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[TXT] Makefile  1.2   5 years  apb   Use TOOL_MANDOC_ASCII instead of TOOL_GROFF to format BUILDING.mdoc, and use TOO...
[TXT] RESPONSIBLE  1.106   6 years  dholland   Improve my last change (1.102) per 1.104 (retain but mark retired developers).
[TXT] TODO.clang  1.4   6 years  joerg   branches: 1.4.6; ah_regdomain.c doesn't use -Wno-error anymore.
[TXT] TODO  1.17   7 years  jruoho   branches: 1.17.8; 1.17.20; Also: netpgp(1).
[TXT] LAST_MINUTE  1.2   16 years  lukem   branches: 1.2.2; 1.2.4; 1.2.6; 1.2.30; 1.2.40; 1.2.52; 1.2.60; Remove 1.6...
[TXT] CHANGES.prev  1.118   6 years  mrg   note that sparc64 got pcie/pyro(4) support last november. XXX: pull up to netbs...
[TXT] 3RDPARTY  1.1042.2.1   5 years  riastradh   sync with HEAD
[TXT] BRANCHES  1.329.4.1   5 years  riastradh   sync with HEAD
[TXT] CHANGES  1.1831.2.1   5 years  riastradh   sync with HEAD
[TXT] HACKS   5 years  riastradh   sync with HEAD
[TXT] README.files  1.5   6 years  riz   branches: 1.5.12; 1.5.20; The "iso" directory never made it into this file, bu...
[TXT] TODO.nits  1.10   7 years  skrll   Remove last references to __HAVE_SIGINFO
[TXT] TODO.i18n  1.8   12 years  tnozaki   branches: 1.8.46; 1.8.60; PR/30809 added manpages of wcswcs(3) and wcscoll(3),...
[TXT] BUILDING.mdoc  1.94   5 years  wiz   - Bump date (for r1.93); - remove superfluous macros (fixes mandoc(1) warnings)....

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