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[TXT] CHANGES  1.2614   17 months  maxv   Note kMSan.
[TXT] 3RDPARTY  1.1670   17 months  roy   Note import of dhcpcd-8.1.2
[TXT] BRANCHES  1.351   20 months  martin   Welcome to NetBSD 9.99.1!
[TXT] HACKS  1.196   17 months  rin   Describe that both GCC 7.4 and 8.3 fail in the last entry.
[TXT] CHANGES.prev  1.149   17 months  mrg   fix the date for mos(4) import, and mention moscom(4) removal in prev.
[TXT] BUILDING.mdoc  1.126   23 months  leot   Fix a typo Reported by Tobias Ulmer via netbsd-docs@ ML, thanks!
[TXT] RESPONSIBLE  1.123   23 months  nat   Sync with reality.
[TXT] TODO.smpnet  1.29   2 years  ozaki-r   Add another known issue (if_flags)
[TXT] TODO.clang  1.23   20 months  joerg   Force use of GNU as for acorn32 boot code (pre-unified assembly)
[TXT] TODO.modules  1.20   18 months  pgoyette   Another issue, as identified on IRC/ICB
[TXT] TODO  1.19   6 years  mrg   branches: 1.19.14; update for reality in many places.
[TXT] TODO.kaslr  1.10   21 months  maxv   Add KASLR support in UEFI.
[TXT] TODO.nits  1.10   10 years  skrll   Remove last references to __HAVE_SIGINFO
[TXT] TODO.i18n  1.9   6 years  joerg   Reflect reality.
[TXT] TODO.npf  1.7   2 years  sevan   npf_boot rc script loads npf.boot.conf to address that issue.
[TXT] README.files  1.5   8 years  riz   branches: 1.5.12; 1.5.20; 1.5.26; The "iso" directory never made it into this...
[TXT] TODO.compat-module  1.5   2 years  mrg   branches: 1.5.2; update the rf / netbsd32 comment.
[TXT] TODO.nvmm  1.3   23 months  maxv   branches: 1.3.2; Stop taking care of the INT/NMI windows in the kernel, the emu...
[TXT] LAST_MINUTE  1.2   18 years  lukem   branches: 1.2.2; 1.2.4; 1.2.6; 1.2.30; 1.2.40; 1.2.52; 1.2.60; 1.2.66; R...
[TXT] Makefile  1.2   7 years  apb   Use TOOL_MANDOC_ASCII instead of TOOL_GROFF to format BUILDING.mdoc, and use TOO...
[TXT] TODO.ext2fs  1.1   2 years  jdolecek   branches: 1.1.2; 1.1.4; save some notes from my two years old hacking on ext3/...
[TXT] TODO.ptrace (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.31   22 months  kamil   Update TODO.ptrace Drop compat32 entries as they were mostly addressed. Drop MD...
[TXT] TODO.sanitizers (in the Attic) [Hide]  1.11   2 years  kamil   Sync TODO.sanitizers with reality Mark compiler-rt sanitizers as imported into ...

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