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version 1.1742.2.1, 2012/11/20 02:57:55 version 1.1742.2.2, 2013/02/25 00:24:48
Line 142  Changes from NetBSD 6.0 to NetBSD 7.0:
Line 142  Changes from NetBSD 6.0 to NetBSD 7.0:
         msm6242b(4): Add MI OKI MSM6242B driver. [rkujawa 20121114]          msm6242b(4): Add MI OKI MSM6242B driver. [rkujawa 20121114]
         amiga: A2000-style RTCs are now driven by the msm6242b(4) driver.          amiga: A2000-style RTCs are now driven by the msm6242b(4) driver.
                 [rkujawa 20121114]                  [rkujawa 20121114]
           xsurf(4): Add X-Surf IDE controller support. [rkujawa 20121119]
           z3rambd(4): Add driver for Zorro III RAM boards as block devices.
                   [rkujawa 20121126]
           bind: update to 9.9.2-P1 to fix the DNS64 vulnerability.
                   [spz 20121204]
           arm: ARMFPE support had bitrotted and has been removed. [matt 20121205]
           dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.6.4 [roy 20121206]
           openresolv(8): Import openresolv-3.5.3 [roy 20121206]
           arm: fix EHCI support for OMAP3.  [jmcneill 20121211]
           arm: enable direct-mapped poolpage support.  [matt 20121211]
           arm: enable VFP-based pmap page zero/copy ops.  [matt 20121211]
           openssh: Import 6.1. [christos 20121212]
           ptcd(4): Add a driver for the Protech PS3100 cash drawer port.
                   [mbalmer 20121216]
           ibmcd(4): Add a driver for the IBM 4810 BSP cash drawer port.
                   [mbalmer 20121217]
           postfix(1): Import version 2.8.13 [tron 20121218]
           dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.6.6 [roy 20121219]
           arm: support NEON in userland [matt 20121226]
           kernel: allow MD kernel code to use PCUs [matt 20121226]
           units(1): add -l and -L options.  [apb 20130101]
           postfix(1): Import version 2.9.5 [tron 20130102]
           file(1): upgraded to 5.12 [christos 20130103]
           luna68k: Add native bootloader. Based on 4.4BSD-Lite2/luna68k
                   "Stinger" loader. [tsutsui 20130105]
           kernel: Add dotg(4), a driver for Synopsys DesignWare USB OTG,
                   ported from FreeBSD. [skrll 20130109]
           kernel: Add usmsc(4), a driver for SMSC LAN95xx USB LAN devices,
                   ported from OpenBSD. [skrll 20130109]
           hp300: Add support for sti(4) framebuffer at sgc bus on some 425t.
                   Ported by kiyohara@ from OpenBSD. [tsutsui 20130111]
           arm: kill userland FPA support, replace with VFP. [matt 20130111]
           luna68k: Add netboot support. [tsutsui 20130113]
           luna68k: Fix bootloader to make secondary SPC SCSI on LUNA-II work
                   properly.  [tsutsui 20130114]
           libdwarf: Sync with FreeBSD [christos 20130117]
           empm(4): Add driver for power manager present on Mediator 1200 TX and
                   SX bridges. [rkujawa 20130128]
           amiga: Support software power-off with empm(4). [rkujawa 20130128]
           dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.6.7 [roy 20130128]
           em4k(4): Add driver for Mediator 4000 PCI bridges. [rkujawa 20130129]
           makefs(8): Add support for msdos, creating filesystems at an offset,
                   merging directories with common files.  [christos 20130202]
           openssl: update to 1.0.1d [christos 20130205]
           sparc: Add hardware acceleration for cgfourteen(4) using SX
                   [macallan 20130207]
           openssl: update to 1.0.1e [christos 20130212]
           atf(7): Import 0.17.  [jmmv 20130215]
           lutok: Import 0.2.  This is a new import that provides a C++ wrapper
                   for the Lua API and will be used by Kyua.  Its build depends
                   on the MKKYUA knob.  [jmmv 20130216]
           kyua(1): Import kyua-testers 0.1.  This is a new import that provides
                   scriptable utilities to invoke test programs that implement
                   different interfaces.  [jmmv 20130217]
           services(5), protocols(5): Pull iana-generated services and protocols
                   [christos 20130221]
           kyua(1): Import kyua-cli 0.6.  This is a new import that provides the
                   command-line interface to Kyua.  Its build depends on the
                   MKKYUA knob.  [jmmv 20130223]

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