]
                   7092:        pciide(4): added support for the Silicon Image 0680 IDE controller.
                   7093:                [onoe 20020726]
                   7094:        macppc: finished support for 2nd CPU on 9500/180MP and 9600/200MP
                   7095:                [chs 20020728]
                   7096:        systrace(1): Update systrace(1) and the kernel code.  Note that the
                   7097:                update contains backward-incompatible change in ioctl.
                   7098:                [itojun 20020730]
                   7099:        dmover(4): Added dmover(4) API, interface to hardware-assisted data
                   7100:                movers.  [thorpej 20020801]
                   7101:        pkg_admin(8): Add 'pmatch' keyword to return true if 'pkg' matches
                   7102:                'pattern', false else. [hubertf 20020804]
                   7103:        macppc: added support for 2nd CPU on dual G4 boxes [chs 20020805]
                   7104:        pmc(9): Added new performance counter framework.  [briggs 20020806]
                   7105:        auich(4): Added support for ICH4 and SiS 7012.  [kent 20020807]
                   7106:        pmc(3): Added new performance counter interface library.
                   7107:                [thorpej 20020808]
                   7108:        usb(4): Added slhci(4), ScanLogic SL811HS/T USB Host Controller.
                   7109:                [isaki 20020811]
                   7110:        ifmedia(4): Added new "ibss", "ibss-master", and "hostap" ifmedia media
                   7111:                options for 802.11 interfaces.  [thorpej 20020810]
                   7112:        wi(4): Add experimental Host-AP support, allowing Intelsil
                   7113:                Prism2/2.5/3-based boards to be used to make an
                   7114:                802.11 Access Point.  [thorpej 20020811]
                   7115:        arm: New versions of copyin(), copyout(), and kcopy().  These make
                   7116:                almost all user/kernel interactions faster.  [briggs 20020812]
                   7117:        lpd(8): add libwrap support. [itojun 20020812]
                   7118:        sparc64: Add sab driver for sab82532 serial controller. Written by
                   7119:                Jason L. Wright for OpenBSD. [petrov 20020816]
                   7120:        wscons(4): Add wsmoused(8) for mouse cut and paste in wscons vga
                   7121:                driver. [christos 20020820]
                   7122:        utmpx(5): All userland programs have been converted to understand both
                   7123:                utmp and utmpx, wtmp and wtmpx, lastlog and lastlogx
                   7124:                [christos 20020821]
                   7125:        rescue: enable /rescue system recovery tools.  [lukem 20020822]
                   7126:        boot(8): allow path to init(8) to be entered when booting with
                   7127:                RB_ASKNAME ("boot -a").  [lukem 20020823]
                   7128:        rasctl(2): Restartable Atomic Sequences (RAS).  [gmcgarry 20020828]
                   7129:        pmap(1): Added to tree.  Prints the address space of a given
                   7130:                process (or processes).  [atatat 20020831]
                   7131:        zx(4): Add a driver for the Sun ZX/Leo framebuffer.  [ad 20020913]
                   7132:        ipf(8): updated to version 3.4.29. [martti 20020919]
                   7133:        mount(2): Add MNT_GETARGS support to retrieve mounted filesystem
                   7134:                specific arguments. [christos 20020921]
                   7135:        compat_irix(8): sproc emulation supports share groups with private
                   7136:                memory mappings. [manu 20020922]
                   7137:        mk.conf(5): MKDYNAMICROOT=yes made as the default, resulting in
                   7138:                a fully dynamically linked system.  [lukem 20020923]
                   7139:        iwic(4): Add driver for Winbond W6692 ISDN [pooka 20020924]
                   7140:        kernel: Removed the old rmap code, <sys/map.h> and kern/subr_rmap.c.
                   7141:                [thorpej 20020925]
                   7142:        kernel: Overhaul device parent matching; now record attributes in
                   7143:                a "parent spec" in the kernel. [thorpej 20020925]
                   7144:        libcrypto: mdc2 is a patented algorithm, so move it out of libcrypto.
                   7145:                if you need mdc2, define MKCRYPTO_MDC2 to get libcrypto_mdc2.a.
                   7146:                [itojun 20020926]
                   7147:        kernel: Don't reference cfdriver structures directly in the cfdata
                   7148:                entries; instead, a string names the driver, which is looked up
                   7149:                from a list that is built at run-time.  [thorpej 20020926]
                   7150:        ufs: Add support for the Apple UFS variation on ffs
                   7151:                See PR 17345 [dbj 20020928]
                   7152:        sh(1): Use vfork(2) rather than fork(2) where appropriate.
                   7153:                See PR 5475 [christos,elric 20020928]
                   7154:        Remove umask setting from /etc/skel/.{cshrc,profile} so that
                   7155:                user files are not created group writable by default.
                   7156:                [grant 20020929]
                   7157:        sendmail(8): Include DOMAIN(generic) in prototype configuration
                   7158:                to enable standard sendmail features. [grant 20020930]
                   7159:        i386: merge the sommerfeld_i386mp_1 branch [fvdl 20021001]
                   7160:        ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.5
                   7161:                around 20021001.  [itojun 20021001]
                   7162:        kernel: Don't reference cfattach structures directly in the cfdata
                   7163:                entries; instead, a string names the attachment, which is
                   7164:                looked up from a list that is built at run-time.
                   7165:                [thorpej 20021003]
                   7166:        cgd(4): Add CryptoGraphic Disk driver, cgd(4).  [elric 20021004]
                   7167:        pciide(4): Added support for VIA VT8235 [kent 20021005]
                   7168:        auvia(4): Added support for VT8233/VT8235 [kent 20021005]
                   7169:        auvia(4): Enabled sampling rate conversion for fixed-rate AC'97 codec
                   7170:                [kent 20021008]
                   7171:        ubsa(4): Driver for Belkin serial adapters ported from FreeBSD
                   7172:                [augustss 20021008]
                   7173:        tar(1): upgrade to GNU tar 1.13.25 for security fixes
                   7174:                [itojun 20021010]
                   7175:        config(9): Allow pseudo-devices to be parents of "real" devices.
                   7176:                [thorpej 20021009]
                   7177:        config(9): Allow options to register dependencies on attributes
                   7178:                (the way it already can for other options).  [thorpej 20021010]
                   7179:        config(9): Allow devices to be orphaned in the kernel config file, but
                   7180:                emit an informational message when this happens.
                   7181:                [thorpej 20021010]
                   7182:        tar(1), cpio(1): We are now using pax(1) for those instead of
                   7183:                the gnu version. [christos 20021016]
                   7184:        basename(3), dirname(3): Change to return pointer to static
                   7185:                storage, rather than modifying their input arguments.
                   7186:                The new behavior is explicitly allowed by IEEE Std
                   7187:                1003.1-2001.  [thorpej 20021016]
                   7188:        build.sh: add '-k kernel', to configure and build the given
                   7189:                kernel using the new toolchain.
                   7190:                From Alan Barrett in PR#18739.  [lukem 20021021]
                   7191:        kernel: kqueue branch merged [jdolecek 20021023]
                   7192:        kernel: keep separate read & write disk statistics.  [mrg 20021101]
                   7193:        iostat(8): report read/write stats in iostat -x.  [mrg 20021101]
                   7194:        systat(1): report read/write stats in iostat "rw" mode.  [mrg 20021101]
                   7195:        sparc64: Find the correct boot path for all IDE disks.  [mrg 20021102]
                   7196:        eap(4): Add support for second DAC [pooka 20021104]
                   7197:        kernel: Added two sysctl(8) flags to stop process just after creation by
                   7198:                fork(2) or exec(2).  [manu 20021106]
                   7199:        mtd(4): Add driver for Myson Technologies MTD803 3-in-1 Fast Ethernet
                   7200:                cards from Peter Bex. [martin 20021107]
                   7201:        iop(4): Add support for Adaptec 2000S and 2005S [msaitoh 20021108]
                   7202:        dreamcast: Add support for memory card and monochrome LCD on
                   7203:                Maple bus.  [itohy 20021115]
                   7204:        vnd(4): Now also available as an LKM.  [mrg 20021116]
                   7205:        etc/postinstall: Add support for examining the obsolete sets for
                   7206:                obsolete entries to check or remove.  [lukem 20021117]
                   7207:        named(8): Upgrade to BIND 8.3.4. [itojun 20021117]
                   7208:        gcc(1), as(1): Fixed bug in how NetBSD ARM ELF binaries were marked.
                   7209:                They now properly reflect ATPCS + Soft-VFP.
                   7210:                [thorpej 20021121]
                   7211:        lib/csu: Split crtbegin/crtend into crti/crtbegin/crtend/crtn.
                   7212:                This is inline with what other ELF systems do, and paves
                   7213:                the way to using GCC-supplied crtbegin/crtend.
                   7214:                [thorpej 20021121]
                   7215:        i386: reworked interrupt code to be more independent of the
                   7216:                underlying interrupt controller, to perform better
                   7217:                with shared lines, and to be more clean in general
                   7218:                [fvdl 20021122]
                   7219:        postfix(1): upgrade to 1.1.12.  [itojun 20021126]
                   7220:        mk.conf(5): removed support for SYS_INCLUDE=symlinks; <sys/*.h>
                   7221:                include files are always copied now.  [lukem 20021126]
                   7222:        cvs(1): upgrade to 1.11.2 [christos 20021127]
                   7223:        strsuftoll(3), strsuftollx(3): Add functions to parse numbers
                   7224:                with optional suffixes and/or products.  [lukem 20021129]
                   7225:        am-utils: upgrade to 6.1b1 [christos 20021129]
                   7226:        routed(8): upgrade to 2.27 [christos 20021129]
                   7227:        fparseln(3): migrated from libutil to libc.  [lukem 20021130]
                   7228:        x68k: add bmd(4), memory disk driver for Nereid bank memory.
                   7229:                [isaki 20021201]
                   7230:        i386: biosboot bootblocks now support booting off 2.88MB drive
                   7231:                using 1.44MB floppy disk [jdolecek 20021204]
                   7232:        edquota(8): Added command-line options to allow setting quotas
                   7233:                from command line.  [bouyer 20021204]
                   7234:        arc: Add support for NEC Express5800/240 R4400 EISA (NEC-J96A).
                   7235:                [tsutsui 20021207]
                   7236:        build.sh: add -E, to enable "expert mode", which allows builds
                   7237:                to DESTDIR=/.  [lukem 20021208]
                   7238:        evbppc: Added arch/evbppc for PowerPC-based evaluation boards, with the
                   7239:                existing Walnut port as its first member. [scw 20021209]
                   7240:        db(1): Added.  Manipulates db(3) btree(3) and hash(3) databases.
                   7241:                [lukem 20021211]
                   7242:        mips: support fully coherent data caches on MIPS32 and MIPS64 CPUs
                   7243:                (enabled for Au1x00 and SB-1 CPUS).  [simonb 20021217]
                   7244:        install(1): added -N dbdir, to specify different location for user
                   7245:                and group databases.  [lukem 20021219]
                   7246:        build system: Users and groups for the build are now obtained from
                   7247:                src/etc instead of the host systems' passwd(5) and group(5)
                   7248:                databases.  [lukem 20021219]
                   7249:        sunlabel(8): Now enabled by default.  Manipulates SunOS disklabels.
                   7250:                [lukem 20021221]
                   7251:        vis(1): Add `-e extra', to provide a list of extra characters to
                   7252:                encode (per svis(3)).  [lukem 20021223]
                   7253:        mtree(8): Add -C, which acts like -D except that the pathname
                   7254:                is printed first instead of last.  [lukem 20021223]
                   7255:        build.sh: Add '-i installworlddir', to run "make installworld"
                   7256:                after all other operations have completed.  [lukem 20021225]
                   7257:        dreamcast: Add support for the SEGA LAN Adapter, based on patch in
                   7258:                dreamcast/17493 from Christian Groessler.  [tsutsui 20021227]
                   7259:        kprintf(9): Add "aprint" family of autoconfiguration message
                   7260:                printing routines that change their behavior based on
                   7261:                flags in boothowto.  [thorpej 20021231]
                   7262:        procfs: Add /proc/<pid>/fd/<fd> [christos 20030103]
                   7263:        build system: Releases are now installed under ${RELEASEDIR}/${MACHINE}
                   7264:                instead of ${RELEASEDIR}.  [lukem 20030103]
                   7265:        mtree(8): Newly created directories have 0777 instead of 0700
                   7266:                permissions (as modified by the umask(2)).  This only
                   7267:                affects 'mtree -W', or directories without an explicit
                   7268:                mode= entry.  [lukem 20030105].
