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version 1.1742, 2012/09/03 10:31:51 version 1.1742.2.1, 2012/11/20 02:57:55
Line 116  Changes from NetBSD 6.0 to NetBSD 7.0:
Line 116  Changes from NetBSD 6.0 to NetBSD 7.0:
                 support for Freescale i.MX6.  Add new common boot/kvminit                  support for Freescale i.MX6.  Add new common boot/kvminit
                 code.  [matt 20120831]                  code.  [matt 20120831]
         dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.6.2 [roy 20120903]          dhcpcd(8): Import dhcpcd-5.6.2 [roy 20120903]
           bge(4): Add support for BCM57762, found in Apple's Thunderbolt to
                   Gigabit Ethernet Adapter. PR/46961 [tsutsui 20120917]
           mfi(4): add a command pass-through ioctl, and associated COMPAT_LINUX
                   support. This allows to use the LSI MegaCLI linux binary
                   on a NetBSD host.  [bouyer 20120919]
           zoneinfo: Import tzdata2012f. [apb 20120927]
           kernel: add clock_nanosleep(2) [christos 20121001]
           wpa:    New wpa_supplicant(8) and hostapd(8) 1.0 [christos 20121007]
           x68k: Add network bootloader for Neptune-X and Nereid Ethernet.
                   [tsutsui,isaki 20121012]
           x68k: Add support for formatting floppy. [tsutsui 20121014]
           zoneinfo: Import tzdata2012g. [apb 20121018]
           kernel: Added experimental support for the (mostly SSD specific)
                   "discard", or ATA "TRIM" command to wd(4) and ffs
                   [drochner 20121019]
           libc: Import tzcode2012g. [christos 20121023]
           zoneinfo: Import tzdata2012h. [apb 20121027]
           libc: Update to tzcode2012h. [christos 20121028]
           flock(1): Add a utility to provide locks to shell scripts similar
                   to shlock(1) [christos 20121101]
           zoneinfo: Import tzdata2012i. [apb 20121104]
           voodoofb(4): Add 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee support. [rkujawa 20121109]
           zoneinfo: Import tzdata2012j. [apb 20121113]
           msm6242b(4): Add MI OKI MSM6242B driver. [rkujawa 20121114]
           amiga: A2000-style RTCs are now driven by the msm6242b(4) driver.
                   [rkujawa 20121114]

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