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[TXT] CHANGES  1.1229   11 years  plunky   update bluetooth service discovery API, merging libsdp into libbluetooth.
[TXT] 3RDPARTY  1.694   11 years  roy   Import dhcpcd-5.0.3
[TXT] BRANCHES  1.279   11 years  snj   Note the netbsd-5-0 branch.
[TXT] HACKS  1.113   11 years  sketch   typo
[TXT] CHANGES.prev  1.95   11 years  reed   Fix typo that I saw on website. I don't know how this gets converted to HTML tho...
[TXT] RESPONSIBLE  1.88   11 years  jmcneill   esl(4) is no more
[TXT] BUILDING.mdoc  1.72   11 years  snj   Introduce MKSUBPIXEL, which allows enabling subpixel rendering code in FreeType....
[TXT] TODO  1.15   11 years  ad   Remove LKMs and switch to the module framework, pass 1. Proposed on tech-kern@....
[TXT] TODO.nits  1.9   14 years  rpaulo   RPC kqueue project done.
[TXT] TODO.i18n  1.8   13 years  tnozaki   branches: 1.8.46; 1.8.60; PR/30809 added manpages of wcswcs(3) and wcscoll(3),...
[TXT] README.files  1.4   12 years  pavel   branches: 1.4.10; 1.4.18; 1.4.20; 1.4.22; Update URLs after website reorgani...
[TXT] LAST_MINUTE  1.2   17 years  lukem   branches: 1.2.2; 1.2.4; 1.2.6; 1.2.30; 1.2.40; 1.2.52; 1.2.60; 1.2.66; R...

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