                   7269:        sparc,sparc64: The nell (STP4020) pcmcia bridge driver is now
                   7270:                finished.  [martin 20030107]
                   7271:        sparc: MULTIPROCESSOR support works.  [pk,mrg 20030111]
                   7272:        cvs(1): upgraded to 1.11.4 [wiz 20030116]
                   7273:        auich(4): Added support for nForce2 MCP-T.  [gendalia 20030116]
                   7274:        ex(4): Added support for 3c905CX-TX.  [gendalia 20030116]
                   7275:        texinfo(1): upgraded to 4.3.  [wiz 20030117]
                   7276:        pthreads: Merge nathanw_sa branch, implementing p1003.1 POSIX thread
                   7277:                and Scheduler Activation thread interface.  [thorpej 20030117]
                   7278:        cpio(1): removed GNU cpio (replaced by pax frontend).  [wiz 20030118]
                   7279:        tar(1): removed GNU tar (replaced by pax frontend).  [wiz 20030118]
                   7280:        semaphores: Added p1003.1b semaphores from freebsd.  [christos 20030120]
                   7281:        cvs(1): upgraded to 1.11.5.  [wiz 20030121]
                   7282:        progress(1): New standalone progress bar program factored out
                   7283:                from ftp(1).  [jhawk 20030122]
                   7284:        sysinst: Leverage progress(1) for reasonable-looking file extraction
                   7285:                displays.  [jhawk 20030122]
                   7286:        sh(1): Improve Posix conformance [dsl 20030122]
                   7287:        build.sh: Rework command line into command line options followed
                   7288:                by a list of operations to perform.  [lukem 20030123]
                   7289:        gcore(1): Add it back.  [christos 20030123]
                   7290:        semaphores: Fix kernel implementation, and add non-pthreads
                   7291:                version in new librt.  [thorpej 20030123]
                   7292:        diff(1), diff3(1), sdiff(1): upgraded to diffutils-2.8.1 [wiz 20030126]
                   7293:        grep(1): upgraded to 2.5.  Warning: -o is now a valid GNU grep option
                   7294:                (--only-matching (-o)), so we will not be supporting the 4.4BSD
                   7295:                -o any longer -- use -H instead.  [wiz 20030127]
                   7296:        objcopy(1): Add --redefine-syms-file option.  [simonb 20030129]
                   7297:        crunchgen(1): Use "objcopy --redefine-syms-file".  [simonb 20030129]
                   7298:        find(1): allow preceding +/- on numeric arg to -user. [jhawk 20030130]
                   7299:        arc: Add support for the Cirrus Logic GD5428 ISA VGA console on
                   7300:                Express5800/240 R4400 EISA (NEC-J96A) and RISCserver2200
                   7301:                (NEC-R96).  [tsutsui 20030131]
                   7302:        malloc(9): Add extensible kernel malloc types, adapted from FreeBSD.
                   7303:                [thorpej 20030131]
                   7304:        kernel: Added a sysctl(8) flag to control whether the kernel dumps
                   7305:                to the dump device on panic.  [atatat 20030210]
                   7306:        inetd(8): Use kqueue(2) for enhanced performance and scalability.
                   7307:                [tron 20030212]
                   7308:        /etc/security, security.conf(5): Allow more flexibility in warnings
                   7309:                from check_passwd and check_mtree.  [jhawk 20030213]
                   7310:        grep(1): upgraded to 2.5.1.  [wiz 20030213]
                   7311:        texinfo(1): upgraded to 4.5.  [wiz 20030213]
                   7312:        usb(4): add uax(4), a driver for the AX88172 Ethernet adapter chip.
                   7313:                The chip supports 10/100 and USB 2.0.  [augustss 20030216]
                   7314:        bridge(4), brconfig(8): add ipf support.  [perseant 20030216]
                   7315:        kernel: SMBFS support, ported from FreeBSD.  [jdolecek 20030218]
                   7316:        kernel: Top down memory management option added, initially for
                   7317:                i386, but others are following.  [atatat 20030220]
                   7318:        /etc/daily, daily.conf(5): Suppress empty security reports by default.
                   7319:                [jhawk 20030221]
                   7320:        /etc/security, security.conf(5): Produce unified diffs by default.
                   7321:                [jhawk 20030221]
                   7322:        kernel: Add LFSv2 support to libsa [simonb 20030224]
                   7323:        i386: Add LFS support to bootblocks [simonb 20030224]
                   7324:        kernel: Add MBUFTRACE kernel option.  Change all MGET*(...M_WAIT,...)
                   7325:                to m_get*(M_WAIT, ...) to shrink kernel.  Add m_clget
                   7326:                analogue to MCLGET and use it if M_WAIT is passed.  Adapt
                   7327:                netinet, if_loop, gem, tulip, fxp driver to MBUFTRACE.  Bump
                   7328:                version to 1.6P.  [matt 20030226]
                   7329:        libpthread: Add pthread_{,attr}_{get,set}name_np() API, compatible
                   7330:                with Tru64 Unix. [thorpej 20030227]
1.23      tsutsui  7331:        sysctl(9): Add hw.physmem64 and hw.usermem64 sysctl nodes, which
1.10      jmc      7332:                return the same data has hw.physmem and hw.usermem, but
                   7333:                as a 64-bit byte count, instead of a 32-bit byte count.
                   7334:                Required for reporting >=4G RAM.  [thorpej 20030227]
                   7335:        binutils: updated to FSF binutils release.  [mrg 20030228]
                   7336:        libc: Add _Exit(), the C99 name for _exit().  [bjh21 20030301]
                   7337:        acorn26: Add support for the 82C710 multi-I/O chip, as found in (some?)
                   7338:                A5000s.  [bjh21 20030301]
1.23      tsutsui  7339:        mdsetimage(8): only use libbfd calls to get symbol information; writing
1.10      jmc      7340:                is now done directly into the file. [dogcow 20030304]
                   7341:        x86_64: rearrange the x86_64 code, make it share code with i386, and
                   7342:                enable MP [fvdl 20030305]
                   7343:        kernel: Report correct child CPU times. [dsl 20030305]
                   7344:        kernel: Use common code for set{u,g}id functions. [dsl 20030305]
                   7345:        sysctl: Make hw.physmem and hw.usermem saturate if they are used
                   7346:                on a system with >=4G RAM.  [thorpej 20030306]
                   7347:        postfix(1): update to 2.0.6 [perry 20030308]
                   7348:        kernel: let LFS use the UBC system natively.  This should provide
                   7349:                complete coherency between mmap(2) and read(2)/write(2) on
                   7350:                LFS, in addition to allowing it to use much more memory for
                   7351:                its buffers.  [perseant 20030308]
                   7352:        am-utils: update to 6.1b2 [christos 20030309]
                   7353:        evbppc: Add support for the NCD Explora451 ThinClient.
                   7354:                [hannken 20030311]
                   7355:        kernel: New pid allocator - avoids all the searching in pfind() etc.
                   7356:                Bump version to 1.6Q.  [dsl 20030319]
                   7357:        pciide(4): Add support for the Intel i31244 and Silicon Image 3112
                   7358:                Serial ATA controllers.  [thorpej 20030319]
                   7359:        sparc64: Add support for PCI-CardBus bridge.  [nakayama 20030322]
                   7360:        pppoectl(8): Add a "-f configfile" option.  [mrg 20030322]
                   7361:        sendmail(8): update to 8.12.8.  [atatat 20030324]
                   7362:        vax: Add device driver for RX01/RX02 floppies (rfc/rf).
                   7363:                From Jochen Kunz. [ragge 20030323]
                   7364:        sh5: Shared libraries now supported on SH5 (but not yet enabled
                   7365:                in bsd.own.mk due to sundry toolchain issues).
                   7366:                [scw 20030325]
                   7367:        file(1): update to 4.00. [pooka 20030326]
                   7368:        libmagic: add libmagic, which is currently used by file(1)
                   7369:                [pooka 20030326]
                   7370:        wall(1): added "-g group".  [lukem 20030327]
                   7371:        dump(8), dump_lfs(8): remove setgid tty, as "wall -g operator"
                   7372:                is now used to notify operators.  [lukem 20030327]
                   7373:        vnd(4), vnconfig(8): add read-only configuration support.
                   7374:                [yamt 20030327]
                   7375:        cron(8): Move default cron log from /var/cron/log to /var/log/cron
                   7376:                [perry 20030402]
                   7377:        kernel and userland: UFS2 support from Kirk McKusick via FreeBSD.
                   7378:                [fvdl 20030402]
                   7379:        ssh(1): upgrade OpenBSD-based Secure Shell, based on OpenSSH 3.6.1
                   7380:                around 20030403.  [itojun 20030403]
                   7381:        pciide(4): add support for i82801DBM (ICH4-M). [kent 20030405]
                   7382:        wm(4): add support for i82540EP. [kent 20030405]
1.23      tsutsui  7383:        scsi(4): Add a MI driver for the Symbios/NCR 53c700 SCSI controller
1.10      jmc      7384:                written by Shuichiro URATA. [tsutsui 20030406]
                   7385:        rsh(1), rlogin(1): Add -p flag to allow specifying a non-standard
                   7386:                port number. [hubertf 20030407]
                   7387:        kernel: SMBFS uses low-overhead NT Directory Change Notify SMB to watch
                   7388:                for vnode kqueue(2) events on directories [jdolecek 20030407]
                   7389:        kernel: hostap power saving mode support [kml 20030407]
                   7390:        kernel: pool caches now have the ability to cache physical addresses
                   7391:                of objects. [thorpej 20030409]
                   7392:        kernel: mbufs use new cached physical address feature of pools,
                   7393:                and can provide other information about external buffers
                   7394:                to save work for bus_dma back-ends.  Use this information
                   7395:                in the ARM and x86 bus_dma back-ends to improve network
                   7396:                performance. [thorpej 20030409]
                   7397:        pkg_install: improve bzip2 support, especially for non-NetBSD
                   7398:                systems. [grant 20030410]
1.23      tsutsui  7399:        less(1): update to less-381.  [mrg 20030414]
1.10      jmc      7400:        kernel: added a sysctl(8) flag to check and reject packets arriving
                   7401:                on the "wrong" interface.  [christos 20030412]
                   7402:        libc: added slovak language libc message catalog. [salo 20030414]
                   7403:        mpt(4): Added device driver for LSI Fusion-MPT based SCSI and
                   7404:                Fibre Channel controllers.  Ported from the FreeBSD "mpt"
                   7405:                driver written by Greg Ansley.  Supports the LSI 53c1030
                   7406:                Ultra320 SCSI and LSI FC909, FC919, and FC929 Fibre
                   7407:                Channel adapters.  [thorpej 20030416]
                   7408:        df(1), du(1): add -g argument for output in gigabytes [grant 20030418]
                   7409:        arm32: Add new arm32 pmap contributed by Wasabi Systems.
                   7410:                [scw 20030418]
                   7411:        fsdb(8): add a findblk command, which lists the inode(s) owning the
                   7412:                disk sector(s) specified as argument. [bouyer 20030426]
                   7413:        wd(4): add support for the DIOCGCACHE and DIOCSCACHE ioctls.
                   7414:                [bouyer 20030426]
                   7415:        inet(3): align signatures of inet_addr(), inet_network(),
                   7416:                inet_makeaddr(), inet_lnaof(), and inet_netof() with XNS and
                   7417:                POSIX.  [bjh21 20030505]
                   7418:        build.sh: Provide defaults for DESTDIR and RELEASEDIR if not in
                   7419:                expert mode.  Display summary of operations performed at end.
                   7420:                [lukem 20030508]
                   7421:        build.sh: Add "sourcesets" option to build the source sets.
                   7422:                [lukem 20030510]
                   7423:        olms(4),omms(4): Removed olms(4) and omms(4) from the i386 port,
                   7424:                since they have been superseded by lms(4) and mms(4)
                   7425:                respectively. [wiz 20030516]
                   7426:        db(1): Add '-S chr', '-T str' and '-X str' to specify (with options)
                   7427:                strvis(3) encoding of keys/values when reading a database.
                   7428:                Add '-U chr' to specify strunvis(3) decoding of keys/values
                   7429:                when writing a database or deleting entries from a database.
                   7430:                [seb 20030519]
                   7431:        evbarm: Add support for the NOVATEC NTNP425B eval board for
                   7432:                the Intel IXP425 Network Processor.  [ichiro 20030523]
                   7433:        file(1): update to 4.03. [pooka 20030525]
                   7434:        sendmail(8): update to 8.12.9.  [atatat 20030601]
                   7435:        named(8): Upgrade to BIND 8.3.5. [itojun 20030603]
                   7436:        named(8): Upgrade to BIND 8.3.6. [itojun 20030609]
                   7437:        tftpd(8), tftp(1): Add support for rfcs 2347, 2348, and 2349,
                   7438:                tftp 'blksize', 'timeout', and 'tsize' options.  Contributed
                   7439:                by Wasabi Systems.  [briggs 20030610]
                   7440:        hunt(6), huntd(6): Synced with current version from 2003-04-16,
                   7441:                which is BSD licensed. [wiz 20030610]
                   7442:        netwinder: Add wscons support. [uwe 20030614]
                   7443:        arc: Fix support for DeskStation Tyne and it boots into single user.
