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version 1.1742.2.2, 2013/02/25 00:24:48 version 1.1742.2.3, 2013/06/23 06:26:21
Line 201  Changes from NetBSD 6.0 to NetBSD 7.0:
Line 201  Changes from NetBSD 6.0 to NetBSD 7.0:
         kyua(1): Import kyua-cli 0.6.  This is a new import that provides the          kyua(1): Import kyua-cli 0.6.  This is a new import that provides the
                 command-line interface to Kyua.  Its build depends on the                  command-line interface to Kyua.  Its build depends on the
                 MKKYUA knob.  [jmmv 20130223]                  MKKYUA knob.  [jmmv 20130223]
           kyua(1): Import kyua-atf-compat 0.1.  This is a new import that
                   provides the last piece of Kyua, namely a compatibility
                   version of atf-run and atf-report that use kyua(1) internally.
                   [jmmv 20130223]
           kernel: Retire OSI protocol support.  [joerg 20130301]
           libc: Update to tzcode2013a. [christos 20130302]
           zoneinfo: Import tzdata2013a. [apb 20130303]
           zoneinfo: Import tzdata2013b. [apb 20130312]
           libc: Update to tzcode2013b. [christos 20130315]
           vmt(4): Synchronize the clock periodically to ensure it remains
                   up-to-date even when the host is suspended.  [jmmv 20130316]
           file(1): upgraded to 5.14 [christos 20130323]
           dhcp: upgrade to 4.2.5 [christos 20130324]
           vchiq(4): Add support for Broadcom VideoCore IV firmware interface.
                   [jmcneill 20130325]
           vcaudio(4): Add support for Broadcom VideoCore IV audio service.
                   [jmcneill 20130325]
           openssh: Import 6.2. [christos 20130329]
           mdocml: Import 1.12.1 [christos 20130402]
           openpam: Import 20120526 (Micrampelis) [christos 20130405]
           flex: Import 2.5.37 [christos 20130405]
           byacc: Import 20130304 [christos 20130405]
           libpcap: Import 1.3.0 [christos 20130406]
           tcpdump(8): Import 4.3.0 [christos 20130406]
           libevent: Upgrade 2.0.21-stable [christos 20130411]
           wm(4): Add support for I210 and I211 [msaitoh 20130419]
           m68k: Add inverse trigonometric functions, hyperbolic arctangent,
                   exponential and power functions to m68k FPE.  As a result,
                   m68k FPE supports all mathematics functions. [isaki 20130420]
           tps65217pmic(4): Add support for TPS65217 PMIC as found on BeagleBone
                   and other AM335x based boards. [rkujawa 20130425]
           amiga: Add minimal support for Thylacine USB card using slhci(4).
                   Works at least with some keyboards and mice. [rkujawa 20130428]
           epoc32: Add new port NetBSD/epoc32. [kiyohara 20130428]
           arm: Make all arm ports with a command MACHINE_ARCH generate the same
                   userspace.  All sets are the same except for etc.tgz.
                   [matt 20130501]
           disklabel: this is now a MI tool like installboot.  [matt 20130503]
           mcp980x(4): Add driver for Microchip MCP9800/1/2/3 I2C temperature
                   sensor. [rkujawa 20130507]
           zoneinfo: Import tzdata2013c. [apb 20130508]
           arm: Add support for Marvell Armada XP SoCs. From Marvell and Semihalf.
                   [rkujawa 20130530]
           wm(4): Add support for I217 and I218 [msaitoh 20130602]
           X11: Updated all Xorg packages that could be, for Xorg SA 2003-05-23,
                   and general.  [mrg 20130605]
           kernel: Add driver soekrisgpio for Soekris net6501
                   Ported by kardel@ from a patch for OpenBSD. [kardel 20130609]
           cgfourteen: both kernel and Xorg driver now support hardware
                   acceleration using SX [macallan 20130619]
           dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-6.0.0 [roy 20130621]

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