                   7444:                [tsutsui 20030614]
                   7445:        cvs(1): $CVS_RSH defaults to ssh (instead of rsh). [itojun 20030620]
                   7446:        cobalt: Implement first stage bootloader for the cobalt port.
                   7447:                [cdi 20030625]
                   7448:        libc: Add iconv support. [tshiozak 20030627]
                   7449:        iconv(1): Added. [tshiozak 20030627]
                   7450:        groff(1): Updated to 1.19. [wiz 20030630]
                   7451:        texinfo(1): upgraded to 4.6.  [wiz 20030703]
                   7452:        locale(1): Added.  Obtained from FreeBSD.  [tshiozak 20030704]
                   7453:        pax(1): Add support for gnutar's -O "extract to stdout" option in tar
                   7454:                mode.  [simonb 20030708]
                   7455:        share/mk: Rename many make(1) variables that contain names of
                   7456:                programs from `FOO' to `TOOL_FOO'.  [lukem 20030711]
                   7457:        libtelnet: no longer shipped under /usr/lib [itojun 20030716]
                   7458:        share/mk: Replace MANZ=, UPDATE=, UNPRIVED= with MKMANZ=yes,
                   7459:                MKUPDATE=yes, MKUNPRIVED=yes respectively.  [lukem 20030718]
1.23      tsutsui  7460:        ipsec(4): support hmac-sha2 for AH/ESP auth.  [itojun 20030722]
1.10      jmc      7461:        sparc: Update sparc port to use XFree86 4.x base.  [mrg 20030722]
1.23      tsutsui  7462:        gcc(1): Import GCC 3.3.1-20030720.  [mrg 20030723]
1.10      jmc      7463:        libcrypto: upgrade to 0.9.7b. [itojun 20030724]
                   7464:        ipsec: support hmac-ripemd160 and aes-xcbc-mac for AH/ESP auth.
                   7465:                support aes-ctr for ESP. [itojun 20030725]
                   7466:        i386: New boot code. Uses MI installboot and filesystem code to load
                   7467:                2nd level bootstrap. Allows NetBSD partition to be
                   7468:                in the extended partition. [dsl 20030728]
                   7469:        sysinst: New disk editing menus and general rototil. [dsl 20030728]
                   7470:        ftp(1): $FTPUSERAGENT overrides the default HTTP User-Agent.
                   7471:                [lukem 20030731]
                   7472:        hp300: Switch to MI SCSI at last. [tsutsui 20030801]
                   7473:        evbarm: Add support for the Samsung SMDK2410 eval board for
                   7474:                the S3C2410 Processor.  [bsh 20030804]
1.23      tsutsui  7475:        gcc(1): Import GCC 3.3.1.  [mrg 20030809]
1.10      jmc      7476:        dlsym(3): Add support for RTLD_DEFAULT, RTLD_NEXT and RTLD_SELF
                   7477:                [christos,skrll 20030812]
                   7478:        gdb(1): Import gdb-5.3 and add support for i386 [christos 20030814]
                   7479:        kernel: Add support for non-executable mappings for many platforms.
                   7480:                Map the stack and heap non-executable.  [chs 20030824]
                   7481:        agp(4): Add support for i865G integrated graphics.  [tron 20030826]
1.21      jdolecek 7482:        sk(4): Add driver for SysKonnect SK-98xx Gigabit Ethernet cards
                   7483:                [jdolecek 20040826]
1.10      jmc      7484:        vax: Add support for the DELQA-PLUS in Turbo mode (qt).  Driver
                   7485:                written by Steven M. Schultz for 2.11BSD.  [ragge 20030829]
                   7486:        netinet: randomize IPv4 fragment ID.  avoids prediction.
                   7487:                [itojun 20030906]
                   7488:        netinet6: randomize IPv6 fragment ID and flowlabel.  avoids prediction.
                   7489:                [itojun 20030906]
                   7490:        kernel: Enhance LKM versioning, and improve compatibility checking
                   7491:                on LKM load [jdolecek 20030906]
                   7492:        kernel: Add support for SA_SIGINFO on i386 [christos 20030907]
                   7493:        XFree86: Reach-over build framework added under src/x11.
                   7494:                [lukem 20030912]
                   7495:        i386: Switch to GCC 3.3.1.  [mrg 20030919]
                   7496:        sparc: Switch to GCC 3.3.1.  [mrg 20030919]
                   7497:        sparc64: Switch to GCC 3.3.1.  [mrg 20030919]
                   7498:        alpha: Switch to GCC 3.3.1.  [mrg 20030919]
                   7499:        arm: Switch to GCC 3.3.1.  [matt 20030921]
                   7500:        amiga: added wsmouse support to mouse driver.  [jandberg 20030922]
                   7501:        powerpc: Switch to GCC 3.3.1.  [matt 20030923]
                   7502:        powerpc: Switch to GDB 5.3.  [matt 20030923]
                   7503:        m68k: Switch to GDB 5.3.  [christos 20030923]
                   7504:        alpha: Switch to GDB 5.3.  [matt 20030924]
                   7505:        sgimips: Add haltwo(4), a driver for the SGI HAL2 audio controller
                   7506:                [lonewolf 20030925]
                   7507:        isdncapi(4): Add a support layer for CAPI to i4b.  [pooka 20030925]
                   7508:        iavc(4): Add support for AVM B1 PCI CAPI-compatible ISDN adapters.
                   7509:                [pooka 20030925]
                   7510:        file(1): update to 4.04.  [pooka 20030925]
                   7511:        kernel: Add support for SA_SIGINFO on powerpc. [matt 20030925]
                   7512:        auich(4): Added support for four channels and six channels audio
                   7513:                playback.  [kent 20030928]
                   7514:        i2c: New generic i2c framework, supporting bit-bang and
                   7515:                "intelligent" controllers.  [thorpej 20030929]
                   7516:        pkg_add(1): Added HTTP support. [wiz 20031003]
                   7517:        kernel: Add a /dev/constty device (minor 1 on console), use for
                   7518:                terminal sessions on 'console'.  Stops terminal output
                   7519:                being 'stolen' by the TIOCCONS ioctl. [dsl 20031003]
                   7520:        mips: Add R10000 cache ops, written by KIYOHARA Takashi.
                   7521:                [tsutsui 20031005]
                   7522:        sgimips: O2 (IP32) support is now functional again by fixes
                   7523:                contributed by Christopher SEKIYA. [tsutsui 20031005]
                   7524:        awk(1): Updated gawk to 3.1.3. [wiz 20031006]
                   7525:        installboot(8): On i386, preserve BIOS Parameter Block and MBR
                   7526:                partition table.  [lukem 20031008]
1.23      tsutsui  7527:        i386, amd64: Rename /usr/mdec/biosboot to /usr/mdec/boot and
1.10      jmc      7528:                add support for booting off FAT partitions.  Rename
                   7529:                /usr/mdec/bootxx_dosfs to /usr/mdec/bootxx_msdos.
                   7530:                Deprecate /usr/mdec/bootxx_ufs (use bootxx_ffsv1).
                   7531:                [lukem 20031008].
                   7532:        whois(1): Has been replaced by the OpenBSD version by jrf.
                   7533:                [christos 20031009]
                   7534:        arm: Xscale micro-optimisations for libc/libkern, plus some
                   7535:                kernel tweaks to use the mini-data cache, and speedup
                   7536:                cpuswitch() amongst other things. Contributed by Wasabi
                   7537:                Systems.
                   7538:                [scw 20031014]
                   7539:        syslogd(8): add -r, to prevent the compression of multiple similar
                   7540:                messages into "last message repeated N times".
                   7541:                [lukem 20031017]
                   7542:        ccdconfig(8): add CCDF_NOLABEL to ignore the on-disk (raw) disklabel
                   7543:                when creating a ccd.  [lukem 20031017]
1.23      tsutsui  7544:        gcc(1): Import GCC 3.3.2.  [mrg 20031018]
1.10      jmc      7545:        hpcsh: Added j6x0tp(4) driver for Jornada 680/690 touch screen.
                   7546:                [uwe 20031019]
                   7547:        i386: pmap changed from linked list to splay tree for
                   7548:                better performance.  [provos 20031022]
                   7549:        netinet: change port allocation from linked list to a hash table
                   7550:                for better performance. [provos 20031023]
1.23      tsutsui  7551:        MAKEDEV(8): platform device creation script is now generated from
1.10      jmc      7552:                unified template driven by platform config file and
                   7553:                MD device major lists. [jdolecek 20031024]
                   7554:        build.sh: Add '-N noisyness', to control how "noisy" the build is.
                   7555:                [lukem 20031025]
                   7556:        amiga: Add polish wscons keymaps. From Pawel Chwalowski in PR 22961.
                   7557:                [jandberg 20031025]
                   7558:        arm: Enable alignment faults on arm32. Misaligned loads/stores
                   7559:                will now cause an exception instead of silently failing.
                   7560:                [scw 20031025]
                   7561:        sh3: Switch to GDB 5.3.  [uwe 20031027]
                   7562:        file(1): update to 4.06.  [pooka 20031027]
                   7563:        installboot(8): Add support for next68k.  [cl 20031027]
                   7564:        stpcide(4): added STMicroelectronics STPC IDE controller.
                   7565:                [nisimura 20031031]
                   7566:        sun2: Switch to GCC 3.3.2.  [mrg 20031104]
                   7567:        libcrypto: upgrade to 0.9.7c. [itojun 20031104]
1.11      tsutsui  7568:        hp300: Switch DCA and APCI serial devices to use MI com(4) driver.
                   7569:                [tsutsui 20031108]
1.10      jmc      7570:        amiga: Add screen types suitable for PAL displays to amidisplaycc(4)
                   7571:                [jandberg 20031112]
                   7572:        named(8): Upgrade to BIND 8.3.7. [itojun 20031126]
                   7573:        binutils: updated to FSF binutils 2.14 release.  [mrg 20031126]
1.23      tsutsui  7574:        gdb(1): All platforms updated to GDB 5.3.  [mrg 20031127]
1.10      jmc      7575:        m68k: Switch to GCC 3.3.1.  [matt 20031127]
                   7576:        binutils: Switch all platforms to binutils 2.14.  [mrg 20031203]
1.23      tsutsui  7577:        sysctl(9): Switch to dynamic implementation.  [atatat 20031204]
1.10      jmc      7578:        editline(3): Provide public interfaces to the internal line
                   7579:                tokenization routines.  [lukem 20031205]
                   7580:        sh5: Switch sh5 to the in-tree toolchain, albeit somewhat hobbled.
                   7581:                [scw 20031207]
                   7582:        cvs(1): upgrade to 1.11.10 [itojun 20031210]
                   7583:        fss(4): Add file system snapshot pseudo driver.  [hannken 20031210]
                   7584:        artsata(4): Split i31244 support out of piixide(4) and into the
                   7585:                new artsata(4) driver.  [thorpej 20031213]
                   7586:        satalink(4): Split the Silicon Image SATALink support out of cmdide(4)
                   7587:                and into the new satalink(4) driver.  [thorpej 20031213]
                   7588:        sgimips: Add newport(4), a driver for SGI NG1 graphics controller
                   7589:                and enable console on it and pckbc on IP22 machines.
                   7590:                [lonewolf 20031215]
                   7591:        satalink(4): Add support for the Silicon Image 3114 4-port
                   7592:                SATA controller.  [thorpej 20031219]
                   7593:        random(3): improved, and now generates the same sequences as glibc
                   7594:                and others. WARNING: new sequences. PR 22853. [ross 20031219]
                   7595:        MAKEDEV(8): use mknod(8) -r for faster operation and to retain
                   7596:                permissions on existing devices.  [lukem 20031221]
                   7597:        bpm(1): add a text-only menu-based binary package manager
                   7598:                [agc 20031221]
                   7599:        dreamcast: Add an Xserver for dreamcast, based on work by
                   7600:                Yasushi Oshima.  [tsutsui 20031223]
                   7601:        dab(6): Import Dots+Boxes game.  [christos 20031226]
                   7602:        macppc: added driver for snapper audio found on some iBook
                   7603:                and PowerBook models [grant 20031227]
                   7604:        install(1): Make "copy the file" (the -c option) the default behaviour.
                   7605:                [simonb 20031229]
                   7606:        kernel: new memory allocation scheme for the buffer cache. [pk 20031230]
                   7607:        acorn32: Substantial rewrite of vidcaudio(4).  It now works, and has a
                   7608:                manual page. [bjh21 20031231]
                   7609:        cvs(1): upgrade to 1.11.11 [itojun 20040102]
                   7610:        etc/release:  Create & install as part of "make build",
                   7611:                based on work by Hubert Feyrer.  [lukem 20040104]
                   7612:        rc(8): implement "one" prefix, to skip the rc.conf(5) test yet
                   7613:                perform all of the other checks.  [lukem 20040106]
                   7614:        pkg_info(1) now also prints the post-install message formerly only
                   7615:                available via -D by default, if present.  [hubertf 20040106]
                   7616:        sparc64: restartable atomic sequences (RAS) implemented.
                   7617:                [martin 20040106]
1.11      tsutsui  7618:        wm(4): Fix hardware checksum bug on big endian machines.
                   7619:                [tsutsui 20040114]
1.10      jmc      7620:        kernel: New "audiobell" code to play console bells through audio
                   7621:                device.  [bjh21 20040117]
                   7622:        acorn32: sysbeep(4) removed.  [bjh21 20040117]
                   7623:        disklabel(8): On i386 & amd64, preserve the MBR and partition table
                   7624:                even on disks without a NetBSD MBR partition.  [lukem 20040119]
                   7625:        ppbus(4): imported FreeBSD Parallel Port Bus code (lpt+plip ATM only)
                   7626:                from netbsd-ppbus port done by Gary Thorpe for evaluation.
                   7627:                ppbus separates the physical parallel port access and
                   7628:                the specific connected device access, allowing clean support
                   7629:                for PLIP and non-printer devices using parallel port.
                   7630:                The port drivers in ppbus also support advanced modes such as
                   7631:                Fast Centronics, EPP, and ECP (including DMA). This code will
                   7632:                replace historical lpt(4) eventually [jdolecek 20040119]
                   7633:        acorn32: beep(4) removed.  [bjh21 20040125]
                   7634:        arm: Change ARM9 support code to use the Dcache in write-back mode.
                   7635:                [rearnsha 20040126]
                   7636:        ppbus(4): add a "pps" device to get pulse-per-second signals into ntpd
                   7637:                [drochner 20040128]
                   7638:        install(1): Add -h {none,md5,rmd160,sha1} to determine the appropriate
                   7639:                hash (digest) of a copied file to store in the -M METALOG.
                   7640:                [lukem 20040129]
                   7641:        identd(8): Replaced with a newly written one that has all the features
                   7642:                of pidentd, plus ipv6 support and cleaner implementation.
                   7643:                This version of identd is written by Peter Postma.
                   7644:                [christos 20040131]
                   7645:        ppbus(4): changed lpt(4) to configure interrupt use, printer priming
                   7646:                and auto LF on CR via lptctl(8), dropped compatibility minor
                   7647:                number bit mapping [jdolecek 20040203]
                   7648:        build.sh: add -x and -X to control building of xsrc.  [lukem 20040206]
                   7649:        locate(1): Make locate.updatedb customizable by configuration file
                   7650:                /etc/locate.conf.  [itohy 20040206]
                   7651:        kernel: add underlying support needed to support multiple mbuf cluster
                   7652:                sizes.  [matt 20040209]
1.23      tsutsui  7653:        gcc(1): Import GCC 3.3.3-20040209.  [mrg 20040210]
1.10      jmc      7654:        sh3: Switch to GCC 3.3. [uwe 20040222]
                   7655:        hpcsh: Enable building of Xhpc server for hpcsh. [uwe 20040222]
                   7656:        amiga: Add wsfont pseudo-device to amidisplaycc(4). [jandberg 20040223]
1.23      tsutsui  7657:        gcc(1): Import GCC 3.3.3.  [mrg 20040301]
1.10      jmc      7658:        progress(1): Allow printing custom text before (left of) the progress
                   7659:                bar. [hubertf 20040309]
                   7660:        dge(4): add support for Intel PRO/10GbE ethernet adapter.
                   7661:                [ragge 20040312]
                   7662:        kernel: Abstracted device interface presented by pckbd(4) so that the
                   7663:                same pckbd(4) and pms(4) drivers can be used on systems with
                   7664:                different controller chips.  [bjh21 20040313]
                   7665:        acorn32: Added iomdkbc(4) driver for IOMD keyboard and mouse ports,
                   7666:                allowing attachment of pckbd(4) and pms(4) drivers.
                   7667:                Removed opms(4) driver and old qms(4) driver, renaming wsqms(4)
                   7668:                to qms(4).  [bjh21 20040313]
                   7669:        awk(1): switched from GNU awk to The One True New AWK by
                   7670:                B.W.Kernighan.  [jdolecek 20040313]
                   7671:        openssl: Update to 0.9.7d for security fixes. [groo 20040319]
                   7672:        fdisk(8): Preserve the Drive Serial Number at bytes 440-443 of the MBR.
                   7673:                [lukem 20040322]
                   7674:        libcurses: add KEY_RESIZE, SIGWINCH handler and support for more
                   7675:                colour pairs. [jdc 20040322]
                   7676:        file(1): update to 4.08.  [pooka 20040323]
1.23      tsutsui  7677:        sysctl(9): Update dynamic implementation.  Solves netbsd32 compat issue
1.10      jmc      7678:                and adds support for descriptions.  [atatat 20040324]
                   7679:        sendmail(8): update to 8.12.11.  [atatat 20040325]
                   7680:        gzip(1):  Switch to non GPL gzip.  [mrg 20040326]
                   7681:        aac(4): Add support for Adaptec 2200S (Vulcan 2M) & Dell PERC 320/DC
                   7682:                [gendalia 20040326]
                   7683:        postfix(1): update to 2.0.19 [heas 20040327]
                   7684:        ipf(8): updated to version 4.1.1. [martti 20040328]
                   7685:        libcurses: add *echochar() functions. [jdc 20040328]
1.22      tsutsui  7686:        hp300: Fix a longstanding bug in console attachment functions,
                   7687:                so that now DIO based framebuffers (mostly used on HP4xx
                   7688:                machines) can be used as console again. [tsutsui 20040408]
                   7689:        hp300: Fix some bugs in apci serial which was switched to MI com(4),
                   7690:                so that now it's actually functional. [tsutsui 20040410]
1.16      tron     7691:        sgimips: Add IP12 support.  [pooka 20040411]
1.15      tron     7692:        cvs(1): update to 1.11.15.  [itojun 20040416]
1.23      tsutsui  7693:        cvs(1): cvs-1.11.16 via patch [christos 20040519]
1.14      tron     7694:        wscons(4): Added scrolling support [christos 20040531]
1.13      abs      7695:        acorn32: Generate sparkive with new bootloader for install
                   7696:                [gavan/abs 20040608]
1.23      tsutsui  7697:        cvs(1): cvs upgraded to 1.11.17 [christos 20040616]
1.19      junyoung 7698:        libc: Add strcasestr(3), case insensitive version of strstr(3).
                   7699:                [junyoung 20040703]
1.18      tron     7700:        geodeide(4): Added driver for the AMD Geode CS5530A IDE controller
                   7701:                [bouyer 20040709]
1.19      junyoung 7702:        libm: Add C99 functions round(3) and roundf(3). [junyoung 20040710]
1.14      tron     7703:        sgimips: Add support for on-board MACE MAC-110 Ethernet on O2.
                   7704:                [tsutsui 20040711]
1.24      jmc      7705:
                   7706: Changes from NetBSD 2.0 to NetBSD 3.0:
                   7707:        which(1): Replaced by a C program that only checks the path.
                   7708:                [christos 20040401]
                   7709:        heimdal: import version 0.6.1.  [lha 20040402]
                   7710:        powerpc: implement FP exception handling for OEA processors.
                   7711:                [matt 20040404]
                   7712:        file(1): update to 4.09.  [pooka 20040408]
                   7713:        setrlimit(2): Add RLIMIT_SBSIZE to limit the socket buffer size.
                   7714:                [christos 20040417]
                   7715:        csh(1): Add support for "limit sbsize" to control the
                   7716:                socket buffer size resource limit.  [christos 20040417]
                   7717:        ksh(1): Add support for "ulimit -b" to control the
                   7718:                socket buffer size resource limit.  [christos 20040417]
                   7719:        sh(1): Add support for "ulimit -b" to control the
                   7720:                socket buffer size resource limit.  [christos 20040417]
                   7721:        login.conf(5): Add support for "sbsize" capability to control the
                   7722:                socket buffer size limit.  [matt 20040418]
                   7723:        share/mk: Deprecate AINC in favour of AFLAGS.  [lukem 20040418]
                   7724:        sysinst: use /etc/postinstall to update /etc (etc) instead of just
                   7725:                saving /etc to /etc/old [dsl 20040418]
                   7726:        sysctl(8): Add "vfs.generic.fstypes" node to display the currently
                   7727:                available file system types.  [lukem 20040419]
                   7728:        locate.conf(5): "ignorefs type" appends to the default list of
                   7729:                types rather than overriding it.  [lukem 20040419]
                   7730:        statvfs(2): Eliminate statfs(2) and friends, in preference for
                   7731:                the POSIX/XOpen compliant statvfs(2) family.
                   7732:                [christos 20040421]
                   7733:        kernel: Add a POOL_INIT macro to declare and automatically
                   7734:                initialise resource pools.  [simonb 20040425]
                   7735:        postfix(1): Postfix 2.1.0 imported.  [heas 20040427]
                   7736:        i386: Add support for Enhanced SpeedStep Technology, from
                   7737:                Michael Eriksson on port-i386.  [lukem 20040430]
                   7738:        heimdal: import version 0.6.2.  [lha 20040508]
                   7739:        libc: Make gmon / mcount work properly for threaded applications
                   7740:                by keeping thread-specific gmonparam structures and then
                   7741:                merging them before dumping the profile buffers.  Written
                   7742:                by Nathan J. Williams, contributed by Wasabi Systems, Inc.
                   7743:                [thorpej 20040510]
                   7744:        xdm(1): use /var/db/xdm for the default authDir.  [lukem 20040512]
                   7745:        du(1): add a -n flag to not include "nodump" files.  [simonb 20040517]
                   7746:        bind: Bind-9.3.0beta3 imported. [christos 20040517]
                   7747:        sysinst: (i386) Allow installation/upgrade to an existing raid volume.
                   7748:                [dsl 20040518]
                   7749:        resolver: The libc resolver has been updated to the bind9 one
                   7750:                [christos 20040521]
                   7751:        emuxki(4): Make this driver work on big endian machines
                   7752:                (at least on macppc). [tsutsui 20040523]
                   7753:        uep(4): Added driver for eGalax USB touchpanel controller
                   7754:                [tsarna 20040524]
                   7755:        ptm(4): pty/98 pty multiplexor device [christos 20040526]
                   7756:        postfix(1): Postfix 2.1.1 imported. [heas 20040531]
                   7757:        XFree86: support absolute mouse positioning events on i386
                   7758:                and other platforms using the same mouse code
                   7759:                [tsarna 20040603]
                   7760:        hp700: Add FFS/LFS primary bootstrap (xxboot).  [itohy 20040615]
                   7761:        racoon(8): upgraded to 20040617 [itojun 20040617]
                   7762:        pf(4): PF from OpenBSD 3.5 imported [itojun 20040622]
                   7763:        powerpc: Implement MPC601 support. [kleink 20040626]
                   7764:        prep: Add IBM RS/6000 40P 7020-001 platform support. [kleink 20040626]
                   7765:        libcrypt: Add support for SHA1 hashed (hmac_sha1 actually) passwords.
                   7766:                [sjg 20040701]
                   7767:        sed(1): Make patterns larger than _POSIX2_LINE_MAX*2-1 work.
                   7768:                [manu 20040709]
                   7769:        texinfo(1): upgraded to 4.7.  [wiz 20040713]
                   7770:        libc: Add wordexp(3) which performs shell-style word expansions.
                   7771:                [seb 20040713]
                   7772:        sendmail(8): The sendmail daemon will now start by default if the
                   7773:                rc.d script determines a need for it.  [atatat 20040715]
                   7774:        mtree(8): Implement -M to permit merging of specfile entries that
                   7775:                have different types.  [lukem 20040722]
                   7776:        ipf(8): updated to version 4.1.3. [martti 20040723]
                   7777:        /etc/security: allow mtree specfile entries in /etc/mtree/special.local
                   7778:                to override entries in /etc/mtree/special.  [lukem 20040723]
                   7779:        spif(4): New driver for Sun SUNW,spif multi-port Sbus cards originally
                   7780:                written by Jason L. Wright for OpenBSD.  [mrg 20040724]
                   7781:        wscons(4): Add support to change console colors and kernel colors
                   7782:                dynamically after boot.  [jmmv 20040728]
                   7783:        wsconsctl(4): Add support to change console colors and kernel colors
                   7784:                dynamically after boot.  [jmmv 20040728]
                   7785:        postfix(1): Postfix 2.1.4 imported.  [heas 20040728]
                   7786:        vga(4): Add support to change console border color.  [jmmv 20040729]
                   7787:        wscons(4): Add support to change console border color.  [jmmv 20040729]
                   7788:        wsconsctl(4): Add support to change console border color.
                   7789:                [jmmv 20040729]
                   7790:        groff(1): Updated to 1.19.1. [wiz 20040730]
                   7791:        i386: Support Intel ICH-based SpeedStep(TM) in ichlpcib(4).
                   7792:                [mrg 20040731]
                   7793:        /etc/postinstall: check for obsolete minor/teeny shared libraries.
                   7794:                [lukem 20040812]
                   7795:        kernel: Add extensions to the autoconf(9) framework to allow device
                   7796:                detachment and bus rescans in a bus independant way, and
                   7797:                for better support of driver LKMs.  [drochner 20040819]
                   7798:        libc: Add optimized ffs(3) implementation for ARM architecture 5.
                   7799:                [rearnsha 20040821]
                   7800:        libc, libpthread: On ARM use interworking clean return sequences when
                   7801:                built for v4T or later.  [rearnsha 20040821]
                   7802:        kernel: Support Thumb applications on ARM architecture 5.
                   7803:                [rearnsha 20040821]
                   7804:        ipw(4): Driver for Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 driver written by
                   7805:                Damien Bergamini.  [lukem 20040823]
                   7806:        compat_darwin(8): Support for MacOS X.3 binaries. [manu 20040825]
                   7807:        crtstuff: Switch to GCC-supplied crtbegin.o / crtend.o on GCC 3.3
                   7808:                platforms.  [thorpej 20040827]
                   7809:        kernel: Add IPv4 PIM support from Pavlin Radoslavov and Hitoshi
                   7810:                Asaeda. Part of this work has been supported by the XORP
                   7811:                project http://www.xorp.org [manu 20040905]
                   7812:        libc: Add UUID manipulation routines, adapted from FreeBSD.
                   7813:                [thorpej 20040913]
                   7814:        uuidgen(1): Add a UUID generation tool, adapted from FreeBSD,
                   7815:                extended slightly with some additional DCE-compatible
                   7816:                options.  [thorpej 20040913]
                   7817:        heimdal: import version 0.6.3.  [lha 20040913]
                   7818:        file(1): update to 4.10.  [pooka 20040916]
                   7819:        mac68k: Support to build with soft-float enabled.  [jmmv 20040926]
                   7820:        tcpdump(8): Synchronized with version 3.8.3 from tcpdump.org.
                   7821:                [dyoung 20040927]
                   7822:        pcap(3): Synchronized with version 0.8.3 from tcpdump.org.
                   7823:                [dyoung 20040927]
                   7824:        auacer(4): Driver for ALi M5455 audio controller.  Output only
                   7825:                so far.  [augustss 20041010]
                   7826:        iyonix: Initial import of iyonix port [gavan 20041013]
                   7827:        auvia(4): Support for suspending/resuming.  Written by Rhialto.
                   7828:                [kent 20041017]
                   7829:        uaudio(4): Support for selector unit, and make mixer item names
                   7830:                compatible with other audio devices.  Written by Kazuhito
                   7831:                HONDA.  [kent 20041021]
                   7832:        ehci(4): Support for interrupt transfers added.  From OpenBSD.
                   7833:                This allows high speed hubs to be used with high speed
                   7834:                devices.  [augustss 20041022]
                   7835:        cdce(4): Driver for CDC USB Ethernet devices.  Written by
                   7836:                Daniel Hartmeier for OpenBSD.  [augustss 20041022]
                   7837:        axe(4): The uax(4) driver has been replaced by the axe driver.
                   7838:                [augustss 20041023]
                   7839:        libc/ctype.h: Changed the #defines for all the ctype.h functions
                   7840:                (isdigit() etc) to remove the (int) cast and thus detect
                   7841:                broken code that could index outside the array.
                   7842:                Fixed all the fallout. [dsl 20041104]
                   7843:        bind: Bind-9.3.0 imported. [christos 20041106]
                   7844:        ptyfs: New pseudo-terminal filesystem [christos 20041111]
                   7845:        postfix(1): Postfix 2.1.5 imported.  [heas 20041113]
                   7846:        pf(4): PF from OpenBSD 3.6 imported [yamt 20041114]
                   7847:        syslogd(8): Numerous improvements, most from FreeBSD. [thorpej 20041118]
                   7848:        kernel: CD9660 Joliet Unicode file names encoded into UTF-8, thus full
                   7849:                Unicode range supported. [jdolecek 20041121]
                   7850:        getent(1): Add tool to get entries from an administrative database.
                   7851:                [lukem 20041123]
                   7852:        pdcsata(4): Driver for the SATA150 family of Promise controllers.
                   7853:                [bouyer 20041124]
                   7854:        am-utils: import 6.1b5pre 20040916 [christos 20041126]
                   7855:        bpf(4): Convert to a cloning device [christos 20041129]
                   7856:        iteide(4): Add driver for the ITE 8212 IDE controller.
                   7857:                [grant 20041201]
                   7858:        lo(4): converted to a cloning device [peter 20041203]
                   7859:        ppp(4), sl(4), strip(4): converted to cloning devices
                   7860:                [christos 20041205]
                   7861:        ixpide(4): Add driver for the IDE controller of the ATI IXP series of
                   7862:                chipsets. [cube 20041206]
                   7863:        file(1): update to 4.12.  [pooka 20041213]
                   7864:        pool(9), pool_cache(9): Introduce a new flag, PR_NOTOUCH.
                   7865:                Now pool(9) and pool_cache(9) can handle non memory backed
                   7866:                objects.  [yamt 20050101]
                   7867:        uvm(9): Allocate in-kernel map entries dynamically rather than
                   7868:                allocating them statically at boot time.
                   7869:                Now artificial limit of entries (MAX_KMAPENT) is obsolete.
                   7870:                [yamt 20050101]
                   7871:        kernel, libc: Add system calls and VFS infrastructure for file system
                   7872:                extended attributes.  Adapted from FreeBSD.
                   7873:                [thorpej 20050102]
                   7874:        restore(8): Stop asking stupid questions (restore owner/mode of . ?).
                   7875:                Rather, do it only on a full restore.  [fredb 20050108]
                   7876:        scsictl(8): Add defects command to read defect data from direct
                   7877:                access devices (disks).  [ginsbach 20050107]
                   7878:        tap(4): virtual Ethernet device [cube 20050108]
                   7879:        shark: Switch to wscons. [tsutsui 20050109]
                   7880:        /rescue: Add: cgdconfig chroot less more scp slogin ssh vi
                   7881:                [lukem 20050110]
                   7882:        audio(9): Add capability of audio software filter pipeline.  The
                   7883:                feature makes it easy for hadware drivers to add encoding
                   7884:                support or sample rates support, and does not lead user-
                   7885:                visible changes at this moment.  [kent 20050111]
                   7886:        iwi(4): Driver for Intel PRO/Wireless 2200AG/2915ABG driver written
                   7887:                by Damien Bergamini.  [skrll 20050111]
                   7888:        auixp(4): Add driver for the audio part of the ATI IXP series of
                   7889:                chipsets. [reinoud 20050112]
                   7890:        viaide(4): Add support for nForce2 Ultra 400 PATA and SATA.
                   7891:                [jdolecek 20050113]
                   7892:        seq(1): Add BSD licensed version of this Plan 9 and GNU/Linux command,
                   7893:                which prints sequences of numbers.  [ginsbach 20050120]
                   7894:        kernel: Save kernel memory by switching IPC domain initialization to
                   7895:                use link sets, see <sys/cdefs.h>.  Bump kernel version to
                   7896:                2.99.15 [matt 20050123]
                   7897:        kernel: Dirhash imported from FreeBSD. Maintains in-core
                   7898:                hashes for large directories, improving
                   7899:                ufs_lookup performance. Disabled by default, but
                   7900:                can be enabled with 'options UFS_DIRHASH'.
                   7901:                [rumble 20050123]
                   7902:        auich(4): Add support for nForce4.  [kent 20050127]
                   7903:        viaide(4): Add support for nForce4.  [kent 20050127]
                   7904:        auich(4): Add support for nForce2 Ultra 400.  [jdolecek 20050127]
                   7905:        kernel: Add ffs file system snapshots. See fssconfig(8).
                   7906:                [hannken 20050131]
                   7907:        kernel: Add RFC-3378 EtherIP support.  This feature allows adding
                   7908:                gif(4) interfaces to bridge(4) interfaces.  See brconfig(8).
                   7909:                [kim 20050131]
                   7910:        /etc/security, security.conf(5): Add option to permit
                   7911:                non-alphanumeric login names. [jdolecek 20050205]
                   7912:        groupadd(8): Add the -r option, used to specify a gid range in which
                   7913:                groups can be created. [jmmv 20050205]
                   7914:        ipf(8): updated to version 4.1.5. [martti 20050208]
1.25      ws       7915:        ext2fs, fsck_ext2fs(8): Upgrade filesystems automatically to
                   7916:                support files >2GB if they are already at revision 1,
                   7917:                filesystems at revision 0 will not be touched. [ws 20050209]
1.24      jmc      7918:        artsata(4): Add support for operation in DPA mode. [rearnsha 20050211]
                   7919:        ipsec(4): Add support for IPsec NAT-T [manu 20050212]
                   7920:        ssh: Imported OpenSSH 3.9 [christos 20050213]
                   7921:        systat(1): Add "df" display to give information about filesystems,
                   7922:                available diskspace and used disk capacity, similar to df(1).
                   7923:                [hubertf 20050216]
                   7924:        racoon(8): Switch to ipsec-tools' racoon [manu 20050216]
                   7925:        ipf(8): updated to version 4.1.6. [martti 20050219]
                   7926:        evbarm: Add CompactFlash device on IQ31244.  [rearnsha 20050219]
                   7927:        libradius(3): import libradius from FreeBSD [manu 20050220]
                   7928:        pppd(8): updated to version 2.4.3. [cube 20050220]
                   7929:        vge(4): Add driver for VIA Networking Technologies VT612X
                   7930:                [jdolecek 20050220]
                   7931:        gem(4), hme(4): IPv4 TCP/UDP hardware checksumming added.
                   7932:                [heas 20050220]
                   7933:        file(1): update to 4.13.  [pooka 20050221]
                   7934:        openpam(3): update to 20050201 (feterita) [christos 20050226]
1.26      yamt     7935:        ifconfig(8): Allow switching TCP Segment Offloading on/off by adding
1.28      is       7936:                a new tso4/-tso4 switch. [matt 20050306]
1.24      jmc      7937:        /etc/postinstall: support -s /path/to/etc.tgz to extract the file
                   7938:                into a temporary directory and run postinstall from there.
                   7939:                [lukem 20050308]
                   7940:        wm(4): Add TCPv4 hardware transmit segment offload support.
                   7941:                [matt 20050309]
                   7942:        xen: updated to support the xen 2.0 kernel, including domain0 support
                   7943:                (this drops support for xen 1.2) [bouyer 20050309]
                   7944:        rcp(1): Add -4 and -6 options, used to limit host addresses to
                   7945:                IPv4 or IPv6 respectively. [ginsbach 20050309]
                   7946:        sockstat(1): Add sockstat(1) modeled after the program by the same
                   7947:                name in FreeBSD.  [atatat 20050309]
                   7948:        rsh(1), rlogin(1): Add -4 and -6 options, used to limit host
                   7949:                addresses to IPv4 or IPv6 respectively. [ginsbach 20050311]
                   7950:        rcp(1): Add support for specifying the rhost as an IPv6 address
                   7951:                string. [ginsbach 20050311]
                   7952:        stf(4): Add support for changing the MTU. [tron 20050311]
1.27      yamt     7953:        re(4): Add TCPv4 hardware transmit segment offload support.
                   7954:                [yamt 20050312]
1.24      jmc      7955:        sendmail(8): update to 8.13.3.  [atatat 20050315]
                   7956:        pkill(1): Add -i option to ignore case for both pgrep(1) and pkill(1).
                   7957:                [sketch 20050316]
1.29      tron     7958:        postinstall(8): Moved from /etc to /usr/sbin.  [lukem 20050417]
1.32      tron     7959:        am-utils: Upgrade to 6.1-rc2 [christos 20050423]
1.34      riz      7960:        sparc64: Switch to wscons [martin 20050429]
1.30      tron     7961:        azalia(4): Add driver for High Definition Audio. [kent 20050621]
1.34      riz      7962:        vnd(4): Add support for configuring cloop2-compressed images
                   7963:                read-only, written by Cliff Wright. [hubertf 20050716]
1.31      tron     7964:        vndcompress(1): Add vndcompress(1) and vnduncompress(1) to transform
                   7965:                filesystem/disk images from "normal" into cloop2-format
                   7966:                compressed images and back (written by Florian Stoehr).
                   7967:                Compressed disk images can be used with the vnd(4) driver when
                   7968:                compiled with VND_COMPRESSION and "vnconfig -z".
                   7969:                Useful for creation of Live CDs/DVDs. [hubertf 20050725]
1.33      tron     7970:        racoon(8): ipsec-tools updated to 0.6.1 [manu 20050820]
1.34      riz      7971:        sysinst: Added Spanish language translation. [xtraeme 20050826]
                   7972:        xge(4): Add driver for the Neterion Xframe-I 10 gigabit ethernet
                   7973:                controller [ragge 20050909]
1.35      tron     7974:        racoon(8): ipsec-tools 0.6.2 imported [manu 20051014]
                   7975:        racoon(8): ipsec-tools 0.6.3 imported [manu 20051121]
1.39      riz      7976:
                   7977: Changes from NetBSD 3.0 to NetBSD 4.0:
                   7978:        agr(4): Add pseudo-device driver for link aggregation. [yamt 20050318]
                   7979:        kernel: Limit the number of locks per user to 1024 [christos 20050320]
                   7980:        crypto: Upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.7f [christos 20050325]
                   7981:        attimer(4): Split the pcppi(4) driver to properly assign resources and
                   7982:                allow both the devices to attach through ACPI [cube 20050325]
                   7983:        gre(4): add support for IPv6 as inner protocol, contributed by
                   7984:                Gert Doering [is 20050330]
                   7985:        /rescue: Add tetris.  [lukem 20050401]
                   7986:        uvm(9): Simplify kernel memory allocation API and its implementation.
                   7987:                [yamt 20050401]
                   7988:        ipf(8): Updated to version 4.1.8. [martti 20050403]
                   7989:        identd(8): Add support for forwarding ident queries and receiving of
                   7990:                proxied ident queries. [peter 20050404]
                   7991:        ac97(4): Add support for AC'97 modems. [jmcneill 20050407]
                   7992:        auich(4): Add support for Intel ICH AC'97 modems as audio devices.
                   7993:                Currently disabled by default. [jmcneill 20050407]
                   7994:        event(3): Updated libevent to 1.0c [provos 20050417]
                   7995:        arc: Add a standalone boot program to load ELF kernels.
                   7996:                [tsutsui 20050418]
                   7997:        cvs(1): Upgrade to 1.11.20. [christos 20050419]
                   7998:        openssh: Upgrade to 4.0. [christos 20050423]
                   7999:        crypto: Upgrade to OpenSSL 0.9.7g [christos 20050423]
                   8000:        gettext(1): Upgrade to 0.14.4 [christos 20050429]
                   8001:        ehci(4): Various bug fixes.  The most visible is that low/full speed
                   8002:                devices can now be connected to high speed hubs.
                   8003:                [augustss 20050501]
                   8004:        acpi(4): Import ACPI-CA 20050408 [kochi 20050502]
                   8005:        psh3tp(4): Support touch-panel for PERSONA SH3 machines.
                   8006:                   [kiyohara 20050523]
                   8007:        evbarm: Add support for the Arcom Viper.  [pooka 20050606]
                   8008:        scan_ffs(8): Added scan_ffs from OpenBSD. Utility to find FFSv1/FFSv2
                   8009:                partitions, to recover lost disklabels. [xtraeme 20050615]
                   8010:        ataraid(4): Add man page and adapt support for Adaptec HostRAID
                   8011:                from FreeBSD. [briggs 20050620]
                   8012:        wtf(6): Now searches all acronyms databases (the -t switch is
                   8013:                gone), whatis(1) and then pkg_info(1). [hubertf 20050622]
                   8014:        i386: Add cd9660 file system support to the BIOS bootloader.
                   8015:                [junyoung 20050622]
                   8016:        tlp(4): added support for ASIX AX88140A and AX88141.
                   8017:                [rpaulo 20050624]
                   8018:        pss(4): Remove the pss(4) driver.  It has never been workable.
                   8019:                [kent 20050628]
                   8020:        deroff(1): brought back from the dead. [perry 20050629]
                   8021:        spell(1): brought back from the dead. [perry 20050629]
                   8022:        ching(6):  brought back from the dead. [perry 20050630]
                   8023:        pf(4): PF from OpenBSD 3.7 imported [peter 20050701]
                   8024:        i386: WSDISPLAY_SCROLLSUPPORT is now enabled in GENERIC kernel.
                   8025:                [rpaulo 20050702]
                   8026:        awk(1): Upgrade to nawk 20050424 [jdolecek 20050702]
                   8027:        ieee1394: ieee1394 from FreeBSD imported [kiyohara 20050711]
                   8028:        ral(4): Add driver for Ralink PCI/Cardbus/USB wlan adapters
                   8029:                (written by Damien Bergamini, ported by FUKAUMI Naoki)
                   8030:                [drochner 20050714]
                   8031:        uipaq(4): USB driver for iPAQ devices.  From OpenBSD.
                   8032:                [augustss 20050718]
                   8033:        netinet: Implement PMTU checks and ignore ICMP Source Quench messages
                   8034:                for TCP as described in:
                   8035:                http://www.gont.com.ar/drafts/icmp-attacks-against-tcp.html
                   8036:                [christos 20050719]
                   8037:        config(1): Implement "no <dev> at <attachment>". [cube 20050724]
                   8038:        ucycom(4): Add driver for Cypress microcontroller based serial
                   8039:                devices. [skrll 20050731]
                   8040:        hpcmips: Add teliosio(4) driver for the Sharp Telios LCD screen and
                   8041:                Battery unit. [nakayama 20050731]
                   8042:        scan_lfs(8): Program to find LFS partitions on disks [xtraeme 20050731]
                   8043:        ftpd(8): Implement option "-D", for running ftpd(8) in standalone mode.
                   8044:                [peter 20050804]
                   8045:        bpf(4): Add two new sysctls to retrieve statistics and current
                   8046:                peers, viewable with netstat(1). [rpaulo 20050805]
                   8047:        postfix(1): Updated to 2.2.5. [rpaulo 20050818]
                   8048:        kernel: 64 bit inode changes [christos 20050819]
                   8049:        getent(1): Add support for "ethers" database. [ginsbach 20050824]
                   8050:        ftpd(8): Add new ftpd.conf(5) option, recvbufsize, and make
                   8051:                readsize option also apply to network reads for transfers to
                   8052:                the server. [ginsbach 20050824]
                   8053:        UFS: Add experimental support for file-backed extended attributes
                   8054:                on UFS1 file systems, adapted from FreeBSD.  [thorpej 20050828]
                   8055:        psh3lcd(4): Support LCD screen driver for PERSONA SH3 machines.
                   8056:                   [kiyohara 20050906]
                   8057:        i386: WSDISPLAY_SCROLLSUPPORT enabled in GENERIC.MPACPI,
                   8058:                GENERIC_LAPTOP and XEN0 kernels. [rpaulo 20050909]
                   8059:        amd64: WSDISPLAY_SCROLLSUPPORT enabled in GENERIC kernel.
                   8060:                [rpaulo 20050909]
                   8061:        kernel: Add tmpfs file system. [jmmv 20050910]
                   8062:        mount_tmpfs(8): Add utility to mount a tmpfs file system.
                   8063:                [jmmv 20050910]
                   8064:        kernel, libc: Re-factor compatibility code to hide compatibility
                   8065:                info from the header files and to allow libc to compile
                   8066:                without the compatibility hooks [christos 20050912]
                   8067:        am-utils: Upgrade to [rpaulo 20050920]
                   8068:        pam_afslog(8): Add module to obtain AFS tokens from krb5
                   8069:                credentials and create a PAG if necessary. [tsarna 20050921]
                   8070:        kernel: Reset the AMD Geode SC1100 microcontroller. [dyoung 20050922]
                   8071:        geodewdog(4): Add driver for AMD Geode SC1100 microcontroller's
                   8072:                watchdog timer. [dyoung 20050922]
                   8073:        kernel: Add the VFS hooks interface so that kernel subsystems
                   8074:                other than VFS can execute code upon VFS operations.
1.41      jmmv     8075:                See vfs_hooks(9) for more information.  [jmmv 20050923]
1.39      riz      8076:        kernel: Re-factor NFS exports list code handling, making it simpler
                   8077:                by abstracting all the details into the NFS generic code,
                   8078:                using the previously mentioned VFS hooks interface to make
                   8079:                it work. [jmmv 20050923]
                   8080:        mountd(8): Make this utility file system independent, also simplifying
                   8081:                its code. [jmmv 20050923]
                   8082:        gpio(4): Import general purpose I/O framework from OpenBSD.
                   8083:                [jmcneill 20050926]
                   8084:        gpioctl(8): Import utility to talk to general purpose I/O devices
                   8085:                from OpenBSD [jmcneill 20050926]
                   8086:        config(1): Implement "no device at <attachment>" and "no <device>".
                   8087:                [cube 20050930]
                   8088:        wpa:    Add wpa_cli and wpa_supplicant.
                   8089:                [scw 20051001]
                   8090:        xen:    Improvements to the network backend to avoid data copy when
                   8091:                possible. [bouyer 20051002]
                   8092:        file(1): update to 4.16.  [pooka 20051018]
                   8093:        evbarm: Add support for the Atmark Techno Armadillo-9.
                   8094:                [hamajima 20051113]
                   8095:        ipv6: rc.conf(5) $ip6sitelocal variable has been removed. You
                   8096:                should use Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses defined by RFC 4193
                   8097:                and control how they are routed with the $ip6uniquelocal
                   8098:                variable. [rpaulo 20051124]
                   8099:        openssl: update to 0.9.8a [christos 20051125]
                   8100:        kernel: Switch to a stateful read-ahead algorithm. [yamt 20051130]
                   8101:        posix_fadvise(2): Add.  (Only POSIX_FADV_NORMAL, POSIX_FADV_RANDOM,
                   8102:                and POSIX_FADV_SEQUENTIAL are implemented.) [yamt 20051130]
                   8103:        postfix(1): Updated to 2.2.6. [rpaulo 20051201]
                   8104:        auich(4): Now it supports ICH7 and Intel 6300ESB audio controllers.
                   8105:                [xtraeme 20051204]
                   8106:        lmc(4): New driver from David Boggs [christos 20051205]
                   8107:        kernel: Add a new ktrace record type for SA upcalls and add LWP
                   8108:                information to ktrace records
                   8109:                [darrenr,skrll,christos 20051211]
                   8110:        userland: Generation and decode of new ktrace record type (sa_upcall)
                   8111:                and LWP information for kdump and ktruss. Ability to trace
                   8112:                upcalls. [skrll,christos 20051211]
                   8113:        sip(4): Now enabled and known working for sparc64.  [mrg 20051220]
                   8114:        libc/libkern: Merge common files [christos 20051220]
                   8115:        tb(4): Remove the line discipline driver.  [thorpej 20051220]
                   8116:        bind:   Imported 9.3.2 for named and tools [christos 20051221]
                   8117:        dkctl(8), bufq(9): Add a functionality to switch bufq strategy
                   8118:                on the fly.  [yamt 20051226]
                   8119:        mbrlabel(8): Add the -s option to specify the sector in which sector
                   8120:                the partition table is located.  [jmmv 20051227]
                   8121:        kernel: Add preliminary support for System V Boot File System.
                   8122:                Written by UCHIYAMA Yasushi. [tsutsui 20051229]
                   8123:        newfs_sysvbfs(8), mount_sysvbfs(8): Add utilities for System V
                   8124:                Boot File System. Also written by UCHIYAMA Yasushi.
                   8125:                [tsutsui 20051229]
                   8126:        ews4800mips: Initial import of ews4800mips port. Most porting work
                   8127:                was done by UCHIYAMA Yasushi. [tsutsui 20051229]
                   8128:        rtw(4): Add support for GCT Semiconductor GRF5101
                   8129:                transceiver/synthesizer.  [dyoung 20051229]
                   8130:        i386:   Add support for AMD PowerNow technology.
                   8131:                Written by Martin Vegiard. [xtraeme 20051231]
                   8132:        rlphy(4): Realtek 8139/8201L PHY. From OpenBSD [xtraeme 20060104]
                   8133:        build.sh: Add experimental ability to build syspkgs. [apb 20060104]
                   8134:        postfix(1): Updated to 2.2.8. [rpaulo 20060109]
                   8135:        ews4800mips: Add sysinst support. [tsutsui 20060109]
1.67      tron     8136:        zlib: Updated to 1.2.3 and shared between kernel and userland.
1.39      riz      8137:                [christos 20060114]
                   8138:        firmload(9): Add an API for loading firmware images used by hardware
                   8139:                devices.  [thorpej 20060116]
                   8140:        evbmips: Add support for Alchemy Au1550 processors and DBAu1550 board.
                   8141:                [gdamore 20060127]
                   8142:        build.sh: Add iso-image action, to create a CD-ROM image after
                   8143:                build.sh release. [apb 20060128]
                   8144:        acpi(4): Import ACPI-CA 20060113 [kochi 20060129]
                   8145:        vnd(4): Remove compile-time limit on the number of vnd(4) devices.  Now
                   8146:                devices are automatically created when they are configured.
                   8147:                [cube 20060201]
                   8148:        fs/udf: added UDF file system support for optical media and block
                   8149:                devices like harddisc partions and vnd's.
                   8150:                [reinoud 20060202]
                   8151:        binutils: updated to FSF binutils 2.16.1 release.  [skrll 20060202]
                   8152:        i386: Add support for the Multiboot Specification.  [jmmv 20060203]
                   8153:        cvs(1): Upgrade to 1.11.21, and move it to xcvs [christos 20060204]
                   8154:        openssh: Upgrade to 4.3. [christos 20060204]
                   8155:        openpam(3): update to 20050616 (figwort) [christos 20060204]
                   8156:        am-utils: Upgrade to 6.1.3 [christos 20060205]
                   8157:        wsmouse(4): Add support to automatically repeat wsmouse button events.
                   8158:                [jmmv 20060205]
                   8159:        pbms(4): 15" powerbook mouse driver from Johan Wallen
                   8160:                [christos 20060205]
                   8161:        evbarm: Add support for the Atmark Techno Armadillo-210.
                   8162:                [hamajima 20060206]
                   8163:        groff(1): Updated to 1.19.2. [wiz 20060206]
                   8164:        sushi(8): Moved from base to othersrc [christos 20060208]
                   8165:        iscsi-target(8): Add the NetBSD iSCSI target [agc 20060208]
                   8166:        evbmips: Add support Alchemy Au15XX PCI host. (DBAu1500/DBAu1550).
                   8167:                [gdamore 20060208]
                   8168:        amd64: Add initial COMPAT_LINUX32 support [manu 20060209]
                   8169:        rasops(9): Add shadow framebuffer support [jmcneill 20060218]
                   8170:        etcupdate(8): Add ability to update from a binary set file.  Change
                   8171:                the meaning of some options.  [apb 20060218]
                   8172:        splash(9): Add splash screen support [jmcneill 20060218]
                   8173:        vesafb(4): Add console driver for VBE 2.0+ framebuffers on i386
                   8174:                [jmcneill 20060218]
                   8175:        wsdisplay(4): Add WSDISPLAYIO_SSPLASH and WSDISPLAYIO_SPROGRESS
                   8176:                ioctls [jmcneill 20060218]
                   8177:        prep: Add support for IBM 7024-E20 and 7025-F30. [garbled 20060223]
1.40      christos 8178:        vinum: Removed from base. [christos 20060225]
1.39      riz      8179:        postfix(1): Updated to 2.2.9. [rpaulo 20060225]
                   8180:        evbmips: Add support for 4G Systems MTX-1 board (MeshCube/AccessCube).
                   8181:                [gdamore 20060225]
                   8182:        evbmips: Add support for Plat'home OpenMicroServer (OMS-AL400/128).
                   8183:                [shige 20060227]
                   8184:        evbarm: Add support for the Linksys NSLU2 (a.k.a. "Slug") NAS device.
                   8185:                [scw 20060228]
                   8186:        hpcarm: Jornada 720 keyboard driver changed to use hpckbd(4)
                   8187:                [peter 20060304]
                   8188:        hpcarm: Jornada 720 power management driver changed to use hpcapm(4)
                   8189:                [peter 20060304]
                   8190:        kernel: Add support for PT_SYSCALL, a ptrace call that allows processes
                   8191:                to stop on syscall entry and exit. Used by tools like
                   8192:                strace/truss [christos 20060305]
                   8193:        svwsata(4): Driver for Serverworks K2 SATA controllers. From
                   8194:                OpenBSD via Joerg Sonnenberger [bouyer 20060306]
                   8195:        prep: Add pnpbus pseudo-bus to allow attachment of devices found in
                   8196:                PReP residual data.  Remove hardcoded per-machine constants
                   8197:                and replace with a dynamic machine setup for all prep
                   8198:                hardware. [garbled 20060309]
                   8199:        acpi(4): Import ACPI-CA 20060217 [kochi 20060312]
                   8200:        nfe(4): Driver for NVIDIA nForce Ethernet from OpenBSD [chs 20060312]
                   8201:        prep: Add NVRAM device and root device detection. [garbled 20060316]
                   8202:        krb4: Removed [christos 20060319]
                   8203:        evbmips: Add support for Atheros AR5312 SoC. [gdamore 20060321]
                   8204:        ciss(4): Driver for HP/Compaq 5th+ generation Smart ARRAY controllers
                   8205:                [he 20060321]
                   8206:        prep: Add support for updating the boot partition. [garbled 20060323]
                   8207:        tun(4): IPv6 support added [rpaulo 20060329]
1.45      tron     8208:        ndis(4): Ported FreeBSD's NDIS Wrapper.  See ndiscvt(8) for more
                   8209:                information [rittera 20060330]
1.39      riz      8210:        utoppy(4): Driver for Topfield TF5000PVR range of digital video
                   8211:                recorders.  [scw 20060403]
                   8212:        utoppya(1): Userland program to interface to utoppy(4).
                   8213:                [scw 20060403]
                   8214:        ipf(8): Updated to version 4.1.13. [martti 20060404]
                   8215:        onewire(4): Driver for Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire bus. From
                   8216:                OpenBSD. [riz 20060407]
                   8217:        gpioow(4): bit-banging driver for onewire via gpio pin.  From
                   8218:                OpenBSD. [riz 20060407]
                   8219:        owtemp(4): Driver for some 1-wire temperature sensors.  From
                   8220:                OpenBSD. [riz 20060407]
                   8221:        wpa_supplicant(8): Updated to version 0.4.8 [rpaulo 20060412]
                   8222:        hostapd(8): Imported version 0.4.8 [rpaulo 20060412]
                   8223:        lfs: Better handling of the page cache, particularly in regard to
                   8224:                not writing us out of space.  New cleaner daemon.
                   8225:                Various other fixes and improvements.  [perseant 20060414]
                   8226:        cobalt: Add code to identify Cobalt models. [tsutsui 20060415]
                   8227:        arc: Add support for pci_configure_bus(9) (a.k.a. options
                   8228:                PCI_NETBSD_CONFIGURE) so that PCI devices over ppb(4) work
                   8229:                properly on PCI based NEC machines. [tsutsui 20060415]
                   8230:        cobalt: Switch cobalt port to use MI todr(9) functions and MI mc146818
                   8231:                driver. [tsutsui 20060415]
                   8232:        evbarm: Add support for the I-O DATA HDL-G.  [nonaka 20060416]
                   8233:        sgimips: Switch macepci for O2 to use MI pci_configure_bus(9) rather
                   8234:                than its own PCI fixup code. [tsutsui 20060417]
                   8235:        ipw(4): The firmload(9) API is now used. You no longer need to
                   8236:                use ipwctl(8) to load the firmware. [rpaulo 20060417]
                   8237:        init(8): Support for running multi-user in a chroot() environment.
                   8238:                Allows / file system on e.g., cgd(4), vnd(4) or ccd(4)
                   8239:                volumes. [salo 20060418]
                   8240:        gcc(1): Import GCC 4.1 branch from 20060420 (4.1.1 prerelease.)
                   8241:                [mrg 20060420]
                   8242:        cobalt: Account interrupts by evcnt(9). [tsutsui 20060421]
                   8243:        cksum(1): Add a switch "-c file" to verify a list of checksums
                   8244:                generated by the cksum program (and its siblings) and stored
                   8245:                in file against files on disk, e.g. after "md5 *.tgz >MD5"
                   8246:                verify with "md5 -c MD5". [hubertf 20060423]
                   8247:        prep: Add support for the Motorola Powerstack E1. [garbled 20060426]
                   8248:        prep: Add generic soft interrupt support. [garbled 20060503]
                   8249:        ipv6: Add support for RFC 3542 API. By the KAME project.
                   8250:                [rpaulo 20060505]
                   8251:        piixpcib(4): Add support for Intel SpeedStep SMI on PIIX4 PCI-ISA
                   8252:                bridges to the i386 port. [jmcneill 20060506]
                   8253:        piixpm(4): Import Intel PIIX4 power management controller from
                   8254:                OpenBSD. [jmcneill 20060506]
                   8255:        prep: Account interrupts by evcnt(9). [garbled 20060508]
                   8256:        it(4): Driver for iTE IT87xxF/SIS 950 Hardware monitor. Adapted
                   8257:                from OpenBSD. [xtraeme 20060513]
                   8258:        kauth(9): Integrate kernel authorization, to replace kernel management
                   8259:                of credentials and (potentially) privileged operations
                   8260:                requests. [elad 20060515]
                   8261:        kernel: Add mprotect(2) restrictions to enforce W^X policies. See
                   8262:                options(4), sysctl(3), and paxctl(1). From PaX. [elad 20060515]
                   8263:        carp(4): Import Common Address Redundancy Protocol from OpenBSD
                   8264:                [liamjfoy 20060518]
                   8265:        security.conf(5): Add $check_devices_ignore_paths, to specify
                   8266:                paths to not traverse during the $check_devices
                   8267:                operation.  [lukem 20060525]
                   8268:        hostapd(8): Updated to version 0.4.9. [rpaulo 20060525]
                   8269:        wpa_supplicant(8): Updated to version 0.4.9. [rpaulo 20060525]
                   8270:        sendmail(8): Removed. This removal was planned for post 4.0, but
                   8271:                core@ and security-officer@ decided the sooner the
                   8272:                better [christos 20060529]
                   8273:        gcc(1): Import GCC 4.1 branch from 20060602 (4.1.2 prerelease.)
                   8274:                [mrg 20060602]
                   8275:        gcc(1): Import gcc 3.3.6 release. [skrll 20060605]
                   8276:        ath(4): Import HAL, which adds support for WiSoC platforms
                   8277:                (AR531x devices), and 32-bit SPARC. [gdamore 20060605]
                   8278:        ral(4): new driver layout supporting the RT2661 chipset. From
                   8279:                OpenBSD. [rpaulo 20060606]
                   8280:        timecounter(9): ported from FreeBSD.
                   8281:                completely new time-keeping infrastructure along with
                   8282:                NTP API 4 nanokernel implementation. was expected after
                   8283:                4.0 but core@ voted for early import to facilitate early
                   8284:                testing and port conversion. simonb & [kardel 20060607]
                   8285:        prep: Add support for PCI cards that have a builtin PCI-PCI bridge.
                   8286:                [garbled 20060609]
                   8287:        xen: Renamed kernel config files:
                   8288:                INSTALL_XEN3_U -> INSTALL_XEN3_DOMU
                   8289:                INSTALL_XENU   -> INSTALL_XEN2_DOMU
                   8290:                XEN0           -> XEN2_DOM0
                   8291:                XEN3_U         -> XEN3_DOMU
                   8292:                XENU           -> XEN2_DOMU
                   8293:                [hubertf 20060621]
                   8294:        ntp:    Import ntp 4.2.2 (20060606). [kardel 20060611]
                   8295:        prep: Add root device detection for Motorola machines.
                   8296:                [garbled 20060615]
                   8297:        bluetooth(9): Bluetooth support has enhanced so that bluetooth
                   8298:                keyboards, mice, audio devices, and rfcomm networking are
                   8299:                supported.
                   8300:                The work was done by Iain Hibbert under sponsorship by
                   8301:                Itronix, Inc.  [gdamore 20060619]
                   8302:        installboot(8): Add support for 2nd stage boot loaders on RAID 1
                   8303:                partitions.  [jdc 20060620]
                   8304:        sparc: Add support to the 2nd stage boot loader for booting from
                   8305:                RAID 1 filesystems.  [jdc 20060620]
                   8306:        prep: Add timecounter support. [garbled 20060620]
                   8307:        gcc(1): Switched arm, armeb, i386, sparc, sparc64, x86_64 to GCC4.
                   8308:                [christos 20060623]
                   8309:        cvs(1): Upgrade to 1.11.22. [christos 20060623]
                   8310:        gcc(1): Switched m68000 to GCC4. [mrg 20060623]
                   8311:        gcc(1): Switched powerpc to GCC4. [garbled 20060623]
                   8312:        azalia(4): add support for S/PDIF [kent 20060625]
                   8313:        gcc(1): Switched alpha to GCC4. [drochner 20060626]
                   8314:        socket(2): version bump for reasons listed in PR/33676 [mrg 20060627]
                   8315:        pppd(8): updated to version 2.4.4. [christos 20060629]
                   8316:        kse(4): Driver for Micrel KSZ8842/8841 PCI Ethernet controller.
                   8317:                [nisimura 20060630]
                   8318:        midi(4): many changes to midi(4): eliminated several cases where
                   8319:                certain message sequences could be mangled in transit;
                   8320:                added support for Active Sensing. Altered handling of output
                   8321:                to MIDI ports that lack transmit ready interrupts;
                   8322:                latency reduced but can load system if used for bulk output;
                   8323:                dmesg identifies which devices to avoid.
                   8324:                eap(4): now uses tx-ready interrupt on MIDI port.
                   8325:                Sequencer (/dev/music): improved handling of tempo and
                   8326:                timebase changes; supplied the native sequencer API
                   8327:                alluded to in midi.4.
                   8328:                umidi(4): large improvements in transmit and receive
                   8329:                throughput, resolving dropped-input problems;
                   8330:                additional device support;
                   8331:                resolved an input hang when receiving on multiple ports;
                   8332:                improved mapping of device nodes to physical ports for
                   8333:                nonstandard devices.
                   8334:                opl(4), cms(4), pcppi(4): improved (if still primitive)
                   8335:                MIDI synthesis. midiplay(1): Exact effect of some options
                   8336:                clarified. Untested support added for playing absolute-timed
                   8337:                MIDI files. [chap 20060630]
                   8338:        xen: Xen3 dom0 support with block and network device backends
                   8339:                completed. [bouyer 20060702]
                   8340:        proplib(3): Added protocol for sending property lists to/from
                   8341:                the kernel using ioctls. [thorpej 20060705]
                   8342:        gcc(1): Switched vax to GCC4. [matt 20060707]
                   8343:        kernel: Add fileassoc(9), in-kernel and file-system independent file
                   8344:                meta-data association interface. [elad 20060714]
                   8345:        postfix(1): Updated to 2.3.0. Dovecot server side SASL support
                   8346:                activated. [rpaulo 20060720]
                   8347:        tftp(1): Add support for the multicast TFTP option; open-loop mode
                   8348:                only for now. [jmcneill 20060721]
                   8349:        arc: Make bootloader pass kernel symbol info via bootinfo properly
                   8350:                so that options SYMTAB_SPACE is no longer required for
                   8351:                ksyms(4) or ddb(4). [tsutsui 20060722]
                   8352:        ntp:    Import ntp 4.2.2p2 (20060709). [kardel 20060729]
                   8353:        kernel: file handles have been made opaque to userland and
                   8354:                the arbitrary size limit on them has been removed.
                   8355:                [martin 20060731]
                   8356:        postfix(1): Updated to 2.3.2 to fix a security vuln in Postfix
                   8357:                SMTP client. [rpaulo 20060801]
                   8358:        amd64:  PowerNow/Cool`n'Quiet driver for AMD Athlon64 cpus,
                   8359:                adapted from OpenBSD. [xtraeme 20060806]
1.47      tron     8360:        sysinst: Besides full and custom installation, there's now also a
                   8361:                minimal installation consisting of just a kernel, base and
                   8362:                etc sets. [hubertf 20060904]
1.46      riz      8363:        scan_ffs(8): Add -F file support. Useful to search for partitions
                   8364:                on disk images. [xtraeme 20060907]
1.49      riz      8365:        iwi(4): Use firmload(9) to load firmware images. You no longer need to
                   8366:                use iwictl(8) to load the firmware. [skrll 20060809]
                   8367:        acorn32: Remove the old, pre-wscons, console code.  Kernel
                   8368:                configurations using the old console (kbd, vt, and vidcconsole)
                   8369:                will need to be updated to use wscons. [bjh21 20060814]
                   8370:        wpi(4): Driver for Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG.  OpenBSD wpi driver
                   8371:                ported by Jean-Baptiste Campesato. [simonb 20060818]
                   8372:        acorn32: Correctly detect the display refresh rate being used under
                   8373:                RISC OS and look for a matching mode in a list of standard
                   8374:                video modes.  This removes the requirement for compiling
                   8375:                RISC OS monitor definitions into the kernel. [bjh21 20060820]
                   8376:        netns: Support for XNS in the kernel and userspace has been
                   8377:                removed. [matt 20060825]
1.67      tron     8378:        netccit: Support for CCITT/X.26 in the kernel and userspace has
1.49      riz      8379:                been removed. [matt 20060825]
                   8380:        mips64: Preliminary support for a MIPS64 toolchain using the N64
                   8381:                ABI. [matt 20060825]
1.67      tron     8382:        postfix: Updated to 2.3.3 [rpaulo 20060827]
1.49      riz      8383:        landisk: Initial import of landisk port for SuperH based
                   8384:                network storage appliances by I-O DATA.  The port was
                   8385:                done by NONAKA Kimihiro <nonaka@NetBSD.org>.
                   8386:                [uwe 20060901]
                   8387:        evbmips: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060901]
                   8388:        todr(9): New machine independent time-of-day chip framework for
                   8389:                drivers, which provides uniform handling across all ports.
                   8390:                Not all ports have adopted it yet.  [gdamore 20060902]
                   8391:        sun2: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060903]
                   8392:        gcc(1): Switch sh5 to GCC4. [scw 20060904]
1.67      tron     8393:        tcp: Add support for Explicit Congestion Notification as defined
1.49      riz      8394:                in RFC 3168. Sponsored by Google SoC. [rpaulo 20060905]
                   8395:        prep: Convert prep to MI todr(9) driver. [garbled 20060905]
                   8396:        sun3: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060905]
                   8397:        cesfic: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060906]
                   8398:        prep: Add support for the IBM 7025-F40. [garbled 20060907]
                   8399:        lockstat(8): Add the lockstat command: displays a summary of kernel
                   8400:                locking events recorded over the lifetime of a called program.
                   8401:                [ad 20060907]
                   8402:        cobalt: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060907]
                   8403:        njata(4): Add driver for Workbit NinjaATA-32 busmastering PIO IDE
                   8404:                controller. [itohy 20060907]
                   8405:        ews4800mips: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060909]
                   8406:        arc: Add timecounter support. [gdamore 20060909]
                   8407:        news68k: Add timecounter support. From gdamore. [tsutsui 20060909]
                   8408:        msk(4): Driver for Marvell Yukon 2 Gigabit Ethernet. [riz 20060909]
                   8409:        evbsh5: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060909]
                   8410:        hp300: Add timecounter support.  [tsutsui 20060909]
                   8411:        ipsec-tools: ipsec-tools CVS is now part of NetBSD. [manu 20060909]
                   8412:        iyonix: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060910]
                   8413:        next68k: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060911]
                   8414:        cats: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060911]
                   8415:        netwinder: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060911]
                   8416:        shark: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060913]
                   8417:        newsmips: Add timecounter support. From gdamore. [tsutsui 20060913]
                   8418:        luna68k: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060914]
                   8419:        mipsco: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060915]
                   8420:        hpcmips: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060915]
                   8421:        sgimips: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060916]
1.67      tron     8422:        veriexec: Add veriexecgen(8), a tool for easy and fast generation
1.49      riz      8423:                  of Veriexec fingerprint files. [elad 20060916]
                   8424:        gcc(1): Switch m68k to GCC4 [tsutsui 20060917]
                   8425:        gcc(1): Switch mips to GCC4 [simonb 20060919]
                   8426:        x68k: Add timecounter support.  [gdamore 20060919]
                   8427:        who(1): Change -u behaviour to also print PID of process on
                   8428:                terminal, and add -d to print more information from
                   8429:                utmpx. [hubertf 20060919]
                   8430:        init(8): Add system boot, login process, runlevel, system down
                   8431:                utmpx records [christos 20060919]
                   8432:        gcc(1): Switch hppa to GCC4. [skrll 20060922]
                   8433:        cdplay(1): Add digital transfer mode support, not enabled by
                   8434:                default. Thanks to Sergey Svishchev for the patch.
                   8435:                [xtraeme 20060922]
                   8436:        wscons: Add fr_CA.iso8859-1 keyboard mapping support. Thanks to
                   8437:                Matthew Mondor for the patch. [jmcneill 20060922]
                   8438:        sh3: Add timecounter support to all sh3 ports. From gdamore with
                   8439:                some fixes by me. [tsutsui 20060924]
                   8440:        kernel: Modify powerhook_establish(9) API to accept a name
                   8441:                argument. [jmcneill 20060924]
                   8442:        twa(4): 3ware's tw_cli management tools now works [manu 20060924]
                   8443:        csplit(1): Added from FreeBSD/OpenBSD [christos 20060925]
                   8444:        evbmips: Add AR5315/2315 support, specifically the Meraki Mini,
                   8445:                which can be found at http://www.meraki.net/
                   8446:                [gdamore 20060925]
1.67      tron     8447:        ssh: Import openssh-4.4 [christos 20060928]
1.49      riz      8448:        macppc: add timecounter support [macallan 20060929]
                   8449:        ofctl(8): initial import, formerly known as ofdump2. For macppc,
                   8450:                shark, sparc64.
                   8451:                Written by Matt Thomas. [macallan 20060929]
                   8452:        build: Improved support for using shells other than /bin/sh
                   8453:                during a cross build.  [apb 20060929]
                   8454:        pcictl(8): Add "list -n" to print ID and class numerical, instead
                   8455:                of resolving to strings [hubertf 20061001]
                   8456:        sun3: Add initial bus_space(9) support. [tsutsui 20061001]
                   8457:        sec(4): New driver for Acorn SCSI Expansion Card, intended to replace
                   8458:                acorn32 asc(4).  [bjh21 20061001]
                   8459:        ipmi(4): added driver from OpenBSD [bouyer 20061001]
                   8460:        spi(4): initial import of new machine-independent SPI bus framework,
                   8461:                including a sample driver for the TI TMP121 sensor.
                   8462:                [gdamore 20061002]
                   8463:        ps(1): Improved support for customised headers via -o and -O options.
                   8464:                [apb 20061002]
                   8465:        sun3: Add MI softintr(9) support by shared sources with sun2 port.
                   8466:                [tsutsui 20061005]
                   8467:        sparc64: Add floppy support based on sparc driver and hints from
                   8468:                from OpenBSD for sbus/ebus attachment.  [jnemeth 20061006]
                   8469:        find(1): Add support for "find ... -exec ... +".  Written by
                   8470:                John Hawkinson.  [apb 20061007]
                   8471:        tcp_congctl(9): API for TCP congestion control algorithms.
                   8472:                net.inet.tcp.newreno was removed, please use
                   8473:                net.inet.tcp.congctl.selected instead. [rpaulo 20061009]
                   8474:        proplib(3): prop_number_t can now handle both signed and unsigned
                   8475:                integers.  [thorpej 20061011]
                   8476:        pf(4): Added support for ALTQ. [peter 20061012]
                   8477:        vge(4): Make this driver work on big endian machines
                   8478:                (at least on macppc). [tsutsui 20061014]
                   8479:        gpt(8): Added from FreeBSD [christos 20061015]
1.59      kiyohara 8480:        evbarm: Add support for the gumstix. [kiyohara 20061016]
1.49      riz      8481:        tcp(4): Added RFC 3465 Appropriate Byte Counting (ABC) [yamt 20061019]
                   8482:        wm(4): Added support for the Intel 80003 gigabit ethernet controller.
                   8483:                [bouyer 20061021]
                   8484:        gcc(1): Update to GCC 4.1.2-20061021 snapshot.  [mrg 20061021]
                   8485:        mail(1): Mime and multi-character set handling; command line editing
                   8486:                and completion. Thanks to Anon Ymous [christos 20061021]
                   8487:        acorn32: Standard kernels now use the machine-independent sec(4)
                   8488:                and ei(4) drivers for Acorn SCSI Expansion Cards and
                   8489:                Ethernet 1 cards respectively, in place of asc(4) and ie(4).
                   8490:                [bjh21 20061022]
1.67      tron     8491:        puffs: Integrate Pass-to-Userspace Framework File System, which
1.49      riz      8492:                can be used to build userspace file system servers
                   8493:                [pooka 20061022]
                   8494:        hpcarm: Add timecounter support and convert to MI todr(9).
                   8495:                [peter 20061023]
1.67      tron     8496:        less: Updated to version 394.  [mrg 20061025]
1.49      riz      8497:        i386: The support for the Multiboot Specification no longer relies
                   8498:                on the a.out kludge which means that a stock GRUB (without
                   8499:                custom patches) can be used to successfully boot the kernel.
                   8500:                [jmmv 20061025]
                   8501:        file(1): update to 4.18.  [pooka 20061031]
                   8502:        puc(4): Add support for Perle PCI-RAS 4 port multimodem [manu 20061101]
                   8503:        rum(4): Added driver for Ralink 2501/2